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AEW Rampage & Collision 11 25 2023

AEW Rampage Results
November 25, 2023
Peterson Events Center in Pittsburgh, PA
Results by: Jerome Wilen of Wrestleview.com

The main intro begins for the special Saturday night Rampage…the pyro goes of as we go live to the arena with Tony Schiavone, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcoming us to the show.

Hook’s music hits as the FTW Champion makes his way out to the ring for our opening match. Rocky Romero’s music hits next as he makes his way out to the ring.

Hook vs. Rocky Romero

The bell rings as we begin with a stare down. Both men circle the ring and lock up. Hook is taken down, but he quick to get up. Rocky puts an arm lock on Hook as he goes down and again is quick to get up. We have another lock up as Hook takes down Rocky who gets up, but then is dropped by Hook. Rocky gets up and put Hook in an arm bar and chops him in the chest as Hook drops to his back. Rocky has Hook against the ropes and lays into with with several hard chops to the chest. Hook recovers and locks up Rocky, picks him up and drops him down. Rocky gets back up as Hook attempts a suplex. Both men then go down hard as we get a double lariat! Hook is up as the fans begin Hook chants…Hook drops Rocky with a big German Suplex as he rolls to the apron. Both men are on the apron as Hook attempts to pick up Rocky as he suplexes Hook on the apron! Hook drops to the floor. Rocky then lands on Hook with a double stomp who is on his back on the floor as we go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture: The action is back in the ring as Rocky covers Hook who kicks out at two. Rocky picks up Hook and brings him into the corner and puts him up on the top turnbuckle. Rocky delivers a big suplex and then puts the FTW champ in a headlock…

Back from PIP: Rocky whips Hook into the corner and nails Hook with several running clotheslines…Hook then fires back and tosses Rocky into the corner with an exploder suplex. Hook then tosses Rocky and sends him to the corner and delivers body blows and a headbutt to Rocky…Hook covers Rocky who kicks out at two! Rocky then sends to the apron. Rocky is up on the second rope and connects with a double kick on Hook…Rocky covers Hook…1 – 2 – NO! Hook kicks out! Rocky then drops Hook again and tries another pin, but Hook kicks out as we get Hook chants from the fans. Hook then drops Rocky with a leg trip as the ref starts the ten count. Both men are up…Hook hits Rocky with a big chop…Hook then puts the Redrum on Rocky as he goes down as passes out, as Hook get the win.



Back from the break, the commentary team runs down tonights Continental Classic match coming up on Collision, followed by a video package hyping up tonight’s main event on Rampage, which is Katsuyori Shibata vs. Wheeler Yuta.

Kris Statlander’s music hits as the former TBS Champion makes her way out to the ring. Diamante’s music is up next as she makes her way out to the ring.

Kris Statlander vs. Diamante

The bell rings as we are underway! Both women circle the ring before they lock up. Kris puts Diamante in an armbar…Diamante reverses it and takes down Kris as she breaks the hold..

Both women jaw at each other as we get a test of strength with Diamante taking down Statlander for several pin attempts. Kris drops Diamante as she gets up and misses a back elbow on Statlander who picks up Diamante and drops her with a big powerslam and covers her for only a two count…Mercedes Martinez comes out on the ramp as Martinez makes her way down to the ring…we go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Diamante distracts the ref as Martinez slaps Statlander who is down near the apron. Diamante stomps on the head of Statlander and cover her for a near fall. Diamante uses the second rope to choke Statlander. Diamante picks up Statlander and puts her in a headlock and slams her down and then picks her up to deliver a big right hand. Diamante then charges at Statlander only to be dropped.


Back from the full break, Diamante has Statlander locked up…Diamante then sends Statlander down and covers for only a two count. Both women exchange blows as Diamante then picks up Statlander and drops her with a face plant. Statlander then rolls up Diamante for a pin attempt, but doesn’t get the win. We get several pin attempts from both women. Statlander picks up Diamante and drps on her head…Diamante recovers and drops Statlander and covers her for a near fall…Diamante then trash talks Statlander and hits her with a lariat. Statlander then fires back with a discuss lariat and covers Diamante for the win.


After the match Martinez and Diamante attack Statlander. Willow Nightingale’s music hits as she runs down to make the save by pulling Statlander to the floor.

We get a video package with Daniel Garcia talking about his match later tonight on Collision as part of the Continental Classic, as he will face Claudio Castignoli.

