AEW Dynamite 02 15 2023

AEW Dynamite Results
February 15, 2023
Laredo, Texas (Sames Auto Arena)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

We kick off with a graphic in memory of Jerry Jarrett.

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

Fireworks hit, and we are welcomed to Dynamite from Laredo before kicking off the in-ring action with an eight-man tag match! Commentary talk about the legendary father of Jeff Jarrett as he and his crew head to the ring before Orange Cassidy comes out with Danhausen, followed by The Acclaimed

Eight-Man Tag Match
Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, & Satnam Singh vs. Orange Cassidy, The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) & “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn

Bowens and Lethal start off, exchanging holds until Bowens hits a snapmare and does a rollup combination for a nearfall. Lethal goes for a pin of his own but only gets a two count, and things start to heat up as Bowens takes Lethal to the mat beore tagging in Caster. Double team maneuvers by The Acclaimed leading to a pinfall attempt by Caster for a two, Lethal gets a chop in before sending Caster to his corner and Jarrett makes a tag. Chops to Caster by Jarrett, but Caster turns things around before hitting a dropkick. Caster stays on the attack but is taken down by Jarrett, who tags in Singh.

Bit of a standoff between Caster and Singh as Gunn looks for a tag, but OC tags in instead. Singh mocks the height of Cassidy before tagging in Dutt, who mocks Cassidy until OC steps back…and Daddy Ass gets the tag! Only problem is, Dutt tags in Jarrett…as the new AEW World Tag Team Champions arrive on the stage, the Gunn Club mocking their father and crew as Jarrett tries to take advantage of the distraction.

Jarrett sends Gunn to the ropes and starts strutting, but Daddy Ass is back up andknocks Lethla off the apron. Jarrett keeps on the attack with a tag to Lethal, and Jay is now in control before making a cover for a one count. The Gunn Club on the stage continue to crack jokes as Lethal tags in Dutt, who stomps away at Gunn before tagging Jarrett back in. Jeff taunts Caster on the apron beore going back to work on Gunn, tagging in Lethal for some more double teaming against Daddy Ass…who takes a leg sweep from Jarrett!

Lethal stays on the attack here, choking Gunn out before tagging in Singh. Satnam knocks the rest of the other team off the apron before going after Gunn, who starts fighting back with punches and kicks to the gut before getting knocked down hard by Singh. The Acclaimed rush in, going after Dutt and Lethal but getting taken out by Singh who essentially clears the ring…only for Gunn to hit a Famouser on the big man!

Thing is, Jarrett tags in, and has something to knock Gunn out hard…but things turn to chaos, until Lethal knocks down Bowens from the apron. Gunn sends him out of the ring and climbs up top…but is knocked down by Jarrett, who then takes an Orange Punch by Cassidy! With Dutt still prone, Cassidy hits some of his “vicious kicks’ before going up top, but ends up taking Lethal out of the ring over the top rope.

Bowens finally manages to make it back in the ring, climbing up and hitting the leg drop to the groin for the cover and the pinfall!

Winners via pinfall: Orange Cassidy, The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) & “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn

We get a recap, followed by a video package hyping the current situation between Bryan Danielson and AEW World Champion MJF leading to what will hopefully be a 60-Minute Iron Man Match at AEW Revolution!

Mox and Claudio make their way out to the ring but are met with violence by RUSH and Preston Vance before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: the brawling continues in the crowd, before finally heading back to ringside!

Back from break, the chaos has not quite let up as we see Mox fighting RUSH and Vance getting away from Claudio, and the bell FINALLY rings!

Texas Tornado Tag Match
Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli) vs. La Faccion Ingobernable (RUSH & Preston Vance)

Mox goes to work on Vance in the corner until RUSH blindsides him, leading to a double team attack on the former World Champion. Vance sends Mox to the corner while RUSH taunts the fans from the turnbuckle. The double-teaming continues before Vance and RUSH gloat over the fallen Mox. Claudio makes it to the apron, attacking both RUSH and Vance before coming in. Claudio takes Vance down but only gets a nearfall as Mox grabs a couple steel chairs to bring to the ring.

