AEW Collision 12 02 2023

AEW Collision Results
December 2, 2023
Erie Insurance Arena
 in Erie, PA
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We have the cold opener with the competitors hyping up tonight’s matches.

It’s Saturday night and it’s all right for fighting!

We go live to the arena as the pyro goes off! Tony Schiavone, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show! The commentary team runs down the rules of the Continental Classic and go over the current standings.

We are ready for the first match of tonight’s Continental Classic Blue League Tournament!

Dasha introduces Brody King first as the he comes out first. Claudio Castagnoli is out next.

AEW Continental Classic Blue League Match: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brody King

The bell rings and we are underway as both men exchange kicks and forearms. Neither man go down. Brody nails Claudio with a huge chop that fires him up. Both men attempt to clothesline each other, but neither man will budge. Both men then run the ropes as we get double clotheslines as each man goes down. They each roll to the outside as the ref begins the ten count. Both me try to clothesline each other on the floor, but won’t go down. Both head back in the ring as Brody drops Claudio with a pump kick! Claudio then picks up Brody and slams him down! Claudio then sends Brody to the floor with a big clothesline over the top rope. Claudio makes his way to the outside and charges at Brody and nails him with a huge forearm! Brody then sends Claudio over the barricade as we go to the picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Brody picks up Claudio and suplexes him over the barricade. Claudio is back up on his feet, but he is met with a big chop to the chest. Brody sends Claudio into the ring apron and then sends him into the barricade as Claudio falls to the floor. Brody picks him up and sends him back in the ring. Brody chops Claudio and then hits him with forearms before he sends him to the corner and chops him in the chest. Claudio falls to his feet as Brody puts him in a headlock.

Back from PIP: Claudio fights out the hold, but both men exchange forearms before Brody picks up Claudio and drops him again! Brody is up – Claudio is up and is met with a clothesline. As Brody gets ready to charge Brody, Claudio is up and flies through the air and hits Brody with a forearm! Claudio continues hitting Brody with forearms…Claudio hits Brody with a forearm to the back of the head as Claudio attempts the swing, but Brody kicks Claudio to get out of hit…Claudio then kicks Brody and covers him for a two count! Both men are up exchanging forearm chops…Claudio then elevates Brody and nails him in the face with a huge forearm to the face…Claudio covers Brody, but Brody kicks out! Claudio picks up Brody and swings him around! Claudio then applies the sharpshooter on Brody as he tries to make his way to the bottom rope…Claudio pulls back Brody’s arm to avoid a rope break, but Brody fights out of it and makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Brody sends Claudio to the ring post and then suplexes him…Brody then hits Claudio with a cannonball and covers Claudio who kicks out at one! Claudio then picks up Brody and delivers a huge destroyer as Brody kicks out at one!…Brody then hits Claudio with a huge lariat and covers Brody to get the win and 6 points. Claudio remains at 3 points.


Backstage segment with Jon Moxley talking about his last four years…his neck hurts, his back hurts and his fingers tingle. He says that he lives in pain as his head is not screwed on straight…doctors giving him meds…he says that he sick and tired of being pissed off and that he is going to wrestle his way out of it and fight his way out of it and win the Continental Classic. He then says this is way AEW was built on…loving wrestling as much as the fans do…this is what AEW is all about…he says no one can do anything worse to him that the demons he fights daily…he challenges anyone to take their shot….Mox with take on RUSH Wednesday in the Continental Classic Gold League Tournament.

Abadon is out first as we are getting ready for the next match of the night. Kiera Hogan’s music hits next as she makes her way out to the ring.

Abadon vs. Kiera Hogan

The bell rings and we are underway as we get staredowns from both women. Hogan is nailed by Abadon in the corner as she goes down. Hogan fights back and drops Abadon with a kick. Hogan then kicks Abadon in the face as Abadon rolls to the corner…Hogan then kicks Abadon and cover her for only a two count. Abadon then comes back and drops Hogan and screams out at the fans. Abadon is on the apron and then drops Hogan with a cutter over the ropes. Abadon covers Hogan for only a two count…Abadon then picks up Hogan attempts lick her in the face before dropping her to the mat…Hogan then drops Abadon with a neck breaker and cover her for only a two count! Abadon is up kicks Hogan as she drops to the mat. Abadon then drop Hogan with her finisher for the win, which was not mentioned clearly.After the match the lights go out…Abadon turns around and Julia Hart is in the ring…the lights go out and Julia disappears as Abadon screams.

