AEW Collision 08 26 2023

AEW Collision Results
August 26, 2023
Duluth, Georgia (Gas South Arena)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

Saturday night is alright for fighting!

Kevin Kelly and Caprice Coleman welcome us to the show as the pyro goes off!

Jack Perry’s music hits as he comes out to loud boos. The FTW title is coming out on what looks to be a some type of casket carried by a group of Paul Bearers. The title is on a table with flowers and an ROP sign with the title. The fans are booing loudly as a you suck chant starts. Jack calls himself the greatest FTW champion that ever lived and wants to say a few nice things about the title. He says the title was a good title and had its ups and downs. He says that the title has grown near and dear to his heart. He then said in the AEW history books a picture of his face with be next to it. He asked the tape to be played which shows several goofy stuff with Jack and the belt. He pulls out a rag to blow his nose. He says that it will be a beautiful legacy. Jack pulls out a sledge hammer. He about to smash it – the lights go out and we have vignette of Hook. Back in the ring, Hook is back and he takes out Jack and tosses him across the table that crashes. Hook sets up the table and then picks up Jack and T-Bones him through the table as the fans go nuts! The fans begin to chant his name! Hook then lays the belt across Jack. Hook grabs a mic and says – Wembley – Sunday and tosses the mic down as Hook’s music hits to a huge ovation!

We go to a video package with Adam Cole and MJF that includes the blind eliminator tournament.

Orange Cassidy’s music hits as he introduced. Penta El Zero Miedo is out next. Eddie Kingston’s music is up next as Eddie comes out to Eddie chants! The heels are already in the ring.

Eddie Kingston, Penta El Zero Miedo, and Orange Cassidy vs. Kip Sabian, The Butcher, and The Blade

Penta and Kip get into a shoving match. The fans chant for Penta as it looks like it will Penta and Kip starting. Penta pulls off his glove as the bell sounds and we are underway. Kip punches Penta as all six men start a brawl. The action spills to the outside. Back in the ring, Butcher and Blade doule team Eddie and Penta. Penta gets back in the ring and takes out The Blade and then picks him up and tosses him on The Butcher who is down in the corner. The ref did not see Kip drag Penta in the ring post as he goes to the floor. Back in the ring, Orange and Kip are in the ring…Kip launches Orange over the ropes. The Butcher and The Blade come in and they double team Orange. Kip attempts a suplex on Orange who counters it. Orange is tossed against the ropes and is taken out by The Butcher. Blade is tagged and drops Orange to the mat as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: The Blade has Orange down and then picks him up and tosses him against the turnbuckle. The Butcher is tagged in as he drops Orange and then tags back in The Blade who had Orange in a headlock. He drops Orange and then tags in The Butcher who picks up Orange and sends in the corner. Butcher tags in The Blade as he works on Orange. The Blade jaws at Eddie and Penta.

Back from PIP: Orange is trying to fight out of the hold from The Blade. Kip and The Butcher come around the corner and take out Eddie and Penta to deny Orange the tag. Kip comes in and double stomps Orange as The Blade then covers Orange for only a two count. Orange fights back and tries to tag in Penta, but Kip whop was tagged in stops him. Orange fights back and tags in Penta as he takes out Kip, but is superkicked by The Butcher who asks for Eddie. Eddie is tagged in! Both men attempt to take each other down. Eddie drop kicks The Butcher and then takes down Kip as he comes in. Eddie chops Kip the corner and then chops The Blade, but The Butcher breaks it up. Kip comes off the top only to be dropped by Eddie. Orange nails Kip with an Orange Punch and then Kip is nailed with an elbow by Eddie who covers Kip for the win!

Winners By Pinfall: Eddie Kingston, Penta El Zero Miedo, and Orange Cassidy vs. Kip Sabian, The Butcher, and The Blade


Back in from the break, Chuck Taylor has a mic and call out the BCC. Trent then calls out BCC for breaking his moms van and that they messed up. Trent then says they are not coming to hug and have fun and that Eddie, Penta and Best Friends are coming to hurt BCC for Sue. Eddie has a mic, but Orange grabs it out of his hand. BCC then appear on the big screen. Jon Moxley tells Eddie to calm down and that he is made the challenge for Stadium Stampede and they could pick any partners. Santana then says after a year its who his friends are. Eddie then leaves the ring and Claudio is talking about Eddie turned his back on the BCC. Claudio then says after one year all those in the ring he is with won’t be his friends. Ortiz then says a wise man once said you reap what you sow.