Jose gets chased off before Mox deals with RUSH on the outside, before joining Claudio in taking on Vance inside the ring as we see Hangman Page backstage watching on. Vance gets sent facefirst into a steel chair set up in the corner, and RUSH tries to go after BCC to no avail as he’s sent back to the outside…as is Claudio courtesy of Preston Vance! Mox on the apron, taking a big ol’ bite out of Vance’s forehead before Vance gets away, eventually sending Mox off and crashing into all three of the other competitors!

Things start to turn around for LFI now, as RUSH start moving around tables and chairs as we go to picture-in-picture once again!

Picture-in-Picture: LFI continue to get the upperhand on BCC before taking Mox back into the ring, with RUSH locking in a submission hold while Vance taunts him. Mox, to his credit, starts to fight back before being sent to the corner, and RUSH continues the beatdown before taunting him with the “Tranquilo” pose. After a little more of a comeback from Mox, LFI begin wearing him down together, each sticking a boot into the neck as we come back to regular action.

Mox is finally starting to really mount a comeback here as he sends Vance out of the ring, but still has RUSH to contend with as they trade forearms before sending RUSH out…but Vance cracks Mox in the skull with a chain before going for a cover for a two count! Vance continues the attack, trading off between straight punches and using the chain as we see Page watching on from backstage.

Claudio makes it back into the ring, and grabs the chain to start an onslaught of his own as he clocks RUSH and Vance before sending the latter into the corner for a beatdown! Claudio wraps the chain around his hand, punching Vance before picking him up for a big swing! (Big Swing Counter: roughly 12) Claudio after the swing makes a cover but it’s broken up by RUSH, as Claudio gets to his feet and hits a European Uppercut on RUSH, who shoves him away before getting taken down by Mox. Vance takes advantage of this and gets one over on Mox, making a pinfall attempt for a two count!

All four men going at it in the ring now, before we focus on RUSH and Claudio once more…but Jose stops a Neutralizer attempt with a steel chair to the back of the ROH World Champion! Jose gloats over this until Wheeler YUTA runs down, sending Jose up the ramp for his troubles. Claudio back on the attack on RUSH, but is taken to the corner with a belly to belly suplex as RUSH follows up with some stomps to the face…but Claudio hits a spear on RUSH for a two count before Vance breaks things up!

RUSH eventually sends Claudio out, but is met with a European Uppercut when trying a plancha, and Mox stops Vance’s attempts by wrapping the chain around his neck before hitting him with anvil and hammer elbows followed by a straight-up choke forcing Vance to tap out!

Winners via submission: Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli)

While BCC celebrate in the ring we go backstage where Page is beaten down by The Butcher and the Blade until Dark Order run in to make the save! Commentary asks what this means for Page’s match tonight, before we go to a sit-down interview with JR and Wardlow.

Wardlow Interview

Wardlow talks about the impact his father had on his early life, and the reunion they had much later on. They were able to start rebuilding that relationship until his father came down with stage 4 cancer, which happened right around the beginning of Wardlow’s wrestling career. He explains growing his hair out in honor of his father and what he dealt with, and why Samoa Joe clipping his hair means more than just a simple haircut…and why Wardlow will be looking to take back what’s his.

From there, we head back to ringside where Josh Woods awaits his opponent for our next match, Mark Briscoe, in a match set up thanks to a faceoff last week on AEW Rampage. With both men in the ring, the bell sounds off!

Josh Woods vs. Mark Briscoe

Woods and Briscoe tie up before Woods gets the upperhand…only to be taken down with a shoulder tackle by Mark that sends him to the outside! Briscoe gets cut off by an attack by Nese and , but are cut off by the Lucha Bros! Briscoe gets caught with a corkscrew suplex off the apron by Woods as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Woods continues the attack on Briscoe on the outside before finally sending Mark back into the ring, wearing him down with a some hard-hitting offense before dropping the ROH Tag Team Champion down hard on the canvas! Woods continues the assault, taunting Briscoe throughout before hitting a knee to the face and getting a nearfall as a result. This barely fazes Woods as he stays on the attack, but Briscoe starts fighting back with some forearms before being cut off by Woods, who sends Mark to the corner. The beatdown continues until Mark catches him with a rollup for a nearfall as we come back!

