AEW Dynamite 01 10 2024

AEW Dynamite Results
January 10, 2024
Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

After the opening pyro we are greeted by the arrival of Hangman Page ahead of our opening contest! The former AEW World Champion heads to the ring, followed by Claudio Castagnoli before this match gets underway!

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Hangman Page

The action starts off hot as both men go at it, and things quickly head to the outside where Claudio turns things around with a big uppercut on Page against the barricade. Castagnoli looks to bring Page back into the ring, but the Hangman catches him with a small flurry of punches before bringing the former ROH Champion in the ring!

Claudio catches him in the corner, however, turning the tide back in his favor as he goes to work on the face of Hangman. Page starts to fight out but is sent to the corner for his troubles, where Castagnoli drives his boots in deep for more damage. Page brought back up, allowing Claudio to lay in some punches and uppercuts…but it quickly becomes a trading of punches before Castagnoli drops the Hangman down, leading to a Giant Swing!

Round and round Page goes until Claudio has seemingly has his fill, transitioning into a Sharpshooter that Hangman tries to counter of…before Claudio locks in a crossface instead, only for Page to get him on his shoulders for a nearfall and breaks the hold!

Both men on their feet now, right back to trading punches before Claudio lays in a couple headbutts and uppercuts…only for Page to catch him with a backslide for a nearfall! Big slam from Hangman follows this up, keeping Castagnoli down in the process as Page gets back to his feet for a springboard lariat sending Claudio to the outside!

Page hits a big plancha off the back of this, keeping in control before taking a break with a drink of a fan’s pint as a throwback! Claudio and Page back in the ring now as Hangman charges at Claudio…only to be sent up and over the top rope with a press slam, sending Page to the ramp outside as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Page slowly manages to get back in the ring before being counted out, but Claudio maintains control sending the former champ back to the outside for a big running stomp on the ramp! The action comes back to the ring now as Claudio cinches in a side chinlock, wearing the Hangman down until Page starts to fight back to his feet. Hangman hits a back suplex, but Claudio hangs onto the chinlock! Page finally makes it back to his feet as we come back from break!

Page sends Claudio to the corner before charging at him, only for the Hangman to be sent right back to the ramp once more! Claudio follows up with a series of uppercuts sending Page further and further up the ramp until Hangman fights back with some forearms! Claudio sent to the ropes as Page runs down the ramp, hitting a clothesline that sends him over the top rope and back in the ring! Buckshot Lariat from Page…NO! European uppercut from Claudio for the cover…BUT PAGE KICKS OUT!

Claudio starts taunting Page with some light kicks to the face as the Hangman gets to his feet…and it leads to a flurry of strikes from both men, before they end up taking each other over to the floor outside! Claudio hoists Page up on his shoulder, but Hangman fights out of it before the action heads back in the ring…where Page manages to get a nearfall on Claudio!

The action ends up back in the corner where Castagnoli takes control again, bringing Page down for a nearfall of his own before hitting some hammer and elbows…but Hangman fights out, hitting a Dead Eye for a cover–BUT CLAUDIO KICKS OUT!

Claudio fights back after this, but is overcome by TWO Buckshot Lariats that gives Hangman Page the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Hangman Adam Page

Video Package: The legacy of Brodie Lee in AEW is felt to this day, RIP Brodie Lee

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Back at ringside, Orange Cassidy makes his way to the ring for our next contest! Commentary notes the connection between Brodie Lee and Preston Vance as the latter makes his way out next, followed by Dustin Rhodes and Adam Copeland, who is noted for being a close personal friend of Brodie at one point. Out next is Brian Cage and the Gates of Agony representing the Mogul Embassy, followed by Lance Archer before this match gets underway!

Eight-Man Tag Team Match in recognition of Brodie Lee
Lance Archer, Brian Cage, and The Gates of Agony vs. Orange Cassidy, Dustin Rhodes, Adam Copeland, and Preston Vance

We start off with Kaun and Dustin, the former getting the upper hand until Dustin tags in Preston. Those two lock up, but Kaun sends Vance to the corner before tagging in Cage…only for Vance to catch him by surprise before tagging in Copeland! Adam with some quick offense on Cage before tagging in Cassidy, who takes Cage down for a nearfall…and tries to go for a chokeslam, for some reason!

