AEW Dynamite 03 01 2023

AEW Dynamite Results
March 1 2023
Daly City, California (Cow Palace)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

Pyro kicks off to welcome us to another exciting edition of AEW Dynamite as we go straight to ringside for our opening contest! The champ makes his way out first as we get a recap of what led up to this match being made official, followed by the arrival of the challenger Big Bill, and this match is underway!

AEW All-Atlantic Championship
Big Bill (w/ Big Stokes) vs. AEW All-Atlantic Champion Orange Cassidy

The match starts off rather slow as Cassidy leaves the ring, clearly in no rush to deal with the big man. Bill chases him, but things take a while (including enough time for the champ to steal Stokes’s shades) before Big Bill starts laying into the champ, sending him back to the outside as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Big Bill’s dominance over the champion continues as Stokes sets a table up for the champ to go through, but things start to turn in the favor of the champ as we come back!

Danhausen comes in to help against Stokes, but is met with a backhand as the fight between champ and challenger starts to really heat up! Cassidy with an Orange Punch twice over, but it takes a bit of fight from Big Bill before OC can land a third one for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and STILL AEW All-Atlantic Champion: Orange Cassidy

Danhausen presents him with the title and his backpack before we shift focus to Moxley backstage after his match. Mox talks about how he lives for things like this, and how he tried to leave things alone with Hangman, after they went and beat each other in different matches. They told Mox his win wasn’t real, that it didn’t count…but he will leave no doubt that though Page is a good wrestler and a good man, he is not the same animal as Mox. There is only room for one animal in AEW, one animal like Mox…and he will die to protect what is his!

Video Package: Mox/Page and the AEW World Trios Championship are set for Revolution!

We go back to ringside as The Elite make their way to the stage, but the lights cut out! They come back on and we see the shadows of the House of Black amongst the Elite…lights go black again, and when they come back on The Elite are laid out with the HOB holding the titles! After a quick rundown on what’s to come, we see The Elite being helped to the back as Samoa Joe makes his way out to the stage!

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, we see the rest of the entrants for the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match make their way to the ring and the bell sounds to get us underway!

Face of the Revolution Ladder Match
Winner gets a future shot at the TNT Championship

Plenty of chaos awaits us as all the men fight for supremacy here, not the least of which is Komander facing off against AR Fox only to be interrupted by Sammy Guevara, who grabs the ladders and starts setting them up before getting taken out. We see Ortiz and Kingston fighting to the back as Action Andretti now taken down by Komander, who takes a big clothesline by Hobbs for his trouble!

Hobbs set the ladder up in the corner and whips Komander in it, before focusing on AR Fox to take him out. Hobbs goes after Andretti next, laying him out before Sammy slides into the ring…only to realize the folly of dealing with Hobbs, sliding right back out. Takeshita, however, comes in and they go blow for blow until Hobbs sends Takeshita reeling. Hobbs charges at Takeshita in the corner, but he ducks out the the way before hitting a suplex on Hobbs! Don Callis watching from the back as Takeshita is taken out by Sammy, but he’s sent to the outside by Andretti who then goes for a big dive!

Fox follows suit and we go back to the ring where Komander runs the ropes from one side of the ring to the other before hitting a big dive on everyone as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: It takes a while for some of the men to get back in the ring, but it’s Guevara who’s there as the other men start fighting on the outside again. Andretti comes in and fights Sammy with ladders, only to take one on the chin (literally) before being thrown onto the ladder by Sammy!

Guevara sets up the ladders looking to cause even more damage, but is intercepted by Komander who climbs the ladder himself, his eyes on the prize until Takeshita stops him, sending him to the outside before leaping off the ropes! Komander eventually manages to get back in control, and both men come back in the ring as we come back!

Hobbs, however, catches them and looks for a supelx on Komander until Fox stops him with a chair to the back. Hobbs responds to this by hoisting Fox onto his shoulders, hitting a Death Valley Driver onto the ladder on the outside!

Back in the ring, Sammy makes his way up the ladder but is once again interrupted by Andretti…before a Falcon Arrow sends both men onto the ladder! Komander once again walking the ropes here, this time hitting Fox with a shooting star press onto the ladder! Komander isn’t done though, and heads back in the ring up a ladder, before going for the ring that was set up high. Takeshita follows him, hitting a massive Blue Thunder Bomb from the top of the ladder to the canvas!

Takeshita clears the other ladder before climbing up the main one, only for Andretti to leap onto the ladder to face off against him…but Garcia runs in, shoving them off the ladder! Guevara goes to work setting up ladders and chairs in a scary fashion before Garcia sets Andretti on a propped-up ladder! Sammy climbs up the top of the tallest ladder…and hits a senton onto Andretti, bending that ladder nearly in half!

