AEW Collision 09 02 2023

AEW Collision Results
September 2, 2023
Chicago, Illinois (United Center)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

We open with Tony Khan addressing the situation with CM Punk, explaining that Punk’s contract was terminated before talking about the safety and security of himself and his employees. With that, we go to a video package highlighting last Sunday’s All In PPV event and looking ahead to tomorrow night’s All Out!

Saturday night’s alright for fighting…within the scope of the programming, mind you. Anyway, welcome to AEW Collision!

Pyro kicks us off before we see Tony Schiavone in the ring amidst some slight chants for a now former AEW employee, with Schiavone introducing Ricky Starks, who looks ready to challenge Ricky Steamboat to a “No Disqualification” Strap Match at All Out.

Starks takes the microphone from Schiavone, saying he’s back at square one, having to build himself back up and get better. He’s tired of having to starting over, but he does it because he shows up and he shows out every single time. You cannot put a lid on a boiling pot like Starks, because he is ready to bubble over and explode.

He bigs up Big Bill giving him props, leading to a chant for the big man as Starks continues. He talks having to watch All In from home, upset he couldn’t be a part of the biggest wrestling show of all time because he was suspended for whooping Steamboat.

He hopes Steamboat sees what happened from Starks’s perspective, but right now he is calling his shot and wants an answer from the Dragon right now!

Steamboat’s music hits as the wrestling legend makes his way down the ramp, making a beeline to the ring where he is handed a microphone to respond. He addresses what happened a few weeks ago before talking about the match Starks says he wants. Steamboat talked to AEW legal and got himself a contract to make the match official, making sure “the pen talks and not the mouth” before handing the contract.

He talks about Ricky Starks taking on “the Dragon” at All Out as Starks gleefully signs the contract…until Steamboat reveals someone else they call a Dragon as Bryan Danielson’s music hits! Starks is beside himself as Danielson heads to the ring, signing the contract to make this match official! Starks says if this is the bed he’s made for himself, he is gonna make sure he is nice and comfortable before leaving the ring.

Backstage we hear from Moxley who addresses Orange Cassidy ahead of their AEW International Championship match at All Out. He gives Cassidy some props before talking about the champion’s “run of his lifetime.” Mox says he can smell BS and see the real thing, and Cassidy looks like the real thing…one way or another this Sunday, we’re gonna find out.

Mox talks about his specialty, working over Cassidy’s soul and endurance, his will to win or even be here. A lot of these guys want to be perceived as wrestler but they don’t want to BE wrestlers, they look for an easy way out when it gets hard…will Cassidy look for a way out when it gets hard this Sunday? Mox hopes not. A lot of people believe in the champ, so this Sunday…don’t disappoint us.

Back at ringside, we see Garcia, Menard, and Parker head to the ring for our opening contest! Out next are The Acclaimed with a rap before this AEW World Trios Championship Match bout gets underway!

AEW World Trios Championship Match: The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn (c) vs. Daniel Garcia, Matt Menard and Angelo Parker

We start off with Bowens and Parker as they go at it, until Parker makes the tag to Garcia…and Bowens tags in Gunn! Gunn catches Garcia but is met with a chop to the chest by Garcia…avoiding an attack in the corner before hitting a dance. Gunn grabs him again but Garcia does another dance…before taking Gunn’s taunt from him! Gunn drops him, taunting him with a dance of his won before tagging Bowens back in for a double-team!

Chaos ensues as Ang and Menard try to get involved, with the trio catching Bowens with a piledriver followed by a big slam before Garcia locks in the Dragontamer! Caster is kept from getting into the ring, but Bowens gets to the bottom rope…where Hager gets involved as the ref is distracted! Garcia pulls Bowens back in but Gunn intervenes for the save as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Bowens starts fighting back until Garcia brings him back into the corner, tagging in Ang as they look to wear Bowens down before Ang locks in a chinlock on the champ! Bowens fights to his feet as he looks for the tag, but is brought back to the corner as Garcia tags back in before stomping away at Bowens. Tag made to Menard as the attack continues before we come back from break!

Despite the best efforts of the former JAS, Bowens makes the tag to Caster who clears the ring of the crew before bringing Garcia back into the ring. Up on top is Caster before hitting a cross body for a nearfall! Garcia catches Caster with a uranage, but Daddy Magic makes a blind tag to go after Caster…and both men go down after a lariat mishap!

Tags made to Garcia and Gunn, the latter sending Garcia and Ang out before going for a Famouser…only to be intercepted by Hager! Gunn takes control as he gets a Famouser on Menard before tagging in Caster, who hits the Mic Drop for the pin and the win to retain!

