AEW Dynamite 11 29 2023

AEW Dynamite Results
November 29, 2023
Minneapolis, Minnesota (Target Center)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

After the opening pyro, we welcome in Bryan Danielson who is guest commentator throughout the night before commentary runs down the action so far in the Continental Classic before looking at the card for tonight.

With that, we head to ringside for our first contest as Mox makes his way to the ring! Out next is Jay Lethal, looking to score his first 3 points in the tournament against the former World Champion in Mox as this match gets underway!

Continental Classic Gold League: Jon Moxley (3) vs. Jay Lethal (0)

Lethal looks for an early advantage on Mox, taking him down with a side headlock a couple times before Mox takes the fight back in his favor. Mox goes for a leg lock, but Lethal rolls sending both men out of the ring! The fight continues on the outside as Jay sends Mox to the barricade before climbing on the apron, taking a moment to do a strut…which ends up costing him as Mox gets the upper hand, eventually sending Lethal into the barricade with a dive through the ropes!

Mox brings Lethal back in the ring, setting him up in the corner for some mounted punches before Jay fights back, hitting a dragon screw to take him to the canvas. Lethal sends Mox to the corner now, before things change to an exchange of strikes that ends with Lethal hitting a kneebreaker on Mox! Lethal remains calculating with a back suplex and a flurry of offense before getting a cover…BUT MOX KICKS OUT!

Mox heads to the apron for a breather but is sent to the barricade by Lethal, as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Lethal stays in control of the situation outside the ring, wearing Mox down before bringing him back in the ring for more damage as we come back!

Mox starts fighting back, setting up in the corner…but is taken down hard by Lethal! Mox is slow to his feet before we end up with another exchange of strikes between the two men, with Lethal still keeping an advantage until Mox takes him down with a King Kong lariat! Mox goes for a Death Rider but Jay fights out, hitting a Lethal Combination to take Mox down for the cover…BUT MOX KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Lethal goes back on the attack but is rolled up for a nearfall by Mox, who catches him by surprise with another roll-up for the same net result. Mox in the corner now, but Lethal evades him for an O’Connor roll…only to be locked into a rear naked choke by Mox! Lethal reverses it, pinning Mox’s shoulders for a nearfall before Mox counters out…only for Jay to lock in the figure four leglock!

Mox scrambles before getting to the ropes to break the hold, and drops before Jay can hit a Lethal Injection…which turns out to be a ruse as he hits the Paradigm Shift! King Kong Lariat and a piledriver follow, but Lethal kicks out…only for Mox to lock in the rear naked choke again, cinching it in tight which forces Lethal to tap out!

Winner via submission: Jon Moxley (6)

We get a promo from Eddie Kingston backstage following his loss at Collision, addressing his over-arrogance heading into the Continental Classic and reminding himself to be humble in victory *and* defeat as he goes up against Bryan Danielson on Collision. This seems to fire up Danielson on commentary, who promises he WON’T be humble when he goes into this tournament, because he looks to be the first AEW Triple Crown Champion!

With that we get a rundown on what’s to come, as up next we will see Mark Briscoe take on RUSH in Continental Classic action!

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, Tony Schiavone addresses the situation with Sting’s final match set for Revolution. Schiavone takes about where to have that final match, and it’s become set for Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina, looking back on his match against Ric Flair all those years ago before welcoming both men backstage to discuss it.

Sting reminisces on the good memories of that place and what that match meant for him, before Flair gives him respect for the effort he put in that night and all these years he’s been in the business. Flair says he’s honored to be a part of such a big moment for his friend Sting as he gears up for his final match at Revolution on March 3!

Back at ringside, Mark Briscoe makes his way to the ring for our next Continental Classic match! Out next is RUSH before this match gets underway!

Continental Classic Gold League: Mark Briscoe (0) vs. RUSH (0)

Both men run to the center at the bell, trading punches and other strikes before RUSH sends Briscoe to the corner…but Mark turns it around on him, hitting some punches and stomps on RUSH! RUSH responds with some strikes of his own in kind, before Briscoe turns it around…only for RUSH to drop him with some hard boots to the midsection!

