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AEW Rampage 04 07 2023 & Battle Of The Belts

Results For AEW Rampage/Battle of the Belts – April 7, 2023
Ryan Center in Kingston, Rhode Island
Results by: Jerome Wilen of Wrestleview.com

AEW Rampage 4/7 live special on TNT – 10:00 pm ET

We go live to the Ryan Center in Kingston, RI. Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone are on commentary.

FTW Championship Match: HOOK (C) defends against Ethan Page

Hook comes out to a huge ovation. It was noted by JR that HOOK has a 25-0 record in AEW. Page pushes HOOK out of the ring. Page comes out and HOOK grabs a table out from under the ring as the wild fans go crazy. Page kicks HOOK in the face, but he recovers and nails Page with shots as the action is now going into the lower level of the arena. Both men are fighting up the stairs to mid-level of the arena as falls count anywhere since this is an FTW Match. Page pokes HOOK in the eyes, but he recovers and both continue the fight. Security and the referees are trying to keep the action on the steps. Page kicks hook down and then bites him. HOOK comes back with shots on Page as both men start to make their way down. Page sits down as HOOK nails page with cross face blows as the crowd counts!

Picture-In-Picture: The action goes down to the lower level as Page attempts to hit HOOK with a Kendo stick, but he ducks. HOOKS picks up a full garbage can and smashes it over the head of Page. The crazy action is back down on the main level but still on the outside of the barricade. Page lays out HOOK with punches.

Back from the break, Page starts jawing with a fan as HOOK is back over the barricade. HOOK then grabs Page and drops him on the floor. HOOK grabs a few chairs from under the ring. Page nails HOOK and picks him up, but HOOK counters and hits Page with a huge lariat. Page then tosses HOOK into the ring post and power-slams HOOK through a table! Both men are down as the fans chant H— S—! Page covers HOOK on the floor, but only gets a two count! Action is now in the ring as Page sets up a table in the corner of the ring. Page attempts hit HOOK with a chair, but it rebounds off the ring ropes and hits himself in the head. HOOK hits a twist of fate on Page and then covers him, but only gets a two count! Page comes back and nails Page with a huge kick to the face. Page picks up HOOK for to put him through a table, but HOOK counters and chokes out Page for the win as Page submits!


After the match, HOOK puts Page through the table as the fans go crazy!

We go to the latest edition of QTV. QT Marshall talks about buying a car this week as Wardlow did not freeze his credit card. QTC asked his students about the Lucha Bros. The students make fun of the Lucha Bros. They say break a leg and QT says who is he? – Dante Martin as they all laugh.



The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens), Angelo Parker & Matt Menard will be in action

Parker and Menard come out with a mic saying that The Acclaimed come out and will join JAS. The Acclaimed music hits and Max Caster raps.

LSG, Infrantry and Bobby Orlando

LSG and Anthony Bowens start the match. Parker and Menard are tagged in a they double team on. The Acclaimed now are in and they hit Orlando with a Scissor Me Timbers. As the ring is cleared, Bowens tags in Caster for a mic drop to on to Orlando to get the win. As Billy Gunn gets in the ring, Jake Hager levels Gunn as Parker and Menard take out The Acclaimed. Parker and Menard hit Bowens with a double DDT.


Swerve Strickland in a backstage segment says he has a merger that gets 51 percent of it. He says he joined forces with- but says everyone will have to find out later tonight.

Darby Allin vs. Lee Moriarty

Moriarty is out with Bill Bill. The bell rings and here we go as the fans chant Darby. Dabry takes down Moriarty with a side lock take over as Sammy Guevara and Jack Perry look on in separate rooms backstage. Darby has Moriarty locked up as then Moriarty counters and takes down Darby. Darby then rolls out as Moriarty hits the corner as the fans chant “let’s go Darby!” Both men then lock it again. Moriarty takes Darby down to the mat, but Darby counters and stomps on Moriarty. Moriarty recovers and takes out Darby as he goes to the floor. Morarity goes to the outside and takes out Darby. Moriarity attempts a knee to the face, but Darby moves as Moriarty hits his knee on the barricade. As Darby turns around, Bill Bill hits Darby in the face with a big boot!

Picture-In-Picture: The action is back in the ring as Moriarty stomps on Darby who rolls in the corner. Both men are on the apron as Darby fights back with blows to the face on Moriarity. Darby runs to the ropes to charge Moriarty but Big Bill pulls the ropes as Darby falls to the outside. Moriarty picks up Darby’s skateboard and nails him in the mid-section.


