AEW Dynamite 02 21 2024

AEW Dynamite Results
February 21, 2024
Tulsa, Oklahoma (BOK Center)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

After the opening pyro, we are greeted by the arrival of Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli as they go through the crowd toward ringside for our opening match! Out next is FTR before this match gets underway!

Blackpool Combat Club’s Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli vs. FTR

Cash and Mox start things off, with an early advantage by Wheeler giving way to BCC getting control with a quick tag to Claudio. Cash fights back, sending Claudio to the ropes before the former ROH World Champ stops him in his tracks. Cash responds with a dropkick on Claudio’s knee before tagging in Dax, who sends Claudo to the corner for some more offense of his own. Dax lays in a chop, but Claudio responds with a boot to the gut and a body slam before tagging Mox back in!

Mox with a nearfall before sending Dax to the corner…but Harwood responds in kind, taking Moxley down for a nearfall of his own! Tag made to Cash who keeps on the attack until Mox escapes a vertical suplex attempt. Mox heads out of the ring for a breather, regrouping with Claudio before going back into the ring for a standoff with Wheeler.

Heavy exchange of strikes ends with Mox taking Cash down hard, before dragging Dax in for a double-team alongside Claudio…but this comes back to haunt them when Cash leaps onto them for a double cross body, with FTR eventually clearing BCC out of the ring! Chaos ensues on the outside as Dax is caught by Claudio until Dax comes in to even the odds. Mox slides back into the ring looking for a dive on Cash, but Dax takes it instead!

The action eventually heads back in the ring as Dax is able to get a tag in, laying into Moxley before applying an octopus hold…with an added bit of leverage from Cash, but to no avail! Cash ends up tagging back in, however, taking Mox down before mocking Claudio with his own pose. Tag back in for Dax as they hang Mox up on the bottom rope, but Mox starts fighting back from the corner!

Dax sends Moxley to the corner, but the former AEW World Champion responds with a massive lariat! Tag to Claudio, who fires up with some strikes on Harwood in the corner before setting him up for a giant swing…but Cash fights it off! Claudio escapes a double suplex attempt, dropping both of FTR onto the canvas instead! Claudio goes for the cover on Dax, who kicks out!

Dax gets sent to the outside where Mox sets him up for a piledriver on the floor, with an added assist by Claudio for more damage as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: BCC maintains control throughout, with Mox keeping on top of things with a combination of strikes and holds on Harwood….until Dax drops him to even things out as we come back from break!

Claudio manages to get the tag in, cinching in a chinlock on Harwood as the ref checks on him…but Dax fights back, dropping Castagnoli with a jawbreaker. Claudio catches him in the corner, but Harwood fights back causing him to collide with the ring post! Tag to Mox…and a tag to Cash Wheeler! Cash goes off on Mox and Claudio, catching the former with a sunset flip for a nearfall! Cash counters a Paradigm Shift for a suplex and a cover…but Mox kicks out!

Five minutes remain as FTR go for a Shatter Machine, only for Claudio to stop it. Dax stops a double suplex attempt as Cash gets an inside cradle for a nearfall! Dax tags himself in and Mox doesn’t catch it, which nearly costs him as Dax catches him with a big slam for a nearfall of his own!

Claudio rushes in now, dropping Wheeler before looking to take down Harwood…only for Dax to send him out of the ring! Double-team by FTR is thwarted as Claudio hits a giant swing on Dax…who gets rocked with a dropkick by Mox for a cover! But Dax kicks out!

Mox goes for a rear naked choke on Harwood as Claudio intercepts Cash…who sends Claudio onto Mox to breaks the hold! Harwood gets the Sharpshooter locked in on Mox as Wheeler intercepts Claudio with a German suplex…only for Castagnoli to lock in a Sharpshooter of his own on Cash! This leads to a standoff between Claudio and Dax, who finally breaks the hold after repeated slaps to the face by Castagnoli!

All of this takes place in the final minute of the match, and FTR set up for a Shatter Machine…but the time limit has been reached as the bell rings!

