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AEW Collision 01 13 2024 & AEW Battle Of The Belts IX

AEW Collision Results
January 13, 2024
Chartway Arena in Norfolk, VA
Results by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

Saturday night’s alright for fightin’…especially after I’m done cryin’ over The Accountant airing just before Collision on TNT. Anyway…

We’re greeted by the commentary team before Adam Copeland makes his entrance, heading to the ring for his open challenge! Copeland gets a microphone to greet the folks in Norfolk before saying it’s time for the Cope-Open. Let’s see who is up for the challenge…and Lee Moriarty makes his way out! Shane Taylor accompanies him, hyping up Moriarty and Shane Taylor Promotions before we get a video package hyping up “Taigastyle.” Moriarty speaks up now, calling himself the prize fighter of Shane Taylor Promotions and one of the best technical wrestlers in the world…and he’s gonna prove it by making Copeland tap in HIS ring.

Copeland says that’s a lot of yapping, and Lee better back those words up. With that, the bell rings and this match gets underway!

Adam Copeland vs. Lee Moriarty

The two lock up, exchanging holds before Copeland takes Moriarty down for a side headlock…but Taigastyle fights out, getting a headscissors before Copeland escapes. The Rated R Superstar gets the better of Lee now, getting him in the corner for a few more shots …and avoids the attack by Morarity to get him onto the apron!

Lee fights back, hanging Copeland’s arm up on the ropes before hitting a shotgun dropkick on his way back into the ring before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Copeland is still recovering on the outside as Lee taunts the crowd, before leaving the ring to go back on the attack. Lee brings Adam back into the ring, still wearing the Rated R Superstar down before sending him into the ropes for even more damage. This gets followed up with a submission hold, Copeland struggling to find a way out as we come back from break!

Copeland finally manages to escape the hold, heading to the corner for a breather before taking Lee down with a boot…and Moriarty gets caught with a slam to the canvas! Lee’s efforts to stay on the arm get thwarted by Copeland taking him down…only for Taigastyle to intercept him on the turnbuckle! Cover by Lee…BUT COPELAND KICKS OUT!

Moriarty goes for the Motor City Stretch, with the Rated R Superstar trapped…before he manages to get to the ropes to force a break! Lee stomps him for his trouble before climbing the turnbuckle…only for Copeland to intercept this time! Lee takes a few punches from Copeland, who sends Moriarty down hard with a fall away slam!

Copeland in the corner now, looking for a spear…but he gets distracted by Taylor, giving Lee a chance to catch him with a clothesline instead! Taylor manages to get Copeland out of the ring, only to take a spear for his troubles…and Adam takes a big dive from Taigastyle!

Lee goes for a springboard attack but is intercepted by the Rated R Superstar once more, who takes control of the situation with some hard offense into a backbreaker…and a crossface being dubbed the Grindhouse! Moriarty has no choice here, and taps out!

Winner via submission: Adam Copeland

Moriarty regroups with Taylor on the ramp as Copeland gets a microphone from ringside. He calls out Christian Cage, saying he’s still coming for the TNT Champion!

Backstage, FTR address the House of Black ahead of their trios main event. They promise that tonight is a fight, with Garcia promising they will get what they have coming to them!

-Commercial Break-

We go backstage again as Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho address their AEW World Tag Team Championship match at Battle of the Belts IX. Sammy is noted for having won a title at Battle of the Belts in the past, and he promises it’ll happen again tonight when they win the titles tonight!

Back at ringside, Lance Archer makes his way to the ring for our next match! Out next are The Righteous, and all three men have eyes on winning the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship tonight. Speaking of, the champions are out next as Brian Cage and the Gates of Agony make their way to the ring before this match gets underway!

ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship Match: Brian Cage and The Gates of Agony (Toa Liona and Bishop Kaun) defend against Lance Archer and The Righteous (Dutch and Vincent)

We start off with Cage and Archer, the two men trading strikes before Archer gets the upper hand…but not for long, as Cage takes him to the ropes! Lance quickly turns it back around, looking for a chokeslam that Cage fights out of before hitting a big German suplex! Tag to Kaun, but Archer catches both of them with a cross body before tagging in Vincent!

Vincent catches Bishop by surprise before getting a nearfall, with Kaun quickly turning it around with a senton and a nearfall of his own! Tag to Liona, who hits a big splash for a nearfall before tagging his fellow Gate of Agony back in for more damage. Vincent starts to fight back now as both men trade punches. Vincent takes to the ropes, but is cut off by Liona…and chaos ensues as all six men go at it in the ring while we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The challengers get the upper hand in all this, sending the champs to the outside where they square off…but the champs take back control as they send Vincent back in the ring. Cage gets brought out by Archer as Vincent leaves, leaving us with Dutch and Liona…as we go to a commercial break on the TNT feed. Thanks, TNT!

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, Dutch is in control after a cross body on Kaun before tagging in Archer. Kaun takes Lance down, but The Righteous get involved to stay in control as Archer gets to his feet..and takes Kaun down with a chokeslam! Cage rushes in as Lance goes for a chokeslam, but the Machine fights him off before Dutch takes him out…and Liona as well with a big side slam! The champs regroup on the outside, but they get caught with a big dive to the outside by Dutch!

Archer looks to finish things with Kaun, but Nana intervenes before taking a DDT by Jake Roberts! Tag made to Vincent, and The Righteous double-team Kaun for the cover…BUT BISHOP KICKS OUT!

Chaos ensues once more, leaving us with Vincent and Kaun as the latter fights out of a guillotine choke…and Vincent gets laid out with a POUNCE by Liona! They slam Vincent down and Kaun goes for the cover…BUT VINCENT KICKS OUT!

The ring gets cleared out as Kaun gets another cover and a nearfall on Vincent, and this leads to an trade off of nearfalls before Kaun hits a double underhook facebuster for the pin and the win to retain the belts tonight!

Winners via pinfall and still ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions: Mogul Embassy

Prince Nana gets a microphone to address Bullet Club Gold, saying their leader couldn’t even beat Swerve in the Continental Classic…but offering a challenge to “those bums in the Bang Bang Gang” for this Wednesday!

Backstage, Lexy Nair talks to Preston Vance about his International Championship match later tonight before they’re interrupted by Roderick Strong…only for Vance to point out this is HIS time, offering a title shot to Strong after he wins tonight and becomes the new champion!

Back at ringside, Dustin Rhodes makes his way to the ring for our next match. Out next is Willie Mack, and this match gets underway!

Dustin Rhodes vs. Wille Mack

Both men trade holds and strikes in the early goings, with Rhodes getting the upper hand in the end of the exchange. Handshake attempt goes south as Mack sends Dustin to the corner with a chop, and Rhodes heads to the ropes…only to take a big enziguri from Mack! Moonsault gets Willie a nearfall, and he responds to a strike from Dustin with a thrust kick!

Mack goes up top for a frog splash, but Dustin rolls out of the way…and hits a Destroyer from out of nowhere! Power slam by Rhodes for the cover…BUT MACK KICKS OUT!

Willie takes control once again, sending Dustin to the corner for some strikes before charging…right into a boot by Rhodes! Dustin hits Cross Rhodes not once but twice for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Dustin Rhodes

We cut backstage, where Jay White and The Gunns accept the challenge for the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship for Dynamite this Wednesday, promising those titles will go back with the Bang Bang Gang!

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, Renee talks to Dustin Rhodes before Christian Cage interrupts, saying if Dustin is a friend of Adam Copeland’s he is an enemy of Christian’s. Dustin interrupts, reminding Cage of who he is before addressing the long chase he’s made of the TNT Championship. Cage says it’s a nice dream of Dustin’s to want a shot, before bringing up his father. This raises the ire of Dustin, promising to beat Cage for the title before we cut to ringside.

