AEW Collision 02 10 2024

AEW Collision Results
February 10, 2024
The Dollar Loan Center in Henderson, Nevada (Just outside of Las Vegas)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go right to the opening video intro as Saturday night’s alright for fighting!

Inside the arena, the pyro goes off as Tony Schiavone, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show. Tony says the arena is packed out.

The music of Jon Moxley hits as Mox and Claudio Castagnoli come from the concessions area to make their way out to the ring to take on the CMLL talent.

Star Jr. and Esfinge are out next.

Blackpool Combat Club’s Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli vs. CMLL’s Star Jr. and Esfinge

Star Jr and Mox will start things of as the bell rings…Both men lock up, but Star Jr goes to a side headlock, but Mox takes him down and grabs Star Jr’s left arm. Star Jr. counters it, but Mox pulls his hair and hits him in the face. Star Jr. is up and then takes down Mox and works on the right arm and right leg. Star Jr. then rolls up Mox for a submission, but Claudio walks in and breaks the hold. Mox then slaps Star Jr. with big chops. Star Jr. fights back with slaps of his own and then takes down Mox who tags in Claudio. Esfinge is in he and Star kick Claudio who rolls out of the ring. Mox and Claudio are on the outside. Mox is tagged back in…he then tags Claudio back in who scoops up Esfinge and slams him down. Claudio covers him, but kicks out. Claudio then picks up Esfinge for a big swing and then tosses him down. MOs then is tagged in and hits Esfinge with a series of rights. Claudio is tagged as Star Jr. is tagged in. He slaps Claudio and then takes down both Claudio and Mox at the same time! BCC rolls to the floor as Star Jr and Esfinge run through the ropes and drop Mox and Claudio on the floor. Claudio is back in as Star Jr. attempts to take him down, but Claudio counters. Star Jr. then leaps up as he caught by a big uppercut from Claudio! Mox on the outside sents Esfinge into the barricade as go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Mox is tagged in as is working on Star Jr. in the corner and chops him. Mox puts Star Jr. on the top turnbuckle and drops him with a big superplex. Mox then tags in Claudio as both men work on the legs of Star Jr. Claudio covers Star Jr., but he kicks out at two! Claudio works on the right arm of Star Jr. as the ref checks on Star Jr. Claudio then turns the hold into a submission like sleeper as the ref checks on Star Jr. who gets up and breaks the hold..

Back from PIP: Claudio has Star Jr. in the submission hold…Mox is shown bleeding just a big from his forehead…Star Jr. is able to tag Esfinge in as he nails Claudio with a thrust kick and then flips Mox over on his back. Esfinge grabs Mox and attempts to pin Mox, but Claudio breaks the hold. Star Jr. is tagged in a nails Mox with a running lariat and then leaps over the ropes and takes out Claudio on the floor. Esfinge then drops Mox and covers him for just a two count! Mox then fires back and hits Esfinge with a big lariat. He covers Esfinge, but he kicks out at two!

Esfinge and Mox duke it out in the ring..Esfinge nails Mox with a rising knee strike. Claudio is tagged in…Esfinge fights both BCC members, but its too much as Claudio picks up Esfinge and drops him hard. Star Jr. is tagged in…Mox grabs the arm of Star Jr, works the arm as Star Jr. taps out!


After the match, Mox has a mic and tells Star Jr. and Esfinge to take the message back to CMLL and if they want to step up, they will get stepped on. Mox says they will take on any team in the world…FTR’s music hits as they make their way into the ring. We get FTR chants as all four men jaw each before we get a big brawl inside and outside of the ring…the locker room starts to come out as more referees come out in attempt to break up the fight as we go to a commercial break.


Back live, we go to the recap of the brawl between BCC and FTR. Shane Taylor is out next.

Daniel Garcia’s music hits as he is out next. Daddy Magic is on commentary for this match.

Daniel Garcia vs. Shane Taylor

The bell rings as we are underway. Both men lock up the hold is broke. Shane swings and Garcia, but misses…both men lock up again. Garcia works on the arm of Taylor, but he breaks the hold. Taylor swings at Garcia and misses the punch. Garcia works on the arm of Taylor who goes to the ropes to break the hold. Garcia charges at Shane who drops him with a shoulder block. Taylor has Garcia in the corner and nails him with a huge chop! Garcia fires back and takes down Taylor with a dragon screw leg whip, but Taylor makes it to the ropes. Taylor then sends Garcia to the floor as we go to picture In-Picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Taylor goes to the floor as jaws the fans as Garcia tries to get to this feet. Taylor then nails Garcia with a huge right to the face. Taylor rolls back in the ring as Garcia makes his way back also. Taylor picks up Garcia who tries to fight back and then attempts to pin Taylor…Sling TV gives me a full commercial break.


