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AEW Dynamite 07 19 2023 – Blood & Guts

AEW Dynamite Results
July 19, 2023
Boston, MA (TD Garden Arena)
Results by: Jerome Wilen and Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

This is Jerome Wilen partially filing in for Alex Kahrs tonight. Alex is expected to take over tonight’s recap sometime tonight.

After the Dynamite intro starts, we go live to TD Garden in Boston, MA for Blood & Guts!

Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Taz is commentary. Tony announces that the show is sold-out and the fans are jammed packed in TD Garden!

Jack Perry’s Jungle Boy music hits and plays for a bit, before the lights go out. A video is shown on the big screens with Jack out in the desert digging a whole. A limo pulls up and he opens the door and gets in as the limo drives away. New music now hits for Jack as he walks out to boos from the crowd. He introduced as just Jack Perry without the “Jungle” moniker.

Jack walks at ringside and is jawing at a young fan as Hook’s music hits. Hooks makes his way down to the ring to a fairly good ovation from the sold-out crowd. Hooks walks around the ring before getting into the ring. Jack attempts to go after Hook as his back is turned, but the ref stops him.

FTW Championship Match: Hook (c) defends against Jack Perry

The bells rings and Jack charges Hook but he counters with body shots, but Jack goes to the outside and then kicks Hook and tosses him over the barricade as the action spills out to the fans. Hook clothesline Jack over the barricade and then leaps on the barricade and nails Jack. The action is back in the ring as Hook whips Jack in the corner. He pokes Hook in the eyes and then drop kicks him in the side of the head and covers Hook for only a two count! The fans begin to chant at Jack you still suck as he taunts the fans after elbowing Hook in the back of the neck. Jack has Hook in the corner and sends him out to the floor as we go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Jack nails Hook with forearms in the head on the floor. Hook attempts fight back, but its still too much for Jack who chops him in the chest as the action is still on the outside. Jack rolls Hook back in the ring and covers him as Hook kicks out at two! As Hook gets up, Jack elbows him in the face. Jack puts Hook in a headlock as he is up, but then Jack tosses him down on the mat. Jack is working on the neck of Hook using a boot and the middle ropes. Jack taunts the fans as Hook then fights back with blows to Jack’s mid-section, but Jack counters and tosses him into the turnbuckle.

Back from PIP, Jack is attempting a German Suplex on Hook to the floor. Hook counters with a huge T-Bone as he drops Jack to floor! Both men are down on the outside as the ref begins the ten count. Hook is up and rolls back in the ring as Jack is still down on the outside. Hook is back on the outside and tosses Jack back in the ring, but he rolls out again. Hook goes after Jack, but tosses him into the ring post, followed by a huge DDT on the floor. Jack rolls back in the ring as the ref begins the ten count. Jack taunts the fans as Hook makes it back in and beats the ten count as he is back in at nine. Jack kicks Hook in the head and then German Suplexes Hook, but he back up on his feet! Hook then hits Jack with a German Suplex and covers him for only a two count! Hook German Suplexes Jack again for another two count. As the ref back was turned, Jack nailed Hook with a low-blow and then elbowed Hook and covered him for a near-fall! Jack grabs the FTW belt and we have a ref bump. Hook suplexes Jack as he covers Jack, but the ref is not there to make the count. Hook is trying to wake up the official. Hook goes back after Hook, but Jack cracks Hook in the head with title. Jack covers Hook and the ref counts to three and we have a new FTR champion!


Alex Marvez is in an eating establishment showing Don Callis and Chris Jericho having dinner as the camera gets covered by Callis.

We go to a vignette with Adam Cole and MJF in a parking lot as Cole wants MJF to go to a Chinese restaurant. The food comes and MJF says he wants to eat with spoons. Cole says the food is hot, but very good. MJF is sweating. Drinks are brought out and both say something is off with the water. MJF says the water tastes funny. They ask the waiter about the water and he says it’s 100 percent alcohol. Cole and MJF are clearly drunk and Cole says MJF faced his fears and the only left to do is a double clothesline as they go after the waiter…


We got to the back of the arena with an earlier today as a limo pulls up with Don Callis and Chris Jericho as they call Alex Marvez a fat idiot.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD is introduced to a big ovation.

