AEW Collision 01 06 2024

AEW Collision Results
January 6, 2024
Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go to the opener as Saturday night’s alright for fighting!

We go live to the arena as the pyro goes off with Tony Schiavone, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the packed venue!

Ric Flair’s music hits as we wooos from the crowd. North Carolina is certainly Flair country! Sting’s music hits next as the Icon and Darby Allin make their way out to a big ovation from the Charlotte crowd!

Sting and Darby Allin vs. The Workhorsemen (JD Drake and Anthony Henry)

The Workhorsemen are already in the ring as Anthony Henry takes out Darby on the floor…Sting takes out JD Drake and Anthony Henry as Flair gets a punch in. Henry hyper extends the leg of Sting and then Henry and Drake wipe out Darby and toss him back in the ring. The ref checks on Darby as he says he can go. Drake hits Darby with a flying headbutt from the top rope. Henry is tagged in and dropped hard on his back as Henry covers Darby for just a two count. Drake is tagged back in…Drake nails Darby with a huge chop across the chest. Drake sends Darby to the corner as he takes out Henry…Darby tries for a tag, but Drake sends Sting off the apron. Drake is up on the top rope and misses the moonsault as Darby then drops Drake who tries to get up. Sting is in and takes out The Workhorsemen. Darby lands a huge coffin drop on Henry onto the floor…Sting then delivers a Scorpion Death Drop on Drake and covers him for the win.

After the match, Sting, Darby and Flair celebrate in the ring as the fans go wild for Sting as there are signs everywhere of thank you Sting and we love you Sting. This is set to be Sting’s last appearance in this venue. Sting, Darby and Flair pose with selfies with the fans at ringside. There was a fan dressed as Ric Flair.

We go to a video package hyping up the Dynamite Homecoming that takes place at Daily’s Place with Sting and Darby Allin taking on Konosuke Takeshita and Powerhouse Hobbs.

Trent Beretta’s music hits next as we get ready for the second match of the night. Eddie Kingston’s music is up next as the Continental Crown Champ is out next.

Continental Crown Champion Eddie Kingston defends against Trent Beretta

The bell rings as both men lock up…we get big Eddie chants…Both men lock up again as Eddie sends Trent to the corner. The ref calls for a clean break. Eddie walks away as Trent and Eddie lock up again. Eddie hits Trent with huge chops. Trent goes down as Eddie continues to chop Trent. Trent gets to his feet as Eddie charges him, but Trent moves out of the way. Trent then drops Eddie with a tornado DDT and covers him for only a one count. Trent sends Eddie back down to the mat and puts a big boot to the throat. Eddie tries to fight back, but Trent counters with a German Suplex. Trent covers Eddie who kicks out at one. Trent then chops Eddie in the corner. Trent then sends Eddie to the corner as he reverses and slaps Trent in the chest and then chops Trent in the face as Trent goes to the outside. The ref talks to Eddie about the chop. As Trent gets back up on the apron, Eddie grabs him. Trent is busted open and bleeding from the nose really bad. As Trent is back up, he drops Eddie to the floor, as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Both men make it back in the ring as Eddie stomps on Trent who has a big cut across the bridge of his nose, which could be broken. Eddie puts Trent in a headlock as the ref checks on Trent who is dripping blood. Trent gets out of the hold and then sends Eddie to the ropes. Both men send each other down with dual clotheslines. The ref begins the ten count as Trent is up using the ropes…Eddie gets up and nails Trent with a big right hand. Trent goes down in the corner as Eddie puts the boot to the throat.

Back from PIP, Trent’s mom Sue is shown at ringside with concern on her face. Eddie then drops Trent hard to the mat. Trent is back up and fires back, but Eddie chops Trent again as he goes down. Trent gets up and hits Eddie with a big knee as Eddie falls to the mat. Trent nails Eddie with big right hands. Both men are up. Trent hits Eddie with big elbows to the face as Eddie is down. Trent charges at Eddie and sends him to the outside with a big running drop kick. Trent then takes flight and connects with Eddie on the floor. Trent is up and tosses Eddie back in the ring. Trent is up on the top rope. Eddie is up and chops Trent, followed by a headbutt. Trent then grabs Eddie and delivers a big powerbomb and covers Eddie for only a two count! Trent picks up Eddie, but Eddie counters with a big exploder. Eddie then drops Trent with a DDT and covers Trent – 1 – 2 – NO! Trent kicks out! Eddie is up and grabs Trent who hits Eddie with a back elbow and suplexes Eddie. Trent covers Eddie, but he kicks out at one! Trent then delivers two German Suplexes on Eddie…Trent then charges at Eddie and hits him with a huge knee to the face…Trent then drops Eddie on his head with a big piledriver! Trent covers Eddie – 1 – 2 – NO! EDDIE KICKS OUT! Both men are on their knees as they exchange punches to the head…Both men are up. Trent hits Eddie with a big elbow, but Eddie answers back with chops to the chest of Trent. Trent grabs Eddie and drops him with a half and half. Trent then charges at Eddie who counters with an exploder followed by a big DDT…Eddie covers Trent – 1 – 2 – NO! Trent kicks out! Eddie then drops Trent with a northern lights bomb and covers Trent to retain the Continental Crown!