Eddie is then shown backstage asking the camera man where BCC is as he tosses stuff around backstage. He then grabs another camera man and asks him where BCC is. Eddie then says he is not surprised they turned. He then tells Moxley to get out of his way and says he knows he has a beautiful wife and baby girl and to get out of his way. He then tells calls Claudio his sweetheart and says he is going to bury him and hurt him and then kisses the camera as we go to a video package with FTR and Young Bucks hyping up their math at Al In.

The Dark Order is out first. Darius Martin and Action Andretti are out next.

Alex Reynolds and John Silver vs. Darius Martin and Action Andretti

Action and John Silver will start as the bell rings. Both men lock up as Action has a side headlock on Silver. Silver locks up Action’s arm as he tries to find a way to escape. Action then gets Silver in a hold, but Silver moves to the corner to tag in Alex Reynolds. Action gets to the corner to tag in Darius and Silver is then put down. Action is tagged in as both men take out Dark Order. Alex sends Darius to the outside as Silver picks up Action and slams him down on the knees of Alex. Silver covers Action for only a two count. Silver drops Action and posses. He tags in Alex as they double team Action. Silver posses on the ring apron as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-in-Picture: Dark Order stays in control and Silver who is tagged in nails Action with uppercuts to the face. Silver then goes to the corner of Darius and drops him with an elbow as he drops off the apron. Alex is tagged in and puts the knee to the face of Action.

For me with Sling TV, we go to a full commercial break.

Back from the full break, Action drops Silver with a kick to the head as he tries to crawl for a tag, but Alex in tagged. Darius is finally tagged in as he takes out Dark Order with chops! Darius hits Silver with a back elbow. He takes out Alex and covers him for only a two. Action is tagged and hits Alex with a 450 and covers Alex for only a two count. Silver then kicks Darius in the gut. Action then drops Silver with a huge kick! Darius is in and slaps Alex and Silver, but he fights back with kicks. Alex and Silver hit Darius with a double jackknife to get the pin.

Winners By Pinfall: Alex Reynolds and John Silver

We go to a video from this past Wednesday with Lexy Nair interviewing Darby Allin and Nick Wayne. AR Fox tries to apologize to Nick Wayne.

We now go to a video package taking a special musical look at The Acclaimed.


Back from the break, a video package for Hikrua Shida as the current AEW Women’s Champion, which includes Toni Storm, Saraya and Britt Baker.

Ricky Starks music hits as he brings out Big Bill.

Big Bill vs. Vary Morales

Vary kicks Bill, who shoves him. Bill picks up Vary and drops him down gut first. Bill then taunts Vary and picks him up and tosses him down. Bill then charges at Vary and nails him hard and he crumbles in the corner. Bill then follows up with a big boot. Bill picks up Vary and drops him down hard. Bill covers Vary with a boot to get the pin.

Winner By Pinfall: Big Bill

After the match, Ricky gets a mic and talks to Vary and says it was a great effort and it reminds him of a young Steamboat and then says let me show you what I did to Steamboat and then says next week he will have a bigger strap and says for now this would do – pig and then whips Vary. As the officials come in and he calls them milk duds.

We go to a backstage Ruby Soho being interviewed by with Lexy Nair. Ruby challenges Kris Statlander at All Out for the TBS Championship.