Already in the ring is Kayla Sparks.

Britt Baker vs. Kayla Sparks

The bell rings and we are underway. Britt hits Kayla with a sling blade. Britt is ready for the lockjaw, but Kayla counters it, but Britt drops Kayla with a double underhook. Britt locks in the lockjaw and Kayla taps out to a quick match.


Renee Paquette is backstage with MJF and Adam Cole interviewing them about the finals of the Blind Eliminator. Cole says there is no team better. MJF says plan A is to hit a double clothesline and win it. MJF then shows matching trunks and then Cole shows he got them matching jackets and Cole says he has one more surprise but it will have wait. Roderick Strong comes in Renee asks him what is going on with this tag team, but Roderick says he doesn’t know and has a concerned look on his face.

Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament Finals: MJF and Adam Cole vs. Sammy Guevara and Daniel Garcia

After Sammy and Daniel come out, Chris Jericho’s music hits and he comes out and shouts for his music to be cut off as the fans still sing his song. MJF’s music hits to a mixed reaction. Adam Cole comes out next as he hugs MJF. Both are in their matching outfits. MJF is high-fiving the fans at ringside. Jericho is commentary for this match. The fans are going nuts for Cole and MJF.

MJF and Daniel start things off. As the ref calls for the bell, but MJF and Daniel have a hip dance off. MJF asks the fans if they want to see a dance off as the fans begin to chance dance off. MJF goes to the floor as music begins and we have a dance off with Sammy and Daniel. This stuff is really funny! Jericho is gloating on commentary. MJF comes in next as Cole is looking puzzled. MJF calls for Cole as the fans go crazy! Cole is in and he is doing pelvic thrusts. The music stops and Daniel and Sammy blindside Cole and MJF as the bell rings.

MJF thumbs Daniel in the eyes as they ping pong him back and forth. They call or the double clothesline as Sammy pulls out Daniel. Both Sammy and Garcia go to the floor. MJF is running the ring ropes and then stops as Daniel comes around and drops Cole on the apron. We go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-in-Picture: Hot tag to Alex for the recap here as Sammy and Daniel are in control inside the ring, working over the World Champ with constant tags as the crowd let them know how they feel about it. Sammy continues to lay into MJF before he heads to the top rope as we come back!

MJF crawls toward his corner leading to a stoppage on Sammy’s part, as he pulls the champ away from Cole…only to get knocked down for his efforts, before MJF ends up colliding with Sammy’s little Guevaras! Sammy manages to recover to make a tag to Garcia, and they tease a double clothesline on MJF…until the champ makes the tag to Cole!

Cole unleashes a flurry of offense on Garcia before heading to the corner, only to be intercepted by Garcia who does his little dance…but this gives Cole an opening to take Garcia down! Cole’s looking for the Boom but it gets blocked by Sammy after a tag is made. MJF and Cole talk about the double clothesline as MJF tags in, but Sammy evades and hit them with a double Spanish Fly!

Sammy is in control of MJF, not realizing that Cole made a blind tag as he rolls up the champ…but Cole breaks it up with ease. Cole and MJF look for the double clothesline but they’re taken out by Garcia, who gets tagged in after and goes on Cole with a Dragontamer before Cole gets to the ropes! Cole ends up sending Garcia out of the ring before talking to MJF, telling him to go for a dive. MJF hits the ropes, but feels too nervous to go through with it…until the crowd and Cole will the champ into hitting a tope, taking down Garcia and Guevara in the process!

MJF brings Garcia back in the ring for Cole to hit a Panama Sunrise, and the new best friends call for the double clothesline…MJF tags in, and they HIT THE DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! With that, MJF makes the cover for the pin and the win!


Garcia and Guevara leave the ring as Cole and MJF celebrate, and the JAS walk right past Jericho on their way to the back. In the ring, Cole gets the World Championship and looks at it…which angers MJF greatly, leading to a back and forth before they finally hug it out. They get to the corner to celebrate when FTR’s music hits, signaling the arrival of the AEW World Tag Team Champions as they hit the stage to get a good look at their next contenders.