Needless to say that fails as Cage drops the International Champion before the Gates of Agony get involved. Cassidy tries to take them down, but the Gates won’t open for the champ…instead, sending him rolling out of the ring as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Liona takes control of the situation as Kaun heads back to the apron, before Cage tags back in to do more damage on the champ with a stalling vertical suplex…passing him on to Liona with a tag…who then tags in Kaun. It appears to be a game for the baddies as Cage tags in, still keeping Cassidy up in the air before finally sending the champ on a one-way trip to the canvas! Tag to Archer who sends Cassidy to the corner before laying in a massive chop, only to bring him back up for another! The champ is struggling back to his feet before Archer drops him with a set of hard scoop slams as we come back from break!

Archer sends Cassidy flying with a vertical suplex, catching the champ in the corner with a strike before Cassiy tries to fight back…only to take a knee from the big man! Jose the Assistant tries to intervene, but gets attacked by Jake Roberts for his troubles as Archer goes back on the attack. Cassidy fights back with some light kicks before taking him down with a DDT, getting the tag as Kaun comes in.

Chaos ensues as all eight men go after each other, with Cage getting dropped down by Copeland before Liona catches Copeland by surprise…only for Cassidy to get some sort of chokeslam on the bigger man! Archer rushes in with a Bossman Slam, before sending Preston into a Samoan drop by Kaun!

Kaun brings Preston to his feet, but gets nailed with a big boot by Archer instead…leading to an argument between Archer and Cage, who sends Archer out of the ring before Copeland hits him with a spear! Vance takes advantage of the chaos as Liona comes back into the ring, hitting a discus lariat in honor of Brodie Lee for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Orange Cassidy, Dustin Rhodes, Adam Copeland, and Preston Vance

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Backstage, Renee talks to Bullet Club Gold about the situation with Undisputed Kingdom, only to be interrupted by The Acclaimed who look to align with fellow enemies of Cole and his crew. Caster says they don’t have to be friends, they just have to work together…but the Bang Bang Gang don’t seem to be up for that, brushing the Trios champions off before leaving.

Back at ringside, Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring to introduce himself to the crowd as your new AEW World Champion. This gets a “Thank you, Joe” chant from the crowd, but Joe says no thanks is needed. Tonight, we make some changes to the championship challenging protocol. When you’re the champ, you have a target on your back, but if anyone’s running things it’s Samoa Joe. In light of that, here are the changes…no more will you have to come out to the ring and complain, or make your comments on social media.

Instead, you bring your record and accomplishments, and if you qualify you have an express pass to come out here and get stomped in front of everyone who wants to cheer for you. The new championship era is here, and for all those who want to challenge…the champ will be waiting.

This brings out Swerve Strickland alongside Mogul Embassy to the ring, and Swerve has a microphone in hand as he riles up the crowd. This is his first time in Daily’s Place, but he’s gonna call this whose house? This gets “SWERVE’S HOUSE” from the crowd as Strickland enters the ring, referring to his situation with Page before saying he’s going to take the AEW World Championship…however, when he takes the title and Joe chooses to make this personal, Swerve will be more than happy to.

This leads to a staredown between Joe and Swerve, which is cut off by the arrival of Hangman Adam Page. Page also has a mic in hand as he enters the ring, saying if we’re out here calling our shots and making our New Year’s resolutions, Page will make his. He got to do a lot this year, but one thing he lost was the AEW World Championship…and in 2024, he will make it his! Swerve has some words for Page as Nana tries to get him to leave the ring, and eventually he and the Embassy leave as Page addresses Joe next saying he hasn’t forgotten what he did to Page…and the Hangman will take that title from him for it!

With that, Page leaves the ring and up the ramp as Joe stands tall with his championship…until HOOK arrives next, complete with HOOK signal as the FTW Champion makes his way down the ramp. He circles around the ring, staring Joe down before finally stepping into the ring for a standoff with the World Champion after calling him out at Collision. The standoff ends with HOOK quietly saying “one week” before leaving the ring, leaving us wondering what’s in store as Joe steps onto the turnbuckle to pose with the title.

Backstage, Renee talks to Toni Storm and Mariah May about what happened last week. Storm says she didn’t get to see May’s debut but hopes all the best, before Renee is asked about Deonna Purrazzo. Storm says she wants info on her before leaving May behind as she walks off with Luther.

Back at ringside, Sammy Guevara makes his way to the ring for our next match! Out next is Ricky Starks, and this match gets underway!

Ricky Starks vs. Sammy Guevara

The two men lock up, neither man quite having an advantage as they trade holds…but Starks hits Guevara to drop him to the canvas before posing! Sammy to the corner as Starks goes back on the offensive, but Guevara fights back before hitting a dropkick to send the tag champ rolling to the outside! Baseball slide dropkick to follow, before Sammy climbs up top for a big moonsault dropping Starks to the floor!

