AEW Dynamite 12 12 2023

AEW Dynamite Results
December 13, 2023
Arlington, Texas (College Park Center at the University of Texas)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…and even though there isn’t a lick of snow outside right now (here at Kahrs HQ or in Arlington), I can confirm that Winter is Coming!

After the opening we are greeted by the arrival of Samoa Joe to the ring, introducing himself thusly before getting into what happened last week. He says he’s come here tonight looking for answers, reminding us that he made a promise to MJF he would “keep him whole” ahead of Worlds End and their AEW World Championship match. Joe was made a liar by a Devil, and says he’s going to explain what happened.

He observed the scene last week, he noticed a certain brand of beer that a certain Hangman enjoys. Then, he could sense the smell of Stetson and disappointment, but despite looking all around, he couldn’t find a certain Hangman around.

This draws out Hangman Page who heads to the ring, staring Joe down the whole time as he gets a microphone. Page asks if there’s something Joe wants to say, why not say it like the man Page thought Joe was? Hangman doesn’t care about any of these games, least of all the Clue whodunit…but Joe asks how Page knows he isn’t out here as an executioner?

The two start to trade barbs until Roderick Strong and The Kingdom interrupt. Strong looks at all the times the Devil’s masked men showed up, pointing out that Max has not been harmed up until last week…and even then, MJF was only seen laying there. Strong implies it’s “obviously” Max behind all this, as Page interjects…which leads to the two men going at each other! Joe leaves the ring and in a moment, the bell rings to get this match underway!

Hangman Adam Page vs. Roderick Strong
The neck brace immediately gets taken off as both men lay into each other with chops and other strikes, until Page gets the upper hand…but not for very long as Strong turns it around on him, eventually getting a nearfall! Strong goes right back on the attack now, before hitting the ropes…where Page catches him with a big boot, sending Strong to the canvas!

Hangman gets a nearfall from this, but Strong takes Page down to turn things around in his favor once again…but Page catches him, sending him to the outside before hitting a big dive through the ropes! Page heads back to the turnbuckle, but is intercepted by Raven as Bennett distracts the ref before Strong takes the former AEW World Champion down! Strong follows up with a backbreaker onto the turnbuckle as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Strong stays in control throughout, taking Hangman down repeatedly despite Page’s efforts to fight back, and scores a nearfall in the process as we come back!

Strong keeps the Hangman down with a top wrist lock until Page starts fighting back to his feet, leading to an exchange of strikes between both men…until they take each other down hard with a double forearm strike! Strong makes it back to his feet as Hangman is seen struggling, but manages to even in spite of Strong’s continued attacks before sending Roderick to the corner for some hard stomps!

Hangman fights back again, however, taking Strong down with a Death Valley Driver for a nearfall. Page watches Strong get back to his feet from the corner, hitting a big boot on Roderick before mounting up and taking a bite out of his head! Hangman sets Strong up on the turnbuckle, but Strong fights out of a superplex attempt…only to fall to a sitout powerbomb that gives Hangman a nearfall!

Page brings up Strong for a Dead Eye, but Roderick fights out of it before dropping Hangman down hard for the cover…BUT PAGE KICKS OUT!

Strong with an elbow strike and a suplex followed by a Tiger Driver, but Page kicks out again…only for Roderick to set him up for the Stronghold! Page scrambles to the ropes, grabbing one to break the hold! Page stops another attack from Strong, but is forced to deal with The Kingdom intervening as he eventually hits a moonsault to the outside to take them out of the equation…but Strong intercepts him on a Buckshot attempt! But Page rolls Strong up instead…ONLY FOR STRONG TO KICK OUT!

But it’s all for naught, as Page sets him up for the Dead Eye to get the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Hangman Adam Page

We get a reminder of the Continental Classic standings as we have FOUR tournament matches later tonight!

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Back at ringside, Brody King makes his way to the ring for our next contest! Out next is Andrade El Idolo, as we get a look at what happened on Collision last Saturday before this Continental Classic Blue League bout gets underway!

Continental Classic Blue League Match: Andrade El Idolo (6) vs. Brody King (6)
The two lock up with King taking Andrade to the ropes, but El Idolo holds his own as he locks in a side headlock on the bigger man. Brody looks to fight out of it but is taken down by El Idolo, who goes right back to the headlock after King manages to get out of it…but this time, Brody takes him down to the canvas!

