AEW Dynamite 11 22 2023

AEW Dynamite Results
November 22, 2023
Chicago, Illinois (Wintrust Arena)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

We are greeted with the opening pyro on this fine Thanksgiving Eve as commentary runs down the Continental Classic, with its first matches taking place tonight. We’re reminded of the rules, have a look at the setup for the standings, and run down the matches set for tonight…the first of which is happening right now!

Swerve Strickland makes his way to the ring for our opening contest, notably alone due everyone being banned from ringside outside of the competitors in this tournament. The same can be said of Jay Lethal as he makes his way to the ring next, before this Continental Classic match gets underway!

Continental Classic Tournament: Swerve Strickland vs. Jay Lethal

Crowd firmly behind Strickland as he and Lethal lock up, leading to a standstill at first. A second tie-up leads to Swerve in the corner, but takes Lethal down with a headscissors. Action spills to the apron as Lethal and Strickland go at it with strikes, before Lethal goes back in the ring to drop Swerve’s arm on the top rope…and as Strickland falls outside, he gets slammed against the barricade by Lethal with a dive!

The action comes back in the ring as Lethal gets the upper hand, taking Swerve down with a lariat to the chagrin of the crowd…until Strickland catches the former ROH World Champion off guard, giving him the advantage! Strickland goes after Lethal’s leg now, wearing it down to keep him at bay until Lethal fights back to his feet…taking Swerve down hard to the canvas with an arm wringer takedown!

Lethal exchanges holds with Strickland, taking him down for more damage before hitting a shoulder breaker that sends Swerve to the canvas once more as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Lethal is firmly in control as he takes Strickland to the outside for even more damage, slamming Swerve’s arm against the ring post to keep on the attack before eventually bringing the action back into the ring as we come back from break!

Strickland starts to get back into it as they lock up on the top turnbuckle, leading to a big superplex by Strickland that sends Jay down hard to the canvas! Strickland is slow to his feet, but once he does he goes on the attack taking some big swings at Lethal, which sets up for a brainbuster and a nearfall!

Lethal finds himself getting back into it after this, taking Strickland down to deliver a big elbow drop…BUT SWERVE KICKS OUT!

Lethal looking for a Lethal Injection but Strickland fights it off, going for a muffler stretch on Jay…who manages to grab the rope to break the hold! Lethal fights off Strickland for a crossface of sorts, before hitting a pump kick and goes for the Lethal Injection–but Strickland hits a dropkick to cut him off! House Call and a Swerve Stomp gets Strickland the pin and the win in this match, earning 3 points!

Winner via pinfall: Swerve Strickland

Backstage, Renee talks to Orange Cassidy, HOOK, and Shibata but OC is cut off from making his announcement by Wheeler Yuta…who calls out all three men ahead of his upcoming Pure Rules match. The segment ends with Cassidy being told he’s “out of time” to make his announcement.

Back at ringside, Better Than You Bay Bay make their way to the ring as MJF talks about his match against Jay White at Full Gear, giving the Switchblade respect but saying nobody is on the level of the Devil. He hypes up his accomplishments as champion…but that none of it would be possible without his brochacho for life, Adam Cole.

Cole gives us a storytime about what Full Gear was like for him before MJF speaks up again, running down whoever is running around in his Devil mask…before the Devil shows up on screen, just laughing at the World Champion.

Samoa Joe’s music hits, and the former ROH World Television Champion is ready for the championship rematch that was promised to him for helping MJF defend the ROH World Tag Team Championship at Full Gear Zero Hour. MJF starts to tell him no but is convinced by Cole to go through with the promise.

The champ tells Joe that he wouldn’t be the first ROH legend he’s beaten in Chicago…twice…so if Joe wants his title rematch we can have it right here, tonight in Chicago! Joe denies this, saying he doesn’t want MJF to complain he wasn’t 100 percent…but by Worlds End he should be fresh and healed up enough to go.

MJF confirms what Joe is asking, having a go at the Chicago crowd in the process, before they shake hands on the deal. MJF runs Joe down, but the challenger won’t be riled up by it. He calls MJF his “property” and promises to take good care of him, making sure he’s at his best going into Worlds End…so he can beat him down all the more in front of his friends and family in Long Island!

