AEW Double Or Nothing 2023

AEW Double or Nothing 2023 Results
May 28, 2023
Las Vegas, Nevada (T-Mobile Arena)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

All bets are off now, folks…it’s time for AEW Double or Nothing 2023!

AEW Double or Nothing Buy-In Highlights:

  • Some fun moments on the panel and with RJ City backstage
  • The opening ceremonies of the Owen Hart Memorial Cup
  • Since we’re kicking the show off with a big 21-man battle royal, we started getting the entrances to wrap up the Buy-In
  • A nice little trios match to get folks warmed up for the night of action ahead!

Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy & Hook vs. Ethan Page, Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn

A win for the Hardys and Hook means that Matt takes control of Ethan Page’s contract. A chaotic start to this trios match, which sees the former AEW World Tag Team Champions and All Ego getting an early advantage over Hook until he tags in Matt Hardy. Matt goes off on the Gunns and Page until he’s worn down by his foes, but a hot tag to Jeff Hardy sends him on a frenzy as he unleashes hell on the Gunns.

A slip on the ropes takes Jeff into a bad position, something Page takes advantage of until Hook is tagged back in, letting the young man unleash a flurry of punches on All Ego before hitting a fisherman suplex. Crossface punches by Hook is countered with some hard offense by Page, only for Hook to lock in a cross arm breaker until Colten breaks it up.

Hook ducks a double clothesline as Matt Hardy tags in, setting up Poetry in Motion from Jeff who climbs up only to be intercepted. 3:10 to Yuma on Matt Hardy, but the pin is broken up by a Swanton Bomb by Jeff! Tag to Hook now, and Page tags in as well. The Gunns stop Hook but are intercepted by the Hardys, leaving them and Hook in the ring with a very lonely Ethan Page who gets locked into the Redrum and taps out!

Winners via submission: Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy & Hook

The show begins with a video package hyping up the night ahead of us, before bringing us to an excited crowd inside T-Mobile Arena as pyro kicks us off! The competitors in our opening contest surround the ring, with the AEW International Champion standing inside ready for the challenge ahead!

21-Man Blackjack Battle Royal for the AEW International Championship

The chaos begins as Kip Sabian tries to eliminate the champ while several of the competitors enter the ring. There are still many on the outside, and commentary notes that those men are not officially in the match as of yet as we see Komander showing off his tightrope abilities to walk the ropes and dive on Big Bill and Lee Moriarty! Brian Cage and Swerve Strickland watch on from the stage as the chaos continues in the ring.

There’s something of an alliance between the luchadors in the ring, as Bandido keeps Tony Nese up for a delayed vertical suplex while the other luchadors hold the rest of the field off. Bandido drops Nese with the suplex, and moments later he ends up being eliminated! Penta goes after Ariya with a package piledriver on the apron, but Nese stops him…only for Fenix to hit a tightrope punt that sends Daivari to the apron and onto the floor!

Cage now enters the ring, but Komander ducks a clothesline…only to take the brunt of his offense after the fact, setting Penta and Fenix up for a double German suplex right after! Cage continues with a monkey flip on Bandido before picking him up, and even catches Komander in midair to slam both men to the canvas! Cage gets taken out by a pair of thrust kicks by the Lucha Bros after this, but they’re attacked by BC Gold before Starks comes after Juice. He gets held off as they turn their attention to Komander, but the Lucha Bros and Bandido hold them off with a flurry of offense. as Rhodes goes after Cage.

Komander gets caught by BC Gold and eliminated by Jay White! Ricky goes after Juice and nearly gets eliminated for his trouble, as we see Sabian back on the attack on the champ himself. Best Friends intercede and end up eliminating Sabian before giving the people what they want…until Big Bill drops them to the canvas! Moriarty takes advantage and sends the champ over, but saves himself as Big Bill ends up eliminating Chuck Taylor!

The Blade goes after Keith Lee, who sends him with ease over the top rope to eliminate him before Brian Cage goes after the Limitless one, as Swerve starts making his way to the ring. Lee sends Cage away to the ropes but is grabbed by Swerve, giving a distraction as Cage joins in briefly. He’s sent to the corner as Lee and Swerve go at it, until Swerve hits an enziguri…only for Lee to catch him with a big powerslam!

Cage with a big kick to the face as the Lucha Bros eliminate the Butcher. Big Bill stomps Trent before going after Bandido, who gets eliminated by Bill and Moriarty! Lee brings Trent to the apron and they trade blows until Trent catches him with a half and half suplex that sends Lee to the outside on the floor. Orange gets sent to the apron by Bill, but Trent “takes the bullet” as he shoves Orange aside, taking a boot to the face that eliminates Trent from the match! Bill goes to work on the champ in the corner now as Brian Cage catches Keith Lee from behind to eliminate him!

Cage gets caught with a Cross Rhodes by Dustin, who sends Brian Cage over the rope…but Swerve saves his ally as he goes after Dustin. Jay White and Juice get sent over the ropes by Lucha Bros, but Penta accidentally eliminates Fenix! Penta and Jay stare each other down before trading blows, with Jay getting the Blade Runner on Penta…only to take a spear by Starks, who sends him over to eliminate him!

