AEW Collision 06 24 2023

AEW Collision Results
June 24, 2023
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Scotiabank Arena)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We open up with CM Punk and FTR hyping up the main event. We then go to the Gunns with Jay White and Juice Robinson saying they are ready for a fight…intro begins.

We go live to the arena with pyro and Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness on commentary welcoming us to the show.

In the ring is Tony Schiavone promoting Forbidden Door. Tony introduces Darby Allin and Sting, but Chris Jericho’s music hits instead. Out comes Jericho and Minoru Suzuki as the Toronto fans sing along to Jericho’s ring entrance music. Chris tells Tony to shut up as he started talking then tells the fans to shut up and that he is not from Toronto and says he is from Winnipeg and calls the fans idiots. Jericho said he and Suzuki are pissed off as they have been waiting for days on who Sting and Darby Allin’s partner is and they are sick of it. Jericho wants to know who they are going to get that is crazier and sexier than Chris Jericho. Suzuki and Jericho shake hands as he says they are good friends. Jericho says even though Sammy Guevara isn’t here he is still one of the best. Jericho asks again and says they are not waiting for their answer. Jericho says he knows that Tony knows who the partner is. As Jericho has hit bat against Tony’s throat he says he will knock his teeth out. Stings music hits! Darby and Sting make their way to the ring to a big ovation.

Sting is jawing at Jericho in the ring as the fans are loud and crazy chanting Holy S—! Jericho tells the fans to shut up and Darby then tells Jericho to shut up. Darby tells Sammy that he doesn’t need Jericho. Darby tells Sammy if he stands with Jericho at Forbidden Door he will kick his a–. Darby says their partner is who kicked Jericho’s a– in Japan. Music hits and its Tetsuya Naito, who comes out to a big ovation. Jericho looks concerned as Naito walks to the ring. The fans start another Holy S— chant yet again. As Naito is in the ring, Jericho looks a bit scared. The fans begin to chant Naito. Jericho says something to Naito as Jericho leaves the ring. Jericho walks off as Sting, Darby and Naito are in the ring

The commentary team recap Miro returning on last week’s show. Miro in a pre-taped segment says that he has been gone for a year. He said that all he needs to do is praise his redeemer. It was at the moment he says now he knows that he must walk alone. He says he is Miro and he is gutless.

Swerve comes down to the ring with Prince Nana. Tanahashi introduced next to a big ovation from the Toronto fans.

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Swerve Strickland

Before the match begins, the fans start to chant Tanahashi. The bell rings and we begin.

Both men lock up as Swerve sends Tanahashi to the corner. The men lock up again as Tanahashi has Swerve in a headlock. Tanahashi hits Swerve with an elbow as he goes to this knees in frustration. He gets up and jaws at Tanahashi, who does an air guitar at Swerve who hits him, but it has no effect. Swerve then tries a roll up, but Tanahashi kicks out and rolls to the floor. He is back up on the apron as Swerve uses the middle rope for a low blows. Swerve has his knee in the throat of Tanahashi who gets up but is sent into the turnbuckle. Swerve tries to toss Tanahashi over the top but he holds on and sends Swerve to the floor. Tanahashi goes for a baseball slide, but Swerve gets him tangled up and takes him out with a kick as he hits the floor. Break time.

Picture-In-Picture: As Tanahashi is on the floor, Swerve works on him and sends him into the barricade. Swerve then tosses him back in the ring and covers him, but Tanahashi kicks out at two. Swerve continues the offense with Tanahashi in the corner. Swerve climbs the top rope and comes down hitting Tanahashi with a big elbow to the face.

