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AEW Dynamite 03 20 2024 & AEW Rampage 03 20 2024

AEW Dynamite Results
March 20, 2024
Coca-Cola Coliseum in Toronto, Canada
Results by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

We head to the ring where Tony Schiavone welcomes Mercedes Moné! The CEO makes her way to the ring to a big pop from the crowd. The floor is all Moné’s as she tells Toronto to say hello to their new CEO. Mercedes misses the ring, the fans, all of this, and is excited to be in AEW. A “CEO” chant breaks out before Mercedes talks about all of this nearly being taken away from her.

Ten months ago she sustained an injury competing in New Japan against Willow Nightingale. Rather than dwell on the past, Mercedes has a video package to give fans a taste of Moné. The video package looks at her time in New Japan and addresses the unfinished business she has with Willow after their match last May.

Mercedes talks about minor setbacks becoming major comebacks, and not leading a women’s evolution but a global revolution. She then addresses Skye Blue and Julia Hart getting involved in her unfinished business with Willow, and whoever does will go bankrupt. She ends the promo but the lights cut out, revealing Julia Hart when they come back on…and Skye Blue tries to blindside her, to no avail!

Mercedes goes for what Excalibur calls the Moné Maker on the TBS Champion, but Skye Blue makes the save! They leave the ring for chairs but Kris Statlander and Willow Nightingale run down to help out! The lights cut out again and Skye and Julia disappear, but we see Willow with the chair up as if looking to get one over on Moné! Mercedes notices this, forcing Willow to drop the chair before the CEO makes her exit from the ring.

Backstage, Marvez talks to The Young Bucks and Kazuchika Okada ahead of the AEW Continental Championship match tonight. The Bucks talk down Marvez for not knowing Japanese before telling Okada they will be his ‘personal match producers’ to make up for not being allowed at ringside given the rules of the match. Okada cuts a promo in Japanese, reiterating in English that he is coming for Kingston’s title!

We go back to ringside where Okada makes his way to the ring for our opening match! Renee at ringside hypes up Okada’s singles debut as part of the AEW roster before a focused Eddie Kingston heads down next, and this match gets underway!

AEW Continental Championship Match: Eddie Kingston (c) defends against Kazuchika Okada

After a staredown between the champ and challenger, they lock up until Okada sends Eddie to the ropes, taunting him…and getting a set of chops and kicks from the champion for his troubles! Kingston follows up with some more strikes until Okada rolls out of the ring for a breather, forcing the champ to go on the chase before the Rainmaker cuts him off upon returning. Okada follows with an elbow to the head and a side headlock that Kingston finally fights out of, taunting Okada to hit the ropes for a shoulder tackle before taking the challenger down with a shoulder tackle of his own!

Okada leaves the ring, only to catch Kingston with a DDT to the floor! We cut backstage where the Bucks are watching on alongside Tony Khan, before we get a replay of the DDT. Okada brings Kingston back into the ring, taking him down before putting a boot on the champ’s chest for the cover…but Kingston kicks out!

Okada doesn’t stand for this long however, taking the champ back down with some hard strikes as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The challenger stays in control through much of the break, making good use of rest holds to wear Kingston down in the middle of the ring as we come back!

Okada finally lets go of the hold, only to taunt the champ with some kicks to the head…until Kingston gets to his feet for some hard chops on the challenger! Eddie with an abdominal stretch on the Rainmaker, transitioning to a throw to take him off his game! Okada heads to the corner, where Eddie catches him with a series of chops…but Okada blocks a back suplex, only for Kingston to hit him with a German for a nearfall after a sliding elbow strike!

Kingston back on the attack now with some kicks and chops…but the challenger responds with a dropkick that takes him to the canvas! Backbreaker of sorts from Okada follows this, and he gets a nearfall as a result. Scoop slam from the Rainmaker before going up top, but Kingston evades…and hits a Hurriken for the cover! But Okada gets a shoulder up!

The two make their way to their knees for an exchange of strikes, before getting to their feet…where Eddie hits a massive chop on the Rainmaker! Okada follows with one of his own, and goes for a Rainmaker lariat…but Kingston manages to evade the full brunt of it with his arms up! He goes to the corner to regroup as Okada gets back to his feet on the opposite side…only to get run down by the champ!

