AEW Dynamite 03 29 2023

AEW Dynamite Results
March 29, 2023
St. Louis, Missouri (Chaifetz Arena)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

Pyro goes off to welcome us to another exciting edition of Dynamite as commentary hypes up the card…and suddenly, the music of one “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry hits as the man from Valley Village heads to the ring for our opening contest! Out next is Matt Hardy with Ethan Page seeing him out, and this match is underway!

Matt Hardy vs “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

We kick things off with a staredown and a “DELETE” chant as Perry and Matt lock up. Perry gets pushed to the corner before the ref calls for a break. We get another lockup, except Hardy grabs the arm of Perry and wrenches it until Jungle Boy reverses. This gets reversed then, and Matt Hardy has a side headlock…only to be taken down by Perry!

Hardy starts to pick up the pace as he ends up getting a shoulder tackle on Jungle Boy, who is able to get some offense of his own in until Hardy rolls to the outside to regroup. Perry goes for a dive through the ropes…but Hardy catches him in mid-air, hitting a Side Effect that sends Perry to the floor!

We get a look backstage at Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara watching on, as Hardy continues the attack on Perry, sending him to the barricade before taking a short break to slide in the ring to break the ten count and going right back on him. Jungle Boy starts fighting back as they head to the ring apron, trading blows until Hardy gets knocked off the apron for a second…only to catch Jungle Boy with a Side Effect onto the apron!

Hardy gets back to his feet to keep things going as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Hardy’s attack continues on Jungle Boy before bringing him back in the ring, but can only get a nearfall despite the damage done. Hardy sends Perry to the corner, hitting him against the turnbuckles before finally stepping away. Perry gets a chance to recover, but not before taking a corner powerbomb of sorts from Hardy for a nearfall.

Jungle Boy is starting to fight back once again as the two trade strikes again. Hardy gets the upper hand but still only gets a nearfall, before sending Perry to the ropes. He steps onto the back of Jungle Boy to wear him down, before bringing him to the ropes to do further damage. The ref calls for a break and Hardy obliges as we return!

Hardy stays focused on the back of Jungle Boy here, but Perry is really getting some headway on Hardy, hitting a dropkick despite taking a forearm. Jungle Boy up on the turnbuckle, but Ethan distracts him long enough for Hardy to throw him to the canvas for a superplex and a nearfall. Page gets up on the apron again to argue with the ref, until HOOK’s music hits! The FTW Champion makes his way to the ring to even the odds, and the two go at it until Matt Hardy intervenes…only to take a right hand by Page by mistake!

Page and HOOK go back to fighting up the ramp as Perry hits a big dive on Hardy, but Hardy turns it around for a nearfall! Perry with a Flatliner to wear Hardy down, and a big clothesline to the back of the head gets Jungle Boy the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

We see Darby and Sammy still watching on before MJF’s music, signaling the arrival of the AEW World Champion as he approaches the ring. MJF enters the ring, talking down the crowd before calling Perry out for his behavior at the Re-Bar Mitzvah. He admonishes Perry for having the audacity to say MJF had it easy after their match at Double or Nothing 2020, but is interrupted by the crowd before going into more detail. He refuses to deal with them as he agrees with Perry as he DOES get to enjoy the high life as champion.

He puts over his hometown of Long Island before giving Perry some credit for working hard to get back up in the ranks. He doesn’t recall the fans thanking Perry or being given much TV time, but Perry has no right to be pissed at MJF or this company…but rather, he should be pissed at himself. When they stole the show at Double or Nothing 2020, MJF walked to the back and had a funny feeling he had finally met his equal inside the ring.

He had enough respect to shake Perry’s hand, asking if Jungle Boy remembers the advice MJF gave him that night. Perry recalls the moment, saying that MJF said nice guys always finish last, and that he should abandon his friends. MJF says that’s exactly what he told him, and to be fair, look how things went when he continued to run with his Jungle Express friends and even Christian Cage. He says Perry could’ve been great, that this could’ve also been the Jack Perry show…but he just had to be a good guy.

Here we stand three years later, and MJF holds the greatest prize of them all as AEW World Heavyweight Champion…and Perry is still just Jungle Boy. Perry speaks up to say that, in a way, that he wishes he was more like MJF…before running the champ down. This gets a big chant from the crowd as Perry presses on, saying that isn’t him.

