AEW Dynamite 05 03 2023

AEW Dynamite Results
May 3, 2023
Baltimore, Maryland (CFG Bank Arena)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

Pyro kicks us off before the respective teams come out for our opening contest…when suddenly, Chris Jericho comes out to join commentary before this match gets underway!

Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Bandido & AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy vs Angelo Parker, Matt Menard, Jake Hager, and Daniel Garcia of the Jericho Appreciation Society

We start things off with Roddy and Ang, with Strong really laying in the offense before making the tag to Bandido! It doesn’t take long for this match to break down into chaos, however, as all eight men go at it in and out of the ring! We end up with tags made where appropriate for Hager and Orange to be in the ring, and the International Champion takes down Hager with a DDT before going for a dive to the outside…where Hager catches him in midair, allowing Garcia to hit a knee to the champ’s back!

Bandido drops Hager with a dive to the outside to follow up, however, and suddenly we see Cole making his way out of the ring and up the ramp to confront Jericho, only to be cut off by the JAS as Hager goes to work on Orange on the apron. Things settle down as Ang and Bandido return to the ring, with Bandido holding Ang up for a delayed vertical suplex, only for Parker to get involved…and it ends with Bandido hitting both of them with a suplex as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The JAS take control of the situation as they take down Bandido before he can make the tag to Orange Cassidy. The champ starts to fight back but is overwhelmed by the divide and conquer strategy employed by the JAS as we come back.

Garcia gets the tag, continuing the attack on Cassidy by walking on the champ’s back before taunting Bandido. Tag made to Hager, who locks in a bearhug on Cassidy, sending him away at the last moment and hitting a shoulder tackle before making the tag. Daddy Magic continues to keep OC from making the tag, but is met with a Stundog Millionaire allowing the champ to tag in Roderick Strong!

Strong shows the JAS just what he’s made of as he takes each of them down, before hitting a big back suplex on Hager for a nearfall! JAS rush in to take Strong down, but Orange gets the tag…only to miss an Orange Punch before Garcia locks in a Sharpshooter! Kick form Bandido breaks the hold! Orange Punch on Hager from the champ, who counters Garcia into a nearfall. Both men get to their feet, and a Garcia chop is met with a bit of “dangerous offense” by Orange…before the tag gets made to Ang!

Orange and Bandido dive to the outside as Roderick Strong makes a blind tag, taking Ang down before Cole gets a tag as well…and he Lowers the Boom on Ang for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Bandido & Orange Cassidy

Cole rushes out of the ring to go after Jericho at commentary, beating on him until security arrives to break things up!

Backstage, Renee talks to Jungle Boy and Darby Allin about their tag match later tonight. JB says they might not like each other but they both have the goal of getting their spots in the main event of Double or Nothing. Darby agrees, stating that tonight…is showtime!

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial we see security escorting Adam Cole off the premises, with Jericho coming out to yell at him…only to be confronted by Britt Baker!

We cut away from that to a promo from the BCC, with Bryan Danielson declaring himself the best wrestler today…and if not him, then one of his fellow BCC crew. This moves on to Moxley talking about how they’ve been trying to “sharpen” the rest of the roster, including Kenny Omega, saying we’ll see what he’s really all about next week inside the steel cage.

We come back to ringside where Saraya makes her way out to the ring with the Outcasts for our next match! Out next is Willow Nightingale and this match is underway!

Saraya vs Willow Nightingale

Saraya leaves the ring saying she’s “not ready” but allows the Outcasts to intercept Willow giving chase. Saraya sneaks up with an attack before the action comes back into the ring, but Willow turns it around on Saraya. The Outcasts provide a distraction momentarily, but Willow stops Saraya’s sneak attack again for a nearfall. Saraya sent to the corner as Willow keeps up on the attack…only for Toni Storm to grab her ankle as Ruby distracts the ref!

Saraya takes advantage of the distraction, eventually sending her out of the ring as she keeps the ref distracted for the Outcasts to sneak in some kicks as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Saraya keeps on the attack, laying it into Wilow as the Outcasts occasionally continue to get their licks in. Back in the ring now, Willow is dropped with some hard kicks in the corner by Saraya, but eventually Willow turns things around as we come back!

Willow gets a nearfall before Saraya goes back on the attack, only for Willow to hit an inside cradle for a nearfall. Saraya goes back on it and scores another nearfall, but Willow gets dropped with a Death Valley Driver! The Outcasts hop on the apron to keep the count from being made, but she hits Ruby with a pounce and drops Toni off the apron…only for Willow to get dropped by Saraya for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Saraya

The Outcasts attack Willow after the match, only for Shida to arrive for the save…or so we think, because she hugs the Outcasts indicating she’s joined their cause! She looks poised to join their little ritual in giving Willow the “L” spray paint…only for Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker to show up from behind, and Saraya takes spray paint to the face instead!