Both men back to their feet as neither gives way to a shoulder tackle, but King sends El Idolo back down before taking him to the corner…only for Andrade to lay in some chops, before receiving some from Brody in return! King sends El Idolo to the ropes looking for a sleeper, but he gets hung up on the top rope by Andrade instead!

Brody goes back on the attack but ends up on the outside as El Idolo catches him with a moonsault! Brody’s brought back into the ring as Andrade continues the attack…until King sends him back to the ropes, and over to the outside with a chop as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: King stays in control on the outside, laying into El Idolo with some hard offense before taking him to the barricade for further damage and levels him to the floor. King takes Andrade back to the ring for a cover, but El Idolo kicks out to stay in the match! King starts mockingly kicking Andrade before going for a nasty-looking hold that Andrade tries to fight out of…but King stays right on it, with El Idolo trying and failing to fight to his feet as we come back from break!

Andrade finally makes it back to his feet as both men trade chops, with King getting the upper hand as he sends El Idolo to the corner…but Andrade hits a dropkick that sends Brody face first into the turnbuckle instead! Andrade fighting back now as he hits a dragon screw and a flying elbow to keep Brody off his feet. El Idolo stays on the attack now, hitting a split-legged moonsault for the cover…BUT KING KICKS OUT!

Andrade keeps on top of things, until Brody fights back and hits a big lariat on El Idolo for the cover…BUT ANDRADE KICKS OUT THIS TIME!

Brody takes Andrade to the corner now, setting up for a big cannonball attack for another cover, but El Idolo manages to kick out once again before getting to his feet…only to go into another exchange of strikes with Brody, who takes him down. Brody hits the ropes, but is taken out by Andrade with a back elbow!

El Idolo heads up top, but is intercepted by Brody who keeps him off the turnbuckle…but Andrade fights back! Both men are on the turnbuckle now as Brody looks for the superplex…but El Idolo denies him this, hanging him up on the top turnbuckle as King drops to the canvas. Andrade slides back into the ring, catching him with a hammerlock DDT to get the pin and the win and earn 3 more points in the tournament!

Winner via pinfall: Andrade El Idolo (9)

We go backstage now, where Renee is standing by with some of Kevin, Marshall, and Ross Von Erich family…before they are interrupted by the Best Friends of Orange Cassidy, Trent Beretta, and Danhausen. Cassidy invites the Marshall and Ross to tag with him on Rampage…an invitation that is accepted!

Back at ringside, Kenny Omega is welcomed to the ring, ready to speak on behalf of the Golden Jets as we go to commercial.

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Back from break, Omega is joined by his tag partner as Chris Jericho heads to the ring next, with the crowd singing “Judas” as we get a look at the situation between the Golden Jets and the current AEW World Tag Team Champions. Omega and Jericho thank the crowd for their appreciation before getting into the matter of Big Bill and Ricky Starks, with Jericho calling the champs out to the ring.

The champs oblige this request as they head to the stage, with Ricky asking if the crowd missed him. Ricky finds the situation funny, because he has no problem with Omega…but Jericho is a different situation. He asks Kenny if he can really trust a guy like Jericho, considering the likes of the Inner Circle and the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Omega has a laugh at this, saying Jericho knows Kenny doesn’t trust him…before bringing up the track record of Ricky Starks and Big Bill. Kenny follows up by laying out the challenge for Worlds End to prove how good the Golden Jets are when they win the tag titles. Starks accepts the challenge before bringing up he’s beaten Jericho before. The champs will prove they’re superior and they don’t even have a team name.

Jericho offers to give the champs a new name, with some of the suggestions being censored by TBS before settling on “Big Billy Starks” to little reaction. This starts to devolve as Jericho tries to start a chant for it, before Starks taunts the Ocho for his outfit leading to Jericho compares Ricky Starks to Enzo Amore. Omega says at least Enzo would try to hype up Big Bill instead of taking the spotlight for himself, which riles up Starks as the segment wraps with Omega wishing us all a goodnight and goodbye.


Commentary talks about recent developments involving Toni Storm before the AEW Women’s World Champion makes her way to the commentary table for our next match. Ruby Soho makes her way to the ring first, followed by Riho before things get underway!

