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AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2023

AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door
June 25, 2023
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Scotiabank Arena)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

Don’t let the draft in for long folks, it’s AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door!

We kick off with pyro before the challenger and champion make their way to the ring four our opening contest for the AEW World Championship! We get ring introductions and then this match is underway!

AEW World Championship Match
MJF (c) defends against Hiroshi Tanahashi

We start things off relatively slow with MJF mocking Tanahashi, before they lock up…and MJF ends up bailing out of the ring almost immediately! Tanahashi starts a “coward” chant which leads to MJF coming back, feigning a handshake before taking the Ace of New Japan down! This gives the champ an opportunity to go after his opponent, locking some much-needed holds after sending Tanahashi onto the top rope. MJF with an abdominal stretch, mocking the crowd as they try to will the Ace back into the match…but the ref starts to count the champ when he grabs the top rope. MJF yells at the ref asking what he’s going to do…and the ref responds by kicking MJF’s arm off the rope!

Tanahashi gets some much-needed offense in after this, taking the champ down for a nearfall before going up to the top rope…only to be intercepted by MJF, but the champ can’t take him down before the Ace can hit a crossbody on him! Tanahashi gets MJF in the corner for a kick, before intercepting the champ for a rocket launcher off the top rope, hitting some more offense for a nearfall. Tanahashi looking for the High Fly Flow but MJF catches him agan, this time setting the Ace up for a big superplex onto the canvas!

MJF goes for the cover with an arm draped over the Ace, but Tanahashi kicks out to save himself before rolling to the ropes. MJF is back to his feet, catching the Ace to set him up for a Heatseeker…but Tanahashi escapes, only to get caught in a shoulder breaker instead! MJF goes for the cover again but only gets a nearfall. The champ doesn’t take kindly to this, spitting on the Ace before calling him a joke with a boot to the face.

This only seems to drive Tanahashi to get back into things as he slowly gets to his feet, only for MJF to get a thumb to the eye of the Ace. MJF looks for a pump kick and takes a dragon screw from Tanahashi instead, and the Ace locks in a Texas Cloverleaf on the champ! MJF struggles to get to the ropes but the Ace pulls him back briefly before the champ is able to force a rope break on the hold. MJF slowly back to his feet once again, only to get dropped with a Sling Blade by the Ace!

Tanahashi climbs the turnbuckle once more, leaping off for the High Fly Flow…right into the raised knees of MJF! The champ feels the effect on his injured knee, grabbing it in pain as the ref checks on both men. MJF rolls out of the ring, retrieving the title from ringside before coming back in…but the ref won’t have any of it, taking it away from the champ as Tanahashi rolls him up. The problem is, the ref can’t count what he can’t see as he’s getting the title out of the ring, and the Ace is only able to get a nearfall as a result!

MJF gets back to his feet, shoving Tanahashi into the ref as he pulls out his ring before hitting a knockout shot on the Ace! The champ hides his foreign object before making the cover, and gets the pin and the win over the Ace of New Japan!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW World Champion: MJF

We come right back to ringside for our next contest, an opening round match in the Owen Hart Cup tournament as Satoshi Kojima makes his way to the ring first. Out next is CM Punk, facing a very heated crowd in Toronto as he heads to the ring before this match gets underway!

Men’s Owen Hart Cup Tournament First Round
CM Punk vs. Satoshi Kojima

The crowd is quick to change to a split reaction as the bell rings, and we start off with an exchange of holds between Punk and Kojima before Punk is sent to the ropes by the leader of Bread Club. This swing of momentum is cut short as Punk gets a headlock on Kojima, but Punk is sent back to the ropes once more where he stops a shoulder tackle. We end up with the men locking up again, with Punk sent to the corner where Kojima hits a small flurry of offense to a roar of approval from the crowd.

Punk doesn’t take kindly to this as he lays in a knee strike on Kojima before sending him out of the ring. Punk follows him to the outside where he lays in a couple chops, before Kojima responds with one of his own that sends Punk clear over the barricade into the timekeeper area! Kojima brings Punk back to ringside, breaking up the ten count to do more damage before Punk fights back. Things get a little rough as Punk starts to get back into a groove before taking Kojima down with a chop block.

Punk with a body slam before taunting the crowd with a Hogan taunt and a leg drop to remind the Toronto crowd of another legend of the business that’s hated in the city…but this comes back to haunt him as Kojima fights back! Punk stops it pretty quickly before mounting up on Kojima in the corner with some punches, followed by a low kick to the leg before taking him down for a nearfall. Punk keeps on the attack before bringing Kojima to the corner, laying into him with some lariats while mocking the crowd.

