AEW Dynamite 02 14 2024

AEW Dynamite Results
February 14, 2024
Cedar Park, Texas (H-E-B Center)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Valentine’s Day, my dudes…but tonight marks a different kind of action with AEW Dynamite!

We quickly go to Jon Moxley heading through the crowd as we gear up for our opening contest! We see what went down at Collision between BCC and FTR leading to tonight’s match, as Mox gets to the ring as we get confirmation of a match in Arena Mexico on March 21. Next out is Dax Harwood, eager to make a statement after what happened Saturday night…and this match gets underway!

Jon Moxley vs. Dax Harwood

Harwood goes on the attack from the opening bell, but Mox keeps the pace in his favor as the men lock up. Dax sent to the corner but manages to fight out, catching him with an arm drag of sorts before flipping him off…and Mox sends him to the corner for this before giving him a mocking smooch to back away. Mox taunts him to take a shot and Dax does…with a smooch of his own, before laying in a flurry of offense!

Mox responds by sending Dax back in the corner, taking Dax off his game with some clubbing elbows before taking a bite out of Dax’s head…and takes a series of chops and strikes from Harwood for his troubles! Dax has Jon in the corner now as he lays in some punches , but Mox turns it around before driving his boot in the face of Harwood.

Dax takes the fight back to the former World Champion, but Mox fights out of a Sharpshooter attempt before sending him through the ropes to the outside! The fight only heats up from there as Mox sends Harwood over the barricade and into the crowd, only for Dax to fight back with a chop. The two trade strikes until Dax returns to the ringside area, only for Mox to send him into the ring post with a monkey flip!

The impact lays Harwood out as the ref begins the count, but Dax makes it back into the ring. Mox gangs up on him in the corner, but Harwood counters with a Liger Bomb for a nearfall! Dax sets Mox up for a brainbuster, but they end up spilling over the top rope to the outside as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The two are slowly stirring as the ref starts a new count, only for the pair to make their return to keep the match going! The two go at it until Mox finally gets an advantage with a leg lock that Dax just manages to fight out of as we come back from break!

We find ourselves at something of a standstill again as the two go back at it with strikes…until they knock each other something silly! Mox is still stirring as Dax appears to be out. Harwood finally back to his feet as the action heads to the corner, with Mox fighting Dax off from the top turnbuckle. Dax fights back however, nailing Mox with a superplex!

When both men finally get back on their feet once more, they go back and forth yet again…until Mox gets trapped in a Sharpshooter by Harwood! We get a note of five minutes remaining as Mox fights out of the hold. Mox goes for a cross arm breaker but Dax rolls him up to break the hold, going for a piledriver that Mox tries to fight out of…and hits a back body drop! Rollup by Harwood! No! Dax hits Mox with a piledriver this time, draping an arm over Mox for the cover…BUT MOX KICKS OUT!

Mox escapes the ring as Harwood pursues…only to get caught up in the ropes on his way back in! Mox with a cutter and a stomp, followed by a piledriver with three minutes remaining as Mox covers…BUT DAX KICKS OUT THIS TIME!

Dax back to his feet as Mox goes for a King Kong lariat, but Dax fights out and hits a teardrop brainbuster for the cover! BUT MOX KICKS OUT YET AGAIN!

Two minutes left as Dax goes for a flying headbutt…but Mox evades, catching him with a rear naked choke! Dax is fading for a moment before Mox cinches it in tighter, forcing Dax to tap out!

Winner via submission: Jon Moxley

Mox doesn’t let go for a bit, but faces the wrath of Cash Wheeler as the ref calls for the bell again! Claudio joins in to even the numbers, and eventually both of FTR get worn down by BCC who stand tall.

Backstage, Renee talks to the Don Callis Family after Konosuke Takeshita made Chris Jericho tap out last week. Callis talks about how great his Family is before admitting the Alpha is in need of competition for the upcoming PPV…so the best place to look is within. So, Takeshita will take on Will Ospreay at Revolution, and it’s great because the Don Callis Family wins either way and they will still be a family after!

Back at ringside Wardlow makes his way for our next match, with his opponent Barrett Brown already in the ring as this match gets underway!

