AEW Double or Nothing 2024

AEW Double or Nothing Results
May 26, 2024
MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

AEW Double Or Nothing Buy In Quick Results:

  • Deonna Purrazzo def. Thunder Rosa
  • The Acclaimed (Max Caster and Anthony Bowens) and Billy Gunn def. Cage of Agony (Brian Cage, Bishop Kuan and Tia Liona)

During the Buy In, Tony Khan and Martha Hart came to the stage for an announcement regarding this year’s Owen Hart Foundation tournaments. With it being the Foundation’s 25th anniversary, Martha and Tony had discussed the possibility of the stakes being raised for the winners of the men’s and women’s tournaments.

Khan announces that the finals of the tournaments will take place July 10 in Calgary as part of the annual Calgary Stampede festivities, and that the men’s and women’s tournament winners this year will also earn a World Championship match at AEW All In!

Welcome to AEW Double Or Nothing, coming back to where it all began as we celebrate five years of AEW at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

The opening video and pyro gives way to Will Ospreay making his way to the ring for our first match of the night! Out next is Roderick Strong, accompanied to the ring by Undisputed Kingdom before this International Championship match gets underway!

AEW International Championship Match: Roderick Strong vs. Will Ospreay

Ospreay tries to blindside Strong with a Hidden Blade, but gets caught leading to a melee with the champ and his pals. The fight spills to the outside where Ospreay manages to dispatch the Kingdom, focusing his attention on the champ who charges at him…only to be taken down by the challenger to a big pop from the crowd!

Both men are back in the ring, going at it until Strong sends Ospreay to the outside once more…distracting the ref while Taven and Bennett set the challenger up, leading to a clothesline off the shoulders and to the floor! Strong takes advantage of this after the ref checks on Ospreay, and starts wearing the challenger down in the ring. Ospreay starts fighting back with some chops, but is sent to the corner by the champ for some hard right hands. Strong drops the challenger down hard and gets a nearfall, but bringing Ospreay back up to his feet turns to a jawbreaker on the champ instead!

Trade of strikes leads to Strong sending Ospreay to the corner, but the challenger catches him by surprise dropping the champ to the mat instead. Taven and Bennett hop onto the apron looking to get involved, distracting the ref long enough for Wardlow to run in…but an attempt to hit a powerbomb goes awry when the ref catches him!

He ejects Wardlow from the ring while Ospreay catches the champ with a Cheeky Nando’s, forcing Strogn to flee to the outside…where he and the Kingdom get caught with a corkscrew moonsault from the Aerial Assassin! Ospreay brings the champ back into the ring and gets a nearfall, before Strong gets to his feet for some strikes. Ospreay responds with a flurry of offense leading to a nearfall of his own.

Ospreay heads up top, but is intercepted by the champ who climbs the turnbuckle himself…only to be knocked down to the canvas before Ospreay leaps off. He lands on his feet as Roderick rolls away, but seems to have jammed his knee…and the champ takes advantage, catching Ospreay with the Stronghold! Ospreay tries to fight out of it, only for the champ to transition to a cloverleaf…until Ospreay manages to grab the rope!

Strong continues to wear the challenger down, however, getting a nearfall in the process…but hits a superplex followed by a backbreaker to stay in control! Roderick takes to the ropes for a high boot, but gets caught with a powerbomb by Ospreay sending the champ down hard to the mat! Both men slowly get to their feet now, trading strikes back and forth before Strong catches Ospreay down low with a kick to the knee…only for Ospreay to catch him by surprise again! He goes for a Styles Clash but Strong fights out…but he gets dropped with an Oscutter instead! Ospreay with the cover…but the champ kicks out!

The ref checks on Strong as Ospreay waits in the corner, where Don Callis leaves commentary to talk to the Assassin about using the Tiger Driver 91! Ospreay has a moment of crisis as he eventually goes after the champ, looking to hit the Tiger Driver 91…but pauses too long, allowing the champ to break out and hit a gutbuster. Strong hits the ropes for a high boot and the cover…but Ospreay kicks out!

Strong back up, looking for End of Heartache…but Ospreay fights out! Strong fights back and goes for it again, but this time the challenger hits a Hidden Blade followed by the Storm Breaker for the pin to win the belt!

Winner via pinfall and new AEW International Champion: Will Ospreay

Ospreay celebrates amidst a big pop from the crowd before making his way to the back. Moments later, Adam Cole’s music hits as the leader of the Undisputed Kingdom makes his way to the ring. Cole says it’s storytime before running down the crowd in Vegas, saying he should be rehabbing his knee to get back to wrestling. He talks about there being a little devil in all of us, and that the devil will get his due…and his name is–

The lights go out as he tries to pose, and as the lights come back on we get a video on the screen. We are inside someone’s home, and it soon becomes clear whose house (not Swerve’s, lol) as we see a room with MJF pictures and memorabilia. Shortly after that, MJF’s music hits as the former AEW World Champion makes his way to the stage sporting a new look with a denim jacket and pants instead of his past attire.

MJF has an intense look on his face as he walks down to the ring, staring at the devil mask on the mat and then at Adam Cole. Amidst chanting from the crowd, MJF goes in to hug his old friend…only to kick him in his little baybays, dropping Cole to a pop from the crowd!

