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AEW Dynamite 02 28 2024 – Sting’s Last Dynamite

AEW Dynamite Results
February 28, 2024
Huntsville, Alabama (Propst Arena at the Von Braun Center)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

It is Wednesday, my dudes…time to leap into this week’s AEW Dynamite!

The opening pyro welcomes us to the go-home show for AEW Revolution as Hangman Adam Page makes his way to the ring! The man set to face Swerve Strickland and Samoa Joe for the AEW World Championship comes down the ramp with a crutch, seemingly struggling to get into the ring to address his status for the upcoming PPV.

The crowd chant for him as Page gets a microphone, saying this appearance might not be a good looking start to this speech. He talks about what AEW has meant to him since he’s been here, addressing his World title win in 2021 as a big moment and the biggest accomplishment of his career…and that’s why it hurts so much to have that opportunity in front of him again, and to have this injury.

When AEW decided the title match would be a three-way match he decried the decision, and he still feels the match should’ve been a singles match. He’s not going to apologize to Swerve or Joe, but he is going to say that this Sunday at Revolution he is not going to be able to compete.

The crowd boos this, though the mood changes as Swerve Strickland makes his way out. Swerve waits for the chants to die down before addressing the past six months and the battles they’ve had…saying he didn’t expect this to happen. He targeted Hangman because of his reputation and to say he doesn’t respect Page would be a lie…but you cannot change fate, and you cannot change destiny.

Swerve says that his destiny is to go into Revolution and become AEW World Champion…a statement the current champion takes umbrage with as Samoa Joe steps onto the stage. He says these men talk about destiny and notes these two enemies seem to be trying to hug it out…before offering some truths to the crowd.

He calls them out for focusing on each other, seemingly avoiding eye contact with the champion. Joe runs down Page before saying he and Swerve are hungry accomplished wrestlers…but they need to realize the only reason they’re hungry is Joe is starving them, because he is the AEW World Champion, and he will whip one or both of them!

Swerve reminds Joe that he is more than just a hungry competitor, saying he will do whatever it takes to become champion. After he beats Joe, who knows what will happen…maybe he’ll go back to commentary wearing a pancho in the rain, who knows? Swerve declares this is his house…but is soon blindsided by Hangman, who lays into Strickland before yelling at him and Joe that HE will be the champion after Revolution!

Officials check on Strickland while telling Page to get out, to which he finally obliges as he heads up the ramp.

We go to earlier today as the Young Bucks arrive at the arena, where Renee talks to them about their match at Revolution and Sting’s final appearance on Dynamite tonight. She asks them about the meeting with Ric Flair but get little response aside from it went “amazing,” before Matthew asks if Renee had seen Sting, because the pair plan to conduct an “exit interview,” a point accentuated by the appearance of a pair of baseball bats. The Bucks invite the camera tech to follow them as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Video Package: The battle between Bryan Danielson and Jun Akiyama led to a scuffle with Eddie Kingston and FTR, leading to a trios match tonight!

We head back to ringside as Blackpool Combat Club make their way through the crowd for our next match! Claudio, Mox, and Danielson arrive at the ring before FTR step out next as we are reminded that FTR face Mox and Castagnoli at Revolution. Eddie Kingston is out next to wrap up entrances, looking for a fight ahead of defending the Continental Crown Championship against Bryan Danielson at Revolution…and this match is underway!

Blackpool Combat Club’s Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli vs. Eddie Kingston and FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler)

Kingston looks to start things off with Danielson as the crowd cheer on Kingston…leading to Bryan tagging in Claudio instead. Claudio sends the champ to the corner but is caught with a boot that gives Eddie some breathing room. Tag made to Danielson as Dax tags in, and the two lock up with Dax taking Danielson down.

Danielson sends Dax to the ropes but Harwood drops him with a shoulder tackle, only for Bryan to fight back quickly, bringing things to a standstill. Tags to Mox and to Wheeler, and the two start slugging it out until Wheeler is sent in the corner…only for Cash to turn it around and lay into Mox!