Wardlow vs. Barrett Brown

Wardlow is on the attack early, sending Brown to the corner before absolutely decimating him…and then posing for the camera, enjoying the view of himself on the screen. Then, he takes out Barrett with some bad news in the form of a powerbomb for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Wardlow

Earlier Tonight: We see Matthew and Nicholas Jackson arrive in their private flight, wearing the bloody suits from their attack on Sting and Darby Allin last week!

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Back at ringside, Adam Copeland makes his way to the ring for our next match! Out next is Daniel Garcia, with both men eager for a crack at the TNT Championship off a win tonight as this match is underway!

Adam Copeland vs. Daniel Garcia

Copeland with an early advantage as he sends Garcia to the ropes and then the corner, where he hits some clubbing forearms…before pulling Daniel down hard to the canvas! Garcia fights out of a crossface for an ankle lock, before Adam grabs the rope to break it!

The two trade offense now until Copeland hits a splash for a nearfall, only to send Daniel back to the corner for more damage. Garcia fights back with some quick attacks and holds, leading to a stomp on the back of Copeland’s knees!

Copeland sent to the corner now, but he fights back and takes control of the match by sending Garcia into the turnbuckle as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Adam stays on the attack by sending Garcia out of the ring, before wearing him down and driving him into the steel steps, before laying into him against the barricade before the ref admonishes him. Copeland finally backs away for a moment, only to grab Garcia to bring him back into the ring. Garcia manages to fight back, however, just as we come back from break!

Garcia gets to the top rope but Copeland evades, giving him an opening to climb the turnbuckle himself…where Garcia intercepts! Garcia sends him to the canvas with a dragon screw, but Copeland’s back to his feet leading to a trade of strikes! Not for long however, as Garcia sends him to the corner for some strikes and a running boot…but Adam blocks a Saito suplex, only for Garcia to connect with another dragon screw!

Garcia stays on the attack until Copeland fights out, looking for a submission hold…only for Garcia to counter into an STF! Adam manages to fight out with a side headlock, but Garcia blocks an Impaler attempt as they trade strikes once again. Copeland looking for an enziguri but a dragon screw from Garcia keeps him at bay! Copeland fights back leading to an Impaler, and he sets up for a spear…only to run into a big kick and a jacknife cover! BUT COPELAND KICKS OUT!

Adam locks in a crossface…but Killswitch and Nick Wayne run in to break it up, attacking both men as the match gets thrown out by the ref!

Result: Match ends in a No Contest

Cage and Mother Wayne arrive to ringside now, with Cage looking to join in the beatdown until Daddy Magic intervenes…only for Killswitch to drop him from behind! Cage brings a couple chairs to ringside, looking to take out Garcia…but Copeland slides in with a chair of his own, stopping Cage in the process!

Copeland stares his old friend down until Mother Wayne low-blows him! The Patriarchy continue the beatdown on the fallen Copeland, before Cage sets him up for a Con-Chair-To…and connects with it! The crowd is livid for this, but the Patriarchy doesn’t care as Cage stands over Copeland with the TNT Championship held high.

They leave the ring as Garcia checks on Copeland, with Cage celebrating on the ramp as we go to commercial.

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Video Package: Hangman Page and Swerve Strickland fought a hard-hitting battle that went to a time limit draw, leading to a 3-Way Match that has been set up for the AEW World Championship at Revolution!

We get a quick update on Adam Copeland to let us know he was taken to the back by medical staff, as Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring. He introduces himself, standing here proudly as the AEW World Champion.

He comes in the spirit of apology, because he re-enacted a ranking system to set up new challengers…only to see two potential challengers fight to a draw. He thought those in charge would kick both challengers to the curb, but instead in the spirit of Texas they made the title match bigger and dumber.

He guarantees that both of AEW’s brightest stars may walk in, but they will limp out…because he is the AEW World Champion, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. This draws out Swerve Strickland with Prince Nana close in tow, heading to the ring with a microphone in Swerve’s hand.

Swerve starts to speak on what Joe said, interrupted briefly by a heckler in the crowd before pressing on to say that you look at him and his resume, and you see one of the greatest of all time. No one outworks Swerve and no one out-grinds Swerve, so you need to check his resume…and you need to put some respect on it, as well.