MJF grabs the microphone, running Cole down before calling for someone to get him out of MJF’s ring. MJF talks about the mistake he made trusting Adam Cole, a mistake he won’t make again. Cole didn’t take MJF out, he only woke him up to realize who he is…and that is the best wrestler out there today, because he’s MJF, he’s better than you, and you know it!

He runs down the rest of the locker room now, saying he didn’t need a New Japan or a Vince McMahon to make him, because MJF made MJF. He says there won’t be any funny business now, because he’s back to being driven by what brings the best out of him…hate. When MJF is driven by hate, nobody is safe.

MJF grabs the devil mask, saying masks are adorned by cowards and he is done hiding. He’s also done apologizing for who he is, and that’s the absolute best. MJF then says he doesn’t need a mask to prove that no one is on the level of the devil. This mask and everything it symbolizes can go straight to hell…a point accentuated by stomping away at the mask, taking his jacket and shirt off and hitting an elbow drop on the mask before throwing it into the crowd.

MJF says he’s been betting on himself since day one, he’s all in…double or nothing. In case he hasn’t made it appearance, to quote a great man–MJF tells the cameraman to zoom in, revealing a tattoo that reads “Bet On Yourself” with an AEW logo chip, before calling himself the Wolf of Wrestling, because he’s not f–king leaving!

MJF’s music hits, the crowd cheering him on as he heads up the ramp to the back.

Video Package: The issues between Jay White and PAC have led to this Unified World Trios match between Bullet Club Gold and Death Triangle!

Back at ringside, Death Triangle make their way to the ring for our next match. Out next are the champs as Bullet Club Gold (or the Bang Bang Gang, depending on who you ask) make their way down to the ring before this match gets underway!

AEW Unified World Trios Tag Team Championship Match: Bullet Club Gold (Jay White and Austin and Colten Gunn) defends against Death Triangle (Pac, Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero Miedo)

We star things off with PAC and Jay White…who immediately tags in Colten Gunn. Colten charges at PAC, but gets takend own with a hip toss instead. Colten tries to fight back but gets caught with another hip toss before tagging in Austin…who gets caught with a flurry of offense by PAC, leading to a hip toss that ends up sending Austin out of the ring.

Colten and White try to intervene but that leads to Death Triangle confronting them in the ring. Austin gets back in, just as Penta tags in for a flurry of offense on Austin before Fenix tags himself in for a wheelbarrow slam and a nearfall. Colten tags in but is soon met with a triple attack from Death Triangle. Austin runs in but is beaten down by the trio as well while Jay tags himself in, leading to chaos that spills to the outside while PAC gets caught by Jay for a Blade Runner attempt! Jay goes for a DDT instead and that seems to do some damage on PAC’s neck, the ref checking on him before Jay hits a neckbreaker for a nearfall.

Tag made to Austin now, who continues to target the injured neck of PAC as he brings him to the corner for a tag right back to the Switchblade. Chop by Jay who drops PAC to the mat for a nearfall. Jay stays on the attack however, catching PAC on the bottom rope with a slingshot and a nearfall before transitioning to a single leg crab to keep him isolated from the corner. Tag to Colten, but PAC kicks him away for a tag to Austin…but the Gunns cant’ stop PAC from making the tag to Penta!

Penta goes off on the Gunns, leading to a Lucha Bros double team…but the pin is broken up by the Switchblade! Jay tags himself in but is met with a double team by the Lucha Bros, ending with a spinning driver to the mat by Penta for a nearfall!

Tag made to PAC as chaos ensues between all six men, with Penta hitting a destroyer on Colten and Jay hitting a uranage on Fenix! PAC in the corner and takes Colten down before hitting a snap German suplex on Austin…and a triple team attack connects on Jay White after, leading to a stomp and Fear Factor combo! The Gunns grab the golden bat from ringside, distracting the ref as PAC goes up top…only to be intercepted by a returning Juice Robinson! Juice drops him off the turnbuckle, leading to a Blade Runner that gets the champs the pin and the win to retain!

Winners via pinfall and still AEW Unified World Trios Champions: Bullet Club Gold

Video Package: The return of Serena Deeb led her on a beeline for the AEW Women’s World Championship as the Professor takes on “Timeless” Toni Storm!

Back at ringside, Serena Deeb makes her way to the ring for our next match, followed by the AEW Women’s World Champion as “Timeless” Toni Storm heads to the ring…and this match is now underway!

AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Toni Storm defends against Serena Deeb

Deeb is quick to go on the attack here, tying up the champ with holds before hitting a dropkick on the uhhh…posterior of the Timeless One. Storm sent to the corner, but just as quickly fights back before sending the challenger to the outside. The champ brings Deeb back into the ring but is distracted on the apron, leading to a dragon screw from Serena that sends Toni down to the floor! Deeb follows up on the outside before bringing the champ back in the ring for a nearfall.

Deeb is back on her feet now, going for a flying octopus hold on the champ…who steps over to the ring, and with her arms tied up she grabs the rope with her teeth to force a break! Deeb is quick to reset however, getting an abdominal stretch until Storm manages to fight out…but is driven to the mat with another dragon screw by the challenger!