The straps are down as Eddie looks for a half and half suplex…but Okada grabs the ref to get leverage, and gouges the eyes of the champ! Kingston rocks Okada before going for a Hurriken, but Okada evades and drops him to the canvas. Rainmaker connects, and Okada gets the pin and the win to become the new champion!

Winner via pinfall and new AEW Continental Champion: Kazuchika Okada

We see the Bucks celebrating backstage before going back to ringside to see Okada surprised by the extra pyro (presumably given to him by the Bucks)…and suddenly, PAC heads to the stage to stare the new champion down! PAC eventually steps away, leaving us with a confused Okada before we go backstage.

Renee talks to Swerve Strickland, who addresses Samoa Joe’s actions last week before saying he’s ready for a fight. Tonight we’ll turn Toronto into whose house? Swerve’s House!

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, Renee talks to Kris and Willow about their street fight against Julia Hart and Skye Blue on Rampage later tonight, promising this will be the end…when Mercedes Moné steps into view. Kris thanks Mercedes for helping last week, and Moné thanks her for helping tonight…telling Willow she’s “done enough” before storming off. Stokely jokes about Willow breaking Moné’s ankle, which frustrates Nightingale before she walks off.

Back at ringside, HOOK makes his way to the ring for our next match! Out next is “Lionheart” Chris Jericho, before this match gets underway!

HOOK vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho charges at HOOK, who catches him with a massive back suplex! Jericho looks like he got knocked loopy so the ref checks on him before Lionheart gets back to his feet. Jericho drops back down which raises some concerns on his wellbeing. He eventually makes his way back to his feet before HOOK takes him to the corner for a series of strikes!

Jericho fights back, sending the FTW Champion away…but gets caught with another big throw from HOOK! This gives the young man an opening to continue the offense before Lionheart catches him with an elbow to turn things around! Jericho keeps on top of it until the FTW Champion catches him with a German suplex…and another throw for good measure! One more for the road, sending Jericho down hard as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: HOOK continues to take Lionheart on a journey through the Islands of Suplexia, wearing Lionheart down until Jericho takes to the ropes, where he finally starts fighting back with some strikes…only for HOOK to get right back at him, picking up where he left off with another suplex. Jericho, for his part, manages to start fighting back as we return from break…

…just in time for ANOTHER German suplex! Jericho tries to escape to no avail before HOOK sends him back down with yet another! Jericho manages to block one more attempt, going for the Walls…but HOOK fights out! HOOK charges at Jericho in the corner, but gets a boot to the face and a shoulder block! Jericho’s firing up with another one, taking to the ropes for a double ax handle…only to get dropped with a Northern Lights suplex! Clothesline by HOOK but Jericho blocks a second one, hitting a Lionsault off the ropes for a nearfall!

Jericho’s had about enough of this as he sends HOOK to the corner before hitting a boot to the face. He mounts the FTW Champion on the corner for some punches, but HOOK blocks and sets up Redrum in the corner! Jericho’s caught as he goes tot he middle of the ring to fight out…but he’s fading! Lionheart is on his knees before dropping to his back…and finally manages to break the hold! Jericho goes for the Walls again, but is fought off by HOOK…who catches Lionheart with an inside cradle for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: HOOK

Jericho shows some respect with a hand out and HOOK gives a fist bump before we cut away from the ring.

Video Package: Adam Cole addresses Wardlow failing to win the AEW World Championship before saying his new job is to make sure the Undisputed Kingdom holds onto the gold they already have. He wants Wardlow to reach his true potential…so don’t screw it up.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, Renee asked Jericho if HOOK’s win tonight earned his respect. Jericho says he hurt his neck and nearly hurt his pride…but after tonight, he’s earned Jericho’s respect. Jericho says he has a proposition for HOOK next week before walking off.

Back at ringside, Tony Schiavone welcomes Will Ospreay to the ring. The crowd is going wild for the Aerial Assassin as he heads to the ring. Tony talks about Forbidden Door being the last time Toronto saw Ospreay before turning attention to Dynasty.

Ospreay, for his part, apologizes to the Canada crowd for what he had to say about them the last time he was around here, saying he is here for the betterment of AEW…and in return he wants some of that maple syrup.