Sammy hops on the barricade to celebrate with the crowd before going back on the attack with a chop on Starks, sending him back in the ring after…and in the corner, where Sammy hits a chop and a kick before charging for a shoulder strike!

Action gets to the apron as the two fight back and forth, before Starks looks for the Roshambo…but Sammy fights out, hitting a chop! Sammy with another one, but Starks responds by dropping Guevara on the apron and to the outside as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Starks is firmly back in control, taking Sammy down for more punishment before getting a nearfall, but Guevara starts to fight back…only to get taken down with a tilt-a-whirl by Starks as we come back!

Guevara fights back again, sending Ricky to the ropes…and stopping Starks with a big kick for a nearfall! Sammy heads to the corner but is intercepted by the tag champ, who wears him down before setting up…only to get taken down with a back elbow! Sammy resets and goes for a moonsault…but Stark hits him with boots to the face, and a sitout powerbomb gives him the cover–BUT SAMMY KICKS OUT!

Guevara in the corner as Ricky charges…but Sammy leap frogs and gets a cover, only for it to get reversed! Ricky gets a nearfall, but is taken down with another big kick from Guevara who gets the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Sammy Guevara

A post-match celebration is cut short by Big Bill, and the tag champs beat Guevara down until Jericho comes running in for the save! “Judas” plays throughout Daily’s Place as Jericho and Guevara go at it with the champs ahead of their street fight at Battle of the Belts IX. The champs finally run off as Jericho and Guevara celebrate before we go to break!

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Back at ringside, Willow Nightingale makes her way to the ring for our next contest! Out next is Kris Statlander, who brushes off Stokely Hathaway’s offer to manage her before Anna Jay comes out next, notably hand-picked by Brodie Lee to join the Dark Order a couple years ago. Next out is Thunder Rosa, before their opponents head to the ring. Out first are the Outcasts of Saraya and Ruby Soho, followed by Skye Blue and TBS Champion Julia Hart before this match gets underway!

Eight-Woman Tag Team Match in recognition of Brodie Lee
Kris Statlander, Thunder Rosa, Willow Nightingale, and Anna Jay vs. Julia Hart, Skye Blue, Saraya, and Ruby Soho

We start off with Ruby and Anna who lock up, before Anna rocks Soho with a forearm and a slap to the face before sending her to the corner. Tag to Statlander, who continues the attack with a body slam and a sliding lariat before tagging Anna back in. Quick offense from Anna before tagging Willow, who gets a few shots in before tagging Rosa in next. Rosa sends Soho to the corner, but Ruby fights her off before tagging in Hart!

The two circle the canvas before Skye jumps in, causing a distraction that Hart takes advantage of before tagging in Saraya for more damage! Tag to Ruby who looks to get some revenge as she taunts her opponents, but Rosa catches Ruby off guard before hitting a drop toe hold and a dropkick. Soho in the corner once more as Rosa tags in Willow, and the two double-team Soho before Willow climbs up…only for a ref distraction to allow Willow to get pulled down by Harley as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Hart tags in to stay on the attack, sending Willow to the corner before the former NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion fights back…but not for long, as the TBS Champion responds with a flurry of offense before tagging in Saraya! Willow gets propped up on the ropes allowing Saraya to do even more damage before the ref admonishes her, as Skye tags in to keep on top of things. Willow tries to fight back but Blue takes her down to the ropes, with Harley getting in on the action as we come back from break!

Hart comes in but Willow evades them, taking them down before tagging in Statlander who unleashes a flurry of offense clearing the ring! Saraya’s the legal woman at the end of all this, but is taken down hard for a nearfall by Kris! Chaos ensues as all eight women set up for a massive suplex spot…with the fan favorites getting the upper hand in the end!

Willow with a pounce, but gets laid out as chaos ensues again before Statlander tags in Jay…and Saraya tags in Hart! The two ladies stare each other down before trading strakes, and Jay has a sleeper hold locked in before Skye tags herself in!

Skye clears the ring but gets caught with the Queenslayer…and has no choice but to tap out, giving Jay and her squad the win!

Winners via submission: Kris Statlander, Thunder Rosa, Willow Nightingale, and Anna Jay

Video Package: Wheeler Yuta is no one’s “Young Boy” and seeks to get one over on Eddie Kingston with an opportunity to win the Continental Crown at Rampage!