He has proven just how good he is, going toe to toe with former champions and some of the best legends AEW has to offer. The same result, every time…he’s left standing, and everyone is left asking “whose house”…and at Revolution, nothing changes except that he will be holding the AEW World Championship above his head.

Hangman Page comes out to address what happened last week, saying that Swerve had to beat him to earn the right to a title shot. If it were up to Page, it would be he and Joe going at it one on one…but it looks like Swerve has been added to this match. After everything Swerve has done to Page, he doesn’t deserve a second of the Hangman’s time.

Strickland doesn’t deserve five minutes because he couldn’t get the job done, and Swerve doesn’t deserve this title match…which forces Samoa Joe to intervene, saying there’s no way either man will pin the other to win the match, and at Revolution he’s whipping both of them! Joe leaves the ring as does Swerve, with Page looking very angry about the whole situation coming out of this.

Video Package: Toni Storm premieres “Wet Ink” as she talks about what that the tattoo she and Deonna Purrazzo share…revealing that she’s added to it, promising to give Deonna “the old Toni Storm and so much more” at Revolution

We cut backstage where Renee asks Deonna for her thoughts on what we saw. The Virtuosa looks somewhat shaken as she says that Toni talks too much, promising to break the champion’s arm at Revolution!

Back at ringside, The Young Bucks make their way to the ring for our next match, making sure Justin Roberts announces them as Nicholas and Matthew Jackson. Out next are Top Flight, and this match gets underway!

The Young Bucks vs. Top Flight

The Bucks opt to compete in the bloodied suits as Nicholas starts things off with Dante, who forces Nicholas to leave the ring where he calls out commentary to show some respect. He goes back in but is cut off by Dante. Matthew tags in, trying to calm things down with a fist bump before going after Dante…only to get caught between him and Darius!

Darius tags in and Top Flight send the Bucks out of the ring before going for a dive…only for the Bucks to step away. They get the advantage over Top Flight on the outside now, much to the chagrin of the crowd until Top Flight get the drop on them!

They bring Matthew back in for a double-team and a nearfall, before Darius gets blindsided with a clothesline from Matthew after a distraction from Nicholas just as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The Bucks stay in control throughout, with Nicholas coming back in and wearing Darius down for a set of nearfalls before tagging Matthew in for more damage. Darius tries to fight back but is kept at bay by the EVPs as we come back from break!

Matthew once again keeps Darius from making a tag, but is taken down with an enziguri for his troubles as Darius gets the tag to Dante! Dante is on fire here as he goes after Matthew, and chaos ensues leading to a double pin by Top Flight…BUT THE BUCKS KICK OUT!

Dante goes after Matthew and knocks Nicholas off before a tag is made to Darius, who catches Matthew with a nearfall before Nicholas breaks it up…only to be sent outside with a big dive waiting for him from Dante! Darius with a Spanish Fly off the ropes for a cover, but Matthew kicks out!

Dante gets knocked out on the outside as Nicholas saves Matthew from trouble, and they distract the ref before hitting Darius with the BTE Trigger for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: The Young Bucks

After the match, the Bucks are interviewed by Tony Schiavone as Matthew addresses the Bucks being the new #1 contenders to the AEW World Tag Team Championship. The Bucks then run down Tony for what he has been saying about them, calling it “breach of contract” and fining him $1000 before Nicholas shoves him to the canvas.

Matthew apologizes, telling Tony not to let it happen again…and they tease hitting a BTE Trigger on Schiavone before Darby runs in for the save! The Bucks regroup on the ramp as Darby calls the Bucks out, talking about how the mission statement of AEW from the beginning was to change the world, and yet Darby has seen them back away from that statement. He runs down the various signings the Bucks have been involved with, and the fact they pride themselves on helping their friends out.

He then says this is all about Sting’s final match, at Revolution, and Sting and Darby Allin defending the AEW World Championship against the Young Bucks…and it’s showtime!

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, Renee talks to the Bang Bang Scissor Gang about their goals for 2024, and Jay White talks about the supergroup working on their cohesiveness. Billy and Austin Gunn kinda step over each other to propose a 12-man tag match for Rampage, before cutting their catchphrases to finish things up!

Back at ringside, Willow Nightingale heads to the ring with Stokely Hathaway backing her up. Out next is Skye Blue, getting a word from Julia Hart before heading to the ring before this match gets underway!