Ospreay said all he had to about Bryan Danielson until he heard what Bryan said on Collision, claiming Will couldn’t walk in the American Dragon’s shoes. Will compares their careers in Japan, before joking that he couldn’t fit in Bryan’s shoes because they were too small.

Ospreay speaks to Shibata now, referencing a match they had in Japan nearly a decade ago before challenging Shibata to a match…telling Bryan to watch and see what the Billy GOAT is all about. Will’s music hits as he points to the Dynasty banner up high.

Video Package: The issues between Adam Copeland and Christian Cage come to a head tonight in an I Quit match for the TNT Championship!

Back at ringside, Toni Storm and Mariah May head to the ring for our next match! Out next are Deonna Purrazzo and Thunder Rosa, who rush to the ring to get this match underway!

Toni Storm and Mariah May vs. Deonna Purrazzo and Thunder Rosa

After the initial chaos we start things with May and Deonna, with Mariah getting a nearfall before tagging the champion in! Deonna escapes the beatdown to tag in Thunder Rosa, who steps up from Deonna’s back for a clothesline on the champ in the corner! Rosa sends Storm to the ropes now, driving her head into the ropes before Luther gets a sneak attack in as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Mariah makes the tag to wear Rosa down, tagging Toni back in to continue the attack as Mariah takes Deonna off the apron to keep her away from intervening. May then tags back in, wearing Rosa down even more before the champ tags back in as we return from break!

Rosa escapes as May tags back in, heading up top to take both opponents down before tagging in Purrazzo! Deonna goes after Mariah and gets a nearfall, but as she goes on the attack once more Rosa tags herself back in! Storm rushes in and Deonna fights her off while Rosa hits a Death Valley Driver on May…only to be taken down with a German suplex by the champ! Hip attack in the corner by the champ…but Rosa catches her with an alligator clutch of sorts for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Deonna Purrazzo and Thunder Rosa

Deonna is still none too pleased about not being involved as the ref raises both women’s arms in victory. The champ and May regroup on the ramp as Deonna and Rosa reluctantly shake hands after the win.

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Swerve Strickland heads to the ring looking for a fight….and oh boy is he about to get one, because here comes The Butcher! Swerve is looking forward to this as the match gets underway!

Swerve Strickland vs. The Butcher

Butcher starts to talk Swerve down but is met with a big headbutt in response! Swerve goes on the offense quickly from this, wearing him down to the canvas until Butcher fights back. Toe kick to the back gives Butcher an opening as he follows up with a backbreaker. Swerve manages to respond with a set of kicks and a big right hand, but gets caught with a Butcher lariat…that he reacts to with a big kick! House Call on Butcher, followed by a Swerve Stomp…but Strickland isn’t done, locking in a modified arm scissor to force a tapout!

Winner via submission: Swerve Strickland

Strickland gets a microphone after the match, calling out Samoa Joe and saying he’s very close to hating the champion. Everyday he thinks about wrapping this chain around Joe’s neck and hanging him on that post…but there ain’t enough chain for that neck of his. Week after week, he will go after Joe until the champ gives him what he wants.

This draws out the champ himself as Samoa Joe steps out, asking what to do with Swerve. Logic dictates that he should just ignore Strickland, but we can’t do that with someone like Swerve…and the problem with Swerve is that he believes in the impossible. That belief becomes infectious, making these fans think they can be a champion too…until someone like Joe comes in to give them a taste of reality.

So now, the champ knows what to do with someone like Swerve…and that’s give him exactly what he wants. Before they can square off, however, Don Callis comes out to a massive waves of boos calling Swerve out and challenging him to a match against the undefeated (“outside of the Don Callis Family”) Konosuke Takeshita. Swerve says if he had more time he’d burn the Don Callis Family tree to a crisp…but he accepts the challenge all the same, and when he’s done, Swerve is coming after Joe next.

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Adam Copeland makes his way to the ring for our Dynamite main event! The challenger heads down to a big pop as the home crowd sings along to his song. Out next is the TNT Champion to a whole different tune, jeers surrounding Christian Cage as he heads to the ring before this match gets underway!

