AEW Collision 12 16 2023

AEW Collision Results
December 16, 2023
Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go to the video package with all the competitors hyping up tonight’s matches.

Hey it’s Saturday night and its alright for fighting!

We go live inside the arena as the pyro goes off with Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly welcoming us tonight’s show!

The commentary teams runs down the standings for the blue league continental classic.

Dash is in the ring introducing Claudio Castagnoli as we get ready for our opening match tonight…going into this match, Claudio has 3 points. Andrade’s music is up next as he is by himself without CJ Perry. He has 9 points coming into this match. They go to Thunder Rosa who is part of the Spanish announce team tonight.

Continental Classic Blue League Match: Andrade El Idolo vs. Claudio Castagnoli

The bell rings and we are underway. Both men lock up as Claudio sends Andrade to the corner. The hold is broken, but both men lock up again. Andrade shoves Claudio who shoves him back. Both men attempt shoulder blocks on each other, but neither go down. Claudio grabs Andrade and tosses him, but he holds on to the ropes…Claudio comes back and drops Andrade with a standing clothesline. Andrade is up back in the corner as Claudio works on him with stomps to the mid-section…the fans begin to change El Idolo…Andrade goes to the top and lands a big cross body on Claudio and covers him for only a two count. Claudio attempts a big swing as he gets out of the hold and goes to the outside. Andrade comes back in and his met with rights by Claudio, but he comes back with a big kicks…Claudio goes to the outside. Andrade leaps over the ropes, but is met with a big uppercut…Andrade goes back in the ring as Claudio nails Andrade with a big uppercut in the corner. Andrade recovers and trips Claudio. Claudio gets up, picks up Andrade and nails him with big uppercut as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Andrade is on the outside as Claudio is in the ring with the ref keeping him from going to the floor. The ref begins the ten count. Andrade makes his way back into the ring as Claudio stomps on him and puts him in a headlock. The ref checks on Andrade as the fans get behind Andrade. Andrade is up as Claudio suplexes him. Claudio works on the back on Andrade and grabs him to apply another headlock on Andrade. Andrade tries to fight out of it…

Back from PIP: Andrade is fighting back with back elbows on Claudio. Claudio then hits Andrade with a back elbow of his own. Andrade scoops up Claudio and drops him to the mat. Andrade sends Claudio back down on the mat with a huge forearm. Claudio is in the corner as Andrade fires up the crowd…Andrade goes to charge Claudio but no one is home…Andrade attempts a roll up, but Claudio picks up Andrade and swings him. Claudio then applies the sharpshooter on Andrade as the ref checks on him…Andrade tries to make it to the bottom ropes, but reverses the sharpshooter into a figure four! Claudio is in pain as he uses his upper body strength to make it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Andrade is up on the apron as climbs to the top, but is met with forearms from Claudio, as both men are on the second rope. Both men are up on the top as Andrade drops Claudio with a big powerbomb off the top and covers him, but Claudio kicks out at two! Claudio is down as Andrade charges Claudio and nails him with a big knee to the face…Andrade pulls Claudio ot the center of the ring and covers him, but Claudio kicks out! Andrade goes to the top rope as Claudio is up and hits Andrade with a big forearm and then superplexes Andrade! Claudio then suplexes Andrade several times as Andrade comes back…both men exchange back elbows in the corner, with the action moving to the center of the ring…Andrade then swings and nails Claudio with a big forearm in the back of the head…Andrade covers Claudio who won’t go down as he kicks out at two! Andrade is up on the top as Claudio nails him with forearm shots…Claudio drops Andrade across the steel turnbuckle as Andrade is down. As the ref fixes the exposed turnbuckle, Claudio low-blows Andrade and then drops him on his to get the win.


We go to a video recap of the Gold League Continental Classic from Wednesday’s Dynamite.

Abadon’s music hits and she makes her way out to the ring. She has a 44-4 record coming into this match. Jazmin Allure is already in the ring.

Abadon nails Jazmin who goes down. Abadon picks up Jazmin, swings her and drops her hard to the mat. Jazmin attempts some offense, but Abadon nails Jazmin with a big roundhouse kick and then drops Jazmin to get the quick win.


The lights go out and Julia Hart is in the ring staring down Abadon and walks over to Abadon and drops the TBS Title. Abadon spears Julia as Abadon nails Julia across the head with a big knee…Abadon picks up the title as Skye Blue is in the ring…Skype looks at Julia, but nails Abadon from behind as both Julia and Skye work together slap Abadon in the face. Thunder Rosa leaves the Spanish announce table and comes in the ring to help out Abadon as she sends Skye and Julia running…Abadon looks at Rosa as the fans chant welcome back…Rose extends her hand as Abadon accepts…the fans go nuts!

