AEW Dynamite 01 03 2024

AEW Dynamite Results
January 3, 2024
Newark, New Jersey (Prudential Center)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

We open with footage from last Saturday, where Samoa Joe stands by with his newly-won AEW World Championship. He talks about what MJF did to keep the title back at Grand Slam, and how that all came back to haunt him at Worlds End. Joe ends by saying he will always take what his is. He is Samoa Joe, the AEW World Champion, and he will take everything from anyone who tries to take that title from him!

We look back at what happened at Worlds End when Adam Cole revealed himself as the Devil alongside The Kingdom, Roderick Strong, and Wardlow, before cutting to ringside where Adam Cole and his crew arrive with new music. They head down the ramp to the ring, with Cole noticeably still injured as he reveals the Devil mask before entering.

Roderick tells the crowd to shut up and listen to his best friend ADAAAM, before handing the mic to Cole. Cole asks why the crowd doesn’t have sympathy for him, considering MJF is the guy who has made more enemies in AEW than anyone else. If he is truly the Devil in light of all this, buy him a first-class ticket straight to hell!

Cole calls MJF a narcissist, saying MJF only cares about himself. It’s about time for a change in AEW, and the locker room will thank him someday for what he did. The fans, and even Tony Khan, will thank him someday, because MJF is gone and he is never coming back.

Cole goes into why he did what he did, saying MJF would’ve done the same if given the opportunity. Cole says he never needed MJF, but MJF needed Cole. Cole sacrificed everything, including his damn ankle, for a friendship with the now-former champ. Cole even calls himself the reason fans started to like MJF, before revealing that he helped Max save his world title reign only to bring it to an end.

At first, it was all about the World Title, but it became more about bringing MJF to an end. The fans can chant all they want, but MJF is dead…but the Undisputed Kingdom is very much alive. He puts over the new ROH World Tag Team Champions, Taven and Bennett, before hyping up his real best friend Roderick Strong who will become the new AEW International Champion, and Wardlow, who is finally with a group that actually respects him.

He puts over Wardlow as looking to take the AEW World Championship, and when Cole is healthy enough Wardlow will forfeit the title to him. Cole congrats Samoa Joe and says it was a pleasure doing business with him…but he hopes Joe isn’t the champ by the time Wardlow is ready to go after the title, because it would suck to hurt a friend.

Cole finishes up by putting over the Undisputed Kingdom some more, before Jay White interrupts to call out Cole for having his boys attack him when he was alone…but now he’s not! Bullet Club Gold run down to the ring where they get into it with the Undisputed Kingdom, who start wearing BCG down until the Acclaimed and Daddy Ass head down to even things out!

The Kingdom quickly make their way out of the ring, leading to a brief staredown between The Acclaimed and BCG before the latter leave the ring, heading up the ramp!

Video Package: Eddie Kingston overcame the odds at Worlds End, winning the Continental Crown by beating Jon Moxley!

We get a rundown of the lineup for tonight, followed by a video from Daniel Garcia to hype up tonight’s main event.

Back at ringside, Orange Cassidy heads to the ring for our opening match! Out next is Dante Martin, and this match is underway!

AEW International Championship Match: Orange Cassidy defends against Top Flight’s Dante Martin

After a slow start the two men lock up, dropping each other with an exchange of holds before they get back to their feet. They go back at it with the champ getting a nearfall, only for Dante to reverse into a nearfall of his own! Orange gets a side headlock takedown, keeping Dante grounded…but not for long, as the challenger fights back to his feet!

Cassidy goes for a hand in the pocket but gets blocked by Dante, only for the champ to catch him off guard! Another exchange of holds leads to a backslide by Dante for a nearfall, but Cassidy gets a near cradle for one of his own!

The champ rolls out of the ring to take a breather, baiting Dante to the outside before sliding into the ring…and building up momentum for a dive through the ropes back to the outside! Cassidy stays on the attack, sending Martin into the barricade before taking a jog with hands in pockets…leading to a dropkick that sends the challenger into the barricade again!

