AEW Dynamite 12 20 2023

AEW Dynamite Results
December 20, 2023
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Paycom Center)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

We open up with Swerve Strickland making his way to the ring for our opening match as we take a look at the current standings for both leagues in the Continental Classic. Out next is RUSH before this match gets underway!

Continental Gold League Match: Swerve Strickland (9) vs RUSH (6)

The crowd shows their appreciation for Swerve as the two men lock up, exchanging holds early on until RUSH gets a chinlock that is quickly reversed by Strickland, and moments later we reach a standstill…but not for long, as RUSH hits some chops! Both men take to the ropes before exchanging arm drags, and we end with a standoff to the cheers of the crowd.

The action ends up spilling out of the ring now as both men end up on the floor, with RUSH getting to his feet first as he brings Strickland back into the ring. Strickland in the corner now as RUSH stomps away, and steps back before charging at Strickland…only for a fake out as he gives a kick and a pose! Swerve makes him pay for this as he takes RUSH down for a nearfall! The two go right back at it, but Swerve catches RUSH in the corner as El Toro Blanco is left with his leg hurting!

RUSH rolls to the outside, only to catch Strickland by surprise as he pulls him down to the apron…and follows suit by sending him into the barricade! RUSH keeps on the attack until Swerve hits a German suplex…but RUSH rolls through, hitting a dropkick on Strickland to send him into the barricade as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Swerve turns things around on the outside, beating down RUSH before sending him back into the ring. He locks in a submission hold on RUSH, who fights out of it before getting worn down by Strickland once more as we come back from break!

RUSH fights back again even against a set of German suplexes, but both men end up falling to the canvas after an exchange of forearm strikes. The ref begins the standing count as both men slowly rise to a standing position, trading strikes until RUSH sends Strickland down hard to the canvas! Swerve ends up in the corner, fighting off a Bull’s Horns before locking in a single leg crab on El Toro Blanco!

Swerve transitions to a stretch muffler, but RUSH catches him with an inside cradle for a nearfall to break the hold! Both men to their feet again, and RUSH hits a straightjacket piledriver on Swerve for the cover…BUT STRICKLAND KICKS OUT!

Both men end up on the apron where they duke it out, each falling slightly until RUSH evades Swerve for a belly to belly, dropping him to the floor! The pace is now in RUSH’s favor, but not for long as the action finally makes its way back to the ring where Strickland takes RUSH down hard for a nearfall…only to catch him with the Swerve Stomp for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Swerve Strickland (12)

Video Package: Action from last Saturday as the Blue League marches on!

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Backstage, we hear from Chris Jericho as he addresses Kenny Omega being out indefinitely as revealed on social media last week. Jericho touches on what it means for the tag title match they were set to have at Worlds End, before saying what’s most important is Kenny’s health. We’re all pulling for Kenny to get better soon, and until then it’s goodnight (muah) and goodbye (bang)…but only for now.

Back at ringside, Mark Briscoe makes his way to the ring for our next match. Out next is Jay Lethal, in a battle to see who can get on the board to end the group stage as this match gets underway!

Continental Gold League Match: Mark Briscoe (0) vs Jay Lethal (0)

Both men lock up to start things off, following with an exchange of holds until Lethal takes Briscoe to the canvas. Mark counters into a side headlock but Jay steps to his feet to get out of it…and stops a shoulder tackle from Briscoe! The two square off once again, with Lethal hitting a slap on Briscoe that is answered with a chop in kind!

They take to trading strikes now as Briscoe is taken to the corner, only to turn things around on Lethal who responds with some more chops in an exchange appropriate for this Holiday Bash show. This ends with Lethal hitting a dropkick on Briscoe to send him to the canvas!

The two men look for a suplex, but neither man gives way…until Jay manages to switch things up, hitting the suplex to finish things off! Briscoe is sent to the outside now, where Lethal follows up with a dive before strutting on the apron to celebrate. Jay with a second dive attempt, but gets caught with a suplex to the floor by Mark instead!