Ruby Soho vs. Riho
It’s a fairly even match early on with Soho starting to get the upper hand until Riho catches her with a double stomp, forcing Ruby to leave the ring for a breather as Riho sets up on the top turnbuckle…only for Soho to intercept, until Riho takes Ruby down to the canvas as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Riho stays on the attack until an STO gives Soho the advantage, allowing her to inflict more damage with some stomps before getting a nearfall. Ruby stays firmly in control here, keeping the inaugural AEW Women’s World Champion at bay as we come back from break!

Riho catches Ruby by surprise with a tiger feint kick to get back into it, getting a cover on Ruby in the process…BUT SOHO KICKS OUT!

Riho hits the ropes to take Soho back down, leading to an exchange of near falls before Ruby hits a Saito suplex to take Riho down hard. Riho fights back with a crucifix pin, but Ruby kicks out once again!

Riho goes up top but is evaded by Ruby, who hits the No Future for the cover…BUT RIHO KICKS OUT THIS TIME!

Both women back to their feet as Ruby goes for Destination Unknown, forced to transition to a front guillotine…but Riho counters, taking Ruby down! Riho follows with a big kick that gives her the pin and the win tonight!

Winner via pinfall: Riho

Video Package: Wardlow promises MJF his world is coming to an end!

Back at ringside, RUSH makes his way to the ring for our next match as we go to commercial break.

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Back from break, Lethal makes his way to the ring next as this match gets underway!

Continental Classic Gold League Match: RUSH (3) vs. Jay Lethal (0)
Both men go right at it, a sense of urgency as they trade strikes in the corner before Lethal takes RUSH down with a dropkick…and gives the crowd a strut. Lethal hits the ropes, but is taken down with a German suplex before Lethal heads to the outside…where RUSH heads out to go back on the attack. RUSH brings Lethal back into the ring now, laying into him with a chop and then some before beating him down in the corner.

RUSH sets up for another corner attack, but it ends up being a fakeout before RUSH kicks Lethal down…rolling backward into a Tranquilo pose for good measure. The action ends up on the top turnbuckle as RUSH drops Lethal to the canvas after some chops…but Jay catches him with a Lethal Combination! A nearfall leads to RUSH picking the pace back up, but Lethal hits an enziguri that helps him out…and he manages to stop the Bull’s Horns by RUSH!

But he gets caught with a sleeper that takes him out cold instead, giving RUSH the win for 3 more points!

Winner via submission: RUSH (6)

Jeff Jarrett and his crew come to check on Jay Lethal, who looks more than a little disappointed in how the tournament has fared for him so far.

Video Package: Jon Moxley and Swerve Strickland speak ahead of their Continental Classic clash tonight on Dynamite!

Back at ringside, Jay White makes his way to the ring for our next match followed by Mark Briscoe, and we get a look at their history before this match gets underway!

Continental Classic Gold League Match: Jay White (6) vs. Mark Briscoe (0)
This match starts out real quickly like the previous bout, with an early highlight being Briscoe hitting a Froggy Bow on the Switchblade…but White rolls out of the ring to get a breather. Mark follows him, staying on the attack as he brings Switchblade back into the ring. Jay starts to fight back here, but is bitten on the ropes by Mark..only for the Switchblade to send Briscoe out of the ring to the outside as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: White manages to get back in control of the match after getting back to the ring, wearing Briscoe down before getting a nearfall. Jay sends Mark to the corner, driving his boot against the throat before cinching in a chin lock on Briscoe…who fights back to his feet, only for the Switchblade to bring him back down as we come back from break!

Briscoe manages to fight back now, taking Jay White down hard before getting back to his feet…as does Switchblade as they trade blows! Briscoe lays into White with some “redneck kung fu” before taking him down with a lariat! Mark follows up by sending White out of the ring with a clothesline over the top rope…and an elbow drop to the outside!

Briscoe brings White back to the ring for a cover, but Jay kicks out…and now they’re back to trading strikes! Action heads to the corner as White fights back, only for Briscoe to send him back onto the top turnbuckle. Bit of a struggle at the top sends Briscoe down, but he’s back up and hits White with an uppercut from behind…and a powerbomb for the cover! BUT WHITE KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Briscoe setting up for a Jay Driller in honor of his late brother, but Jay White will not be drilled tonight as he fights out of it! Briscoe catches him with a cradle but White kicks out again!