Deeb brings her back up for yet another dragon screw, but Toni counters driving a knee on the Professor for a nearfall. This is followed by a trade of pinfall attempts from both the champion and the challenger until both women are forced to get back to their feet. Storm catches Deeb in the corner with a backstabber, followed by a snap suplex and a fisherman’s suplex for a nearfall. Deeb goes after the champ with an armbar, looking for a triangle hold as Storm makes her way back to her feet…where she drops Deeb with a powerbomb!

Champ locks in a cloverleaf as Deeb struggles, eventually reaching the rope for the break. Both women are back on their feet as Deeb catches the champ with a flurry of strikes, sending her to the ropes before taking Storm down hard. Toni sent to the corner as she tries to fight back, only to get hung up on the ropes by the Professor. They each fight out of a suplex attempt until Deeb connects with a neckbreaker.

Storm makes it back to her feet, trading waistlocks with Deeb before the challenger hits a German suplex and a lariat for the cover…but the champ kicks out!

Deeb starts lightly kicking away before the champ gets back to her feet, only to be taken down for a nearfall…but comes back with a Sky High for a nearfall of her own! Deeb gets to the corner, countering the champ for a single leg crab as Storm scrambles to the ropes. Deeb pulls her back in, but Storm fights out! Storm starting to fight back…but gets trapped in a single leg crab again! Mariah looks furious at the sight, about to throw in the towel before Luther intervenes. Storm gets under the ropes to break the hold, seeing Luther with a towel and yelling at him before going back in the ring.

Storm with a nearfall, going back to the corner for a hip attack…but Deeb stops her with a double bird salute, only to be caught with a Storm Zero for the cover! But the challenger kicks out this time!

Storm gets to the ropes but is intercepted with a series of dragon screws followed by the Deebtox on the apron! Serena brings the champ back into the ring for a second Deebtox and the cover…but the champ kicks out!

The fight goes to the corner now as they both go at it on the top…leading to an avalanche piledriver by the champ! Storm Zero immediately after gets the pin and the win for the champion to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW Women’s World Champion: “Timeless” Toni Storm

The champ celebrates on the ramp amidst a ticker tape celebration, before being joined by Mariah in a big ol’ hug.

Video Package: Best Friends turned into bitter rivals as Trent Beretta takes on Orange Cassidy here at Double Or Nothing!

Back at ringside, Trent Beretta makes his way to the ring for our next match. Orange Cassidy’s music hits for a moment, but the man doesn’t come out. Trent has a laugh about this until “Where Is My Mind?” hits, revealing a slightly different look on Cassidy wearing a black t-shirt and looking more serious than usual before this match gets underway!

Orange Cassidy vs. Trent Beretta

The two rush at each other trading blows, before Trent sends Cassidy to the corner with some hard strikes laying him out. Trent continues the attack until Orange turns things around, sending him into the turnbuckle and then to the outside for a big dive through the ropes driving his former pal into the barricade!

Cassidy stays on top of things by sending Beretta onto a chair elsewhere at ringside, mounting up for some punches to the approval of the crowd…but Trent goes back on the attack, catching him by the throat at the ring post! Trent wears him down as the crowd let him know what they think, drawing a smirk from Beretta as he rains down some punches. Trent follows up with a suplex twice over, really wearing Cassidy down as he looks for a third…but Cassidy fights back. He gets sent to the corner where he hits a boot on Trent…but that is followed by a big suplex by Beretta, driving Cassidy down hard to the mat!

Trent continues the attack, sending Orange to the corner as he lays in some more punches as Cassidy is sent to the corner once more…but he responds to this by putting his hands in his pockets! Trent is not pleased by this as he lays in some chops, but Cassidy manages to fight back and drops Beretta to the mat. Cassidy with a series of stomps into a running dropkick, and Trent tries to escape the corner as Orange goes up top…only for Trent to head to the apron. Cassidy goes after him, and takes a piledriver to the apron for his troubles!

Cassidy’s barely moving on the floor as Trent heads out, setting up the steel steps for a repeat of a couple weeks ago…only to get his arm caught by Cassidy, who hits him with a Beach Break to the floor! The ref begins the count as both men slowly make their way to the ring, ending up in opposite corner as Orange reaches out his arms like he wants a hug…but as Trent charges at him, Cassidy drops him down to the mat!

Trent is already back to his feet, looking for a suplex…but it gets countered, but the Stundog Millionaire is blocked as well! They go at it again, and this time Trent catches him with a piledriver for a nearfall! Trent goes to the corner, mocking Orange with his hands out this time…only to be met with a right hand by Cassidy, who hits him with a Beach Break for the cover! But it’s not enough as Trent kicks out!

Cassidy charges at him again, but Trent catches him as he looks for a gogoplata…only for Cassidy to trap him with a pin, picking up the win in the process!

Winner via pinfall: Orange Cassidy

Trent leaves the ring, not wanting to talk to Rocky Romero or to Renee Paquette as the ref helps Cassidy to his feet.

Video Package: “The Learning Tree” has a bit of a task ahead of him as HOOK looks to regain the FTW Champion…but Kitsuyori Shibata also wants to chop Jericho down to size and take the belt for himself!

