AEW Dynamite 01 17 2024

AEW Dynamite Results
January 17, 2024
Charleston, South Carolina (North Charleston Coliseum)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

A video package highlighting our main event leads to a shot of HOOK and Samoa Joe walking backstage, before commentary hypes up the opening contest!

We go to ringside where Christian Cage makes his way to the ring alongside Nick Wayne and Killswitch, the TNT Champion ready to defend his title as the challenger Dustin Rhodes heads to the ring next! Rhodes enters the ring, and this match is underway!

TNT Championship Match: Christian Cage defends against Dustin Rhodes

Rhodes approaches the champion, who backs up into the ropes to keep away. Cage looks to keep the match at his own pace as he locks up with the challenger, who gets Cage back to the ropes before the ref calls for a break. They lock up again, and Dustin once again has things under control…until Cage once again forces a rope break.

Cage adjusts his turtleneck as Rhodes backs away, looking for an opening as the champ seems coy by comparison…before sending the challenger to the corner with some open hand strikes! Rhodes to the ropes, but he catches the champ by surprise for a nearfall before Cage rolls out of the ring for a breather…only to catch the leg of Rhodes! No! Dustin pulls the champ into the ring post instead!

Action spills outside the ring now as Rhodes sends Cage into the barricade, continuing the attack by sending the champ into the steel steps…and jumping off them for a big clothesline! Dustin brings Cage back into the ring, mounting up for some punches in the corner to wear Christian down. Cage fights back with a right hand, but gets caught in the corner by the challenger…only for Cage to drive his head into the turnbuckle, sending him out of the ring! Cage follows up by climbing the turnbuckle for a big double ax handle on Rhodes, as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Rhodes slowly manages to make his way back into the ring, but is worn down further by the champ for a nearfall before continuing to inflict pain on the Natural. Another chinlock seems to do the trick until Rhodes starts fighting back as we return!

Dustin evades an attack by the champ, who catches Rhodes by surprise forcing him to the outside. With the challenger brought back into the ring, Cage goes up top…but gets a flying nothing as Dustin gets out of the way! Both men slowly get to a vertical base, exchanging strikes until they get to their feet…and continuing upon their feet, until Rhodes sends Cage to the ropes for a bulldog and the cover! BUT CAGE KICKS OUT!

Dustin sends the champ to the corner looking for the Unnatural Kick…but Cage gets out of the way! But Dustin gets him back down hard for a cover and a nearfall! Cage tries to beg off the challenger before a distraction from Nick Wayne gives him an opening…but not for long as he gets sent to the outside! Dustin goes for a dive…but the champ intercepts!

Cage goes up top for a frog splash before going for the cover…BUT IT’S DUSTIN WHO KICKS OUT THIS TIME AROUND!

Cage goes to the outside, looking to use the TNT title on Rhodes…but the ref admonishing him for it leads to Rhodes getting an inside cradle as the ref goes to take the title back! This lets Nick Wayne move them so Cage can get the cover instead…but Dustin kicks out again!

Nick Wayne tries to get involved again, and this allows Dustin to hit the Unnatural Kick without trouble! Cross Rhodes connects on Cage, and Dustin makes the cover…BUT CAGE KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Nick forces Dustin to head out of the ring, where he nearly gets caught with a chokeslam from Killswitch. He fights that off before taking Nick out, and heads back to the ring…only to be sent to the corner by Cage! Champ with a spear shades of his former friend Adam Copeland, followed by a Killswitch for the cover…BUT THE NATURAL KICKS OUT! HE’S STILL GOT SOME FIGHT IN HIM!

Dustin looks to finish the champ off, but Cage connects with a second Killswitch, this time getting the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still TNT Champion: Christian Cage

Backstage, Renee talks to Swerve Strickland about watching tonight’s main event between Samoa Joe and HOOK. Swerve says he’s got his eyes everywhere, and will keep an eye on whoever leaves tonight as World Champion. Hangman Page is brought up, and Swerve addresses how he’s been doing since they faced off last…before pointing out he’s already beaten Page before, and has no reason to do it again. Whose house? Swerve’s house.

-Commercial Break-

Recap: The absolute insanity of the Street Fight for the AEW World Tag Team Championship at Battle of the Belts IX

We go backstage as Renee talks to Chris Jericho about what happened on Saturday, and where he and Sammy Guevara go from here. Jericho calls out the Don Callis Family for costing them the title match, and beating down Kenny Omega before his illness took him out indefinitely. Matt Sydal shows up to address Jericho getting this angry over a loss, before challenging him to a match at Rampage. Jericho accepts, but tells Sydal to be careful what he wishes for come Friday.

