AEW Dynamite 12 27 2023

AEW Dynamite Results
December 27, 2023
Orlando, FL (Addition Financial Arena)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

After the opening pyro, Jon Moxley makes his way to the ring for our opening contest! Out next is Jay White, as we gear up for the Continental Classic Gold League Final. After that is Swerve Strickland to round out the three-way match before we get underway!

Continental Classic Gold League Final: Swerve Strickland vs. Jon Moxley vs. Jay White

The three men stand off before Swerve slides out of the ring, leading to remarks between him and White before Mox knocks him off the apron…only for Strickland to catch Mox by surprise with a nearfall! The action just as quickly spills to the outside between Mox and Strickland, before they turn their attention to Jay…leading to them sending the Switchblade over the barricade! All three men go at it throughout the crowd after this, until Mox sends Jay down on his little Switchblades to a guardrail…only to take a chop from Strickland after!

Swerve keeps on the attack, wearing Mox down until he sets the former World Champion up on a chair for a big kick, knocking Mox clean off! The brawling continues even further up into the crowd for a moment, but eventually it all comes back toward ringside…where White takes advantage of the wear and tear on Strickland and Mox!

Jay takes Swerve down first before going after Mox, sending him down hard with a suplex into the barricade. Turning his attention back to Swerve, the Switchblade brings him back into the ring before hitting a suplex on him to drive Strickland into the turnbuckle. Jay looks to set something up on the outside, which costs him as Swerve takes him down hard with a kick and follows up with a hard strike on the apron!

We see Mox finally making his way back to the ring as Swerve and White go back at it, sending Switchblade out before going after Swerve…who manages to fight back, taking Mox and Jay out with a frog splash on the outside as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The fight remains on the outside as Swerve goes after White, but Mox intervenes for a moment before being sent away. Jay takes advantage of this, bringing Swerve into the ring for a nearfall…but Strickland responds with some clubbing elbow strikes to keep the Switchblade at bay. The fight moves to the apron as Strickland and White go at it before we go back to break!

Swerve fights out of an attack by Jay, tripping him up on the apron…only for Mox to intercept once more, bringing Swerve back into the ring for some hard strikes that get him a nearfall. Mox is right back on the hammer and elbows, before bringing Swerve back to a corner…but Strickland knocks him away! Swerve heads off the turnbuckle but is intercepted with a piledriver by Mox for the cover…BUT STRICKLAND KICKS OUT!

Mox brings Swerve to the outside, where the table awaits him…but so too does Jay White with a steel chair, nailing Mox on the back with it! Swerve finds his way back in the ring as Jay continues the attack on Mox before sliding back in…only to be rolled up by Strickland for a nearfall! Jay sends Swerve into the ropes now, but Strickland stops him before hitting a House Call to lay White down on the canvas!

Swerve hoists Switchblade up for a power slam and a 450 splash…only for Mox to break the count as we go to picture-in-picture once again!

Picture-in-Picture: All three men go at it until they find themselves worn out on the canvas, each slowly getting back to their feet before trading strikes. This turns out to just bring them back to a standstill, though standing is far from the right word as they’re back down on the canvas for a moment. They finally make it back to a vertical base, but White appears to be in control…until Mox hits a big cutter as we come back from break!

All three men make it back to their feet and back to trading strikes until Jay hits a sleeper suplex on Strickland…but that opens him up for an attack by Mox, who goes for the bulldog choke! Swerve breaks it up, but gets knocked away by White who goes after Mox with a Blade Runner for the cover…BUT SWERVE BREAKS IT UP!

Switchblade leaves the ring, grabbing another steel chair before attacking Mox and Swerve with it for more damage. He props the chair up in the corner as Mox leaves the ring, and White brings Swerve up to his feet…only for Strickland to send him into the chair instead! Mox catches Swerve from behind with a rear naked choke…but Swerve rolls him up for a nearfall! Both men back to their feet once more, trading strikes toward the ropes as Swerve hits a couple boots and a big discus lariat on Mox!

Mox fights out of a JML Driver, biting Swerve’s hand to get away…but Strickland heads up top, only for Jay to knock him off! Jay looking for a Blade Runner on Mox, but it gets turned around into a Death Rider by Mox for the cover! Swerve tries to slide in, but narrowly misses breaking the count as Mox gets the pin and the win!

