AEW Dynamite 08 09 2023

AEW Dynamite Results
August 9, 2023
Columbus, Ohio (Nationwide Arena)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

We head down to ringside to start things off with the Jericho Appreciation Society’s mandatory meeting, as Daddy Magic introduces their leader Chris Jericho. Jericho makes his way to the ring with a mic in hand, looking slightly smug but also slightly concerned as he enters the ring.

Jericho says it’s “fine” that they come down here without him, but he comes to the ring as their friend…only for Garcia to interrupt him, telling the Ocho to let the A.S. speak instead. He calls Jericho out for what happened last week, before saying he did many things in his career to choose Jericho…so he doesn’t understand why Jericho doesn’t choose them.

Garcia ends by saying he cannot do this anymore, taunting the Ocho with a dance before leaving the ring and going up the ramp. Jake Hager speaks up next, talking about their history and how much money he’s made thanks to Chris. But, if they have to cut ties, it’s okay, because *we* have a lot of options…and he *liked* that hat. Everyone now knows Hager does not appreciate Jericho, as he drops the mic and leaves the ring.

Jericho speaks up now, talking about how proud he is of Anna Jay and Tay Conti, especially with Anna’s upcoming title match tonight. Tay interjects, saying she used to be proud but not anymore. She feels sick, and not because of the baby…before saying that she will go and have the baby, come back and become champion *without* Jericho.

Tay backs off as Anna speaks up, saying tonight is about her, and that she’s learned from the best as she gets ready for the AEW Women’s World Championship bout…and it’s *not* about appreciating Chris Jericho.

Anna and Tay leave the ring as Cool Hand Ang speaks up, saying he doesn’t want to stop being a sports entertainer. He’s stood by Jericho’s side and fought many battles for him…but what has Jericho given Ang? He doesn’t want to do this but has no choice, saying he has nothing left to give Jericho as he leaves the ring.

Menard says Jericho was his childhood hero, buying a Jericho t-shirt with his first paycheck from his first job. When his wife was pregnant and Menard had no job, Jericho talked with him and helped Menard get a job with AEW. The past few months have been nothing but a dream…but it’s never sat right with him why guys he came up with like Eddie Kingston hated Jericho’s guts. Now, he understands…and Menard drops the mic, leaving the ring.

This leaves us with Jericho and Sammy Guevara in the ring, with Sammy slapping the mic out of Jericho’s hand before running down how long he’s been by his side. It’s clear to Sammy that Jericho has stuff to sort out, and if Jericho changes his mind…maybe Sammy will be there for him. Sammy drops the mic, leaving the ring as he goes through the crowd, and we’re left with a dejected Jericho in the ring as we go to break.

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Backstage, Jericho is intercepted by Callis about what happened just moments ago, and the Ocho says he’s made his decision, and he’ll make the announcement next week.

Video Package: FTR challenge the Young Bucks to a match with the tag titles on the line at All In from Wembley Stadium!

Back at ringside, the Young Bucks make their way to the ring for our opening contest. Out next are the Hardys, and this match gets underway!

The Hardys vs. The Young Bucks

We start off with Matt Jackson and Jeff Hardy (and I’m using initials for this recap to avoid confusion going forward) as JH takes MJ down with an early flurry of offense! Tag made to MH as the Hardys double-team MJ, only for NJ to come in for an assist…but the Hardys send him out of the ring! Hardys back on MJ now as MH makes a cover, but only gets a nearfall for his troubles.

MH takes MJ to the corner, where he slams MJ’s face into the turnbuckle with a “DELETE” chant going before picking MJ up for a powerbomb of sorts for the nearfall! Tag made to JH now as some confusion seems to come in on who makes the cover…but NJ comes in to break it up all the same.

Tag to MH now as they continue the beatdown on MJ, sending him to the corner looking for Poetry in Motion…but NJ intercepts with an enziguri! NJ goes after both of the Hardys now, before the Bucks hit a Risky Business on MH in the ring! MH escapes to the outside, but end up taking a dive from NJ as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The Bucks are now in control as NJ is tagged in, focused on attacking MH in the corner before tagging MJ back in for a double-team. The tags come in frequently as the Bucks continue, but MH manages to fight out of the corner as he gets back into the match. MH with a DDT on NJ, but MJ drops JH off the apron before MH can make a tag! NJ gets back on the attack, dragging MH over before tagging MJ back in…and MJ locks in a front facelock before MH fights back to his feet. MH tries for a Twist of Fate off the ropes, but MJ takes him down as we come back from break!