Action spills to the outside as both men continue to go at it, until RUSH sends Briscoe into the barricade…and rolls into the ring to pose before breaking the count and rolling back out! Mark turns it around on RUSH before leaping off the apron for even more damage with an elbow drop on a prone RUSH on the outside!

Action finally returns to the ring as RUSH makes his way back in, and we’re left with a flurry of offense from both men before Mark takes RUSH down with a massive lariat as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Briscoe stays in control in the ring before RUSH takes him down, turning things in his favor with a submission hold that has Briscoe fighting to break out as we come back from commercial!

Briscoe finally makes it to the bottom rope to force the hold broken, but is looking a little worse for wear as he and RUSH exchange strikes once more…with RUSH taking Briscoe to the canvas as he hits the ropes. Briscoe is already back up, however, hitting an exploder suplex on RUSH…but RUSH ends up sending him to the corner for his troubles!

Briscoe catches him by surprise with a spear, followed by a neck breaker…but ends with just a nearfall! Briscoe brings RUSH to his feet, exchanging holds with him before dropping him with an enziguri! Things end up on the apron as both men are right back at it with chops, and a stomp from Briscoe means little as he gets sent flying off the apron by RUSH!

RUSH rolls back in the ring, taunting the crowd before Briscoe gets back in…and heads to the turnbuckle! The two men go at it on the top rope before RUSH gets dropped, leading to a Froggy Bow by Mark for the cover…BUT RUSH KICKS OUT!

Only to take a Jay Driller from Briscoe! RUSH is in the corner, and catches Briscoe with a suplex in the corner before hitting him with the Horns for the pin and the win to score his first 3 points in the tournament!

Winner via pinfall: RUSH (3)

Backstage, RJ City interviews “Timeless” Toni Storm about defending her championship next week, and Storm promises she’ll be ready before asking City to remove her shoes for her due to “swelling.”

Back at ringside, MJF arrives to talk about Samoa Joe and his AEW World Championship match at Worlds End. Max says he doesn’t like Joe as a person, but he respects him as a professional. Joe didn’t come here to line his pockets in cash, but because of his respect for the three letters A-E-W. Max had a poster of ROH back in the day, and one face that stuck out to him was Samoa Joe, who had something different about him.

Later on in his career, his talent was underutilized and he was never a World Champion in WWE…but he always proved that alternatives could exist in the business. Without a guy like Joe, there might not be an AEW, so as much as it pains him to say…thank you.


While Max has gone down the same road Joe paved, he’s not too shabby himself. He’s managed to pave a new road for himself, a new alternative as he helped build AEW brick by brick…and he did that by defeating some of the biggest names in the business. Of all the names he’s beaten, the one he considered lucky to beat–nay, survive–was Samoa Joe. However, all that said, December 30 is not about Joe’s legacy…it’s about MJF’s.

Max makes a promise to everyone watching: he doesn’t care if his knee keeps sliding in and out, if his shoulder is weak, if Joe is King Kong or Godzilla incarnate…MJF is gonna show that’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, it’s about the size of the fight in the dog. If Joe wants his title, he’s gonna put Max down!

The crowd cheers for Max when suddenly, the lights cut out…and we see the masked goons of The Devil appear to attack the champion! But not for long, as Joe quickly rushes to the ring make the save! Suddenly, a message appears on the screen calling MJF out, saying that they’ve been playin games in the shadow before asking if Max is a hero, and if he and Joe can face the unknown next week in a tag match?

MJF calls this out, saying he’s not dealing with this “Scooby-Doo BS” when Joe is breathing down his neck…and accepts the challenge, uch to the apparent chagrin of Joe as we go to break!

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, commentary confirms that the tag match has been signed as Wardlow makes his way to the ring to take on AR Fox, already in the ring looking for a bit of revenge after what was done to him last week as the match gets underway!

Wardlow vs. AR Fox

Wardlow has worn Fox down despite an early aerial attack, and it’s Fox who’s sent out of the ring before Wardlow gives chase for a further beatdown before bringing him back in the ring. Gorilla press slam is countered out by Fox, who catches Wardlow by surprise in the corner for a 450 splash…but Wardlow immediately kicks out!