Punk brings Kojima back down for a nearfall, still mocking the hostile crowd as he continues the attack on Kojima leading to a Mongolian chop reminiscent of the New Japan legend Tenzan…and the leader of Bread Club responds with a flurry of chops in the corner in retaliation! Punk tries to escape but is sent to another corner for another round as Kojima starts to build some momentum for himself before hitting an elbow drop for a nearfall!

Rolling elbow strikes from Kojima after Punk gets to his feet, leading to a DDT that takes Punk down to the canvas. Kojima looking for a Cozy Cutter but Punk stops him, hitting a knee strike in the corner before taking him to the canvas. Punk climbs the turnbuckle for an elbow strike, much to the chagrin of the crowd…but Punk leaps off all the same for the elbow drop, only to get a nearfall! Punk transitions into an Anaconda Vice, but Kojima starts fighting out of it with right hands to the head to break the hold!

Punk looks ready to put Kojima to sleep amidst chants of “Pepsi sucks” from the crowd, but Kojima fights out of a Go 2 Sleep attempt to hit some Mongolian chops on Punk followed by the Cozy Cover! Kojima takes off an elbow pad for a lariat, but is met with a neckbreaker to the canvas by Punk for the nearfall instead! Punk brings Kojima to his feet for some chops, lifting him up for the Go 2 Sleep once again…but Kojima grabs his foot instead! Kojima with a brainbuster…but only gets a nearfall!

Kojima back to his feet, and he looks ready for the lariat on Punk…who hits a roundhouse kick instead, followed by the Go 2 Sleep for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and advancing in the men’s Owen Hart Cup tournament: CM Punk

Punk celebrates on the turnbuckle as the still very split crowd lets him know how they feel about the result.

Video Package: AEW returns to Chicago for a big week leading into All Out!

Back at ringside, the AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy makes his way to the ring for our next big title match! Out next is Katsuyori Shibata with ROH Pure Championship in hand, to a nice reaction from the crowd before Daniel Garcia comes out next with his little dance on the stage before heading to the ring. Last but not least is the NJPW WORLD Television Champion as Zack Sabre Jr. heads to the ring before this match gets underway!

AEW International Championship Four-Way: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Katsuyori Shibata vs. Daniel Garcia

Garcia and Sabre mouth off at each other to start, before all four men meet in the middle of the ring…where Cassidy lays in the “dangerous kicks” on all three opponents. Sabre catches the foot of Cassidy leading to a game of hot potato…which leads into chaos with Shibata and Sabre cleared out of the ring! Garcia locks in a Dragontamer on the champ but it’s broken up by Shibata, who locks in a hold of his own on the champ. Sabre breaks the hold to go after the champ himself, before Garcia lays in a hard kick on Sabre!

Garcia goes after Sabre as Cassidy rolls out of the ring. Shibata comes into things now and the three square off before Garcia mocks his opponents with a bit of dancing…which leads to a double-team from Sabre and Shibata, who go at each other before Garcia takes them down. Garcia with another little dance but he gets rolled up by the champ for a nearfall, and things turn back into chaos before all four men kick each other down to fall to the canvas!

They end up back on their feet as Sabre and Shibata lock in octopus holds on Cassidy and Garcia respectively, before they go after each other…and this turns into a pair of holds from Garcia and Cassidy, with Sabre and Shibata still going after each other with strikes somehow! This all gets broken up as Cassidy hits a suplex on Garcia, leading to a chain of suplexes between the four competitors until Cassidy hits a Stundog Millionaire and DDT on Garcia for a nearfall! Both men slowly get to their feet as Cassidy looks to set up for an Orange Punch…only to be intercepted by Sabre, who tweaks the hand of the champ until he’s knocked off the apron! Garcia grabs the ROH Pure Champion and wallops Shibata with it, but only gets a nearfall for his efforts!

Shibata back to his feet as Garcia lays into him with strikes, but Shibata fights back to the opposite corner before hitting a dropkick to the face! Garcia rolls out of the ring as Cassidy comes back into the ring, and the two men stare each other down before dropping to a seated position…where they start laying into each other with strikes! They come back to their feet still trading blows, but Shibata starts getting the upperhand before Cassidy gets hands in pockets. It’s a ruse however as he hits an Orange Punch on Shibata, but Shibata is able to take advantage of a hurt champion to hit an elbow!

Cassidy hits a Beach Break on Shibata after this but only gets a nearfall, and Sabre takes advantage of the injury as he starts twisting the hand of the champ…until Cassidy hits him with a mouse trap, which gets countered by Sabre! Garcia is there to break things up but is taken down by Sabre and Cassidy, only for Sabre to lock in a nasty submission hold on the champ! Shibata tries to break it up and manages to do so after getting a rear naked choke on Sabre, who dodges a PK kick and catches him with a couple close pinfall attempts!