Briscoe with a flurry of offense on Woods now, but is cut off before Briscoe blocks a swing by Woods…and nails him in the face! Shoulder to Woods, and Briscoe is starting to really get things in his favor as he goes for a steel chair. The ref tells Mark not to use it, but Briscoe sets the chair up before leaping off of it to the outside, taking Woods down in the process!

Woods back in the ring, but he’s looking loopy as he goes to the corner…and Briscoe is able to take him down with a shoulder powerbomb off the turnbuckle for a nearfall! Mark senses the end could be near as he tries to set up for the Jay Driller, but Woods fights out of it and ends up hitting a deadlift suplex for a nearfall! Woods with a powerbomb and a knee strike, but Briscoe fights out of a double underhook to go for a neckbreaker…only for Woods to go for a suplex…but Briscoe fights out of that! Eventually, Mark hits a Death Valley Driver before climbing up top, pointing to the sky before hitting the Frog Bow for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Mark Briscoe

Mark celebrates as we get a replay before going backstage for a sit-down with Adam Cole!

Adam Cole Interview

Cole talks about being excited to be back in AEW, and the improvement in his health on his road to recovery. Renee asks what the next chapter looks like, and Cole says that he hasn’t had a chance to explore things yet…but he will. He talks about the roster being stacked, and that he needs to be prepared when he’s ready to come back. Cole teases that there are those he wants to face, ending by saying that things will be good for All Elite Wrestling and good for Adam Cole!

We come back to ringside as World Champion MJF is, uh, “contractually obligated” to appear here tonight!


Back from commercial, our esteemed World Champion is in the ring!

MJF’s Contractual Obligation In-Ring Promo

MJF responds to the crowd’s chants with “no hablo Espanol,” already setting the heat up high as he talks about turning his back on the fans before they could turn their back on him. MJF says he’s at least honest about being the devil, but Bryan is not as honest about himself. To MJF, the crowd don’t love him, and Bryan is a worthless sack of trash…but MJF is not here to focus on that, nor is it the only reason he hates Danielson.

He hates Bryan because the man is here telling the fans that he is better than MJF? The crowd agrees with a “YES” chant as MJF calls them out over this. He asks if it’s because Danielson entertain them, because of his technical mastery, because he puts on “five-star bangers”…but the only way to know you’re the best in the world is if you’re the man that is holding the AEW World Heavyweight Championship, something Bryan Danielson has never been able to accomplishment.

At March 5, MJF knows Danielson is going to give him everything he’s got, putting on a big performance for the fans, and put MJF through the hardest match of his life…but after that clock strikes zero, MJF will be victorious. At Revolution MJF will prove that he’s the best wrestler out there, because his name is…MJF stops to yell at the crowd for the “sing-along” before introducing a man who’s known Danielson his entire career. A man Bryan looks to as a mentor…the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels!

Daniels makes his way out to the ring, as MJF asks Daniels to tell the truth about Bryan Danielson inside the ring. CD gives a disclaimer saying he was paid by MJF to denigrate Bryan Danielson live on national television…but honestly, Danielson can knock MJF’s dick into dirt. Danielson hit CD so hard he thought he would die in the ring all those years ago, and that was when Daniels knew Bryan would be great.

He saw the talent that helped create Ring of Honor, which gave wrestling fans what they needed…just like AEW did when it opened. Without Ring of Honor there probably wouldn’t be an AEW, and there certainly wouldn’t be an MJF.

Bryan Danielson wanted to learn everything he could about pro wrestling, and CD watched him do so over and over and over until watching Danielson become a World Champion. Bryan knows what it takes to be a World Champion, he’s on the path to becoming one again, and that’s why MJF hates him so much.

Not only because he’s about to take what MJF has, but because he is what MJF wishes he was…the best wrestler in the world today. MJF isn’t, he’s just a fraud…and MJF knocks the mic out of CD’s hand, clearly not pleased with what CD had to say about this. They get into a verbal spat until CD clocks him in the jaw…and MJF responds with a kick to the kinish, before targeting the arm and shoulder of Daniels before Bryan runs down to make the save!

MJF heads up, making his way up the ramp as Bryan stares him down before checking on Daniels before we go to a recap of the situation bubbling up in the women’s division leading up to last Friday’s Rampage and our triple threat match later tonight between Toni Storm, Ruby Soho, and Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.!