Back at ringside, the Undisputed Kingdom make their way to the ring as Roderick Strong is set to face Bryan Keith already in the ring…and this match gets underway!

Roderick Strong vs. Bryan Keith

The two men lock up and trade holds, with Keith catching Strong by surprise with a big boot! Bryan keeps on the attack with another series of strikes sending Roderick to the ropes, but Strong forces a rope break…only to be sent to the apron by the Bounty Hunter!

Bryan continues until he gets rocked by Roderick, who brings Keith back into the ring for more damage with stomps in the corner before setting Bryan up for End of Heartache…but Bryan fights out of it! Trade of strikes once more, with Bryan sending Roddy to the ropes again…but Strong hits a kick before sending Bryan down hard for the cover–BUT BRYAN KICKS OUT!

Roddy sends Keith to the corner now, setting him up on the top turnbuckle for a superplex but Bryan fights him off with a headbutt..and a Diamond Dust drops Strong to the canvas! Keith looks for a Tiger Driver, but Roddy fights out…only to get caught with a roll up for a nearfall! The problem is, Keith’s luck runs out when Strong catches him with the End of Heartache for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Roderick Strong

After the match, Cole gets a microphone to hype up the Undisputed Kingdom and address how things are going to change in AEW. He talks up Roderick Strong’s legacy and The Kingdom being the best ROH tag champions of all time, before putting over the monster that is Wardlow. Now that Wardlow is surrounded by people that actually respect him, the group is going to win the AEW World Championship. Boys and girls, say hello to your new home…or should Cole say, your new Kingdom? Make sure you get comfortable, because they are going to be here for a very, very long time!

Backstage, Renee talks to Deonna Purrazzo about what Toni Storm said earlier tonight. Deonna says that’s fine, she looks forward to seeing Toni ahead of her in-ring debut for AEW at Collision…which draws out Red Velvet to lay out a challenge for the night, talking about “stirring it up.” Deonna asks about which arm is her “stirring” arm before walking off, leaving us with a confused Velvet as we go to break!

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Back at ringside, Jim Ross is welcomed to the the booth to call our main event before Ric Flair heads out first, followed by the team whose corner he is in as Darby Allin and Sting arrive to ringside next for the latter’s final match in Jacksonville. Out next are the Don Callis Family of Konosuke Takeshita and Powerhouse Hobbs, before this main event gets underway!

Texas Tornado Match: Sting and Darby Allin vs. Konosuke Takeshita and Powerhouse Hobbs

Sting goes after Hobbs as Darby focuses on Takeshita, with the Icon sending Powerhouse to the outside and Takeshita catching Allin on the outside. Sting and Hobbs take the action up through the crowd…and in fairness, so do Darby and Takeshita! In separate sections of the crowd we see Sting sending Hobbs on a ride on a road case as Takeshita slowly brings Darby back to ringside with a purpose, laying the daredevil out with a chop in front of Flair.

Darby manages to fight back, however, setting up for a Coffin Drop off the top turnbuckle to the outside…but Konosuke catches him, hitting a rolling German suplex as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Hobbs and Sting finally bring their fight back to ringside as Takeshita continues to wear Darby down. The Family continue the attack on their opponents, but Darby and Sting fight back as we come back from break!

Hobbs gets a big body slam on Darby but the pin is broken up by Sting, only for the Family to keep him in the corner as they hoist Darby up for a spinning flapjack-like maneuver! Hobbs gets a chair to keep on the offense, until Flair comes into the ring to stand off with the big man! Flair hits a couple strikes allowing Sting to intervene, and chaos spills out to the floor outside as Darby and Sting take the Family on something of a stroll up the ramp.

Takeshita fights off Darby, who ends up making his way onto the top row of bleaches for a big Coffin Drop on the Alpha! As both men stay down, Sting and Hobbs go right back at it fighting alongside the front row of bleachers…until they both drop through a table at ringside! The Icon is not quite down and out, however, managing to drap an arm over Hobbs for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Darby Allin and Sting

Darby is able to get back up, checking on Sting after a crazy match. Both men are able to get back to their feet before heading to the ring, where Tony Schiavone is standing by.

Tony talks to Sting about AEW Revolution in March, and his final match…asking who the Icon’s final opponent will be. Before he can answer, however, Sting is interrupted by the arrival of the Young Bucks! The former tag champs walk onto the stage, staring down Sting and Darby, with the Icon looking surprised by the pair’s audacity before saying something in the ear of his protege. The pair continue to stare down the Bucks, who eventually make their way to the back before the show comes to a close.