The Kingdom’s music hits next as Matt Taven and Mike Bennett come out…Bennett says to cut the music as it’s no neck November. Bennett says that last week on Rampage Action Andretti tried to kill Roderick Strong who is a hero that wears neck braces. Bennett says that Strong is more determined to let Adam Cole…as Taven grabs the the mic and says they will neck the halls all season…Taven then says that MJF is the devil and if the idiot in MJF was here he would says the devil has arrived. Taven then calls MJF a melvin and then tells MJF he and Bennett are coming back for what is their’s which is the ROH Tag Titles…

The bell rings as we get two jobbers, in Duke Davis and Danny Jones…both Bennett and Taven double team the two with drops kicks and superkicks…Bennett delivers a big piledriver to Davis on the floor as Taven nails Danny Jones with a big splash off the top rope to get the win.



Back from the break, Bobby runs down the rules for a pure rules match. The challenger in Wheeler Yuta is introduced first. The champ is out next.

ROH Pure Championship Match: Katsuyori Shibata (c) vs. Wheeler Yuta

Both men shake hands as we are underway with Shibata chants. Both men lock up. We get a take down by Shiabata as Yuta rolls out of the hold. Both men lock up again as Yuta puts Shitbata in an armbar. Shibata is up and reverses it and puts Yuta in a side headlock. Yuta is up as he gets dropped. Shibata then puts Yuta in a bow and arrow hold and turns it into an ankle lock. Shibata then turns the ankle lock into a V-5 and another bow and arrow. Shibata rolls up Yuta for a near fall…as we dual Shibata and Yuta chants. Shibata then twists Yuta’s ankle as he makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Yuta then gets issued a warning for closed fist to the face on Shibata. Yuta then drops Shibata and covers him for only a two count as we go to picture-in-picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Yuta connects a big drop kick on Shibata and applies a headlock on Shibata. Shibata breaks out of the hold as Yuta hits him with another drop kick. Yuta covers Shibata for only a two count. Yuta has Shibata in the corner and hits him with a few chops. Shibata walks over to the opposite corner and is chopped again by Yuta and goes down. Yuta puts a headlock on Shibata as the ref checks on him. Yuta removes the hold and then stomps on the chest of Shibata and covers him as Shibata kicks out at two! Yuta sends Shibata to the corner and hits him with several chops to the chest…

Back from PIP: Yuta continues the chops to the chest of Shibata who then fires back with big forearms shots, followed by several knife edge chops to Yuta’s chest. Shibata then charges and Yuta and connects with a huge drop kick to the head…Shibata covers Yuta for only a two count. Shibata locks up Yuta and drops him and applies an ankle lock on Yuta…Yuta tries to get to the rope, but Shibata pulls him back and applies and STP on Yuta, who makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Yuta sends Shibata to the outside…Yuta flies over the ropes and collides with Shibata on the floor. Shibata then grabs Yuta and hits him with a drop kick as Yuta crashes into the barricade. Shibata tosses Yuta back in the ring and covers him for a near fall..Yuta then pushes Shibata into the ref and low blows Shibata and then drops Shibata on his head and covers him to get the win, as Yuta is a three-time ROH Pure Champion.

After the match, Yuta goes to shake Shibata’s hand and kicks him in the mid-section and then drops him on his head…Hook’s music hits as the FTW Champ attempts to make the save, but Yuta is already out of the ring. Hook picks up Shibata and raises his hand Shibata leaves the ring as the medical staff helps him out of the ring and checks on him. The medical staff walks to the back with Shibata, as the show goes off the air.

AEW Collision Results
November 25, 2023
Peterson Events Center in Pittsburgh, PA
Results by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

Saturday night’s alright for fightin’, whether it’s for a viewing audience or that last bit of pumpkin pie, so uh…let’s get Collidin’!

We get promos from Eddie Kingston, Brody King, and Daniel Garcia before our opening hype package and pyro! Commentary runs down the rules of the Continental Classic and takes a peek at the Blue League’s leaderboard head of our first two matches of the tournament!

We head to ringside for our opening contest as Claudio Castagnoli makes his way to the ring, notably on his own given the rules of the tournament. Out next is Daniel Garcia who is also all on his own tonight, and this match is underway!

AEW Continental Classic Match: Daniel Garcia vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Garcia shows off his agility early on but is caught with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Claudio who gets the nearfall. Action heads to the corner as Garcia manages to get the upper hand on Castagnoli with a guillotine…only to get dropped! Claudio takes Garcia back to the corner, but Garcia starts fighting back with forearms until he’s sent away by the former ROH World Champion. Both men find themselves near the apron with Garcia looking in a sleeper on the top rope before sending him off the apron…and giving us a dance in celebration!