We go to a backstage interview with Alex Marvez talking to Samoa Joe as he interrupted by The Kingdom and Roderick Strong…Strong tells Joe that MJF is the devil…Strong says that Wednesday is a set up as MJF’s goons are plotting how to beat up Joe who then cackles as and walks off as the interview comes to a close.


Back from the break…we have a vignette hyping up Sting’s last match coming up Revolution on Sunday, March 3 in Greensboro. It was noted that Sting made his AEW debut 3 years ago today.

Daniel Garcia is out first…Daddy Magic is on commentary…Kevin Kelly reminds Daddy Magic that if he interferes in the match, he is fired.

Andrade is out next with CJ Perry. Andrade takes off his mask and hands it to CJ who has to leave because she can’t be at ringside for this match.

AEW Continental Classic Blue League Match: Daniel Garcia vs. Andrade El Idolo

The bell rings and we begin! Both men lock up as Garcia attempts a roll up for a quick pin…Both men lock up again as Andrade has Garcia in a headlock. Garcia sends Andrade to the ropes, but he comes back with a shoulder block and he goes down. Garcia fights back and attempts to send Andrade to the outside, but Andrade hangs on the ropes…Andrade goes up to the top and lands a huge crossbody on Garcia. Andrade sends Garcia to the floor and then goes to the outside and rolls him back in and covers him for only a two count. Garcia comes back with a pair of dragon screw leg whips and then kicks Andrade and covers him for only a two count…Garcia sends Andrade to the floor…Andrade goes back in the ring as Garcia covers Andrade for only a one count. Andrade fires back and sends Garcia to the floor as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Andrade grabs an energy drink from the announce table and takes a drink before walking over to Garcia and tossing him back in the ring. Andrade kicks Garcia and then slaps him across the head…Garcia gets up as he fired up and chops Andrade, but its not enough as Andrade sends him to the ropes…

**Full commercial break, courtesy of Sling TV**

Back from the full break, Andrade has Garcia in a headlock, who then breaks out of it and drops Andrade. Both men are down as the ref begins the ten count…both men are up and exchange blows….Garcia sends Andrade to the corner and unloads rapid fire punches…Garcia ties up Andrade on the ropes and drives fists into the right knee of Andrade and then follows up with a running drop kick…Garcia then drops Andrade with a big brain buster and covers him…but Andrade kicks out at two! Garcia grabs Andrade and then chops him! Andrade comes back and hits Garcia with a huge forearm off the ropes! Garcia is the corner as Andrade runs and charges at Garcia…Garcia misses a lariat as Andrade delivers multiple suplexes on Garcia…Garcia puts a sleeper hold on Andrade as Andrade climbs the ropes…the hold is broken…Garica then drops Garcia with a huge superplex followed by three other superlexes….Garcia applies the sharpshooter on Andrade, but Andrade breaks out of it and delivers a flatliner on Garcia for the win!


After the match, the commentary team run down the current standings. Andrade and Garcia shake hands as Garcia leaves the ring.

Video package recaps the Continental Classic from last Wednesday’s Dynamite. The commentary team then runs down the Gold League matches for Wednesday as we go to a break.


Back from the break, the commentary team recaps Wardlow taking out AR Fox on Dynamite. We go backstage with Willie Mack telling Warldow he takes offense to Wardlow hurting Fox and challenges Wardlow to a match next week.

The Kingdom’s music hits as they roll out Roderick Strong who says he wants to say something to his new best friend by proxy (Samoa Joe) and that everything he said is true that MJF is the devil…Roderick says he is dedicating the next tag match to his best friend…

The Kingdom go right after the Iron Savages…Boulder though is took much for Mike Bennet and Matt Taven…Bennett attempts to take out Boulder, but he drops Bennett…Bronson is tagged in and Taven is tagged in. Bronson drops Taven with a huge powerbomb and covers Taven for just a two count! Boulder is tagged in and attempts a moonsault, but Taven moves out of the way…Bronson is tagged in as The Kingdom take them out…Taven and Bennett double team Bronson and then drop him with a piledriver for the win…After the match Roderick goes into the ring to takes shots at the Iron Savages…


This was one of three standby matches.

