AEW Collision 07 22 2023

AEW Collision Results
July 22, 2023
Newark, New Jersey (Prudential Center)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go to video packages hyping up tonight’s matches. This is such good stuff. I love the fact that AEW does this. Ricky Starks pulls up in a car as says we celebrating in absolute style. They cut to the opening intro…

Ian Riccaboni and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the Prudential Center! The fans sound lively tonight as Saturday night is alright for a fight!

Tony Schiavone is in the ring as he introduces Ricky Starks, who comes out with the Owen Hart Tournament Title Belt. He comes out to a mixed reaction as a huge pyro goes off with Ricky standing on the second rope in the ring…as the pyro keeps going off. The fans are now cheering him more than they did when he first came out!

The fans begin to chant his name. Tony says that Ricky didn’t win without controversy as the fans begin to chant you deserve it! Ricky says that he has never agreed more with a city than tonight. Ricky has a bag with him and he says nothing is in the bag, he just wanted to show it off after he won the tournament. He says the controversy doesn’t matter. He says if anyone was in his shoes they would the exact same thing. He says that he did it by any means necessary. He says don’t talk to him about how sexy he is – that he is the man. He says that Jushin Liger is a legend. He says that he doesn’t want to be a damn pillar. He asks how many Owens have those damn pillars won. The fans begin to boo loud. CM Punk walks out to no music. The fans are booing really loud – Punk says that he thought the fans in New Jersey would think that he would come out screaming mad. He says he is not mad and that he proud of Ricky. Punk says that he is not going to pretend he has cheated in life. He then says the people of New Jersey have cheated as they boo…kHe then says maybe the New Jersey Devils should have made it out of the first round if they played better and it would have made feel better about themselves. This brought on a massive amount of heat on Punk. Punk says that he can live with the L, but can Ricky live with the win in how he cheated to beat CM Punk. Ricky talks about Punk’s bag as leaves the ring, but Punk then turns around and comes back into the ring to CM Punk chants. Punk asks Ricky if he wants a shot at what’s in the bag…he says that he is the real World champion – to big boos from the fans Christian Cage and Luchasaurus come out and say they are contractually obligated as the TNT champion to appear. Christian says that he doesn’t want to spend anymore time in New Jersey that he has to. Christian asks Punk what kind of a man carries around a title that he did not win. Christian says that he/they are the faces of TNT now and forever. Darby Allin then comes out as the fans chant his name. Darby says he hates the term pillar. Darby says anyone can be a pillar of the company, like his friend CM Punk. He then asks Christian Cage and Luchasaurus who is the real champion, but it doesn’t matter as he will win at All In and become the new face of TNT. Darby then asks if Lucha took too many drugs as he thinks he is a dinosaur. Darby then makes a challenge with Ricky Starks, Luchasurus or Christian Cage vs. Darby Allin and CM Punk tonight. Tony Schiavone then says he just received word from Tony Khan the match will be official, with Christian Cage and Ricky Starks vs. Darby Allin and CM Punk.

We go to a backstage segment from earlier today showing Andrade trying to come in the building as security says management doesn’t want him in the building and they escort him out of the door.

The commentary team run down the card for the night as we go to picture in picture with the Collision graphic on the right of the screen.

It is 8:20 pm ET and we are ready to start the first match of the night. Action and Darius come out first, followed by Jay White and Juice Robinson. The Gunns are with them.


The bell rings and here we go! It will be Darius and Jay starting things off in the match. Both men lock up as Jay sends Darius to the corner and kicks him in the mid section. Jay chops Darius in the corner as he goes down. Jay tags in Juice, but not before chopping Darius again. Darius drop kicks Juice as Darius tags in Action who takes down Juice with a cross body, followed by a huge chop to the chest. Darius and Action double team Juice with stereo drop kicks. Juice then takes down Action with a side kick as Juice tags in Jay. Action is met with a huge chop the chest. Juice pulls Action out and drops him on the floor as Juice and the Gunns mock him. Jay then has Darius and tosses him into the barricade. Bullet Club Gold then do the too sweet gestures as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-in-picture: Darius is still on the floor as Jay continues to toss him into the barricade. Darius makes it back in the ring. Jay follows and works on Action. Jay then tags in Juice who drops Action with a kick. Juice chokes out Action as the ref starts the five count. Juice then mocks the crowd. Juice has Action in a choke hold as we are back from the PIP break…