Back at ringside, HOOK makes his way to the ring for our next match. Up next is Kitsuyori Shibata, followed by the Learning Tree himself before this FTW Championship match gets underway!

FTW Rules Three Way Championship Match: Chris Jericho vs. Hook vs. Katsuyori Shibata

HOOK goes on the attack early as he goes after Jericho, as Shibata comes in only to be sent out of the ring. HOOK turns his attention to the outside, setting up a table before grabbing Jericho on the apron…but Shibata runs into the ring, knocking both men off the apron!

The action finally comes back into the ring as Jericho grabs a bag from under the ring, revealing its contents as he dumps a bunch of dice onto the canvas! This ends up being a problem for Jericho as HOOK suplexes him onto the dice, and is then driven down by Shibata…before both men start pelting the champ with dice! Jericho gets sent to the outside as HOOK and Shibata go at it, with Shibata hitting a throw on HOOK into the dice.

HOOK rolls to the outside, pulling a kendo stick out as Shibata does the same. They slide into the ring as Jericho enters with one of his own…only for both challengers to go after the Learning Tree, beating him down with kendo shots before going back after each other! Shibata heads back to the outside, grabbing a table to bring inside as he sets it up…but is caught by HOOK! They go at it until the champ intervenes, only to be set up on the table by HOOK who goes up top.

Shibata intercepts however, hoisting him up on his shoulders for a Death Valley Driver that sends him onto Jericho but NOT breaking the table itself, indicating that the Learning Tree is also the table as the champ recovers. Jericho props the table against the corner, only to be driven through it by Shibata!

Shibata gets the champ trapped looking for a Muta Lock before HOOK gets involved, only to be trapped in an ankle lock by Shibata. HOOK fights out, dropping Shibata down which twists the ankle of Jericho in the process! Jericho catches HOOK with a Codebreaker when he gets to his feet…but HOOK locks in Redrum on the champ! Jericho’s fading…but Big Bill runs in to break it up! No Disqualification means the ref can do nothing about the interference, as Bill looks for a chokeslam on HOOK…who counters with a T-Bone suplex sending Bill through the table on the outside!

Back in the ring, Shibata sends Jericho to the corner for some chops before Jericho counters into a Walls of Jericho…but Shibata counters into a figure four leglock! HOOK runs in locking a Redrum…but Jericho is saved by a masked figure attacking both men! The figure puts a trashcan on Shibata and reveals himself as Bryan Keith! HOOK goes on the attack but is met with a Judas Effect by the champ…who pins Shibata to pick up the win and retain!

Winner via pinfall and still FTW Champion: Chris Jericho

Jericho escapes up the ramp, calling for security to stop HOOK but to no avail as he dispatches the detail before going after Jericho to the back.

Video Package: The issues between BCC and the Don Callis Family have led to this match between Jon Moxley and Konosuke Takeshita, with the added stakes of this being a IWGP World Title Eliminator bout!

Back at ringside, Konosuke Takeshita makes his way to the ring for our next match. Out next is Jon Moxley, the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion making his way through the crowd as he heads to ringside before this match gets underway!

IWGP World Championship Eliminator Match: Jon Moxley vs. Konosuke Takeshita

Mox goes on the attack early, sending Takeshita to the corner for some chops before Konosuke turns it around. Takeshita takes to the ropes now, taking Mox down hard before focusing on the injured arm of the champ. Mox gets sent to the corner, pulling off tape to keep the damage before bringing him to the center for a hammerlock slam. Mox is soon able to turn things around, sending Takeshita to the apron…only for the Alpha to drop him down hard instead! Konosuke starts pulling off the bandages as he continues to focus on the shoulder after that nasty looking attack, before Mox turns it around and starts laying in punches and taking a bite out of Takeshita on the barricade!

Takeshita turns it around now, trapping Mox’s arm in a chair against the barricade before stomping away at it. Mox gets to his feet but is driven into the steel steps by Takeshita, who brings the champ back into the ring to wear him down even more. Mox starts to fight back but is hoisted up by Konosuke for a brainbuster, before trapping the arm for a crossface hold…but the champ pulls his nose, building up an opening to get to his feet!

The two trade strikes now, with Mox starting to get the upper hand…but not for long as Takeshita hits him with a boot, sending him to the ropes. Mox is able to respond with a cutter, driving the Alpha down to the mat! Mox back to his feet, looking for a piledriver…but Takeshita counters out, getting an armbar on the champ instead.

Mox fights out, getting a triangle hold on Takeshita in the process…but Konosuke counters with a powerbomb before going for the armbar again! Mox struggles, but is able to get to the ropes as Takeshita breaks the hold…only to go after the face of the champ! Mox sends him out of the ring before hitting the ropes, diving onto the Alpha to send him to the floor.

Mox rises to his feet as he goes back on the attack, sending Takeshita back into the ring…but the Alpha is back to his feet, rushing toward the champ! Mox catches him with a lariat instead, but Takeshita responds with a piledriver and a wheelbarrow suplex for good measure. Takeshita in the corner for a running knee strike, but Mox catches him with the Paradigm Shift instead!