After the break, we get Orange Cassidy defending the International Title.


Back from the break, Renee is backstage with The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn…They say they are coming for the devil…they then said they don’t like MJF because he put them in harms way…they then said they are coming after the goons. Top Flight and Action Andretti come in and say they didn’t attack The Acclaimed and Billy…Top Flight and Action make a challenge for the trios titles as The Acclaimed accept the match for next Friday Saturday’s Holiday Bash special…The commentary team announce that Tony Khan has made the match official.

Orange Cassidy’s music hits to a big ovation, as he walks slowly out to the ring with the duffle bag as he signs autographs as ringside. Orange tosses the bag in the ring…he gets in the ring and opens the bag an pulls out the title and holds it high…Bryan Keith is out next to a fairly good ovation.

AEW International Championship Match: Orange Cassidy defends against Bryan Keith

Paul Turner is the referee for this match. The bell rings and we are underway. Both men lock up as Orange sends Keith to the ropes and sends him down. Keith then is up and sends Orange to the ropes and drops him with a shoulder block. Keith puts Orange is a chokehold, but Orange gets free…Orange puts his hands in his pockets as Keith chops Orange who comes back with a big drop kicks, sending Keith down! Orange sends Keith to the corner, who fires back with huge chops…Orange then hits Keith who calls for Orange to hit him again. Keith then sends Orange down with a big boot to the face as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Keith drops Orange with a kick to the left knee. Keith works on the knee of Orange who is down on the mat…Keith covers Orange who kicks out at two…Keith works on the knee of Orange as the referee Paul Turner checks on Orange who fights back with punches as Keith has Orange’s knee locked up. Orange makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold…


Back from the break, Keith chops Orange in the corner who is trying to fight back…Orange attempts a tornado DDT, but Keith blocks it…but he able to connect with it this time and sends Keith to the outside! Orange dives through the ropes, sending Keith into the guardrail…Orange and Keith are up on the rope as Orange sends Keith down with a big right hand…Keith is up as he nails Orange with a leaping headbutt! Keith then superplexes Orange off the top and then connects with a running knee! Keith tries for a powerbomb, but Orange counters with a beach break on Keith. He covers Keith – 1 – 2 – NO! Keith kicks out! Orange is up as Keith is angry…Orange lays in kicks on Keith who is up and nails Orange with huge kicks! Keith delivers a stunner on Orange and covers him, but the champ kicks out! Orange then takes down Keith with a three quarter nelson and get the pin to retain!


After the match Orange extends his hand as Keith gives Orange a tip of his hat. Orange then tips his glasses.

The commentary team remind us it was three years ago that Brodie Lee passed away.

We go to a vignette with Miro talking about himself being the redeemer and that he doesn’t want to fight Andrade because he is the client of his wife…Miro says this is the world of the redeemer.


Back from the break, Lexy Nair is backstage with Komander, only to be interrupted by Roderick Strong and The Kingdom as Strong says he found his next victim in Komander.

FTR’s music hits as the former AEW World Tag Team Champs make their way to the ring to a big ovation from the Texas fans. Cash and Dax look banged up from ROH Final Battle as we get an FTR chant…Cash calls out House of Black and says no more magic and says for them to come out and confront them face to face…Cash runs down all their tag team championship gold…he then says HOB is unrealized potential…he then says Malakai and Buddy are jealous of Julia and Brody on their success…Cash then says HOB knows where to find them…Dax says he loves Dallas and they are not best looking guys in the world and don’t have the best looking bodies and are even hard to do business with…Dax says FTR won’t back down from a fight…Dax says he has a problem with a sucker punch from behind…he goes to challenge HOB as his mic gets cut and the lights go out…the big screen shows Malakai and Buddy with a burn barrel…Buddy says to Dax everyone he loves won’t save him..Buddy then asks Cash who loves him…Buddy says they welcome FTR into the HOB family…Malakai says he they have to prove a point and this is love…he says when they attacked FTR, who saved them, no one, because no one loves them…Buddy then has a picture of Dax with his family and sets it on fire and drops it into the burn barrel…FTR take off from the ring and run to the back.

We go to a vignette featuring Keith Lee.