Garcia breaks the second one up, but he and Sabre square off until Sabre gets a backslide…which Garcia fights out of for a piledriver, only for Shibata to hit a PK kick before he’s sent out of the ring by the champ, before Cassidy gets Garcia rolled up for the pin and the win to retain the title!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW International Champion: Orange Cassidy

Garcia leaves the ring as Zack hands Cassidy his title back, and the pair alongside Shibata stare each other down as Sabre talks up them going at it again sometime. Sabre leaves as Shibata and Cassidy show some sportsmanship before they leave the ring.

Video Package: Hype for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship

Back at ringside, Jack Perry and HOOK make their way to the ring for our next title match! Out next is SANADA before this match gets underway!

IWGP World Heavyweight Championship Match
Sanada (c) defends against “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

Bit of respect shown from the challenger as the bell rings before Perry and SANADA lock up, before that gets broken up quickly. They lock up again as Perry hits a side headlock, only for the champ to send him to the ropes…and this bites him slightly as he catches SANADA with a Snare Trap! SANADA gets to the ropes to break the hold, and they are both back to their feet as Perry hits the ropes…running right into a dropkick from the champ sending Jungle Boy to the outside! Perry comes back in, catching SANADA with a kick before hitting a dive that drops the champ on the floor outside!

Perry brings the champ back in the ring but only gets a nearfall before SANADA gets back to his feet, taking Perry down before looking for a Paradise Lock that Jungle Boy escapes before looking for one of his own that SANADA escapes! This quickly turns around on Jungle Boy as the champ gets the Paradise Lock in tight on the challenger, causing some big trouble before SANADA hits a dropkick followed by a nearfall.

Perry coming back to his feet as he hits a couple chops on the champion, who responds with a hard one of his own sending the challenger to the canvas. Perry back to his feet again with some strikes on SANADA, who hits a boot on Perry in response…but Jungle Boy catches him with a boot as well! Jungle Boy starting to come back into this before hitting a tiger driver for a nearfall on the champ…who hits a neck screw on Perry in response!

Both men are down but slowly getting back up as they exchange strikes, with Perry laying in a hard one on SANADA getting a reaction from the champ. We come back to an exchange as Jungle Boy tries to get the better of SANADA…eventually locking in Skull End to use the champ’s hold against him! SANADA is fighting here as he gets to the ropes, getting a boot on the bottom rope to break the hold.

Perry keeping on the attack but the champ catches him for a nearfall in the process. SANADA climbs the turnbuckle for a moonsault that Jack escapes, as well as countering a Skull End for a poisonrana! He can’t follow up on this before the champ goes for a Skull End, but Perry manages to escape…but he can’t get out of a poisonrana and a Shining Wizard by the champ, who gets a close nearfall as a result!

SANADA drops him again before hitting a moonsault press that connects hard on Jungle Boy…and it’s enough to get the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and still IWGP World Heavyweight Champion: SANADA

SANADA heads up the ramp to celebrate as HOOK checks on Perry in the ring. They head up the ramp to the stage as HOOK raises the hand of Perry…who lays him out with a lariat! The crowd in Toronto is livid by this as Jungle Boy taunts them before holding up the FTW title, dropping it beside HOOK before heading to the back.

Video Package: Beef between The Elite and Blackpool Combat Club leading into this 10-man tag match!

Back at ringside, Eddie Kingston makes his way down the ramp for our next match followed by Tomohiro Ishii. Out next are The Elite of Hangman Page and The Young Bucks as they head to the ring…followed by the Blackpool Combat Club, Konosuke Takeshita, and Shota Umino coming through the crowd to Moxley’s New Japan theme to set a very different tone for the match ahead. They head to the ringside area and eventually to the ring itself, where they stare down their opponents in the ring. Before long they enter the ring, and this match gets underway!

10-Man Tag Team Match
Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, Wheeler Yuta), Konosuke Takeshita & Shota Umino vs. The Elite (“Hangman” Adam Page, The Young Bucks), Eddie Kingston & Tomohiro Ishii

We start off with Kingston and Claudio, the latter immediately taunting Eddie by tagging in Shota. Kingston opts out of this by tagging in Page before the two lock up. Page takes Shota to the corner, but “Shooter” turns things around before hitting an arm drag. Page sweeps out his legs for a nearfall before dropping him again, and tags in Ishii for a double-team that ends with Shota looking for a cheap shot but failing. Takeshita tags in to take on the Stone Cold Pitbull, before the two trade strikes in the middle of the ring.

The two keep at it for a very, very long time before Takeshita takes a big swing at Ishii…who takes a swing right back. They try to knock each other down with a series of shoulder tackles but there seems to be a standstill as both men end up falling to the canvas! Tag made to Matt Jackson who tags in Jeff, allowing the Bucks to make a double-team on a couple of their opponents before tagging in Kingston as Mox tags in…not realizing that he’s about to stand face-to-face with his old pal!