The two fight to a vertical base with headbutts and other strikes, finally getting to their feet. Forearm strikes back and forth until Takeshita wrings the champ’s arm for added damage, followed by a hard right hand to the head! Takeshita back in the corner and he hits a Power Drive Knee! Cover by Takeshita, but the champ manages to kick out!

Mox gets the bulldog choke on Takeshita, but the appearance of the bandage makes the ref intervene. Mox goes for a Death Rider but is sent into the corner by Takeshita instead, who drops him with a nasty kick before hitting a Death Rider of his own on the champ for the cover…but Mox kicks out once again!

At the direction of Don Callis, Takeshita starts throwing chairs into the ring. The ref is trying to clear them out as Takeshita slides into the ring…only to get nailed into a chair with a stomp by Mox! Mox follows up with the Death Rider for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Jon Moxley

Video Package: AEW Forbidden Door returns next month

We get a look at the barbed wire cage being lowered for our next match, and then…

Video Package: Malakai Black has been trying to bring Adam Copeland to a dark place, and that may come back to haunt him as the TNT Championship is on the line in a Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match!

Back at ringside, we’re greeted by the steel cage adorned with barbed wire and the rules stating that the only way to win is pinfall or submission. Out first for this next match is Malakai Black as he enters the cage…and out next is the TNT Champion with a very different look and theme, with Adam Copeland rising from a platform in the style of his Brood days before heading down the ramp. He heads down the ramp, staring down Malakai as he enters the cage before this match gets underway!

TNT Championship Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match: Adam Copeland defends against Malakai Black

Malakai charges at the champion, who quickly fights back before both men go at each other with chairs! Copeland ends up getting the upper hand now, sending him into the cage wall for a big boot before heading to the corner where he starts pulling away some of the barbed wire. Malakai intervenes for a moment, but is cut open by the barbed wire by the champ!

Copeland wraps the wire around the turnbuckle pad before turning his attention to Black…who tries to drive his head into the wire instead! Copeland fights it off, catching Malakai in a powerbomb position and hitting him against the side of the cage followed by a Liger Bomb for a nearfall. Black gets back to his feet, trading strikes with Copeland before he gets taken down with an Impaler by the champ.

Copeland looks for a spear but is caught with a monkey flip by Black, only to narrowly avoid hitting the wire on the turnbuckle…until Malakai sweeps him out, sending him headfirst onto the wire! The champ is cut open as he gets to his feet, only to be caught with a series of kicks by Malakai who drops him to the mat. Black heads to the cage, pulling a barbed wire bat before driving it into the forehead of the champ.

Malakai continues the attack, setting Copeland’s head on a chair before swinging away with the bat…but the champ narrowly evades it, and drives the bat into Black’s midsection instead! The challenger is doubled over as Copeland hits him again, this time dropping Malakai to the mat in the process. The champ sends him into the cage wall once more, this time driving the bat into Black’s forehead before turning his attention to the tables nearby. He sets one of them up before bringing the challenger onto it, climbing the ropes…only to be caught by Malakai, who drops him onto the rope hanging him up on his little Copes!

Malakai follows up with a powerbomb sending the champ through the table, getting the cover…but the champ kicks out! Malakai brings Copeland up for The End, but is met with a spear and the cover…only for the challenger to kick out this time!

Copeland slowly gets to his feet now, setting up the other table before bringing Malakai to his feet for a stalling piledriver to the mat. The champ then puts Black onto the table, grabbing some barbed wire to wrap the challenger up and going up top…by which I mean the top of the cage! It’s a long way down for the champion as he leaps down for an elbow drop, driving Malakai through the table!

Copeland is slowly stirring, finally making the cover on the challenger…but Malakai manages to kick out, showing he’s still in this somehow!

Black gets to the corner as Copeland sets up for a spear…running right into The End by the challenger, who makes the cover! But the champ kicks out this time!

With Copeland still down, Malakai grabs what is described as a spool of barbed wire that he swings at the champ…who evades as the pole pierces the canvas! Copeland ends up getting sent to the cage wall where Black continues to wear him down…before charging at him with a massive kick, sending Copeland through the cage and to the outside!

Black heads outside to follow up, but is met with a spear to the floor by Copeland as Buddy Matthews and Brody King come out to ringside. They stare down the champ…before walking over to his side! Copeland joins the pair in staring down a surprised Malakai…but it’s a ruse as King and Matthews lay the champ out instead!

House of Black send the champ back into the ring now, revealing Copeland’s wedding ring which Malakai wears while Matthews and King set the champ up for even more damage…but the lights go red, confusing the House as they look to see what’s going on. King gets caught with a shot to the face by someone coming out from under the ring…and it’s Gangrel!

Gangrel hits an Impaler on King and then Matthews as Copeland hits Black with a spear…removing the barbed wire off his head before wrapping it around Malakai’s for added damage on a crossface! The challenger is fading…and he’s out, forcing the ref to call for the bell to end the match!

Winner via submission and still TNT Champion: Adam Copeland

The cage is raised as Copeland retrieves his wedding ring from Malakai, who is pulled away from the ring by King as the House regroup on the ramp. They head up to the stage as Copeland and Gangrel hug it out in the ring.