Juice has Action and drops him as Action rolls up Juice for only a two count. Juice tags in Jay and then Action tags in Darrius. He climbs the ropes and hits Jay with a high cross body and covers Jay for only a two count! Darrius sends Juice to the outside as Action then hits Jay and Juice with a moonsault off the apron. Darrius tags in Action as both men try to double team Jay and Juice. Action kicks Jay as Action tries to climb the top rope, but is dropped as Jay tags in Juice, nails Action and then tags in Juice. Jay and Juice double team Action. Juice drops Action with a huge DDT. Juice takes out Darrius as Jay drops Action with a switchblade and covers him for the three count.


After the match, the Gunns comes in and take out Action as Bullet Club Gold stand tall in the ring.


We return from the break as they go to a video package showing Willow Nightingale winning the Women’s Owen Hart Tournament.

Miro’s music hits as he comes out to a mixed reaction. From behind, Miro is nailed by Nick Commorato. He drives Miro into the steels steps. Miro rolls in the ring as the bell rings. Nick slams down Miro and covers him, but Miro kicks out at two! Nick then has Miro in the corner and nails him with shoulder shots to the mid-section. As Nick charges Miro he moves out of the way and drops Nick with a German Suplex and then a kick as the fans go nuts! Miro then kicks him again and puts Nick in the game over and taps out!


We go to a great video package highlighting the legacy of FTR in AEW as World Tag Team Champions.

The lights go out as its time for the World Trios Tag Team Title Match! The House of Black comes out with Juila Hart as smoke fills the entrance area. The commentary team noted that Andrade has been banned form the building so we have a fair fight tonight. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial break with House of Black still in the ring.


Back from the break, Max Caster raps about House of Black looking like drugs in the White House. As Caster talked about Matthews looking nauseous, Matthews runs down and takes out Caster. Brody takes out Billy Gunn on the outside and in the ring, Matthews is just stomping on Max Caster like crazy. Matthews tags in Black and covers Max for only a two count. Black nails Max with knee shots to the mid-section. He nails Max with an elbow and tags in Brody who just pummels Max with a huge forearm. Brody then has Max in the corner and chops him as Max goes down. Brody slams Max hard on the mat and tags in Matthews, who picks up Max and then tosses him the corner. Max chops Matthews and Max crawls to the corner as Brody pulls Anthony Bowens off the apron. Billy takes out Brody on the outside as Billy gets up on the apron as Max crawls and his finally able to make the tag to Billy! He comes in and takes out Brody and Black, but its is too much as Black then nails Billy with a kick o the head and covers him for the three count to retain the titles for his team.


After the match Black says something to Billy and then pats him on the shoulder as House of Black walk out the ring. In the ring, Billy is unlaced his boots as the fans chant no. Anthony Bowens looks on in confusion. Billy takes off his boots as the fans are chanting you still got it! The Acclaimed are looking very confused as Billy leaves his boots in the middle of the ring and walks off. He says something about he can’t do it…Bowens picks up the boots in the ring as The Acclaimed walk off. The commentary team ask what is the future for Billy Gunn as they go to a video package highlighting the Royal Rampage match from Friday night’s Rampage.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring as he introduces the AEW World Tag Team Champion FTR who come out to a big ovation. The fans begin to chant FTR! Tony brings up last weeks tag team match as one of the best ever. Tony then brings up next week’s title match against Adam Cole and MJF. Cash asks Newark how they are doing. Cash then mentions the Bucks, The Acclaimed and Aussie Open as teams they have unfinished business. Cash asks if they trust MJF and then asks Adam Cole in the camera if Cole trusts MJF. Cash brings up The Pinnacle and looks in the camera says Adam do not trust MJF and FTR will not lose. Dax then talks about getting a job at 15 years old at a local Cash N Carry store because his dad made him go get a job to learn about what hard work is. Dax says kids made fun of him, but he never got an opportunity to crack those kids across the head. Dax says he thinks Cole and MJF are taking the tag titles and the matches as a job. Dax says it’s the comedy skits and the dance break they did in the middle of the biggest match of their careers that is a joke. Dax says he has torn his ACL, MCL to make FTR the best tag team in the world. Dax says next week he is going to do what he should have done when he was 15 years old with his job and kicks those kids’ a—-! Top Guys Out!


