AEW Revolution 2023

AEW Revolution Results
March 5, 2023
San Francisco, California (Chase Center)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

Zero Hour Highlights

  • Danhausen rocking a Homer Simpson style moomoo and cap
  • Don Callis calling Jon Moxley a sociopath right to his wife (Renee Paquette)’s face
  • Hype packages and interviews for the big matches on the card
  • RJ City taking the “L” from Toni Storm
  • Trio action in the ring!

Trios Match
ROH Tag Team Champion Mark Briscoe & The Lucha Bros (PENTA El Cero Miedo & Rey Fenix) vs. Varsity Athletes (Ari Daivari, Josh Woods and Tony Nese)

The bell rings and we start off with PENTA and Nese, with Tony looking for a knuckle lock-up…only to start posing and flexing, to the annoyance of PENTA, who responds in kind with a taunt of his own before all six men get in the ring and stand off! Things break down quickly until Briscoe and Fenix take down Woods and Daivari on the outside, while PENTA hits a pumphandle driver for a nearfall! PENTA looks for a package piledriver now but Sterling hops on the apron to get involved, only to get brought into the ring the hard way!

Nese takes advantage of this and takes control, mocking PETNA before tagging in Woods as they double-team PENTA. Woods continues the attack, mocking PENTA some more before hitting a vertical suplex for a nearfall. Tag to Daivari who starts punching away at the head of PENTA, before tagging Nese back in for a double vertical suplex that gets Nese a nearfall.

Tag to Daivari now, who gets a boot to the gut of PENTA…who turns things around for a second until Daivari gets back in control for a nearfall. The Varsity Athletes quickly tag each other in with some quick strikes in-between, but PENTA starts fighting them off before a monkey flip off of Woods turns into a DDT on Nese and Daivari!

Hot tag to Rey Fenix, and he is a man on fire as he hops in with a flurry of offense on Nese and Daivari…only to be cut off by Woods! Fenix gets back into it, but is taken down with a rising knee strike by Woods, who follows up with a corkscrew brainbuster into the turnbuckle…but PENTA breaks up the pinfall attempt!

Fenix is sent to the corner now by Nese after a tag, but Fenix reverses it into a poison rana before making a tag to Mark Briscoe! The dreaded “redneck kung fu” comes into play, much to the chagrin of the Varsity Athletes who suffer chop after chop by Briscoe. Daivari gets a tag in but is met with some hard strikes by Briscoe leading to a neckbreaker!

A steel chair comes into play now, giving Mark some altitude on a dive over the top rope to the outside taking Daivari et al down! Nese interrupts Briscoe long enough to get a tag from Daivari, and things break down until a tower of doom spot sees Briscoe sent to the canvas…only for Nese to hit a 450 Splash to sneak a pinfall! But that’s broken up by PENTA!

Tag to Daivari, but Fenix intercepts with a thrust kick. Briscoe looks for a Jay Driller but Sterling distracts the ref, allowing a clipboard to be slammed on Mark’s head! Nese with a pin as the other Varsity Athletes block Lucha Bros, but Briscoe kicks out!

Lucha Bros take out Woods before they set Nese and Daivari up for a combo Gory Special and package piledriver! Daivari is down as Briscoe leaps off the top rope with the Froggy Bow for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: ROH Tag Team Champion Mark Briscoe & The Lucha Bros (PENTA El Cero Miedo & Rey Fenix)

Sterling and crew look to leave but Abrahantes catches him, sending Sterling into the ring to take a big package piledriver from PENTA! The trio celebrates as the Varsity Athletes pull their legal counsel out of the ring.

Pyro goes off to welcome us to the main show as Jim Ross joins the commentary booth for our opening contest! Jericho makes his way down to the ring sans JAS (since they’re banned from ringside), followed by Starks before the bell gets this match underway!

All of JAS is banned from Ringside
Chris Jericho vs. “Absolute” Ricky Starks

Starks and Jericho go right at it, trading blows until Starks gets the upperhand with some hard lefts and rights in the corner. Jericho is able to turn things around with some chops, but Starks takes him down with a shoulder tackle to the roar of approval from the crowd! Jericho takes to the outside for a breather but is met with a dive from Absolute, who keeps on the attack sending Jericho to the barricade before bringing him back in the ring.

Jericho hits a kick that gets him back in control of the situation, as he sends Starks into the corner before taunting the crowd. This gives Starks a chance to strike back with some forearms, but the Ocho takes him down before going for a Lionsault…but Starks rolls out of the way! Ricky’s stopped from doing a back body drop and sent to the top rope the hard way, before Jericho sends him flying off the apron!

Jericho soaks in the crowd’s hatred, before going out of the ring to deal with Starks directly, slamming Absolute into the barricade before sending him back into the ring. Jericho brings Starks to the corner before laying in some punches and drives his boot into the neck of Starks, but Starks fights back with some chops until Jericho catches him with a double underhook backbreaker.

Jericho is taking his sweet time here, and that gives Starks a chance to fight back briefly…only to be sent into the ropes, before Jericho hits a dropkick that sends him onto the apron, and a baseball slide that sends him off to the floor outside! Jericho heads outside to keep the attack going, before bringing Starks back into the ring.

Jericho keeps on this with an abdominal stretch, attacking the ribs with an elbow…but Starks is fighting back, and hits a big right hand on the Ocho, followed by a DDT off the top rope for a nearfall! Starks heads to the top rope but is intercepted by Jericho, who looks for a superplex…but is dropped to the canvas by Starks, who ends up flying into a lifting knee from the Ocho followed by a Death Valley Driver for a close nearfall!