This leads to the champs heading to the ring for a staredown and some smack talk with the new challengers as the new mashup theme hits. This doesn’t quite sit well with Dax, as we hear him audibly telling Tony Khan “next time hit our music, we’re the damn champs” as a graphic reminds us the upcoming tag title match will be on Collision on July 29!


Video Package: Willow Nightingale and Ricky Starks win the Owen Hart Foundation Tournaments this past Saturday on Collision!

Backstage we are with Renee, the Best Friends, Darby Allin, and Nick Wayne as Renee asks questions regarding what’s to come tonight. Darby asks Orange about giving his friend AR Fox a shot at the AEW International Championship, and Orange says…”sure.” With the match official, Best Friends bring it in as Darby and Nick walk off.

We get a rundown of the coming week on Rampage and Collision before going to ringside where we get one more glimpse of the brutal Blood & Guts structure!

Video Package: The issues between The Elite and the Blackpool Combat Club have brought us to tonight’s brutal main event…it is time for BLOOD & GUTS!

Back at ringside, we get a reminder of the rules of the match, which officially begins when everyone is inside the structure, and ends when one person submits or surrenders! First out is the BCC’s Claudio Castagnoli, pumping himself up as he heads through the crowd to the ringside area before entering the structure as we go to break!


Back at ringside, we get the first entrant for The Golden Elite as Kenny Omega makes his way to the ring to a big pop from the crowd. Kenny enters the structure as we get underway with our main event!

Blood & Guts Steel Cage Match: Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli), Konosuke Takeshita and PAC vs. The Golden Elite (Kenny Omega, Kota Ibushi, Hangman Adam Page, Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson)

The two men go right into each other with hard strikes, with each getting the upper hand for a moment until Kenny sends Claudio down with a shoulder tackle off the ropes. Suplex attempt blocked as Claudio hits the ropes again, this time catching Kenny with a big backbreak as the crowd chants “use this ring”…to which the ROH World Champ does NOT oblige, hitting a knee on Kenny instead.

Claudio sends Kenny to the ropes but Kenny catches him, eventually hitting a cross body before mounting up with some punches as the crowd starts demanding the other ring be used. Kenny is much more obliged to do this, bringing Claudio to the other ring to the crowd’s enjoyment as Omega hits a couple hard chops before sending Claudio to the corner…and hits another chop for good measure, before stomping away!

Kenny continues to go to work on Claudio before the champ catches Omega with a knee, followed by a elbow to the fallen Best Bout Machine. Kenny sent to the corner as Claudio hits a hard chop, sending him across the ring for another chop and some hard strikes to wear Omega down. Claudio puts in some nasty European uppercuts for good measure, but an Irish whip attempt leads to Omega dropping Claudio to the canvas instead!

The countdown clock appears as both men are struggling to their feet…and it’s PAC out next, making his way through the crowd with the scariest glare one could ever have as he heads down to ringside, almost certainly making a beeline toward Kenny Omega…who gets caught with some strikes by Claudio from behind! Kenny and Claudio exchange strikes as PAC enters the structure, catching Omega with a surprise dropkick before unloading a flurry of offense as payment due for Omega shattering his nose as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: PAC and Claudio go to work on Omega, wearing him down on the ropes and in the corner. They eventually send him back to the first ring, looking to stay on the attack until Omega starts fighting back. Claudio tries to get a Big Swing on him but Omega fights out, only to be taken to the corner as Claudio and PAC inflict more pain. They keep on this with punches, kicks, and everything else they can to wear Omega down…leading to a big kick from PAC on Omega, with Claudio sending him to the corner as we come back!

And not a moment too soon, because the next Golden Elite entrant is Hangman Page! He makes his way down to the ring quick, going after both PAC and Claudio to even things back up for their squad, dropping PAC with a fallaway slam and kicking Claudio down hard. Page keeps on it until climbing up the side of the cage, something that he pays for as Claudio grabs him…only for Page to hit a moonsault on the champ instead!