Juice pulls Starks out through the ropes as BC Gold attack him on the outside, until Starks is able to slide back into the ring…where Big Bill is waiting for him. Bill brings him up to his feet before sending Starks over the rope…but Starks saves himself, coming back into the ring to go after the big man! Starks to build up some momentum, but is cut off with a big boot from Bill to send him out and over to eliminate him!

Rhodes and Cage go at it on the apron until Dustin hits a Destroyer to eliminate Cage…only to take a dropkick from Swerve that sends Dustin to the floor to eliminate him as well! We’re left with Swerve, Bill, Penta, and the champ Orange Cassidy as they all trade offense! Penta ends up getting a backstabber on the champ, before standing off with Big Bill with a chop and some hard kicks…only to take a big boot and sent over the top by Bill!

Orange looks awfully lonely against the likes of Swerve and Bill, but the brief alliance is quickly ended as Bill wants to be the one to eliminate Orange Cassidy. Bill lifts the champ up over his head, but gets sent over the top rope by Swerve instead! Cassidy nearly gets Swerve by surprise but to no avail! The two go at it until Swerve counters a DDT…only to take a Stundog Milliionaire the champ, which is responded to by a big kick from Swerve!

The champ heads to the corner to regroup as Swerve gets back to his feet. Prince Nana trips the champ up, allowing Swerve to hit a big double stomp on Orange Cassidy. Swerve taunts the crowd and the champ by forcing Orange’s hands in his own pockets…but this proves to be his undoing as Orange hits a DDT off the ropes, followed by another one! Orange is firing up as he hits an Orange Punch that sends Swerve over the top rope, but Swerve is hanging on. Orange looks for another Punch but gets caught by Swerve, as Nana tries to trip the champ again. Swerve kicks Orange onto the apron before climbing the turnbuckle…but takes a pair of boots to the face, before Orange kicks the hand off the rope to send Swerve to the floor and win the match!

Winner and still AEW International Champion: Orange Cassidy

Video Package: The rivalry between Adam Cole and Chris Jericho culminates in tonight’s Unsanctioned Match, with Sabu as a special guest enforcer!

Back at ringside, Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring accompanied by the Jericho Appreciation Society, followed by the special guest enforcer Sabu with steel chair in hand, and finally Adam Cole alongside Roderick Strong. The pair also hold steel chairs as they rush to the ring, and this unsanctioned match is underway!

Unsanctioned Match (Sabu is special guest enforcer)
Chris Jericho vs. Adam Cole

Jericho and Garcia go after Cole in the ring until Sabu runs in, and Jericho retreats to the outside to grab a chair of his own before they duel with the chairs. Jericho ends up losing that fight, getting knocked down as Cole and Strong deal with 2point0 on the outside…until Sabu climbs the turnbuckle, launching himself onto the team through a table that was set up! Hager gets involved but is equalized by Strong and Sabu, and we finally get Jericho and Cole in the ring! The two go at each other until Jericho is sent of the ring, favoring his arm…something that Cole takes advantage of, slamming it against the steel steps!

Cole stays on the attack as he targets the legs of Jericho next, looking to make good on his promise to break every limb of the Ocho as the attack continues. Cole goes for a Panama Sunrise on the outside but is met with a suplex off the apron to the floor instead! Jericho attacks Cole now, looking for a powerbomb through another table set up on the outside…but Cole stops him, only for Jericho to settle on sending Cole into the steel steps instead.

Jericho’s the one in control now as he brings Cole back in the ring, laying in a chop in the corner as he taunts his opponent. Cole starts to fight back, but is taken right back down with a clothesline as Jericho grabs a chair, putting it against the throat of Cole. He sets the chair up in the corner now, bringing Cole back to his feet before looking to send him into the corner…but ends up getting thrown headfirst into the chair by Cole for his troubles!

Cole lays in some forearms and a pump kick, but Jericho stops him by taking him to the canvas before taunting the crowd. He goes for a Lionsault but takes a superkick by Cole in midair instead, as Cole goes up to the second rope for another Panama Sunrise attempt…but this gets met with a Walls of Jericho! Cole is struggling, getting to the ropes…but with this being unsanctioned there are no rope breaks!

Cole realizes he needs to do something more…and crawls over enough to reach for a fire extinguisher under the ring. Jericho pulls Cole back into the ring, but Cole cools the Ocho off with the extinguisher spray to finally break the hold! Cole grabs the extinguisher again, hitting Jericho with it to make the cover…but only gets a nearfall!

Jericho back to his feet, hitting a couple chops before dropping as he seems out of it from the extinguisher. Cole hits the ropes, only to take a Codebreaker from Jericho that gives him a nearfall. Jericho grabs the extinguisher, giving Cole a taste of his own medicine before taunting the crowd…and then dropping it right onto Cole!

Jericho taunts the crowd again before leaving the ring, grabbing a kendo stick from under the ring before going back in for more damage. He points the stick at Cole, but Britt Baker rushes down to the ring with a kendo stick of her own before unleashing hell on the Ocho for what he orchestrated a few weeks ago!

Saraya runs down now to go after Baker, but takes kendo stick shots from the Doctor before she gives chase to Saraya to the back. Jericho watches on as Cole gets him from behind, sticking the kendo stick around his throat before Cole drops Jericho for another nearfall. Cole continues the kendo stick attack before getting back to his feet, climbing up the turnbuckle as Jericho grabs a steel chair…and throws it right in his face, sending Cole off the tope rope and through the table on the outside!