Jericho with a chop before sending Starks into the corner…but a Codebreaker is reversed into a powerbomb for a nearfall by Starks, who looks for a Ro Sham Bo but Jericho slips out. Starks looks for a spear but is met with a Codebreaker, but Jericho only gets a nearfall off of that as well! Jericho is slow to get back up but hits a forearm that is met with one by Starks, and now the two trade off strikes until Starks sends Jericho to the ropes…and eventually hits a Spear, getting a nearfall in the process!

Starks looking frustrated as he goes to pick Jericho up, but the two are right back at it trading blows until Starks is knocked down by Jericho…who takes a thrust kick to the face by Starks instead! Starks hits the turnbuckle for a moonsault but Jericho slips away, before catching Starks in the Walls of Jericho! Starks fights out of it, getting back to his feet before looking for a single leg crab of his own!

Sammy Guevara comes jogging down to the ring, only to be intercepted by Action Andretti…but a baseball bat’s been placed in the corner somehow! With the ref distracted by Andretti and Guevara, Jericho hits Starks with the bat to break the hold…but his attempt at a Judas Effect is blocked by Starks! Starks fights back before hitting the Ro Sham Bo on the Ocho for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: “Absolute” Ricky Starks

Ricky celebrates the big win before we shift gears for our next match, a Final Burial match between “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry and Christian Cage! Cage makes his way to the ring first, followed by Perry before the bell gets this match underway!

Final Burial Match
Christian Cage vs. “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

Perry and Cage go right at it here, the issues coming to blows immediately until Perry gets the upper hand on Cage. Cage finds himself running away from Perry when things get too heated for him, but Perry gives chase up the stairs! The two start taking swings at each other, and this fight slowly makes its way back down the steps toward the ringside area once more. Cage, trying to avoid Perry, leaves the ring again and starts heading up the ramp until he realizes he’s getting closed to the casket area…and this gives Perry an opening to keep back on the attack, before we head back to the ring once more!

Perry starts swinging away with right hands until Cage slips out, pulling Perry down by his hair to send him to the canvas. Cage stays on top of things with some hard rights and lefts, pulling at Perry’s hair again for more damage until he starts gloating. Cage puts a boot on the chest of Perry to gloat some more, before continuing the assault by stepping on Perry’s hair while pulling him up by the arms!

Cage props Perry on the ropes, digging him into them while taunting him further…but Perry starts fighting back, sending Cage to the outside before hitting a tope dive! Perry follows by sending Cage into the barricade and then to the steel steps, before slamming his skull into the steps for good measure! Cage is busted open as Perry looks to stomp his arm…but Cage pulls it away, before scooping Perry’s leg out from under his leg to drop him on the step!

Perry is down hard as Cage steals his belt off his jeans, using it to whip Jungle Boy across the back right in front of his sister at ringside. This continues up the ramp, taking us ever closer to the casket area before Cage starts choking Perry out with the belt. Cage finally lets go, only to open the casket lid…where we find a couple steel chairs waiting inside! Cage pulls out the chairs, but this gives Perry a chance to strike back as he looks to send Cage into the casket! Cage fights back, eventually hitting a back body drop that sends Perry onto a pile of dirt as Cage sets up a chair.

Cage grabs Perry, bringing him to his feet for a Killswitch onto the chair…but Perry sends him flying off the stage before hitting a senton dive onto Cage! Perry brings him back onto the stage, steel chair now in hand as Cage begs him off…before hitting a low blow kick to drop Perry down. Cage closes the casket before grabbing Perry, slamming him headfirst onto the casket several times…and then opens the lid! Cage drags Perry into the casket, blowing him a kiss as he starts to close the lid…but Perry fights back!

Perry eventually gets a right hand to the face of Cage to help him get out of the casket, but Cage fights back with a fistful of dirt in the eye of Jungle Boy! Cage sets Perry up and hits a Killswitch onto the stage, before setting his head up on a chair. Cage grabs a chair, looking for the Con-Chair-to…but Perry slides out of the way! Perry with a shovel now, smacking Cage upside the head as the two go right back at it once more.

Cage fights his way out and grabs the shovel, taking a big swing at Jungle Boy…who ducks out of the way, dropping Cage before locking in a Snare Trap with the shovel for added damage! Cage looks out of it as Perry is now the one setting Cage up on the chair before grabbing the other one. Perry debates internally whether to hit the Con-Chair-to…AND DOES! With a loud crack, Perry has made his decision as he drags Cage to the casket…pulling him into it as he looks over Cage before giving a kiss on the forehead and slamming the lid shut to end the match!

Winner via casket enclosure: “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

There is not much room for celebration for Perry as he’s on his knees by the casket, thinking about what he had to do to end things with Christian Cage tonight!

We quickly transition through a video package before our next contest for the AEW World Trios Championship! The challengers make their way out to the ring first, followed by the champions before we get things underway for this title bout!

AEW World Trios Championship Match
The House of Black (Malaki Black, Brody King, & Buddy Matthews) vs. AEW World Trios Champions The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks)

We start things off with Kenny Omega and Buddy Matthews, who circle the canvas before exchanging holds…with Matthews getting the early advantage! Matthews goes to work on the arm of Omega, but the Best Bout Machine reverses and takes Buddy down. We come up at a standstill here as both men exchange holds and strikes. Malakai with a blind tag, telling Buddy to step back as he looks to get into it with Omega.