Winner (advancing to the Continental Classic Finals at Worlds End): Jon Moxley

Video Package: AEW Collision saw the formation of the Blue League Finals set for tonight, as Bryan Danielson is set to take on Eddie Kingston!

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Backstage, Tony Schiavone talks to Swerve Strickland about the match, and Swerve is furious about falling short after how close he came. Swerve says he meant what he said, and that he’s one of the best in this business, before turning his attention to Keith Lee who has been calling him out as of late. Tony brings up a contract that was drawn up for a match at Worlds End, and Swerve seemingly accepts saying “let’s see if Keith shows up Saturday” before walking off.

We cut ringside where Renee is ready to interview Mariah May. Before they get there, however, Renee wants to talk about the attack May did last week, but May takes the time to hype up the AEW Women’s World Champion. Mariah gets ready to announce when she makes her AEW in-ring debut, revealing that 2023 had bad energy so her match takes place next week…because 2024 is all about May.

Riho’s music hits as May runs away from the first-ever AEW Women’s World Champion, only for Toni Storm to go after her challenger for Saturday! This turns out badly for the Timeless one as Riho fights her off, before May goes to check on the champion.

Backstage, Top Flight addresses their return to action before Best Friends accept their “challenge,” promising to see them at Rampage on Friday.

We cut to Christian Cage running down Lexy Nair ahead of the upcoming sit-down interview as we cut to commercial.

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Video Package: With the Continental Classic at a close for Andrade El Idolo, he finds himself in the crosshairs of Miro for Worlds End!

Back at ringside, Tony Schiavone talks about Boxing Week before introducing Don Callis and his Family, who get a wave of jeers as they head to the ring. Callis takes the microphone away from Schiavone, saying he has…uh, something important to say. The crowd is not wanting to hear this as Callis talks about the things happening outside the wrestling business the past couple weeks, saying it’s been difficult for him.

The boos only get louder as Callis says he needs his family, and that he couldn’t have gotten through his situation without them. Callis has a gift for each man in his Family, giving each of them a framed piece of art with them and Callis, who says the family feels complete now…but this is interrupted by the arrival of Sammy Guevara!

Sammy looks less than pleased even as the Family welcome him down to the ring. Callis is quickly interrupted once again as the crowd chant for Sammy, who takes the microphone to say “long time, no talk.” Callis asks if Guevara got the gift he sent the kid, before offering a painting just for Sammy…a painting of Sammy and the rest of the Family, alongside Sammy’s baby daughter. Sammy immediately calls Callis out for this, with Don saying he and his Family are here to help him…especially as Sammy is incapable of being a parent.

This raises the ire of Sammy, who says that the fans don’t remember the great things the Family did because Don makes it all about him. Callis turns this around on Sammy, saying he was disappointed with Sammy dropping the ball and getting hurt and taking some time off. He tells Guevara he has to choose between his regular family and the Don Callis Family…and if he makes the wrong choice, he will be remembered as a failure, just as he’ll be a failure as a father. This causes Sammy to rush at Don, before the rest of the Family start beating down on him…until Chris Jericho comes running down to make the save!

Jericho’s got a baseball bat, causing the Family to run out of the ring and up the ramp before he and Sammy destroy the paintings in the ring…and extend a hand to each other, only to hug it out! The moment doesn’t last long as Starks and Bill come rushing into the ring to beat down the former Le Sex Gods. After a moment this comes to an end as the lights cut out…and when they come back on, Darby Allin and Sting show up!

The combined efforts finally run the tag champs out of the ring, leaving two former world champions and two of the Pillars of AEW to a big pop from the crowd as the tag champs regroup on the stage.

Backstage, Renee talks to Roderick Strong who has a board with pictures and writing to prove that MJF is the Devil, promising that the truth will eventually be exposed!

We get a rundown of Worlds End and the matches already lined up for the PPV, before going back to ringside for our Continental Classic Blue League Final! Out first is Bryan Danielson, looking to punch his ticket to face Mox at Worlds End. Next up is Eddie Kingston, looking to face his former best friend and defend the belts he still has as this match gets underway!

Continental Classic Blue League Final: Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston

Bryan avoids Kingston at the outset, before going after him quickly. The action heads back to the corner where Bryan is clearly avoiding contact with the brawler Kingston, picking his spots with some kicks in the center of the ring. Once more with the rope break in the corner, as Bryan continues to keep on the attack in a careful manner…until he gets taken down with a Saito suplex by Kingston!