The two men stare each other down to a big pop from the crowd, mouthing off at each other before trading strikes. The crowd is fully into every chop Kingston and Mox lay into one another, until Yuta runs in to intervene to no avail…and this leads to chaos (not CHAOS the stable) as all ten men go at it in the ring!

The ring clears out with action at ringside as we stay focused on the strikefest between Eddie and Jon, even with a moonsault by Page on his foes to the floor outside. Claudio rushes into the ring, laying out Kingston with a European uppercut before getting a sneaky tag to continue the attack on his longtime rival.

Claudio stays on the attack before taking a pause, and that gives Eddie an opening as he lays some chops in…only to get knocked down with a lariat by Claudio! Tag to Yuta as he drives a knee into the back of Kingston with Mox staring him down from ringside. Tag made to Takeshita who locks in a camel clutch like hold until Ishii comes in to break it up…only for Takeshita to knock him out cold!

Things clear out as Shota gets the tag to stay on the attack, hitting a hanging neckbreaker for a nearfall before it gets broken up. Shota brings Kingston back into the ring before making the tag to Claudio, who lays into the Mad King with some hard stomps and punches before Kingston catches him with a lariat! Claudio just manages to get the tag to Mox, who stares down Kingston while taunting him…and Eddie responds with some hard chops that are met with chops in kind by Mox!

Both men are down but Mox gets a tag to Shota…and we see that Ishii is back up on his feet as Eddie makes the tag! Ishii goes after Shota until Claudio tags in, hitting some strikes before looking for a delayed vertical suplex that gets reversed into a brainbuster from Ishii! Takeshita and Shota double-team the Pitbull, dropping him for a nearfall before it gets broken up. Ishii fights Mox off before hitting a back suplex on Shota and a tag to Hangman!

Takeshita with a tag as well as they square off, with Page countering a clothesline with a lariat! Page clears the ring before hitting a fall away slam on Takeshita and a dive to the outside on Yuta. He gets rid of Claudio before hitting a boot on Takeshita, who falls into the arms of the Young Bucks…who hold him for a big shooting star press by Page!

Page with a lariat but that only gets a nearfall as Page gets back to his feet, getting Takeshita set up for a Dead Eye that gets reversed. Things are back and forth before Takeshita takes a triple kick in the corner followed by a tag to Matt Jackson, with the Bucks going off on Takeshita before he counters out of a BTE Trigger!

Takeshita starts fighting back but takes a double superkick, which leads to a party of sorts until Kingston ends up taking a superkick by the Bucks in the chaos! Takeshita takes advantage of this by hitting a Blue Thunder Bomb on Matt for a nearfall! Things get hectic again as Matt gets another nearfall before BCC clears the ring, taking Matt down before Claudio takes him on a Big Swing into a dropkick by the now tagged-in Yuta for a nearfall!

Claudio and Yuta look for a double-team but get taken down by Nick after a cutter on Yuta, and Ishii gets the tag to get in on the action next. Pitbull with a superplex on Yuta but that’s only a two count as well as Eddie comes into the ring, and he and Ishii double-team Yuta. Claudio tries to intervene but gets taken out by Eddie as things get crazy once again…until Mox takes a double superkick! Ring gets cleared out leaving Page to go for a Buckshot Lariat on Yuta, who counters out of it only to take a lariat from Ishii instead!

Ishii with a brainbuster, and Nick stops Claudio from breaking things up as the Stone Cold Pitbull gets the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: “Hangman” Adam Page, The Young Bucks, Eddie Kingston & Tomohiro Ishii

There is little in the way of celebration at ringside as Kingston is arguing with the Bucks about what happened during the course of the match.

Video Package: Hype for the AEW Women’s World Championship match tonight!

Back at ringside, Willow Nightingale makes her way to the ring for our next title match of the evening! This is followed by the arrival of the champion Toni Storm, accompanied by her Outcasts friends before this match gets underway!

AEW Women’s World Championship Match
Toni Storm (c) defends against Willow Nightingale

We start off with the two women locking up before Willow gets the upper hand for a moment…until Toni turns things around, escaping to the outside to take a breather. Toni comes back in and rushes at Willow, but turns into a nearfall for Willow, who catches Storm by surprise and forcing the champ to take another breather on the outside. Willow ends up in a shouting match with the Outcasts before knocking them down on the outside, only to take a hip attack from the champ as she gets back on the apron!

Toni is back on the attack as she lays into Willow with some kicks against the barricade, before bringing her back into the ring for more damage. Toni has Willow against the ropes before distracting the ref, allowing the Outcasts to get a couple shots in on the challenger before Toni hits a suplex for a nearfall. Storm locks in a full nelson, but Willow starts fighting back to her feet to break out of it…and takes a forearm to the back before Toni locks the hold back in! Willow looks like she’s fading here, but manages to break out of it before dropping the champ to the canvas! Toni retreats to the corner to get to her feet, as does Willow on the opposite side…and Willow hits a hip attack on the champ!