Omega is back on his feet now and the pair are doing some great work together, with Omega shoving PAC back into a German suplex by Page! Omega goes to the other ring to go after Claudio as Page continues to fight PAC. Claudio turns things around sending Omega into the side of the cage as Page continues to fight off PAC before the countdown ushers in the next BCC entrant…Jon Moxley!

Mox is hustling on down to the ring through the crowd, paying no mind to them singing along to “Wild Thing” as he rushes toward ringside…and upon entering the cage, he rushes Page with a fork! He follows up with an attack on Omega, before turning his attention back to Page…and hands a fork to Claudio as well! Things take a very brutal turn here as Mox rushes over to the side of the ring, pulling out a bucket from under the apron before sliding back in where he and Page go at it, while PAC deals with Omega in the other ring.

Claudio enters the first ring now, and we see what’s in the bucket…shards of broken glass, dumped out onto the canvas! Mox and Claudio have bad intentions indeed as the countdown clock brings in the next entrant for the Golden Elite…Nick Jackson! Nick rushes to the ring, taking Mox down so he lands his arm in the broken glass! Nick with a flurry of offense on the BCC across both rings now, hitting a facebuster on Claudio and taking PAC down…before hitting a hurricanrana on Claudio into the broken glass!

This is followed up with Mox slamming Nick into the glass as well before throwing some glass on Nick’s chest, driving it in as Omega tries to intervene…only to take a double suplex from Mox and Claudio that sends Omega into the glass as well! We are clearly reaching the Blood portion of this Blood & Guts match now as BCC continues to dominate before the countdown brings in Wheeler Yuta, chair in hand as he heads to the ring while we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Yuta enters the fray, making good use of that steel chair, going after Page first before going after Omega and Nick. Things convene in the second ring now as Yuta shows his aggression further, suplexing Nick into the unfolded chair! Claudio takes on Nick now, sending him into the corner for more damage as Mox goes after Omega. PAC joins in on the fun, as Claudio and Yuta are focused on Nick in the other ring. BCC continue to stay in control of things as we get the countdown clock to return us from break!

With the countdown over, our fourth entrant for the Golden Elite is Matt Jackson, who makes a beeline for PAC as he sends him into the broken glass! Matt is grabbed by Mox and Claudio, but fights them off before focusing on Mox. Nick is back up and climbs the turnbuckle for a double-team by the Bucks on Mox, as Yuta and PAC go after Omega…until Page comes rushing in for the save!

Chaos continues inside the structure, with Omega and Yuta going at it until Yuta falls face first into the glass. We get the countdown clock once more, signaling the arrival of Konosuke Takeshita as the final entrant for the BCC…and he rushes to ringside with a chair in hand, going after Page first before going after the Bucks, who get taken for a ride with a double German suplex by Takeshita! Konosuke goes for a chair shot on Omega but it’s no good…but what IS good is a lariat on the Best Bout Machine!

Mox leaves the ring, grabbing something from under the apron…a bed of nails! Mox props this up against the turnbuckle before going after Omega, who is fighting as best he can until Mox sends him toward the nails…Omega tries to stop it with his boot, but Mox ends him sending him into the bed, driving the nails into his back! The bed of nails falls to the canvas but is set back up before Mox scoop slams Omega on top of the nails for more damage!

We get the final countdown…clock, signaling the arrival of Kota Ibushi…who is soaking in the adulation, but gets intercepted by Yuta, who instead gets taken down by Ibushi on his way to the ring! Kota heads down to the ring, entering with a very nonchalant look before going after PAC and Claudio. Matt hightails it up the ramp toward Yuta as Mox drives Omega’s hand into the nails, only for Ibushi to intervene…which leds to a double team by Claudio and PAC, before Ibushi hits a back flipping kick on them!

Mox goes after Ibushi but is kicked RIGHT ONTO THE BED OF NAILS for his efforts…before Ibushi hits a moonsault press that sandwiches Mox against that very same bed! Omega is back to his feet but both men deal with Takeshita, before BCC comes in to intercept. Claudio sends Nick into the side of the cage as we go to picture-in-picture once more!