Willow Nightingale and Kris Statlander are introduced as we will have a Texas Street Fight…Mercedes Martinez and Diamante are out next…

Texas Street Fight: Willow Nightingale and Kris Statlander vs. Mercedes Martinez and Diamante

The bell rings and the match starts as the action goes to the floor. Mercedes nails Willow with a bottle over her head as she goes out cold…back in the ring, Kris nails Mercedes and drops her…Kris picks up a barbed wire bat and nails Mercedes with hit…Willow is up and is split open. Kris and Willow grab the steel steps as Willow is bleeding hard…Mercedes gets caught by Kris and Willow and dropped..Willow and Kris then nail Mercedes with a ladder…Diamante is bleeding as Willow digs her in nails in the head of Diamante. Mercedes nails Willow with a tire iron. Kris is up on the top rope as Mercedes drops Kris to the mat…we go to picture in picture…

PIP: Mercedes Martinez pulls Willow to the floor as Willow fights back…Kris picks up a chair and nails Diamante across the back. Mercedes then nails Kris and hits her with huge rights to the forehead. Kris is down on the ramp as then as she gets up, Mercedes drops her…in the ring, Diamante puts a chair to the throat of Willow. Diamante and Mercedes set up a table…

Back from PIP, Kris charges and gets sent into a big piece of pinewood as it breaks in half. The action is back in the ring as Willow tries to fight back…Willow sends Mercedes to the floor as Kris follows..Willow and Diamante fight in the ring. Willow sends Diamante into a board that doesn’t break as Willow nails Diamante with it…Mercedes then hits Willow from behind and sends to the floor…Kris nails Mercedes with a chair from behind and picks up Mercedes and drops her…Diamante picks up a brief case and hits Willow and Kris….Diamanate opens the briefcase and dumps out tacks and glass…Mercedes rubs Kris’s face in the tacks and glass…WIllow and Mercedes fight on the apron as Mercedes tries drop Willow on the table, but she hangs on only to be dropped through the table but Diamante…in the ring, Kris nails Diamante with a chain from behind and covers her to get the win.


We go backstage with black and white as Renee talks with Toni Storm and and then asks Mariah May on when she will be debut…Mariah holds Toni’s title and says Tony Khan has helped her apply for her American wrestling license…Mariah asks Toni if she will call he first match…Tonis says she is busy and when she holds a seminar, she will let Mariah know…

We go to a vignette with Adam Copeland talking about not capturing the TNT Title from Christian Cage. Copeland challenges Christian at Worlds End for a no DQ title match at Worlds End…

Brian Cage’s music hits as he comes out with Prince Nana…

Cage nails the jobber from behind, who the commentary team says is Kari J. Wright – not sure on the spelling…sorry….there was no graphic for his name. Cage nails Wright from behind. Cage picks up Wright and drops him with a huge powerbomb to get the quick squash win.



Back from the break, the ROH-Six Man Tag Champs are backstage with Brian Cage who says that the champs had the spotlight at Final Battle…Prince Nana then says Swerve will win the Classic…Keith Lee then comes in and says that the champs can tell Swerve his patience is running thin and time is wearing out.

Eddie Kingstons music hits as he comes out to Eddie chants…Daniel Garcia comes out next as he walks out an is looking for his first win in the classic…Matt Menard joins commentary for this match.

Continental Classic Blue League Match: Eddie Kingston vs. Daniel Garcia

The bell rings as we are underway…Both men lock up as Garcia is sent to the corner. The ref calls for a break, which is clean. Both men lock up again…Garcia chops Eddie as he then fires back but misses…Eddie then connects as Garcia fires back with a chop on Eddie, followed by a big right hand..Eddie then nails Garcia who goes down and is now up on the apron…Garcia then drops Eddie to the floor with a dragon screw as he hits hard…Garcia sends Eddie back in the ring and works on the left leg of Eddie with stomps to the knee and ankle. Eddie then is up and drops Garcia….Eddie is up and hobbles to Garcia and kicks him. Eddie then DDT’s Garcia as the ref checks on Garcia who is holding the back of his neck…we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Eddie works on the back of the neck of Garcia. As Garcia is up, Eddie chops him hard across the chest. Garcia goes down and tries to chop Eddie, but misses. Eddie kicks Garcia across the back, who gets up and kicks Eddie only to be sent back down to the mat. Eddie kicks Garcia in the mid-section as he still down on the mat. Eddie uses the middle rope to choke Garcia. Eddie then picks up Garcia and chops him…