Jay gets sent to the corner by Briscoe once again, but White takes him down with a sleeper suplex! Blade Runner–NO! Briscoe counters, dropping White to the canvas before going up top for a Froggy Bow…right onto the knees of Jay White! Blade Runner connects this time, and Jay White gets the pin and the win for 3 more points!

Winner via pinfall: Jay White (9)

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Video Package: Hype for the Fight Without Honor set for ROH Final Battle between BCC and the team of FTR and Mark Briscoe this Friday, exclusively on ROH HonorClub!

Back at ringside, Swerve Strickland makes his way to the ring for our main event! Out next is Jon Moxley, heading through the crowd to get to ringside before this match gets underway!

Continental Classic Gold League Match: Swerve Strickland (9) vs. Jon Moxley (9)
The two men circle the canvas as the crowd show their appreciation, before Strickland goes after Mox with a takedown. This leads to an exchange of holds between Swerve and Jon, with the latter going for a choke hold until Strickland gets out of it. Both men on their feet now as Strickland’s sent to the corner, and Mox gives Swerve a slight smooch…which is returned in kind by Strickland.

We go back into an exchange of holds here, with Strickland catching Mox with a leg takedown sending him to the outside as the ref begins the count. Mox uses the time to get a breather before heading back into the ring, as both men hit each other hard back and forth. Mox gets the upper hand now, bringing Swerve to the corner before laying in some hard chops and forearms…but Swerve turns it around on him, before hitting a DDT from the ropes! Cover by Swerve, but Mox kicks out before rolling out of the ring.

Swerve follows him, wearing the former World Champion down before bringing him back into the ring…but Mox fights back, sending Strickland to the corner once again! Mox mounts him up for some punches before taking a bite on the arm, luring Swerve into a piledriver for the cover…BUT SWERVE KICKS OUT!

Jon escapes to the outside again, this time catching Swerve off guard as he hangs him up on the ring apron before attacking him with it for more damage…and then sending him into the steel steps before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Mox gets a chance to recuperate inside the ring before Swerve returns, but Mox goes on the attack in the corner before hitting a big superplex! Mox goes for a choke hold while keeping Swerve’s arm trapped, wearing Strickland down to the canvas for a bit of joint manipulation on the fingers. Mox continues to wear Swerve down now, dropping him to the canvas before going right back on the attack as we come back from break!

Strickland fights to his feet to get out of the hold, but Mox drops him for another nearfall. Swerve slowly gets back to a standing position, fighting back Mox before hitting him with some kicks and a back elbow to get back into things. Swerve stays on it with a leap off the tories, stomping onto the hand of Mox…who works his way back up to his feet!

Swerve keeps on this until he rolls into a cutter by Mox, who only gets a nearfall from this as well! Mox follows up and goes for the cover again…BUT SWERVE KICKS OUT YET AGAIN!

Swerve fights up to his feet as Mox fights back…but Strickland catches him with a Flatliner! Suplex on Mox…and a high boot for the cover! BUT MOX KICKS OUT THIS TIME!

Strickland grabs Mox by the arms and starts kicking away at his head, switching to a hammer and elbow before Mox fights back…only to take a House Call by Swerve! Strickland goes up top, but gets sent to the outside by Mox instead!

The referee begins the count as Mox looks to take whatever win he can…but Swerve manages to get back in at nine! Right into a stomp by Mox for the cover…AS STRICKLAND KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Five minutes remain on the time limit as Mox locks in a cross arm breaker on Strickland, who is struggling to fight out of it before getting to the ropes to force a break! Mox does some more damage before leaving the ring, grabbing a steel chair…but taking a dive by Swerve instead! Mox sits up in the chair but finds himself again attacked, with a double stomp by Swerve doing the trick!

Swerve brings him back in the ring for a Swerve Stomp and the cover…BUT MOX KICKS OUT YET AGAIN! Mox manages to counter out of a JML Driver, rolling Swerve up for the pin and the win to earn 3 more points and stay on top of the Gold League!

Winner via pinfall: Jon Moxley (12)
Mox celebrates on the outside before heading back through the crowd, while we look at the updated Continental Classic standings for both leagues and get a rundown of the matches coming later this week…but suddenly, we go backstage to the parking lot where Hangman Page is fighting back the masked men to no avail as the Devil looks on from a nearby car.

Eventually, the masked men lift Page up, sending him into the car’s windshield to leave the Hangman in a world of hurt as the show comes to a close.