This gives Jericho a chance to recover some, leaving the ring as he stalks his foe on the outside. He taunts Cole before picking him up, slamming his head against the apron before he sends Cole back into the ring. Jericho reaches under the ring again, this time grabbing some chains with handcuffs attached and gives a sick smile as he enters the ring again.

He puts one of the cuffs on Cole, but Cole intercepts him before dropping him to the canvas for a nearfall. Now it’s Cole with the chain and cuff, putting the other one on Jericho to keep him fairly close as he hits a superkick before climbing the turnbuckle and hitting a Panama Sunrise…but Jericho narrowly kicks out!

Cole gets to his feet, looking for the Boom…but Jericho rolls him up for a nearfall before whipping Cole with the chain! Cole back to his feet as Jericho goes for the Judas Effect…Cole dodges it but Jericho has the chain wrapped around Cole’s throat! Cole uses the turnbuckle to get himself up and over to escape, before hitting a superkick and the Boom on Jericho! It looks like Cole isn’t done though, as he wraps his knee with the Chain before hitting another Boom on the Ocho, mounting up on him for some punches to the head before he wraps his hand up for more damage.

Cole keeps at it until Jericho can no longer defend himself, leading the ref to call for the bell!

Winner via ref stoppage: Adam Cole

Video Package: The rivalry between FTR and the Lethal Jarrett Alliance leads to bad blood with Mark Briscoe going into this AEW World Tag Team Championship match!

Back at ringside, special guest ref Mark Briscoe heads to the ring. This is followed by the arrival of the challengers Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal, and the tag champs themselves in FTR before this tag title bout gets underway!

AEW World Tag Team Championship (w/ Mark Briscoe as special guest referee)
Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal vs. AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler)

After some hesitation we start off with Lethal and Dax as they lock up, and Dax takes Lethal down but we’re left with a standoff between them. They exchange holds now with Lethal taking control, wrenching the arm until Dax sends him to the ropes. Lethal hits a shoulder tackle before rolling him up for a nearfall. Dax catches him with a rollup for a nearfall of his own before both men end up back on their feet. Lethal hits a big chop on Dax in the corner, with another one that’s then met by a chop from Dax. They take to trading chops now, before Dax is sent to the outside by Lethal as chaos ensues.

This ends up with Dax hitting a crossbody on Lethal and Jarrett, followed by a double atomic drop by the champs…who escape the attack of the challengers before nearly locking in Sharpshooters before Lethal and Jarrett escape to the outside! Cash tags in, looking to get back on the attack on Lethal…but Jay takes him down instead, taunting Dax before trying to fake a tag to Jarrett that Briscoe catches quickly.

This leads to an argument between them until Cash goes after Lethal, and the champs are back in control as they end up sending Lethal to the outside! The champs come out there as well as things get a little crazy, but Jarrett catches Cash sending him outside before looking for a steel chair…only for Briscoe to catch him, telling him not to use it. Jarrett decides to send Cash into the security wall instead, leading to Dax and Briscoe to check on him before Cash makes it back into the ring.

Lethal is right there waiting, dropping Cash before tagging in Jarrett who gets Cash with a Russian leg sweep before driving Cash’s throat into the ropes. Karen gets involved, giving Lethal an opening as he tags back in to stay on the attack. He gets some more licks in on Cash before tagging in Jarrett, who taunts the champ with a strut after some more offense. Lethal with another tag in now, hitting a neckbreaker on Cash for a nearfall…and Cash catches Lethal with a back suplex, followed by a rollup for a nearfall! This comes after Lethal sends Dax off the apron however, so Cash still has nowhere to tag out from as the challengers continue the offense on the isolated champ.

Another tag to Jarrett who gets a figure-four leglock in tight, causing lots of trouble for Cash as he tries to fight out of the hold. It takes a while but Cash finally does it…evading the hands of Lethal to get the tag to Dax! Dax unloads on Lethal now, before hitting a big lariat! Dax hits a big German suplex on Lethal now, following up with a second before Lethal escapes the waistlock…only to get dropped with a brainbuster by Dax for a close nearfall!

Jay back to his feet however, hitting a Lethal Combination on Dax before heading to the tope rope for the elbow drop…but he gets intercepted by Dax, who drops Jarrett before laying into Lethal some more! We see Cash and Jarrett fighting on the apron with Cash being sent off, and Dax drops Jarrett only to take some hard chops from Lethal sending him to the canvas. Lethal sets up for the elbow drop, but gets caught again by Dax leading ot a superplex off the top rope! Dax hangs on, setting up a Doomsday powerbomb from Cash who rushes with a dive to Jarret on the outside. Dax goes for the cover but is pulled out of the ring by Dutt, who rushes into the ring to escape Dax’s wrath…and gets ejected from ringside by Briscoe, who does the same to Singh before he can get involved!