“I Quit Match” for the TNT Championship: Christian Cage (c) defends against Adam Copeland

The crowd shows their appreciation for both men to start, but Cage blindsides Copeland sending him to the corner…only for Copeland to turn things around! Cage evades a spear attempt as he leaves the ring, but Adam drops him with a baseball slide! The action spills to the outside and into the crowd…where Copeland sends Cage into the penalty box for more damage! Adam sees a fan wearing a Bruins jersey and takes it off him, putting it on the champion before getting a Blue Leafs jersey from another fan. Cage is back up and the two duke it out in the penalty box before Cage takes the shirt off himself…only for the fight to continue up and through the crowd as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The action ends up at a concession stand where Copeland stays in control…only for the action to take an odd turn when Cage tries to escape to the women’s restroom, clearing a group of ladies in the process. Copeland brings him back out before the action finds its way back to the crowd. Cage tries to run away as Adam takes the shirt off to choke the champ out with it, and we end up back at ringside where Copeland pulls out a ladder as we come back from break!

“TLC” chants break out as Copeland sets the ladder up against the ring apron, laying the champ out before propping the ladder up between the barricade and the announce table…but Cage hits him and climbs up instead! Copeland fights back, however, dropping the champ onto the ladder with a reverse facebuster…but Cage says no to the ref asking if he gives up! Copeland sets the ladder back up in the ring now, upside down before driving the champion into it…but Cage still refuses to give up!

Cage rolls out of the ring, but Copeland intercepts as he wears the champ down before checking under the ring…and pulling out a table! It seems the crowd is getting what they want now as Copeland props the table against the barricade to more “TLC” chants. Cage manages to stop the onslaught, however, and goes up top…just about sending Copeland through the table with a cross body! The ref asks Copeland, to which the challenger replies…”screw you!”

Cage brings his old friend back in the ring before setting the ladder up in the turnbuckle…and then driving Copeland’s face into it! Ref checks on Copeland again, but with heavy breath Copeland refuses to give up. Cage pulls him away as he goes for a frog splash up top…but Cage counters with a crossface! Cage refuses to give up when the ref checks, and Cage goes after the eyes of the challenger to break the hold.

Both men hit the ropes and both men drop each other with a shoulder tackle, forcing them to lay on the canvas as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The action finds its way out of the ring once more, this time heading up the ramp and to the stage as Copeland continues to go after the champ…eventually launching Cage off the stage as we come back!

The ref checks on Cage and the champ yells “no” in response as Copeland heads to the back…coming out with a hockey goal on the way back! He brings Cage up and drops him on the goal before throwing him into it to a yell of “GOAL” from the crowd!

Cage tries to escape down the ramp but Copeland remains focused on taking him down…until Shayna Wayne blindsides him with a hockey stick, nailing him in his little Edges! Ref asks Copeland but the challenger refuses to quit. Cage brings Copeland back into the ring now, using the hockey stick to wear him down some more…but the challenger still won’t give up! Cage goes after more loot under the ring now, dropping a steel chair in favor of one wrapped in barbed wire!

He ends up bringing both chairs into the ring, setting Copeland up for a Con-Chair-To…but Copeland manages to evade it! Copeland goes for a shot in the corner but Cage kicks him away…only for Copeland to evade a Killswitch attempt! Copeland attacks him with the hockey stick now and shoves it in his mouth for more damage…but the champ can barely respond when asked if he quits!

Copeland grabs a lace to try and choke out Copeland, only for the Patriarchy to get involved with a beatdown on the challenger! Before anything else can happen, here comes Daddy Magic and Daniel Garcia to even the odds! Copeland nails Killswitch with an Impaler on the barbed wire chair, before leaping off a ladder set up by Daddy Magic and Garcia onto Killswitch and Nick Wayne!

Garcia’s got some handcuffs and they use them to keep Nick Wayne and Killswitch restrained before Mother Wayne leaves to escape their wrath. This leaves us with just the champ now, who gets smacked around before Copeland hits a spear!

They use the last set of handcuffs to restrain Cage as Copeland goes to get “Spike” from under the ring…but despite a kick in his little Patriarchs, Cage refuses to quit! Copeland pulls the barbed wire board from the box and nails the champ with it, but Cage doesn’t quit until Copeland threatens to do it again! Cage quits, and we have a new TNT Champion as the show switches over into Rampage!