Both Matts trade blows as they come back to their feet, but MH catches MJ with a Side Effect to get the upper hand! Tag made to both sides as NJ and JH go at each other with a sense of urgency. JH takes NJ down enough for a nearfall, but MJ breaks it up before the Bucks starting going after JH…who takes them out with a Whisper in the Wind before covering NJ for a nearfall!

Chaos ensues as both teams end up in the ring, but it all comes to an end as the Bucks hit something resembling a Shatter Machine (or a 3D, depending on who you ask!) on JH…who manages to kick out! MH comes rushing in as the Hardys get back into it, and JH hits a Swanton Bomb…but MJ makes it in time to break up the pin!

MJ rushes back in, taking down JH as MH goes for a Twist of Fate…but ends up getting laid out, before the Bucks hit the BTE Trigger on JH, allowing NJ to get the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: The Young Bucks

Hardys and Bucks show respect to each other as the Hardys leave the ring, allowing the Bucks to address the challenge made to them on Collision…but all they can say are the team’s name before FTR make their way to the stage! The champs head to the ring, where they confront the Bucks. A staredown between the two teams leads to Nick Jackson saying “All In,” indicating that the challenge has been accepted!

Video Package: Hikaru Shida defeats Toni Storm at the 200th edition of Dynamite to become a two-time Women’s World Champion, and a tournament begins that will culminate in a 4-Way Match at All in for the championship!

Video Package: Main event for All In is made official as MJF agrees to a World Championship match against Adam Cole…and the two new pals continue to bond as they head to a trampoline park. This seems to reveal some cracks in the friendship as MJF, er, overdoes it on the dodgeball…something that Cole admonishes him for, before a little girl calls them out for hanging out at the trampoline park in the first place. Bad call, little girl.

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We get a rundown of the Anything Goes match last week, followed by the Parking Lot Fight on Rampage as things continued to heat up between the BCC and Best Friends.

Backstage, Mox talks down the Best Friends before focusing on the Lucha Bros challenging them to a tag team match later tonight. Claudio then calls PAC out for turning his back on BCC at Blood & Guts, before Yuta brings up the injury he’s sustained and how he might miss All In as a result.

Back at ringside, we gear up for an FTW Rules match with the FTW Championship on the line! Out first is the champion Jack Perry, holding the title up and mocking Taz on his way to the ring for our next contest. Out next is the challenger Rob Van Dam, to a nice pop from the crowd before we get our ring introductions…but Perry attacks RVD from behind, before this match gets underway!

FTW Championship Match (FTW Rules): Jack Perry (c) defends against Rob Van Dam

Perry tries to take advantage of the cheap shot early on, but RVD turns things around quickly as he unloads on the champ. RVD looking for a Rolling Thunder…but Perry rolls out of the ring for a breather. With RVD looking the other way Perry comes back in, only to escape as soon as he sees Rob watching again. The champ finally catches RVD, beating him up at ringside until RVD catches Perry on the barricade…setting up for a leg drop that crumples the champ to the floor as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The advantage RVD has doesn’t stick for long as the champ gets back in control, taking the challenger down before Perry sets up a table at ringside. RVD fights back for a bit, sending Perry back into the ring before getting a chair from underneath the apron…and another…and another! RVD is setting something big up here as he gives high fives to the crowd before getting back in the ring…where the champ catches him with a chair shot! Perry sets up a chair in the corner before continuing the attack on the hardcore legend, taunting him and the crowd as we come back!

Perry sets up for a Rolling Thunder of his own, but RVD gets out of the way! Things get chaotic as RVD fights off the champ, hitting a big monkey flip on Perry! RVD with a chair now, and the crowd are excited as RVD hits a chair-aided dropkick to the face of the champion…followed by a Rolling Thunder to sandwich a chair onto Perry for a nearfall!

RVD sets Perry up near the corner with the chair on top, but the champ avoids a split-legged moonsault. An attempt to throw a chair to the face ends with the ref getting taken out, the chair hanging out on the top rope as the champ and challenger fight on the top turnbuckle…leading to Perry getting sent through the table on the outside!