Garcia heads to the outside to keep on the attack, setting Claudio on a chair on the outside…before charging for a dropkick sending him into the barricade! He goes for another one, but is caught in mid-air before Castagnoli sends him into the barricade with a big swing before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Claudio stays on the attack here, bringing Garcia into the ring before cinching in a chinlock…Garcia tries to fight out but is dropped to the canvas, before Castagnoli goes right back after him, putting in a nasty submission hold that Garcia tries to fight out of it, finally doing so as we come back!

Garcia fights off the attack of Claudio enough to hit another guillotine, this time transitioning to a rear naked choke that sends Claudio to one knee. The ref checks on him, but Castagnoli gets back up and sends Garcia into the corner…but Garcia stays on the attack, going for an ankle lock! Claudio fights it off, but Garcia catches him with a nearfall. Claudio starts getting back into the match, sending Garcia into the corner for some forearms before dropping the former ROH Pure Champion for a nearfall of his own.

Claudio hits some hammer elbows before setting up for a Ricola Bomb…but Garcia reverses, rolling him up for a nearfall! Then he goes for a Sharpshooter on Claudio…but he reverses into one of his own! Garcia struggles to the ropes, but Claudio pulls him back in toward the center! Garcia slowly but surely twists out of the hold before catching him with a small package for a nearfall…but Claudio gets one of his own! Garcia stays up after a European uppercut, but he gets caught with a Ricola Bomb giving Claudio the pin and the win for his first 3 points of the tournament!

Winner via pinfall: Claudio Castagnoli

Backstage, Eddie Kingston says the cold open wasn’t enough apparently before running down what winning this tournament and holding onto the ROH World Championship and the NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion means for the Mad King. He asks if that’s good enough for the production crew, cause he’s got a match to get ready for. He gets confirmation that he can wrap it up, and he wraps it up!

Back at ringside, Luchasau–I mean, Killswitch–makes his way to the ring for our next contest, a two-on-one handicap match against The Boys!

Two-on-One Handicap Match: Killswitch vs. The Boys

This match goes about how you’d expect, though I will make note of a big chokeslam by Killswitch sending one of the Boys down hard on the apron, followed by a massive lariat that gives Killswitch the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Killswitch

But the former TNT Champion isn’t finished here, as he grabs a pair of steel chairs from under the ring before heading back in…sending the Boy he pinned right onto one set up with a chokeslam, before Adam Copeland rushes out to make the save! He catches Killswitch from behind with a chair to the back, slamming it repeatedly to take him down to the canvas. The chair breaks as a result, and Copeland grabs a piece for more damage on Killswitch!

Copeland continues the damage as he sets Killswitch up on a chair laying down…and hits him with the Conchairto with the other! Copeland’s music hits as he celebrates to a big pop…but Killswitch rises up! Not for long, however, as Copeland takes him down with a spear before hitting another Conchairto for good measure! Copeland celebrates some more as we go to commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, Lexy Nair tries to get a word from Adam Copeland, who tells her to go before talking directly to Cage, running him down for all the things he’s been up to before talking about their friendship, saying it was always meant to be the most important thing…until Cage talked about breaking his neck.

Now, Copeland is hunting Cage, and he’s gonna bring pain to Cage’s world…especially when he takes Cage’s TNT Championship, on Dynamite in Montreal on December 6!

Back at ringside, Buddy Matthews and Malakai Black make their way to the ring for our next contest! Out next are Komander and Gravity before this tag bout gets underway!

The House of Black (Buddy Matthews and Malakai Black) vs. Komander and Gravity

Gravity and Buddy start things off here, exchanging holds until Buddy gets the upper hand. Gravity hits the ropes, only to be cut off with a knee by Matthews…but the luchador manages to catch him by surprise with a German suplex! Malakai tags in, and a bit of confusion from Gravity leads to an attack by Malakai. Komander with a tag as Black fights off Gravity now…only to take a big headscissors takedown by Komander!

Buddy intervenes long enough for Malakai to kick Gravity away before hitting a German suplex on Komander for a nearfall as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Buddy tags in to keep on the attack, which quickly turns into a focus on keeping Komander worn down and away from any chance at a tag. Black gets back in and gets a nearfall…and, inexplicably, we go to full commercial break here. Thanks, TNT!

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, Komander is starting to fight back as Buddy’s tagged black in…but Buddy drops him down before tagging Malakai right back in. Double suplex attempt, but Komander gets out of it and gets a tag to Gravity! Gravity flies high as he takes down both of House of Black…until Malakai stops him, leading to a double knee attack that drops the luchador! Komander tags himself in as House of Black are distracted, and now it’s the AAA Cruiserweight Champion who’s now on a roll before getting the cover on Malakai…BUT MALAKAI KICKS OUT!