Back at ringside, Hangman Page makes his way to the ring for our next match! Out next is JD Drake, and this match gets underway!

Hangman Page vs. JD Drake

The men go at it with Page getting the upper hand at the start, but Drake holds his own as he fights back. He sends Hangman to the corner for some chops, before Adam turns it around for some chops of his own on JD!

The action spills to the outside, where Drake catches the Hangman on the apron to turn the tide in his favor as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Drake maintains control of the match as he brings Page back into the ring, wearing the former World Champion down for a nearfall before sending him back out for more damage. JD sends Adam into the barricade, fighting off Page’s attempt to get back into things before rolling back into the ring, distracting the ref enough for Anthony Henry to get a shot in! The ref continues the count for Page until he returns to the ring, catching JD with a rollup for a nearfall before Drake goes back on the offensive with a senton for a nearfall just as we come back from break!

Page starts fighting back now, getting a nearfall as a result before both men are back to their feet trading blows…only for Drake to send page over the ropes! Hangman skins the cat to get back in, takign Drake off his feet for a Death Valley Driver and the cover…BUT DRAKE KICKS OUT!

Page sets up for a Dead Eye, but JD fights it off before going for a piledriver…only for the Hangman to reverse into a back body drop! Drake catches him with a belly to belly and a cannonball in the corner, before climbing up for a moonsault off the top rope…but Hangman rolls out of the way! Henry tries to intervene but it’s no good, as Page hits a Buckshot Lariat for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Hangman Page

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Deonna Purrazzo makes her way to the ring for our next match! Tonight marks the Virtuosa’s in-ring debut for AEW as Red Velvet makes her way to the ring next, and this match gets underway!

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Red Velvet

The two lock up before Deonna backs away, and we get an exchange of holds that ends with a pair of arm drags and another quick exchange before a standoff. They lock up again, and Velvet fights it off…only for Purrazzo to take a kick to the face giving Red a nearfall!

Velvet takes Deonna on a ride with an stylized arm drag off the ropes, but Deonna turns it into an armbar that Red has to get to the ropes to break! Velvet on the outside takes a dive from Deonna, who brings Red back in the ring for a Koji Clutch…but Velvet gets her to her shoulders to force a break!

Red continues the attack, now focusing on the arm to wear the Virtuosa down before getting a cover…but Deonna kicks out! Velvet stays on top of things, attacking the arm some more before Deonna gets to her feet and sends Velvet to the ropes…only for Red to hit an arm drag for another nearfall!

Deonna heads to the corner for a breather, but not for long before Velvet locks in an armbar of her own…but Purrazzo fights back to her feet to break out! The women trade strikes now, back and forth before Deonna hits a pump kick. She follows with some hard kicks to take Velvet down, locking in an armbar…but Red gets her on the shoulders again! Only this time, Deonna gets back to a better position, locking in the Venus De Milo forcing Velvet to submit!

Winner via submission: Deonna Purrazzo

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, HOOK makes his way to the ring for an impromptu match at his request, despite having a World Championship match on Dynamite. In the ring is his opponent in Kevin Matthews, and this match gets underway!

HOOK vs. Kevin Matthews

KM tries to blindside the FTW Champion but to no avail, as he gets sent flying with a suplex from HOOK! KM takes a breather on the outside, but HOOK won’t let him as he goes for a dive and a suplex onto the ramp before bringing Matthews back in the ring. He lays in some cross face punches before cinching in the Redrum, forcing KM to tap out immediately!

Winner via submission: HOOK

We get a reminder that HOOK faces Samoa Joe for the AEW World Championship on Dynamite before going back to ringside for our main event! Out first are the House of Black, ready to take down FTR and Daniel Garcia tonight. Garcia makes his way out next, and is followed quickly by FTR before the trio head to the ring…and this match gets underway!

FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) and Daniel Garcia vs. House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King and Buddy Matthews) 

Murphy and Harwood start things off by locking up, with Buddy sending Dax to the corner for some hard strikes. Murphy still on the attack until Harwood fights back leading up to a nearfall! Tag made to Wheeler and FTR double-team Murphy, followed by a brainbuster by Wheeler for a nearfall. Cash sends Buddy to the ropes before tagging in Garcia, who goes on the attack until Malakai tags in staring Daniel down.

The two lock up before Black sends Garcia down with a set of arm drags, but Garcia holds his own before taunting Malakai by sitting cross-legged on the canvas. Malakai teases responding with a dance before flipping Garcia off, tagging Brody in instead as FTR rush in to even things up against the big man. Malakai and Buddy look to rush into the ring, but their opponents sit there waiting as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: It takes some time but the House of Black manage to get back in control of the match, isolating Wheeler as tags are made in and out with Buddy in control now. Murphy with a snap suplex before tagging in Malakai, but Wheeler fights back to tag in Harwood, who hits a flurry of offense on Black as we go to commercial. Thanks again, TNT!

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, Garcia’s tagged in sending Murphy out of the ring…but not before Brody tags in! Tag made to Wheeler now, who clears Buddy and Malakai before going after Brody. King goes on the attack now, but Dax tags himself in before they hit a high and low on the big man for a nearfall!

Harwood gets a head of steam here, but is soon flattened with a Baldo Bomb from Brody for the cover…but Dax kicks out!

Brody stays on the attack, wearing Harwood down before sending him into the corner hard! Tag made to Malakai, who continues to inflict pain with some hard strikes before going after him against the ropes. Black gets a nearfall after this, following up with a side headlock before Dax fights to his feet! Dax takes Black down before climbing the turnbuckle, but Malakai rolls out of harm’s way before tagging Buddy in!

Murphy wears Harwood down some more before tagging in King, who beats Dax in and out of the ring before tagging Malakai in for a close nearfall. The tags continue as Buddy comes in, still keeping on the attack as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: House of Black remain in control with more tags made back and forth, keeping Dax in the corner as Malakai comes back in for more damage. Dax continues to be in a bad way as Buddy comes back in, and we come back from break!

Buddy keeps Dax from making a tag, and he and Malakai double-team Harwood for a nearfall for Buddy. Harwood finally gets an opening after a DDT on Murphy…but Malakai gets the tag in first! Harwood manages to escape him and gets the tag to Garcia, who fights off Malakai and Buddy! Brody comes into the ring, but Garcia holds his won before King catches him on the ropes…but Garcia sends him over to the outside! King drops on the outside before Garcia catches Malakai with a Dragon Screw on the ropes…and we get a big dive from Cash! Wheeler sends Malakai back in for Garcia to get the cover…BUT BLACK MANAGES TO KICK OUT!

Buddy distracts Garcia allowing Black to get back in it, but Garcia manages to fight back once again before Brody runs in…only for Daniel to get a guillotine choke locked in! Brody drops him, only for FTR to catch him and set up for a spike piledriver from Garcia! Buddy rushes in as well as Malakai, but Garcia hits a Saito suplex on Black…who gets back up for a a kick of his own! Four of the six men are down in the ring as the ref checks in.

Things finally get back to action across all four corners, with Garcia setting Black up on his shoulders…and Harwood hits the Steiner-Line for the cover! BUT MALAKAI KICKS OUT!

Harwood sends Malakai up on the corner, dropping Black to the canvas as Garcai looks to follow up…but Malakai gets the knees up! Black catches Harwood by surprise with a kneebar, and the rest of the House keep Dax’s allies at bay…but Harwood gets to the ropes!

It’s absolute chaos on the outside as Dax and Malakai go at it in the ring, with Harwood catching Black on the turnbuckle before Buddy tags himself in. Malakai with a moonsault to the outside as Buddy hits a sunset flip and a double powerbomb for a nearfall…that gets reversed! Dax gets a nearfall, and another one on a rollup, and one more off a piledriver…BUT MURPHY KICKS OUT!