We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Ethan Page who says that ever since losing to MJF in his hometown, he has refocused and has been in ROH winning matches. Ethan then says as next week on Collision from Montreal he wants to prove who the best Canadian wrestler is and challenges Kenny Omega.

Video package with Willow Nightingale and Mercedes Martinez hyping up a future match between the two.

We go to another standby match as the lights go out…we have a tag team match with House of Black’s Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews…HOB will face Matt Sydal and Christopher Daniels, as they make their way out to the ring

Buddy Matthews andMalakai Black vs. Matt Sydal and Christopher Daniels

The bell rings as Matthews sends Sydal down…Matthews picks up Sydal and tosses him to the corner…Sydal climbs the ropes and attempts a big crossbody as Matthews catches him. Matthews picks up Sydal who lands on his feet and tags in Daniels. Both Sydal and Daniels double team Matthews as Daniels covers him for only a two count. Matthews makes his way to the corner and tags in Black. Daniels drops Black with a spin kick…Black makes it to the corner to tag in Matthews…Daniels is dumped to the outside as Black lands a huge moonsault on Daniels on the floor as we go to picture-in-picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Daniels is back in the ring as Matthews and Black double team him. Daniels is dropped to the mat as Black works on the left arm of Daniels…Black breaks the hold as Daniels falls into the corner of HOB. Matthew is tagged in and sends Daniels to the mat…Matthews covers Daniels for only a two count. Matthew puts a headlock on Daniels as the ref checks on him. Daniels fights his way up and gets to his feet, but Matthews still has the headlock on Daniels…the hold is broken…

Back from PIP: Daniels is down…Daniels makes the tag! Black is tagged in as Sydal drops him with a big drop kick and covers Black for only a two count! Sydal goes up on the top rope, but Black is up and hits Sydal in the back of the head…Daniel makes a blind tag as Buddy Matthews is in…he then hits Sydal with a big knee as he then Matthews answers with a knee of his own on Sydal…Both Matthews and Sydal go to the outside and Daniels go flying and takes out Matthews…Daniels is back in the ring, but is nailed by Matthews and then is kicked in the face by Black with a huge spin kick to get the win!


After the match, the lights go out…FTR’s music hits as Dax and Cash come out with purpose! FTR make their way in the ring…Black tells FTR he assumes they are here to join the House of Black. Black tells Dax he is a family man…Black says the only people who have been in the locker room for FTR is the House of Black. Black says he has done a lot of things but he has never told a lie. Black puts out his hand, but Matthews nails Dax as Cash tires to fight back, but Matthews and Black stomp on the head of Cash…Dax tries to fight back, but Matthews holds him down as Black kicks Cash in the head…Black then takes the mic again and tells Dax no one is coming for him…Dax flips off Black before Black nails him in the face with a huge spin kick to the face.

We go backstage with Renee Paquette talking to “Timeless” Toni Storm who says she has no time for pre-determined questions. The segment is in black and white. She then asks where is the guy that normally interviews her….She talks about how creepy Skye Blue is as she will put the Women’s Title on the line on Dynamite.


Back from the break, Skye Blue says she is going to shove Toni Storm’s title up her a– as Blue will challenge Storm for the Women’s Title on Dynamite.

We get a video package hyping up Christian Cage vs. Adam Copeland, with Cage putting the TNT Title on the line against Copeland on next week’s Dynamite.

El Hijo Del Vikingo is out next as we have the third standby match. Kip Sabian is out next.

El Hijo Del Vikingo vs. Kip Sabian

The bells rings as Vikingo grabs the arm of Kip. Kip then reverses it and has Vikingo in an arm lock. Vikingo breaks the hold as Kip rolls to the outside…Kip is back in…Vikingo climbs the ropes and drops Kip who goes to the floor…Vikingo flies through the ropes, but Kip kicks Vikingo in the face as we go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Kip works on Vikingo in the corner and drops him…Kip covers Vikingo for only a two count. Kip puts Vikingo in an arm bar, but the hold gets broken. Vikingo is in the corner and is kicked in the mid-section by Kip. Kip pulls Vikingo and covers him for only a two count.

**Full Commercial Break, Courtesy of Sling TV**

Back from the full break, Kip tosses Vikingo who bounces off the ropes and hits Kip with a tornado spin kick, then drops him with and comes off the ropes with a 360! Vikingo covers Kip for only a two count! Both men are on the top rope as Vikingo headbutts Kip, he comes back and drops Vikingo and covers him for only a two count! Kip looks shocked and picks up Vikingo, but Vikingo comes back and kicks Kip who goes to the floor! Vikingo from the top spins and lands on Kip as he rolls back in the ring…Vikingo then follows up with a huge 630 and covers kip for the win!