But not for long, because Jon rocks him with some chops…and we arrive at another standstill! Things quickly devolve into chaos between six men, spilling to the outside as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: BCC take control of the situation, with Danielson focusing on Wheeler before Harwood and Kingston intervene. Things finally start to calm down with Wheeler back in the ring as Mox goes back on the offensive, tagging in Claudio for some more damage as we come back from break!

Mox quickly tags back in after some submission holds, looking to focus on the leg of Wheeler before Dax rushes in to break the hold. Wheeler gets blocked from making a tag, but fights off Mox with a hurricanrana before tagging in Harwood! Dax fights off Claudio before catching Mox with a crade for a nearfall, rolling him up for a second try after…but a tiger suplex pin gets broken up by Danielson!

Eddie tries to get involved and is cut off by the ref, giving BCC an opening to lay into Harwood before bringing him to the outside. Kingston tries to put a stop to the beatdown and gets targeted by Danielson for his efforts, before Dax gets brought back into the ring…where he and Claudio square off before Castagnoli picks up a nearfall before we go to picture-in-picture once again!

Picture-in-Picture: BCC once again in control of the match as Mox goes after the leg of Harwood. Jon follows up with a figure four leglock, but Dax manages to get to the ropes to force a break…but not for long as Mox goes after him again! Dax fights out again but is cut off from a tag courtesy of Danielson, who brings him back to the BCC corner for a Claudio tag as we come back from break!

BCC take out Wheeler as they single out Harwood, leading to a leaping attack by Danielson as Mox tags in to continue wearing Dax down with an armbar. Dax fights out of a piledriver, and fends off Danielson to make the tag to Kingston! Bryan tagged in as well and this leads to an exchange of chops between the two men…until Bryan fights out from the corner!

Kingston catches him from the ropes for an exploder suplex, and things get rough as Mox comes in for a flurry of strikes on the champ! This finally ends when Claudio runs in, taking Kingston on a ride with the giant swing into a dropkick by Danielson! Bryan goes for a cover but Dax breaks the pin up!

FTR catch Bryan with a bulldog double team as Kingston makes a cover of his own…only for Mox and Claudio to break that up as well!

All six men are in the ring now as the strikes come in hard and heavy, with BCC taking control with a beatdown on their respective Revolution opponents. Danielson is yelling at Kingston to tap as he cinches in a rear naked choke, but Eddie refuses as he gets to his feet…as do FTR, before all three men send BCC into nearby turnbuckles!

Rapid fire chops from Kingston and FTR on the BCC, before they turn it around for some mounted punches! FTR counter out and get a Shatter Machine on Claudio, who rolls out before they take down Mox…before Danielson hits a Busaiku knee! Kingston misses the Hurriken as Bryan takes him down for a nearfall…but he’s not done! Danielson grabs the hands of Kingston and starts stomping away at his head before locking in a triangle hold…and Kingston is out! The ref calls for the bell!

Winners via submission: Blackpool Combat Club

As the BCC celebrate, we get a video package of Chris Jericho (as Lionheart) facing Atlantis in CMLL and teaming with the luchador, ahead of tonight’s match between Jericho and Atlantis Jr.! We go backstage where Renee talks to Jericho about the upcoming match. Jericho talks about his history with CMLL and Atlantis, saying he was excited for this match when the AEW-CMLL partnership was announced and promising to show Atlantis Jr. things he hasn’t seen before, promising victory for El Corazon de Leon!

-Commercial Break-

We head back to ringside as Tony Schiavone welcomes Will Ospreay to AEW, the man making his first appearance as an official member of the AEW roster as he heads to the ring. We are reminded that Ospreay competes this Sunday at Revolution against Konosuke Takeshita as Ospreay enters the ring. Ospreay says hello to the Huntsville crowd, thanking them for being so inviting as he addresses what went down between his last New Japan match and tonight, showing his appreciation as he is prepared to be All Elite.

He then reminds the fans that he has been around here before, beating the likes of Orange Cassidy, Kenny Omega, and Chris Jericho. He says he’s been rolling around with the Don Callis Family and everything has been good…something Callis apparently wants to address as he and the rest of the Family make their way to the ring.