Result: Match ends in a Time Limit Draw

This doesn’t stop the four men from going at it, forcing officials and security to rush in and break things up. Chaos continues as we are forced to go backstage as Renee speaks with Orange Cassidy, addressing everything Orange has been doing the past few weeks. Orange has Doc Sampson reveal his status, and the doctor states that Orange meets the minimal clearance to compete tonight against Mike Bennett.

That match happens later tonight, but after the break we’ll hear from FTR!

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Recap: The issues between Orange Cassidy and Undisputed Kingdom leading to tonight’s match against Mike Bennett, which was taken on since Trent is still not cleared to compete!

Backstage, Alex Marvez talks to FTR about what went down moments ago. FTR offer a challenge for Revolution as BCC rush in to continue the confrontation!

With that, we go back to ringside as Orange Cassidy makes his way out for our next match! Out next is Mike Bennett, but Orange meets him on the ramp for a fight as this match gets underway!

Non-Title Match: AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy vs. Mike Bennett

Cassidy lays into Bennett at the start but the ROH tag champ quickly turns things around, sending Cassidy into the corner before hitting a big suplex for a nearfall. Bennett goes right back to work on Cassidy, before the International Champion fights back with a Stundog Millionaire! Roderick Strong runs down the ramp to intervene, but the ref calls for help to eject Strong from ringside…which gives Bennett a chance to hit Cassidy with a low blow! This gives Bennett a chance to get back on the attack as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Bennett maintains control, but the champion fights back before returning to the ring…where Bennett catches him with a nearfall. Mike continues the attack in the corner, wearing the champ down some more as we come back from break!

Bennett sends Cassidy out of the ring, keeping him at bay before grabbing a headset to call the champion out…only for Cassidy to get the drop on him with a dive through the ropes! Bennett escapes but not for long, as Orange catches him with another dive…only for Mike to respond by dropping the champ on the floor!

Bennett sends him back into the ring, but is cut off by Orange who looks for a Beach Break…but Bennett fight back, hitting a Gotch style piledriver for the cover on the champ! BUT CASSIDY KICKS OUT!

Orange stops Bennett, dropping him hard to get the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Orange Cassidy

Undisputed Kingdom rush in for a beatdown on the champ…until Jake Hager rushes down the ramp to make the save!

We go backstage where Renee has a brief chat with Ruby Soho and Cool Hand Ang about their plans for tonight before a vehicle pulls up, revealing the arrival of Ric Flair as we go to commercial.

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Backstage, we hear from Ric Flair as he expresses disappointment in not being a bigger part of Sting’s final match at Revolution, before he meets with the Young Bucks.

Back at ringside, Tony Schiavone speaks with Daniel Garcia after what happened last week. Tony says Adam Copeland is out of action but Garcia will be facing Christian Cage for the TNT Championship at Revolution. The crowd chants “you deserve it,” for which Garcia gives thanks before addressing the loss of confidence he had in recent months.

Garcia talks about the Continental Classic and how it’s helped him get back on the right track, thanking the fans for helping him get that feeling back before saying the next time he sees Adam Copeland, he will be TNT Champion…promising to take down Cage for the title at Revolution.

This brings out the champion and his Patriarchy, as Cage conducts his business. The champ says he doesn’t think the title match should be happening at Revolution, not because Garcia isn’t capable but because he isn’t ready. According to Cage, Garcia just wants to make the people happy, but Cage knows why Garcia is the way that he is.

He knows something these people don’t know, bringing up the “dark past” of Garcia by reminding him that he has a father…and his father is dead. He continues on by running down Daniel’s father, Garcia looking more and more enraged in the ring as Cage offers to help Garcia reach his full potential. At Revolution, Cage does not want to be Garcia’s opponent…he wants to be his father.

Garcia calls Cage out, saying since he knows so much about his dead father, how about he comes to the ring so Garcia can put him in the ground next to him. Cage sends Wayne down to do his dirty work, but he’s caught with a Dragonslayer by Garcia. Killswitch gets sent down next, but Daddy Magic intervenes with a steel chair before Wayne escapes! The Patriarchy regroups on the ramp as Menard and Garcia stare them down!