Back from PIP, both men are exchanging blows. Tanahashi comes back with punches on Swerve and takes him down with a forearm. Tanahashi picks up Swerve and drops him. Tanahashi from the top rope comes down on Swerve and covers him only for a two count. Swerve tosses Tanahashi into the turnbuckle who falls back as Swerve covers him only for a two count. Swerve starts trash talking Tanahashi he rolls Swerve for a roll up but Swerve kicks out. Tanahashi hits Swerve with a sling blade and covers him – 1 – 2 – NO! Swerve kicks out. Tanahashi goes to the top as he comes down to knees from Swerve who then covers him, but he kicks out at two. Swerve hits Tanahashi with a knee and climbs to the top rope. Swerve attempts a double stop, but Tanahashi moves out of the way and hits Swerve with a sling blade. Tanahashi goes to the top rope as Swerve gets up. Tanahashi swats Swerve and lands on him with a huge splash and covers him for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Hiroshi Tanahashi

Suddenly, MJF’s music hits as Tanahashi looks on. MJF appears on the big screen as tells Tanahashi he is going to embarrass him and that he is not on his level. He told Tanahashi that he told Tony Khan he was only going to show up at Forbidden Door is they were the first match because he doesn’t want to stay in a dump like Canada for any longer than he has to. He said to Tanahashi that he is going to take his boney knees and shove them up his a–.


We are back as they do an outside shot the arena. I love this kind of stuff.

Brody King vs. Andrade El Idolo

The bell rings and here we go. Both men walk around the ring and then lock up. Andrade and King lock it up as King then goes for a boot but Andrade ducks. Andrade then kicks King in the face with a big boot. King then tosses Andrade who then kicks King to the outside. Andrade is distracted by Julia Hart on the outside. Andrade takes down King and then climbs to the top and does a huge moonsault and lands on King on the floor as the fans go nuts! Andrade picks up King and tosses him back in the ring. Andrade covers King, but he kicks out to only a one count! Andrade starts working on the leg of King as he stomps on it. Andrade picks up King who then fights back with elbows but Andrade fights back with huge chops on King. Andrade is then sent to the floor buy King with a huge chop! Break time.

Picture-In-Picture: King works on Andrade and tosses him into the barricade. King then chops Andrade as he drops to his knees. King picks up Andrade and sends him into the ring. King gets back in the ring as Andrade rolls to the center of the ring. Andrade attempts to come back but King clocks him in the face and then puts his boot to the Andrade’s face.


We are back with a slug fest continuing by both men. King has Andrade down and his targeting Andrade’s taped up shoulder. Andrade gets up and hits King with huge chops to the chest. King then picks up Andrade and has him on the apron. King then hits Andrade with more blows to the chest. Andrade snaps the neck of King on the top rope. Andrade trips up King and leaps over the apron and grabs King’s leg, but he kicks Andrade. Both men are down. Andrade is first to his feet. Andrade picks up King as he fights it off with elbows. Andrade drops King and then hits him with double knees. Andrade covers King who kicks out at two! Andrade tries to pick up King but can’t. He then kicks King in the chest. King recovers and tries to pick up Andrade but his knees gives out. King catches himself to deliver a death valley driver on Andrade. King picks up Andrade, but his knee gives way as Andrade hits him with a chop block. As Andrade goes for the figure four, Julia Hart is on the apron. Andrade then turns around and hits King with a lariat and puts a figure four on King, but in comes Buddy Matthews causing the DQ. Both Matthews and King take out Andrade with a fade to black. Matthews picks up Andrade as King then drops him down hard on the mat as Julia Hart is holding Andrade’s mask as King and Matthews look on. Malakai Black appears on the big screen as the lights go out.

Winner by DQ: Andrade El Idolo


We are back with Tony Schiavone introducing Christian Cage and Luchasaurus who is the new TNT Champion. Lucha and Christian come out to boos and Christian is holding the TNT Title. Christian has title around his shoulder as he and Lucha are in the ring. Tony asks Christian how it feels to be back home in Toronto as the fans chant his name. Christian says he left the show last week in a really bad mood for a lot of reasons and he would be back in Toronto with the TNT Title. He said he is in a bad mood as he stepped off the airplane. He said Toronto breeds losers as the fans boo. He starts to trash talk the Maple Leafs and they choke in the second round of the championship and its the status quo for Toronto and the only glimmer of hope was the Toronto Raptors. He says that Toronto are losers and he had to leave the city to become a champion. The fans continue to boo loud as tells the fans to shut up. He says a house keeping item – no more open challenges. If you want a shot at the title, you need to claw at it and earn it. He says that he did not create this vanity title that was created by a guy that used to be here and travel the roads here. He says that Lucha will be the TNT Champion forever. He his held up on his shoulders by Lucha, holding up the TNT Title high above his shoulders.