Skye Blue vs. Willow Nightingale

Blue gets the advantage early on, but Willow is quick to fight back with a display of power for a nearfall. Blue goes back on the attack but is fended off by the strength of Nightingale, who sends her to the corners before Skye leaves the ring for a breather. Willow goes after her before catching Skye with a massive pounce as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Skye manages to get back in control of the match, bringing Willow back into the ring to wear her down before sending her to the corner for a boot to the face. Willow fights back, but is quickly caught by Skye’s offense as she gets a nearfall. Blue continues to take the fight to Nightingale with some boots in the corner, but Willow catches her with a forearm as we come back from break!

The two women trade strikes now, only for Willow to take a thrust kick by Skye…and respond with a clothesline! Willow catches Blue for a nearfall, as Blue fights back with a couple kicks and a neckbreaker for a nearfall of her own! Skye gets a Dragon Sleeper on Willow, who is still on her feet as she sends Blue to the corner to break the hold!

Skye on the apron now, but is soon sent to the floor by Willow as she leaves the ring to bring Blue back in. Skye in the corner as Willow looks for a superplex…but Blue slips out and catches her with a powerbomb for the cover! BUT WILLOW KICKS OUT!

Skye hits a Code Blue on Willow as Stokely gets involved, distracting the ref to make it just a nearfall before Willow rolls her up…and then hits a gutwrench powerbomb on Skye for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Willow Nightingale

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Back at ringside, it’s time for your main event! Orange Cassidy makes his way to the ring first for this Texas Death Match, where the winner wins by knockout or submission only…which feels like the third or fourth set of rules I’ve heard this match be defined as, but never mind that right now! Out next is Matt Taven and this match is underway!

Valentine’s Day Texas Death Match: Orange Cassidy vs. Matt Taven

The two go at it until Taven gets taken down, only to fake out Cassidy by pretending to call out the Undisputed Kingdom. Taven is able to make good use of the distraction, laying into Cassidy until he rolls out as the ref starts the count upon seeing him on the floor.

Taven goes right back on the attack on the outside…only for Cassidy to send him into the barricade! And again! Taven tries to go on the attack but Cassidy hops over the barricade, goading him in for an attack that spills in through the crowd as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The fight goes all throughout the crowd before coming into the vicinity of the stage, with the ref checking on Cassidy as Taven sets up a table, wearing him down before setting Cassidy up on the table. He steps onto the stage, taunting the crowd as we come back from break…

…and just in time as Taven hits a big elbow drop on Cassidy through the table, which cracks but doesn’t fully break! Orange is the table, but Taven is not having it as he props the table up against the stage while the ref starts counting…which is interrupted when Matt brings Orange to his feet, throwing him through the table to break it in full this time!

Cassidy slowly gets to his feet, escaping to the ramp…where he gets blindsided with a running kick by Taven! He brings Cassidy back to the ring now, hitting a backbreaker and a DDT to get the count going again. Orange is finally back on his feet as Taven sets a table up against the announce table, only to be cut off by Cassidy!

Taven with a dive that knocks him back, but on the second attempt Cassidy gets out of the way as Taven dives through the table instead! Cassidy up on his feet as the ref counts Taven, who makes his way up at nine while Cassidy unveils a heart-shaped box from Chuckie T…but it’s not chocolates inside…but instead, it’s thumbtacks!

Taven and Cassidy go at it on the turnbuckle as Taven sends the champ into the pile of tacks…only to get nothing BUT the thumbtacks on an elbow drop attempt! The ref starts a new count as Cassidy gets a big Valentine’s prop and a long chain out…but Bennett runs in to make the save! Bennett grabs some chairs as Trent Beretta comes out with a box of roses…and a lead pipe he pulls out!

Chaos ensues until Cassidy is able to fight back, catching Taven with a Beach Break on the chair! Taven tries to rip apart Cassidy’s pockets, but Cassidy hits an Orange Punch! The ref counts Taven down as Roderick Strong runs in, trying to take out Cassidy…but Trent takes the running knee instead, allowing Cassidy to stay standing as Taven is counted out!

Winner via knockout: Orange Cassidy

The Undisputed Kingdom regroup on the outside as Cassidy is checked on by the ref and Trent before the show comes to a close.