Back at ringside, Orange Cassidy and Trent Beretta make their way to the ring for our next match! Commentary talks about a Best Friends vs. Lucha Bros match being postponed due to injuries to Chuck Taylor and Rey Fenix, leading to tonight’s match as Komander and Penta El Zero Miedo get to the ring before this match gets underway!

Best Friends (Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta) vs. Komander & Penta El Zero Miedo

We start off with Cassidy and Penta, the former International Champion taunting the current one…and as Cassidy looks for hands in pockets, he gets dropped by Penta! Flurry of offense by both men leads to Penta stopping a DDT from the champ…and hitting a thrust kick before Cassidy can get his hands in his pockets once again!

Komander tags in as Beretta goes after him, but Komander fights him off before being taken down, allowing Trent to bring Orange in for a nearfall as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Best Friends maintain control throughout, with Trent getting a tag and a nearfall before bringing the champ back in…but not even the champ can get a pin, forcing a change of pace that affords Cassidy another nearfall. Komander starts to fight back but the Best Friends continue to keep in control before we come back to break!

Komander evades them but is sent to the corner as Trent gets taken to the outside with a headscissors from the luchador! Cassidy gets in but is sent away as Komander manages to tag in Penta, who hits a sling blade on Cassidy! Thrust kick on Trent who runs in, and is looking for a Made in Japan as Komander dives onto Trent on the outside! Cover by Penta, but Cassidy kicks out!

Fear Factor attempt is no good as Cassidy fights back, hitting a big DDT before tagging Beretta back in! Trent wallops Komander over and over again on the ropes before being forced to back off…and this gives Komander an opening for a nearfall! Komander gets another roll on Beretta, but Trent kicks out once again!

Only for Trent to get sent into a kick by Penta! Komander follows up on this and gets a cover…only for the champ to break it up!

Komander responds with a back heel kick before going up top…but Trent evades, on route to a running knee! Penta gets involved, but gets caught with a Beach Break! Orange Punch on Komander, and a backpack piledriver helps Trent get the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Best Friends (Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta)

Best Friends look to celebrate by giving the people what they want…but the hug is interrupted by the arrival of the Undisputed Kingdom! Roderick Strong, Matt Taven, and Mike Bennett make their way to the ring to confront Best Friends. Strong tells Cassidy he wanted to say what he needed to say directly to his face, demanding he looks Strong in his eyes. Roderick calls the champ out for not defending the title tonight, asking if Orange is afraid there’s nothing left in the tank…or because the title belongs to Strong, and Cassidy can’t face that fact. Roderick is coming for that title, and Cassidy will need to face that.

The crowd tell Roderick what they think before Strong cuts them off, and Cassidy offers to do this right here, right now…only for Strong to back off. He says the champ will have to wait until March 3 for Revolution, because he wants Cassidy to deal with the fact that he will lose that belt tot Strong at the pay-per-view.

We go backstage where Renee talks to Hangman Page, who says he has his eye on winning and defending that AEW World Championship in 2024. Renee mentions what Swerve had to say earlier, but Page says that he is not the World Champion…so his focus is on whoever leaves tonight’s main event as champ.

Back at ringside, we welcome Mark Briscoe and his family as we honor Jay Briscoe on the anniversary of his passing. Briscoe hypes the crowd up before talking about his brother, talking briefly about the incident and the impact on his nieces before giving praise for the progress that came in the year since. The crowd shows their appreciation for the Briscoes before we get a video package in remembrance of Jay Briscoe.

-Commercial Break-

We cut backstage, where Renee talks to the Young Bucks, who ask to be called by their “god-given” names of Nicholas and Matthew Jackson. Renee wants to address the rumors, only to be cut off by Matthew who asks what Renee would do to protect her reputation. What would you be willing to lose? If you knew all that in hindsight, would you still do it? The Bucks would. Renee changes the subject to that of AEW itself, which Matthew addresses the old slogan of “change the world” before things changed over the years.

Matthew thinks he knows why, because they leaned on self-serving stars of yesterday. Renee had brought up Sting but he is none of the things the Bucks hate. Sting is a great guy, however…he is the last of that dying breed, and he doesn’t fit in with what they wanted to do with AEW at the beginning. Matthew says they need to get rid of Sting and everyone like him…and they wouldn’t ask anything of anyone that they wouldn’t do themselves.

