AEW Dynamite 12 06 2023

AEW Dynamite Results
December 6, 2023
Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Bell Centre)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

We get a rundown of the lineup for tonight’s show before we kick off things at ringside for our opening contest! Jon Moxley makes his way through the crowd first, and out next is RUSH before this match gets underway!

Continental Classic Gold League Match: Jon Moxley (6) vs. RUSH (3)

RUSH charges at Mox with a chop, which is met with one by the former World Champion! They trade strikes until RUSH catches Mox with a belly to belly suplex, and Mox heads to the outside for a breather after the landing. RUSH follows him, going after him as the fight spills into the crowd! The action quickly finds its way back to the ringside area, only for Mox to send RUSH right back into the crowd where both men trade strikes…until RUSH knocks Mox off a chair that’s been set up!

RUSH brings Mox back to ringside, where he starts laying into him in the corner before laying the former champ out with stomps. RUSH mocks Mox with a taunt, to which Mox, uh…lets him know what he thinks of it, before they trade strikes again. RUSH gets the upper hand now, dropping Mox hard for a nearfall.

RUSH goes back to work on Mox, until he finds himself rocked giving Mox an opening. Mox takes RUSH to the corner for some mounted punches, but RUSH fights back! The action ends up on the apron where Mox stops a belly to belly attempt, but both men take each other out, falling to the floor outside as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Mox makes it back to the ring, but so too does RUSH as the two men go right back at it trading blows! Mox is left reeling as RUSH gets back on the attack before we return from break!

Mox starts to fight back again, but a piledriver attempt is blocked by RUSH, who hits a stalling piledriver for a nearfall! RUSH sends Mox to the corner, setting him up on the turnbuckle for a chop and a superplex! RUSH back to his feet as he charges at Mox…who sends him to the outside before hitting a dive through the ropes!

Both men are dealing with the impact as they slowly start to stir. The ref’s count reaches 8 as Mox gets to his feet…and both men manage to get in the ring just in time! Mox hits some hard strikes on RUSH, who responds with some of his own! Mox gets rocked with a discus elbow by RUSH, falling toward the corner as RUSH goes for Bull’s Horns…but Mox stops him! RUSH goes for it again but gets laid out with a King Kong lariat! Death Rider and the cover…BUT RUSH KICKS OUT!

Except that Mox locks in the bulldog choke! RUSH is fading fast, and ends up passing out as the ref calls for the bell!

Winner via submission: Jon Moxley (9)

Video Package: There is history between Jay White and Jay Lethal as we head into their match later tonight!

Back at ringside, Renee Paquette welcomes Roderick Strong and The Kingdom to the stage. Roderick says that Joe will come to regret helping Max before talking about suffering consequences of his own actions…until now.

With that, he rises from the wheelchair, admitting that it’s held him back but no longer as he throws it off the stage, the culmination of his promise to “not suffer consequences” to a great reaction from the crowd and The Kingdom.

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We head backstage where Renee stands outside MJF’s locker room to get a word from the World Champion, only to be interrupted by Hangman Page who addresses Swerve beating him at Full Gear…but says he took something from Strickland that night, as well.

Page says this is not over, and because of what Swerve did, he will make sure Strickland never gets what he’s looking for.

MJF appears, starting to run Page down but Hangman storms off. The champ pokes the bear some more, saying he talks for 30 minutes to wake the crowd up…and this leads to a war of words between the two men. This leads to MJF accusing Page of being the masked devil…but Page refutes this, saying Max might be doing this all along.

MJF threatens to go after Page until Joe intervenes, saying Max is his responsibility and reminding MJF they have other business to deal with tonight.

Back at ringside, Mark Briscoe heads to the ring for our next contest! Out next is Swerve Strickland, and this match gets underway!