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Back at ringside, the former JAS of Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, and Jake Hager are in the ring as HOOK makes his way to the ring for our next contest. Out next is the ROH Pure Champion as Shibata heads to the stage, and the pair are accompanied by the AEW International Champion as Orange Cassidy gets to the stage following his win over Jon Moxley at Full Gear. Before the match gets underway, however, Cassidy finally gets to make his announcement…and we’re greeted by the return of Danhausen!

3point0 & Jake Hager vs. HOOK, Katsuyori Shibata, & Orange Cassidy

The former JAS are not letting Danhausen’s return impact them as they go on the offensive, taking down Shibata before focusing on HOOK in the corner as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The trio formerly under Jericho’s wing are in firm control here, continuing to wear down HOOK in the corner as they quickly tag in and out to keep him at bay before we come back from break!

Ang is in the ring with HOOK now as he taunts Cassidy on the apron, only to take a T-Bone suplex by HOOK…who then tags in Cassidy! Cassidy goes on the attack, dropping Ang before Hager comes in with a takedown! Hager goes after him some more but Cassidy hits a Stundog Millionaire before tagging in Shibata!

Shibata turns things around, wearing Hager down with strikes to send him to the corner before hitting a big kick on him! He and 3point0 look for a triple powerbomb on Shibata before Danhausen intervenes by hopping on the apron, revealing Hager’s old hat! Hager goes after him on the outside, only to be “cursed” by Danhausen…which is manifested with an Orange Punch by Cassidy!

Back in the ring, Shibata and HOOK lock in rear naked chokes on 3point0, who both tap out!

Winners via submission: HOOK, Katsuyori Shibata, & Orange Cassidy

Backstage, Renee talks to Adam Cole wishing a speedy recovery as Cole gives MJF props for sticking to his word…but he’s soon interrupted by The Kingdom and Roderick Strong, who wants to know what that was all about on Friday night. Cole refuses to answer, walking away from them as we go to break.

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Back at ringside, Christian Cage makes his way to the ring alongside Nick Wayne and Luchasaurus. Cage tells Chicago they know what to do when he’s conducting his business, before talking about what happened at Full Gear. He says with all his heart and all sincerity that he did NOT lose that match. Nick Wayne did not lose that match. Luchasaurus lost that match, and that is unacceptable.

Cage went home and thought about things and realized that both Wayne and Luchasaurus have only gotten better since being affiliated with him…so he’s going to recreate them in his own image. He tells Luchasaurus to take a knee…something the former TNT Champion is hesitant to do, until Cage calls him a “moron” and to get on with it.

Cage says Luchasaurus will forever be associated with losing, before saying he’s giving him a name of strength. Luchasaurus is Cage’s finisher, and he will prove as much this Saturday on Collision…so from here on out, he is Killswitch.

Cage turns his attention to Nick Wayne, who gets to one knee…only for Cage to tell him he’s to never get on his knees for another person. He’s different, he’s Cage’s golden boy…and from here on out, he will be known as “The Prodigy” Nick Wayne.

This brings out Nick’s mother, who gets run down by the TNT Champion who says he can give Nick more than she ever could. This turns into a slew of insults toward Nick’s deceased father Buddy, before telling her to leave…before Luchasaurus stands to his feet, putting himself between the pair. Cage yells at him to get back on his knees, but the former champion will not relent.

Cage takes to slapping the big man in the face, telling him to back down or he’ll show the world why he wears that mask in the first place…before shoving him right into Shayna! Nick leaves the ring after this, only to pull out a pair of steel chairs he sets into the ring. Cage starts setting up for a Conchairto on Shayna, but thinks better of it…only to hand the chair to “Killswitch.”

The big man is very, very hesitant to go through with the attack…and this gives an opening for Adam Copeland to intervene! He goes after Nick Wayne and Cage, the latter of which is pulled out of the ring by Killswitch as they watch on from the ramp as Copeland spears Nick Wayne…before setting up for a Conchairto!

Shayna is watching on, and looks flabbergasted by the action as Copeland stares Cage and Killswitch down with a wicked grin.