We go backstage where Don Callis is asked about his interest in Orange Cassidy. Callis reveals that at Dynamite he will present Cassidy with a contract to join the Don Callis Family!

Video Package: The arrival of Mercedes Mone’ in AEW came about due to “unfinished business” with Willow Nightingale, and it’s all been building to this TBS Championship bout at AEW Double Or Nothing!

We head back to ringside for our next match, where a video package talking about “believing in yourself” leads to the arrival of Mercedes Mone’ led by a drumline and showgirls, before Mone’ makes her way out to the stage. The CEO heads down to the ring, eager and ready to challenge for the title here tonight. Out next is the champion, accompanied by Stokely Hathaway and Kris Statlander along with a giant friendship bracelet as Willow Nightingale heads to the ring. We get ring introductions for challenger and champion, and the first part of our triple main event gets underway!

AEW TBS Championship Match: Willow Nightingale defends against Mercedes Mone’

Willow goes on the attack early, sending Mercedes into the corner for a flurry of offense. Mercedes fights back, immediately leaving the ring for a breather until the champ gives chase…only to be intercepted by the challenger upon returning to the ring! Mercedes takes advantage of this for a rollup but only gets a nearfall. Mone’ continues the attack but is soon stopped by the champ, who sends Mercedes to the ropes for a series of strikes.

Willow charges toward the challenger, but is hung up and sent to the outside instead by Mone’! Mercedes continues before heading back to the ring and takes to the ropes…only to be intercepted by the champ, who ends up hitting a gutwrench powerbomb driving Mone’ onto the apron instead!

Willow brings the challenger back into the ring for a suplex, but only gets a nearfall as Mercedes then gets to her feet. She fights the champ off before climbing up, but gets caught on the shoulders of the champ…who sends Mone’ down hard to the mat! Willow sets her up on the turnbuckle for an elevated gutwrench powerbomb, but Mercedes turns it around and goes after Willow’s ankle in the tree of woe.

Willow drops to the canvas, heading to the middle of the ring before the challenger goes right back after the ankle, wearing the champ down before catching her with a kneebar! Willow starts fighting out of it with punches on Mercedes, who fights back with a boot to keep her down. The hold ends up being broken as the champ gets back to her feet, only to be taken down with a dragon screw by Mone’. The challenger catches a modified ankle lock on Nightingale, who manages to power out of it sending Mercedes to the mat.

Willow back up, only to be caught with a backstabber by the challenger who makes the cover…but the champ kicks out! Short arm lariat by Willow gets dodged, and Mone’ goes for a flying octopus hold on Nightingale. Willow finally breaks out of it, catching the challenger with an ankle lock of her own as Mercedes manages to get out…and the impact sends the champ into the corner! Mone’ hits the ropes, but is intercepted with a massive Pounce by the champ that sends her down to the canvas hard!

Mercedes gets to her feet in the corner but is met with a big splash from Willow, only for Mone’ to fight her off before leaping off the turnbuckle…and into a spinebuster by the champ! Both women slowly get to their feet as Willow looks for a gutwrench powerbomb, but Mercedes counters out…only to be rolled up for a nearfall, and then sent to the mat with a shoulder bomb! Champ follows up with a fisherman’s suplex, but only gets a nearfall.

The action heads to the corner now, as Willow starts setting Mercedes up in the corner before the CEO counters with a powerbomb for the cover, but the champ kicks out…only for the challenger to cinch in a modified figure four leglock! Willow manages to get to the ropes however, forcing the break. Mercedes goes up top, but the champ evades the attack on the apron before driving her leg onto it! Back in the ring, Willow locks in the inverted cloverleaf…and then swings the CEO around for leverage! She breaks the hold but goes for a Death Valley Driver before charging to the corner for a cannonball!

Mercedes escapes it, however, and goes after the champ’s ankle before hitting a Meteora off the turnbuckle for a nearfall! Willow finds herself on the outside where the CEO hits another Meteora, driving the champ to the floor. Kris tries to cheer on her friend but is shoved away by Mone’ as she goes back in the ring.

Willow goes in as well as the ref has to argue with Kris and Stokely while the champ hits Mercedes with the gutwrench powerbomb…but by the time the ref goes to position for the count, the CEO manages to kick out!

Mone’ counters a second gutwrench powerbomb into a crossface, but the champ is able to get to the ropes to break the hold. Mercedes gets her positioned off the ropes onto her back, setting up for the Money Maker to get the pin and the win for the title!

Winner via pinfall and new TBS Champion: Mercedes Mone’

The new champ celebrates on the ramp as Stokely gives out to Willow in the ring, only to be shoved away by Statlander before they leave the ring…but as they head away from the ring, Kris slams the former champ against the ramp! Stokely is all smiles at what’s gone down, posing with Statlander over the fallen Nightingale.

Video Package: Swerve Strickland looks to be a fighting champion since winning the title at Dynasty, but finds himself dealing with a very game Christian Cage at Double Or Nothing!

Back at ringside, Christian Cage makes his way to the ring alongside his Patriarchy. We get a video highlighting the rise of Swerve Strickland, before a nod to The Warriors from Prince Nana leads to the arrival of the AEW World Champion as he walks down to the ring. We get ring introductions for challenger and champ, and the second act of our triple main event is officially underway!