Malakai and Omega circle the ring before Black lays in a hard kick to Omega. They lock up only to go for kicks, and now Omega takes the arm of Malakai, who spins Omega around before Omega slips out and hits an arm drag. Malakai gets one of his own and locks in the arm, but Kenny makes it back to his feet and avoids a couple kicks from Black…who slips out of a One-Winged Angel attempt, and the two end up seated on the ring staring each other down! Both men to their feet now, and Kenny steps back to tag in Matt Jackson…who calls for Brody to be tagged in! Malakai obliges!

Brody steps up to Matt, who realizes his folly as he looks to his teammates, but they’re not so eager to face the big man as King unloads on Jackson…before the Buck hits the outside for a breather. Things start breaking down as all six men end up back in the ring, squaring off against each other until Nick hits a facebreaker on Buddy! House of Black on the outside as Matt climbs up for a cross body!

Inside the ring now is Kenny and Brody, and Kenny blocks the offense of King to hit a headscissors that forces Brody to the outside before hitting a dive! King is brought back to the ring as Nick hits a 450 splash…but Brody kicks out with authority! Nick runs the ropes but is sent crashing by Brody, who attacks the incoming Matt and knocks Omega down before leaving the ring! Chaos continues on the outside as the House of Black seem to be in total control of the situation before King and Nick end up back in the ring.

Brody with some hard chops on Nick before tagging in Buddy, but Nick rolls him up for a nearfall! Brody tags himself back in and goes on the attack when Nick has no one to tag in. Nick is eventually able to fight back Brody long enough to tag in Kenny, who gets the drop on Brody before dealing with the rest of the House!

Kenny goes for a discus on Brody to no effect but eventually takes him down for a nearfall all the same! Kenny with a fall forward roll, but Brody blocks the follow-up! Kenny ends up in the corner as the Bucks kick Buddy and Malakai, but Brody hits a cannonball senton in the corner on Omega!

Kenny is slowly but surely fighting back, but an attempt to do the One-Winged Angel or the half and half suplex get nothing for Omega as Brody connects with a hard lariat! Tag to Buddy now, and Malakai quickly gets a tag as well. Bucks get involved only to take a knee to the face by Black, who kicks Omega before going for a leglock on Kenny! That’s broken up by Matt but Nick takes a Meteora from Buddy!

The chaos reigns once more in the ring with Malakai finally getting back to his feet, but so is Omega as they stare each other down. They start trading blows until Kenny sends Black reeling with a knee to the face…and another one in the corner! Both men are down as Nick goes for a move on the ropes…only to be distracted by Julia, which opens the door for Brody to get involved until he’s sent off the apron by Omega!

Malakai back to his feet, hitting some hard kicks on Omega until a snap dragon suplex twice over connects! Omega is feeling it as he looks for a V-Trigger…but Julia stops him by hopping on the apron. Black slips out of a One-Winged Angel attempt, and Omega catches Julia with the V-Trigger…but Malakai gets a nearfall! The House set up Dante’s Inferno, but Nick Jackson breaks up the pinfall attempt!

We end up with just the House and Kenny Omega in the ring now, but Malakai keeps his men back as he goes after Omega. The Bucks drop the House off the apron before going after Malakai and Brody with superkicks! The party is on until the Elite hit the BTE Trigger on Malakai…but Buddy breaks up the pin! The Bucks shove him aside before looking for the Meltzer Driver…but gets dropped by Buddy Matthews, before they hit the Dante’s Inferno on Matt Jackson for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall AND NEW AEW World Trios Champions: The House of Black (Malaki Black, Brody King, & Buddy Matthews)

The lights cut out, and when they come back on the champs have disappeared as the former champions are left to be consoled by Don Callis.

After that brutal title bout, we transition to our next title match as Saraya makes her way to the ring. This is followed by Ruby Soho, and the champ herself Jamie Hayter before we get things underway with our next bout!

AEW Women’s World Championship Three-Way Match
Saraya vs. Ruby Soho vs. AEW Women’s World Champion Jamie Hayter

Saraya and Hayter attack each other first until Saraya leaves the ring, only to trip the champion up and bring her out of the ring. Saraya follows up taking Hayter to the barricade before getting hit by Soho, who sends HER over the barricade as well! Soho steps onto the barricade before leaping off, hitting both of her opponents in the process! The brawl continues amongst the fans, nearly circling ringside until they come back toward the ring itself. Now it’s Saraya who’s in control, focusing on the champ as they head back into the ring and Saraya starts being Hayter down in the corner.

Saraya stays on the attack before dropping her back-first on the canvas for a nearfall, and props Hayter on the ropes for some knees to the chest before looking for a suplex on the apron. Hayter fights back here, sending Saraya toward the ring post before sending her back-first onto the apron! Hayter back into the ring but is taken down by Ruby, who gets sent to the corner but hits a STO for a nearfall! Ruby with a rear chinlock that takes Hayter to the canvas as the champ tries to fight back.

Hayter fights to her feet with Ruby still on her back, before sending the challenger to the corner…and now Jamie’s in control, hitting both challengers before bringing them up and over for a double suplex before covering Saraya for a nearfall…and pivoting to Ruby for another nearfall in the process! Hayter back to her feet but Ruby fights out of a waistlock, only for Hayter to take advantage and hit a neckbreaker on the champ. Ruby with a Saito suplex on Saraya, but the Haytbreaker connects from the champ to Soho!

