AEW Dynamite 04 03 2024

AEW Dynamite Results
April 3, 2024
Worcester, Massachusetts (DCU Center)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

Adam Copeland makes his way out to a huge pop from the crowd to start things off. Heading to the ring with a microphone in his hands, Copeland acknowledges the crowd before dealing with feedback from the mic. He didn’t come out here as TNT Champion but simply as Adam to talk to the fans, asking them if they’re having fun.

He talks about all the great things about wrestling despite “negative feedback,” and the fact he came back to wrestling because he loves it so much. As he started thinking about the end of his career, he realized that AEW is the place to bring it to a close. He looked at the roster and saw a murderer’s row of talent, like Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega, Hangman Adam Page, Malakai Black, and so on, pointing out how many of these are first-time matches that can happen in AEW.

He has a lot of friends in the industry and some of them have been calling him up, saying he looks like he’s having a blast in AEW…and he is. He’s having a lot of fun in AEW, and AEW should be celebrated. AEW has pushed this industry into a better place, because AEW makes wrestling better. This is where the best wrestle.

Adam calms himself down after delivering this speech, saying it’s time to move forward. There’s a reason Okada came here, why Mercedes and Ospreay came here…why Adam Copeland came here. He introduces a man that will help bring AEW forward…Will Ospreay!

Ospreay makes his way to the ring to a big ovation from the Worcester crowd for our opening match, followed by Powerhouse Hobbs before this “Battle of Wills” gets underway!

Will Ospreay vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

The power of Hobbs is quickly averted by the agility of Ospreay, who catches the Powerhouse with a moonsault for a nearfall. Hobbs gets to his feet, taking Ospreay down for a cocky cover but Ospreay kicks out quickly. Hobbs continues to overpower Ospreay but not for long, as he sends Hobbs out of the ring before hitting a big dive that impresses even Callis at ringside! The fight continues on the outside as Hobbs goes after Ospreay, pulling him back in from the crowd for a delayed vertical suplex onto the steel steps!

Hobbs continues the assault on Ospreay, reminding Callis that he “signed him up” before slamming the Aerial Assassin onto the announce table as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Hobbs stays in control throughout the break, seemingly manhandling Ospreay before bringing him back into the ring for further damage before the Assassin can get to his feet…only for Hobbs to drop him down once more, going after his head as we return from break!

Hobbs goes right back after Ospreay, but is sent to the canvas for his troubles! Ospreay lays in a kick and a chop, but the latter barely fazes the Powerhouse who sends Ospreay into the corner. Hobbs tells him to “do it again” as Ospreay goes for a couple forearm strikes…only to be sent flying with a over the head throw by Hobbs!

Swinging DDT gets blocked by the Powerhouse as he sends Ospreay down hard, eventually getting a nearfall off a scoop slam. Hobbs heads to the turnbuckle, climbing up top for a frog splash…but Ospreay rolls out of the way! Oscutter–blocked! Ospreay fights out of the Powerhouse’s grasp and hits an Oscutter on the second attempt…but Hobbs kicks out of the pin attempt that follows!

Ospreay goes to the corner for a Hidden Blade, only to get caught by Hobbs…who gets cradled for a nearfall by Ospreay, who in turn gets laid out with a lariat by the Powerhouse! Ospreay sent to the corner as Hobbs climbs up for an avalanche powerslam and the cover…but Ospreay kicks out!

Hobbs brings Ospreay to his feet and sends him to the ropes, but Ospreay counters before climbing up top for a Skytwister Press! Ospreay goes to the corner, connecting with the Hidden Blade for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Will Ospreay

Hobbs starts arguing with Ospreay until Callis manages to calm him down, and Ospreay heads up the ramp to celebrate…until Bryan Danielson comes out, staring his Dynasty opponent down before heading to the ring as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, Lance Archer makes his way to the ring next…and immediately goes after the American Dragon to get this match underway!

Bryan Danielson vs. Lance Archer

Archer makes good use of his power early on, leveling Danielson before sending him to the corner for more punishment. He continues the attack with a set of crossface punches on Danielson, before the action moves back to the corner where Archer drives his boot into Bryan’s face…and then sends him flying into the opposite corner!

Archer with another hard whip to wear Danielson down, before rushing into the American Dragon over and over. He goes for one more, but Bryan gets out of the way…hitting a dragon screw that drops the Murderhawk Monster to the canvas!

Danielson takes Archer to task here, going after the legs to keep the bigger man down before following up with some roundhouse kicks. Lance starts to fight back but is taken down to a knee by a Danielson kick, allowing the American Dragon to wear him down further. Archer sends him out of the ring, but Danielson evades him to go for a dive…only for Archer to catch him by the goozle for a chokeslam onto the apron!