Toni gets to the ropes, where she hits a jawjacker on Willow to the top rope…which only leads to trouble as Willow hits her with a Death Valley Driver onto the apron! Willow back in the ring, hitting another DVD on Storm in the middle of the ring for a nearfall. Willow climbs the turnbuckle but the Outcasts roll in a can of spraypaint to distract her…only for the Outcasts to get ejected by the ref! Toni tries to go for a Storm Zero but it’s countered into a pin attempt for a nearfall. Toni catches Willow with a DDT and a hip attack before getting a close nearfall of her own on the challenger.

Toni taunts Willow with boots to the heads, but this turns around on the champ as Willow gets an Indian Deathlock on Storm! Toni tries fighting out of it with chops that are met with chops by the challenger in response, but Storm goes for a bite on the leg of Willow to finally get out of the hold. Storm in the corner looking for a hip attack, but takes a POUNCE by the challenger that sends Toni out of the ring! Willow with a hip attack in the corner followed by a series of lariats on the champ, and Willow is fired up…only for Toni to drag the ref in front of her to stop the momentum cold!

Toni hits the Storm Zero on the challenger to get the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW Women’s World Champion: Toni Storm

The Outcasts retreat up the ramp as we see Skye Blue and Britt Baker watching on from backstage, the latter gearing up for a Women’s Owen Hart Cup first round match against Ruby Soho coming up soon.

Video Package: The feud between Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega leading to a big IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship bout tonight at Forbidden Door!

Back at ringside, Will Ospreay makes a grand entrance as he heads to the ring accompanied by Don Callis and a pair of security guards. Out next is the champion Kenny Omega to a big pop from the crowd, before this match gets underway!

IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship Match
Kenny Omega (c) defends against Will Ospreay

We kick off with a big crowd reaction clearly in favor of the champion as the two men stare each other down before circling the canvas. They eventually lock up to exchange holds, with neither man getting a clear advantage over the other at first. Ospreay taken to the canvas with a chinlock by Omega, but Will turns things around for a moment until the champ takes him down before locking in a headscissors. Ospreay gets out of the hold with a headstand, but Kenny makes him pay for it before sending him to the corner for some chops and punches…which gets turned around on him by the challenger!

Things get a little crazy as Kenny and Ospreay counters each other’s signature moves to a big ovation from the Toronto crowd. Omega is seated but taunts Ospreay to come at him, but the challenger steps back as Omega gets to his feet. Ospreay gets a thumb to the eye of Omega before sending him to the corner, laying in a hard chop that sends Omega to the canvas. Ospreay brings the champ to his feet for a knee strike, but Omega starts fighting back before dropping the challenger down hard!

Ospreay ends up rolling out of the ring, but Omega hits the ropes for a dive…only to get cut off by Callis grabbing his boot! Callis heads up the ramp when Omega comes after him, being cut off by the ref and the security before the ref ejects Callis from ringside! Ospreay takes advantage of the distraction to turn things back around, beating up the champ at ringside before bringing him back into the ring for a backbreaker that gets a nearfall.

Ospreay is still firmly in control as he goes after the back of the champion, bringing Omega to his feet for a chop that gets a receipt by Omega! Ospreay turns it around with a delayed vertical suplex for another nearfall. Ospreay brings Omega back to his feet, but the champ starts fighting back as he sends Ospreay to the ropes…only for Ospreay to lock in a cobra twist on the champion! Omega is struggling here, but fights out of it to send Will to the canvas…leading to a a second wave of offense by the champ leading to a nearfall!

Omega goes back on the offense but takes a 1-2 kick by Ospreay, who drops Kenny on the top rope before climbing the turnbuckle…before hitting a shooting star press against the champion’s back! This is followed by an Oscutter on the champ that drops him right onto the apron that drops the champ to the floor!

Ospreay brings Kenny to his feet on the floor before dragging him over to the announce table, where he slams the head of Omega against the table shield! Omega tries to put a stop to it, but a bite to the hand forces him to go face first into the shield once more as the challenger taunts the crowd, enjoying the damage he’s done to the champ here.

Ospreay isn’t done just yet as he takes the shield off the table, propping it against the ring before slamming the champion through it as the count reaches a seven before the challenger finally enters the ring with Omega to break the count. Ospreay is still on the attack despite the chants from the crowd, and he seems to be enjoying the hate as he goes so far as to lick some blood off his arm to another chant from the crowd!

Omega back to his feet here as the champ and challenger go at it, before Ospreay manages to drop Omega to the canvas with a lariat! Omega slow to his feet as Ospreay taunts him, looking for a V-Trigger that connects against the skull of the champion! There’s a wicked smile from the challenger as he taunts someone in the crowd…before grabbing the Canadian flag and making a mockery of it!