This all ends with Jarrett sliding into the ring with a guitar, going to hit Dax with it…but he hits Briscoe instead! Briscoe is down as FTR hit the Shatter Machine on Lethal. Dax looks for the cover but there’s no ref to make the count. Aubrey Edwards heads to the ring but is intercepted by Dutt and a guitar shot by Karen! Back in the ring, Jay hits a Lethal Injection on FTR! Cash rolls out of the ring as Karen grabs one of the tag titles, handing it to Jay. Jeff sets Dax up but is blocked, only for Jeff to grab the tag title and lay Dax out with it! Jeff gets a cover as Dutt wakes up Briscoe…but Jarrett STILL gets only a nearfall!

Jeff is beside himself over this, berating Briscoe over this as he shoves Mark around before slapping him…and Mark slaps him right back, spinning him right into a Shatter Machine by FTR! Dax makes the cover, and gets the pin and the win to retain!

Winners via pinfall and still AEW World Tag Team Champions: FTR

Backstage, Marvez talks to Ricky Starks until BC Gold attacks him…but FTR rush in to make the save!

Video Package: Christian Cage looks to overcome TNT Champion Wardlow to take the title away from him in a Ladder Match!

Backstage, Saraya and Chris Jericho are irate over what happened tonight, before Jericho demands a tag match this Wednesday on Dynamite. A stagehand tells Jericho to calm down but takes a fireball to the face for his troubles!

Back at ringside, Christian Cage comes to the ring followed by the TNT Champion Wardlow, and in a moment this ladder match gets underway!

Ladder Match for the TNT Championship
Christian Cage vs. TNT Champion Wardlow

Christian stares down the champion here, berating him before looking to get one over on the big man…kicking him in the gut by surprise, but Wardlow wears him down instead. Christian clotheslines to no avail, and Wardlow powers out of a Killswitch attempt before sending Cage to the corner with some shoulder attacks. Wardlow heads to the outside for a ladder, intercepted by the challenger who ends up back in the ring…only for Cage to dropkick the ladder into Wardlow! Cage hops off the ropes but takes a ladder to his body instead!

Wardlow decides to bring more damage to the affairs as he grabs a couple tables from under the ring. Cage gets back to his feet on the outside but is sent into the steel steps by the champ, before Wardlow sets him up on the tables on the outside. Wardlow climbs up top, but Cage gets off the table to stop the attack. He baits Wardlow in before sending the champ into the barricade, grabbing a chair before hitting Wardlow with it.

He sends that ladder into the ring and grabs another one, attacking the champ before propping it up between the apron and the barricade. Wardlow hops up onto it, but Cage evades danger before dropping the champ onto the ladder! Cage heads back into the ring, setting the ladder up until Wardlow rolls in after him, hitting the champ hard before setting that ring up in the corner instead.

Christian seems distracted by the “turtleneck” chant, and this gives Wardlow an opening as he sends Cage into the ladder…but Cage responds in kind, before setting the ladder on the second rope. He grabs Wardlow’s legs, hitting a monkey flip that sends Wardlow face-first into the ladder! With the champ down, Cage sets the ladder up and makes his first climb toward the title…but he’s intercepted by Wardlow, who sends him down hard to the canvas!

Wardlow looks for a climb of his own but is intercepted by Cage, who uses the fact he’s lifted into a powerbomb position to his advantage as he hops onto the ladder and nearly touches the title before Wardlow brings him down. Wardlow knocks the ladder down before picking Cage up, spinning him around in the air…and dropping him bellyfirst onto the ladder!

Cage ends up rolling to the outside as Wardlow starts the climb again…but Luchasaurus rushes down to the ring, rolling Cage back into the ring so he can send Wardlow’s head down to the canvas! Cage props the ladder up in the ladder looking to do more damage, but gets sent hard into the ladder by the champ instead!

Wardlow sets Christian up on the ladder before he climbs up top and goes for a senton bomb…but Cage rolls off the ladder, forcing the champ to take the brunt of the damage! Cage sends Wardlow out of the ring before setting the ladder up, taking a climb as Arn rushes down to encourage the champ to get back in it…and it seemed to help, because Wardlow climbs up the turnbuckle, leaping onto the ladder and nearly breaking it as he sends Cage off of it!

Wardlow tries to climb that ladder but one of the refs tells him it’s not safe to climb, leading to Luchasaurus coming in and hitting a chokeslam twice over on the champ! Arn comes in to stop the big dino, who goes for a chokeslam on the Enforcer…but Arn clamps down on the thumb, drawing blood from Luchasaurus in the process!

Luchasaurus chases after the Enforcer, but gets intercepted by the champ who sends him onto the tables before climbing up the ladder…and launching himself off, driving Luchasaurus through the tables on the outside!

The champ looks completely out of it even as he starts to stir, and Christian Cage can be seen peeking over the apron realizing he has a big opening here as he slides into the ring. Wardlow still looks woozy as Christian sets the ladder up, making the climb as Arn heads into the ring to intervene, tipping the ladder enough for Cage to be caught by Wardlow entering the ring, who hits a big powerbomb before climbing the ladder to grab his title!

Winner and still TNT Champion: Wardlow

Video Package: Things have been heating up between the Outcasts and the AEW Originals, leading into this Women’s World Championship bout between Toni Storm and the champion Jamie Hayter!