RVD sends the champ back into the ring, setting up on the turnbuckle for a Five-Star Frog Splash…but the cover means nothing with the ref still out! Another ref comes out to make the count, but the champ kicks out! Perry hits a low-blow on RVD, followed by sending him into the chair in the corner and a rollup for the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and STILL FTW Champion: Jack Perry

Backstage, the Lucha Bros are with Renee as they talk down BCC and promise to pick up the win in tag action tonight!

Back at ringside, MJF and Adam Cole head to the ring. The World Champion talks down “heavily edited and very fake” footage of him saying everyone in the Midwest is mid before hyping up his favorite place in the United States in America IS the Midwest! Adam Cole follows suit with storytime, talking up the AEW World Championship match at All In…which Adam believes he’s going to win.

MJF takes this to mean it’s a promo battle, talking down Cole something fierce before his new best friend cuts him off. Cole talks about wanting to go “all in” on some wrestling history, addressing the attempt to get the AEW World Tag Team Championship before talking about another pair of tag titles that mean the world to him…the ROH World Tag Team Championship. Cole says he owes his entire career to Ring of Honor, and the wrestling we know and love is thanks to Ring of Honor.

Cole talks about his accolades in ROH, saying the tag titles are the only thing missing from that list. He hypes up the past champions, before suggesting he and MJF challenge for the titles at Zero Hour in Wembley Stadium…something MJF is less than keen on, but for Adam Cole he is willing to do the very thing. MJF makes the challenge official, calling out Aussie Open before saying he and Adam Cole are Better Than You, Bay Bay!

The celebration is cut short by the arrival of Roderick Strong, who is angry about Cole wanting to team with MJF and not with an ROH legend like Strong. MJF runs down Roderick, telling him to get in his car and go home, run up the stairs, slam the door to his room, jump into his bed, cry into his Hello Kitty pillow, put his headphones, and to “shake it off, you bland b—h!”

This starts a “SHAKE IT OFF” chant before Strong asks if Cole is gonna let MJF run him down like that. Roddy says that The Kingdom were right, Cole isn’t really his friend after all. The Kingdom arrive to leave with Strong as Cole shouts at MJF, telling him Cole is friends with Strong as well. This ends with Cole backing down and apologizing before the two hug it out, with Cole heading out to check on Roddy as MJF poses with his World Championship.

Video Package: The highlights of this past Collision!

Back at ringside, Blackpool Combat Club make their way through the crowd for our next match as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: BCC make their way to ringside, gearing up for the upcoming tag match, warming up as we come back from break!

The Lucha Bros’ music hits but Penta and Fenix blindside the BCC before this match gets underway!

Lucha Brothers vs. Blackpool Combat Club’s Jon Moxley and ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli

We start off with Penta and Claudio in the ring as Fenix leaps out of the ring for a dive onto Mox on the outside! Penta gets a nearfall on Claudio as the crowd cheers him on, with Petna hitting a chop before Claudio fights out…only to be double-teamed by the brothers! A double superkick gets evaded as the BCC get back in control with a tag to Mox, who hits a double DDT on the Lucha Bros! Claudio gets involved, leading to a shot to the head of Fenix by Yuta with the ROH World Title before Mox gets a nearfall after a press slam by Claudio!

Tag made to Claudio now, as the ROH champ goes to work on Fenix with a stalling elbow drop for a nearfall before locking in a submission hold as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Mox is still firmly in control here as he locks in a choke on Fenix, wearing him down before tagging in Claudio who follows suit with a hold of his own to do damage to the arm. Fenix is struggling to fight out as he reaches toward Penta, before Fenix fights back to his feet…only to get taken down by Claudio! Tag made to Mox who takes Fenix down for a nearfall, followed by a cloverleaf on the former ROH tag champ as we come back!

Claudio continues the attack on Fenix before the latter starts to fight back…but to no avail, as a tag is made to Mox leading to a spike piledriver! But Fenix manages to kick out! Tag to Claudio as teh champ sets Fenix on his shoulders, but Fenix dodges a Doomsday Device attempt before tagging in Penta!

Penta unloads on Mox first, before driving his knees into the back of Claudio for a nearfall! Tag to Fenix who looks for a Frog Splash but gets nothing, and chaos ensues with all four men in the ring before Fenix gets a cover…only for Claudio to reverse it for a nearfall of his own before Fenix kicks out!