Back from the full break, Taylor sends Garcia to the mat with a big headbutt. Taylor is on the apron…he attempts a leg drop on Garcia who moves out of the away…Garcia fires back with a big rights to the face of Taylor…Garcia drops Taylor and then kicks Taylor in the mid-section. Garcia then goes for the left leg of Taylor, kicking the knee. Garcia then nails Taylor’s knee with a big running drop kick. Taylor is back to his feet and then nails Garcia with a huge right hand! Taylor covers Garcia, but he kicks out! Taylor picks up Garcia, but Garcia counters and kicks Taylor in the left leg…Garcia attempts to pick up Taylor, but can’t…Garcia grabs the left leg of Taylor and twists it…Taylor taps out!


After the match, Daddy Magic celebrates at the commentary table.

We get a video recap of Sting and Darby Allin becoming new World Tag Team Champions, who were then attacked by the Young Bucks…

We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Eddie Kingston who tells the Young Bucks they stole the thunder of Sting and Darby….Eddie says that Bryan Danielson stole the thunder of Bryan Keith…Eddie then challenges Danielson to a match at Revolution. Eddie says that if he wins, Danielson has to shake his hand and respect him…

Brian Cage is out next with Prince Nana.

Brian Cage vs. The Outrunners in a handicap match

Cage takes down Turbo quickly as Truth walks in and is dropped. Both of the Outrunners attempt to slam Cage, but he takes out Turbo and then powerbombs him and then steps on the head of Turbo for the submission.


After the match, Prince Nana and Chance the mascot for the Vegas Golden Knights dance. Cage takes him out…Hook’s music hits as he is out…Cage and Hook brawl on the stage area as the fight goes to the back.

The Undisputed Kingdom and Tomohiro Ishii are backstage with Lexy Nailr…Roderick Strong says that if Ishii wins, he gets him at Revolution.


Back from the break, Tony Schiavone is in the ring. Tony introduces Adam Copeland who comes out to a massive ovation from the Nevada fans! Adam makes his way into the ring and acknowledges the fans. Tony brings up the Cope-Open as we get a big Adam chant. Tony talks about Adam being number three…Adam tells Nigel to shut up as he is talking crap at the commentary table…Adam says that if he had been at Dynamite, Sting and Darby would not have been attacked…he gives a warning to the Bucks….Adam says he want to challenge Eddie Kingston, but then there is Christian Cage as he had the title, but then it was ripped out of his hands…Daniel Garcia’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring with a mic in hand. Garcia tells Adam that it sound like he deserves a shot at the TNT, but Garcia says that Adam is not the only one who has been picking up a lot of wins…Garcia says that last week when he beat Nick Wayne, Cage, Killswitch – he might deserve a shot at the TNT title…but maybe he will lose and get sent to the back of the line…Adam then says that he did not beat Wayne, Cage and Killswitch on his own, as he had help from FTR…Adam tells Garcia he has heard great things about him from FTR and respects that. Adam then proposes a last man standing match and the winner fights Christian…Garcia accepts…both men shake hands…Adam holds on the hand of Garcia and says that he knows he had a match tonight and because of that he won’t beat his face in…Adam says that Garcia is taking food of his families table and he has a problem with that. Adam says he will beat Garcia…

We go backstage with Renee talking to Stokley Hathaway with Kris Statlander and Willow Nightingale. Stokley says that Kris and Willow are the best in the womens division. Willow sas that she thought Skye Blue would be part of the group…Willow says her feelings are hurt Renee says Stokley should talk to Tony Khan to make the match…Stokley says Tony has his number blocked.

The lights go out as Brody King and TBS Champion Julia Hart come out for out next match. Mark Briscoe’s music hits next as he comes out to a great ovation!