We go to a video package from the Gunn Club putting over their victory over The Acclaimed last week to become the new AEW World Tag Team Champions. At AEW Revolution…welcome to the Gunn Show!

Back at ringside, “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry makes his way to the ring as he gears up to take on “The Machine” Brian Cage! As Cage makes his way to the ring we get a recap of past encounters between Perry and Cage, and the bell rings!

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs. “The Machine” Brian Cage

Cage firmly in control at the outset, making great use of his strength until Perry is able to send him out of the ring and hits a couple topes and a plancha…only to get caught in mid-air and sent to the apron! Cage is in control as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Cage continues the attack, taunting and gloating as he goes into overdrive on his offense…until Jack starts to fight back!

Perry keeps getting caught but is starting to mount a comeback before taking a big boot by Cage…only for Perry to drop him with a dropkick! Cage sends Perry to the corner and catches him, throwing him around only to eventually hit a powerbomb to the canvas for a two count! Perry slips out of an F5 attempt and gets a nearfall, but is in trouble after Cage continues the beatdown on Jungle Boy!

Perry fights out of things, hitting a double stomp on Cage followed by a diving splash…but only gets a two count! Perry with a Death Valley Driver doesn’t even get a one count before Cage kicks out, but the Machine is caught with a crucifix bomb and a kick to the head that gets him a pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

Perry celebrates on the ramp before Christian Cage’s music hits, the Instant Classic making his way onto the stage with arm still in its sling. Cage just smirks at Perry, who charges at him…only to take what appears to be pepper spray or mace to be hit right in the eyes of Jungle Boy! Cage is pleased with his work, standing over the fallen Perry as he takes his sling off revealing that he is healed up before locking in a chokehold on Perry…and turning it into a Killswitch onto the stage!

Perry is laid out as we go backstage, where it’s revealed the Gunn Club will defend in a triple threat tag match at Revolution. There will be tag team battle royal followed by the Casino Battle Royal in the coming weeks, as Renee is interrupted by The Acclaimed…who reveal that they’re exercising their rematch clause, making the match at Revolution a four-way tag match!

We get a recap of what went down with Hangman Page earlier and a reminder of Page taking on Kip Sabian later tonight before going to commercial!


Back from commercial we go to The Elite talking about the upcoming NBA game on TNT, but they’re interrupted by Top Flight and AR Fox challenging them to a trios match on Rampage. Callis shuts this down, but some taunting leads to the match being accepted by The Elite before we go back to ringside for our next match!

Back at ringside, Kip Sabian is gloating after the earlier attack on Hangman Page with the Cowboy’s hat before Page makes his way down to the ring before the bell sounds off!

Kip Sabian vs. Hangman Adam Page

Page clocks Sabian with an elbow to the face, but Sabian is able to turn things around real quick as he taunts the cowboy life…which costs him as he gets taken down by Hangman. The former AEW World Champ continues the attack until Sabian tries to turn things around…only to get caught in midair and slammed down hard. Sabian leaves the ring to collect himself, and manages to take advantage of a distraction by Penelope Ford to get back on the offense against Page as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Sabian stays on the attack here with some boots to the head, sending Page to the corner before taking a chop by the former champ. Sabian backs off as Ford gets involved, allowing Sabian a nearfall in the process before locking in a nasty-looking submission hold. Page is fighting to break out of it, but finally manages to get a foot on the rope to break the hold. Sabian keeps on top of things but his gloating leads to Page starting to fight back…only to get dropped hard by Sabian, who gets another nearfall! Sabian takes to the turnbuckle, but is met with a forearm to the face by Page who goes for a superplex as we come back!

Superplex averted as Sabian gets to the ring below, but is sent over the top to the outside by Page! Page grabs Kip, and not allowing Ford to block the Irish whip he sends Sabian to the nearest barricade instead before sending him back into the ring. Pop-up powerbomb only gets a two count for Page, who brings Sabian back to his feet looking for the Dead Eye…but Sabian breaks out of it, going for a Burning Hammer…only to take a clothesline followed by a Dead Eye by Page, who gets the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Hangman Adam Page

Page isn’t really celebrating here, checking himself as his arm is raised in victory before BCC make their way down the ramp to the ring to confront Hangman. Mox with a mic says that he and Page do NOT have unfinished business. After all the battles together he has respect for Page but not fear…and there is no chance in hell that Page will ever, ever beat Mox again. Mox tells Page to let it go, but Page grabs the mic from him. Page isn’t happy with how the last match went down, and that it ends when two men go back into that cold, dark alley and only one leaves. Page thinks this ends at Revolution…and Mox was hoping he’d say that, hoping Page would want to go down this cold, dark alley.