We go to an earlier today interview with Tony Schiavone talking to Willow Nightingale and Kris Statlander…Tony mentions how Stokley Hathaway has some obsession with Kris…WIllow interrupts and says she is ready for 2024…Kris then says 2024 will be a great year as they had a win on Rampage…


Back from the break, we go to a vignette with Hook talking about his winning percentage and that it is time for Hook to get another championship. He calls out Samoa Joe as he says he is coming after Joe at the World Title.

ROH World Tag Title Proving Ground Match is next with Komander and Bryan Keith taking on The Kingdom in Matt Taven and Mike Bennett. Bobby Cruise is the ring announcer. The ROH World Tag Champs come out with Roderick Strong.

ROH World Tag Team Champions The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett) vs. Komander and Bryan Keith

This match is a ten minute time limit…all men shake hands as the bell rings. Matt goes after Komander and chops him hard in the corner. Mike tags in Matt who picks up Komander and drops him with a backbreaker. Matt covers Komander for only a two count. Komander then is up and put a boot to the face of Matt and the comes off the ropes and drops Matt. Komander tags in Byran Keith who puts a foot to the face of Matt, but Matt tags in as Keith is not aware. Mike Bennett is in and drops Keith and chops him as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Mike Bennett chops Bryan Keith in the corner. Keith counters as both men are in the middle of the ring exchanging chops. Mike picks up Keith and drops him to the mat and tags in Taven who hits Keith and then suplexes him. Matt covers Keith for just a two count.

-We go to a full commercial break, courtesy of Sling TV-

Back from the full break, Mike Bennett is woking on Bryan Keith with slaps as Mike launches Keith into the boot of Taven. Mike tags in Matt who face plants Keith and then applies a headlock. Taven covers Keith for a two count as he kicks out at two…Taven tags in Bennett and kicks Bennett as both men go down. Bennett tags in Taven and Keith tags in Komander and drops him with a spinning DDT! Komander sends Bennett to the floor. Keith hits Taven with a running headbutt. Komander and Taven are on the top rope. Komander drops Taven with a huge suplex from the top rope. Taven rolls to the floor as Komander then takes out the ROH Tag Champs on the outside…Taven is back in the ring as Komander picks up Taven, but Bennett takes him out….Bennett and Taven then double team Keith and drop him hard the mat as Bennett covers Keith for the win.


We go backstage with Renee talking to Jay White and The Gunns…Renee asks about their relationship with The Acclaimed…The Trios tag champs come in as Billy says he had to save his boys…The Gunns trash talk Max Caster as Anthony Bowens asks everyone to calm down…Bowens says he has a crazy idea and the only way to make it in AEW is with factions. He then talk about the Bullet Club and tells Billy he knows about factions and then asks BCG to think about it…


Back from the break, Adam Copeland’s music hits as the crowd in Charlotte erupts! Adam makes his way to the ring as the big ovation continues…

Adam grabs a mic as the fans continue their big ovation…Adam says in case you missed Worlds End, he and Christian beat up each other and Adam beat Christian for the TNT title…Adam talks about Christian says he goes to the back of the line…Adam says Christian forgets he (Adam) gets a rematch because he did hold the title…Adam says he works harder than Christian…Adam says Christian should kissing Lucha…Killswitche’s a–…Adam says starting tonight he is going work his way to the top…As Adam is in his ring gear, he says this is an open challenge – the Cope Open…he then calls out any one from the back to come out. Cole Karter and Griff Garrison’s music hits as Maria Kanellis comes out with Griff Garrison and Karter. Griff grabs a mic and introduces himself…he many might be asking who is Griff Garrison…Griff says he steps up to a hall of famer…Griff then tells Adam Copeland to show him respect because he stepped up to the challenge. Adam says he respects Griff who is stepping up from sea level to Mount Everest. Griff then slaps Adam, who says he like Griff more and calls for the ref to ring the bell…Adam then slaps Griff and chops him in the corner. Adam then picks up Griff and drops him to the mat…Griff is up as Adam slaps Griff and sends up him with a backdrop. Adam picks up Griff and sends him into the corner and picks him up and drops him face first on the turnbuckle. Griff is down as Copeland tries for a spear, but Maria Kanellis pulls on Copeland’s leg…Cole Karter then distracts Adam again as it allows Griff to get offense on Adam who takes out Copeland with a choke. Griff then hits Copeland with a big elbow and then drops Copeland in the corner. Griff then pulls out Copeland and covers him for only a two count! Griff then applies a headlock on Copeland, who then gets to his feet…Griff picks up Copeland and drops him face first. Griff covers Copeland – 1 – 2 – NO – COPELAND KICKS OUT! Copeland fires back back as takes down Griff. Copeland then face plants Griff, but he gets up as Copeland goes to the outside and takes out Cole on the outside…Copeland then hits a huge crossbody off the top rope on Griff and covers him for just a two count! Maria Kanellis is screaming at ringside…Griff then takes down Copeland with a huge round house punch as Griff covers Copeland for only a two count…Griff is up on the second rope…Copeland goes up and hits Griff with big right and then headbutts Griff..Copeland then superplexes Griff, face plants him and then applies a crossface as Griff submits.