All three women back to their feet as Saraya finds herself the middle of an attack by both Ruby and Hayter, who end up sending her toward the ropes before directing their focus toward each other…which ends up with a nearfall for Ruby! Ruby goes tot he top, but is stopped by Jamie with some right hands before the champ looks for a superplex. Ruby fights it, and Saraya hits a powerbomb that drops both women for a nearfall on the champ. Saraya goes to lock in her submission lock on Ruby but Hayter breaks it up with a lariat from Hayter! Toni tries to get involved on the apron but is dropped by Hayter, who gets hit by Saraya! Baker now gets involved on the apron to no avail, and Ruby hits a Destination Unknown for a very close nearfall!

Ruby and Hayter go at it, and Saraya gets caught in the crosshairs before Hayter and Ruby exchange nearfalls…only for Hayter to catch Ruby by surprise for a pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall AND STILL AEW World Women’s Champion: Jamie Hayter

Toni comes into the ring to attack the champ but is intercepted briefly by Baker. Saraya gets involved and stand tall until Ruby sends them both out of the ring. Hayter shows her appreciation by raising Ruby’s arm…but takes a No Future kick to the face by Ruby! She attacks Baker next as Toni slams a camera down at ringside…and Saraya hands her a can of spray paint, allowing Ruby to spray paint an L on the champ to make a statement!

Video Package: Texas Death Match hype

We get a sweet unique entrance featuring a sweet cover of “Ghost Riders in the Sky” for Hangman Page to transition to our next match, followed by Jon Moxley coming to the ring for the Texas Death Match…but Mox and Page go right at it before the bell rings!

Texas Death Match
Jon Moxley vs. Hangman Page

The chaos starts within the crowd area as Mox and Page start brawling before finally bringing the action to the ring, where they exchange strikes! Hangman heads to the ring but is rocked with a clothesline by Moxley, the ref starting a count as Mox grabs some barbed wired from ringside while Page gets back to a standing position. Mox charges at Page with the barbed wire, but Pages turns it around raking the forehead of Mox instead!

Page with a boot to Mox after that, before stomping away at him. Page starts wrapping his leg with the barbed wire as we see Mox unable to fully stand up…but Mox stops the barbed-wire boot from getting to him, taking Hangman down instead. With Page getting back up, Mox grabs another bunch of barbed wire before taking it to the head of Page! The ref starts another count as Mox pulls out a fork(!?) from his boot, looking to do even more damage until Hangman takes him down. Mox, however, locks in a triangle hold as he starts stabbing the face of Page with the fork!

The ref starts another count on Page as Mox goes looking for more weapons, jabbing Page’s head with the fork again before finding a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire to bring back into the ring, setting it up in the corner…only for Page to fight back with some forearms! Page whips Mox toward the corner but Mox stops himself, sending Page into the chair instead as Hangman collides face first into the chair!

Mox grabs the chair to put on the canvas, before putting Hangman onto it to lock in a submission hold…but Page refuses to quit! Hangman tries to get to his feet, but is met with that chair to the back by Mox instead. Mox heads out for more (and standard) chairs to bring into the ring, setting them up before grabbing some loose wire to tie around them. Page starts to fight back but is met with some mounted punches in the corner by Mox, who takes a bite out of Hangman…only to be sent into the standing chairs with a powerbomb by Page!

That turns out to be a glancing blow but still plenty of damage done as Mox rolls out of the ring to stop the ref’s count. Hangman catches him with a kick before climbing the turnbuckle, wrapping the barbed wire around his torso before hitting a moonsault onto Mox on the outside! Page is clutching himself in pain as the ref count resets, but Mox is able to beat it before Page sends him back into the ring.

Page sets a chair up on the outside, propping a board with barbed wire up against it before sliding back into the ring..where Mox catches him with a cutter! Mox continues the attack before heading outside, finding a couple bricks and a chain before coming back into the ring. Mox sandwiches the hand of Page between the bricks, driving his boot into it for good effect before taking Page for a piledriver onto the chain!

The ref starts a count on Page, who slowly gets to his feet…only for Mox to start wrapping the chain around Page before locking in an STF of sorts. Hangman starts fighting back, before biting Mox on the thumb…and hitting a right hand to finally break the hold! Mox looks frustrated and determined as he goes to the outside, setting up another barbed wire board across a couple chairs before intercepting Page back in the ring.

Mox looks for a piledriver on teh barbed-wired chair, but it’s countered. This continues for a moment until Mox takes a hard clothesline by Hangman! Both men slowly make it up to their feet and duke it out until Page catches Mox, hitting a fallaway slam onto the barbed-wired chair…followed by a Dead Eye! Both men are struggling to get back up as the ref starts a new count, Hangman finally back up and Mox just narrowly beats the count before leaving the ring. Hangman sees this, and leaps off the top rope into Mox on the outside…sending him through the barbed-wired board that was set up on the ramp!

Hangman gets back up as the ref starts a count for Mox, who finally breaks free of the barbed wire to get to his feet at a count of eight as Hangman awaits him on the apron. Page up on the top but is caught on the ropes by Mox, who gets a double underhook in before raking the back of Page. Hangman turns that around on him, but Mox fights back and grabs the barbed wire pulling it against the back of Hangman…who grinds it into the face of Moxley. Mox falls onto the propped chair…but sends Hangman flying off the turnbuckle onto the other barbed-wired board on the outside!