Back from the break, Dabry hits Moriarty with a shotgun drop-kick. Darby is on the second rope as Moriarty follows, but Darby pushes him off. Darby is on the top rope and is distracted by Big Bill and falls to the mat. Moriarty covers Darby, but only gets a two count! Moriarty picks up Darby and slams and then covers him for only a two count. Moriarty attempts a suplex, but Darby counters it. Moriarty comes back and tosses Darby as he clips his head on the turnbuckle. Darby is on the rope as Moriarty climbs up and drops Darby with a superplex off the top rope. Moriarty then drives his fists into the rib cage of Darby. Darby comes back with a code red on Moriarty and then take out Big Bill with a running battering ram to the outside. Darby climbs to the top rope and hits Moriarty with a coffin drop to get the win!


As Darby begins to walk up the ramp, Swerve Strickland’s music hits and Swerve comes out. The commentators talk about the history of the two in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Brian Cage comes out and picks up Darby and drops him. Prince Nana comes out as The Embassy and Strickland have formed an alliance. Everyone smiles as Darby is out on the floor.

Sit down interview: Jade Cargill and Taya Valkyrie

RJ City is the interviewer. Jade says she has no time as she has title match at Battle of the Belts she needs to get ready for. Taya says that Jade has only been in the business for a cup of coffee. Jade calls Taya a b—. Taya gets in the face of Smart Mark Sterling who says he going to sue Taya, as the chaotic interview mess comes to an end.


Back from the break, they go to the replay of Brian Cage taking out Darby Allin.

Mark Henry welcomes back everyone to Rampage as they play a video package (with bad audio at the beginning) to hype up the main event between Anna JAS vs. Julia Hart. The commentary team runs down the card for Battle of the Belts immediately following Rampage. They also announce Darby Allin vs. Swerve Strickland for Wednesday’s Dynamite.

Anna JAS vs. Julia Hart

From behind Anna nails Julia who goes to the outside. Julia then takes out Anna and tosses her against the barricade. Julia hits Anna and then tosses her back in the ring and smashes Anna’s face on the mat. Anna recovers and hits Julia with big elbow strikes to the face. Anna drops Julia’s neck on the ropes as the action goes to the outside. Anna picks up Julia and drives her face against the barricade.

Picture-In-Picture: Julia rolls back in the ring as Anna stomps on her and then drives a boot to her throat. Anna has Julia on the ropes and has her foot on Julia’s neck. Anna then drives Julia’s head to the turnbuckle. Julia drops to the mat and gets up as Anna drives Julia’s head again into the turnbuckle. Julia attempts to come back, but Anna counters with forearms to the face and then drives Julia down to the mat with a boot to the neck. As Julia is down, Anna goes to the outside to pull Julia’s arm around the ring post. Both women are back in the ring as Anna slams Julia’s head to the mat. Anna posses.

Back from the PIP break, Julia shows signs of life and hits offense on Anna. Julia hits Anna and kicks her in the foot. Julia covers Anna for a pin attempt, but Anna kicks out. There is a standing moonsault from Julia on Anna, but Anna recovers and picks up Julia and drops her. Anna covers Julia, but she kicks out at two! Julia comes back with elbow strikes and then a clothesline. Anna is on the top rope as Julia climbs up. Julia drops down as Anna drops Julia who ends up hanging on the ropes. Julia hits Anna with a moonsault on Anna and covers her but Anna kicks out at two! Anna attempts a queenslayer, but both women crash to the floor as Julia attempts to break the hold. Anna is back in the ring as referee Paul Turner starts the ten count. As Julia tosses a chair in the ring, Paul Turner has his back turned to toss out the chair. Julia spits black mist in Anna’s face and rolls her up to get the pin!


Battle of the Belts VI special live on TNT – 11:00 pm ET

AEW International Championship Match: Orange Cassidy (c) defends against Dralistico

Orange Cassidy’s music hits as Julia Hart makes her way up to the ramp. Julia has a mad look on her face. Cassidy comes out with Best Friends. Julia gives Cassidy a nasty look as he seems not to care. The fans give Cassidy a huge ovation!

Dralistico comes out with Rush, Princeton Vance and Jose.