Renee asks if that is confirmation that they are calling out Sting and Darby Allin for Revolution, and Nicholas brings up “pulling some strings” as EVPs before the Bucks leave.

Back at ringside, Bullet Club Gold make their way to the ring for our next match! Out next are the ROH Six-Man Tag Champions before this title match gets underway!

ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship Match: The Gates of Agony and Brian Cage defend against Jay White and The Gunns (Austin and Colten)

Liona and White start things off, with Toa showing off his power before Switchblade starts to fight back…only to get dropped to the canvas! Liona sends Jay to the corner for some knees to the back before tagging in Kaun!

Kaun wears Switchblade down before getting a nearfall, but White manages to fight back to tag in Colten Gunn…who wears him down before tagging in Austin! Kaun fights back before tagging in Cage, who lays Austin out in the corner before making the tag! Gates of Agony double-team Austin before Kaun goes for the cover…but Austin manages to kick out as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The champs stay in control as Cage tags in now, wearing Austin down before tagging in Liona. Austin’s efforts to fight back are thwarted as Toa stays on the attack, eventually sending him out of the ring where Kaun goes after him with the ref distracted…but Austin starts fighting back as we return from break!

Colten makes the tag now, clearing the ring of the champs before Kaun tags in…but Colten lays him out for a nearfall! But the upswing doesn’t last long as Liona rushes in, with the Gates sending him into Cage for a big powerbomb and a cover by Kaun…BUT COLTEN KICKS OUT!

Action spills to the outside now as Liona gets sent into the announce table, while Jay takes Cage down! Back in the ring, Colten fights off Kaun long enough for the Switchblade to tag in…and he lays in some chops on Kaun in the corner! Kaun tries to fight back but gets caught with a uranage! Chaos ensues in the ring…and the Gunns hit 3:10 to Yuma on Kaun in the process! Blade Runner gets stopped by Prince Nana’s interference, and a spike by Kaun leads to a cover…BUT SWITCHBLADE KICKS OUT!

Ref gets distracted as Nana looks to nail White with one of the titles…but Anthony Bowens intervenes! Blade Runner on Bishop means Jay White gets the pin and the win! We have new champions in Bullet Club Gold!

Winners via pinfall and new ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions: Bullet Club Gold

Backstage, Adam Cole hypes up Wardlow as someone ready to tear through everyone until he wins the AEW World Championship. Wardlow looks eager to get started as we go to commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Toni Storm heads to commentary before Deonna Purrazzo heads to the ring for our next match! Anna Jay is out next as this match gets underway!

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Anna Jay

The two lock up and end up in a back and forth that sees Anna gain control…but not for long as Deonna fights back, wringing the arm before stomping at it! Purrazzo with a cover, but Anna kicks out!

Action heads to the apron now as they go at it, before Anna drops Purrazzo on the top rope before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Anna is now firmly in control here, wearing the Virtuosa for a nearfall before setting her up for another one off a snap suplex. Anna locks in a full nelson, but Deonna fights out of it as we come back from break!

Deonna fights back, nearly overwhelming Anna before Jay counters it for a nearfall! Queenslayer by Anna, but the Virtuosa counters out, looking for a cross arm breaker before Anna forces a rope break. The ladies trade forearm strikes, but Purrazzo catches Anna with the Venus Di Milo! Anna has no choice but to tap out!

Winner via submission: Deonna Purrazzo

Renee interviews the Virtuosa after the match, with Purrazzo calling out Toni Storm saying they used to be like sisters. Both of them have changed since then, and Toni is not on the technical level of the Virtuosa. Toni is flabbergasted by this, Luther hoisting her up on his shoulders as the AEW Women’s World Champion runs Deonna down before Mariah May throws a shoe at her! Deonna dodges it, throwing it right back toward the champion who regroups up the ramp as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Private Party make their way to the ring for our next match! They look ready for their return to the ring as a team as Top Flight head out next, before this match gets underway!

Top Flight vs. Private Party

We start off with Izaiah and Darius, who lock up before trading strikes and holds. The action picks up as Zay takes Darius down…only for both to get back to their feet! Code of Honor adhered to before a tag is made on each side, leading to all four men standing off in the ring…only to give each other a fist bump out of respect.

