AEW Collision 01 27 2024

AEW Collision Results
January 27, 2024
Brookshire Grocery Arena in Bossier City, LA
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go right the arena as the Blackpool Combat Club’s music hits….Claudio and Mox make their way into the arena from the concession area. Tony Schiavone, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show! Shane Taylor and Lee Morarity are already in the ring.

Claudio Castagnoli and Jon Moxley vs. Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty

The bell rings and we have a big brawl on the outside as Claudio tosses Shane in the corner as Mox chokes him out. Claudio then goes after Lee. Mox pushes Shane back in the ring as Mox nails him with rights, lefts and kicks. Shane fires back as takes down Mox. Shane has Mox in the corner and hits him with a huge right hand as the fans chant BCC…Shane runs at Mox as he moves and runs to Claudio and tags in former ROH Champ. Shane nails Claudio who fires back with a big forearm. Claudio then fires back with uppercuts on Shane and a big lariat to drop him to the mat. Claudio tries to pick up Shane for a swing, but Lee cuts him off. Lee is sent to the floor as Mox goes to the outside working on Lee. Shane then in out and runs, clipping Mox in the back of the head and pushes Mox into the barricade. As Claudio charges at Shane, he tosses over the barricade. Shane brings Claudio back in and then tosses him into the barricade. Shane smashes Claudio’s hand into the steel steps. le then slams Mox’s hand into the steel steps and then as Claudio is on the apron, Shane drops a big leg drop on him. Lee is tagged in and works on the left arm of Claudio. Mox is still on the floor. Claudio tries to fight back. Shane takes him down and covers him for only a two. Claudio picks up Shane and drops him on the mat as both men are down. Claudio is up and tags in Mox and Shane tags in Lee…Mox hits Lee with a big knee and picks him with a big slam to the mat. Mox then hits Lee with big lefts! Mox then kicks Shane sending him off the apron to the floor. Lee kicks the bad hand of Mox as Claudio then swings Lee! Claudio tosses him as Shane is in…both men are in a slug fest! Both men won’t go down! Claudio then nails Shane with a big uppercut and then a lariat that sends him to the floor…Lee then dumps Claudio to the floor as Mox tries for a rear naked choke, but Lee counters for a pin attempt, but Mox kicks out at two! Mox is up, but Lee tags Shane…from behind Claudio is in and nails Shane with a big uppercut! Mox then kicks and stomps Shane in the head and applies a rear naked choke on Shane who gets to his feet! Shane falls to his back but Mox holds on and submits as the BCC get the win!


We go back stage to Lexy Nair with the Undisputed Kingdom and Komander. Lexy sayst that Roderick Strong has something to say to him…Strong tells Komander that he has an International Title Match at Revolution. He is asking Komander for a deal should he win the title tonight…Strong grabs Komander’s hand and shakes it…

Cassidy’s music hits next as the champion is out with a bag that has the title. Komander’s music hits next as he makes his way out.

AEW International Championship Match: Orange Cassidy defends against Komander

The bell rings as we are underway with freshly squeezed chants. Cassidy goes to put his hands in his pockets as Komander grabs his hand to shake it and then hugs Cassidy. Komander takes down Cassidy as they both try several pin attempts on each other as the champ rolls to the floor. Cassidy is back and puts him hands to put in his pockets, but Komander grabs them again. Cassidy tosses Komander againt the ropes who then picks up Cassidy, but he counters as Komander then picks up Cassidy again. Cassidy’s arms are free and he puts his hand in his pockets. Cassidy tries for a dropkick, but Komander moves out of the way. Komander has Cassidy up, but he counters and sends Komander to the floor. Komander gets back in the ring as Cassidy charges at Komander who grabs him, but Cassidy hits him with a stunner and then a spinning DDT as Komander rolls to the floor. The Undisputed Kingdom come out as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Matt Taven, Mike Bennett and Roderick Strong sit at ringside as Kommader has Cassidy in a submission move, but Cassidy counters and gets out of the hold. Komander runs and charges at Cassidy, but he counters with a backbreaker. Cassidy tries for a Boston crab on Komander, but he counters. Cassidy picks up Commander and sends him into the turnbuckle…Cassidy charges at Komander and then sends his into the turnbuckle…