Willow Nightingale vs. Robyn Renegade

The bell rings and we are underway and Robyn locks up Willow. Willow breaks the hold and slams down Robyn. Robyn is up and fights back and has Willow in a headlock, but Willow picks up Robyn and drops her. Robyn recovers, but Willow drops her with a shoulder block. Willow then hits Robyn with an elbow and then a splash. Willow covers Robyn for only a two. Willow drops Robyn with a fishermen’s suplex for only a two count. Willow then tosses Robyn against the ropes as she goes to the outside. Willow kicks Charlette Renegade in the face. Both sisters double team Willow as she crashes hard on the apron as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Robyn distracts the ref as Charlette chokes out Willow on the apron. Robyn continue to work on Willow, who tries to fight back. Robyn tosses Willow against the ropes and drops her. Robyn covers Willow for only a two count. Robyn has Willow is a submission hold and then tosses her face to the mat. Willow tries to fight back, but it’s too much for Robyn who has her in a chokehold. Willow attempts to get out of the hold.

Back from PIP: Willow fights back and drops Robyn who goes to the corner. Willow charges Robyn in the corner and drops her down. Willow then delivers a huge spine buster on Robyn and covers her for only a two count. Willow then picks up Robyn as tosses her in the corner. Willow charges at Robyn with a running cannonball, but Robyn moves out of the way. Robyn covers Willow for only a two count. Willow moves to the apron and is dropped by Robyn. On the outside, the Renegade sisters attempt a double team, but is dropped by Willow. Willow tosses Robyn back in the ring and powerbombs her for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner By Pinfall: Willow Nightingale

We go to a video package showing the AEW stars in London doing media appearances.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage interview with Lexy Nair interviewing Kris Statlander. Kris says she is tired of the actions of the Outcasts. She said she is sick of being stepped and says she will see Ruby at All Out.

Keith Lee’s music hits as he comes out.

Keith Lee vs. Zicky Dice

The bell rings and we are underway. Zicky taunts and jaws Keith who has the crowd sing bask in his glory. Zicky then shoves Keith and jaws him as the fans begin to chant you suck. Keith takes down Zicky who then is up and tries to fight back, but it is too much for Keith who pounces him! Keith picks up Zicky and powerbombs him for the win.

Winner By Pinfall: Keith Lee

We go to a video package with LFI as they have kidnapped Preston Vance and Dralistico. they kick Preston in the face who tries to fight back. Dralistico takes out LFI as Preston chokes out the thugs. We see someone clapping as the image is blurred – to be continued.

Samoa Joe’s music hits as he wearing street clothes. The fans chant Joe as he walks out to the ring. In the ring he holds up the ROH title. Jim Ross has joined commentary. Joe has a mic and says he is the ever present king of TV. He says sometimes he is amazed how little the powers that be think of him. He says that if he gets involved in the main event, he would jeopardize his opportunity at CM Punk. He says that he will offer his expert commentary services so everyone can keep an eye on him and that he is man of his word and will sit at commentary and not interfere in the tonight’s main event as the fans cheer him and chant his name.

Kevin Kelly then runs down the card for All In. Kevin Kelly then goes over the current card for All Out.

Samoa Joe is shown at commentary with Kevin Kelly, Caprice Coleman and Jim Ross. Joe says that he will not get involved and offer his expert analysis.

Hook’s music hits as he is out first. Darby Allin is out next…Sting is out as he has the Joker look on his face paint…CM Punk’s music hits as the Duluth fans boo. Out comes Punk wearing the Real World Title Belt with a black X painted across it. Punk is in the ring to a mixed reaction.


Back from the break – Bullet Club Gold is out first…Christian Cage’s music hits next as he comes out with the TNT Title followed by Luchasaurus as his music plays next…Swerve Stickland’s music starts next as he is out with Brian Cage and Prince Nana. Cage’s face is painted with what looks like a cross between old school Sting and Ultimate Warrior.