Cassidy rolls into the ring to break the ref’s count before heading back out…only for Dante to catch him with a suplex to the floor as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Cassidy and Martin manage to go back and forth throughout the break, with both men trading suplexes to wear each other down before we come back!

Cassidy ends up on the outside where he takes a dive from the challenger, who brings Orange back into the ring for a cover…only for the champ to kick out!

Dante decides to take a page out of Cassidy’s playbook with some, uh, “dangerous” strikes…but rears back for a thrust kick, only for the champ to catch him with one of his own! Dante sent to the corner where Orange lays in some more offense, eventually catching the challenger with a spinning DDT for a nearfall!

Cassidy heads up top only to be intercepted by Dante, who gets pushed off before the champ hits a diving DDT for the cover…BUT DANTE KICKS OUT THIS TIME!

Cassidy looks ready for an Orange Punch, but Dante avoids that and a Beach Break…but the champ stops a powerbomb, only to get dropped with a knee to the face! Cover by Dante, but the champ kicks out once again!

Dante heads to the corner as Cassidy rolls away, only to take a dropkick as Dante goes back up top…but the champ rolls away again, only for Dante to walk the ropes into a flying attack for a nearfall! BUT CASSIDY KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Champ reverses into a crucifix pin for a nearfall, landing an Orange Punch after a first attempt is blocked before the champ gets the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW International Champion: Orange Cassidy

HOOK and Danhausen come down to check on Cassidy as Darius and Andretti run down to check on Dante, before he and Cassidy shake hands. It’s all nice and lovely, but the mood changes as Private Party arrive with the return of Marq Quen! Quen re-introduces themselves before the crowd welcomes Quen back. The pair say that the tag division has been missing some flavor, some excitement…some Private Party.

They put the rest of the tag division on notice, before declaring “new year, new champs!”

We head backstage where Renee interviews Toni Storm about Mariah May’s in-ring debut, but the AEW Women’s World Champion has no interest in staying in New Jersey, indicating that she is heading to a seance back in New York instead!

-Commercial Break-

Video Package: House of Black accept FTR’s challenge for Collision on Saturday, telling them if they lose they will disown their old family and accept their new family!

Backstage, Renee interviews Swerve Strickland about the main event tonight against Daniel Garcia. Swerve talks up his showing in the Classic, saying he respects that Garcia is after the same thing Swerve is…championship gold. Swerve says that big pressure is about making pain, not diamonds, and Garcia is going to feel it tonight. Strickland finishes up by calling out Samoa Joe, saying he will go after championship gold this year. Swerve walks away as Prince Nana asks “whose house?”

This of course gets the crowd to respond in kind, declaring this is “Swerve’s House” before we cut back to ringside, where Mariah May heads to the ring for her in-ring debut. We are introduced to her opponent before this match gets underway!

Mariah May vs Queen Aminata

Aminata mocks Mariah, garnering a slap in the face followed by some hard strikes before May pulls her down to the canvas. Aminata fights back until May sends her to the ropes, hitting a chop before the Queen fights back…only to get taken down with a headscissors by May, followed by a dropkick for a nearfall!

May takes her to the ropes, wrapping her up in them before hitting a blindside dropkick before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Aminata leaves the ring for a breather before heading back in, only for Mariah to take control of the match as she lays in some hard offense on the Queen leading to a straightjacket stretch with a knee in the back! Aminata tries to fight out but is sent down giving Mariah a nearfall, before she cinches in a chinlock. Aminata fights back to her feet, only to be laid out with a clothesline by May for another nearfall. May sends the Queen to the corner for another attack as we come back from break!

May sets her up on the top turnbuckle before charging…only for the Queen to start fighting back! Aminata with a couple hard slaps before hitting a snapmare on May, and hits the ropes for a running knee strike! May heads to the corner, where she gets caught with a running forearm by the Queen…who hits a second, only for May to catch her on the third attempt!

Mariah hoists Aminata up on her shoulders for a fireman’s carry into what’s being called the Mayday for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Mariah May

Renee gets in the ring to interview Mariah after the match, and May says she hopes Toni Storm was watching before stating the only regret she has is that her in-ring debut had to be in New Jersey…which brings out Deonna Purrazzo to a massive pop!