We get a count for Hangman here, and Page is really out of it as the ref gets to nine just as Hangman makes it back up to his feet! Mox hits a King Kong Lariat on Page, who is down hard on the canvas as the ref starts the count again. Page is slowly getting up, and a kick to the face motivates him to rise up before the two duke it out again. Page with a lariat, but a Buckshot Lariat to follow gets reversed into a Death Rider by Mox! Mox stomps the hand of Hangman against the brick as the ref starts the count once more, but Page is just able to get up at nine…only for Mox to lock in the rear naked choke hold! Page is fighting to his feet here, but Mox drops him as we see Page looks out of it.

As the ref starts the count again, Mox grabs the chain once more…and at nine Page is up again, Page pulling the chain to bring Mox in for a big lariat! Page has the bricks set up now, looking for the Dead Eye before Mox fights out of it. Page turns things around with a rear naked choke of his own, wrapping the chain around him for added damage until Mox hits a low blow to escape it! Mox taunts Page, who responds with a brick to the head of Mox!

Page gets to the apron, looking for the Buckshot Lariat again…and this time connects, before sending Mox over the top rope! Page has the chain wrapped around Mox’s neck, choking him out over the top rope until Mox is forced to tap out!

Winner via submission: Hangman Page

Officials check on Mox as Page celebrates his victory on the ramp.

Video Package: Hype for the TNT Championship

We come back to ringside for our next match, the challenger Wardlow entering first before Samoa Joe arrives so we can kick off this TNT Championship bout, with Powerhouse Hobbs watching on from the crowd!

TNT Championship Match
Wardlow vs. TNT Champion Samoa Joe

Wardlow immediate goes after Joe at the bell, sending the champ outside before throwing him into the barricade not once but twice and finally sending him back into the ring. Joe turns things around as he hits an elbow dive through the ropes to the challenger! Joe with a hard chop before bringing Wardlow back into the ring, hitting a few right hands for good measure in the corner. Wardlow gets sent into the corner, but he hops onto the ropes to drop the champ to the canvas before turning things around!

He sends Joe to the corner and the champ falls, giving Wardlow an opening as he mounts up for some elbow strikes until the ref has to intervene. Joe is up to his feet but Wardlow hits a suplex, before hitting some more hard elbows on the champ. Wardlow is in control here as he brings Joe to his feet, propping him up on the ropes before hitting a chop and sending him to the corner for some shoulder thrusts…before charging at him with a big clothesline!

Joe’s being worn down by the challenger on the ropes now, but he slips out of Wardlow’s grip and starts unloading on him now before stomping away at the knee of his challenger. Joe now in control of his situation as he punches away at Wardlow…but the challenger sends Joe into the corner, only for Joe to hit an STO to drop Wardlow down hard!

Joe stays on the attack with some more hard kicks to the leg of Wardlow, keeping him grounded as Wardlow tries to fight back with some punches. Joe drops him with another kick before locking in a leg lace until Wardlow grabs the bottom rope to force the break of the hold. Joe back on his feet, jabbing away at the head of Wardlow…who catches Joe by surprise with a spinebuster! Wardlow hoists Joe up, hitting an F10 on the champ before climbing up for a senton bomb on Joe for a nearfall!

Joe is finally able to turn things around, locking in a rear naked choke before bringing him to the canvas with a bodyscissors. Wardlow struggles as he inches toward the ropes, but he’s fading quick…only to power his way toward the ropes, getting a foot on them to force another rope break, much to the champ’s frustration.

Joe brings Wardlow up to his shoulders for a Death Valley Driver, but only gets a nearfall for it. The champ follows up with some hard offense in the corner, but Wardlow is fighting out of a muscle buster attempt and hits a modified powerbomb on the champ! Joe gets turned over by Wardlow, but the champ responds with a big clothesline instead! Joe taunts the crowd before looking for a powerbomb on Wardlow, but the challenger escapes and hits a dropkick followed by a rear naked choke of his own! Joe is fading, fading…and out! The ref calls for the bell, and we have a new champ!

Winner via submission AND NEW TNT Champion: Wardlow

Wardlow celebrates as the ref presents him with the title, but we see Hobbs up in the stands watching with the ring that symbolizes his shot at the title on Dynamite this Wednesday night. Hobbs and Wardlow stare each other down as the new champ celebrates in the ring!

We quickly transition to our next match, as the champs exercise their discretion to come out first for the Tag Team Championship match. They’re followed by Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal, followed by Orange Cassidy and Danhausen, and finally The Acclaimed with their rap to get us hyped for this next match!

AEW World Tag Team Championship Four-Way Match
The Acclaimed vs. Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal vs. Orange Cassidy & Danhausen vs. The Gunns

We start this match with Jarrett and Cassidy, as Jarrett mocks OC with a strut which is responded to with the usual level of apathy by the AEW All-Atlantic Champion…who dodges Jarrett and does a strut of his own before putting the hands in pockets! Orange with a flurry of offense before faking Jarrett with a punch and tagging in Danhausen. The team double up on Lethal until Jarrett intervenes, but Danhausen goes off on them before getting a nearfall. Tag to Lethal, who tags in Colten Gunn as the champs now have a presence in this match…much to the chagrin of the crowd. Colten goes on the attack and gets a nearfall, before tagging in Austin…but Danhausen ducks out of the way and tags in OC!

Cassidy knocks down Colten and hits Austin with a DDT before diving out to drop Colten again. OC setting up for an Orange Punch but Austin tags Lethal in! Lethal goes on the attack now, hitting the Lethal Combination on Cassidy…but a suplex gets reversed into the Stundog Millionaire! Tag to Caster as Jarrett comes in, as does Dutt…who ends up taking the Scissor Me Timbers for his troubles! The Acclaimed celebrate before getting taken down by the Gunns, and Lethal takes advantage as he goes after Bowens. Jarrett sneaks some offense in as well before getting tagged in, and they drop Bowens with a double leg sweep.