If his road to the top of the mountain is harder than MJF’s, then that’s fine. When he beats MJF for the World title, at least he won’t woke up hating himself everyday. MJF looks upset at this for a moment, before giving Perry some props for the promo…just too bad it took him four years to learn how to talk. MJF says Perry is weak of the body, mind, soul, and heart. MJF brings up Anna Jay, saying she claimed Jungle Boy was “weak between the knees”…and this gets Jungle Boy infuriated, as Perry takes down the champ!

MJF manages to roll out of the ring before getting taken out by Perry, talking down to Jungle Boy as MJF retreats up the ramp.

We head backstage, where Don Callis and Kenny Omega address what happened last week. Callis admits it was his fault what happened, but asks what it is about Kenny’s relationship with Hangman Page that would make him assume something else. Callis shirks off Omega’s response before telling him to stay focused on his match tonight, walking off as he promises to apologize to Hangman Page as we go to commercial.


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Back at ringside, Dalton Castle and his Boys come out to the ring for our next contest…only to be blindsided by Blackpool Combat Club! They go on the attack at ringside as Claudio takes Brandon Tate into the ring, for this match to get underway!

Trios Match
Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta, and Claudio Castagnoli) vs. Dalton Castle and The Boys

Castle and the other Boy are being attacked at ringside as Claudio looks to make short work of Brandon here with some hard-hitting offense before hitting a massive Ricola Bomb for a quick pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Blackpool Combat Club

Video Package: Update on The Young Bucks, hype for Omega vs Cobb for the IWGP U.S. Title

We go backstage with Marvez and Page, who addresses what happened to the Bucks and casts the blame on Blackpool Combat Club as Callis shows up to apologize. We don’t get much more of this before BCC show up to attack Page, and despite Callis extending a hand to Mox he gets beat up by BCC as well! The group leave us with a bloodied Callis and knocked-down Page as we go to commercial.


We come back from commercial for our first title match of the night, as Jeff Cobb makes his way out to challenge Kenny Omega for the IWGP United States Championship! We go backstage as Schiavone talks to Omega about what happened to Don Callis backstage, leaving Omega looking concerned as he tries to stay focused on this match. Omega’s music hits, and the champ makes his way to the ring trying his best to keep his head in the game.

IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Cobb vs. IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega

We kick off with a staredown between challenger and champ as the crowd shows their support for Omega. The pair lock up until Cobb takes to the ropes, and after being forced to break chooses to taunt Omega. They trade holds now, before staring each other down. Omega struggles to hit a shoulder tackle or a body slam, but manages to catch a running Cobb with a hurricanrana! Cobb escapes to the ring, but Omega answers that with a big dive to the outside! Omega is picking up steam as he goes on the offense, but an attempt to lift Cobb results in the challenger hitting a running brainbuster!

Cobb is in control now as he goes to work on the back, focusing on the area that’s been taped up as the action spills to the outside. Omega hits a chop but gets sent to the barricade by Cobb, who takes a couple chops from the champ before sending him into the ring post as we go to picture in picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Cobb stays on the attack, taunting the champ and the fans as he goes…until Kenny starts fighting back! Except that Cobb turns it around with an Irish whip sending Omega to the barricade, breaking up the ten count before bringing Omega back to the ring. The challenger continues to taunt the champ before propping him on the ropes for more damage, but is forced to break away. Omega starts fighting back again, hitting some punches…only for Cobb to shove him down hard. Cobb brings the champ back to his feet, absorbing some lefts and rights from the champ, and locking in a bear hug as we return!

As we come back, Omega starts to get in control with some punches and kicks, but Cobb returns the favor with a big spinning suplex! Omega gets caught in the corner, and Cobb stops a big elbow strike to keep the champ down. Omega gets a backslide that gets countered, but hits a big knee strike for a nearfall! Omega is turning things around as he keeps on the attack, hitting a dragon suplex twice over on the challenger!