Mark Briscoe vs. House of Black’s Brody King

The bell rings as we are underway! Both men lock up as King sends Mark to the corner. King tries to nail Mark who moves out of the way. Mark fires back with slaps on King…Mark nails King with chops, followed by rights…King then picks up King and tosses him hard to the mat! Mark rolls to the corner as King connects with a huge cannonball! King then puts a boot to the face of Mark. King picks up Mark and tosses him into the corner. King then works on Mark with chops and huge rights to Mark. King then covers Mark, but he kicks out at two! King then picks up Mark and chops him again! King then puts the boot the throat of Mark. King picks up Mark who goes to the apron and sends King to the floor. Mark then leaps and takes down King on the floor… Mark tosses a chair in the ring! Mark sets it up and uses it to leap over the ropes and drop King again who is on the floor! Mark then grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up as the ref say no to the table…the fans boo, calling for the table. Mark then leaps over the top as King catches Mark and sends him into the barricade as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: King sends Mark to the barricade again. King chops Mark before sending him into the barricade yet again! King chops Mark as he gets up and then works on the throat and head of Mark with big kicks. King sends Mark back in the ring. King steps on the head of Mark who gets up and chops King, but it has no effect. King takes down Mark and kicks him as he is down in the corner. King grabs Mark and slams him back first on the mat. As Mark is up, King chops him again! Mark goes down as King grabs him as we return from the PIP break.

Back from PIP: King slams Mark and covers him for just a two count. King is bleeding from the mouth…Mark fires back with chops to King and then slaps him across the face…Mark then nails King with redneck kungfoo to the chin of King…Mark charges at King as the boot connects to the face of King….Mark then nails King with big rights and then bites him on the forehead…Mark kicks King, sending him to the floor. Mark is up on the turnbuckle and lands on King with a big twisting moonsault! Mark lands on his feet. Mark grabs a chair…Mark picks up Brody and rolls him in the ring…Marks then attempts a lariat on Brody, but he won’t go down! Brody hits Mark with elbow shot and then a huge running lariat…Brody covers Mark, but he kicks out at two! Mark is back up and nails King with forearm shots…King then fires back, but Mark picks up King and drops him with a death valley driver. Mark is up on top turnbuckle getting ready for the froggy bow, but Julia Hart distracts Mark as he is sent flying into the table by King…Mark is back in the ring as Brody picks up Mark and slams him down hard! Brody covers Mark to get the three count.


After the match, King grabs Mark as Julia has a metal spike and stabs Mark right in the forehead! King pushes the face of Mark to the mat…King picks up Mark and rubs his forearm across the forehead of Mark…Doc Mark Sampson comes in as Mark Briscoe is pouring blood!

We go backstage with Bryan Keith saying that he is all about his payday…he says in AEW is looking to climb the ranks and collect his bounty…


Back from the break, Deonna Purrazzo’s music hits as the Virtuosa makes her way out to the ring. Kiera Hogan’s music hits as she is out next.

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kiera Hogan

The bell rings as we are underway! Both women lock up for a test of strength. Deonna takes down Kiera who counters with a pin attempt…Deonna grabs the right arm of Kiera and twists it. Deonna sends Kiera to the ropes, but Kiera counters and nails Deonna. Deonna fires back and drops Kiera to the mat arm first. Deonna then works on the left arm of Kiera. Deonna covers Kiera who kicks out at two. Deonna grabs the arms of Kiera, but Kiera reverses it. However, Deonna counters with a backstabber…Deonna covers Kiera for only a two count. Kiera then nails Deonna with a big thrust kick…Kiera is face planted by Deonna…It was announced no Collision next week due to the NBA…Deonna then nails Kiera with a running drop kick…Deonna grabs the arm of Kiera and twists it as Kiera verbally submits…


After the match, Deonna is making her way to the back, but “Timeless” Toni Storm’s music hits as comes out with Luther and Mariah May…Toni is in the ring as Queen Aminata’s music hits. The Queen is out next as she makes her way to the ring.

AEW Women’s Champion Toni Storm vs. Queen Aminata in a non-title match

The bell rings as we are underway…Toni charges at the Queen, but stops. Both women finally lock up…The Queen works on the arm of Toni who counters and then takes down the Queen. Aminata takes down Toni who is quick to get up. Toni then takes down Aminata and works on the arm of Aminata. The Queen gets out of the hold as Toni then grabs Aminata, who counters and rubs her bottom on the face of Toni…Toni fires back and drops Aminata as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Toni works on Aminata in the corner. Toni works on the neck of Aminata…the hold is broken as Toni covers The Queen for only a two…Aminata is as Toni nails her with rights to the face as the Queen drops to the mat. Sling gives me a full commercial break.