Continental Classic Gold League Match: Swerve Strickland (6) vs. Mark Briscoe (0)

Both men immediately go at it from the jump, leading to Briscoe taking Swerve down with a side headlock. Swerve quickly turns things around however, cinching in a chin lock until Mark fights to his feet. Briscoe with another side headlock takeover, but Swerve reverses into a side headlock of his own.

They get to their feet where a sunset flip attempt leads to another takedown by Briscoe! The action starts to pick up the pace as Briscoe takes Swerve to the corner for some stomps and a chop. Suplex by Briscoe for a nearfall, followed by a body slam that keeps Mark in control…until Strickland turns it around for an uppercut in the corner! Swerve leaps off the turnbuckle to keep up the damage.

Swerve drops Briscoe with a neck breaker, but that is a nearfall as well as the action spills to the outside…where Mark hits a big dropkick on Swerve! Both men end up on the apron now, exchanging strikes until Briscoe hits an enziguri on Strickland. On the outside, Briscoe sets Swerve up on the barricade for some chops…but a running attack ends up sending Mark over the barricade into the crowd! Swerve follows this by setting Briscoe up for a big suplex to bring him back into the ringside area, as we head to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Swerve manages to take control of the match now, bringing Briscoe in for more damage before cinching in a chin lock to keep his opponent at bay. Briscoe finally starts fighting back to his feet, but is sent into the corner ring post by Strickland as we come back from break!

Briscoe and Swerve start trading strikes once more, until Briscoe takes Strickland down with an elbow strike! Swerve sent to the corner as Briscoe keeps on the attack, getting a nearfall in the process…but Swerve catches Mark by surprise, sending him face-first into the turnbuckle! Mark fights off a half and half attempt, but is taken down by Strickland who hits a German suplex instead! Swerve continues, rolling out and hitting a big kick for the cover…BUT BRISCOE KICKS OUT!

The action ends up in the corner where Swerve fights off a superplex attempt, only for Briscoe to hit an uppercut that sends Strickland to the outside! Briscoe brings him back in the ring, dropping Strickland down for a cover…BUT NOW IT’S SWERVE WHO KICKS OUT!

Briscoe looking for a Jay Driller, but Swerve fights out of it…and hits a House Call! Swerve up on the turnbuckle, and hits a 450…but Briscoe gets a small package! BUT SWERVE MANAGES TO KICK OUT AGAIN!

Briscoe takes Swerve down again, before setting up for the Froggy Bow off the top rope…but Strickland gets his knees up to block the attack! Swerve rolls him up but gets only a nearfall! Action heads back to the apron as Briscoe looks for a Jay Driller, only to take a Death Valley Driver by Swerve! Back in the ring are both men as Swerve sets up for a Swerve Stomp, getting the pin and the win for 3 more points!

Winner via pinfall: Swerve Strickland (9)Backstage, Renee talks to Mariah May about what she talked about with Tony Khan. Mariah says the meeting went well, and they discussed her debut in AEW…which she refuses to give any further information on, before talking up Toni Storm’s title defense tonight!

We head back to ringside where Samoa Joe heads to the ring for our next contest…but the lights go out, before the masked men surround the ring staring Joe down! Before anything else can happen, however, the lights cut out again before we see the devil…and MJF is seen laid out backstage! Joe rushes out of the ring, heading up the ramp as we go to break.

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Back from break, we get a look at what just went down. We then head backstage, where Mox says he’s humble before God and his mother…but he knows what he’s capable. He expects to win the Continental Classic, because he’s the ace of the world…but he’s interrupted by Swerve, who says he’ll do whatever it takes to win. Mox says that’s great, because he will too…and Strickland says “see you in Texas” before walking off.

We cut to Ben Mankiewicz, host of Turner Classic Movies, who introduces “Timeless” Toni Storm for our next contest! The champion makes her way to the ring as she is set to defend the Women’s World Championship tonight. Out next is the challenger as Skye Blue heads to the ring, before this match gets underway!