Winners via pinfall and still AEW World Trios Champions: The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn

The champs celebrate as we go backstage to hear from Dark Order, as they address MJF and Adam Cole ahead of the ROH World Tag Team Championship match at All Out. Silver brings up their friendship with Cole, and Reynolds talks about training MJF before they say they need to win those titles tomorrow night!

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Backstage, Ricky Starks is all sour-faced as he makes his exit…before being intercepted by Tony Schiavone to talk about the match tomorrow night, with Starks promising to beat the American Dragon in the Strap Match!

Back at ringside, we get ready for our next match as Aussie Open make their way to the ring. Out next are Komander and Nick Wayne before this match gets underway!

Aussie Open vs. Nick Wayne and Komander

We start off with Wayne and Davis, who wears Wayne down before tagging in Fletcher…who gets overcome by a flurry of offense by Nick! Tag to Komander leads to a double dropkick on Fletcher, who responds with a beatdown on Komander before tagging Davis back in. Komander catches Davis off guard with some agility before going for an octopus stretch…only to be taken down by Davis!

Tag to Fletcher who catches Komander with a powerbomb before taking down both opponents ahead of a cover on Komander…who kicks out as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Aussie Open are firmly in control of the match at hand as they continue to wear down Komander, with Davis coming in for a big boost of power before tagging Fletcher back in…and knocking Wayne off the apron as Fletcher connects with the delayed suplex…as we go to a short commercial break. Thanks, TNT!

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Back from break, Davis continues the attack on Komander who tries to fight back…hitting a jawbreaker on Davis and evading Fletcher to tag in Nick Wayne! Wayne catches Davis with a roll up before going after Fletcher, hitting a Sliced Bread on Fletcher before clearing Davis at ringside…and hitting a big frog splash off the top for a close nearfall!

Fletcher evades another attack from Wayne before connecting with a half and half suplex, and then tags in Davis as they set up for a double-team…but it gets stopped by Komander, who gets taken down by Davis with a massive piledriver as the former ROH tag champs focus on Nick Wayne. Wayne fights back, but takes a double forearms before Wayne starts fighting back…until a Coriolis does the deed for Aussie Open to get the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Aussie Open

Aussie Open head up the ramp as Tony Schiavone talks to Nick Wayne inside the ring. Wayne is frustrated about losing but more so about why Darby forgave AR Fox for what he did to him. This brings out Darby, who wants to talk to Nick about things as he heads to the ring. He talks about their history together.

Darby then addresses the issues between himself and Wayne’s family, something he lives with every single day. He wishes he could’ve made things right, and he had to let the hate go with AR Fox. He knows Wayne won’t find it easy, but he too has to let the hate go. Darby is fighting for the TNT Championship at All Out, and it would be an honor for Nick to be in his corner. This seems to bring out the “TNT Champion” Christian Cage, with the real champ Luchasaurus standing by as they head to the stage.

Christian says it was rude of him to talk so much about Nick’s father…without asking what his mother’s name was. This gets some jeers as Cage talks about sliding into her DMs, before addressing Darby’s words just now, saying Darby is just trying to take Nick on as a pity project. Christian doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not.

They are in Chicago, more specifically the United Center, where they can smell a loser a mile away. After all, this is the home of the Blackhawks! Cage tells Nick to bring a towel for tomorrow night because he’ll need to throw it in to stop the beatdown coming, before he–“we” (looking at Luchasaurus)–remain as TNT Champion now and forever.

Backstage is Claudio and Wheeler, with Claudio “congratulating” Eddie on the win on Dynamite before beating up Wheeler, saying they beat Yuta up everyday and he always gets back up. The ROH World Champion runs down the NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion on the day he won the title, before walking off leaving Yuta behind.

We cut elsewhere where Eddie Kingston stands by with ROH Pure Champion Shibata, running down their foes ahead of the tag match tomorrow night. Kingston asks Shibata what he thinks of Yuta and Claudio…and Shibata holds a phone up, the voice assistant letting us know he thinks they both suck!

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Video Package: Things go south between Saraya and Toni Storm at All In!

Backstage, Saraya and Soho are interviewed about their upcoming trios match and Ruby’s TBS Championship match at All Out! They also say that things are fine between the Outcasts and look to have two titles for the group, saying that Toni in particular will be fine…even if she’s in the parking lot throwing shoes at birds.