Jarrett keeps on the attack before tagging Lethal back in, and Lethal pulls Bowens in for a leglock as Colten tags in. Gunns double-team Bowens before Colten gets a nearfall, and a delayed vertical suplex while Jarrett and Lethal clear the rest of the ring. The four allies of the match mock the Acclaimed before Bowens starts fighting back, and Jarrett tags in…only for Bowens to stop a double-team attempt to tag in Caster!

Caster is a house on fire as he unloads a flurry of offense on everyone he can, before dropping Lethal with a back suplex for a nearfall stopped by Jarrett. Caster lifts Jarrett up but Lethal stops him, and they send Caster to the outside…only for the Gunns to take down Jarrett and Lethal! Singh goes in to send the champs out before being confronted by Danhausen. Dutt tries to interfere as well but ends up getting his pencil broken by Danhausen…as OC hits an Orange Punch on Singh! And then, Daddy Ass hits the Famouser on a bent-over Singh…but gets low-blowed by his own sons in the Gunns!

The chaos finally subsides to have the Gunns and the Acclaimed in the ring, with Colten narrowly stopping a pin from Caster. Bowens and Colten take their fight to the outside, where Bowens is sent over the barricade. Jarrett gets a blind tag and sends Austin out before going for a guitar shot…but Caster’s got the guitar instead! Aubrey ends up intervening, taking the guitar away as Lethal sneaks a weapon in on Caster…but Jarrett only gets a nearfall off the back of it!

Jarrett starts arguing with Aubrey over this, which turns into a shoving contest that ends up with Austin getting a blind tag…as does Danhausen! Danhausen with a curse and a pump kick, but it gets avoid before the 3:10 to Yuma gets the Gunns the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall AND STILL AEW World Tag Team Champions: The Gunns

The Gunns celebrate their win in the ring before being interviewed by Renee Paquette. They take a moment to brag, asking the crowd “who’s an Ass Boy now!?” They talk about the teams they have beaten, declaring themselves the best tag team in the world…before FTR’s music hits as they hit the stage, rushing down the ring to go after the champs! This ends with a spike piledriver on Colten, followed by a Shatter Machine on Austin!

Video Package: Hype for the AEW World Championship main event

Back at ringside, Bryan Danielson makes his way to the ring for our main event! This is followed by the arrival of the champ MJF with a very interesting masked orchestral entrance, and we get ring introductions for both men before the bell gets this Iron Man Match for the AEW World Championship underway!

60-Minute Iron Man Match for the AEW World Championship
Bryan Danielson vs. MJF

The two men stare each other down in the opening seconds of this match, the crowd showing their support for the American Dragon before champ and challenger circle the ring. Bryan’s looking to bait in the champ who chooses instead to go to the outside for a breather. MJF back in the ring and hits an arm drag on Danielson, before mocking the challenger. They lock back up and start exchanging holds until Bryan connects with a submission hold on the leg, wearing MJF down in the process before locking in a surfboard type maneuver!

Danielson twists things around but gets only a nearfall for it, as he tries to keep on the arms and legs of the champ. MJF backs away and Bryan mockingly does jumping jacks…only to take a kick to the gut in response. MJF with a shoulder tackle, but Danielson hits a hip toss. This exchange continues in a similar pattern until Bryan hits a drop toe hold and a couple takedowns, and all of this ends in a standoff between champ and challenger to the approval of the crowd. Bryan stares the champ down as MJF extends a hand to the challenger…but Bryan responds with a kick to the hand, only for the champ to avoid another kick.

MJF hightails it out of the ring and into the crowd as Bryan waits for him in the ring, pushing the limits of crowd interaction to rile the fans up before heading back toward the ringside area. MJF up on the apron…only to head back out and reset the count. MJF taunts a fellow journalist with remarks on the outside before Bryan has had enough, giving chase briefly. With the champ back in the ring, Bryan does some jumping jacks as a mock toward MJF…who holds his own in an exchange with the challenger, who gets a nearfall on a rollup!

Danielson with a full nelson now, but MJF manages to fight out of it…only for Bryan to lock the legs up tight, pulling at MJF’s face until the ref gets to a four count, causing Bryan to let the ref know he has until five! MJF gets sent to the corner now as Danielson lays in some hard kicks, until Bryce has to intervene…and that gives the champ an opening he exploits, stomping away at the challenger! MJF is now in control here with back body drop, not once but twice on Bryan before mocking the crowd.

MJF stays on the attack until Bryan catches him with a small package for a nearfall. Now it’s the American Dragon in control as he goes after the champ…only for MJF to catch him, pulling the arm onto the top rope! MJF sends him shoulder first into the steel ring post before leaving the ring for a quick water break as Danielson steps away. MJF goes back on the assault, working on the injured arm of Bryan as he locks in a kneeling armbar…only for Bryan to start fighting back! MJF responds to this by pulling Danielson down by the hair to the canvas before taunting the crowd!

MJF sends Bryan to the outside now, slamming him into the barricade before mouthing off with fans at ringside before throwing Bryan back in the ring. MJF continues to mock the fans and this gives Bryan a chance to fight back, diving onto MJF…who sends Bryan’s shoulder right into the barricade! MJF with a hammerlock headlock combo into a DDT, but only gets a nearfall on this! MJF stays on the arm, a key lock to keep Bryan grounded as the Dragon tries to fight back against it. Bryan back to his feet but MJF is wrenching that wrist, dropping Bryan down hard before getting a nearfall.