AEW World Championship Match: Swerve Strickland defends against Christian Cage

Cage and Strickland stare each other down before the challenger turns his attention to the crowd, yelling at them before Swerve locks up with him back in the middle of the ring. They both end up on the mat, still locked up until Cage takes the champ to the corner. Swerve takes the fight to the challenger now, sending him to the corner this time before faking him out. Action moves back to the center of the ring as both men look for an opening, which quickly leads to the two trading blows.

This ends with Swerve getting a side headlock on the challenger, who fights out of it only to be taken down with a shoulder tackle by Strickland…who stomps Cage’s back right after. Christian finally turns things around on him however, laying in some mounted punches before the ref intervenes. Cage goes up top for a diving headbutt, but Swerve rolls away before going after the challenger’s arm until Cage grabs the ropes and escapes!

Swerve goes out to slam Cage against the barricade, re-entering the ring to go up top…but Cage gets out of the way, turning things around on the champ as he lays in some chops and forearms. Right hand leads to Cage sending Swerve back into the ring, posing to a wave of boos before attacking the champ against the ropes.

Swerve tries to turn it around on the challenger now, but Christian takes him down before hitting a frog splash off the top turnbuckle for a nearfall. Cage continues the attack with his Patriarchy watching from ringside, but the champ fights back sending Cage down hard! The challenger takes it right back to Swerve however, setting up for a spear before Strickland catches him with a gutwrench into a slam to the mat!

Swerve keeps the challenger at bay, driving him back into the canvas before Cage gets back to his feet…only to get caught with a snapmare and a neckbreaker combination! He takes Cage to the ropes now, hanging him up on the middle rope with another neckbreaker as Cage falls to the floor…and as he gets to his feet, the challenger is met with a big dive from Strickland! Cage brought back into the ring as Swerve goes up top for a frog splash of his own, but that only gets the champ a nearfall.

Cage evades a House Call, locking in the Sharpshooter instead. Swerve is struggling here as he inches toward the ropes…but Cage pulls him back into the middle of the ring! Swerve manages to get to his back, opening up for a small package that gets a nearfall. Mama Wayne grabs the AEW World Championship and approaches the ring, only to be intercepted by Prince Nana who pulls the title away…which gives Nick Wayne an idea, drawing the ref’s attention to Nana holding the belt!

The ref ejects Nana from ringside to a “Ref you suck” chant from the crowd, and Cage sends Swerve out of the ring before distracting the ref even further as Killswitch and Nick Wayne attack the champ on the outside. Killswitch looks to go after Strickland, but hits Cage instead before getting laid out by the champ!

Strickland gets back into the ring, but is caught by Cage who gets a nearfall in the process. Nick Wayne distracts the ref while Killshot tries to go after the champ now…but the ref catches him, and makes the call to eject the Patriarchy from ringside! The crowd sings them goodbye as Swerve gets to his feet in the ring, hitting a knee on Cage followed by a flatliner for a close nearfall on the challenger.

The action now spills to the outside, where Strickland sets up the steel steps as the ref tries to talk some sense into him. Cage gets to the apron but is spotted by the champ, who tries to send him into the steps to no avail…but does hit a Swerve Stomp before sending the challenger back into the ring. He sets Cage up on the ropes now before going for a spear…but Cage evades, forcing the champ to dive right onto the steps instead!

Cage goes back into the ring, looking to undo the turnbuckle pad. The ref intervenes, which keeps him from seeing Nick Wayne hit a cutter on the champ from the steps to the floor. Swerve sent back in the ring as Cage hits a Killswitch for the cover…but Strickland kicks out!

Cage brings him out of the ring, clearing off the top fo the announce table as he looks for a Killswitch onto the table…but the champ reverses, dropping Cage into the table with a Swerve Stomp instead! Both men are barely moving as the ref begins the count, with Cage getting in and Swerve barely making it before the count of ten. Cage gets a nearfall before looking for a spear, but is dropped with the House Call before the champ goes up top!

Swerve Stomp connects, but the champ isn’t done as he hits another House Call for the pin and the win to retain the title!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW World Champion: Swerve Strickland

Video Package: Kenny Omega returns to AEW to make a play as EVP, bringing together a squad to take on the new Elite in Anarchy in the Arena!

Back at ringside, Justin Roberts welcomes us to Anarchy in the Arena before the Young Bucks enter first, hyping their new Pump sneakers on the way to ringside. The coin drops, and Kazuchika Okada makes his way out next. Jack Perry makes his way out to round out The Elite…but Team AEW intercept him on the ramp! FTR and Bryan Danielson go on the attack as Darby Allin’s music hits, and this match is underway!

Anarchy In The Arena Match: The Elite (Kazuchika Okada, Jack Perry and The Young Bucks vs. Team AEW (Bryan Danielson, Darby Allin, and FTR)

It seems Darby is filling in the role of Mox this year, as his music continues blaring while all eight men go at it. The chaos continues until Matthew grabs a microphone, demanding they cut the music and replacing it with the Young Bucks’ theme. The fight continues, but now it’s Bryan Danielson demanding they play “the greatest theme song ever”…and it’s “Final Countdown!” I can almost imagine all the money being sent to the band Europe as the Anarchy spills out into the crowd.