Renee welcomes Deonna to AEW to a chant from the crowd. Purrazzo says that if Toni doesn’t want to be in New Jersey, we don’t want her here…and Mariah can pass along a message to Miss Storm: it doesn’t matter where she runs to, Deonna will find her, because she is All Elite…and this is the age of the Virtuosa.

Mariah lets Purrazzo know she is not the messenger, so she can tell Toni herself…and May goes for a slap! But it’s blocked by the Virtuosa, who wallops Mariah with a slap of her own forcing May to leave the ring as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Christian Cage and his crew make their way to the ring as we look back at Worlds End when Adam Copeland defeated Cage to win the TNT title, only for a series of shenanigans to lead to Cage winning the title back moments later. The new champion is joined by Tony Schiavone in the ring for his State of the Union…but Shayna Wayne cuts Tony off to address the crowd booing her. Shayna demands the fans get on their feet and appreciate the Patriarch, the greatest TNT Champion that ever lived.

Cage addresses his lengthy reign as champion before Tony tries to intervene, only for Cage to threaten a bit of discipline from Mother Wayne before thanking her for her understanding. A mother’s work is never truly done, the champ says. Cage then thanks his “boy” Nick Wayne for putting his body on the line, especially when Copeland put him through a flaming table, and for his sacrifice, Cage says he loves Nick.

Lastly, Cage thanks the man that sealed the victory, and put the final nail in the coffin of Adam Copeland. He’s looking at Killswitch…but he thanks himself. This gets a “Luchasaurus” chant from the crowd as Cage says it’s his duty to address Adam Copeland for hopefully the final time. Cage says Copeland goes to the back of the line, there are no more title shots for him, and that he has to look at himself in the mirror and realize deep down inside that Christian Cage is superior.

He says that between the two of them, one has no soul, and that is why Cage is STILL the TNT Champion tonight. He hopes that everyone watching understands what Cage has done to make this the most important title in the company…he is interrupted by another “Luchasaurus” chant, to which he replies “his name is Killswitch now” before saying he and his Patriarchy are the face of the company now and forever.

We go backstage where the Outcasts are standing by with Renee with their new friend, Harley Cameron. Renee tries to find out what’s going on but they blow her off before leaving her behind as we go to ringside…

…where Konosuke Takeshita makes his way to the ring with Don Callis for our next match! Callis heads to commentary as Darby Allin makes his way to the ring next, before this match gets underway!

Everyone Banned from Ringside: Darby Allin vs Konosuke Takeshita

We start off with a flurry of offense from both men, with Takeshita managing to take control before taking Darby down with a side headlock takeover. Darby makes it back to his feet to break free, sending Takeshita down hard before he rolls to the outside…and intercepts a dive with a knee strike to lay Darby out!

Takeshita is firmly in control of the match now as he grabs Darby with a waistlock before walking up the ramp…where he connects with a rolling German suplex along the ramp! Darby looks out of it as Takeshita sends him back into the ring before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Takeshita is still in control as he lays into Darby with some hard strikes and a submission hold to wear the former TNT Champion down. Darby starts to fight back from the corner, but Konosuke knocks him to the canvas with a massive forearm strike before sending him into the corner for more damage. Takeshita sets Darby up top for a cradle piledriver as we come back from break…

…only for Darby to reverse with a jawbreaker instead! Takeshita ends up on the outside where Darby dives into him, sending him into the barricade! Darby brings him back in the ring for a Code Red, but Takeshita reverses for a nearfall!

Darby in the corner now as Takeshita looks for a running knee, only for Allin to dodge it in the nick of time. Takeshita heads outside to chase Darby, only to be sent into the announce table! Callis checks on his man after a nasty Coffin Drop, and Takeshita runs into the ring…where Darby catches him with a Code Red for a nearfall!