Brody intervenes from the outside, setting Dax up for a Black Mass followed by the curb stomp by Buddy who gets the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: House of Black

There is not much room for celebration as Brody leaves the ring, attacking Daddy Magic before bringing him into the ring. Menard stands up to the House before Malakai hits him with a Black Mass…but Garcia and FTR show up with chairs to clear the House out of the ring! Malakai and Buddy leave the ring, and Brody takes a Shatter Machine from FTR who stand tall with Daniel Garcia to close out Collision.

AEW Battle of the Belts IX Results
January 13, 2024
Chartway Arena in Norfolk, VA
Results by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

Tonight we answer a very important question…will a title change hands at Battle of the Belts? Let’s find out!

We start up in the parking lot, with all four men in the AEW World Tag Team Championship duking it out! We have a ref out here, which indicates that this match is underway!

AEW Tag Team Championship (Street Fight): Big Bill and Ricky Starks defend against Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara

It’s chaos to start things off, with the champs getting the better of Jericho for a nearfall…but things take a turn when Sammy Guevara shows up with a golf cart! He goes after Big Bill now, getting the upper hand on the big man as he sends him against a production truck. Jericho joins in, and the challengers get one over on Bill until he fights back, sending the challengers away! The fight quickly spills out onto the streets, where Bill throws a brick at Sammy…but breaks a car window instead!

The challengers get Bill set up for a big double suplex onto the car window, drawing out Rhett Titus whose car is the apparent victim of this spot! Jericho and Starks go at it now, and the action slowly heads into the arena itself, fighting throughout various parts of backstage before Starks gets sent into a laundry cart…and thrown into a set of boxes! Starks fights back now, grabbing a plunger to suck the joy out of Jericho before using a Christmas decoration for more damage.

Jericho fights back now, sending Starks toward a steel gate…only for Starks to send him flying into it instead! Starks gets the cover on Jericho, but the Ocho kicks out!

The fight continues until Jericho sends Starks onto a copy machine, making a photo copy of his face before hitting the man with a right hand! We cut to Sammy and Bill going at it in one of the concession areas, and we see that Jericho and Starks are nearby as well still going at it. Starks sends Jericho into a table as Bill lays in a right hand on Guevara. The chaos continues as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Things don’t progress very much during this break, as all four men continue to tear into each other in the concession area before we come back!

And NOW we get some progression, as Sammy hits a big superkick on Bill…before pulling out a fire extinguisher! He “cools down” both of the champions before turning his attention to Starks, while Jericho wallops Bill with the extinguisher itself! With the big man down, Jericho joins Sammy in going after Starks. Bill shows up but is shot with mustard by the Ocho, who gets a kendo stick from nearby as the action finally makes its way to ringside!

Jericho attacks Bill with the kendo stick while Guevara goes after Starks…who turns things around as Jericho grabs a table! He sets it up, looking to send the big man through it as Guevara goes ack after Starks…but Bill catches Jericho! No! Jericho goes down low to stop the big man, but Takeshita shows up to crack him over the head with a kendo stick!

This allows Bill to hit a massive powerbomb, sending Jericho through the table as we see Starks and Guevara fighting on a lighting truss! The fight ends up on a stage as Sammy climbs up to the very tippy-top of the fixture to go for a senton bomb…BUT HOBBS PULLS STARKS OUT OF THE WAY! SAMMY GOES CRASHING THROUGH THE STAGE!

Starks slowly manages to drape an arm over Guevara…and gets the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall and still AEW World Tag Team Champions: Big Bill and Ricky Starks

-Commercial Break-

Video Package: Serena Deeb has learned a lot of lessons, and is ready to prove she is one of the best women in the business by becoming a champion when “The Professor” returns to action in AEW!

Back at ringside, Anna Jay makes her way to the ring for our next contest! Out next is Julia Hart, before this TBS Championship match gets underway!