Bryan rolls out of the ring, but gets caught with a dive by Eddie on the outside, before the champ lays into the American Dragon with some chops against the barricade. Eddie takes Danielson to task with more damage, sending Bryan into the barricade and laying in more chops before Danielson gets back in the ring.

Eddie catches him in the corner with more chops, before Bryan turns it around on the champ…who lays him out with a strike on the rebound! The action heads to the apron now as Bryan fights out of a suplex attempt, hitting the champ with a DDT onto the hardest part of the ring…before sending him to the floor with a leaping knee strike as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Danielson keeps on the attack, bringing Kingston back into the ring for some clubbing elbows before getting a nearfall. Eddie is up against the ropes now as Bryan hits some hard kicks to wear the champ down. Despite his best efforts, Eddie is kept on the canvas by a string of strikes by Danielson before the Dragon mounts up on him with some punches for good measure, taunting the champ as we come back from break!

Kingston gets to his knees as Danielson hits a set of kicks, but Eddie fights back to his feet before Bryan wears him back down looking for a LeBelle Lock…only for Kingston to stop it with a rope break! Bryan continues to taunt the champ as he lays in some more kicks, continuing the insults until Kingston catches him with an exploder suplex!

Eddie’s back on his feet, looking for the Hurriken…but it gets blocked by Danielson! Eddie gets back to his feet again, charging at Danielson in the corner before laying in some machine gun chops. He sends Bryan to an adjacent corner for more damage, driving his boot into the neck of the American Dragon before being forced to break it up!

Exploder blocked by Danielson now, as he locks in a LeBelle Lock on the champ! Eddie is slowly fighting to a vertical base before finally getting to the ropes to break it up. Danielson goes right back on the attack now, before heading up to the top turnbuckl…only to be intercepted by the champ! Bryan fights back out of it however, setting Eddie up in a tree of woe before laying in some kicks on the head. Eddie comes crashing to the canvas as Bryan backs up…before hitting a big basement dropkick!

Danielson sets Kingston up for a back superplex, but Eddie turns it around crashing down upon the American Dragon as we go to picture-in-picture once more!

Picture-in-Picture: Both men slowly get back to their feet before going back at it with an exchange of strikes. This seems to lead to a standstill between them, until Eddie knocks Bryan down to a knee. Kingston goads Danielson to keep at it as we come back from break!

Bryan is back on his feet and they go right back to trading chops…until Bryan changes up with some kicks to wear the champion down! Eddie makes it back to his feet for another series of chops, taking Danielson back down to his knees before nearly laying him out entirely with even more chops for good measure!

Eddie backs away for just a moment, and Bryan takes advantage with a back suplex into a bridge for a pin…BUT EDDIE KICKS OUT!

Danielson’s back on his feet now, laying into the champ with some hard kicks…until Eddie evades the last of them, but Danielson fights out of a half and half! But Eddie catches him with a lariat from the corner, and a Northern Lights bomb for the cover…BUT BRYAN KICKS OUT THIS TIME!

Both men are once again struggling to get back to their feet, but the champ is the first one up as he goes for a powerbomb…but Bryan counters with a hurricanrana and a cover! Eddie kicks out, but gets taken down with a Busaiku Knee from Bryan who stacks him…BUT KINGSTON KICKS OUT ONCE AGAIN!

Danielson lays in some hammer and elbows on the champ, and the ref checks in on him as Bryan promises to kick his head in. Danielson grabs Kingston by the hands before laying in some massive stomps against the skull, forcing the ref to check on the champ again…and the champ responds with a middle finger to the American Dragon!

Bryan goes tot he corner for another Busaiku Knee..but runs into a Hurriken by Kingston! Half and half suplex, and another Hurriken…no! Roundhouse kick by Danielson…only to get laid out with another Hurriken by the champ! Kingston with a powerbomb and the stack…and he gets the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall (and advancing to the Continental Classic Finals at Worlds End): Eddie Kingston

Kingston celebrates as Moxley runs down to check on Danielson, staring down the man he will face at Worlds End in the final in the process. Mox has a microphone in the ring now, saying he stuck his neck out for Kingston and that all he ever asked of Eddie was his absolute best…before addressing how much the people love him.