The bell rings and here we go. Dralistico takes off his jacket and tosses it at Cassidy. Dralistico mocks Cassidy and he locks him up, but Dralistico changes position, but Cassidy takes him down with an arm drag. Dralistico hits Cassidy with a knee strike as Cassidy rolls to the outside. Best Friends follow Cassidy as Vance confronts all three. Rush then comes over. Cassidy rolls back into the ring. Cassidy is doing mocking like chops on Dralistico and then climbs the ropes as he has a hold of Dralistico’s hand. Cassidy comes down as Cassidy has his hand in his pockets and takes down Dralistico with his hand in his pockets. Dralistico rolls to the outside. Jose causes a distraction on the outside as we have a brawl on the outside. Dralistico take out Best Friends on the floor with a huge dive over the ropes. Best Friends make their way back up the ramp.

Picture-In-Picture: Dralistico has Cassidy in the corner with a big boot to the neck. Cassidy rolls to the outside as Dralistico taunts the crowd. Dralistico then stomps on Cassidy and has him in the corner.

Back from PIP, Dralistico is still in charge, but Cassidy turns things around with punch on Dralistico and picks him up and then slams him to the map. Cassidy then drops Dralistico with a DDT and attempts to get the three count, but comes up short with only two. Dralistico comes back and hits Cassidy with a kick to the face. Dralistico then covers Cassidy, but only gets the two count! Cassidy comes back with a stunt dog millionaire on Dralistico. Both men are on the ropes exchanging forearms. Cassidy nails Dralistico with a huge blow, but Dralistico comes back and drops Cassidy from the ropes as Cassidy falls on his left shoulder. The fans begin to chant Freshly Squeezed. Dralistico attempts to pick up Cassidy, but Cassidy counters with a Canadian Destroyer and then a kick to the temple. Cassidy covers Dralistico – 1, 2 NO! Dralistico kicks out!. Cassidy rolls to the outside and nails Jose with an Orange Punch. Back in the ring, Cassidy nails Dralistico with a huge Orange Punch to get the win to retain. Cassidy is favoring his right hand.


The House of Black Music hits as they appear on the big screen as Cassidy looks on. House of Black says they are not done with Cassidy. They said they were gracious enough to put their titles on the line and then ask Cassidy to put his title on the line as the video goes off.

We go to the video package with the return of Jay White, FTR becoming new tag champions and more.


Back from the break we go to Lexy Nair with Mark Briscoe on his loss to Samoa Joe at Supercard of Honor. He talks about the Lucha Bros will win tonight. Jay Lethal then comes in and says that he loves Mark and asks him how come since they have known each other for 20 years, why don’t they work together. Sonjay, Jeff Jarrett and Satnam Singh come in all happy as Mark looks confuse.

AEW TBS Championship Match: Jade Cargill (c) defends against vs. Billie Starkz

The bell rings and Billie walks over and trash talks Jade, who then gets in the face of Billie. Billie then slaps Jade, who then pie faces Billie and sends her to the corner and chops her with a kick to the face. Jade then drops Billie and actually spanks her. Billie tries to fight back and then drops Jade. Billie charges and Jade who picks up Billie and drops her with a fall away slam. Billie goes to the top rope and gets caught by Jade and drops her. Jade sends Bille through the ropes.

Picture-In-Picture: Jade goes to the floor and picks up Bille and smashes her head against the ring apron. Jade then tosses Billie into the barricade. and then stomps on her as Billie is down. Jade rolls in the ring and then rolls out to break the ten count. Jade continues her attack on Billie with kicks the side. Jade against rolls in the ring and then rolls out to break the ten count. Jade pick up Billie, who counters and pushes Jade into the ring post. Billie rolls Jade back in the ring and covers her, but only gets the two count. Jade quickly recovers and then nails Billie who goes down.


Back from the break, Jade has Billie in a headlock as Billie tries to break the hold but Jade is too much. Jade breaks the hold and attempts to kick Billie who moves out of the way. Jade picks up Billie and counters the Jaded as Billie kicks Jade with a big boot as Jade falls to the outside. Billie goes to the outside and then tosses Jade back in the ring. Jade attempts to grab Jade, but its countered. As Jade charges at Billie, she moves out of the way as Jade hits the ring post. Billie then hits Jade with a flatliner and covers Jade, but only gets a two. Billie climbs to the top rope and comes down for a senton, but Jade gets the knees up. Billie goes for a Jaded as Billie gets out of it, but then hits it and covers Billie for the win to retain.


Taya Valkyrie’s music hits as she head to the ring. Jade the charges at Taya as she ducks and Taya hits Jade and tosses her to the ring. Jade is able to escape as Smart Mark Sterling comes out as Jade jaws Taya.