TBS Championship Match: Julia Hart defends against Anna Jay

The two go at it, locking up before the champion gets in control for a nearfall. Jay is back to her feet now, fighting back before egging the champ on. Hart sent to the corner, but the champ fights back with a big elbow in the corner on the challenger instead! Hart stomps away, driving her boot into the face of Jay before the challenger gets back in control.

Hart manages to evade a running kick however, and the two go at it in the corner before Julia knocks Anna off the apron to take control again. Hart brings the challenger back into the ring for a cover…but Jay kicks out as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The champion maintains control throughout the break, focusing on Anna’s injured arm by slamming it against the barricade and then the steel steps before bringing the challenger back into the ring for more damage. Suplex by the champion gets a nearfall…and we go to commercial again. Okay TNT, we get it…

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, Jay starts to fight back as both women get to their feet. Anna sends the champ to the corner, favoring the injured arm as she brings Julia down with a kick for a nearfall. Backstabber gives the challenger another chance for a nearfall, but Hart drives her down for a nearfall of her own!

Julia fights off the challenger from the corner, but Anna catches her with an arm wringer for yet another nearfall! Queenslayer by Jay…but Hart reverses, locking one in herself on the challenger instead! Jay fights to her feet with Julia hanging on…until Anna drops her down! Flatliner by the challenger and the cover–BUT HART KICKS OUT!

Julia fights back, dropping Anna down and locking in the Hartless! Anna tries to fight but has no choice but to tap out!

Winner via submission and still TBS Champion: Julia Hart

Earlier Today: Jeff Jarrett and his amazing friends are having it out, with Lethal the odd man out after his failure to win during the Continental Classic…and being embarrassed with a donut to the face.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, Orange Cassidy heads to the ring for our main event! Preston Vance makes his way out next…but things are interrupted by the arrival of the Undisputed Kingdom, who show up with chairs to have a ringside seat. Strong and his buddies get a good close look as this match gets underway!

AEW International Championship Match: Orange Cassidy defends against Preston Vance

Preston goes after the champ from the jump, but is soon dropped with an Orange Punch! Vance gets back to his feet and fights out of a Beach Break…only for the champ to get out of a full nelson! Vance in the corner gets intercepted by the champ, only to drop him off before hitting a tackle from Bret’s rope!

Vance sends the champ back ot the corner, but Cassidy fights back with a wheelbarrow…only to be hit with a suplex by Preston, who then sends the champ out of the ring! Strong and friends mock him from their chairs as Cassidy heads back to the ring…only for Preston to grab him, setting up for a delayed vertical suplex! Cover by Vance…but the champ kicks out as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Vance is still in control now, wearing the champ down form the corner before sending him out of the ring! Cassidy gets a breather before coming back to the ring, where the challenger goes right back on the attack before Cassidy manages to fight out of the full nelson as we come back from break!

Cassidy sends Vance out of the ring before climbing up just as Preston comes back in…but the challenger catches him, dropping the champ down hard to the canvas! Vance still at it as he stomps away at Cassidy in the corner before the champ tries to fight back.

Some light strikes from Orange leads to a thrust kick that turn things around for the champ, who stomps away at Vance in the corner! Orange Punch gets evaded and Vance drops the champ…who counters with a Stundog Millionaire before he goes for the cover–BUT VANCE KICKS OUT!

Cassidy goes up top before Vance rolls out of the way, catching him in midair for a fall away slam…right into the Undisputed Kingdom! He and Strong have words before Vance goes in the ring…but the champ gets a nearfall! Vance kicks out and locks in the full nelson…but the champ stomps his foot and sends him to the corner to break it! Discus lariat misses, and the champ hits an Orange Punch and the Beach Break for the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW International Champion: Orange Cassidy

Strong and his friends go into the ring to confront the champ, fighting off Jose the Assistant before Roderick tells Cassidy the clock is ticking on his title reign before Battle of the Belts comes to a close.