After the match, Cole Carter takes out Copeland from behind…Carter then charges at Copeland who recovers and spears Carter!

We go backstage with Ric Flair, Sting and Darby Allin…Flair says that Wednesday in Jacksonville is where Sting returned after six years…Sting then says he ready…Sting says Darby is the best tag team he has had…Sting says he is not going to coast for the next several weeks…he calls out the Don Callis Family and says that at Daily’s Place it will be showtime…Sting then asks how is that for retro…

Skye Blue’s music hits as she makes her way out. Kiera Hogan’s music hits next as she come out to basically no ovation.

Skye Blue vs. Kiera Hogan

The bell rings as we are underway. Both women lock up as Blue backs to the corner to break the hold…both women lock up as Blue drops Hogan to the mat…Hogan attempts a pin, but Blue kicks out at just a one count. Blue puts Hogan in a headlock as the ref checks on Hogan. Hogan breaks the hold, but Blue takes her down with a big kick. Blue picks up Hogan and sends her to the corner and kicks her. Hogan then recovers and takes down Blue with a drop toe hold and then hits her with a hip attack…Hogan covers Blue who kicks out at just two..Hogan misses a round house kick as Blue grabs Hogan’s hair and nails her hard…we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: The action is on the outside as Hogan hits Blue with a forearm, but Blue fights back and then rolls in the ring to break the ten count and then rolls back out…Hogan sends Blue into the barricade, but Blue fights back and suplexes Hogan on the floor. Blue picks up Hogan and tosses her back in the ring and covers her for only a two count. Blue then picks up Hogan and sends her face first into the turnbuckle…Hogan recovers and then drops Blue…Hogan goes to charge Blue, but she is up and kicks Hogan. Blue applies a headlock on Hogan as the ref checks on Hogan…Hogan is up to her feet, but Blue drops her down…

Back from PIP: Hogan fires back with elbows, but it has no affect on Blue as he hits Hogan…Blue goes to the second rope and comes down and is hit with a thrust kick by Hogan…Hogan then drops Blue with a drop kick. Blue is down in the corner…Hogan charges at Blue and connects with a running drop kicks. Hogan covers Blue who kicks out at two! Hogan is up as Blue is up to her feet…Hogan sends Blue to the corner and chops her…Hogan then hits Blue with rights, but counters and kicks Hogan in the head…Blue then hits Hogan with a thrust kick, only to have Hogan hit Blue with a thrust kick of her own…Blue then nails Hogan and applies a dragon sleeper as Hogan taps.


We go to a video package taking a special look at the soon return of Serena Deeb to in-ring action.


Back from the break, the music of Claudio Castignoli hits as the BCC member makes his way out to ring for our next match…Claudio jaws at ringside with the fan dressed up like Ric Flair. We go to split box with Claudio challenging Hangman Page for a match on Dynamite.

Claudio Castignoli vs. Andrew Everett

Before Dasha can introduce Everett who is already in the ring, Claudio takes out Everett…Claudio picks up Evereet and sends him down as he rolls to the floor…Claudio then goes to the outside and charges at Everett and sends him into the time keepers table. Claudio picks up Everett and swings him as the fans count…Claudio lets go as Everett goes flying…Claudio then picks up Andrew and tosses him into the corner…Everett is up on the apron and goes up and tries a high-flying kick on Claudio who moves out of the way…Everett is able to get in some offense as he sends Claudio down…Everett comes down as Claudio moves and picks up Everett and drops him with a piledriver and then a king-kong lariat to cover Everett for the pin.


After the match, it was announced that Claudio Castignoli vs. Hangman Page will be official for Wednesday’s Dynamite Homecoming.