Backstage, Renee talks to Hangman Page who fires up himself, HOOK, and Rob Van Dam ahead of their trios match!

We go back to ringside as Toni Storm heads down for our next match, about to face Syndi Winnell as the bell rings to get things underway!

Toni Storm vs. Syndi Winnell

The champ unloads some hard offense on Winnell from the start, sending her to the corner for a big hip attack before locking in an ankle lock…only to transition into the Venus DiMilo to get a submission victory!

Winner via submission: Toni Storm

The champ celebrates on the ramp when suddenly, Deonna Purrazzo makes her way down the ramp for her match coming up next! Storm rushes up the ramp nearly in tears as Madison Rayne comes to the ring next, and this match is underway!

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Madison Rayne

The two lock up with the Virtuosa getting an early advantage, though Rayne quickly fights back with some strikes of her own. Madison continues to wear Purrazzo down, but Deonna fights back with a boot that forces Rayne to leave the ring…where she takes a big baseball slide dropkick as we go to picture-to-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The action turns back in favor of the Queen throughout the break, as Rayne brings Deonna back into the ring until the Virtuosa fights back. Rayne goes back to the front facelock before Deonna breaks out, sending Rayne to the ropes before locking in a submission hold as we come back!

Rayne surprises her with a sunset flip for a nearfall! Both women get back to their feet where Deonna takes Rayne down with a side legsweep before laying in a forearm strike. Rayne fights back, getting a rollup for a nearfall once again…but Purrazzo responds with a massive Flatliner that drops Rayne on her head! The ringside medic checks on Rayne who says she is good to continue…but is caught with an ankle lock by Deonna! Rayne taps out!

Winner via submission: Deonna Purrazzo

The celebration is cut short as Toni rushes down to the ring, going after Deonna’s leg with an ankle lock! She pulls at the leg as the ref struggles to get the champ to break the hold…and Toni finally relents, just enough to apply some lipstick before leaving the ring with Luther and Mariah May.

We hear from Darby Allin, who calls out the Young Bucks for what they did a couple weeks ago before saying the only thing that matters in this life is family. Sting agrees, addressing the fact that no one’s messed with his own flesh and blood in his career…except the Young Bucks. Sting talks about his father passing away a week ago, saying he was like a hero to the Icon that taught him wrong from right.

This makes him think about his own mortality, realizing that he is NOT invincible…but one thing he does know? Everything he has left in him, he’s bringing to Revolution…and it’s going to meet the Young Bucks face to face. The Bucks have a fight on their hands at Revolution…the fight of their life.

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Tony Schiavone welcomes Wardlow to the ring…and he tells Schiavone to get out of his ring before he knocks him down again. Wardlow is mad because two years ago, he had thousands upon thousands cheering for him…but now, the rocket that was strapped to his back has now kept him down time and time again.

He addresses the fact he’s not had so much as a chance to hold the World Championship, noting that he’s beaten men who have held the title with one man (a man who called himself “the real champion”) still falling apart because of what he did to him. He moves onto MJF, who was laid out and left to recover from his wounds…and the current champion, Samoa Joe, is a man Wardlow choked out and beat in the past.

He feels he is the best in the world, he is better than you and you know it, and he is the most dangerous man in the room…which makes him a uncrowned king. Wardlow is hungry and is tired of scraps, before stating this is no longer wrestling…this is war!

Backstage, the Bang Bang Scissor Gang meet up to chat ahead of a fun trios match mixing things up for Collision, followed by a reminder of our upcoming main event up next!

-Commercial Break-

Following a video package hyping Will Ospreay, we go backstage where Don Callis talks about the match against Konosuke Takeshita at Revolution. He talks about Hobbs and calls out Guevara ahead of Rampage this Friday!

Back at ringside, HOOK makes his way to the ring for our opening contest followed by Rob Van Dam. Out next is Hangman Page, before Swerve and Cage make their way out. Samoa Joe comes out to the ring to round things out, before this main event gets underway!