Komander takes to the ropes, but is distracted by Matthews leading to an attack by Malakai. Gravity gets back in the ring, eventually countering a vertical suplex into a jaw breaker…but gets caught on a dive attempt! He stops them from hitting a powerbomb, fighting them off long enough for Komander to walk the ropes for a big dive onto them instead!

HOB are brought back into the ring as Komander and Gravity climb the corners, leaping off the top turnbuckle…and right onto a pair of knees from both Malakai and Buddy! HOB take Gravity crashing down with a double knee before beating down Komander, sending the luchador to the corner before Malakai sits down, taunting him before Buddy hits a big stomp giving House of Black the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: House of Black (Malakai Black & Buddy Matthews)

We go backstage where Action Andretti and Darius Martin talk about teaming up…and unfortunately, some weird glitch (at least on the TNT app?) seems to completely butcher whatever this segment is, though it’s clear that Darius’s Top Flight partner is finally back in the mix!

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Julia Hart makes her to the ring for our next match as we are informed the House Rule for this match is No Count Out. Out next is her first challenger as the returning Lady Frost makes her way to the ring before this match gets underway!

TBS Championship (House Rules – No Count Out): Julia Hart defends against Lady Frost

The two lock up early on, with Frost getting an upper hand on the champion until Julia stops the momentum, leaving the ring to force Frost to slip up…which costs her as she gets sent to the apron! Julia brings Frost out of the ring for more damage, sending her against the barricade as she takes advantage of the rule Frost brought into the match.

Hart sends Frost down before going for a chair, realizing she could be disqualified for using it but recognizing she could still retain the title. Frost manages to fight that off however, sending Julia down before looking for a moonsault off the steel steps…but to no avail! Julia brings her to the ramp, setting the chair up before sitting her challenger in it and dropping her down hard! Action comes back to the ring as Julia ends up getting caught in a set of kicks by the challenger…but the champ retaliates, hitting a big lariat before locking in the Hartless! Frost has no choice but to tap out, giving Hart the win in her first title defense!

Winner via submission and still TBS Champion: Julia Hart

Backstage, we hear from Don Callis and Powerhouse Hobbs as Don is not thrilled about the Golden Jets already getting a shot at the tag titles…

The big man takes Harwood down with ease, but Dax starts fighting back out of the corner before Dutch catches him! Dutch with a bearhug but Dax fights out of it, before sending Dutch and Vincent to the outside as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: FTR start to get in control of the match now, until Vincent manages to catch Dax by surprise which turns things around in the favor of The Righteous. Tag made to Dutch as they beat down on Dax, with Dutch wearing him down as Vincent tags right back in…but Dax starts fighting back! Vincent responds with a chin lock as we come back!

The Righteous continue to wear down Dax until he fights back, looking for a sunset flip…tag made to Dutch in the meantime, and Dutch drops for a big splash for a nearfall on Dax! Shoulder powerbomb follows this, but Dax avoids a Dutch senton! Vincent tags in, going after Dax…who fights out of it and makes the tag to Wheeler!

Wheeler is shootin’ for some momentum as he goes off on The Righteous, eventually sending Dutch out of the ring…but Vincent is right on top of him, sneaking a tag for Dutch as Cash takes him down, only to get dropped down hard with a side slam! BUT CASH KICKS OUT!

Righteous are fought off before Dax tags in…and FTR hit the Shatter Machine for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: FTR

The celebration is short however, as House of Black interrupt calling out FTR saying that no one will save them. Not Claudio, not Wheeler Yuta…and not CM Punk. Malakai says there’s a misconception, that this place is not the brotherhood that FTR say it is…and shortly after, the lights cut out and Malakai laughs before FTR’s music hits again.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, the segment from earlier tonight is re-aired as Action Andretti talks about teaming with Darius Martin, and as Dynamite heads to Minneapolis this Wednesday, Dante Martin returns!

We get a look at the AEW World Tag Team Champions attacking the Golden Jets before we head to ringside, where Tony Schiavone introduces Ricky Starks and Big Bill to the ring for a few words. Ricky runs down the future challengers before Big Bill talks about how he knew he would be back to the top despite everything he’d been through the past few years.

The champions are fully aware of all the accolades between Omega and Jericho, but insists they are not ready for the champions, saying they will embarrass the Golden Jets. Bill compares himself and Starks to various duos of basketball’s best before running their future opponents down some more!