He says Page has no friends, which is replied to with the Dark Order making their way out to the ring. Uno with the mic letting Mox know that they’ve had the back of Page for the past couple years, and despite Page telling them not to get involved Uno tells Mox that Dark Order is not afraid of them…nor is Uno afraid of Jon Moxley. This leads to a massive staredown between Uno and Mox, before Jon speaks up, looking past Evil Uno as he tells Page that he wants a Texas Death Match at Revolution!

BCC leave the ring as Page continues to argue with Dark Order before we go to Tony Schiavone and the JAS backstage.

JAS promo

Jericho calls out Starks, saying he can beat him anytime, anywhere…but there will be no more matches between them. Daniel Garcia lets Starks know that they will face off at Rampage on Friday, the JAS interjecting before Garcia promises to expose Ricky as an “absolute fraud” before we get a rundown of Rampage Slam Dunk on Friday night as well as the rundown for the Revolution lineup!

Next week will be Mox taking on Evil Uno as well as a tag team battle royal to determine one of the spots in the Tag Title match, among other great matches, and up next is Toni Storm, Ruby Soho, and Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. facing off!\


Back from commercial we get a recap of what happened between Stokely Hathaway and Hook before going backstage, where The Firm is standing by. Stokes talks about what Hook did to him, and his search for justice as Matt Hardy is called into question on the matter. We know that Hook has been suspended pending investigation, much to the enjoyment of The Firm before we go to ringside for our main event!

Toni Storm and Saraya make their way to the ring, taunting fans before taking one out over the barricade before Ruby comes out to intercede. She checks on the fan as Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. makes her way to the ring next, followed closely by the AEW World Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter, and moments later our main event is underway!

Triple Threat Match
Toni Storm (w/ Saraya) vs. Ruby Soho vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (w/ Jamie Hayter)

Baker goes after Storm at the jump, but attempts by Storm to ally with Ruby fail as she’s sent to the outside. Soho and Baker got at it now, with Baker taking Soho down for a nearfall. Baker gets caught by Storm, who pulls her out before sliding into the ring…only to deal with a shoulder tackle by Soho. The two exchange strikes and Storm is sent into Baker on the apron before Soho sends Storm out of the ring. She’s split between who to go after as Storm returns to the ring, and we go to picture in picture!

Picture-in-picture: things continue to break down as storm is able to get one up on Soho, before focusing on Baker in the ring. Soho returns to the ring and starts getting one up on both Storm and Baker until Toni turns things around, stomping away at Ruby. Storm continues the offense on Ruby before attacking Baker in the corner as we come back!

Storm sends Soho into Baker, but Baker starts getting momentum on her side as she goes after Storm with a flurry of offense leading to a neckbreaker/DDT combo on Storm and Soho followed by a nearfall on Storm! Saraya catches the ankle of Baker from the apron, leading to an attack by Storm who looks for a hip attack…but is intercepted by Soho!

Baker takes advantage of this and gets one over on Ruby for a nearfall that’s broken up by Storm, as the crowd chants “D.M.D.” in favor of Baker. Storm, meanwhile, gets a suplex on Soho via a rollup by Baker, who gets a two count. Baker and Storm trade blows, and Baker ends it with a forearm smash followed by a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Soho starts to get some momentum in the meantime, climbing up top…but is rocked hard by Storm, who locks in a Boston crab of sorts…as Baker tries to go for a Lockjaw!

This gets broken up as Storm gets to the corner, and Saraya spray paints an L on Toni’s posterior to put a little extra imprint on the hip attack on Baker! Except that it’s Soho who shoves Storm away and gets a pin and the win off of this!

Winner via pinfall: Ruby Soho

Ruby starts to celebrate but is confronted by Saraya and Storm, but she’s having none of it as they retreat outside the ring before the show comes to a close.