AEW Women’s Championship Match: Toni Storm defends against Skye Blue

The ladies lock up, with Storm getting a side headlock in as she takes Blue to the canvas. Skye counters out before Storm escapes as well, only to get rolled up for a nearfall! Both ladies to their feet as Skye wrings the arm of the champ, before Storm fights back. The champ is back in control until she’s taken down hard by Skye, before rolling out of the ring…where she catches the challenger by surprise!

Storm brings Skye up on the apron with a unique assist from Luther, sending Skye to the ring post in the process! The fight continues on the outside as Storm sends Skye into the barricade, following with a big hip attack as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Storm heads back in the ring as the challenger slowly manages to follow suit, but Storm is still in control as she winds up for a big punch to the skull of Skye! Storm continues the attack now, really laying it into the challenger as she keeps Blue at bay before we come back from break!

Storm winds up for another big punch but Skye evades it, sending the champ down with a dropkick instead…and follows with an enziguri! Skye gets up on the turnbuckle for a cross body and the cover…BUT STORM KICKS OUT!

The champ fights out of Skye Fall and hits a German suplex that sends Blue toward the corner…but Skye evades a hip attack, hitting one of her own instead! Skye hits a running boot slide, and hits a Code Blue for the cover! BUT THE CHAMP KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Storm takes control again as she brings Skye to the corner, setting up for a superplex and connecting, sending Skye down hard to the canvas! Blue scrambles to the corner where she ends up taking a hip attack from the champ…but rolls her up instead! Only Toni manages to reverse it, keeping a high stack for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW Women’s World Champion: “Timeless” Toni Storm

Storm celebrates the win but it’s cut short as Riho’s music hits, signaling the return of the first-ever Women’s World Champion! Storm is angry but Riho sends her out of the ring, where Luther intervenes to bring the champion up the ramp as Riho continues to call her out before we cut to commercial.

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Video Package: The history between Adam Copeland and Christian Cage show us just how heated this situation is heading into the TNT Championship match in our main event tonight!

Back at ringside, Jay Lethal makes his way to the ring for our next contest! Out next is Jay White, before the match gets underway!

Continental Classic Gold League Match: Jay White (3) vs. Jay Lethal (0)

Jay and, uh, Jay play up to the crowd before they lock up to a “let’s go Jay” chant from the crowd. The lockup is broken as White backs away, and Lethal gets a side headlock that is countered into one by the Switchblade. The action goes back and forth until White catches Lethal by surprise during a strut attempt.

White with a chop, but Lethal turns things around with a drop toe hold and a La Magistral for a nearfall. Lethal takes White back down to the canvas and does a strut to the delight of the crowd! White is back on his feet now, getting one over on Lethal before laying in a hard chop…but Lethal turns it around! No, White counters with a DDT and a nearfall before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Switchblade is still in control of the matches he wears Lethal down, locking in an STF that causes a great deal of trouble for Lethal before he fights out of the hold! White is already back to his feet, bringing Lethal to the corner for a chop before dropping Lethal down hard for more damage before we return from break!

Lethal fights out of a corner attack from White, starting to turn things around for the former ROH Champion as he builds up some momentum for himself…and with White on the outside, Lethal hits a big dive! Lethal brings White back in the ring before climbing up top for an elbow drop! Lethal with the cover…BUT THE SWITCHBLADE KICKS OUT!

Both men on their feet now as White takes control of the match back, sending Jay into the corner hard before hitting a big brainbuster for the cover…BUT LETHAL KICKS OUT!

They get back to their feet again, this time exchanging chops back and forth…until White hits a sleeper suplex on Lethal! Lethal back on his feet, reverses and hits a rollup for a nearfall! Lethal avoids a Blade Runner and rolls White up…but it gets reversed, and Jay White picks up the pin and the win here!

Winner via pinfall: Jay White (6)

We get a rundown of the coming week with some big matches set for Rampage, Collision, and next week’s Dynamite because Winter Is Coming…but up next is our main event, as Christian Cage defends the TNT Championship against Adam Copeland!