Back from PIP: Eddie is has Garcia in a chokehold. Garcia tries to mount a comeback, but is sent down to the mat by Eddie…Eddie delivers rapid fire chops to Garcia in the corner! Garcia puts up his fists as Eddie nails Garcia with rapid chops, sending Garcia to the mat…Garcia mocks Eddie as gets to his feet and nails Eddie with rights and lefts in the corner and then puts a boot to the neck of Eddie, followed by a big boot to the face…Garcia takes down Eddie with a dragon screw as Eddie makes it to the ropes…Garcia then nails Eddie with a knee, but then applies an ankle lock on Eddie in the center of the ring! Eddie crawls and makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold…Eddie is down holding his knee as the fans chant Eddie. Garcia then is dropped with an exploder and then hits Garcia with a back fist…Eddie covers Garcia, but HE KICKS OUT AT TWO! The fans start chanting this is awesome…Garcia is up and drops Eddie who’s leg gives out…Garcia then tries for a sharpshooter as Eddie makes it to the ropes to break the hold…both men are up and exchange blows…Garcia then drop kicks Eddie’s bad knee…Eddie then back fists Garcia and falls on him as the ref makes the three count…Garcia is eliminated from the Classic.



Back from the break, Bryan Danielson’s music hits as we have our last match of the night. Bryan is out to a big ovation…he has his eye patch on, covering his left eye. The light’s go out as Brody King’s music hits as he makes his way out.

Continental Classic Blue League Match: Brody King vs. Bryan Danielson

The bell rings as we are underway…Bryan kicks Brody, but Brody fights it off as Brody sends Bryan to the corner and we get a clean break. Brody sends Bryan to the corner as he escapes and kicks Brody. Brody swings at Bryan and kicks Brody in the leg and backs away. Brody sends Bryans to the corner…Brody chops Bryan right in the throat as he goes down…Brody covers Bryan who kicks out at two. Brody then works on the eye if Bryan and pulls of the patch. Brody then chops Bryan and sends him to the corner…Bryan’s eye is taped as Brody nails Bryan with a cannonball to the face as Bryan rolls to the floor. The ref begins the ten count as Brody rolls to the floor and smashes the face of Bryan on the announce table. Brody then breaks the ten count and nails Bryan in the face and sends him into the barricade. Brody puts Bryan on a chair and hits him with a flying cross body as we go to picture in picture…

PIP: Bryan is back in the ring as Brody has him in the corner and hits him with several right and then puts a big boot to the throat of Bryan, who’s eye tape is off. He bleeding from above the left eye. Brody picks up Bryan and sends him to the floor. The ref starts the ten count. Brody goes to the floor and tosses Bryan back in the ring and uses the middle rope as leverage to work on the left eye of Bryan as the blood pours from the eye…

Back from PIP: Brody picks up Bryan and sends him to the ropes and then drops him to the canvas…Brody covers Bryan for only a two count! Bryan goes to the floor as Brody follows and nails Bryan in the side of the head…Brody charges Bryan who leg trips him…Bryan then nails Brody with a big knee…Brody is back in the ring as Bryan hits him with a big shotgun drop kick who then hangs on the top rope as he now caught in the ropes…Bryan nails him with running knees…Bryan puts Brody on the ropes as Brody then clotheslines Bryan and lands on him and covers him, but Bryan gets his foot on the rope to avoid the pin…As Brody charges Bryan, he counters and puts Brody in a crab, but Brody nails Bryan in the face to break the hold. As Brody is up, Bryan kicks him in the left leg. Bryan continues to kick Brody in the left leg. Bryan then kicks Brody in the side of head as he drops to the mat. Bryan who is pouring blood, kicks Brody in the chest and then covers him for only a two count! Bryan then hammers Brody with elbow shots, but counters with a death valley driver on Bryan and covers him for only a two…Brody then nails Bryan with a chop…Bryan then nails Brody with a huge knee to the face and covers him 1 – 2 – NO BRODY KICKS OUT! Bryan is bleeding with left eye shut…Bryan kicks Brody who tells Bryan to bring it…Brody then nails Bryan with a huge lariat and covers Bryan for a near fall! We get this is awesome chants as Bryan rolls up Brody for only a two count! Bryan then nails Brody with a big knee as Brody is up on his knees…Bryan then nails Brody with a big running knee to the back of the head and covers him as the ref counts to three!


After the match ref checks on the Bryan as Brody is holding the back of his neck…the show goes off the air with Bryan leaning on the bottom rope.