Backstage, Renee talks to Anna Jay about her upcoming match against Ruby Soho and Skye Blue, which gets interrupted by various side issues from the former JAS.

Back at ringside, RUSH makes his way to the ring alongside Los Faccion Ingobernable, who head to the back immediately per the rules of the tournament. This is followed bay White, who is similarly accompanied by Bullet Club Gold on his way to the ring before they’re sent to the back by the ref so this match gets underway!

Continental Classic Tournament: RUSH vs. Jay White

Both men go at it early on, with White occasionally taking a break on the outside. Once action gets back into the ring, however, RUSH is the one in control as he sends the Switchblade down hard. White leaves the ring leading to a RUSH dive attempt…only for Switchblade to stop it, but RUSH sends him flying into the barricade instead!

RUSH stays on the attack, wearing White down before going for a rope from under the ring…but the ref admonishes him, reminding him he’ll be disqualified if he goes through with it! RUSH decides against it as he brings White back into the ring, but the Switchblade turns things around for a moment leading to an exchange of chops in the corner!

The action goes back and forth now, until RUSH drops him down…and telling him to remain “Tranquilo” as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: White manages to turn things around on RUSH, beating him down on the outside before quickly breaking the ref’s count for more damage as he sends RUSH into the steel steps. White brings him back into the ring but only gets a nearfall, leading to a sleeper hold before RUSH fights his way back to his feet…only to be taken back down by the Switchblade for another nearfall! White goes right back on him with a chop, bringing RUSH back to his feet as we come back form break!

White hits a snap suplex that sends RUSH into the corner, keeping him at bay before bringing him back up for some hard chops against the ropes…but RUSH turns things around with a cross body just moments later! RUSH hits a vertical suplex on White, followed by another, but a third “amigo” is stopped as Jay fights back…but not for long as RUSH hits him with a third suplex!

RUSH is feeling the, well, rush as he takes White back down before leaping off the turnbuckle…but nobody’s home! White hits a brainbuster on RUSH now, getting into it as he hits a set of chops on him in the corner. RUSH gets back to his feet as the two men trade chops and other strikes…before Jay hits a thumb to the eye!

RUSH with a jumping knee strike, but White hits him with a uranage for a nearfall! RUSH fights out of a Blade Runner to hit some more chops, but is met with some by White as well. They keep at it until RUSH hits a German suplex on White…who responds with a dragon screw! RUSH fights back from this, sending Jay into the corner with a belly to belly suplex!

RUSH with an elbow strike on the Switchblade! He looks for the Bull’s Horns, but White fights out of it…and distracts the ref long enough to hit a low blow before a Blade Runner gives him the pin and the win for 3 points!

Winner via pinfall: Jay White

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Back from break, we take a look back at Full Gear and the state of the tag division, with Ricky Starks and Big Bill still AEW World Tag Team Champions and the Golden Jets have a guaranteed title shot…but Jericho got beaten down after the scrum by the champs!

Back at ringside, Renee and RJ City are ready to ‘present’ the AEW Women’s World Champion a la the Oscars to “Timeless” Toni Storm! Storm makes her way to the stage to accept the title from Mariah May, before getting a pair of reading glasses to read her speech, saying she “didn’t have anything prepared” before reading the speech out.

She thanks “Anthony Khan” and the executives at Warner Brothers Discovery, especially Jack Warner. She starts to be played out but says she’s not done. She gives a shoutout to the “little Toni Storms” before saying they’ll never reach her level, so stay in school and maybe seek a trade. Cue the standing ovation!

The fans oblige as Storm soaks in the adulation…before Skye Blue’s music hits, interrupting the champ’s moment as Skye heads down the ring for the next match!

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Skye is ready to go in front of a hometown crowd as Anna Jay makes her way to the ring next. This is followed by the arrival of Ruby Soho before this match gets underway!

