AEW Rampage 03 03 2023

AEW Rampage Results
March 3, 2023
Cow Palace – Daly City, CA
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go live to the show with Jim Ross, Excalibur, Chris Jericho and Tony Schiavone are on commentary.

Alex Reynolds and John Silver vs. Top-Flight vs. ROH Champion Claudio Castagnoli and ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta vs. Aussie Open

John Silver and Alexander Reynolds attack Claudio and Yuta from behind. Top Flight come out as Aussie Open is out. The bell rings. The Kingdom are out at ringside. Mark Davis hits Dante with a senton. Aussie Open attempt to double team Top Fight, but they come back with double drops kicks on Aussie Open. Top Fight continues the offense on Aussie Open. Alex Reynolds tags in and takes out Aussie Open. The team recovers and double teams Reynolds. Claudio is tagged in and tosses out Reynolds. Reynolds is comes back in a tags in Silver who goes right after Claudio who has to go to the ropes to break the hold from Silver. Claudio takes Silver to the turn buckles, but he goes to the outside and takes out Aussie Open and Top Flight. Silver goes to the top and flies from the top but is caught by Claudio. Reynolds is tagged in and Yuta is then tagged in and takes out Reynolds from behind with an elbow. Claudio and Yuta double team Reynolds as we go to the break.


During the picture in picture break, Yuta and Claudio double team Reynolds. Claudio suplexes Reynolds who tries to tag in but Claudio picks him up and slams him.

Back from the break, Claudio continues the offense and drops Reynolds. Claudio tags Yuta who takes out Silver as the fans boo. Yuta who is taken down takes in Aussie Open, as Reynolds tags in Dante Martin. Top Flight takes out both members of Aussie Open in the ring and the outside of the ring. Aussie Open recovers as Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher powerbomb Dante and then kicks out at two! Claudio comes in as Aussie Open double teams Claudio. As Davis goes to hit Claudio, Claudio ducks and Davis takes Fletcher. Darrius comes in and is nailed hard as Yuta tosses out Silver and pins Darrius for the win. After the bell, Reynolds then comes in attacks Yuta, but Claudio and Yuta fight them off. Silver and Yuta fight to the back as we go to a Moxley/Page video package hyping the Texas Death Match for Revolution on Sunday.

Winners by pinfall: Claudio Castagnoli and ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta


Back from the break, we go to a backstage vignette with “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry holding a shovel saying he will put Christian Cage in the ground at Revolution.

Rhio vs. Emi Sakura

The bell rings and here we go. Both women lock up as Sakura hits Rhio with some big chops as the fans begin to chant Rhio. Rhio reverses it, but Sakura comes back with chops and takes down Rhio. Sakura has Rhio in the corner. Rhio gets up and runs at Sakura who catches her and drops her down. Rhio tosses Sakura to the corner and then hits Sakura with a running knee as she then goes down. Rhio covers Sakura, but only gets a two count! Rhio continues the offense as Sakura goes to the floor. Rhio gets on the top rope as Sakura gets up. Rhio runs at Sakura, but is caught by Sakura who tosses her against the guardrail. As we go to the break, Sakura hits Rhio with a knee against the railing.

Picture in picture commercial break, Sakura continues the offense on the outside and then tosses Rhio back in the ring and works her with a choke hold and then has in another submission like hold. As Rhio tries to break it, Sakura counters it and keeps it locked it and then breaks it. Rhio is in the corner as Sakura mocks Rhio. Sakura hits Rhio with a punch.

We go to a full commercial break from the action.

Back from the break, Rhio attempts to come back with blows on Sakura. Rhio trips Sakura and then hits Sakura with a tiger kick that looks more like a 619. Rhio covers Sakura, but Sakura kicks out at two! Sakura comes back from and hits Rhio with a splash in the corner and then covers her, but Rhio kicks out at two! Both women try to pin each other. Rhio then comes back with a back slide as Sakura counters and attempts to pin Rhio, but Rhio kicks out at two! Sakura nails Rhio and goes to the top rope and comes down with a moonsault as Rhio moves. Rhio then rolls up Sakura to get the win!