Back from the break, we go to a video package showing this past Wednesday’s Blood and Guts Match.

Skye Blue is out first, followed by Taya Valkyrie.


The bell rings and we are underway…Taya shoves Skye as she grabs Taya who gets out of the hold and kicks Skye in the mid-section and then chops her. Skye starts to fight back as both women go shoulder to shoulder, but Taya is too much for Skye. Skye takes down Skye as the fans begin to chant her name. Taya drops Skye to the outside and then takes her down and Skye drops hard to the mat on the outside. Taya tosses Skye back in the ring. Skye nails Taya with a big elbow. Taya then grabs Skye and drops her down and covers her for only a two count, as we go to picture-in-picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Taya has Skye in the corner and delivers a huge running knee to the face. Taya then grabs Skye and drags her to the center of the ring. Skye tries to fight back, but it’s too much for Skye as Taya drops her down. Taya nails Skye with a huge elbow in the corner. Taya mocks the crowd as Skye is down. Taya makes the cover, but Skye is able to kick out at two! Taya kicks Skye who gets up as both women exchange blows.

Back from PIP, Skye takes down Taya as both women go down. Both women exchange blows as Skye takes down Taya with a shotgun drop kick. Skye then kicks Taya in the head. Skye climbs to the top as she connects on Taya with a high cross body and covers Taya for just a two count. Taya kicks Skye and drops her with on her head and blows a kiss at the camera. Skye then comes back and connects on Taya with thrust kicks, but Taya drops Skye with a huge lariat! Taya then nails Skye with the Road to Valhalla for the win.


After the match, Taya grabs a mic as says that New Jersey is worse than she thought. She says that things really have not been going her way and that tonight she got the victory. Taya then calls out Britt Baker and says the talent Britt beat on Dynamite an extra. Taya then challenges Britt to a match on this Wednesday’s Dynamite and asks her to come and play with her.

We go to a video package with AR Fox and his match that he won against Keith Lee at ROH Death Before Dishonor. The commentary team run down the current card for Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite in Albany, New York at the MVP Arena.


Back from the break, Christian Cage is out with Luchasaurus. Christian is wearing the TNT Title around his waste. Ricky Starks music hits next as Ricky comes out with the Owen Hart Tournament Title belt. Darby Allin’s music is up next as the fans begin a Darby chant to the beat of his music. Darby walks out looking serious as he has no skateboard. CM Punk’s music pops on next as there is an immediate mixed reaction. Punk then looks at the camera and says it clobbering time! As Punk is now up on the apron, there is still a mixed reaction for him.

It’s 9:32 pm ET and we the main event! The fans now begin a CM Punk chant.


The bell rings and here we go! Ricky and Christian are arguing over who is going to start against Punk as the ref begins the count. Ricky goes in and Punk rolls him up from behind for a small package for only a two count! The fans begin a huge CM Punk chant with boos mixed in. Ricky tags in Christian and Punks grabs him and brings in the ring and then arm tosses Christian and begins to work on the right arm as Punk tags in Darby who twists Christian’s arm and then tags in Punk. Punk works on the arm and tags in Darby and then Darby tags in Punk as the quick tags are crazy right now. Darby is tagged in again and drops Christian down. Darby rolls Christian up for only a two count! Christian fights back and has Darby in a side headlock, but Darby is able to tag in. Christian tries to tag in Ricky, but he refuses. Christian turns around and Punk drops Christian. He gets up and nails Punk and makes a tag to Ricky. Punk suplexes Ricky and covers him for only a two count. Punk grabs Ricky’s arm and tags in Darby. Ricky and Christian are taken out to the outside as Darby hits both Christian and Ricky on the outside with a coffin drop as Punk runs around the ring. We go to a picture-in-picture break…