Don says there’s nothing he likes more than a Don Callis Family Reunion, amidst a sea of boos from the crowd while Callis addresses what “he and Ospreay accomplished together” with his previous matches…and promising to top that with the match of the decade, bringing the best wrestlers of the world together in Konosuke Takeshita and Will Ospreay.

Don says this is like Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen going hard at each other during practice and then getting together to win championships. It doesn’t matter who wins at Revolution, because ultimately the winner will be the Don Callis Family. He tells Ospreay and Takeshita to shake hands, to which they oblige…but not without a few words for each other, which Don tries to shake off as just a bit of friendly banter ahead of the match!

We go backstage where Eddie Kingston starts to talk to Renee about his match at Revolution…before the Continental Crown Champion is interrupted by the Young Bucks looking for Sting. They run the champ down for his look before moving on to look for the Icon, with Kingston who walks off as we go back to ringside.

Back at ringside, we get ready for our next match as Orange Cassidy heads to the ring first, followed by Nick Wayne before this match gets underway!

AEW International Championship Open Challenge: Orange Cassidy defends against Nick Wayne

It’s a back and forth sprint at the outset, with Wayne starting to get the advantage over the champion after he sends Cassidy to the outside…before hitting a moonsault that drops the champ hard! Cage commends him for this as he brings Cassidy back into the ring, only for the champ to roll out of the ring…before Wayne hits a big dive!

Action comes back into the ring as Cassidy fights off his challenger, before Cage intervenes…which gets him and the Patriarchy ejected from the ring as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Even with the Patriarchy out from ringside, Wayne maintains control of the match as he continues to wear down the champion. Cassidy is finally able to start fighting back just as we return from break!

Wayne finds himself getting sent into the turnbuckle twice over before Cassidy hits a diving cross body and a DDT for a nearfall. Orange heads to the corner, ready for an Orange Punch…but Wayne counters with a fisherman’s suplex for a nearfall of his own!

Wayne starts mocking Cassidy with weak kicks, only to take a big thrust kick to the face by the champ. Orange starts laying in some stomps for good measure before taking to the ropes for a PK! Wayne fights away an Orange Punch for a German suplex, but the champ catches him with a Beach Break for a nearfall!

Undisputed Kingdom show up through the crowd, distracting the champ before he gets taken down with a dragon suplex for a nearfall…as Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta even the odds against the Undisputed Kingdom! Wayne takes off the turnbuckle cover but is distracted by Daniel Garcia, leading to an Orange Punch by the champion, picking up the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy

The celebration is cut short as Roderick Strong runs in to beat the champ down ahead of their match at Revolution, eventually walking off as officials check on Cassidy.

-Commercial Break-

We go backstage where Renee talks to the Bang Bang Scissor Gang, ahead of a match at Collision this Saturday. They joke around a little about Max’s failed rap last week before agreeing to who is competing at the show, because everybody loves the Acclaimed…bang bang!

Back at ringside, Kris Statlander heads to the ring for our next match with Stokely Hathaway and Willow Nightingale. Out next is Skye Blue, and this match gets underway!

Kris Statlander vs. Skye Blue

Skye goes on the attack early but Kris fends her off with a power game, sending Blue to the corner for some hard strikes. Skye takes Statlander down but she is back on her feet quick, getting a nearfall on Blue after taking her down. The fight heads to the ropes now as Blue gets caught by Kris, who drops her to the canvas…but Skye evades an attack in the corner before sending her to the outside! Kris quickly fights back, catching Blue before hoisting her up…and sending her into the front row as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Skye is slowly able to get control of the match, though Statlander’s power comes back into play sending Blue down…but Skye holds her own agains the former TBS Champion, sending her into the corner for a flurry of offense to keep Kris at bay as we come back from break!

Statlander starts fighting back once more, sending Skye to the corner before hitting a running knee and a powerslam for the cover…but Blue kicks out!

Skye fights back, hitting a neckbreaker for a nearfall of her own before taking the former champ to the ropes…but Kris fights back, leading to a German suplex that drops Skye onto the apron! Julia Hart checks on Skye before staring Kris down…but Willow intervenes, as Skye catches Statlander off guard!