AEW World Champion Samoa Joe, Swerve Strickland and Brian Cage vs. FTW Champion HOOK, Hangman Adam Page and Rob Van Dam

We start off with Joe and HOOK, who pick up where they left off a few weeks back with Joe having an early power advantage over the man who faced him for the World Title. HOOK gets an opening for some body shots until the champ turns it back around, taking the FTW champ to the corner for a tag to Cage, who wears him down until RVD gets a tag in!

RVD gets Cage by surprise but is soon taken down by the Machine, who tags in Strickland. Van Dam shows Swerve that he’s still very much got it with a big kick and a monkey flip, but Swerve meets face to face with Hangman after the latter tags himself in. This breaks down quickly as HOOK and Cage pull their partners apart before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: HOOK tags back in for a flurry of offense, but gets shut down as Cage comes in to turn things around. Tag made to Strickland now, with Swerve taking the FTW champ down for a nearfall. Swerve continues the attack, mocking Joe slightly as he tags the World Champion in to keep on top of things. Joe lays in some right hands on HOOK, bringing him back to the corner for a tag back to Swerve as we return from break!

Tag made right back to Joe however, the trio keeping HOOK from getting to his corner as Cage tags in next for more damage. Delayed vertical suplex from Cage for a nearfall, only for HOOK to counter his next attack into a DDT…and makes a tag to RVD! Van Dam unloads on Cage and Swerve, hitting the latter with a legdrop against the apron!

RVD with the drop on Cage before sending Joe off the apron, and then sending Swerve out before hitting an enziguri of sorts on Cage! RVD up top for a Five Star Frog Splash and the cover…but Joe breaks it up at two!

Page yells at the ref to maintain control as Cage gets in, and he and Swerve wear RVD down before Joe gets the tag and a cover…but RVD kicks out as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Joe wears RVD down before tagging in Strickland, who goes right after Van Dam’s leg to keep him at bay…until an enziguri takes Swerve out! Cage tags in to stay on top of the hardcore legend, dropping him for a nearfall before tagging Joe back in. The world champ focuses on the back of RVD now with a stomp, before we return from break!

Joe stays on the attack in the corner, wearing RVD before he has words with Swerve in the corner…but RVD fights back, laying in a kick on the champ! Tag to Cage and to Page, the latter going after Strickland only for the Machine to send him to the ropes…where Page responds with a hurricanrana!

Swerve gets sent off the apron before Hangman goes up top for a cross body…but Cage catches him in mid-air! Page fights back out, getting a nearfall in the process! Chaos ensues as RVD gets a tag in, only to get dropped down hard by Cage!

Page catches the Machine with a boot, but opting out of a Buckshot Lariat for a moonsault on Swerve…only for Cage to intervene! And for HOOK to get involved, leading to a double suplex spot that drops Cage AND Page!

HOOK is the legal man after a tag and goes for a Redrum on Cage…who fights out of it! Swerve comes in, and gets caught with a Redrum for his troubles…until Cage breaks him out of it! House Call on HOOK by Swerve…and a Buckshot Lariat on Swerve by Page! Joe rushes in and we get a standoff between the three men who compete for the World Title at Revolution!

They come to blows until Page gets taken down by Swerve and Joe…the latter diving the ropes into Hangman, sending him into the announce desk! Swerve on the apron going for a kick on Page…who dodges it, which causes Swerve to kick Joe in the face instead!

Page then drives Swerve through the announce table with a powerbomb! Joe back in the ring as Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat…but gets taken down by Joe who goes for the cover! The ref gets pulled out to break it up, but Page escapes a muscle buster in the midst of the chaos! Joe gets caught with a massive suplex by HOOK, but RVD off a tag is sent off the rope by Cage before he can follow up!

Swerve watches from outside as Joe catches RVD in a rear naked choke, fading fast until he can’t respond! The ref calls for the bell!

Winners via submission: AEW World Champion Samoa Joe, Swerve Strickland and Brian Cage

Swerve watches the champ as he celebrates on the apron, with Page feeling the effects on his ankle as the show comes to a close.