Takeshit starts fighting back now, getting back in control as he wears Darby down with some more offense. Darby is slowly getting back to his feet, managing to catch Konosuke with a small package and a couple nearfalls in the process! Takeshita fights back once again, sending Darby to the corner for a Helluva Kick before setting Darby up top for an avalanche German suplex!

Darby manages to finally get back on his feet, but he gets caught with the Power Drive Knee by Takeshita who gets the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Konosuke Takeshita

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, Renee talks to the Don Callis Family as Callis lays down the challenge to Sting for a match against Powerhouse Hobbs!

Back at ringside, Eddie Kingston heads to commentary for our next match! Trent Beretta heads to the ring, followed by Brian Cage as we see Bryan Keith in the ring before El Hijo del Vikingo heads to the ring and this match is underway!

Four-Way Match (winner earns shot at the Continental Crown): Trent Beretta vs Brian Cage vs Bryan Keith vs El Hijo del Vikingo

We start off with a bit of chaos between all four men in the opening moments, with all of them ending up on the outside after a flurry of offense…where Cage takes down Beretta with a suplex as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The chaos resumes in the ring with Keith and Cage going at it, with the Bounty Hunter getting the upper hand until Trent runs in…only to be taken down by the Machine! Cage wears Beretta down with a chinlock as Keith is still recovering on the outside, and Vikingo makes his way into the ring…only to get beaten down hard as we come back!

The match continues with Cage and Vikingo trading blows until Hijo sets up Cage…only for Keith to cut him off with a headbutt! Vikingo ends up down on the outside as Cage hits Keith with a headbutt and an F5 to send him out of the ring next before turning his attention to Beretta with a pop-up bowerbomb and the revolution powerbomb!

But to no avail!

Danhausen heads into the ring to curse Brian Cage, who takes a superkick before Vinkingo hits an Orihana moonsault! Viking back inside, but we see Keith going at it upon his return with a corner knee and a Saito suplex before hitting a big battering ram headbutt!

But now we see Trent fighting with everything he’s got, before he hits the Dudebuster on Bryan Keith for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Trent Beretta

Trent Beretta is the new #1 contender for the AEW Continental Crown!

Backstage we hear from Renee and Daddy Magic, before Hangman Adam Page interjects saying he’s looking for a fight as we go to break!

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Swerve Strickland makes his way to the ring for our main event! Out next is Daniel Garcia, and this match is underway!

Swerve Strickland vs Daniel Garcia

Both men go at it from the jump, and the action spills outside where Nana distracts Garcia long enough for Swerve to blindside him! The action heads to the apron, where Swerve drops Garcia to the outside as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Swerve stays in control throughout the break, bringing Garcia back into the ring for a chinlock as we return!

Garcia starting to fight back until Swerve takes him down again. Garcia heads to the corner where Swerve intercepts with some uppercuts for good measure…but Garcia is fired up now, laying into Strickland with some right hands before stomping away at him in the corner! Garcia follows up with a dropkick sending Swerve into the corner, before hitting a Saito suplex for a nearfall!

The action spills back outside now, as Garcia ends up locking in a Dragontamer on Strickland on the announce table before Strickland fights out of it! They fight back toward the ring as Swerve heads up top, only to be intercepted by Garcia for a massive superplex! Garcia hangs on for a second vertical suplex as both men are down.

Garcia is back on his feet as he hits the ropes…but Swerve intercepts, hitting a House Call for the cover! BUT GARCIA KICKS OUT!

But it’s for naught as Swerve hits a Swerve Stomp for the cover…only for Daniel to kick out again, hitting a reversal for a nearfall of his own! It all comes to a crashing halt as Swerve hits the JML Driver for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Swerve Strickland

After the match, Swerve offers a hand to Garcia in a show of sportsmanship…but it’s a ruse as Nana hits him down low! Daddy Magic runs into the ring to intervene but he’s laid out as Nana introduces “the next AEW World Champion”…only for Hangman Page to run down to the ring! Nana escapes the ring as we get a staredown between Page and Swerve!

The two men go at it before security and officials come rushing down to break things up, leaving them to stare each other down as the show comes to a close.