Back at ringside, Tony Schiavone is standing by to welcome Dennis Rodman to the ring! Out comes a five-time NBA Champion, a Hall of Famer, and notable member of the NWO as Rodman heads to the ring, cigar in mouth shortly after he enters in as Tony welcomes him back into a wrestling ring before asking what he’s doing here in AEW…only to be interrupted by Jeff Jarrett and his Amazing Friends!

Jarrett and crew head to the ring where Karen steals the microphone from Schiavone, so Jeff can talk about all the legends being back in Chicago. They all have something in common, as he hypes up his crew comparing them to Rodman. When it comes down to it, they were both a part of one of the biggest groups in pro wrestling. It was too sweet, and as they used to say…it is 4 Lyfe. Jeff offers a spot for Rodman to join his family as Rodman takes the mic, saying it’s a great day to be in Chicago.

It’s his first time in the United Center in 13 years, and loves that the crowd loves AEW. Jeff does not appreciate Rodman ignoring him, demanding an answer or he’ll get Singh on him. Rodman brings up Shaq and that he was Singh’s size…and he whooped on him! Dutt tries to calm things down but gets shoved down by Rodman, before The Acclaimed and Gunn show up to even the numbers. The Jarrett crew leave the ring but Bowens challenges them to a fight right now…only Gunn says he’s not about to wrestle twice in one night.

However, they have nothing to do tomorrow…so they’re willing to put the trios title on the line with Dennis Rodman in their corner!

Video Package: Shane Taylor proves himself in ROH and is ready for the challenge of a lifetime as he takes on Samoa Joe for the ROH World Television Championship at All Out!

Backstage, Joe talks about the jackals coming out to feast before calling out Shane Taylor about tomorrow night. It’s a simple tale about hopes and wishes, with neither panning out for the challenger at All Out!

Back at ringside, The Outcasts are a united front as they head down the ring for our next contest! Out next are Dr. Britt Baker, Hikaru Shida, and Kris Statlander as they head to the ring…and this match gets underway!

The Outcasts (AEW Women’s World Champion Saraya, Ruby Soho and Toni Storm) vs. Dr. Britt Baker, DMD, Hikaru Shida and TBS Champion Kris Statlander

We start off with Statlander and Soho, with Storm offering to get involved right away as the tag is made. Toni gets the upperhand at first, but Statlander takes her down for a nearfall. Kris charges toward Storm in the corner but she evades…only to be slammed by the TBS Champion! Storm starts fighting back now, sending Kris to the corner as she stomps away before looking for a hip attack…but Statlander hits a big dropkick!

Tag to Baker as they hit the ropes, and the Doctor takes Storm down before Ruby gets a tag in. Tag to Shida now as Saraya quickly gets involved…and Shida avoids hitting Baker, which gets her taken down as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The Outcasts are in control here as they keep Shida from making the tag, wearing the woman Saraya took the title from down with a bit of offense as Storm tags in for a hip attack! Storm gets a nearfall and takes Shida out of the ring entirely as Ruby gets a tag and goes after Shida, bringing her back into the ring. Soho wears Shida down, keeping her away from her partners as we coem back from break!

Storm tags in and hits a couple chops on Shida, who fights back with some hard offense of her own before tagging in Statlander! Saraya tags in, but Statlander takes her down before getting the cover…but it’s broken up! Saraya with a rollup now but it’s a nearfall, as chaos ensues with all six women in the ring! Statlander with a cover but Storm tries to break it up…falling onto Saraya instead as the TBS Champion rolls out of the way!

Baker is in off a tag as she goes after Soho…but is blinded by spray paint from Saraya, giving Ruby a chance to roll her up for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: The Outcasts

We see Saraya and Storm arguing at ringside before heading up the ramp.

Backstage, Cole talks about the upcoming ROH World Tag Team Championship match as he reads out some words sent to him from MJF about the Dark Order…and it doesn’t go very well, but Cole promises they’re going to keep those titles tomorrow night. Boom!

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, Kris Statlander has some words to say about the Outcasts…who cut her off, saying they’ll see her tomorrow before walking off.

Back at ringside, GPA is in the ring as Powerhouse Hobbs makes his way to the ring for our next match…

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. GPA

…and in the time it took me to catch up on this portion of the recap, Hobbs takes GPA down hard for the pin and the win.

Winner via pinfall: Powerhouse Hobbs

Hobbs stands tall pointing at the All Out sign before Miro makes his way to the ring, going right after the Powerhouse! It’s a hoss fight in and out of the ring as Hobbs and Miro go at it, before Hobbs escapes through the crowd.

We get a rundown of the card for All Out tomorrow night, including some big matches that have taken some build over the past few weeks!