Danielson focuses on Okada as we cut to Dax fighting Matthew in the concession area. The action cuts back to another part of the crowd where Darby leaps off the overhang onto Jack Perry! Okada and Danielson continue to go at it while Cash goes after Nicholas. Somewhere in the crowd, Matthew grabs a mic to cut the music once again, saying they’re on a budget and can’t keep playing it. Perry and Darby take to somewhere backstage as Matthew takes Dax down through the stairs. Okada and Danielson have joined Cash and Nicholas at ringside, and they in turn are joined by Dax and Matthew.

The crowd start chanting for the music to come back as Okada starts to turn things around, knocking Danielson out with a Rainmaker Drive sign. We cut to the parking lot where Darby and Perry are still going at it…and Perry gets sent into an ice bath so he can chill out!

The fight ends up near a pile of debris, where Perry grabs a pipe to deal more damage to Darby as we cut back to the ring. The Bucks turn things around before hitting Dax with the Shatter Machine, but only get a nearfall! Young Bucks try to double-team Danielson, but take out Okada instead! The Elite head to the outside as Danielson goes for a dive, but is caught with a chair by Okada who continues the attack as we cut back to the parking lot…where Jack Perry drives a charter bus into the pile of debris!

It’s unclear if Darby was in the pile but it’s clear the impact had an effect on the Scapegoat as we cut back to ringside…where FTR catch Nicholas with a spike piledriver onto the apron! Matthew gets sent down with a Power & Glory by FTR, but Okada breaks up the pin that follows before taking Dax down with a dropkick. He fights off Cash as we see Danielson is busted open on the outside.

Okada continues the attack, mocking the crowd before Cash takes a bite out of his middle finger! Okada responds with a tombstone piledriver, sending Cash down hard before looking for a Rainmaker lariat…but Darby makes his way limping down the ramp for the save! The two go at it until Darby hits a Code Red…but Okada kicks out!

Darby doesn’t get to follow up as he is pulled out of the ring by the Bucks, who take him out with a powerbomb onto a stack of chairs. They bring Darby up the ramp, calling for the slot machine LED board to go up as they take him into the elevator that brought Copeland up earlier. They call for that to come down as well as the board as Danielson intervenes, only to be sent into a stack of giant poker chips. They follow up with a TK Driver sending the American Dragon onto the stack, going after Cash now as Nicholas looks to take him into the LED board…but Wheeler sends him crashing into it instead!

Dax goes after Matthew, who sends him flying with a superkick…only for Cash to hit one of his own on Matthew. Wheeler grabs a table from nearby, setting it up before Okada intercepts. Nicholas moves the table as Okada props Wheeler onto it…and Nicholas climbs up the side of the entrance tunnel while Okada gets driven away…only for Nicholas to fly off the tunnel, driving Dax through the table on the stage!

We cut backstage where Perry is finally making his return from the parking lot, only to grab Tony Khan from his desk before bringing him toward the ringside area. We see Darby come back to ringside once again, this time brandishing the flamethrower he had on Dynamite as Jack Perry takes to the stage with Tony Khan in hand…only to be shoved away by the AEW President, allowing Darby to light the Scapegoat on fire!

Perry’s legs are ablaze for just a moment before the Bucks rush in with fire extinguishers, stopping the fire on Perry and cutting off the flamethrower in the process. Somehow, this chaos ends up making its way back to ringside as the Bucks intercept Darby with a BTE Trigger…but Darby manages to kick out!

The Elite go back on the attack as the Bucks call for something…and we see a cable and hook come down to the ring! Okada grabs a cable from ringside, and they start tying Darby up to the hook. They keep FTR away from getting in the ring until Dax fights Okada away, with Cash rushing in for FTR to hit a Shatter Machine! Cover made, but Okada kicks out!

FTR go back on the attack until Matthew slides in with a chair, hitting Dax with it…and the chair explodes in his face as well! Okada grabs a sleeve from the canvas, revealing that it’s covered in thumbtacks as he puts it on to hit a nasty Rainmaker lariat!

Okada takes the sleeve off before going out of the ring, revealing a box of Reebok Pumps with thumbtacks on the soles. The Bucks put these shoes on, calling to pull Darby up as we see him hanging upside down…and despite trying to fight back, he ends up taking a double superkick with the tacked-up kicks!

Danielson makes his way back to the ring, stopping a superkick before stealing Matthew’s show to attack both Bucks with it. He follows up with a series of hard kicks to the Bucks before promising to kick someone’s head in…leading to him grabbing Matthew by the arms and kicking away at him! He grabs a chair and hits a Busaiku knee for the cover…but Okada breaks it up! This leads to the Bucks hitting a BTE Trigger on Danielson as Perry finally returns to the ring…where he takes down Danielson with a running knee of his own, pinning the American Dragon to get the win!

Winners via pinfall: The Elite

Officials rush down to check on everyone as The Elite escape the ring, celebrating on the ramp as Double Or Nothing comes to a close following an absolutely chaotic finale.