Back in the ring, Skye hits a thrust kick for the cover…but Statlander kicks out!

Skye heads to the corner, but is taken down hard by Statlander who drops Skye down hard for another close nearfall! Stokely offers Kris a chain to take Skye out, but she refuses…and while the ref is dealing with Stokely, Julia Hart runs in to nail Statlander in the head with the TBS Championship! Skye takes advantage of this with the Code Blue for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Skye Blue

We go backstage where the Young Bucks continue their hunt for Sting, arriving at his locker room…only to find a bunch of baseball bats hanging from the ceiling! This confuses and enrages the Bucks as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, “Lionheart” Chris Jericho heads to the ring for what is our main event of the evening from an in-ring perspective. Out next is Atlantis Jr. alongside his father, before this match gets underway!

Atlantis Jr. vs. “Lionheart” Chris Jericho

A handshake from Atlantis is refused by the Lionheart, who lays in some strikes before the luchador fights back. Action heads to the corner where Atlantis fights Jericho off before hitting a diving cross body…and sends Jericho to the opposite corner for a monkey flip! Atlantis follows with a second one, but a third is stopped as Jericho locks in the Walls…only for Atlantis to get the rope to force a break!

Jericho goes after the mask of Atlantis Jr. before he’s warded off by the luchador, with the ref helping him out…which allows his father to go after Jericho with a towel! This gives the junior luchador a chance to fight back, sending the Ocho out of the ring before hitting a catapult that sends Jericho into the ring post! Atlantis sets up the steel steps for a powerbomb…but is sent flying into it with a Jericho hurricanrana instead as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Jericho brings the luchador back into the ring, but the action goes back and forth between the two as we come back from break!

Atlantis takes the fight back to Jericho but is soon fended off by the Lionheart, only to be sent flying from the luchador who gets a nearfall for it. Atlantis rolls through, hitting a wheelbarrow suplex for a nearfall! The action ends up in the corner, where Jericho lands a bulldog on Atlantis shades of his match against the luchador’s father…but he only get a nearfall here! Atlantis gets back on the offensive now, getting a nearfall on the Ocho as revenge for earlier. The action soon spills back to the outside however, with Atlantis hitting a big dive on Jericho sending both men to the floor!

Jericho ends up back in the ring as Atlantis climbs the turnbuckle…but Jericho intervenes, setting up for some punches before dropping the luchador with a hurricanrana! Jericho goes back on the attack until Atlantis catches him with a torture rack of sorts…but the Lionheart fights out, locking in the Walls of Jericho on the luchador! Believing his son won’t just give up in the hold, Atlantis Sr. throws in the towel to bring the match to an end!

Winner via submission: “Lionheart” Chris Jericho

Show of respect between Jericho and the two luchadors, showing that any animosity was reserved for the in-ring action as the fans show their appreciation for the CMLL stars.

We get a rundown of what’s to come this weekend leading into a massive card for Revolution, and then we head back to ringside as The Young Bucks head down with their bats in hand. They start jaw jacking with a few fans wearing Sting masks…only for one of them to attack them, revealing Darby Allin in the process!

The Bucks turn it around on Darby, however, bringing him to the ring where they hit the tag champion with an EVP Trigger! They look to continue the beatdown by calling out Ric Flair to make his way down the ramp. Flair enters the ring, looking to lay into Darby with the baseball…but he goes after the Bucks instead, reminding them why he’s called the dirtiest player in the game! The Bucks quickly get their revenge on Flair with a low blow, beating him down until Sting’s music hits.

Matthew and Nicholas head up the ramp with their bats, looking to catch him at the stage…but the Icon rappels down to ringside instead, staring them down as the Bucks run down the ramp! Sting starts fending off the Bucks before Darby gets involved! Nicholas gets sent into the ring where Sting hits him with a Scorpion Death Drop, forcing the EVP to roll out to safety as the Icon stands tall alongside Darby Allin and Ric Flair to bring the final Dynamite before Revolution to a close.