Cobb fights out of another suplex but takes a knee strike and a snap dragon…only for the challenger to pull out a big lariat on the champ! Both men are down as the ref starts the count, but they both manage to get back to their feet before trading blows. Cobb sends Omega to the corner setting him up for something, but it turns into the two fighting on the top turnbuckle…and Cobb hits a delayed vertical suplex dropping the champ to the canvas!

Cobb goes for the cover but only gets a nearfall…and hits a moonsault press for another nearfall right off the back of it! Omega heads to the ropes but gets caught with a V-trigger by Cobb! The challenger goes for a One-Winged Angel, but Omega fights out of it and looks for one of his own! Cobb counters, looking for a Tour of the Islands, but Omega slides out and hits a V-trigger on Cobb! Omega struggles, but manages to hoist Cobb up for a One-Winged Angel to get the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall AND STILL IWGP United States Champion: Kenny Omega

Omega doesn’t have long to celebrate before BCC make their way to the ring to go after the champ…but Bryan Danielson’s music hits as the American Dragon rushes to the ring, sliding in to tell the BCC to stand down! Omega stares down Danielson, who offers a hand to the champ. Omega takes it, getting to his feet before going after YUTA on the apron…but gets blindsided with a Busaiku Knee by Danielson! BCC come in to join the beatdown, as Danielson locks in a nasty facelock while the rest of BCC stop anyone trying to intervene.

We’re left with BCC standing tall in the ring, looking proud of their handiwork before Danielson talks down to the fallen Omega.

Video Package: FTR challenge The Gunns for the AEW World Tag Team Championship, putting their AEW careers on the line

Backstage, The Gunns address FTR saying they’ve worked hard to become the champions before turning FTR’s catchphrase around on them. “Top Guys…out.”

Back at ringside, The Butcher makes his way to the ring for our other title bout of the evening. The champ Orange Cassidy follows suit as this match gets underway…after an attack by The Blade!

AEW International Championship
The Butcher vs. AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy

The ref ejects Blade from the ring but Butcher uses the opening to beat Cassidy down with the weapon provided. The ref checks on the champ, but Cassidy says he’s ready to go, looking for an early Orange Punch but Butcher uses the power game to his advantage. Butcher sends the champ to the corner, but Cassidy turns things around before climbing up for a cross body…only to be sent to the top the hard way by Butcher!

Butcher stays on the attack as Cassidy tries to get away…but Butcher is right behind him with a boot to the back against the barricade. Butcher brings the champ up before swinging him right into the barricade, taking a break to go back in the ring as we go to picture in picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Butcher stays aggressive as he continues to beat the champ down, using his size to wear Orange down before locking in a bear hug. Cassidy tries to fight out, but is given a knee to the gut for his trouble. Butcher follows up with a backbreaker before stretching the champ out a bit…only for the champ to show his grit, before Butcher drops him with a side slam as we return!

Butcher continues the attack by countering any of Orange’s attempt to get back into the match. Butcher with a cloverleaf as Orange tries to fight out, finally rolling out…only to get caught, but Cassidy goes for the eyes to finally break free! Orange tries to build up momentum but gets taken down…only to counter with a Stun Dog Millionaire!

Butcher tries to keep the power game on the champ, but gets taken down with a DDT for a nearfall! Cassidy goes to the top, hitting a diving DDT but it’s only enough for another nearfall. Orange looking for the Orange Punch but Butcher holds the ref close, giving Blade a chance to run interference with a crowbar!

Best Friends arrive to equal the odds after a nearfall for Butcher, and a moment of distraction leads to Butcher taking the Beach Break from Orange Cassidy, who gets the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall AND STILL AEW International Champion: Orange Cassidy

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Back at ringside, Willow Nightingale makes her way to the ring for our next contest. This is followed by Ruby Soho, flanked by The Outcasts as she heads to the ring…and this match is underway!

Ruby Soho vs Willow Nightingale

Soho leaves the ring, as if refusing to deal with Willow as she regroups with the Outcasts on the outside. This is not something Willow likes as Ruby finally heads back to the ring, and the pair lock up as Willow sends Ruby to the corner. Ruby slides out to the apron but is brought back in…where she gets No Future countered by Willow! Ruby goes for a headscissors takedown but gets dropped by Willow with a side slam and a running splash for a nearfall. Willow gets a head of steam here as she sends Ruby down over and over with body slams that wear Ruby down. Ruby goes to the corner but Willow stays on the offense with some strikes, forcing Ruby to beg her off…only to drop Willow into the ropes!