Fox goes back on the attack but it’s no dice as Wardlow drops him with a spinebuster and a clothesline, setting Fox up for a deadlift powerbomb that is followed by a second one…and a massive senton bomb, followed by a third powerbomb for good measure! The ref calls for the bell!

Winner via ref stoppage: Wardlow

We look back at the injury Dante Martin suffered at Supercard of Honor, as Dante looks to reunite with Darius as they team with Action Andretti in our next match…and at ringside, their opponents Brother Zay and the Hardys head to the ring! Out next are Top Flight and Andretti as this match gets underway!

Brother Zay & The Hardys vs. Action Andretti & Top Flight

We start off with Matt and Andretti as they exchange holds, and Andretti uses his agility to good effect until he’s taken down by Matt, who tags in Jeff for a double-team! Jeff gets a nearfall as he goes back on the attack, but Andretti fights out of it leading to a standoff against Jeff. Tags made to Zay and to Darius, as Zay takes him down…before things lead to an exchange of high-flying tactics!

Tag made to Dante who gets some licks in before a tag is made to Andretti for added damage as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Zay and the Hardys get back in control of the match, tagging in and out to keep Andretti at bay throughout the break before doing extra damage outside the ring. Zay brings Action back in as we come back from break!

Matt tags in, keeping Andretti away from the corner before going for a back suplex…but Action fights out of it, taking Matt down hard and getting the tag to Dante! Tag made to Zay as well as the two go at it, with Andretti taking him down for a nearfall before Matt breaks it up! Darius intervenes on a Twist of Fate attempt, but Zay rolls up Dante for a nearfall of his own! Chaos ensues in the corner with Darius being taken out with a Zay dropkick!

Hardys and Zay take Dante up in the corner, with a triple-team offense featuring a big dropkick as Zay covers…BUT DANTE KICKS OUT!

Things spill to the outside…but back inside, the focus is squarely on Top Flight taking Zay down, allowing Dante to get the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Action Andretti & Top Flight

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, we hear from RUSH who essentially shrugs off his leg injury before focusing on next week.

At ringside, Julia Hart makes her way to the ring for our next match! Out next is Emi Sakura, whose House Rule is no submissions to keep the Heartless from coming into play as this TBS Championship match gets underway!

AEW TBS Championship House Rules Match: Julia Hart (c) defends against Emi Sakura

Action gets heavy right away as both ladies go at each other, with Sakura taking Julia down to the outside before sending her against the steel steps as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Sakura stays in control throughout much of the break, bringing her back into the ring before Julia starts fighting back. This leads to Emi hitting a series of chops on the champion to wear her down, driving her down into the corner with a boot to the face before sending Hart to the opposite corner…but this allows the champ to fight back momentarily, only to be rocked with a hard slap as we return from break!

Emi stands over the fallen champion in the corner as Hart gets to her feet, only to be dropped with a delayed backbreaker! Sakura mocks the champion…but Julia catches her with a submission hold! She may not be allowed to win via submission but she can wear the challenger down…but that doesn’t last long, as Sakura counters out of it before sending her face-first into the canvas!

Sakura with a moonsault attempt, but Julia reverses into the Hartless…but despite Emi tapping out, the ref has to remind her that the house rule calls for no submission! A now-angry champion drops Sakura back down before hitting a moonsault press for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and still TBS Champion: Julia Hart

Backstage, RJ City interviews Mariah May who touts her success in STARDOM before thanking City for giving her a connection to Tony Khan before she steps into his office.

Back at ringside, Christian Cage heads down the ramp with a security team…and is nearly booed out of the building before getting a word in. Cage invites Adam Copeland to the ring to talk to him about what Copeland said last week.

There seems to be no response from Copeland to this invitation, something Cage makes note of as he tries to get his former best friend out here…before saying he should go back there and speak to him instead.

This finally hits Copeland’s music as the Rated R Superstar heads to the ring, making a beeline for the TNT Champion before the security keeps him back, which annoys Adam greatly as Cage says management wanted him to have security out here…but asks them to vacate the ring, as he claims he doesn’t want them out here.