The trio take down the Outcasts before Shida spray paints A-E-W across them, and she and Hayter and Baker embrace in the ring.

Video Package: The House of Black establish the Open House rules for future Trios Championship defenses

Back at ringside, the Lucha Bros and El Hijo del Vikingo make their way to the ring as we gear up for the Tres de Mayo Trios Battle Royal!

Picture-in-Picture: The rest of the teams make their way to the ring! (and this will be my heads up that I’ll do my best to follow all this chaos coming in haha)

The final teams hit the ring before this big ol’ trios battle royal gets underway!

Tres de Mayo Trios Battle Royal

Oh boy, here we go…QT attacks Bowens at ringside as the bell rings! All of the teams make their way into the ring as the chaos begins. Penta gives the CERO MIEDO taunt to Bowens, who starts to, uh, scissor him before getting taken down. We see Woods nearly eliminated as Daivari gets thrown over by Evil Uno!

He gets taken down by QTV and eliminated as the Varsity Athletes stop the Lucha Bros. Things get rough for Tony Nese though, as he gets kicked off the apron to the floor by Fenix…and Woods is hurricanrana’d over the top by Vikingo, eliminating the Varsity Athletes as a whole!

Reynolds is on the apron now and gets taken out by QT, but QTV get tossed over the top rope by Lucha Bros! Hobbs looks for his revenge but gets a couple superkicks…only to power himself up to take the Lucha Bros out with the assist by QTV! Vikingo goes after Hobbs before diving thru the ropes to take out QTV. He tries to bait Hobbs but Hobbs grabs him in midair, throwing him over and onto the Lucha Bros!

Back in the ring it’s The Acclaimed standing off with Hobbs before throwing him over the top rope. This leaves us with Acclaimed, Billy Gunn, with Kip Sabian and Blade and Butcher taking on Silver in the corner. Butcher and Blade eliminate Caster and then taunt Bowens. Sabian gets out of Gunn’s hands before going after Bowens as Silver hits a delayed vertical suplex on the Blade. Silver continues the attack with some on Butcher, but Blade sends him over to eliminate Dark Order!

We’re left with Kip and Butcher and Blade versus Gunn and Bowens, and the numbers are definitely in the former’s odds as they take down Bowens and Butcher hits a big clothesline on Gunn. Kip and Blade help him take Gunn to his feet, sending him over the ropes…but Gunn grabs the bottom one to stay in it! Bowens takes Blade out, sending him over to eliminate him…but Kip and Butcher nearly eliminate Bowens instead!

Gunn manages to help save Bowens as they get back into the match, before they hit a pair of Famousers before eliminating Butcher and Sabian!

Winners of the Trios Battle Royal: The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn

Backstage we see Renee with Sammy Guevara, who starts to address last week when MJF comes in. Sammy calls him out for the back seat being empty last week, but a bit of an “apology” from the champ pivots us to talk about the main event tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, we see Kenny Omega and Don Callis who call out Moxley ahead of the cage match next week. They promise that it all ends in Detroit.

Back at ringside, Wardlow makes his way to the ring for our next match.

Non-Title Match
Logan Laroux vs TNT Champion Wardlow

Mr. Laroux was not long for this particular match, as the champ catches him right at the opening bell before hitting a Powerbomb Symphony for the pin and the win.

Winner via pinfall: Wardlow

After the match, Wardlow calls out Christian Cage and Luchasaurus, who arrive to answer the open challenge for the TNT Championship. Cage says he could send Luchasaurus down if he wanted do, but that’s not gonna happen..especially not in Baltimore. Because the title shot doesn’t belong to Luchasaurus…it belongs to Christian Cage.

-Commercial Break-

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Back at ringside, Ricky Starks makes his way to the ring for our next match! Juice Robinson is out next and this match is underway!

Ricky Starks vs Juice Robinson

The action heats up quickly as Starks sends Robinson out of the ring, and the action only picks up from there as Robinson is sent into the barricade. Robinson turns things around by going after the eyes of Starks, who counters a piledriver attempt into a back body drop. The fight continues on the outside until Robinson sends Starks into the steel steps, rolling into the ring just to break the count before going out to continue the attack. Juice hits a big body slam on Starks onto the floor before turning his attention to the steel steps, setting them up before bringing Starks back to his feet.

Juice hoists him up, but Ricky reverses before using the steps to hit an elevated body slam sending Robinson hard onto the floor as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Starks continues the attack, but Robinson quickly turns it around before the action comes back into the ring. Robinson still firmly in control here as he starts taunting the crowd before Ricky starts fighting back. Juice answers with a back suplex but it’s reversed, and Ricky ends up rolling Juice up for a nearfall! Robinson turns it around on Starks, getting a nearfall of his own before arguing with the ref. Starks gets back to his feet as we come back!