The fans at Worlds End don’t care if Eddie wins or loses, they just want his absolute best…but he and Mox both know that Eddie won’t beat him at Worlds End. Mox is soon interrupted by Kingston, who calls Mox out for treating him like a young boy when Kingston broke into the business before him. Eddie says he’s gonna bust Mox up and he’s gonna like it. Eddie’s music hits as the crowd cheers on the champ, who looks to retain his current titles and become a Triple Crown winner at Worlds End.

We cut backstage, where Cage and company are informed that Copeland has arrived as we go to commercial!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from break as Cage is agitated about waiting for this interview…but that never comes, because Copeland blindsides him instead! The fight spills into the hallway as AEW wrestlers and officials try to break it up, only for Copeland to chase after Cage! Things finally settle down as Copeland tells Cage “you’re mine” before being pulled away.

We cut back to ringside where Kris Statlander makes her way out for our next match! Out next is Skye Blue, before this match gets underway!

Kris Statlander vs. Skye Blue

The two women go at it, before the action heads to the corner where Kris takes control! Statlander continues with a set of scoop slams sending Skye to the canvas. Blue starts to fight back but is dropped by Kris, who sends Skye to the corner…only for Blue to turn it around! Skye gets caught with a stalling suplex by the former TBS Champion, however, only to get tripped up into the ropes by Skye! Blue hits a knee and a pump kick, keeping the action on the apron before she sends Statlander down hard as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Despite an early effort from Statlander, it is Skye who maintains control as she brings Kris back into the ring, attacking her in the corner. Statlander fights back for a moment but Skye gets back into it for a nearfall. Kris starts fighting back, leading to a trade of strikes between the two women as we come back from break!

Kris wins this exchange, sending Skye into the corner before hitting a deadlift German suplex for the cover…only for Skye to kick out!

Blue gets to her feet as Kris sets up for a discus elbow, only for Skye to hit a thrust kick and a Code Blue for the cover…BUT NOW IT’S STATLANDER WHO KICKS OUT!

Skye goes up top, looking for a hurricanrana…but Kris counters! Skye rolls through, only for Statlander to counter into a powerbomb for a nearfall! Kris sends Skye into the corner for a set of strikes before setting up for a superplex…but Skye slips out, distracting the ref as Julia Hart arrives to nail Statlander with the TBS title! Skye takes advantage of this, hitting another Code Blue to pick up the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Skye Blue

There is no celebration here as Skye and Julia beat Kris down after the match, until Willow Nightingale runs down to make the save! Julia and Skye regroup on the ramp, until Abadon arrives to stare the champ down ahead of their TBS Championship match at Worlds End!

Backstage, Renee talks to Ruby Soho and Saraya about Ruby’s match at Rampage, which leads to an introduction to someone named Holly, which Soho ignores when she gets a phone call. We then get a rundown of the card for Worlds End, including a new match announced with an 8-man tag match that sees Jericho and Sammy teaming with Sting and Darby Allin against the Don Callis Family!

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, we gear up for our main event…with two masked men making their way to the ring to understandably challenge for the ROH World Tag Team Championship! Out next is the champion MJF, followed by his tag partner to help defend the titles in Samoa Joe…who doesn’t show up. The screen shows Joe having been attacked backstage as officials check on him. Back at ringside, MJF insists he’s doing this match all the same if he has to go it alone, and this match gets underway!

ROH Tag Team Championship Match: Samoa Joe and MJF (c) defend against Devil’s Henchmen

MJF charges at one of the masked men, sending him to the corner before taking out the other. He goes for the mask on one of them now, but this leads to a blind tag as the other masked henchmen gets into it! Max stays on the attack as he goes after the mask once more…but this time, a third assailant lays into him with a steel pipe! This allows the legal man to bring MJF back into the ring, hitting a Heat Seeker and gets a pin with his feet on the ropes and they pick up the win and the titles!

Winners via pinfall and new ROH World Tag Team Champions: Devil’s Henchmen

This leads to absolute chaos as a group of them arrive to beat up the former tag champ utnil Joe finally arrives to make the save. This is all interrupted with the Devil appearing on screen with some text saying “Pleasure doing business with you”…which leads to Joe laying Max out with the steel chair! Joe sends the World Champion into the corner saying “I did this to you” before hitting a Muscle Buster from the turnbuckle!

With the champ down and out, Joe stands over him holding the AEW World Championship up high ahead of their title match at Worlds End, as Dynamite comes to a close!