AEW Rampage Results
March 20, 2024
Coca-Cola Coliseum in Toronto, Canada
Results by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

No clever intro here as we technically start the show with Copeland getting the victory over Cage for the TNT Championship!

Earlier Today: Bullet Club Gold address injuring Darby Allin and their issues with The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn. Jay White says he’s taking care of the Gunns now, and he’s painted Sting’s bat gold to celebrate taking out Darby Allin!

We go to ringside where Renee welcomes The Acclaimed. Max Caster addresses Billy Gunn getting attacked last week, calling out Jay White and the Gunns for not even showing up tonight. Jay talks about saving Darby’s life but Max offers a chance to “save” Jay’s life…by giving him a one-way trip to anywhere but AEW. Jay White is not a smart man, but when he comes back The Acclaimed will hunt him and the rest of Bullet Club Gold down.

Bowens follows up saying Bullet Club Gold are not elite enough to be here, before addressing the Gunns not being in the tag tournament, as well as Jay White doing little of note aside from winning a title with the help of The Acclaimed. He tells the crowd to show Jay White how they feel about him, because in the end everybody loves The Acclaimed!

We gear up for the first match proper of Rampage as the Best Friends of Orange Cassidy and Trent Beretta make their way to the ring. Out next are Kyle Fletcher and Powerhouse Hobbs representing the Don Callis Family, and this match is underway!

AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Wild Card Match: Best Friends vs. The Don Callis Family

Hobbs and Cassidy start off with Hobbs catching Orange with a massive spinebuster for the cover…only for Trent to save the match by breaking it up! Fletcher rushes in to take out Trent as Hobbs focuses on wearing the former International Champion down on the apron and bringing him back in the ring.

Hobbs mocks Cassidy before sending him back into the corner…but the Powerhouse gets sent flying out of the ring before Cassidy tags in Trent! Fletcher gets sent out of the ring now as Trent goes up top for a big dive on both men! Trent brings Hobbs back into the ring and into the corner, where Fletcher accidentally hits the Powerhouse with a cross body before Trent continues the attack. The offense doesn’t last much longer as Hobbs and Fletcher take Beretta down with a pendulum bomb as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The Family continues to maintain control as they wear Trent down throughout the break, keeping him isolated as we come back!

Trent catches Fletcher with a tornado DDT before making the tag to Cassidy…who drops Fletcher and dives onto Hobbs on the outside, before floating over for a DDT on Fletcher before Hobbs breaks it up!

Hobbs tags in, taking a superkick on the chin before responding with a torture rack until Trent takes a couple shots…and a dropkick allows Orange to get a nearfall! Cassidy hits some kicks before Hobbs takes him down, following with a massive tackle! Tag to Fletcher now, who takes Trent and Orange down until the Best Friends fight back with a combo before giving the people what they want–but not for long, because Hobbs takes them both out, sending Cassidy out of the ring in the process!

Hobbs picks Cassidy up, slamming him against the LED board until Trent catches him with a kick, setting him up for a stomp and Beach Break combo on the outside…only for Fletcher to intervene with a couple kicks! Fletcher avoids the Orange Punch for a spinning tombstone, but Cassidy manages to kick out!

Fletcher sets up Orange on the turnbuckle, but is taken down by Trent allowing for a diving DDT by Cassidy! Hobbs is taken out by Trent as Orange gets Fletcher with the Orange Punch for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall and advancing: Best Friends

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Katsuyori Shibata makes his way to the ring for our next match with Kevin Matthews already in the ring before the match gets underway!

Katsuyori Shibata vs. Kevin Matthews

Shibata levels the big man with a series of strikes and a dropkick in the corner, but KM manages to fight back using his power until Shibata takes him down with a rear naked choke followed by the PK for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Katsuyori Shibata

We cut backstage where Adam Copeland is celebrating the big TNT title win with some friends and champagne.

Back at ringside, Konosuke Takeshita heads to the ring alongside Don Callis for our next match. Rocky Romero makes his way down the ramp next before this match gets underway!