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Back at ringside, we are ready for our main event as Adam Copeland makes his way to the ring, ready to challenge his former best friend Christian Cage for the TNT Championship in a match over a decade in the making! Out next is the champion himself as Cage heads to the ring, and we get ring introductions before this main event gets underway!

AEW TNT Championship Match: Christian Cage defends against Adam Copeland

Both men talk each other down at the start before Copeland slaps Cage in the face, and then takes him down to the canvas! Cage scrambles to the ropes to break the hold immediately, before heading out…but Copeland catches him on the apron, hitting some hard forearm strikes before dropping the champion to the barricade!

The action continues on the outside as Copeland sends Cage to the announce desk, slamming him repeatedly against it before Cage rushes to the ring to escape. Copeland follows as Cage starts begging for mercy…only to go for a low blow! But it get blocked by Adam, who stomps his hand for his troubles!

Copeland stays on the attack, focusing on the hand before bringing the champ out of the ring where he once again sends his former best friend into the barricade over and over again for good measure. Copeland heads to the ring to break the count before going back on the attack, driving his boot into the face of Cage!

Copeland stays on top of things until Cage grabs Copeland, sending him into the ring post…and then over the barricade as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Cage is still in control as he heads back into the ring, but Copeland is able to get back in himself…only to be taken down by Cage, as the champ drives him into the canvas with a neck breaker. Cage gets a nearfall but appears to be focused on inflicting more punishment on Copeland, revenge for earlier as he props the challenger up on the ropes for even more damage as we come back!

Cage goes after Copeland with a chin lock, pulling at the challenger’s face for more pain until Copeland fights back to his feet…only to be taken down by the champ! Cage brings Copeland to the corner, mocking him as he hits some more strikes. He mounts up for some punches…but Copeland bites his hand to stop things!

Russian leg sweep off the second rope sends both men to the canvas, with Cage rolling away to catch a breather. Copeland back to his feet as is Cage, who catches Adam by surprise with a kick to the face before heading up top for a flying clothesline to Cage on the apron, sending both men to the floor outside!

They get to their feet, but Cage catches Copeland with a drop toe hold onto the steel steps before sending him back in the ring! Champ goes up top for a frog splash and the cover…BUT COPELAND KICKS OUT!

Cage sets up for a spear, but Copeland counters it with an Impaler for the cover…BUT NOW IT’S THE CHAMP WHO KICKS OUT!

Cage ends up getting Copeland set up on the turnbuckle, punching away before he looks for a superplex…but Adam fights it off! Copeland with a headbutt, but Cage looks for the superplex again…only for Copeland to hit a Liger Bomb for the cover! BUT CAGE KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Cage back to his feet as he looks for a Killswitch, but Copeland fights out and gets a small package for a nearfall. Cage once again looking for a Killswitch, but a reverse face buster gives Copeland another nearfall instead!

Copeland goes for a crossface, locking it in tight until Cage gets his foot on the rope to break the hold! Copeland goes right back on the attack, mounting up for some punches on the canvas before getting to his feet.

Copeland heads to the corner, looking for a spear…but Cage leapfrogs it, and hits a Killswitch for the cover! BUT COPELAND KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Now it’s Cage in the corner, setting up for a spear…but Adam evades it! But Cage shoves the ref before hitting a low blow on Copeland! Cage rushes to the ringside area to grab his championship, but Adam evades it before both men knock each other down with a spear!

Shayna Wayne heads down to the ring now, where she grabs the TNT Championship and stares Cage down…before laying out Copeland with the belt! The crowd are booing this to no end as even Cage appears to be shocked, before hitting Copeland with a Killshot. He stands over Copeland with the title in hand, before laying it onto the canvas…where he sets Copeland’s head up on it to stomp on his neck! Cage tosses the title out of the ring before covering Copeland for the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still TNT Champion: Christian Cage

The crowd boos in disapproval as Cage raises the title up high before the show comes to a close.