We go to a video package hyping the men’s Owen Hart Tournament. The commentary team recaps Skye Blue advancing to the next round.

Willow Nightingale comes out to a better ovation that she did in Chicago. The fans are clapping to her ring entrance music.

Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Match: Willow Nightingale vs. Nyla Rose

The bell rings and we begin. Nyla and Willow lock it up. Nyla gets Willow in the corner. Willow drops Nyla with a shoulder block. Nyla drops Willow and covers her for only a two count. Nyla has Willow in the corner who comes back and kicks Nyla to the mat. Willow then hits Nyla with a big chop. Nyla and Willow lock up hands for a test of strength. Willow takes down Nyla for a pin, but Nyla kicks out at two. Nyla then rolls to the outside as Marina Shafir blocks Willow. The distraction causes Nyla to send Willow into the ring post as we have picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Willow is back in the ring as Nyla works on Willow who fight back with slaps, but Nyla is too much for Willow. Nyla has Willow in a headlock and then works on her wrist and bites her hand. Nyla has Willow in the corner and is kicking her in the chest.


Back from the break, Nyla scoops up Willow and drops her. She then attempts a leg drop, but Willow moves out of the way. Nyla charges Willow, but she moves out of the way. Willow takes down Nyla and charges at her with a running knee and connects. Willow then drop kicks Nyla and covers her for, but Nyla kicks out at two. Nyla tries to pick up Willow, but is unable to. Nyla then is able to pick up Willow again and drops her down. Nyla covers Willow for only a two count. Nyla has Willow in the corner and hits her with a series of blows. Willow tries to fight back. Willow then hits a running shoulder block on Nyla and then picks up Nyla and delivers a huge slam to get the pin to advance to the semi-finals.

Winner by pinfall: Willow Nightingale

After the match, all the Outcasts are out surrounding the ring. Skye Blue’s music hits as she runs to the ring with a chair to help Willow. The heels retreat and trash talk Willow and Skye as they leave.

We go to a a backstage interview with Lexy Nair talking to Scorpio Sky talking about his highlight reel. He ran down his history and reintroduced himself in AEW.


Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Jeremy Prophet

Already in the ring is Jeremy Prophet. The bell rings and Hobbs drops Prophet. Hobbs nails Prophet with a series of elbows in the corner and tells Prophet to get up. Hobbs picks up Prophet and then drops him down hard. Hobbs then picks him up and just lays into him with massive blows. Hobbs tells Prophet to get up. Hobbs then picks up Prophet and drops him with a huge spinebuster for the squash win.

Winner by pinfall: Powerhouse Hobbs

Nigel and Kevin run down the card for Forbidden Door Sunday on pay-per-view!

Just announced – MJF will make his Collision debut next week!


CM Punk, AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR and Ricky Starks vs. Jay White, Juice Robinson and The Gunns

The heels are introduced first as they are booed. FTR and Ricky Starks come out to a big ovation. Kevin Kelly says we are not in Chicago anymore as the Toronto fans are booing Punk! There are fans that are giving Punk the finger. He smiles and waves on.