Cage addresses Copeland’s challenge for the TNT Championship on December 6 from Montreal…but we’re not gonna make it to Montreal, because Cage is sorry. He knows what everyone’s thinking, that he’s only sorry because he’s all alone after Copeland took out Killswitch and Nick Wayne…and the fans call him out on that, along with calling Killswitch “Luchasaurus” before he presses on.

Cage said he needed to get away from it all, taking what he describes as a roadtrip of introspection, trying to understand how he became what he is now, and why he’s said such unsavory things lately. Cage goes into a look back on his and Copeland’s career, talking about how they were gonna make it…and did they ever make it!

He hypes up their past as a tag team, calling them the greatest tag team in the business. Take the wrestling part out and things run even deeper…because everyone knows that Adam had a single mother, that he had no father to look up to. Christian is not saying he’s Adam’s father, but he is Copeland’s brother. Cage says he loves Copeland, that they are family. Before Copeland’s mother passed, she mentioned the two of them teaming one more time, and Cage thought about it…let’s do this for her.

Cage essentially agrees to what Adam wanted from the beginning, saying they should team up one more time, do it for Julie. This leaves Copeland to really think about things…before Cage tries to nail him with the TNT Championship! Copeland catches him in the nick of time, however, dropping him with a low blow before telling him “nice try.” Copeland tells Cage to shine the title up real nice, sleep with it if he wants, because it’s coming home to Copeland after next week…and tells Cage what Cage told Copeland a few weeks back!

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Jay White makes his way to the ring for our main event in Continental Classic action! Out next is Swerve Strickland, and this match gets underway!

Continental Classic Gold League: Swerve Strickland (3) vs. Jay White (3)

Both men lock up as the crowd show they’re firmly in favor of Strickland, who gets sent to the corner by the Switchblade. Action spills to the outside early as Jay sends Swerve to the barricade…and again! This gets turned around on him as Swerve sends White to the barricade, breaking the count…but Jay sends Swerve to the barricade now!

White brings Swerve back in the ring, sending him to the corner for some strikes as he mocks the crowd…and takes a boot to the face by Strickland for his troubles! The fight spills back to the outside once more as both men go at it, before Swerve sends him over the barricade into the crowd, before bringing him back toward ringside for even more damage.

Swerve brings White back into the ring now, as the Switchblade catches him by surprise before driving him into the canvas as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: White stays in control until he’s taken down by Strickland, who brings the Switchblade back into the ring, but Jay turns it around and wears Strickland down as we come back from break!

White continues to mock the crowd as he cinches in a submission hold, but Strickland fights to his feet before Jay drops him by pulling on his hair! Swerve starts to get back up but a Saito suplex sends him right back to the canvas as Jay covers…BUT SWERVE KICKS OUT!

Strickland back to his feet, really going after the Switchblade with a flurry of offense into a big Flatliner…and a vertical suplex for a cover! BUT JAY KICKS OUT!

Swerve gets to his feet as he brings Jay up as well, taking Jay down before White reverses, eventually hitting a German suplex…but a discus lariat from Swerve sends both men crumbling to the canvas! Both men slowly get to their feet before exchanging strikes, which ends with Jay getting sent down by Strickland!

White gets to his feet, turning things around with a uranage slam on Swerve! Strickland slow to his feet, only for the Switchblade to bring him back down with an armbar…but Swerve fits out of it! Strickland looks to snap Jay’s arm back, connecting with a Killshot to a big chant from the crowd! Swerve brings Jay to his feet only to be sent to the corner…but Jay stops himself, looking for a low blow on Strickland–but to no avail!

Strickland kicks the Switchblade down hard before setting up on the top turnbuckle, leaping for a Swerve Stomp for the cover…BUT JAY KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Swerve slowly brings Jay back to his feet as White tries to fight out…and hits a Blade Runner on Strickland! Swerve rolls out of the ring to avoid getting pinned here…and is able to fight back the Switchblade for a nearfall when he comes back in the ring!

Jay fights off a JML Driver for some chops as we are informed there are five minutes left in the match…just as Strickland gets hit with a sleeper suplex! But Swerve rolls him up, keeping him down long enough for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Swerve Strickland (6)

Strickland celebrates on the ramp with a smirk as we get an updated look at the standings. White looks on in disbelief as we get a rundown of what’s to come this week before this show comes to a close.