Briscoe heads up onto the apron to hit a big elbow drop on Lethal for good measure, staying on the attack as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Briscoe continues to wear down Lethal before bringing him back to the ring for a nearfall, as Lethal slowly starts fighting back. Mark takes him down again with a suplex for another nearfall, and goes for yet another to no avail. Both men back to their feet as Briscoe takes Jay to the corner for more damage, when he decides to grab a chair from outside as we come back from break!

The ref tries to keep the chairs out of things as both men go back at it, with Lethal hitting a Lethal Combination to take Briscoe down. Jay heads to the top rope for an elbow drop, but there will be no Black Machismo on display as Briscoe intercepts him! The two fight on the top turnbuckle before Briscoe gets sent to the canvas…but Mark fights back, sending Lethal to the outside once more! Mark grabs the chair again, setting it up before using it as a launching pad for a big dive over the top rope to Lethal!

Mark brings Lethal back to the ring, but Jay fights back with an enziguri that gives him some momentum. Lethal to the top rope now, and NOW we get a nod to the Macho Man as an elbow drop gives Lethal a chance to make the cover…BUT BRISCOE KICKS OUT!

Lethal hits the ropes for the Lethal Injection, but he’s cut off by Briscoe who sends him to the corner…and hits a fisherman’s buster! Cover by Briscoe–BUT NOW IT’S LETHAL WHO MANAGES TO KICK OUT!

Death Valley Driver by Briscoe gets him back into position as he goes for the Froggy Bow…but Lethal gets the knees up! Lethal catches Briscoe by surprise with a Jay Driller, using the finishing move of the late Jay Briscoe to get the cover…BUT AGAIN, BRISCOE KICKS OUT!

Lethal Injection countered once more as Mark hits a Burning Hammer…and connects with a Jay Driller of his own for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Mark Briscoe (3)

Code of Honor is adhered to by two ROH mainstays as the crowd celebrates Briscoe’s win and the match itself.

Video Package: MJF inducted into the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in Long Island, NY

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Video Package: Wardlow issues another warning to MJF, promising his world is coming to an end and that he will bring the devil to his knees!

We get a look at Hangman Page getting attacked last week by the Devil’s masked assailants before heading to ringside, where Samoa Joe heads down the ramp to a big chant from the crowd. Joe has a microphone in hand as he introduces himself to the crowd, saying he’s once again seeking answers. He was asking the right questions, but perhaps the wrong people. Joe addresses what happened to Page last week, recognizing that MJF was not seen being beaten down…and calling the champ out about this!

MJF’s music hits as the champion makes his way to the ring with microphone in hand, staring Joe down as he demands his music be cut. He accosts Joe for accusing him of being the Devil before calling him out for his promise to “protect” the champ only to not be there when the champ was attacked.

MJF issues some accusations of his own, noting that the “goons” at ringside never laid a finger on Joe, before saying they don’t need to wait till the PPV for MJF to end Joe’s world. This leads to a staredown until MJF shoves Joe…but any further physicality is stopped when they fend off the masked men rushing into the ring!

Except that even more show up heading over the barricade, as Joe and Max are stood back to back…and suddenly, the lights cut out! The screen shows the Devil asking the two men, “where can you go…who can you trust” before issuing a challenge to MJF to defend the ROH World Tag Team Championship next week. Max talks to Joe about promising Adam Cole to defend those tag titles no matter what…and Joe accepts the challenge!

Joe tells MJF the only way to deal with the devil is with their bare hands, promising to beat down his men next week before storming up the ramp.

Backstage, Renee is with Best Friends asking what’s next for them as 2023 comes to an end. Rocky addresses being the CMLL World Historic Middleweight Champion until last week, saying he wants to get gold again before the year is out…and Orange Cassidy accepts the apparent challenge, offering him a shot at the International Championship on Friday at Rampage!

Back at ringside, “Timeless” Toni Storm heads to commentary for our next match before Saraya heads to the ring. Out next is Riho, and this match gets underway!