All-Star Eight Man Tag Team Match: Sting, Darby Allin, CM Punk, Hook vs. Swerve Strickland, Brian Cage, Luchasaurus, and Jay White (Samoa Joe on commentary)

The bell rings and it’s CM Punk and Swerve starting off…both men lockup. Swerve pushes Punk as they walk around the inside of the ring. Punk locks up Swerve. Punk has a hammerlock on Swerve who gets Punk to the corner to break it up. Swerve then tosses Punk who is then taken down by Swerve and mocks Punk. Punks points up as the fans boo. Both men lockup it up again as Punk takes down Swerve. Punk attempts a GTS on Swerve but he gets out of it and tags in Jay White. Jay jaws at Punks as the fan chant his name and there are also boos…Jay points to Sting as says he wants Sting. As Punk goes to tag in Sting, Jay takes out Punk from behind and chops Punk and then is dropped as Jay takes out his knee…Punk recovers and then drags Jay to the corner and tags in Hook as he punches Jay. Hook has Jay in an armbar and then tags in Darby Allin. Darby works on the arm of Jay and takes him down with a wrist lock. Darby then tags in Punk as the fans boo. Punk works on the arm on Jay. Just as Sting was about to get tagged in, Jay escapes and tags in Luchasuarus…Lucha catches Darby who blind tags in Sting as he works on Lucha in the corner and nails him with a Stinger splash, followed by Darby splashing Lucha. Punk is tagged in to a mixed reaction and splashes Lucha. Prince Nana hops on the apron and distracts the ref as Christian cage hits Punk…we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picuture: Lucha works on Punk in the corner and then tags in Brian Cage. Cage works on Punk and then sends him against the ropes and drops him with a big elbow. Cage has Punk down on the mat in a headlock. Punk fights back, but it is too much as Cage tags in Jay White. Jay works on Punk.

We go to a full commercial break, courtesy of Sling TV…

Back from the full break, Jay tosses Punk to the turnbuckle and then chops Punk. Jay has Punk up, but he elbows Jay to break the hold…he takes out Swerve, but it is not enough as Jay picks up Punk and drops him, covers him, but Punk kicks out at two. Swerve is tagged in as has Punk down on the mat in a chokehold. Punk is down on both knees as Swerve is trying to get Punk to pass out. Punk is up but Swerve takes him down with an elbow. Swerve then suplexes Punk. Swerve climbs to the top and comes down but moves. As Punk makes a tag to Hook! Hook drops Swerve and then punches Swerve in the rib cage and then headbutts him. Hook then goes after Jay White as its enough for the heels to take out Hook and send him to the outside. Jay tosses Hook into the barricade as he holding his back. The ref starts the ten count. Hook makes it back in as Brian Cage is tagged in and kicks Hook who is down in the corner of the heels…we go to another picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Cage works on Hook in the corner of the ring and then tags in Jay White. Jay has Hook in the corner and chops him multiple times. Jay then drags Hook to the center of the ring and chops him again. Luchasuarus is tagged in and chops Hook, who begins to fight back, but Lucha picks up Hook and bodyslams him hard to the mat. Lucha tags in Brian Cage. Cage drags Hook to the middle of the ring and takes him down.

Back from PIP, Hook fights back. Cage picks ups Hook and tosses him over his back and then posses to the crowd. Cage is then suplexed by Cage as Hook crawls to the corner for a tag, but its denied by Cage who recovers. Cage is then suplexed again by Hook who counters and then crawls to the corner and makes the tag to Punk, who takes down Cage, White and Swerve as the fans boo loudly. Punk delivers a knee to Swerve in the corner. Punk slams Jay White and then climbs to the top rope and drops a big elbow on Jay White, paying homage to Randy Savage as the fans boo. Punk calls for the GTS, but is taken out from behind by Swerve…Lucha comes in and drops Hook, but Sting comes in a drops Lucha. Jay White comes in and cuts of Sting at the knees. Darby Allin is in, but is taken out by Brian Cage! Punk then comes in and nails Brian Cage drops him with a GTS and then chokes out Cage with Joe’s finisher. Joe then comes in and brawls with Punk. ON the outside, Jack Perry runs out to the ring and tries to take out Hook who fights back and takes him out. Sting and Darby Allin take out Swerve with a chair. Punk tosses into the barricade. Sting takes out Swerve with a kendo stick. Joe tosses Punk into the ring steps. Hook and Jack Perry are in lower level of the fans. Perry attempts to suplex Hook on the stairs of the lower level of the arena. Joe is shown taking out Punk with the Real World Title Belt as Joe walks to the back…the show goes off the air.