Dante and Quen are in now, with Quen trying to stay one step ahead of Dante…only to get caught with a side headlock into a takedown. Quen fights back with an ankle pick, but Dante kicks him away. They go at it again, and Zay tags in before they clear Darius off the apron before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The action continues to go back and forth between both team, with each managing to get one over on the other until Darius starts to really lay into Private Party…which culminates in a double DDT for a nearfall on Zay! Darius tags in Dante as Top Flight stick the landing on a high and low, and Dante lays into Zay for some more damage as we come back from break!

Darius has a standing armbar on Zay, who tries to fight back before Dante tags in for a double-team. Zay manages to fight back now, getting a tag to Quen who clears the ring with a pair of dives! Quen fights back however, getting a nearfall on Dante in the process! Tag to Darius as they double-team Quen, before Darius makes the cover…but Zay breaks it up!

Chaos ensues until Dante hits a knee on Quen, but Zay counters out of an attack to go after Dante…who has it scouted! Private Party getting one over, with Quen rolling up Darius and grabbing the top rope for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Private Party

Private Party evade a confrontation with Action Andretti over their actions, celebrating with the crowd as we get a video package focusing on Sting and Darby Allin…who seek tag team gold before Sting rides off into the sunset!

The HOOK signal lights up, literally signaling the arrival of the challenger as the FTW Champion heads to the ring for this commercial-free main event! Out next is the AEW World Champion as Samoa Joe heads to the ring, and we get ring introductions for both men before this match gets underway!

AEW World Championship Match: Samoa Joe defends against Hook

HOOK charges at the champ from the opening bell for some right hands, only for Joe to send him to the outside where he lays into the challenger…and sends him toward the barricade, but HOOK manages to bounce back to drop the champ!

Action comes back to the ring where HOOK continues to pepper in some strikes, but Joe lays him out before forcing the challenger back to his feet for more damage in the corner. Big chop by Joe before he sends HOOK to the corner, wearing the FTW Champion down even more. Joe pulls him away from the corner before hitting a chop, laying the challenger down before stomping at him and hitting an elbow drop for a nearfall!

HOOK gets back to his feet, looking for T-bone suplex, but the champ puts the kibosh on that right away before leaving the ring…only to be rocked with a flying punch by the challenger off the apron. They go at it on the floor until Joe sends HOOK through the announce table with a uranage! Joe walks off with a smug look before returning to stand over the fallen challenger, who responds with a double-bird salute!

This just riles the champ up, who tears into HOOK and hits a powerbomb onto the apron before going back into the ring as the ref and a medic check on the challenger. The ref eventually starts the count as Doc Sampson continues to check on HOOK’s well-being, and the challenger slowly gets to his feet as the count reaches nine…and HOOK slides into the ring! Joe responds by sending him into the corner for a powerslam and the cover…BUT HOOK KICKS OUT!

Joe seems surprised as he sets the challenger up for a Death Valley Driver before going for the cover…BUT THE FTW CHAMPION KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Joe decides on a new plan of attack, setting HOOK up on the turnbuckle for a muscle buster and a cover…AND HOOK KICKS OUT AT ONE!

This shocks the crowd as HOOK is a house on fire in his offense, laying in a flurry of attack on the champ in the corner before catching the much bigger man for a T-bone suplex! Joe slowly gets to his feet as HOOK goes for Redrum…but Joe reverses into a Coquina Clutch! The champ cinches the hold in tight as HOOK begins to fade. Arm is checked once, and twice…and three times! HOOK is out cold as the ref calls for the bell!

Winner via submission and still AEW World Champion: Samoa Joe

Joe takes his title and leaves the ring, only to hear HOOK yell “is that all you’ve got?” Joe answers the question by sliding back into the ring, setting the FTW Champion up for another massive muscle buster! The ref and Sampson check on HOOK, who looks for more fight from the champ…but before Joe can oblige him again, Hangman Page comes down to the ring!

The champ regroups up the ramp as Page calls him out from the ramp…and we get a look at Swerve Strickland watching on from the front row! Joe realizes the potential threats coming his way before heading to the back, leaving us with Page in the ring as HOOK steps aside. Hangman stares down Swerve, realizing the issue between them may not actually be finished, before Swerve retreats through the crowd. Page calls for HOOK to come back so he can show his respect to the man who put up the fight of his life tonight, and HOOK’s music as the FTW Champion heads up the ramp, heading to the back as the show ends.