Robinson hits some hard right hands on Starks, who manages to counter with a lariat to take Juice down! Starks getting a second wind as he hits a flurry of offense, getting a nearfall on Robinson in the process. Juice looks for a lariat but gets dropped before Starks heads to the ropes for a springboard splash…but Juice has his knees up, stopping Ricky in his tracks!

Starks heads to the corner to recover, but Juice hits him hard before setting up a hurricanrana that connects! Lariat by Robinson follows…but only for a nearfall! Robinson gets caught in a rollup by Starks for a nearfall, and Starks avoids the Juice is Loose for a spear and Roshambo for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Ricky Starks

Ricky doesn’t get a chance to celebrate before Jay White rushes down to beat up Starks…but Ricky gets out of the Blade Runner, only for Robinson to save White from a Roshambo!

Video Package: Matt Hardy has had his issues with The Firm, and it all comes down to the Firm Deletion at the Hardy Compound…this Friday on Rampage!

Backstage, Jungle Boy and Darby get hyped up for the main event…but as Darby leaves, MJF tries to intervene with Jack Perry…only for JB to tell him what for. Darby comes back into the room, unaware of this as the dissension is very evident going into the main event!

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, we gear up for our main event! Jack Perry and Darby are out first, followed by Sammy Guevara and MJF (with an honestly very nifty mashup theme) before this match gets underway!

Four Pillars Tag Team Match
“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry and Darby Allin vs Sammy Guevara and AEW World Champion MJF

We start off with Sammy and Perry, with Sammy getting an early advantage over Jungle Boy…but not for long, before Perry hits an arm drag and a dropkick. Sammy retreats to the corner where MJF tells the ref to keep Jungle Boy back. Tag made to Darby as well as MJF, and the champ takes Darby down with the headlock takedowns before Darby hits a flurry of offense leading to a cradle for the nearfall!

MJF retreats to the corner, stepping out with Sammy to have a discussion on the outside before MJF comes back in…telling Darby he wants Jungle Boy. Tag made to Perry who goes after MJF, who complains about Perry pulling his hair. Ref distracted as Sammy tries to hold Perry down, but MJF has to stop himself from hitting Sammy instead. Tag to Darby now, and as MJF distracts the ref Sammy hits him in the back giving MJF an opening to exploit.

Tag to Sammy and as the ref is once again distracted, Sammy gets the scarf from MJF to choke out Darby…and the second time, Sammy nearly gets caught red-handed! Things continue to break down as MJF forces the ref to keep his focus on Jungle Boy…but eventually, Darby turns it around by using the scarf on Sammy and MJF!

Darby goes to tag JB but he’s taken off the apron by the champ, who taunts the crowd as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: MJF gloats before Sammy goes back on the attack, beating down Darby before MJF grabs a mic for them to cut some sort of promo (glad this is happening when the feed’s muted, TBS! /s) before MJF makes the tag, beating Darby down some more before mocking him. Tag to Sammy who locks in an abdominal stretch, getting a brief assist from MJF for leverage as we come back.

Sammy goes for this one more time but gets caught by the ref as Darby takes Sammy down. Darby goes for the tag but keeps getting cut off by Sammy and MJF…only to slide under them for the hot tag to Jungle Boy! MJF stops the offense fairly quick but is just as easily taken down by Perry, who clears the ring of both men before hitting dives on them to the outside! JB makes it back in the ring, but is tired out from the repeated dives…but Darby isn’t, hitting a dive on Sammy instead before sending him back in the ring!

Perry with a powerbomb on Sammy for a nearfall, but MJF then intercepts him on the turnbuckle allowing Sammy to go for the Spanish Fly for a nearfall of his own! Tag to MJF and the champ unloads on Perry with punches before tagging Sammy back in for some double team offense…only for Perry to hit an enziguri and the tag to Darby!

Darby like a house on fire as he takes MJF down as well as Sammy, but MJF hits him down for a nearfall! Blind tag by Perry allows Jungle Boy to surprise MJF with a Snare Trap, but Sammy breaks it up with a double stomp! MJF and Sammy look for a double dive, but MJF thinks better of it as Sammy dives out, before bringing JB back into the ring for a nearfall by the champ.

MJF is frustrated as Sammy encourages him on the outside before the tag is made…and as Sammy hits a senton MJF makes a blind tag to go for the cover, but he only gets a nearfall! They argue for a moment before Sammy makes a blind tag of his own, and HE gets a nearfall this time before the pair start arguing about trying to get the win…only for MJF to slap Sammy across the face! Sammy doesn’t take well to this, dropping the champ…only to get rolled up by Sammy! Nearfall there, and JB looks to pin Sammy…but Darby got a blind tag! Darby hits a Coffin Drop after Perry gets out of the way, and Darby gets the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry and Darby Allin

The two start arguing with each other on what happened as MJF escapes to the ramp, where he is confronted by a graphic on the screen confirming that the main event of Double or Nothing is now a Four Pillars Four-Way Match for the AEW World Championship as the show comes to a close!