We go backstage with Lexy Nair taking to the AEW Tag Team Champions as Ricky Starks will be taking on Sammy Guevara at Dynamite. Starks talks about debuting in AEW at Daily’s Place as he faced Cody Rhodes…Starks says on Wednesday he will be absolute…Big Bill then says next Saturday night at Battle of the Belts it will be Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho in a street fight only if Sammy makes it past Wednesday.

Back from the break, House of Black’s music hits as it is main event time!

FTR’s music hits next as the former AEW and ROH World Tag Team Champions come out to a big ovation from the Carolina fans as both men live in Asheville, NC. The young daughter of Dax is shown at ringside.

FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) vs. House of Black (Malakai Black & Buddy Matthews) If FTR loses, they must forsake their family.

FTR hug as the bell rings…here we go! Dax and Matthews lock up…Dax chops Buddy’s head as Buddy pointed at Dax’s daughter at ringside. Dax then chops Buddy…both men lock up again…Dax chops Buddy and tags in Cash. We get a big FTR chant. Cash and Buddy lock up as Buddy grabs the arm of Cash and pulls on it…Buddy takes down Cash using the hair…Cash is up and sends Buddy to the ropes as Buddy recovers….Cash tags in Dax as they double team Buddy who rolls to the corner. Malakai Black is tagged in and points at Dax’s daughter at ringside…Blacks sends Dax down, who gets up quickly and drops Black who then sits in the ring…Dax sits down and gives the finger to Black who rolls to the outside and goes straight for the family of Dax…he quickly make his way over as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: The action is back in the ring. Dax and Black lock up as Black sends Dax to the corner…we get a clean break and another lock up again. Dax grabs the arm of Black who makes it to corner. Black sends Dax to the ropes. Dax charges at Black and chops him as Sling gives me a full commercial break…

-Full Commercial Break-

Back from the break, Dax covers Buddy for only a one count. Both men then exchange big chops. Dax is then nailed by Buddy with a big elbow. Black is tagged in and drop kicks Dax and covers him for just a two count. Cash is tagged in and hits Black across the back. Cash then sends Buddy to the floor, who comes back and drops Cash hard on the floor…Black then delivers a huge moonsault to Cash on the floor. Black then kicks Cash in the chest and sends him back in the ring. Black then delivers big knees to the back of Cash. Buddy is in and as both men double team Cash…Black then tags Black back in…Cash sends Black into Buddy as both men drop to the floor…Cash crawls to Dax for a tag, but is cut off by Buddy…Buddy then drops Dax off the apron to avoid a tag as we go to another picture in picture break…

Picture-In-Picture: Matthews has Cash in headlock down on the mat. The ref checks on Cash. Dax is back up and is cheering on Cash…Cash breaks out of the hold and takes out Black…Cash goes for a tag, but Buddy stops him as Cash then sends Buddy down to the mat…both men are down as the ref begins the ten count. Buddy is up and makes the tag to Black…Cash finally makes the tag to Dax who comes in fired up! Dax takes down Black and then drops Buddy with a big lariat!

Back from PIP: Dax lays rights on Buddy and then drops Black as he takes on both Black and Matthews…Dax drops Black with a big brain buster and covers him for just a two count! Dax again fights off both Black and Matthews…Dax is nailed in the back of the head by Matthews as Black covers Dax, who kicks out at two! Cash grabs Buddy and pulls him to the outside…Black is up on the ropes as Dax drops him…Dax superplexes Black as Cash goes flying from the top, but Black gets the knees up on Cash…we get this is awesome chants! Both Black and Matthews are sent to the outside as Cash goes flying! He is ent into the announce table as it breaks. Black grabs a chair as Dax is on his knees in the middle of the ring. Dax is looking for Cash as Dax’s family looks on…Black then jaws at the wife and daughter of Dax…Dax fights back as Buddy rolls up Dax and grabs the tights as Dax kicks out! Cash is back up and drops Black with a shatter machine! Dax covers Black, BUT HE KICKS OUT AT TWO! Black kicks FTR in the chest on the ring apron…Black is dropped with a spike piledriver on the apron! Brody King makes his way out, but Daniel Garcia comes down and nails King in the back with the chair and takes out King! Garcia cheers on FTR! As Dax goes in the ring, Dax is nailed with curb stomp as Buddy covers him, but he gets his foot on the rope…Buddy then goes for a cover, but Dax rolls him up and gets the pin! As FTR and Garcia celebrate, King recovers and takes them out from behind. Buddy curb stomps Cash on the steel chair…Buddy and King hold Dax and put a chair to the face of Dax as Black nails Dax with a big spinning kick…Julia Hart then rings the bell ten times…the music of House of Black hits as FTR and Garcia are down…the show goes off the air.

It was noted by the commentary team during this match, that Magnum TA was backstage at tonight’s Collision.