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Rocky Romero

Takeshita gets into it early on against Romero, but Azucar manages to catch the Alpha by surprise to stay in things. Romero follows up with a series of clotheslines in the corner until Takeshita catches him in the air for a big slam to the canvas! Romero leaves the ring for a breather, but Takeshita goes right after him as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Takeshita continues the beatdown throughout the break, eventually bringing Azucar back into the ring for even more damage and a nearfall off a back suplex. Romero gets set up on the turnbuckle, but Rocky lives up to his namesake as he starts fighting back…dropping the Alpha onto the canvas to get out of harm’s way! Takeshita’s on the apron but is knocked off by Romero as we come back from break…

…just in time for a dive from Rocky onto the Alpha! Rocky hits a second one, but a third one gets caught by Takeshita. Romero evades a knee as the Alpha collides with the ring post, and Azucar goes after the arm of Takeshita before bringing him back in the ring for a Sliced Bread #2…but only a nearfall as Konosuke kicks out!

Romero goes after the arm again for an armbar, but a distraction from Don Callis allows the Alpha to get out of the hold before countering Romero for a package tombstone followed by a massive Blue Thunder Bomb…BUT ROMERO KICKS OUT!

Romero evades a spinning Falcon Arrow for a backslide that gives him a nearfall…but ends up running into a massive lariat by Takeshita as he rebounds off the ropes! Big elbow strike by the Alpha followed by a Falcon Arrow gives Takeshita the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Konosuke Takeshita

-Commercial Break-

Mark Henry introduces a video package highlighting the issues between the four women in our next match, before declaring there’s been enough talk…it’s TIME for our main event!

Back at ringside, Kris Statlander and Willow Nightingale make their way to the ring first for tonight’s Rampage main event. Out next is Skye Blue, followed by Julia Hart, and all four women are wielding weapons for this street fight as the match gets underway!

Street Fight Tag Team Match: Kris Statlander and Willow Nightingale vs. Skye Blue and Julia Hart

The four battle it out on the ramp before the match finally makes it back into the ring, where Hart and Blue get the upper hand until Kris and Willow strike back. Kris sets Julia Hart on a chair and Willow hits a big kick to the head…only for Kris to lift her up, setting her back down so Willow can go for another kick! Kris with the cover now, but Julia kicks out!

Willow leaves the ring to grab a table from under the ring, bringing it in until Skye intervenes while Kris gets the table propped up in the corner. Skye goes after Kris now, setting her up for Julia to go after her with a railroad spike…but Kris evades, which causes Julia to hit Skye with the spike instead sending her out of the ring as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Kris takes Julia down by sending her through the table as Skye finally gets back to her feet. Kris and Willow leave the ring to grab a fresh table, setting it up at ringside…followed by a second table for good measure! Julia’s gone and grabbed a steel chair before she gets cut off by Kris and Willow, with Willow sending Skye into the ring while Kris deals with the champ on the outside. Willow nails Blue with the chair, but Hart has a cane that she levels Statlander with! Willow hits a cannonball in the corner, slamming a chair into Skye while Hart gets fought off by Kris… and both women make it back in the ring, only for Willow to drop Skye into a chair set up in the ring as we come back from break!

Willow and Skye go at it on the outside now as Kris takes out Hart on the other side. Willow clears the announce table, setting Skye up for more damage…but Skye fights back, dropping Willow onto the announce table with a Code Blue! Kris is still going after Hart at the moment, slamming Hart’s head into the steps until she sees Skye with a bag…and Blue unveils a pile of thumbtacks!

Medics run down to check on Willow as Kris unveils her own pile of thumbtacks before setting Blue up on the turnbuckle…only for Skye to catch her with a sunset powerbomb driving her onto the thumbtacks! Cover by Skye…but Statlander kicks out!

Skye grabs a handful of tacks, shoving them in Statlander’s mouth for a nasty thrust kick and the cover…but Kris kicks out once again!

Skye goes up top but Willow intercepts, driving her through the tables at ringside with a Death Valley Driver! Julia is finally back up, grabbing a couple chairs before Kris stops her with a back body drop onto the chairs instead. Kris goes up top for a 450 splash…but Hart rolls out of the way! Kris collides with the chairs instead, and the champ locks in Hartless on Statlander! Kris is trapped, and she has no choice but to tap out!

Winners via submission: Skye Blue and Julia Hart

Julia celebrates in the ring as the ref hands her the TBS Championship. Meanwhile, Skye Blue slowly makes it back to her feet with a smile on her face over the victory as the show comes to a close.