Video Package: The heat is on as Kenny Omega goes up against Konosuke Takeshita at All Out tomorrow night on PPV!

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Backstage, the AEW International Champion addresses the upcoming title match and how much he’s had to fight to prove that he deserves to be in AEW…in this business, even. This Sunday, Mox stands as his next big challenge, hyping his opponent up by saying Mox put all the weight of this company on his shoulders. But this Sunday, Cassidy is going to take all that weight off Mox’s shoulders and put it on his own. He is Orange Cassidy, he is the AEW International Champion…and he does not have a catchphrase.

Back at ringside, Bullet Club Gold arrive at ringside as Jay White geats ready for our main event tonight! Out next is Dax Harwood with Cash Wheeler standing beside him as Harwood heads to the ring…and this match gets underway!

Jay White vs. Dax Harwood

The two men lock up until the action hits the corner, where White escapes the ring for a breather before heading back in the ring. Jay hits a chop on Harwood in the corner…and escapes the ring again! This quickly turns in favor of Jay as he gets control of Harwood, until the tag champ takes him down with a shoulder tackle…but Jay escapes a Sharpshooter attempt as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: White does his best to stay in control but Dax takes him down with a side headlock, only for Jay to fight back to his feet. The BCG leader hits a back rake on Dax, but is sent across the ring before Dax takes control…as we go to break. Thanks again, TNT!

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, Dax has Jay set up on the top turnbuckle as he looks for a superplex until White reverses! Dax is down as Jay hits a suplex on him into the corner, sending Dax outside as BCG tries to get involved until Cash Wheeler intervenes. Dax gets back in the ring but Jay is right on top of him, laying the offense in thick in the corner until Dax turns it around! Only Jay catches him off guard, leading to a nearfall!

Jay continues the attack until Dax fights up to his feet, only for Jay to evade a rollup…but not a cross body! Dax gets a nearfall as Jay gets back to his feet, but the tag champ catches the Switchblade! Dax sets up for a superplex off the top rope…and this one connects! Both men are down, but Dax rolls toward the apron before climbing the turnbuckle for a diving headbutt…but Jay manages to evade it! Jay with a cover but Dax kicks out as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Jay White takes control of the match again as Dax fights out of a single leg crab by grabbing the bottom rope. The fight spills out of the ring now as Jay and Dax go at it, with Jay sending Dax into the barricade before bringing him back into the ring, laying into Dax until it gets turned around…but Jay hits a dropkick to knock Dax down! Jay is still in control as we come back from break!

Dax is able to fight back once more, looking for a slingshot suplex but to no avail…but he does get a German suplex on White! Dax looking for another one, but has to switch to a brainbuster instead for a nearfall! Dax looks to keep momentum on his side but Jay escapes the ring, heading to the crowd…only to be intercepted by Dax!

The fight comes back to ringside as Dax brings White back in, going up the turnbuckle before switching to the apron for a chop that sends White over and into the ring…but is met with a forearm off the apron by the Switchblade! Jay finds himself taken down at ringside as he is brought back in, but catches Dax with a dragon screw leg whip on the inside! Jay with a back suplex and a Death Valley Driver…BUT DAX KICKS OUT!

Jay fights a uranage, only to take a big lariat by Dax! Jay fights out of a piledriver, but Dax catches him with one all the same for the cover…BUT JAY KICKS OUT! Dax is back up, setting Jay onto the top turnbuckle for a big back superplex…but Jay catches him with a cross body of sorts for a cover and a nearfall!

The two go at it until Jay hits a uranage, but Dax kicks out once again! Jay with a sleeper suplex, looking for the Blade Runner as he stands Dax up…but Dax fights out of it! Slingshot powerbomb by Dax…BUT JAY KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Except that Dax gets a Sharpshooter locked in as he turns Jay to his stomach! Jay fights as he heads to the bottom rope to break the hold. BCG help him out of the ring as the ref calls them to get away…as Jay hits a Blade Runner on Dax on the outside! Jay brings Dax back in, mocking Cash on the way in as Dax hits a rollup for a nearfall! Jay catches him with a Blade Runner after, picking up the pin and the win in our main event tonight!

Winner via pinfall: Jay White

Cash comes into the ring to help his friend, but BCG go after the tag champ for a beatdown…until the Young Bucks rush down to the ring for the save! BCG head out through the crowd as we see the Bucks and FTR standing up, with the Bucks offering a handshake to the champs…who brush it off as they leave the ring! The Bucks shake each others hands as FTR head up the ramp, leaving us with a big question mark on these men’s ability to coexist at All Out as Collision comes to a close.