Picture-in-Picture: BCC continue to lay into the Golden Elite, both in and out of the structure, as Mox goes after Omega in particular, looking for a Boston crab as we see Yuta thrown against the outside of the cage. Matt continues the attack on the outside as Page has a trash can in hand, going after Mox as Matt and Yuta continue to fight on the ramp. Yuta backs Matt off before climbing up the support structure, heading to the roof of of the cage as he eggs on Matt to come after him. Matt climbs up the support beam as well, where he’s met with some strikes from Yuta as we come back!

Yuta and Matt fight it out on the roof of the structure as chaos ensues on the inside. Matt hits a locomotion suplex combo ON THE ROOF, reaching the side of the structure before Yuta stops him, hitting a DDT on Matt onto the roof of the structure. Wheeler finally has enough and heads down to enter the structure once more, where Omega sends Claudio into the turnbuckle before Yuta comes after him.

Nick goes after PAC in the corner as Mox looks for a piledriver, connecting it on Kota! PAC and Claudio are looking for a pair of powerbombs, but Matt unveils a bag before dumping thumbtacks through the opening in the roof…and Claudio and PAC get back body dropped RIGHT ON THE THUMBTACKS!

Nick hits a couple dropkicks to fight back as Matt heads down to enter the structure again, helping Nick with Yuta before heading to the other ring. The crowd calls for tables as Omega punches away at PAC. The brutality continues as Nick heads to the outside of the ring to grab a table, setting that up in the corner as the crowd chants for fire (which may or may not actually happen, let’s not kid ourselves). The Golden Elite quadruple-team PAC now, looking to put him away as we go to picture-in-picture for (hopefully) the final time!

Picture-in-Picture: BCC start to turn things around, but Mox gets dropped into thumbtacks which does not bode well for the Club. The Golden Elite focus their attention on the onter right, taking down the rest of the BCC as Ibushi goes after Takeshita. Nick is on Yuta and so on as…we go to a commercial break. Thanks, TBS!


Back from break, the chaos continues with Mox setting Page up in the turnbuckle. We see a domino effect of superplexes from the BCC, and it all culminates in the table that was set up during the break being, well, broken as PAC drops down with a double foot stomp on Nick!

Every man is laid out on the canvas making for a masterpiece of malice, as we see some of them starting to finally get to their feet. We see BCC and the Golden Elite regrouping in separate rings…before they all collide in one ring!

The Elite get some semblance of an advantage until Mox hits a cutter on Page, only to get dropped by Ibushi…who gets taken down by PAC, who then gets taken out by Omega onto the glass! PAC counters out of a One Winged Angel to lock in the Brutalizer on Omega, as the BCC have Elite locked up and Claudio takes Matt Jackson for a ride on the Giant Swing…followed by a Sharpshooter!

Ibushi is finally out, and breaks up the submission holds the hard way with kicks before going after Claudio with a kick…but it takes three of them to finally break the hold! PAC neutralizes things as the BCC take control once more, with Mox kissing the camera for good luck(?)…until Omega starts to fight back! But it’s not quite enough as Claudio takes Omega down…before he gets in an argument with PAC after an errant strike moments earlier!

This leads to a bit of a breakdown in the BCC, with PAC flipping them off before heading out of the ring…grabbing a pair of bolt cutters to break the chain keeping the door locked! Claudio tries to keep PAC in the match but is taken out by Omega, who is catching a second wind as PAC heads up the ramp. Page heads to the ropes for a Buckshot Lariat that connects, laying out Claudio!

The Golden Elite are turning things around as they handcuff Mox to the ropes…and Don calls for Takeshita to get the heck out of Dodge, with Konosuke exiting the structure! This leaves us with the three remaining BCC dealing with the Elite, who start choking Yuta out with a chain…forcing Mox to surrender, ending the match!


The officials work on helping out Yuta as one ref raises the arms of the Golden Elite in victory…and given that we were already on overrun, that brings this show to an immediate close!