Winner challenges for the Women’s World Championship at Worlds End: Saraya vs Riho

Saraya gets an early advantage over the inaugural Women’s World Champion, but Riho manages to catch Saraya off guard sending her to the outside. Saraya takes a breather, but is dropped three times over by Riho for good measure! Saraya hides behind a security guard before taking the fight back to Riho, sending her into the barricade for more damage as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Saraya is firmly in control throughout the break, largely focused on wearing her down outside the ring before bringing her back in for some stomps in the corner. The former champ continues the damage on the ropes with some knee strikes as we come back from break!

Saraya gets a nearfall before Riho starts fighting back, hitting a cross body for a nearfall before transitioning into a chinlock. Saraya fights back to her feet, but is taken down by Riho who climbs up…but Saraya intervenes, getting a nearfall in the process. Saraya looking for a suplex but Riho gets an inside cradle for a nearfall of her own! Riho is back on the attack with another nearfall…before hitting a double knee running strike for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall (challenges for the title at Worlds End): Riho

Toni Storm heads to the ring to confront her challenger…pulling out a pair of opera glasses to get a good luck at Riho, who responds with a series of strikes! Storm fights back but is sent into the ropes for a tiger feint kick by Riho…but the fight is cut short by the arrival of Mariah May, who lays out the challenger with the title! This gives Storm a chance to regroup on the outside.

Tony Schiavone is up on the stage, reading a statement from Christian Cage in which the TNT Champion responds to what happened in Montreal, somehow remotely running down the crowd via Schiavone before stating that he will make his return on TNT at Collision to give his thoughts on Adam Copeland’s challenge for Worlds End.

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Backstage we find ourselves in the middle of an argument between Samoa Joe and MJF, the latter walking off to find something peculiar on the floor just outside the locker room of the Mogul Embassy. He knocks on the door and Prince Nana answers it, finding himself confronted by the champ until Swerve intervenes.

This leads to a war of words between MJF and Swerve, each running the other down while also addressing their past on the indy circuit. Things get particularly interesting as MJF starts to insinuate that Swerve may have something to do with the recent beatdowns. Max says he wants it to be, since Swerve may call the house his but MJF is the big bad wolf who will blow it down.

Strickland runs the champ down as the locker room opens back up to reveal the entire Mogul Embassy, until Joe steps in to interrupt. The pair walk off as Nana calls Swerve back in to discuss Collision last week.

Back at ringside, Roderick Strong makes his way to the ring for our next match. Komander heads to the ring next, and this match gets underway!

Roderick Strong vs Komander

Strong overpowers Komander early on, but the luchador uses his agility to fight out of it briefly…until Roddy keeps the wristlock in tight. Komander escapes, but is taken down hard with a boot by Strong who shouts “who do you think you are” at the luchador. Komander responds by hitting a rope walk takedown, followed by a dropkick!

Strong goes after the luchador, catching him with a backbreaker before going after the mask…to which Komander responds by bringing him to the ropes, before taking Strong to the outside as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Strong manages to get back in control as he starts wearing Komander down on the outside before sliding back into the ring, cutting the luchador off before laying in some more hard strikes for good measure. Back suplex by Strong before he cinches in a chinlock on Komander, who fights back to his feet only to be taken for a ride with a backbreaker and a forward slam that gives Roddy a nearfall…before he locks in the Stronghold as we come back from break!

Komander finally manages to break out as Strong looks to take him back down, only for the luchador to send him to the canvas with a headscissors! Strong is taken to the ropes for a cross body by Komander for the cover…BUT RODDY KICKS OUT!

Strong sends Komander to the corner now, setting him up on the top turnbuckle…but the luchador fights out of it before sweeping him off his feet! Komander’s up top now for a Phoenix Splash for the cover…BUT STRONG KICKS OUT ONCE AGAIN!

Roddy rolls toward the apron as Komander goes up top again. The Kingdom pull Strong out of the ring…but all three men are met with a big moonsault by the luchador for their troubles! Komander brings Strong back to the ring as he goes up for a springboard leap…but gets cut off with an Anti-Air by Roddy! Strong hits the End of Heartache on the luchador for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Roderick Strong

Renee interviews Roderick after the match, as Strong continues to insist that MJF is the devil, pointing to Page getting attacked by the devil’s men for even making the accusation himself before telling his “best friend by proxy” Samoa Joe to listen to reason.