Winner by pinfall: Rhio

We go to a video package hyping the three way AEW Women’s World Championship Match at this Sunday’s Revolution.

Powerhouse Hobbs comes out with his Face of the Revolution Ladder Match ring that he won on Wednesday’s Dynamite. He came out to a great ovation.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Serpentico

Hobbs man handles Serpentico and drops him with a spine buster. Hobbs picks up Serpentico, puts him a torcher rack, drops him and gets the quick win.

Winner by pinfall: Powerhouse Hobbs

Hobbs grabs a mic and says this Sunday it doesn’t matter if it’s Samoa Joe or Wardlow, the next chapter in the books of Hobbs is the TNT Championship.

We go to a backstage interview with Takeshita talking about maybe needing to go back to Japan. Don Callis then comes in and tells Takeshita he needs something. Callis asks Takeshita to think about it and if Callis can’t do anything for him, then he will drive him to the airport himself.


Back from the break, we go Mark Briscoe backstage talking about the tag team Battle Royale. He talks about Jay not being in the match and remembered that Jay is upstairs with the Lord. Then he says he sees Mark Sterling. Lucha Bros then comes in and we have a tag match for the Revolution Zero Hour with Mark Sterling’s group.

We go to Mark Henry introducing a video package hyping the final match of the night for this go-home show for this Sunday’s Revolution.

Dustin Rhodes and Keith Lee vs. Swerve Strickland and Parker Boudreaux

Lee came out to the ring wearing a cape.

The fans cheer Lee and Rhodes. The two are attacked from behind by Strickland and Boudreaux. Lee and Rhodes come back. Boudreaux and Lee who is sporting bleached hair and a bleached beard start things off. Boudreaux is on the offense as Lee then makes the tag to Rhodes who hits Boudreaux with punches to the face. Boudreaux is able to come back and says he wants more of Rhodes and then takes out Rhodes with a short arm lariat as we go to the break.

Picture in picture commercial break, Strickland is tagged in and works on Rhodes with chops, punches and then kicks. Strickland gets Rhodes to the corner and then tags in Boudreaux who has him by the ears and then follows up with an elbow. As the fans cheer and clap for Rhodes, the tries to come back. Boudreaux counters and takes down Rhodes and attempts to pin him, but Rhodes kicks out at two! Strickland is tagged in and he works on Rhodes with kicks and then has him in a submission like hold as Rhodes tries to make it to the corner.

Back from the picture in picture break. Rhodes picks up Strickland with a huge body drop as Rhodes is down. Strickland gets the tag, then Rhodes get the tag as Boudreaux and Lee exchange blows. Lee tosses Boudreaux and then hits with a pounce like move. Boudreaux tags in Strickland as he chops an attempted lariat by Strickland. Lee then picks up Strickland by one arm and drops Strickland as the fans chant Lee’s name. Both men are now on the top as Boudreaux hits Lee from behind. Rhodes comes in and takes out Strickland. Bourdeaux then holds Lee as Strickland is able to recover but he flies off the ropes and hits Rhodes from with a crossbody. Strickland then climbs the ropes and hits Lee from the top, goes for the pin, but Strickland kicks out! Rhodes picks up Strickland and drops him with a huge Canadian Destroyer. Lee then picks up Rhodes and tosses him against Strickland and Boudreaux. Lee picks up Boudreaux and slam him with the Big Bang Catastrophe to get the win!

Winners by pinfall: Dustin Rhodes and Keith Lee

After the match, the commentary team run down the card for Sunday as Ricky Starks comes from behind the curtain and attacks Jericho as they brawl on the entrance area. The officials come out and attempt to break it up as the show goes off the air.