Back from PIP: Komander recovers and drops Cassidy and covers him for just a two count. Both men then take each other down. Both men are up as Komander chops Cassidy who fires back with a big kick. Komander is down as Cassidy kicks Komander in the chest…Cassidy then charges at Komander who gets up and nails Cassidy with a big back elbow and then drops him with a destroyer. Komander covers Cassidy for, but he kicks out at two! Komander is up on the top and drops and hits Cassidy with big splash! He covers Cassidy for just a two count! Cassidy then rolls up Komander who kicks out at two! Cassidy then hits Komander with a beach break…Cassidy covers him, but Komander kicks out at two! Both men are up on the top rope…Cassidy walks the ropes as Komander leaps up and takes down Cassidy! Komander covers Cassidy who kicks out at two! Komander is up on the top turnbuckle as the Undisputed Kingdom come to the ring, while Strong tries to distract the ref…Komander takes out Taven and Bennett…Komander gets back in the ring and is hit by an Orange Punch as Cassidy covers Komander for the win…after the match, Strong picks up the belt then drops it.


Schiavone says there is something going on backstage…we go backstage as Garcia is covered in blood as Daddy Magic is calling for help. Officials run in to check on Garcia.


Back from the break we have a vignette with “Timeless” Toni Storm and Mariah May…May asks Toni if she wants to watch her match on Collision…Toni asks May where it is…May tells her and Toni says he is not welcome in Bossier City, LA due to some race horses she had to have put down as May has an odd look on her face.

Mariah May’s music hits as she is out for her Collision debut. The commentary team says they are trying to get an update on Daniel Garcia.

Lady Frost’s music hits as the former IMPACT star makes her way out.

Mariah May vs. Lady Frost

The bell rings as this match is underway! May pats the head of Frost as Frost shoves May and then hits her with blows, but May fires back, but Frost chops May. May reverses it and hits Frost who fires back with a big kick. Frost covers May who kicks out at two. May then drops Frost and then hits her with a big shot gun drop kick as we head to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: May works on Frost in the corner and then hits her with a huge chop. Frost tries to move, but May grabs her and sends her to another turnbuckle and sends her to the floor. May goes to the floor and rips up a sign from a fan. May then sends Frost into the apron as Frost drops to the floor.

Sling TV gives me a full commercial break…

Back from the break, May has Frost up and drops her, but Frost counters and attempts a pin, but May kicks out! Frost then drops May with a hard German Suplex. The ref checks on May as she is up. Frost then picks up May and drops her with a big chiller driller…Frost covers May who kicks out at two! May is up on the top rope and hits Frost with a big drop kick! May then charges at Frost who is up and kicks May and then hits May with a cannonball. Frost goes for the frostbite from the second rope, but May is up and leaps to the second rope but May picks up Frost and drops her for a May Day and covers Frost for the win!


We go to a vignette with Swerve Strickland and the Dealers Choice Match coming up on Dynamite that Hangman Page has. Strickland says that Toa Liona will face Hangman on Wednesday in the match.


Back from the break, Hangman Page is backstage telling Swerve he will have to wait to find out who Swerve will face.

Eddie Kingston is out next as we have Continental Crown Proving Ground Match….Willie Mack’s music hits next as he makes his way out.

Eddie Kingston vs. Willie Mack

Eddie looks on at Willie as the bell rings…Mack charges at Eddie who nails Eddie and drops him with a big brain buster and covers Eddie who barley kicks out at two! Mack then runs at Eddie and slaps Eddie and then kicks him in the chest. Macks then charges at Eddie and hits him with a big running cannonball! Mack pulls Eddie to the center of the ring and then hits Eddie with a standing moonsault and covers Eddie for just a two count! Eddie is up, but Mack nails him a big right hand. Eddie recovers and then drops Mack and chops him and then kicks Willie in the back. Eddie then picks up Mack and hits him with big chops…Mack recovers and nails Eddie in the face who drops to the mat. Mack then hits Eddie with a big standing moonsault, but then lands on his knee wrong. Mack goes charges at Eddie for another cannonball as Eddie moves and hits Mack with a big exploder. Eddie covers Mack for just a two count! Eddie picks up Mack who tries to fight back as Mack picks up Eddie and drops him with a big sit down powerbomb. Mack covers Eddie who almost doesn’t kick out…Mack is up as Eddie then gets him and nails Mack with a forearm shot to the face. Mack then fires back with huge chops as Eddie then fires back with chops of his own! Eddie tells Mack to bring it as Mack nails him in the jaw and then kicks Eddie who drops to the mat! Mack goes to the top as Mack comes down as Eddie puts up the knees… As Mack gets up, Eddie nails him with a back hand as Mack drops to the mat…Eddie covers Willie to get the 1, 2,3.