Back from the commercial break, the champ applies a full nelson on Aminata…the Queen fights back, but Toni comes back with a big kick to the face. Toni charges at Aminata who rolls her up for a pin, but the champ kicks out at two! Aminata grabs Toni and suplexes her and then kicks her…The Queen covers the champ, but the champ kicks out! Toni then drops Aminata with a snap DDT. Toni covers Aminata who kicks out! Aminita then picks up Toni and drops her down on the mat and covers her, but the champ kicks out at two! Aminata goes for a hip attack on Toni, but she rolls out of the way…Toni then nails Aminata with a hip attack, followed by a storm zero to get the pin!


After the match, Toni says to Tony Schiavone and says what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but they are in Henderson. Toni says on Dynamite she will release a brand new film…Wet Ink…As Toni lies on the mat says that Deonna Purrazzo can try all the technical moves on her all she would like, but she won’t be beat…

The commentary team runs down the current lineup for Dynamite.


Back from the break, Orange Cassidy makes his way out to the ring with the bag carrying the International Championship Belt. Tomohiro Ishii’s musc hits next as the NJPW star makes his way out to the ring, making his Collision debut.

AEW International Championship Match: Orange Cassidy defends against Tomohiro Ishii

The bell rings as the title match is underway! Ishii and Cassidy lock up! Cassidy tries pushing on Ishii, but he won’t move. Ishii sends Cassidy to the ropes as we get a clean break. Cassidy has his arms raised and puts his hands in his pocket, but Ishii sends the champ to the floor with a big shoulder tackle. Cassidy calls for Ishii to come to the floor. As Ishii goes to the floor, Cassidy rolls back in the ring…Isshii is nailed by Cassidy but it has not affect…Cassidy then sends Ishii to the mat with a big drop kick. As Ishii is up, Cassidy nails the challenger with big rights, but it has no affect on Ishii. Cassidy is in the corner as Ishii nails the champ with a huge chop! Cassidy walks to the corner as Ishii nails Cassidy with another big chop as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Ishii sends Cassidy to the floor. Cassidy holds his neck as he tries to get up. Cassidy rolls back in the ring as Ishii puts a big boot to the throat of the champ. Cassidy tries to fight back as Ishii walks back…Ishii grabs Cassidy and tries for a suplex, but then chops Cassidy instead…

Back from PIP: Cassidy nails the challenger and then drops him with a twisting DDT…Ishii rolls to the floor as Cassidy then leaps through the ropes and drops him…Ishii is back in the ring as Cassidy nails Ishii and covers him for just a two count! Cassidy is up on the top turnbuckle…Cassidy takes down Ishii with a big DDT, spiking Ishii on the head! Cassidy covers Ishii who kicks out at two! Cassidy then kicks Ishii who is down in the corner…Cassidy then nails Ishii with a huge running drop kick…Ishii recovers and hits Cassidy with a boot…Cassidy then fires back with a big dropkick on Ishii as he then fires back…Both men exchange blows…Ishii then nails Cassidy with a knockout blow and covers Orange…1 – 2 – NO! Cassidy kicks out! Both men are up on the top turnbuckle…Ishii holds up the champ and drops him hard to the mat! Ishii covers Cassidy – 1 – 2 – NO! Cassidy kicks out! Ishii delivers a German Suplex on the champ. Ishii grabs Cassidy and picks him up and nails him with a big backhand chop! Ishii then nails Cassidy with another chop…Cassidy shakes his head and falls to the mat. The ref checks on Cassidy as Ishii looks on. Ishii picks up Cassidy and then nails Cassidy with a forearm…Ishii picks up Cassidy and powerbombs him and then covers him for just a two count! Both men try several pin attempts on each other…Cassidy takes a heabutt as Ishii charges at Cassidy who nails him with an Orange Punch and beach break…Cassidy covers Ishii who kicks out at two! Cassidy then goes for an Orange Punch as Ishii drops the champ with a crushing lariat…Ishii covers Cassidy who kicks out! Ishii drops Cassidy with a lariat and covers him…Cassidy kicks out! Ishii goes for a brainbuster as Cassidy goes for an Orange Punch…Ishii blocks it as Cassidy rolls up Ishii to get the pin to retain!


After the match, the Undisputed Kingdom hit the ring and drop Cassidy…Ishii runs back to the ring to make the save…Trent Beretta runs to the ring as well with a chair as the show goes off the air.

There will be no Collision next week due to the NBA on TNT. Collision will return live in two weeks.