Skye Blue vs. Ruby Soho vs. Anna Jay

We start off with Soho and Jay for just a moment, before Ruby is sent out of the ring…leading to Skye and Anna going at it now. Soho makes it back in the ring now, cutting off Skye before hitting a back suplex! Skye in the corner as Ruby hits some hard kicks, but Skye fights back before sending Ruby out of the ring…only to be sent out by Anna, who twists Skye against the ring post as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Anna stays in control throughout much of the break here, focused on Skye until Ruby sends her out of the ring and into the barricade. Ruby goes back into the ring, but is fought back by Skye before taking her down to the canvas to get back into this match. Skye sent to the corner as Ruby wears her down some more before we come back!

And not a moment too soon, because Anna Jay grabs Ruby for what becomes a tower of doom spot, sending Ruby and Skye down to the canvas! But this gets turned around as Skye fights off both women, before Ruby finally gets back into it. Outside the ring, Ruby is confronted by a very friendly Ang, only for Saraya and Menard to intervene…until Ruby gets sent back in the ring by Skye Blue!

Jay’s back in the ring as Skye goes for a Code Blue, but Anna counters to get a nearfall! Menard intervenes by grabbing Ruby’s ankle, before being confronted by Saraya as Ruby gets sent to the outside…where she’s caught in the arms of Angelo Parker!

Back in the ring, Skye and Anna go at it until Skye takes Jay down hard for the cover, and Ruby can’t get back in the ring quick enough to stop her from getting the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Skye Blue

We go backstage, where Renee talks to Wardlow about why he’s waiting to go after MJF. Wardlow says the downfall of the Devil happens on his watch before he’s interrupted by AR Fox, who tries to give him some advice…and gets beaten down for his troubles!

Back at ringside, Mark Briscoe makes his way to the ring for our main event which we are promised will be seen through even if we have to run past the usual end of the program! This is followed by Jon Mosley, notably alone thanks to the rules of the tournament before the match gets underway!

Continental Classic Tournament: Jon Moxley vs. Mark Briscoe

We start off with some hard strikes between Mox and Briscoe, who gets sent to the corner but fights him back with some right hands. Mox returns the favor by taking Mark to the corner for some chops and mounted punches before taking a bite out of Briscoe…who fights back again, sending Mox out of the ring before hitting a dropkick through the ropes and a big dive on the former World Champion!

Mark brings him back in the ring for a Froggy Bow, but Mox gets out of the way and the two men go back to trading strikes. This leads to the action going outside, as Mox sends Briscoe to the outside as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Mox leaves the ring to keep on the attack, wearing Briscoe down before bringing him back in the ring for a superplex off the top turnbuckle. Mox goes after the arm after this, bending Mark’s fingers back before taking the former ROH Tag Team Champion to the corner for even more brutality. Eventually he drops Briscoe down hard to the canvas, switching into a modified leg lock and an STF as we come back!

Briscoe finally fights out of it, but Mox drops him with a piledriver for a nearfall! Mark fights out of a German suplex and hits an enziguri, before laying in some hard strikes on Mox…who gets sent in the corner, and sent flying with an exploder suplex that lets Mark make the cover…BUT MOX KICKS OUT!

Mox targets the arm of Briscoe, locking in a modified armbar that is broken up when Mark gets to the ropes. The action ends up back on the top turnbuckle as the two men duke it out…and now it’s Mark taking a bite out of Mox! Paradigm Shift–but Mox fights it off leading to a shining wizard! Mark hits a Death Valley Driver before climbing up top…and hits a Froggy Bow for the cover! BUT MOX KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Mox slowly gets back to his feet as Mark charges at him…only to take a boot to the face. Briscoe fights back for a Jay Driller, but Mox turns it into a King Kong lariat and a Death Rider for the cover…BUT MARK KICKS OUT THIS TIME!

Mox going for a bulldog choke, but Briscoe reverses into a pinning combination for a nearfall, forcing a break of the hold in the process! Both men back on their feet, trading chops and other strikes once more…but Mox gets the upper hand! Stomp by Mox and a Death Rider gets Mox the pin and the win here, earning him 3 points!

Winner via pinfall: Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley, Swerve Strickland, and Jay White sit at the top of the Gold League leaderboard with 3 points each. We get a look at the titles on the line in this tournament as Mox and Briscoe show respect for each other after the match is over.

We get a rundown of the upcoming Blue League matches set for Collision on Saturday as Mox celebrates his win before the show comes to a close.