Back at ringside, Toni Storm makes her way to the ring for this AEW Women’s World Championship match. Jamie Hayter’s music hits, but there is no sign of the champion at first. The music hits again, and we see Hayter stumbling out as Saraya and Ruby Soho go on the attack, looking to take advantage of her previous injury.

They continue the attack as they bring the champ to the ring, and eventually the ref calls for the bell so this match can get underway!

AEW Women’s World Championship
Toni Storm vs. AEW Women’s World Champion Jamie Hayter

Storm gets a quick cover on the champ but only gets a nearfall, as Saraya looks to remove the top turnbuckle cover. Britt Baker rushes to the ring to stop her but Ruby goes to work on it now. Jamie stops Toni but we see a nearfall, and moments later Jamie takes a spraypaint to thef ace by Soho and a hip attack by Toni for a nearfall of her own! Now it’s Shida running to the ring, dealing with Soho on the outside as Hayter drops Toni on the exposed turnbuckle, hitting a Hayteraid…but her injured arm stops her from making a proper cover and she only gets a nearfall!

She takes the tape off her arm but takes a Storm Zero from Toni instead, and Toni gets the cover for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and new AEW Women’s World Champion: Toni Storm

After a quick rundown of the Open House rules, we come back to ringside as the World Trios Champions make their way to the ring for our next title match. Out next are our challengers for Double or Nothing…and it’s The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass! Max Caster comes in hot with his rap, but it’s worth noting that there is no special stipulation being named by the challengers as they enter the ring before this match gets underway!

Open House Match for the AEW World Trios Championship
The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass vs. AEW World Trios Champions House of Black (Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews, and Brody King)

We start off with Malakai Black and Anthony Bowens, the two men circling each other before locking up. Bowens backs off and they circle again, locking up before exchanging holds. Malakai gets the upper hand, but Bowens catches him before they break it up. Once again circling now, and Bowens gets taken down with a shoulder tackle. Malakai leaps over Bowens before taking a seat in the ring, but Bowens takes a seat himself to taunt the champion. They get back to their feet and Malakai kicks him before tagging in Matthews, who wrenches the arm of Bowens now.

Buddy firmly in control as Bowens struggles to get out, finally breaking it up after a rollup for a nearfall…and an elbow to the face of Matthews, followed by a leg lariat! Tag made as the Acclaimed double-team Buddy, and Max brings him back in the ring for a nearfall. Buddy catches him by surprise before tagging Malakai back in, getting one over on Max before tagging in Brody King! Max sends Malakai away but takes a double-team assault for Brody to collect a nearfall in the process.

Things get turned around by Caster as he tags Bowens in, double-teaming Malakai before looking for the Scissor Me Timbers…but he gets caught in a kneebar as Buddy and King clear out Max and Billy from the apron! They get to fighting on the outside as Bowens struggles to escape the kneebar, realizing there are no rope breaks as he tries to build a vertical base for himself. Getting to his feet, he kicks away at Malakai to finally break the hold but he’s still hurt, which causes problems as he drops Black onto his knee right after!

Bowens has no one to tag in as Malakai attacks the knee again, locking in a fresh new kneebar before tagging in Buddy…who hits a Meteora on the knee of Bowens before attacking Gunn on the apron! Gunn is admonished by the ref as the attack resumes on Bowens, with Buddy tagging in Malakai once more.

Buddy breaks the hold as he leaves the ring, allowing Black to go right after that knee again as Bowens uses the ropes to escape the hold. Bowens fights back with some elbows and chops, finally hitting a thrust kick to the champ as Bowens crawls toward his partners in the corner. Malakai intercepts, pulling him away as Buddy tags back in now!

Buddy continues the attack on the seemingly injured knee before sending him to the corner…but Bowens fights back, dropping Buddy off the apron! Bowens heads to the corner but is pulled away again, this time Brody getting the tag in as he really goes to work on Bowens with a chop that sends him down hard.

Brody takes Bowens to the corner and hits another chop, but Bowens fights back before Brody cuts him off from the tag once again, driving his back into the corner! Caster and Gunn try to intervene but are cut off by Brody, who hits a cannonball in the corner on Bowens, but only gets a nearfall before it gets broken up!

Chaos ensues as everyone gets involved, and Bowens fights back by sending King into Matthews before sending Brody over the ropes to the outside. Bowens goes for a tag, gets intercepted by Black who gets sent away by Bowens…but this time Brody narrowly pulls Gunn away from getting the tag! Brody gets sent away as Bowens fights off Matthews…and finally gets the tag to Gunn!

Daddy Ass is a house on fire as he drops Malakai and Buddy with some hard offense! Tilt-a-whirl on Buddy before dropping Malakai, and giving a Famouser on Brody! Buddy with a rope enziguri on Gunn, who drops him with a Famouser…only for Malakai to hit The End on him for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall and still AEW World Trios Champions: The House of Black

We move on pretty quickly here at ringside, as Taya Valkyrie makes her way to the ring for our next contest as she looks to overcome Jade Cargill for the TBS Championship. Big Boss Vet comes out to bring in the champ herself, making a big entrance as Jade Cargill makes her way to the ring next…and this match is underway!