Garcia drags Sammy into the ring, setting up a ladder for him before helping him climb that ladder toward the ring…only for Takeshita to run in, tipping the ladder over! Takeshita sends Garcia out before hitting Sammy with a knee, and makes the climb until Hobbs stops him! Hobbs finds another ladder, setting it up to make the ascent…and collects the ring for the win!

Winner and earning a TNT Championship opportunity: Powerhouse Hobbs

As replays show us the finish, it’s announced that the title shot does go down NEXT WEEK as Hobbs faces either Joe or Wardlow. Hobbs makes his exit with the ring in hand, walking up the ramp to confront the current champ Joe until Wardlow comes out to join the standoff. Security tries to keep things under control but Wardlow goes off on them, allowing Joe to make his escape! Hobbs, however, is just enjoying the carnage unfold, saying he’s got time as it pertains to the TNT title situation!

Backstage, we find out that Chuck and Trent are not medically cleared to be in the Casino Battle Royal…but Danhausen says he and Orange Cassidy are Best Friends, so they can fill in. Renee asks if Orange is sure about this…and Orange says “I don’t care, let’s do it.” So, we have our Best Friends for the Casino Battle Royal!

Back at ringside, Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring for our next match as we go to commercial!

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Avalon has made it to the ring and this match is underway!

Chris Jericho vs. “Pretty” Peter Avalon

Avalon takes the fight to the Ocho early on with a flurry of offense that forces Jericho to take a breather on the outside…but Avalon stays on the attack, which eventually comes back inside the ring! Avalon rakes the back of Jericho before hitting some chops and sends Jericho to the ropes, before connecting with a pump kick for a nearfall!

Avalon keeps on the offense by sending Jericho to the corner and hitting some stomps, keeping the heat firmly on Jericho before hitting a DDT for another nearfall. Avalon looks ready for another attack but is caught by surprise with a Codebreaker by Jericho, who gets the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Chris Jericho

After the match, Chris grabs his bat from the corner and starts attacking Avalon until Ricky Starks runs down to make the save, forcing Jericho to escape before grabbing a mic from ringside. He runs the crowd down, before telling Starks that he’s gonna beat the hell out of him…and JAS are here to beat up on Starks tonight!

Garcia and Hager trying to break him down as Hager sends Starks down hard to the canvas, followed by Garcia with a slam of his own. They send Starks flying into a Judas Effect by Jericho, as JAS gloat over the fallen Starks. Officials come down to help Starks out as we go to a word from Hangman Page, who talks about how important this match at Revolution is to him. Page says Mox can’t take his friends or his memory away from him, and he can’t take away Hangman’s heart.

This Sunday, Hangman takes everything from Mox…his spot at the top of the food chain, and everything that comes from it. He will be bloodthirsty, and Mox will never be the same.

Back at ringside, Renee welcomes Christian Cage to the ring to get some words.

Christian Cage Interview

Renee asks what is going on, as it seemed like things were settled between him and Jungle Boy. Christian says he looks forward to not being back in San Fran for the next ten years, before saying he hated hearing Perry say he’s going to win a singles championship in 2023…because Christian plans to do just that. He asks Jungle Boy if he wants to just win a title, or if he wants to bet someone for a title.

Christian points out the hesitation Perry had, which gave Christian a chance to beat him down instead. He finally realized why Perry wants to win a title in AEW…he just wants to take that shiny new toy home and brag about it to his mommy and social media, saying guys like Perry treat the business like a video game.

Cage has a challenge for Perry at Revolution…not for a wrestling match, but a fight. The reality of the situation is, Jack Perry is just his father’s son…because he may have the Hollywood looks, but doesn’t have what it takes to be in this business. Cage continues to run Perry down until the lights cut out…and we see a video package focused on Perry out digging somewhere, showing what went down between him and Cage in recent months, indicating that Perry is laying things to rest.

This leaves Cage speechless as we cut backstage, where Tony Schiavone talks to Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter, as they talk about the three-way match for the AEW Women’s title at Revolution and the match tonight.

We’re back at ringside where Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring followed by Hook, and the bell gets us underway!

FTW Championship
If Hook wins he gets to face Big Stokes
Matt Hardy vs. FTW Champion Hook

Hardy gets an early advantage on the champ until Hook turns things around, sending Hardy out of the ring…and then back in, before The Firm start going after the champ. This gives Hardy an opening with some elbows before hitting a neckbreaker on Hook!