The bell rings and here we go. The match starts with Punk and Jay White. Punk shoves Jay. Both men attempt to lock it up, but Jay thumbs Punk and tags in Juice. The fans are cheering Juice by chanting his name. Punk locks up Juice’s arm as there are some fans chanting his name. Punk takes down Juice and then tags in Dax Harwood. Dax and Juice lock it up as he then takes Juice down with a running shoulder block. Juice picks up Dax and slams him down as fans start to chant for Punk and boo at the same time. Juice picks up Dax and drops him down. Juice covers Dax but he kicks out at just one. Austin Gunn is tagged in and hits Dax, but he comes back and slams him down. He covers him for not even a one count. Cash Wheeler is tagged in. He chops Austin in the chest and then tags in Ricky Starks as the fans chant his name. Ricky works on Austin’s arm. Ricky is on the top rope and drops down on Austin’s arm. Austin then grabs Starks and tags in Jay. Starks clocks Jay as he holds his jaw. Punk is tagged in to loud boos! Both men trash talk each other. They lock up and go to the corner. Punk the hits Jay with Jabs and chops as the fans loudly boo. Jay reverses it as the fans cheer Jay. Punk then has Jay on the ropes and hits him with blows to the forehead. Jay comes back and kicks Punk and sends him to the floor as we have a brawl on the floor! We go to picture in picture as the ref tries to restore order.

Picture-In-Picture: We have finally have order restored as Austin and Punk are the legal men in the ring. Punk works on the arm of Austin and tosses him to the ropes and connects with a huge boot to the face. Punk picks up Austin and tags in Dax who sends Austin’s head to the top turnbuckle. Austin is able to get to his corner and tag in Juice. Dax is tagged in and delivers huge chops to Juice in the corner. Juice climbs to the top rope but is met by Dax with chops to the chest followed by blows to face.

Back from PIP – Dax delivers a superplex on Juice. He then picks up Juice as Cash is tagged in and drops Juice. He covers Juice, but Jay breaks it up. Colten is tagged in and drops Cash with a huge drop kick. Colten jaws the crowd, but Cash sends him to the turnbuckle. Cash attempts a pin, but Colten kicks out. Punk is tagged in to massive boos. Punks smashes Colten and covers him for only a two count. Punk then drops Colten with a neckbreaker as the fans continue to boo Punk. Colten attempts to come back and is able to drop Punk to tag in Austin to cheers as he stops on Punk in the corner. Austin works on Punk and tags in Jay who chops Punk hard in the corner and pulls on Punks mouth. Jay then hits Punk with a leg whip and tags in Juice. Juice works on Punks leg with a series of elbow drops. Juice has Punk’s leg in a submission like hold. Juice tags in Austin as Punk comes back with chops on Austin. Austin then tags in Jay as he stomps on him in the corner. Here we go again with picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture – Punk is sent to the outside floor as Colten kicks him and is jawing him. The Gunns kick Punk as Dax walks around and chases them off. Punk is back in the ring and Jay has him in a submission hold as the ref is checking on Punk. He shakes his head no. Punk is up on his feet and sends Jay to corner, but he comes back and hits Punk with shoulder blocks.

Back from PIP – Jay White hits Punk with a huge chop and then as Punk is on the top rope, Jay tells Punk he doesn’t belong in the ring anymore. Punk kicks off Jay and then nails him with a cross body as the fans boo. Punk is crawling to the corner, but Jay prevents Punk from getting to the corner. Both men exchange chops and forearms. Jay again takes Punk down and then as Punk comes to his feet, Jay chops him and sends him to the corner. Jay continues to keep Punk from tagging. The Gunns then come around and take out FTR and Ricky Starks. Juice is tagged in and attempts a GTS, but Punks escapes. Ricky is tagged in as he takes out The Gunns and Juice and Jay White. Starks works on The Gunns and he covers Austin for just a near fall. Ricky is then double teamed by Juice and Jay as we have all eight men fighting it out! The action goes to the outside with FTR and Juice and Jay. Back in the ring Austin is able to tag in Jay and is dropped by a blue thunder from Ricky. Jay is drilled by Ricky and covers him, but Jay breaks it up. The Gunns are in and drop Dax and then Cash comes in and picks up Austin and tosses him to outside. In the ring, Punk is spiked by Jay. Jay then drops Ricky and covers him for only a two count. Ricky then spears Austin and Jay then takes out Ricky with a sling blade and then spikes him. Jay covers Ricky for the 1, 2, 3!

Winners by pinfall: Jay White, Juice Robinson and The Gunns

The heels celebrated in the ring as the commentary team did one final hype for Forbidden Door on Sunday. The show then went off the air.