TBS Championship
Taya Valkyrie vs. TBS Champion Jade Cargill

Taya goes on the attack early on, looking for the Road to Valhalla but Jade turns it around looking for Jaded herself. This ends with the ladies trading strikes before Taya hits an overhand chop. Taya hits the ropes, taking the champ down with a shoulder tackle followed by a snapmare and a sliding lariat…but Jade rolls to the outside. Taya takes to the ropes, climbing up top before she ends up taking down Sterling. Jade uses this to her advantage, hitting a pump kick on the challenger before sending Taya back into the ring.

Taya sends the champ to the corner, setting her up on the ropes before hitting a sliding German suplex on the champ before landing on the outside. Taya looks to get back in the ring but gets intercepted by Grey, giving Jade an opening she can exploit as she comes to the outside and hits a snap suplex onto the floor!

Back in the ring now as Jade sends Taya to the corner, hitting a spinebuster right after but only gets a nearfall from it. Jade sends the challenger over the rope to the outside, continuing the attack before dropping Taya onto the barricade! The action finally comes back to the ring again, the champ in control as she drives a knee into the back of Taya followed by a boot right into the spine! Taya slowly fights out of it, dropping the champ before hitting a lariat for a nearfall.

The champ starts turning things around now however, sending Taya down four times with a lariat while holding her wrist…but Taya fights back, only to get caught in a sleeper hold by the champ! Taya hits a Blue Thunder Bomb to counter out, but only gets a nearfall for her troubles here. Champ gets to the outside, looking for a cross body but takes a pair of knees to the chest instead! Both ladies are back on their feet trading blows, and Taya catches a drop toe hold before locking in a modified STF!

Taya drags the champ back to center of ring before hitting a curbstomp, narrowly getting a nearfall here. Grey distracts Taya and Jade gets the rollup and a two count…but Taya turns it around hitting Road to Valhalla! Cover…and only a two count before the champ kicks out! Taya hoists Jade up but Jade fights out of it, hitting Jaded on Taya for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and still TBS Champion: Jade Cargill

Mark Sterling gets the microphone after, hyping up Jade’s dominance after going 60-0. Jade is ready to defend anytime, anywhere…the problem is, there is no one left! Kris Statlander has something to say about that, her music playing as she makes her triumphant return to AEW! Kris enters the ring, and this impromptu title match is underway!

TBS Championship
Kris Statlander vs. TBS Champion Jade Cargill

The bell rings and the two go toe-to-toe until Kris catches the champ by surprise, hitting Sunday Night Fever and getting the pin and the win!

Winner and new TBS Champion: Kris Statlander

Jade escapes the ring as Kris celebrates, the now-former champion regrouping on the stage with Sterling and Grey before heading to the back as Kris continues to soak in the celebration.

Video Package: The Four Pillars of AEW are ready to square off for the AEW World Championship!

Back at ringside we have “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry arrive to the ring for the first half of our double main event. Out next is Sammy Guevara, with Tay Conty beside him as they announce the impending arrival of a new baby on the way to a big crowd pop! Up next is a fun cinematic entrance from Darby Allin featuring a fine, fine Elvis impersonator…and then, the champ arrives in style with something of an orchestra playing him in.

The champ shows up on the stage seated in a throne, wearing his Devil’s mask as his normal music kicks in, MJF walking down the ramp past a crew of ladies before entering the ring, and this match gets underway!

Four Pillars Four-Way Match for the AEW World Championship
Darby Allin vs. “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs. Sammy Guevara vs. AEW World Champion MJF

The other three pillars look focused on the champ at the start of things, but MJF rolls out of the ring to take a breather. He shouts that they’re on his time as Perry and Sammy meet him on the outside, forcing him back in the ring as they confront the champ…and then lay into him in the corner! The other three men take turns beating up on the champ, revenge for weeks of trouble as Sammy sends the champ out of the ring.

Darby and Perry go after Sammy, and all three end up being equal on the offense with a standoff that’s interrupted by the champion. They send MJF away before going back at each other, with Perry getting the upper hand as he sends them out of the ring…but MJF cuts Jungle Boy off! Perry gets sent out of the ring as MJF hits the ropes, ending with a strut and showing off on the crowd…but Darby makes him pay for it, sending him out of the ring with a dive! Perry hits a dive of his own, first on Darby and then on MJF…and finally, on both men as they get back to their feet!

Sammy climbs up top, hitting a shooting star press just as the other three men get to their feet! This ends up with all four men down on the outside, until Sammy makes it back to his feet first, bringing Perry back in the ring before setting him and even Darby up for some trouble…but Perry catches Sammy with a German suplex, sending Sammy and Darby flying into MJF as he approaches!

Perry finally able to get out of the tree of woe, hitting a big lariat on MJF in the process before connecting with a poison rana on Sammy for the nearfall. Darby’s back on his feet now, going corner to corner with attacks on MJF and Perry before hitting MJF down hard before connecting with a headlock takeover for a nearfall of his own! Sammy sends Darby away before attacking Perry on the outside…and catches a diving Darby with a cutter to the floor! Back in the ring is Sammy, hitting a Spanish Fly on the champ and a dive to the outside…and then a frog splash on MJF for a nearfall!

MJF slowly gets to his feet but is set up on the turnbuckle by Guevara…only to bite at the head of Sammy, attacking Darby and Perry before getting a nearfall on Sammy. MJF hits a headlock takeover on Darby, followed by a nasty looking driver for another nearfall!