Bryan Danielson music hits as Eddie was heading to the back…out comes Bryan as Eddie stares at him…Bryan does not even look at Eddie as he walks to the ring with purpose. Eddie continue to look on from the ramp. Eddie goes to the commentary table which is in the corner of the entrance area…Eddie is on commentary for this next match.

Yugi Nagata, who is one of the greatest IWGP Champions of all time is out next, to a nice ovation.

Bryan Danielson vs. Yugi Nagata

The bell rings as the match begins…Bryan and Yugi lock up…Nagata grabs the hands of Bryan who gets out the hold. Yugi goes for a kick, but Bryan moves out of the way. The fans love Yugi! Both men lock up again as he hits Bryan with big rights and then kicks to the chest. Bryan counters and then kicks Yugi with solid kicks. Bryan then drops Yugi and covers him as he kicks out at two! Bryan has Yugi locked up in an armbar like submission hold. Yugi then rolls to the ropes to break the hold. Bryan is up as Yugi gets up with a smile on his face. We get dual lets go Yugi, lets go Bryan chants. Both men then lock up for a test of strength. The strength of the 55 year old Yugi takes down Bryan. Bryan is up as Yugi grabs the left arm of Bryan as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: The action goes to the floor as Yugi sends Bryan Danielson into the ring post arm first…Nagata grabs Danielson and then sends the left again into the ring post. Nagata rolls Danielson back into the ring and continues to work on the left arm of Danielson. Bryan is up and pushes Nagata into the corner who is holding on…Bryan breaks out of the hold and then hits Nagata with big rights. Nagata then hits Bryan and grabs the left arm to continue the offense..Nagata then kicks Danielson’s left arm…

Back from PIP: Nagata hits Danielson with big kick, but he counters with a kick of his own. Danielson sends Nagata to the corner and works on left leg of Nagata. Bryan then charges at the knee of Nagata and connects with a big kick…Danielson grabs Nagata uses the ring post to work on the knee of Nagata. Danielson goes to the top and hits Yugi with a big shotgun drop kick and covers Nagata who kicks out at two! Nagata is up and then drops Danielson with a big exploder! Both men are down. Nagata is up first, then Danielson as both men then exchange blows…Nagata then locks a face lock on Bryan, who reverses it with a knee bar…Yugi kicks Bryan to get out of the hold…Both men are up as they exchange big forearms to back and forth chants of lets go Bryan – lets go Yugi…Both men are up on the top rope…Bryan headbutts Yugi who still holds on to the ropes and won’t go down! Both men exchange blows as Nagata sends Danielson to the mat with a big exploder and covers Bryan for a two count! Yugi rolls his eyes and has an armbar on Bryan who gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold. Bryan is up, but Danielson counters with a jumping knee…Danielson then takes down Nagata with a dragon screw leg whip. Nagata is up as both men exchange big kicks! Danielson then kicks Nagata twice in the back of the head as he goes down! Danielson then hits Nagata with a huge knee and covers the Japanese legend for the win!


After the match both men shake hands as Danielson raises the hand of Nagata. As Bryan bows to Nagata in the ring from the apron he gives the finger to Eddie Kingston at the commentary table.

We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to FTR trying to get an update on Daniel Garcia. Mark Briscoe then walks in and says that he would to go to war on the side of FTR if Garcia can’t compete. Dax Harwood said its up to Garcia…Harwood says that if they need someone, Mark will be the first person they call on…


Back from the break, Renee is backstage with Brian Cage…Cage asks why everyone talks about Hook. Cage says that he was the first FTW champion…Cage says that he is the size of his left leg…Hook walks in and tells Cage that he is available…

Serena Deeb’s music hits as she is out with a big Deeb Dojo flag. Robyn Renegade is already in the ring…it looks like Deeb is a babyface…she gets a welcome back chant.

The bell rings as Deeb takes down Robyn and grabs the leg as Robyn makes her way to the ropes to break the hold. Deeb then grabs Robyn and puts her in a full nelson. Robyn reveres it and puts Deeb in a full nelson of her own, but Deeb gets out of it…Deeb then takes down Robyn…Deeb kicks Robyn in the jaw. Deeb then picks up Robyn and sends her down to the mat! Deeb picks up Robyn and drops her with a detox! and then slams the knee of Robyn and locks in the knee as Robyn taps out!


After the match Deeb has a mic. She says he has one question – she asks the fans if they missed her…she asks again as the fans go crazy. Deeb says for the past 15 months she has been sitting at home, when and how she is coming good…she said it feels good to be back. He says one thing has been certain in her mind why is she here and why is she back. She says he is here to elevate the women’s division and put the wrestling back in All Elite Wrestling…she then says she is back to become the women’s champion. She says this is not just what she does, but who she is…she puts the women’s division on notice as the woman of a thousand holds is back!