Ruby distracts the ref, giving the Outcasts an opening to attack Willow before Ruby drops her down, getting the approval of her friends. Ruby back on the assault now, wearing Willow down to the ropes as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Ruby stays on the attack here, with a little help from her friends as Willow tries to fight back. Ruby responds to this with a chop before sending Willow to the corner, but Willow blocks a chop and turns things around…before Ruby drops her down to the canvas! Ruby stomps at the head of Willow before hitting a strike, fighting off Willow’s attempts to fight back. Willow makes it back to her feet and the two trade strikes. Willow gets Ruby on her shoulders but Ruby fights out of what’s about to come, getting the upper hand once again as she locks in a chinlock. Willow gets to her feet but is brought back down by Ruby, who gets some more help from Saraya as we come back!

Willow fights off Saraya before hitting a running charge at Ruby, followed by a high boot and a spinebuster for a nearfall. Ruby tries to beg her off again but Willow doesn’t fall for it, leading to Willow hitting a Death Valley Driver for another nearfall! Willow back to her feet, climbing the turnbuckle…only to be shaken off by Toni Storm, which leads to Ruby hitting TWO No Futures…but only a nearfall!

Willow counters a Destination Unknown into a backslide for a nearfall, before hitting a pounce on Ruby that sends her flying to the ropes! Toni gets involved again here, which leads to Ruby getting rollup for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Ruby Soho

The Outcasts immediately go after Willow, going so far as to grab a steel chair and set Willow’s ankle in it before Riho and Skye Blue run down to the ring for the save! This doesn’t go favorably for the two ladies as the Outcasts take control again, but now it’s Jami Hayter running down for the save! The champ clears the ring of the Outcasts before helping her challenger for next week Riho up to her feet. Riho checks on Willow as Hayter runs the Outcasts up the ramp as we get a rundown on what’s to come on Rampage and next week on Dynamite!

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Back at ringside, Adam Cole’s music hits as Adam Cole (BAY BAY) makes his way to the ramp for his in-ring return. Next out is Daniel Garcia, and this main event is underway!

Adam Cole vs. Daniel Garcia

The two lock up to start, exchanging holds until Garcia gets the upper hand. Garcia taunts Cole who locks in a waistlock, but it’s reversed into a side headlock by Garcia…until Cole reverses with one of his own before sending him to the ropes. The counters come a flying as Cole hits a headlock takedown, but Garcia gets a headscissors cinched in until Cole breaks out. Garcia hits a dropkick, which forces Cole to escape to the outside as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Cole is attended to by the ref outside as Garcia boasts and brags, demanding the ref start the count. Cole is struggling to move as the ref begins the count, while Garcia taunts the crowd. (NOTE: my TBS feed went to a normal commercial break here, apologies for the break in action on this recap)

We come back to see Garcia still in control, but Cole finally gets into the swing of things before getting a nearfall! Cole gets back to his feet and goes for a superkick, but Garcia blocks it…only to take a pump kick! Another series of kicks leads to a big German suplex by Garcia, who goes to the corner to tune up the band…only to take a big superkick by Cole!

Cole looks for a knee strike but gets reversed. Garcia gets a pinfall attempt but it gets broken out of. Cole with a Panama Sunrise but Garcia grabs him with a Dragon Tamer before Cole grabs the ropes for the break. Garcia argues with the crowd as he gets to the corner while the ref checks on Cole, who slowly gets to his feet…only to get taken down with a piledriver by Garcia for a nearfall!

Cole slowly but surely fights back here, finally lowering the Boom on Garcia for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Adam Cole

The ref checks on Adam Cole before raising his arm in victory, before Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. heads down to the ring to give Cole some love and appreciate. Black and gold streams shoot off for the returning Adam Cole, who climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate…before Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring, checking on Garcia before briefly considering looking at Cole. Jericho thinks better of it as he and Garcia head up the ring…where Jericho pauses, looking over his shoulder again before finally settling to head to the back with Garcia.

This leaves us with Cole and Baker in the ring to continue their celebration as the show comes to a close!