MJF taunts Darby, spitting on him before berating him and the challengers until Sammy and Perry stop him. Sammy drops MJF, Perry drops Sammy, and Darby drops Perry, leaving all four men laying inside the ring. Darby uses the ropes to pull himself up before hitting a Scorpion Deathdrop on the champ, but takes a Codebreaker from Sammy, who gets dropped by Perry before MJF hits a Cross Rhodes on him for a nearfall!

MJF’s had enough here as he goes outside for the microphone, telling Sammy to do the right thing and get himself some needed money for his kid by laying down for the champ. Sammy takes the mic saying he’ll do the very thing, much to MJF’s delight…until Sammy catches him in a small package for a nearfall! Sammy looks for GTH but MJF reverses…only for Sammy to lock in the Walls of Jericho! MJF grabs the ropes but there are no rope breaks!

Darby catches Perry coming into the ring, locking in a Scorpion Deathlock! Chaos ensues after this, leading to a four-way submission lock leaving them tied up in the middle of the ring! MJF is finally able to get out of the hold first as things finally settle down, but Darby catches MJF with a Destroyer…only to take one from Sammy, who takes one from Perry!

Perry gets to his feet using the turnbuckle, before leaping off the backs of Sammy and Darby to hit a Destroyer on MJF…but only gets a nearfall for his efforts! Perry catches Sammy with a sitout tiger powerbomb for a nearfall, but ends up on the outside as Darby attacks him and MJF, sending them both over the barricade into the crowd!

Darby finally makes it back to his feet as he brings the men back to ringside. He climbs up the turnbuckle but is intercepted by Sammy, who hits a Spanish Fly sending both men onto a now-standing Perry and MJF! All four men are down on the outside, but slowly begin to stir as they end up back in the ring…and they are all struggling to get back to their feet here.

They get to their knees before trading blows, slowly rising to their feet as the strikes get even harder. Jungle Boy takes one that nearly drops him, but he’s back to his feet…and MJF responds with an eyepoke for each of his opponents, which gets him a dropkick from them in the process! They work together again to punish the champ some more, as Sammy sends MJF to the outside only to get rolled up by Darby, who gets rolled up by Perry before things turn to chaos with nearfalls for each of them! After all that, it’s an Implant DDT sending Perry to the outside before Darby catches him with a nearfall!

Darby climbs up top for a Coffin Drop but gets intercepted by MJF, getting dropped hard onto the ropes before MJF hits a massive powerbomb shades of Chris Candido off the top rope to the canvas! Both men are still down before MJF slowly makes a pin, but it’s broken up by Sammy and then intercepted by Perry, who goes for a quick cover on each man to try and take a pinfall win here. Perry focuses his attention on Sammy now, taking him to the corner as Sammy tries to fight back…and hits a cutter on Perry to the canvas!

Perry rolls to the outside from the damage, leaving Sammy alone as the last man standing before he goes after the champ…who hits a low blow on Sammy Guevara! MJF pulls out his ring but takes a skateboard to the back of the head by Darby, who hits a Coffin Drop and a headlock takeover before making the cover…but Perry stops it!

Darby and Perry are standing now and they trade strikes, before they both end up falling to the canvas. MJF slides into the ring with the title in his hand, looking to nail someone in the head. Perry’s up first and MJF goes for it, but Sammy runs in sending MJF over the top to the outside…leaving Perry standing in the ring with the title!

Perry stares at Darby, contemplating whether to use the title…but decides against it, which ends up costing him here as Darby reverses the rollup for a nearfall. Sammy runs in now, hitting GTH on Perry only to get dropped off the turnbuckle by Darby. Darby goes for the Coffin Drop, unaware that MJF has placed the title on Perry’s chest…causing a bit of damage to Darby, as MJF rolls Perry away, hitting a headlock takeover on Darby for the pin and the win to retain the title!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW World Champion: MJF

MJF celebrates on the outside with the title, demanding to know when he’s getting some competition before escaping to the back.

Video Package: Things have been so heated between The Elite and Blackpool Combat Club that it all comes down to this…Anarchy in the Arena at Double or Nothing!

Back at ringside, Justin Roberts lets us know what’s about to go down as we gear up for Anarchy in the Arena! Out first are The Elite for the second half of our main event! Out next is Violent Idols, the band playing out the Blackpool Combat Club as they come through the crowd to head to the ring…but the Elite are about to intercept up in the crowd as this match gets underway!

Anarchy in the Arena
The Elite (Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks & “Hangman” Adam Page) vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta)

In a nod to last year’s playing of “Wild Thing” the band continues to play into the beginning of this match, the camera cuts coming in hot and fast between sections of the arena as BCC and the Elite continue to go at it! We settle on Bryan Danielson being slid down the railing before going to ringside to see Moxley up on the announce table, leaping onto Omega before sending him onto the announce table!

Claudio hits Omega with a steel chair to the back before Mox locks in a figure-four leglock, and inside the ring we see Bryan Danielson and Hangman Page going at it…before Page hits Danielson with a massive lariat before revealing his eye is all healed up. Page pulls out a screwdriver but gets taken down by Yuta as BCC goes after Page in the ring. The Bucks and Omega make it into the ring and chaos ensues in the ring itself now, and Omega hits a chair to the back of Mox before the Elite mount up with punches on BCC in the corners!