Hardy sends Hook to the corner, driving him facefirst into the turnbuckle until Hook turns things around with a T-Bone suplex! Hook is in control now as he lays into Hardy with some punches…until Hardy hits a Snake Eyes! Hardy tries to send Hook up, but Hook reverses it and takes control with a kick to the face! Hook gets sent to the steel post in the corner after Hardy ducks away from another attack, and hits a Side Effect for a nearfall.

Things start to break down as Hardy and Hook get hit on the turnbuckle, and as the ref checks on Hardy, Stokes removes his cast and Ethan Page hits Hook with it! Hardy with a cover here and gets a nearfall…but Hook gets up to his feet and hits a submission forcing Hardy to tap out!

Winner via submission and STILL FTW Champion: Hook

Stokes is cowering on the outside realizing he soon has to face Hook in a No DQ match as we go to a video from the House of Black, who still have the Trios titles as Malakai Black delivers a warning to The Elite!

Back at ringside, Tori Storm and Saraya come out to the ring as we go to commercial!

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Riho makes it to the ring and the match is underway!

Toni Storm vs. Riho

Toni rushes Riho at the outset, laying into the first-ever Women’s Champion with a flurry of hard offense before getting a nearfall. Riho starts to fight back but is met with a shoulder tackle that gets a one count for Storm before Riho bridges out, and a running knee in the corner followed by a suplex gets Riho a nearfall!

Saraya distracts Riho with some harsh words as Storm starts getting things back in her facer…except Riho hits a roll through and a double stomp for a nearfall! Riho stays on top of things with a crossface as Storm crawls toward the ropes, getting a boot on the bottom rope to force a break of the hold. Saraya chastises Riho some more and this gives Storm a chance to send Riho off the apron with a boot, and Saraya attacks her on the outside as the ref checks on Storm.

Toni still on the attack now but Hayter and Baker are coming down to even the odds some as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Storm still on the attack, bringing Riho into the ring and locking in a chinlock as Riho fights to break the hold. Storm is forced to let go but stomps away at the former champ, and then throwing Riho around before going back to more boots to the head. Riho fights back with a palm strike and this only makes Storm more mad as she hits a suplex for a nearfall. Storm taunts Baker and Hayter on the outside before going back to work on Riho, sending her to the corner before hitting a couple shoulder thrusts and a snapmare into a full nelson on the canvas. Riho is fighting out of it, but Storm has it locked in tight. Riho works toward a vertical base…and just as she stands up, Storm slams her down to the canvas as we come back!

Storm sends Riho to the corner but Riho answers with a headscissors takedown, setting her up for a tiger feint kick…but Storm catches her! Things get close for both women until Riho comes flying off the ropes with a cross body onto Storm! Riho sends Toni back in the ring before climbing up top for a double stomp…but Toni rolls slightly to take less damage, giving her energy to kick out at two!

Riho goes back up but is caught by Storm, who looks for the piledriver off the corner…but Riho stops her, before going for a sunset powerbomb. Storm blocks it before hitting a dropkick on Riho…and the hip attack! Storm with a cover, but Riho narrowly kicks out! Storm mocks Baker before locking in a cloverleaf, and Baker hops on the apron. Storm knocks her off…but Riho rolls her up from behind, grabbing a surprise pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Riho

Riho doesn’t get long to celebrate before being attacked by Storm, and things really break down as Saraya and Hayter go at it before Ruby Soho runs down. She shoves Saraya aside but pops Hayter in the face, and all three women go at it before officials break things up!

As things settle down there, we go backstage as we see the returning Keith Lee alongside Dustin Rhodes, and Lee calls out Swerve and his associates. This Friday on Rampage we will see Rhodes and Lee team up as Naturally Limitless…and we will remember their name!

Back at ringside, the Dark Order make their way to the ring for our next match…only to be blindsided by the #2 team of Blackpool Combat Club’s Wheeler YUTA and Claudio Castagnoli! BCC continue the attack as we go to picture-in-picture!

Casino Tag Team Royale
Winners get the Final Spot in the AEW Tag Team Championship Match at Revolution

Picture-in-Picture: BCC and Dark Order go at it both at ringside and finally inside the ring, with Dark Order getting the upperhand on BCC as they try to eliminate Claudio and YUTA to no avail as we come back!

We come back just in time for LFI of RUSH and El Toro Blanco run to the ring as the next entrants, immediately going after their opponents. LFI are in control until RUSH and Claudio start trading blows, while Blanco and YUTA deal with the Dark Order…and in come the Lucha Bros! Big reaction for PENTA and Fenix, the latter of whom rushes in and dives over the top to go on the attack! Double thrust kicks by the Bros on LFI, and Fenix looks to eliminate Claudio from the affairs!