We get a rundown of what’s to come this week including the final stretch to Worlds End on December 30 as the Continental Classic comes to a close next week!

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Back at ringside, Jim Ross is welcomed back to commentary for our main event before Jay White makes his way to the ring. Out next is Jon Moxley, heading through the crowd with a mission to go undefeated in the Continental Classic after tonight. The crowd are ecstatic for Moxley as he heads to the ring, before this match gets underway!

Continental Gold League Match: Jon Moxley (12) vs Jay White (9)

White leaves the ring to focus on his strategy before mouthing off with Mox…who immediately takes him down for a rear naked choke! Jay fights out of it until Mox goes for the mouth, eventually heading back to his feet to hit a piledriver on the Switchblade for a nearfall! Only for Mox to go right for a bulldog choke…until White scrambles to the ropes, forcing a break! The action heads outside as White sends Mox into the steel steps, and then back into the ring as Switchblade wears Mox down.

But not for long, as Jon turns things around with some hard strikes of his own before both men end up outside again. White fights back, looking for a piledriver on the ramp…but is sent down with a back body drop instead! Mox brings Jay back to the ring to stay on the attack, mounting up for some punches in the corner before taking a bite out of the Switchblade! Jay starts to fight back until Mox heads to the apron, looking hurt at the knee as Jay sends him off the apron to the outside before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Mox is favoring the injured knee, something that the Switchblade takes advantage of as he attacks the limb against the ring post before bringing Mox back in for another beatdown. He pulls Mox in, still targeting the knee until Jon leaves the ring for a breather…but Switchblade does not afford him this, sending the former World Champion into the barricade once again! Jay brings Mox back to the ring for a nearfall, now going after Mox’s back against the ropes before locking in a leglock as we come back from break!

Jay transitions into a Muta Lock, wearing Mox down until letting go…only to go right after Mox some more. Mox takes a chop to the back, and it fires him up as he gets back to his feet before taking Switchblade down hard. Mox wears him down in the corner before setting him up top…and hitting a couple hard chops for good measure!

Mox rakes the back of Switchblade and takes a bite at the nose before hitting a massive superplex…but White gets to his feet before Mox can follow up. Jay leaves the ring, but is laid out with a big dive by Mox! Mox is now in control as he goes for a suplex to the steel steps, but White sends him crashing into the steps instead!

Jay goes searching for chairs, looking to use them on Mox until the ref admonishes him for it. White sends a chair into the ring as the ref chases after it…which turns out to be a ruse as White uses the other chair on Mox! Jay gets into the ring as Mox is struggling to his feet in the midst of a count from the ref…but he gets back in at the count of nine! Jay charges at Mox, who takes him down for the cover…BUT SWITCHBLADE KICKS OUT!

Both men back to their feet trading strikes, with Mox getting sent to the corner before White hits a boot and follows with a dragon screw! Mox catches Switchblade with a cradle for a nearfall…and a knee strike for another!

Mox and White back up again, laying into each other until Mox hits a cutter! But White responds with a sleeper suplex and a uranage for the cover…BUT MOX KICKS OUT!

Only to take a Kiwi Crusher by White! But that’s not enough as Mox manages to kick out once again, much to the ire of Switchblade!

Mox fires up now, hitting a big lariat on Jay…and counters out of a Blade Runner for another lariat! Mox in the corner as he hits a stomp on Jay White, and we’re informed that five minutes remain…but pay no mind to that, because Jay hits a Blade Runner from out of nowhere for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Jay White (12)

With the win and no tiebreaker to state otherwise, this puts Jay White in the semifinal with Swerve and Mox making the Gold League Semifinal a three-way match! We get a rundown of the coming week and Worlds End as White celebrates his win, staring down the fallen Mox until Swerve Strickland makes his way to ringside, staring down his fellow Gold League leaders ahead of the semifinal next week.

Mox is still hurt as he gets back to his feet…but not for long, as Jay attacks him from behind to keep the former champ down as the show comes to a close.