They drop down from the turnbuckle before hitting a quadruple superkick on the BCC, who get sent to the outside…leading to a four-way dive! The Bucks go after Claudio and Danielson on the ramp, fighting dangerously close tot he band playing as the lead singer reveals a BCC shirt…leading to a double superkick by the Bucks to seemingly put an end to the musical performance!

Bakc in the ring, it’s all Omega and Mox as Omega uses a piece of the announce table to go on the attack until Mox comes back at him. The two trade chops and other strikes now, and Omega dodges a clothesline to hit a neckbreaker as back on the ramp we see a locomotion suplex from Matt Jackson to Wheeler Yuta until Claudio intercepts, only for Nick Jackson to clock Claudio with a senton! Matt sends Yuta to Page who drops him onto the apron!

Page enters the ring, joining Omega in laying out Mox with chops until Mox gets the upperhand, before taking Omega to the outside up to the ramp. Claudio sends Matt Jackson to the crowd and up the stairs. Back in the ring is Danielson and Page, as Bryan starts choking Page out with his wrist tape. We see Mox sending Kenny into the giant chip in a callback to the very first Double or Nothing, before revealing one covered in barbed wire.

Up in concession we see Matt and Claudio still going at it, but Mox hits a back body drop on Omega, sending him onto the barbed wire. Back at ringside, Yuta and Bryan attack Page and Nick Jackson…and Mox has a fork he uses on Omega! Claudio meanwhile has Matt Jackson trapped in a Big Swing right into a trashbin! Their fight goes on to the outside as we go back to ringside, where Mox is choking out Omega as Yuta attacks Nick…but Omega sends Mox back first into that barbed wire!

Yuta back in the ring now against Adam Page as Bryan goes after Nick Jackson, and Yuta sends page into the corner as we see what appears to be glass stuck in Mox’s back, and Yuta slams a chair right into the back of Page as Mox chases after Omega with the fork. Bryan lays into Nick Jackson before he and Mox target Page, with Yuta looking on.

Yuta now brings Page to his feet as we see Claudio and Matt fighting outside the arena now, ending up in the bed of a pickup truck as Mox attacks Nick at ringside. Yuta gets a nearfall inside the ring as Claudio drops Matt Jackson with a piledriver onto the pickup bed! Yuta and Mox turn their attention to Omega as Bryan sends Nick Jackson onto a nearby steel chair on the outside. Mox sets Page up on the apron before going for a piledriver, but Page counters into Dead Eye…only to get dropped with a leafblower shot by Yuta!

Bryan tries to use the trashcan lid but gets blocked, only for Claudio to take Omega down instead! Nick’s back in the ring, hitting a flurry of offense on the BCC before taking a King Kong Lariat by Mox! Gotch style piledriver by Mox, but Nick kicks out at two! Mox goes after Omega for a moment but focuses on Nick with a single leg crab, only for Omega to break the hold slightly with three kicks!

Claudio sends Omega to the outside as Mox has a Boston crab locke din tight with Yuta locking in a choke hold on Nick! Matt Jackson finally manages to make his return to ringside to try and save Nick, hitting a superkick WITH EXPLOSIONS right to the face of Mox! Mox rolls away as Nick hits a normal superkick by contrast on Yuta before Nick sets Yuta up for Page to hit a Buckshot Lariat…but only gets a nearfall!

Bryan and Claudio are back in the ring, going after Matt Jackson until Omega intervenes, but that doesn’t last long as Claudio goes after him. BCC continue the attack on Matt Jackson as Mox lifts him up for an atomic drop right onto a pile of thumbtacks…and since they removed his shoe earlier, that leaves his bare foot falling right on those tacks!

Omega runs in for the save, as Nick ends up rolling out of the ring before Claudio goes for a Ricola Bomb but Omega slips out…but he doesn’t avoid the Busaiku Knee from Danielson! Things end up with BCC getting hammer and elbow strikes on the Elite until Matt Jackson slides back into the ring…but he gets thumbtacks shoved in his mouth! Claudio with a European uppercut, and Yuta with a bridging German suplex…but Page breaks the pin!

Omega and Page rise to their feet, standing side by side as they fight off the BCC, leaving them with Bryan…who takes Dead Eye by Hangman Page, followed by the One-Winged Angel by Omega…only for Yuta to break the pinfall just in the nick of time!

Yuta stands tall now against Omega and Page, but they end up taking shades of Young Bucks until Page hits a moonsault to Claudio on the outside! Callis distracts Omega who gets pulled out of the ring, and Page misses the Buckshot Lariat only for Omega to make the save! Callis steps into the ring, but before Omega can do anything about it he and Page get attacked by someone in disguise…revealing himself to be Takeshita!

Omega gets knocked down by Yuta after this, who gets a tight pin combination in for the pin and the win in our main event!

Winners via pinfall: Blackpool Combat Club

BCC beat up Omega some more with a belt before standing tall in the ring, celebrating their win. They take their celebration to ringside, leaving us with an absolutely broken Omega laying in the ring as the show comes to a close.