We go backstage with Alex Marvez at the dressing room of The Elite. He opens to the door and only Brandon Cutler and Michael Nakazawa are in the room. There is no Kenny Omega. Cutler talks about how the BCC are bullies as he gets emotional as says with bullies you don’t back down and you be Elite. Nakazawa then says no more, as we go to a commercial break.


Back from the break, Mark Henry interviews both teams. QT says how Powerhouse Hobbs has beat Penta and Fenix and says they walk out tonight as the new ROH Tag Team Champions. Lucha Bros say they are looking for revenge. Penta says tonight they cancel QTV.

ROH Tag Team Championship Match: Lucha Bros defends against Powerhouse Hobbs & QT Marshall

Bobby Cruise is the ring announcer for tonight’s main event. Powerhouse Hobbs and QT Marshall are out first. Caprice Coleman is on commentary for this match with the rest of the team.

Lucha Bros come out next to a big ovation.

The commentary team mentioned that Dante Martin underwent successful surgery earlier in the week and is recovering at home. Martin had a very serious injury to his leg/ankle when he fell to the floor in the Reach For The Sky Ladder Match at ROH Supercard of Honor last Friday night.

The bell rings and here we go. Penta and QT start things out as QT trash talks Penta. Penta then kicks QT in the mid section. Penta hits QT with another shot to the mid section. QT gets up as he extends his hand out to Penta, but Penta has nothing to do with it as he hits QT with chops to the chest. Hobbs is tagged in. Both Hobbs and Penta exchange blows. Penta then kicks Hobbs in the chest as Fenix is tagged in. Hobbs goes to hit Penta, but he ducks and takes out QT instead as QT goes to the floor. Hobbs comes back and drops Penta and Fenix with bodyslams. QT is tagged back in. The fans chant QT sucks! Fenix comes back and kicks QT in the face as he tags in Penta. The champs double team Hobbs with chops, but Hobbs fights back and takes out the Lucha Bros as QT Marshall comes in. We go to the break.

Picture-In-Picture: Both Hobbs and QT work on Penta. They untie part of his mask and tie it to the middle rope and double team him. Penta breaks free, as Hobbs who is the legal man work on Penta with blows to the chin and chops. Penta goes down, but Hobbs picks him up as tags in QT. Penta is sent to the corner as QT slams his head on the turnbuckle. Penta rolls away, but its at the opposite corner. QT picks up Penta and pops him in the face as he goes back down. Penta attempts to fight back and then kicks QT in the face.

Back from the break, Hobbs is tagged in as Penta kicks him. Penta attempts a tag, but QT comes around and takes down Fenix. QT picks up Penta and drops him with a huge power-bomb. QT covers Penta, but only gets a two count! Penta fights off Hobbs with a backstabber and then is able to tag in Fenix! He takes out QT and Hobbs with kicks. Fenix climbs the ropes and takes out QT. The Lucha Bros then kicks Hobbs to take him out then kick QT as Fenix covers him, but only gets a two count! The Lucha Bros double team QT with kicks and a DDT. Fenix covers QT, but Hobbs recovers to break the three count. Hobbs then hits Fenix as Penta hits Hobbs with a backstabber. Penta then hits QT with a diamond cutter as everyone is down. The QT TV crew is on the outside. Penta hits Hobbs in the mid section and then chops him. Hobbs then pokes Penta in the eyes. Fenix comes in and takes down Hobbs. The Lucha Bros double team Hobbs as Penta takes out QT with a Destroyer. QT is tagged in as Penta is down, but Fenix hits a spin kick on QT. Fenix is on the rope. The QTV crew distracts the Lucha Bros as they spray something in the eyes of Penta as the ref’s back is turned, but Penta kicks out from attempt to be pinned. Fenix who is then legal, then rolls up QT for the win as the show goes off the air.


Jerome’s Rampage thoughts: The opening match for Rampage was a lot of fun, even though it was predictable. It was a fun opener to get the hot crowd going even more. The match with Darby Allin and Lee Moriarty was not a bad match. The sit down interview with Jade Gargill and Taya Valkyrie was a mess. AEW is doing a good job of showing how Taya can be somewhat of a serious threat to Jade to actually beat her for the TBS Title. The match of the night though for me was Anna JAS vs. Julia Hart. Both women worked really hard and put on a great match with a few wild spots.