Claudio counters it and both men are on the apron as Claudio hits a big boot to Fenix, before they head back into the ring. The chaos continues as our next team enters in…and it’s Aussie Open!

Things get crazy hectic throughout the ring as we focus on Dark Orde being taken down by Aussie Open, and BCC manage to drag Dark Order out of the ring to eliminate them as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: BCC aren’t done with Dark Order after the elimination, beating them up some more as we go back to the ring where RUSH attacks PENTA, bringing him outside to keep on the assault. Back int he ring, BCC and Aussie open go at it as our next team of JAS comes in. YUTA nearly eliminated here but stays in it as JAS watch on from ringside. PENTA goes on the attack on Claudio as YUTA fights his way back into things, and we see BCC trying to get an elimination as Fenix and RUSH go at it. Claudio gets into it with Fenix now and tries to eliminate him as we come back!

We come back in time for another team to enter, and here comes Top Flight! They go after YUTA but Claudio stops them, only for Top Flight to send him over the top rope…but to no avail! YUTA gets involved but Dante sends Daddy Magic out of the ring to eliminate him!

Another entrant arrives…and it’s The Kingdom of Mike Bennett and Matt Taven! The ROH stalwarts head to the ring as they go after Martin first as PENTA and Claudio go at it. LFI go for an elimination on YUTA as The Kingdom is taken down!

Tony Nese, Josh Woods, Sterling, et al come running down to go after the Lucha Bros, attacking them at ringside before sending them back in the ring for RUSH to eliminate PENTA as Blanco sends Fenix out as well! RUSH gets eliminated but Blanco narrowly saves himself…until Darius sends him over the top!

Top Flight and Aussie Open trade blows now as BCC and The Kingdom focus on each other. Aussie Open look to eliminate Top Flight but to no avail, before Dante gets eliminated followed by Darius! And now, the Best Friends of Danhausen and Orange Cassidy run down to the ring…well, Danhausen does.

Cool Hand is still around, sliding in to attack Danhausen…only to be sent out by Orange Cassidy! It’s chaos again as everyone goes after each other until The Butcher and The Blade come down to the ring next!

Blade focuses on Claudio as The Kingdom’s attack on Aussie Open ends up taking out Maria instead! Kingdom eliminated by Aussie Open as Claudio and OC go at it. Dark Order come running back down to the ring, clearly not done with BCC…as YUTA gets eliminated by OC! Claudio’s caught next, and he’s eliminated as well, only for Butcher and Blade to nearly eliminate the Best Friends!

Butcher and Blade focus on Danhausen here as the Gunn Club come out to the stage to watch on. Cassidy goes for a DDT but is caught by Butcher and Blade. OC fights back as hard as he can but the Butcher and Blade attack him on the apron…only for Danhausen to sneak up behind them, sending them over the top to eliminate them!

Winners and advancing to the Tag Team Championship at Revolution: Best Friends (Danhausen & Orange Cassidy)

Lethal and Jarrett rush the winners from behind, attacking them until the Acclaimed come running in for the save, forcing Lethal and Jarrett to regroup on the ramp!

Video Package: The heated rivalry between Bryan Danielson and MJF comes to a head at Revolution in a 60-Minute Iron Man Match for the AEW Championship

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, we welcome Bryan Danielson to the ring for an interview!

Bryan Danielson Interview

Renee asks Bryan about a post from 2014 by MJF referring to Bryan, talking about his passion for pro wrestling, and if that changes his perspective going into the match. Bryan said he retired seven years ago and two years after he came back, and stated if you fight for your dreams they come true.

MJF’s music hits, but Bryan shuts him down immediately saying MJF hates him for all sorts of different reasons…but MJF has done nothing to deserve or fight for any of the things he says he deserves. MJF hasn’t fought for that championship, and if there’s one thing Max deserves…it’s his fiancée leaving him. MJF starts rushing toward the ring in anger, but Bryan says he’s ready to fight anytime, running down all the things he’s had to fight before.

Before he came here, Bryan had a job that would’ve paid him for the rest of his life…but he left to come to AEW, because he wanted to fight. He’s going to fight for his dreams, and his dream right now is to become AEW World Champion…and he is willing to fight for it. At Revolution, MJF better be ready to fight for everything he has for sixty minutes…and if he doesn’t, he’s going to get his f’ing head kicked in!

MJF has heard enough, but rushes back up the ramp as the crowd cheers for Bryan Danielson to close out the show!