MJF with a back suplex, focusing on the arm as he goes for another pin but gets only a nearfall, before going for a straight-up choke on Danielson. Bryan is sent to the corner but starts fighting back, only for the champ to mount up with punches as we see that we’re just over 15 minutes into the match now. Danielson with a hard headbutt on the champ on the turnbuckle now, before hitting a nasty powerbomb to drop MJF on the canvas! Bryce begins the count now as both men start to stir, and eventually we find Bryan laying into MJF with some hard kicks followed by a big running dropkick. Once, twice, and three times a charm for the challenger, who hits some mounted punches as a follow-up…and finishes with a hurricanrana, only to get a nearfall for his efforts!

MJF blocks a running knee attempt, and hits a double foot stomp on the arm of Danielson in the process. Bryan tries to fight back but gets caught with a powerbomb onto the knee that gets the champ a nearfall. MJF goes back after Bryan, who looks for a LeBelle Lock but MJF slips out of it. Bryan sent to the ropes and he tries to skin the cat, but takes a kick to the chest to drop him to the outside! Bryce starts the count but MJF goes for a moonsault off the ropes, only to bang up his knee on the floor outside…and this gives Bryan an opening to hit a dive on the champ! The fight continues on the outside here before Bryan sends MJF back to the ring, climbing the turnbuckle…only to get caught in an armbar by MJF! Salt of the Earth, but Bryan slips out of it…only to get dropped hard by MJF, who ends up with merely a nearfall after that nasty driver!

MJF gets back to it but takes an elbow by Danielson, who’s clutching his arm now as Bryce begins a new count…MJF to his feet, but gets small packaged by the challenger. This leads to an exchange of pinfall attempts before Bryan ends up looking for a backslide…but we end up with a rolling inside cradle by both men! Sunset flip by MJF leads to another exchange of pin attempts, and MJF fights out of the jackknife cover. This keeps going and going until MJF switches things up, and hits a lariat on Bryan…who responds with a lariat of his own as we now have just 35 and a half minutes left on the clock!

Bryce starts the standing count again as neither man seems to be stirring…until the count of nine, when Bryan kips up, and MJF barely gets up…only to take a running knee by Danielson for the pin and the first fall scored!

Bryan Danielson 1 – 0 MJF, 34 minutes remaining.

Bryan’s back to his feet, waiting for another Busaiku Knee until the now standing MJF collapses…only to take a low blow by MJF! MJF gets DQed but ends up sneaking two quick pinfalls off the back of that low blow before Bryan kicks out of the third attempt!

Bryan Danielson 2 – 2 MJF, 32 minutes and change remaining.

MJF takes another water break before going back after Danielson, but the challenger starts fighting back before taking the champ to the outside to beat him down. Bryan ends up going back to the ring just to break the count, but as he charges toward the champ he gets taken down hard by a clothesline from MJF! The champ follows up with a chop before stepping away…only to run toward Bryan, who hits a lariat of his own!

Bryan with some hard kicks to the champ now before heading to the ring to break the count again…and he runs full speed at the champ as we cross pass the 30-minute mark! Danielson stays on the attack, slamming the leg of MJF against the ring post to wear it down. The attack continues in the ring now as Bryan locks in a Figure-Four Leglock that even gets a nearfall for the challenger! MJF yells at Bryan, who takes a few slaps on the face before tweaking the leg to cause more damage to the champ as MJF tries to fight out of it.

The champ tries to reverse the pressure but Bryan turns it back around, only for MJF to reach the bottom rope to force the break with 27 minutes remaining. Bryan looks for a piledriver on the apron…but MJF collapses to save himself, only to go for a tombstone. Bryan fights out of this and they trade blows on the hardest part of the ring until Bryan drops MJF with some hard kicks. The champ is still on the apron now as Danielson sets him up onto the turnbuckle, but MJF fights back sending Bryan down to the apron.

MJF breaks the ringpost camera off the top of the ring post before heading to the floor, going back after Bryan as he sends him headfirst into the ring post. The champ moves stuff off the table before setting Bryan up on it, climbing back into the ring to climb the turnbuckle…before hitting an elbow drop off the top onto Bryan on the outside, crashing through the table in the process!

We’re just under 23 minutes left as Bryce checks both men…but MJF is back on his feet, telling Bryce to count Bryan out as he goes back to the ring. Bryce is forced to comply as he starts the count, all the while the doctor is checking on Bryan. Bryan gets up slightly but falls…only to narrowly make it back in time to stop the count!

MJF leaves the ring again, this time going back to the broken table before bringing Danielson back out with him. MJF looking for a Tombstone, connecting as he drives the head of the challenger through the remains of the table! MJF is clutching his knee in pain on the outside, and Bryan looks worse for wear as Bryce comes checking on them again with just over 20 minutes left now. MJF attacks the cut on Bryan’s head before bringing back into the ring, hitting the Heatseeker for a pin to get one up on the score!

Bryan Danielson 2 – 3 MJF, just over 19 minutes remaining.