Ospreay seems to be having too much fun here…and sure enough, Omega makes him pay for it with a big lariat that spins the challenger up and over! Omega starts choking Ospreay with the flag before tossing him around to the canvas! The ref tells him not to use the flag anymore but the champ pays little mind, hanging Ospreay up on the top rope before dropping him to the floor.

Omega flies the Canadian flag around a little more before handing it back to someone in the crowd…and nailing the challenger against the barricade with a V-Trigger! Omega follows this up by taking Ospreay to the steel steps, where he slams the challenger’s head against the hard steel leaving a puddle of blood on the floor!

The ref checks on Ospreay as Omega sets the steps up, bringing the challenger to his feet before going for a DDT that drives Will’s head into the side of the steps! The ref has to check on a very bloody Ospreay now before Omega brings him back into the ring…but instead of a cover, Omega mounts up on Ospreay with punches and a bodyscissors leading into a submission hold! Ospreay is trying everything he can to fight out of it as Omega cinches in a triangle hold, but Ospreay uses his strength to lift the champion up for a powerbomb that forces Omega to break the hold!

Omega slowly gets to his feet, but Ospreay is right there with a German suplex…that is met with one by Omega, and one by Ospreay in kind! Ospreay fights off a snapdragon suplex but takes a knee strike, only to counter into a Spanish Fly for a close nearfall! Ospreay back to his feet now, and he’s locking in a Sharpshooter on the champion! Omega is inching his way to the ropes, but Will pulls him away to the center of the ring! Omega is hurting something fierce, but doesn’t give up before Ospreay transitions into a crossface on the champion!

Omega rolls through, but Ospreay still has the crossface locked in tight! Omega is trying to claw away the hold before finally getting to the bottom rope to break the hold. Ospreay gets back to his feet, bringing the champ up before laying in some kicks and chops on Omega. Ospreay keeps at this until Omega weakly fights back with a chop, leading to Ospreay to taunt him to try harder. Omega struggling to get lefts and rights in on the challenger, who takes a headbutt and a hard couple kicks…only to cut off an Oscutter with a rising knee!

Omega gets another boost of energy here as he hits a couple snapdragon suplexes on the challenger, followed by a knee to the back and a poisonrana…and then, a piledriver for a nearfall before Ospreay kicks out! Omega with a big neckbreaker to take Ospreay back down, and Kenny hits a V-Trigger on the challenger before setting him up on the turnbuckle. Omega looking for an avalanche dragon suplex, but Ospreay counters out and catches a thrust kick on the champion to drop him to the outside!

Ospreay climbs up top, dropping a Skytwister Press on the champ to the floor! Ospreay brings Omega back in the ring, but Omega kicks out of a Liger Bomb! Cutter by Ospreay is the follow up, but the champ is still in it as he kicks out again! Ospreay looking for a Storm Breaker but it gets countered by the champ, dropping Ospreay to the canvas as we see Callis making his way back down to the ring to cheer Ospreay on as the crowd has some very pointed words to give Callis. The ref checks on both men as Omega ends up back on his feet, hitting a hard kick on the challenger over and over. Omega points at Callis as he looks for another strike, connecting a big kick on Ospreay as the crowd cheers him on.

Omega back to his feet as Callis tries to intervene…but Ospreay takes a V-Trigger by Omega all the same! The ref tries to break things up as Callis sneaks a screwdriver to Ospreay with the ref distracted…and Ospreay stabs him with it as the ref is dealing with Callis on the outside! Ospreay sets the champ up and hits a Storm Breaker…but Kenny gets a foot on the bottom rope to stop the pinfall!

Callis tries to coach Ospreay on what to do next as the challenger gets back to his feet, staring Omega down before hitting a V-Trigger on Omega followed by a One Winged Angel on the champion…but Kenny kicks out of his own move being used on him at the count of one, to a big pop from the crowd!

Omega back on his feet and the two men exchange strikes, until Omega hits a brainbuster on the challenger! Omega sets Ospreay up for the One Winged Angel, but Ospreay breaks out of it…only to get hit with a German suplex instead for a nearfall! Callis is beside himself on the outside as Kenny hits a V-Trigger on the challenger, but Ospreay counters out of a One Winged Angel! Storm Breaker gets countered out, but Ospreay ends up hitting a Tiger Driver 97 for a nearfall! Elbow sleeve taken off by Ospreay before he hits a Hidden Blade on the champ, followed by the Storm Breaker for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and new IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion: Will Ospreay

Ospreay celebrates his win, taunting the now former champion before leaving the ring with Don Callis as we get a replay of how brutal and crazy this match got.

We get a word from Draft Kings to cool us down as much as we possibly can before we get ready for the next match on tap at Forbidden Door!