Picture-In-Picture: The action is back in the ring, as Punk tags in Darby who continues to work on the arm of Ricky. Punk then nails Ricky with an elbow. Ricky is able to make the tag to Christian who comes in and is dropped to the mat by Punk…

-FULL COMMERCIAL BREAK- (This must be a Sling TV thing?)

Back from the break, Christian is working on Punk’s neck and then puts the boots to Punk’s face. Christian tags in Ricky as he comes down from the top driving a fist in the face of Punk. Ricky covers Punk for only a two count. Ricky then chops Punk several times across the chest! Punk then rolls up Ricky, but for only a two count. The fans begin a lets go CM Punk, let’s go Ricky chant. Ricky walks the top rope holding onto Punk and then drops a big right hand on Punk. Ricky then tags in Christian. We go to a shot of Scorpio Sky watching on from the sky box. Christian then tags in Ricky, but Punk drops him with a neck breaker. Punk crawls and make the tag to Darby! Darby drops Christian with a stunner and then hits a code red on Ricky and covers him for only a two count. Darby tries to take out Luchasaurus on the outside, but it was like hitting a brick wall! Christian then tosses Darby into the announce desk. Darby is back in the ring as Ricky works on the back of Darby with huge stomps! Ricky covers Darby for only a two count! Ricky picks up Darby and drops him head first on the top turnbuckle. We go to another picture-in-picture break…

Picture-In-Picture: Christian has the left arm of Darby and stomps on it. Christian picks up Darby and slams him down and then puts the boot to the face in the corner of the ring. Darby gets back up as rolls Christian up for only a two count! Christian grabs Darby and tosses him to the outside. The ref begins the ten count. Darby is crawling to try to get back into the ring and just makes it in!

Back from the PIP, Darby breaks the ten count as he is back in the ring. Ricky is tagged in and drops Darby with a tilt a whirl slam. Ricky puts Darby in a wrist lock and makes the tag to Christian. Christian then goes to the outside and climbs the top rope. Christian comes down for a flying headbutt, as Darby rolls out of the way. Darby and Christian are down. Ricky then walks over to Punk and pulls him off the apron. Punk is back up on the apron, but the ref is distracted as Ricky comes in and works on Darby. Darby pushes Christian to the outside and gets tagged in as he bodyslams Christian and Ricky and then drop kicks Christian and does a cartwheel. Punk does a bulldog combo on Christian and Ricky to a mix of boos and cheers. Punk covers Christian for only a two count. Punk goes to the top and hits Christian with a crossbody and covers him, but Christian kicks out at two. Christian is on the top rope as Punk drops him to the mat. Punk is up on the top rope and comes down with a huge elbow on Christian and covers him for only a two count! Christian nails Punk in the gut and is able to tag in Ricky. Punk tries for a backslide pin, but Ricky gets out of it as both men exchange blows! Punk kicks Ricky in the head as he goes down! Ricky goes to the corner as no one is there. Darby is tagged. Darby and Punk collide by accident. Ricky picks up Darby and spears him…Ricky covers Darby who kicks out at two! Darby drops Ricky with a huge DDT from the top as Darby covers Ricky, but Christian breaks it up. Punk hits Christian with a huge GTS on the outside! Luchasaurus takes down Darby, who was on the top rope. Darby recovers and attempts to pin Ricky, but he kicks out. Ricky then rolls up Darby and grabs the ropes for leverage and pins Darby, as the ref didn’t see it.


After the match Christian, Ricky and Lucha celebrate and Punk picks up Darby and they look on frustrated as the show goes off the air.