MJF rolls out of the ring, realizing he’s in control of the situation as he takes yet another water break before going back on the attack with some mounted punches to the challenger. The crowd let MJF know how they feel about this, but the champ stays focused on doing all the damage he can as he stomps on the hand of Danielson. MJF taunts Bryan as he keeps stomping at his challenger, turning his attention to the crowd now with 17 minutes remaining on the clock as he keeps taunting Danielson, even bringing his family into the mentions as he pulls at Danielson’s face. MJF keeps his trash talk running as he stays on the assault, booting away at the face of the challenger…who finally makes it back to his feet! Bryan takes a weak swing at the champ before falling, and MJF just has a laugh at this before continuing his assault…only to take a big right hand to the face by Danielson!

MJF responds with a right hand of his own that sends Bryan down hard with 15 minutes remaining, and now MJF comes to the outside to send Danielson into the ring post…only for the challenger to turn it around, sending MJF to the post instead! Bryan follows up by getting up on the apron, hitting a double knee strike to the champ before rolling into the ring…but climbs up top, hitting a big move on the champ to the outside!

Bryan brings MJF back into the ring now, climbing the turnbuckle again…but is intercepted with an elbow strike by the champ, only for Danielson to slip out and drop MJF on the top turnbuckle! Bryan’s in control now as he punches away at the champ, hitting a spider superplex on him before bringing himself back up to the turnbuckle. Danielson turns around, looking for the headbutt that connects…but Bryan is unable to capitalize, still in immense pain! MJF is busted open now as Bryan goes for the cover, only to get a nearfall as we see a rather bloody champ reaching for the nearest corner.

Bryan gets to the corner and ends up hitting a Busaiku Knee, before locking in the LeBelle Lock on the champ! MJF tries to fight but has to tap out, and we are tied up again!

Bryan Danielson 3 – 3 MJF, 10 and a half minutes remaining.

Danielson looking to lock the LeBelle lock back in but MJF reverses into Salt of the Earth! Bryan fights as best he can and eventually escapes the armbar, reversing it into another LeBelle Lock! MJF is slipping out of it as best he can, trying to claw his way to the ropes…but Bryan rolls through to bring him back to the center of the ring with just under 9 minutes to go! MJF manages to turn it around on Danielson for a nearfall before locking in Salt of the Earth again, and Bryan is crawling toward the ropes…only for the champ to pull him back to center! Bryan is struggling hard here, but inches his way to the ropes before MJF grabs that free arm to twist him even worse! Bryan is trying, trying, trying…and gets his foot on the bottom rope to force the break!

We are just 7 minutes remaining in this match with both men looking down and out…but they both start to stir, and we see them both on their knees trading blows in spite of all they’ve been through. This turns into headbutts as they get to their feet, and forearms shortly after. Bryan hits the ropes but they still hit each other with forearms, dropping them both back to their knees. We get the announcement from Roberts that five minutes remain, and it’s enough to light a fire in both men as they get their second (or rather fifth or sixth) wind, rushing each other with offense!

This ends up with the champ taking a hard forearm to the face, falling to the canvas…but as Danielson goes after him, he gets sent to the apron for another Heatseeker by MJF, but that only gets a nearfall! 3 and half minutes now and MJF grabs a bit of water for himself before going back on the attack, only for Bryan to catch him on the top rope with some elbow shots! MJF twists him around and hits an avalanche tombstone off the turnbuckle…but his knee bothers the champ so much he can’t do anything about it!

Bryan is down and out in the middle of the ring as MJF clutches his knee, Bryce checking on both men as MJF slowly crawls toward the challenger to make a pin attempt…but Bryan kicks out before locking in a single leg crab, focused solely on the bad leg of the champ! MJF tries to get toward the ropes but is pulled back to center by the challenger with less than a minute left! MJF nearly taps but stops himself, inching toward the ropes! Ten seconds left and Danielson grabs the free arm! The final seconds tick away, and MJF taps only AFTER the clock runs out!

The match ends in a draw, 3 – 3, with MJF retaining the AEW World Championship.

The crowd expresses their displeasure as Tony Schiavone is being given instructions from TK, as Bryan gets back to his feet in anger, waiting to see what happens. Tony talks to Roberts and Bryce, and we get the announcement of sudden death!

Sudden Death

The bell rings for sudden death and MJF is beside himself, thinking he had the match won…and shoves Bryce! Bryce doesn’t DQ him for this, instead shoving MJF back…and the champ is rolled up for a nearfall! MJF sneaks in a low blow but still only gets a nearfall, much to his chagrin. Bryce checks on Danielson as MJF steals the belt, but Bryce warns him that a DQ here could actually lose him the match and the belt(?) MJF gives the belt to Bryce, but as the ref sets it outside MJF grabs his ring to attack the challenger, who catches him instead with a Busaiku Knee! But it only gets a nearfall!

Danielson pulls MJF toward center before kicking the injured leg, locking it in before taking the ring away from the champ! MJF is struggling not to tap here despite the single leg crab being locked in tight here, the champ inching toward the ropes and grabbing it…but he also taps, confusing Bryan into thinking the challenger’s won it! The argument here gives MJF an opening as he grabs the oxygen tank from ringside, clobbering Bryan with it as the challenger approaches him! With Bryan knocked out, MJF locks in the LeBell Lock on Danielson…but Bryan’s not out of it here!

Bryan fights back all he can as MJF pulls back on the crossface, causing Bryan to drop back down…AND BRYAN TAPS OUT!

Winner via submission in Sudden Death AND STILL AEW World Champion: MJF

There is no celebration for the champ here, as he is almost knocked out from the energy he’s expended. He’s laid out with the title draped over him as his music hits, finally sitting up to enjoy his win as much as he can before fainting again. He crawls toward the corner, propping himself up against the corner to soak in his win as the show comes to a close.