Back at ringside, Minoru Suzuki makes his way to the ring for our next contest. He is quickly followed by the arrival of Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara. Out next are STIIIIIING and Darby Allin, and last but not least Tetsuya Naito before this match gets underway!

Trios Tag Team Match
Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara & Minoru Suzuki vs. Sting, Darby Allin & Tetsuya Naito

We start off with Naito and Guevara, with the former taking his sweet time removing his warmup gear to get ready for the match. The two men circle the canvas before Naito psyches Guevara out, to which Sammy responds in kind. They lock up until Naito gets sent to the ropes, leading to a dropkick by Sammy that sends the Tranquilo one down to the canvas. Guevara heads to the outside as Naito teases a dive…only to give a pose of his own to let Sammy know what’s up. Guevara back in the ring but he’s taken down by Naito before Darby gets the tag in…and Suzuki gets the tag right away!

Darby is not afraid of Suzuki however as he goes for a forearm strike, but Suzuki responds in kind as only “Murder Grandpa” can, drawing a smile from Suzuki before he takes Darby down with a hard forearm strike! Darby slowly gets to his feet, blowing Suzuki a kiss before hitting a chop…which gets a hard palm strike from Suzuki! Darby leaps off the ropes but gets caught in a sleeper…only to get Suzuki to his back to break the hold!

Tag made to Sting who stares down Suzuki, as Jericho demands a tag but Suzuki refuses as he stares the Icon down. Jericho keeps demanding for it however, and Suzuki finally obliges with a tag to the Ocho as he and Sting mouth off at each other…but it’s a ruse as Suzuki blindsides him, leading to chaos between all six men!

The ring eventually clears out, leaving us with Sting and Jericho in the ring as they trade blows. Jericho sends Sting to the corner looking for a Stinger Splash, but the Icon ends up getting Jericho in a Scorpion Deathlock! Guevara with a tag as he gets to the turnbuckle, leaping right onto the Icon to break the hold! Sammy tags back in as they double-team Sting, before they and Suzuki pose to a big pop from the crowd.

Guevara back on the attack until Sting turns things around, and tags in Darby who gets a head of steam leading to a Code Red for a nearfall! Darby goes back up top but gets intercepted with a Spanish Fly for a nearfall by Guevara instead! Sammy takes Darby to the corner for a chop, but misses a Stinger Splash as Darby catches him from behind!

Naito and Jericho with tags as Naito goes after the Ocho, sending him to the corner before spitting in his face and dropping him to the canvas! Naito stays on the attack until Jericho hits a sleeper on Naito, and a crazy set of sleeper holds across all six men leads to a big dive from Darby to the outside! Darby goes after Jericho next but takes a Judas Effect instead!

Sammy with a rising knee strike on Naito in the ring as Sting gets laid out at ringside, before Jericho sets up a table. Setting the Icon up on the table, Jericho hops onto the apron with a tag before telling Sammy to go after the Icon! Sammy is reluctant but climbs the turnbuckle, hitting a 630 on Sting as Jericho turns his attention to Naito…who rolls him up for a nearfall! Jericho looks for a Lionsault but this gets turned around into a Destino attempt by Naito! Jericho gets out but is caught in a Scorpion Deathlock by Sting…until Suzuki pulls him away!

Naito stops a Gotch style piledriver but takes a Codebreaker by Jericho, who only gets a nearfall when all is said and done! Jericho tags in Suzuki who goes on the attack, laying into Naito until he fights back…and Sting stops a sleeper hold, dropping Suzuki as Naito catches him for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Sting, Darby Allin & Tetsuya Naito

Jericho stops the celebration early as he attacks Naito with a bat, until Darby and Sting cut him off and send him retreating to the ramp!

Video Package: Hype for tonight’s main event, a dream match between Bryan Danielson and Kazuchika Okada!

We are back at ringside for our main event…and “Final Countdown” by Europe plays to welcome the arrival of the American Dragon, as Bryan Danielson heads to the ring! Out next is the Rainmaker himself, as Kazuchika Okada heads to the ring with the Okada money falling like confetti before this dream match main event gets underway!

Bryan Danielson vs. Kazuchika Okada

Truly a big fight feel for this main event as the crowd is cheering both men on, before they finally lock up…and it’s Danielson who gets the upper hand for a moment, or so it seems. Okada gets a lock in on Danielson forcing him to escape and it leads us to a standstill. Test of strength here as Danielson turns things around on the Rainmaker, leading to a surfboard hold before he drives Okada’s knees into the canvas. Bryan back to his feet as he mocks Okada with some jumping jacks before the Rainmaker gets to his feet again.