We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Keith Lee asking who him is…Shane Taylor walks him and says him is he (Shane Taylor), who is with Lee Moriarity…Taylor challenges Lee to a match at the ROH Final Battle PPV on December 15. Lee accepts.-COMMERCIAL BREAK-

Back from the break, Lexy Nair tries to talk to CJ Perry as Miro interrupts the interview…CJ says he can’t stop him from going into the locker room of Andrade…CJ tells Miro to please not lay a hand on her client…Miro tells Perry that he promises he will not lay a hand on her client.

Bryan Danielson is out first as he wearing an eye patch covering up his left eye, which has to do with the orbital injury. The ROH and NJPW Strong Champion’s music hits next as we get Eddie chants from the fans.AEW Continental Classic Blue League Match: Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston

The bell rings and the main event is underway! Both men attempts a lock up…Bryan kicks Eddie who brushes it off. Bryan goes to the ropes. Bryan kicks Eddie again, but Eddie brushes it off yet again. Both men lock up in the corner as the ref calls for the break. Bryan then chops Eddie, but it has no affect on Eddie. Eddie drives Bryan to the corner as both men chop each other really hard…Both men lock up in a test of strength as we get Eddie chants…Bryan locks up Eddie who goes to the ropes as the ref break the hold. Bryan then kicks Eddie who fights back with lefts and rights…Eddie goes to the damaged arm of Bryan who goes down…Eddie backs up as Bryan then ties up Eddie and kicks him in the back of the leg and then chops Eddie who calls for more! Eddie then calls for Bryan to hit him again…Bryan chops him hard again! Bryan grabs Eddie arms, as Eddie reveres it, but Bryan then flips Eddie over who rolls to the apron. Eddie is up and holds on the ropes as Bryan ties to kick him off the apron. Eddie drops to the floor as Bryan rolls out to the floor only to be suplexed by Eddie as we go to picture-in-picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Eddie suplexes Bryan again on the floor! Bryan is back up as Eddie chops him and then sends him back in the ring, but Bryan rolls out…Eddie goes back to the outside and chops Bryan who drops to his knees…Bryan rolls back in the ring as Eddie follows. Eddie chops Bryan who is the corner. Bryan drops down as Eddie picks him and puts him on the top turnbuckle. Eddie climbs up as Bryan fights back with a big heabutt…

Back from PIP: Eddie tries for a suplex off the ropes, but Bryan fights back with blows to the back and another headbutt sending the champion to the mat…both men are down as the ref begins the ten count…both men make it up and exchange chops, lefts, rights and kicks! Eddie picks up Bryan who counters with as Bryan applies the Le Bell Lock on Eddie! Eddie breaks the hold and hammers on the head of Eddie as Eddie fires back with slaps to the head of Bryan! Eddie then hammers the side of the head of Bryan…Eddie drops Bryan with a belly to back suplex and then back hands Bryan who goes down and covers, but Bryan kicks out! Bryan drops Eddie as both men are down! The ref begins the ten count…Eddie is up first as the fans chant his name! Eddie then lays knees to the orbital bone of Bryan, who then fires back with a round kick to the top of head of Eddie! Bryan then kicks Eddie in the chest several times…Eddie is up as slaps Bryan hard in the chest…Eddie hits him again and then again! Bryan comes right back and kicks Eddie down, who then gets up and drops Bryan who goes for a back fist, but Bryan picks up Eddie and drops him on his head as both men are down again! Bryan is up and kicks Eddie in the chest multiple times…Dasha says five minutes remain…Bryan covers Eddie for only a two count! Bryan grabs Eddie and stomps on his chest! The ref checks on Eddie who says he is not giving up as we get this is awesome chants…Eddie is up on one knee as Bryan then nails Eddie in the face with a huge knee and covers Eddie to get the win!


After the match, the commentary team update us on the standings.

Bryan Danielson celebrates in the ring as he then leaves the ring…Bryan grabs a sign from a fan that says Eddie is a bum…Bryan then goes back in the ring and puts in Eddie who is still down in the ring…as the show goes off the air.