Things only get crazier from there before all four men are laid out in the middle of the ring! Penta and Mox head to their corners as Fenix and Claudio start slugging it out, slowly getting to a vertical base along the way before getting back to their feet…and Claudio hits a big headbutt, only for Fenix to leap off the ropes for a spinning kick that drops the champ!

Tag to Penta now, but he gets caught with a big European uppercut before Mox gets the tag in for a nearfall. Mox eggs Penta on, before the two start trading chops over and over again. Things start to slow down as we look to see who gets the upper hand…and eventually, it’s Penta who gets a stalling piledriver for a nearfall!

Fenix up on the ropes as Penta looks for the Fear Factor, but Yuta intervenes and takes a dive by Fenix…but the distraction is enough for Mox to pull off the mask of Penta to get a rollup for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Blackpool Combat Club

BCC attack the Lucha Bros after the match, with Claudio putting on Penta’s mask to taunt him as the damage continues. BCC only stop after several officials come out, but the group retreats out of the ring with Claudio still holding onto Penta’s mask as they go through the crowd to make their escape.

Backstage, Marvez talks to Kenny Omega but gets very little as Kenny promises to address things in due time before walking off!

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, the Mogul Embassy make their way down the ramp as Swerve Strickland looks to address what’s been going on the past couple weeks. Prince Nana runs down the crowd before Swerve speaks up, saying last week they had to prove a point by going to Seattle and putting the fear of God into Nick Wayne. Swerve says the Mogul Embassy are above the authority around here, especially in Seattle, before AR Fox tells Darby Allin to come out…and come out Darby does, telling AR to tell these people the whole story.

Darby says he tried to help him, tried harder than anybody, but then he had to leave. AR Fox got to AEW all by himself, so he wants to know if he’s just mad that Darby put in the word for Nick Wayne. Darby says AR has some new friends, but that’s okay because Darby has some friends, too…which brings out the darkness through the arena, and STIIIIING is in the ring, with Darby coming in as the Icon clears the ring of the Embassy! Swerve is left alone in the ring with Sting, who hits him with a baseball bat!

Sting stares down Swerve before pointing to the screen, indicating he wants a match of some sort at All In before Swerve heads out of the ring to regroup with the Mogul Embassy.

We get a rundown of what’s to come this week between Rampage, Collision, and next week on Dynamite before getting a quick rundown of matches set for All In, including a tag team Coffin Match just announced after what we saw moments ago!

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Anna Jay heads to the ring for our main event of the evening! Out next is the champion Hikaru Shida, and this match gets underway!

AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Hikaru Shida defends against Anna Jay

The two women lock up and go at it quickly, with the challenger having the advantage at first until Shida catches her with a big kick. The fight gets over to the corner now, with the champ in control as she hits some mounted punches on Jay before she escapes, shoving Shida onto the apron before kicking her to the outside! Jay brings the champ back into the ring now, unloading on Shida as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Anna is still very much in control as she beats down the champ, mocking Shida all along the way as she sends her to the ropes for a boot to the throat. She brings Shida away from the ropes but continues the assault, eventually bringing the champ back to the corner as she chokes her with a boot to the throat once more. The damage continues to be done as Anna stays on top of things with a snapmare and a neckbreaker for a nearfall…and the champ is starting to fight back! But not for long, as Anna shoves Shida away before we come back from break!

Shida is drawing in from that fighting spirit now as she goes on the attack with a running elbow strike, but only gets a nearfall as a result. Shida sends Jay face first into the turnbuckle, but Jay fights off a suplex attempt before hitting a back heel kick on the champion…only for Shida to drop Anna off the apron with a kick of her own!

Shida has had about enough of all this, getting a steel chair from under the apron as she looks for a leaping kick…but 3point0 get involved, allowing Anna to send Shida into the steel steps before bringing her into the ring for a nearfall. Shida fights out of an attack only for Anna to lock in the Queenslayer…bringing her to the canvas for a bodyscissors to cinch the hold in tight! But the champ is able to fight out of the hold long enough to get to the ropes for the break, only for Anna to look for another Queenslayer…but Shida uses the corner to drop Anna to the canvas instead!

Shida hits a Falcon Arrow on the canvas, but gets a nearfall…but hits a Kitana kick for the pin and the win despite Ang’s best attempt to save Anna Jay!

Winner via pinfall and STILL AEW Women’s World Champion: Hikaru Shida

Shida celebrates the win in the ring as we get another quick rundown of the week to come, with Shida posing with the title on the outside to close the show.