They lock up, and this time it’s Okada getting a shoulder tackle on Bryan that turns the tides for a moment before they run the ropes…and Okada drops Bryan with another shoulder tackle! Danielson set up by the Rainmaker now as he hits the ropes, hitting a dropkick that sends him to the outside! Okada chases after him before setting him on the barricade, sending him over it with a clothesline…but after a moment Bryan turns things around, sending Okada into the ring post!

Bryan hits the ropes when he gets back in the ring, and dives onto Okada sending him into the announce table…and follows with another hard attack from the apron! Bryan in control as he locks a hammerlock in on Okada, sending him into the ring post and then bringing him back into the ring before climbing the turnbuckle to hit a stomp on the injured arm, getting a nearfall in the process. Bryan goes back to the arm now, twisting it until the Rainmaker tries to get to the ropes…only to be brought back in by Danielson, who hits the hammer and elbow strikes before locking in Cattle Mutilation on the Rainmaker!

Okada tries to fight out of the hold but Bryan transitions to a pinning combination for a nearfall. Okada back to his feet, only for Bryan to send him to the corner for some chops…but Rainmaker is not letting it stand as he squares up to Danielson! They exchange strikes before Okada sends Bryan to the corner, catching him as he drops Danielson face first to the canvas! They get back to their feet before Okada hits a boot on Danielson, before sending him to the corner and uses the bounce back to hit a DDT for a nearfall!

Okada looks for an Air Raid Crash but Bryan fights out of it, only to be sent to the corner. Bryan climbs up but takes a dropkick from Okada that sends him out of the ring to the floor! Okada follows him and sets him up over the barricade…before hitting a running cross body, clearing the barricade to take Bryan down hard in the crowd area!

Okada heads back to the ring to stop the ten count, before going back after Bryan and bringing him back in the ring. Okada with a Money Clip now, but Bryan is fighting out of it before he sends the Rainmaker to the corner. Okada catches Bryan here and hits an Air Raid Crash for a nearfall! Okada follows up by setting Danielson on the turnbuckle…but Danielson turns it around before hitting a missile dropkick on Okada instead!

Both men finally back up to their feet as Bryan goes back on the attack, but Okada fights back with some strikes sending him to the corner. Bryan won’t be outdone as he hits right back with some more strikes, and the two start trading blows before it turns to holds…which all ends up with a shotgun dropkick by Okada! Not to be outshined here, Bryan catches him with a German suplex right after this as he looks for the running corner kick and gets two…but a third is countered by a dropkick by Okada!

Rainmaker is avoided by Bryan, but he takes another dropkick instead as Okada is back in control of the match…until Danielson goes for a hold, getting an armbar locked in as he pulls back on the arm of Okada! He transitions into a LeBelle Lock as Okada inches to the ropes, getting a boot on there to break the hold. Okada looking for a breather on the apron, but Danielson catches him with a kick to the back followed by a tope attempt, only for Okada to go after him with a Rainmaker…which gets countered into a dropkick by Danielson!

Danielson sets up and lays into Okada with some hard kicks, but Okada is back on his feet as he flips Danielson around into a tombstone right onto the entrance ramp! Both men are down as the ref checks on them, but Okada gets back to his feet as he brings Danielson back toward the ring. Okada gets him back in and slides in after, slowly getting to his feet before pulling Danielson to the center…and climbs up for an elbow drop!

But he isn’t finished yet! Okada back to his feet, looking for the Rainmaker…but Danielson can’t even get to his feet, forcing the ref to call for the doctor to check on Danielson. Okada calls the doc off before bringing Danielson to his feet…but it turns out to be a ruse as Bryan hits a running knee on Okada! Both men are down once again, but they get to their knees before Okada goes after Danielson again…only to take a big Busaiku Knee from the American Dragon! Danielson looking for a LeBelle Lock but Okada escapes it…only to take a big kick to the face by Bryan!

Danielson looking for another knee but gets taken out by a Landslide by Okada, followed by a Rainmaker…but Bryan kicks out! The crowd is showing their appreciation as Okada struggles to get back to his feet, and he’s looking for another lariat. He hits one but Bryan isn’t fully out as Okada stays on the attack. Bryan fights out of another Rainmaker attempt to go for a LeBelle Lock, cinching it in tight as Okada tries to fight out of it!

Okada tries to get to the ropes, inching closer and closer as Bryan pulls back on the neck…and then on the free arm of Okada! Okada reaches for the ropes with his leg but he can’t reach it…and Bryan hits some crossface strikes on him! Bryan locks the arm once again, and this time Okada has no chance but to verbally submit!

Winner via submission: Bryan Danielson

The crowd is almost silent, if only because of the shock of Danielson tapping out Okada in the main event of tonight’s major event. Bryan gets to his feet as he climbs the turnbuckle, soaking in the joy of this big win as the crowd are finally able to get back into it, showing their appreciation for the American Dragon as the show comes to a close.