Video Package: The competitors of the Gold League are highlighted as the Continental Classic rolls on with another match to come tonigh

Back at ringside, Keith Lee makes his way to the ring for our next match! Out next is Lee Moriarty, and this match gets underway!

“Limitless” Keith Lee vs. Lee Moriarty

The two square off and Moriarty hits the ropes, only to get dropped with the Pounce by Keith as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The battle of power versus agility continues with Moriarty finally getting an upper hand over the bigger of the two Lees…just as we go to another commercial break. Thanks again, TNT!

-Commercial Break-

Back from break and Moriarty is still in control of the match, going after an armbar of sorts on the Limitless one…but Keith Lee IS Limitless for a reason, and powers out of it! Moriarty goes back on the attack but gets walloped with a lariat by Keith! Moriarty tries to slam Keith’s head into the turnbuckle but to no avail…only for Moriarty to catch him with a bulldog for a nearfall! Moriarty is feeling it now as he rears back for a big kick…but Keith catches it!

Moriarty manages to connect with another one, but is shoved away by Keith…who blocks a crossbody with a shoulder block and then drops him to the canvas for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Keith Lee

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, Keith Lee gives few words on how good Lee Moriarty is before talking about being misrepresented and mistreated, saying “he” is next before walking off.

We head back to ringside now for our main event, as Brody King heads to the ring without his House of Black comrades per the rules of the tournament. Out next is Eddie Kingston, who is typically on his own anyway but he’s good with that as the match gets underway!

AEW Continental Classic Match: Eddie Kingston vs. Brody King

The two men lock up, with Brody getting a side headlock that’s fought off by Eddie, who can’t seem to take Brody down…but neither can Brody drop Eddie early on! This leads to an exchange of strikes that ends with Brody sending the man with two belts out of the ring! Eddie gets back to the apron, but is sent off with a big boot by Brody…who leaves the ring to cause even more damage with some hard chops!

Brody stays on the attack until the champ sends him crashing against the steel steps! Eddie breaks the ref’s count by rolling in and out of the ring, but the pause gives Brody an opening to get right back into things as he sends Eddie into the barricade…and then hits him with a low cross body splash against the barricade!

Ref admonishes him saying to get the action back in the ring, but things continue to break down as Eddie tries to fight back before Brody sends him back in the ring! Brody lays it on thick on the champ before hitting a big senton, and Eddie’s clutching himself in pain as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Brody with a nearfall as Eddie is still struggling, heading toward the ropes…but Brody catches him, setting him up against the corner for more damage. Brody continues to wear the champ down, setting him up on the turnbuckle for a superplex until Eddie starts fighting back as we return from break!

Despite his best efforts, Eddie is sent down to the canvas with a superplex by Brody! Eddie is then stood back up by the big man of the House of Black, who sends him toward the corner…but Eddie drops nearly deadweight. Ref checks on Eddie who insists he is still good to go as Brody charges toward him…only to take a boot to the face! Champ is still in it as Eddie drops Brody to the canvas with a clothesline…but both men are down now!

Ref begins the count as both men slowly get to their feet. Brody’s up first but Eddie catches him in the corner with a flurry of strikes! Eddie looking for an exploder but it gets reversed into a German suplex…but Eddie isn’t fully down! Hurriken on a charging Brody, but the spinning backfist only gets him a nearfall!

Ref starts a new standing count as both men are once again struggling to get to their feet…and the count reaches eight before they’re back up! They fight back to their feet with strikes, egging each other on into an exchange of chops that seem to really wear each other down. Brody builds up some speed and goes to the ropes, but takes an enziguri and a DDT as Eddie covers…BUT BRODY KICKS OUT!

Eddie slow to his feet, watching Brody before setting up for a suplex…but Brody fights out of it! No piledriver for Kingston either, as King drops him with a back body drop! Brody goes back on the offensive until Eddie catches him with one exploder followed by a half and half! Saito suplex for the cover…BUT KING KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Eddie finally back on his feet bringing Brody up, but King fights it off again before hitting a big piledriver on the champ! Cover by Brody…BUT KINGSTON HAS A FOOT UNDER THE ROPE!

Brody’s back to his feet, ready to end this as Eddie is finally stood up again. Brody hits some big forearms on the champ…who hits a Hurriken on Brody! But King hits a pump kick and a powerbomb…and he gets the pin and the win for his first 3 points of the tournament!

Winner via pinfall: Brody King

King gets to his feet, looking down at the fallen champion. This match might not have been for the titles themselves, but Brody knows the three points he earns–and the fact he’s just pinned the champion putting the titles on the line IN the tournament–are a big deal as this show comes to a close!