Deeb suffered from a series of unprovoked seizures in October 2002. It great to have her back.

Tony Schiavone says that CMLL stars will be on Rampage and some may appear on Dynamite. We get a video package hyping up Místico, Máscara Dorada, Volador Jr., and Hechicero who will be on Rampage next Friday.

The cage starts to lower as we go to a commercial break.


Escape The Cage Elimination Trios Steel Cage Match: FTR and Daniel Garcia vs. House Of Black

Back from the break, the cage is lowered and FTR’s music hits…Dasha explains that one team of all three men have to escape the cage to win the match. Reach for the Sky Boy! Mark Briscoe is out in place of Daniel Garcia…the lights go out as House of Black’s music hits…as the lighs are back up, HOB takes out Mark and tossed off the stage! FTR run to the ramp as its three on two on the floor. Brodie is sent into the barricade! Cash Wheeler grabs a table…Dax works on Buddy Matthews…the action is all over the outside on the floor as no one has entered the cage…Cash is sent face first into the cage and then Brodie hits Cash with a huge crossbody…Matthews sends Dax face first into the outside of the cage. As Black goes to hit Dax, Garcia is out with a chair and his head wrapped, taking out Malakai Black, who recovers quickly and drops Garcia who bleeds through his bandage. All six men finally make their way into the cage. as HOB works on Dax with chops…Garcia is up and fights off HOB…Cash is up on the top of cage and leaps on all three members of HOB as we get an FTR chant! We go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: We get several replay of different angles of the huge leap off the top of cage by Cash Wheeler. Back to the live action, Garcia puts a big boot to the throat of Matthews…Garcia then hits Matthews with big rights to the head.

Sling gives me a full commercial break.


Back from the break, Black and Dax duke it out…Dax then drops Black with a huge spine buster. King sends Cash to the ropes and then drops him to the mat. Matthews then kicks Garcia in the head as Matthews and Black send him into the steel and then toss him as King nails Garcia with a huge fist! HOB climbs the cage as they are pulled down. Garcia works on King in the corner as Dax takes down Black and Cash sends Matthews into the steel head first. FTR and Garcia are standing tall as the age door is open…Garcia then tells FTR they are not done yet…Garcia puts Matthew in a sharpshooter as Black is dropped with a shatter machine…Cash and Dax then slam the head of King repeatedly against the steel cage! Black then takes down Cash…Black then drops FTR with brain busters as the fans go nuts! Dax is up first as he climbs the cage…King then is up as Dax and King exchange chops on the top rope…as King climbs higher, Dax grabs King as both men go crashing to the mat! The cage is open as Dax is out and then Brodie King is sent out! Dax and King can’t go back in the cage as we go another picture in picture break…

Picture-In-Picture: Black works on Cash with a big boot to the throat. Cash recovers, but is taken out by Matthews who then kicks Garcia. Matthews and Black continue to kick Cash and Garcia. Matthews climbs the cage, but Cash leaps up and stops him. Garcia is up and stops Black from climbing any further up.

Back from PIP: Garcia sends Malakai Black to the mat…Matthews drops Cash and hurts his knee as he hits the mat. Cash and Buddy climb the cage as both men are up on the top rope…Matthews drops Cash as Matthews is up on the top of the cage…Cash is up with him as the door on the cage is open…Matthews and Cash are hanging on the outside as they slam each others heads into the cage…Cash falls and goes crashing through the table that was set up on the floor. Matthews climbs back up, but Garcia sends Black into the steel as it sends Matthews to the floor! Garcia and Black are left. Black nails Garcia who goes down. Garcia is up and nails Black and applies an ankle lock on Black, who breaks the hold and sends Garcia into the cage…Black then nails Garcia and drops him with a big knee as we get this is awesome chants! Garcia climbs up trying to make his way up…Julia Hart shows up and climbs up the outside of the cage and sprays black mist in the face of Garica who goes down! The cage is open. As Black goes to walk out, Garcia calls for Black to dare him to come back in and finish the job. Black misses a round house kick on Garcia who picks him up and piledrives Black on a chair! Garcia who can’t see the door open, is climbing the cage…as Black goes to the door, Mark Briscoe runs over and slams the door on Black as Garcia drops to the floor!


After the match, FTR, Daniel Garcia and Mark Briscoe celebrate as the show goes off the air.