With the American Dragon on the floor, Archer grabs a stagehand and body slams him onto Danielson before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Archer continues to wear down Danielson around ringside, bringing him back to the ring for more damage as we come back from break!

Danielson starts fighting back, but the Murderhawk Monster takes him right back down before pulling him by the nose into the corner for even more punishment, driving his boot into the American Dragon. Archer brings Danielson back to his feet before going up top with a rope walk…but before he can do anything else he gets hung up on the rope by Danielson, landing right on his little Archers!

Lance frees himself and leans in the corner where Bryan goes right on the attack, eventually dropping him to the canvas to cinch in the LeBelle Lock! Archer is struggling to get to the ropes but finally does, forcing a break!

Archer escapes to the outside, but is caught with a dive by Danielson followed by a knee off the apron! Archer back in the ring as Danielson goes up top, dropping the big man with a missile dropkick before laying in some hard kicks…until Archer catches him with a chokeslam for the cover! BUT BRYAN KICKS OUT!

Bryan in the corner as Archer looks to inflict more pain, but Danielson fights out…and escapes a Blackout to lock in a rear choke! Archer is still on his feet but fading…before dropping Danielson to the canvas! Bryan takes to the ropes, hitting a Busaiku Knee to drop the big man! Archer blocks a second one, but is caught with three big kicks before another Busaiku gets Danielson the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Bryan Danielson

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Renee Paquette welcomes “Lionheart” Chris Jericho who looks to call out HOOK. Jericho said last week he had a proposition to be HOOK’s mentor, but something the FTW Champion said last week stuck with him…so he’s asking HOOK to come out now, hit the HOOK signal! HOOK makes his way to the stage.

Jericho brings up what HOOK said last week about knowing who Jericho is, and refers to his past alliances not panning out before saying the rules are different for someone working at the level of Chris Jericho. He’s not asking HOOK to trust him 100 percent but to believe in him as much as Jericho believes in HOOK.

HOOK says he believes in Jericho, so much that he got the two of them a match for Collision here in Worcester…but he’s keeping a eye on Jericho. Chris says he’d expect nothing less…bet. A fist bump between the two seals the deal.

Backstage, Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty address their match on Collision, confirming they will be taking on the duo known as LionHOOK before promising they will be beaten by STP.

Back at ringside, Jay White makes his entrance for our next match…only to be confronted by an angry Billy Gunn, who blindsides the Switchblade! White tries to escape down the ramp but Gunn sends him against the barricade, also refusing to let Jay into the ring before slamming the Switchblade into the barricade once more.

Gunn finally brings Jay into the ring and this match gets underway!

Billy Gunn vs. Jay White

Billy wallops Jay, sending the Switchblade out of the ring where he goes on the attack some more by slamming White into the announce table…and then over the barricade into the crowd! Billy goes into the ring to break the ten count but gives chase to the Switchblade right after, and the action goes further up into the crowd before the ref tries to intervene. The battle continues in the crowd, where Billy slams Jay into a hockey barricade before bringing the Switchblade back to ringside.

White seems to be begging for help or an escape, but Gunn offers him no solace as he continues the beatdown…only for Jay to send him into the barricade after escaping a suplex attempt! This doesn’t faze Billy much however, as he goes right back on the attack sending Jay into the steps before the Switchblade can barely escape disaster!

Billy brings Jay back into the ring, but the Switchblade tries to escape to no avail as Gunn goes back after him. Jay grabs the ropes, forcing a break…but Billy only responds by sending him over the top rope with a clothesline as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Billy talks it out with the ref as Jay tries to recover on the outside, finally returning to find himself on the other end of a beatdown from Gunn once more. Billy attacks the Switchblade on the outside once again, slamming him against the barricade before bringing him back into the ring…just to attack him on the apron as we come back!

Jay manages to fight back now, sending Billy into the corner for a series of stomps before taunting Gunn…who fights back with a big tilt-a-whirl dropping Switchblade to the canvas! The screen reveals The Acclaimed being laid out as Jay fights back, sending Billy back into the ring for a Blade Runner…only for Gunn to hit the One and Only on the Switchblade!

Both men are slow to their feet as Billy hits a Famouser on Jay White…cussing out the Switchblade before hitting another! Billy isn’t done however, as he goes outside to grab a chair…only for his sons to rush into the ring to beg him off! Billy isn’t having any of it, shoving them away to go after Jay…who hits him with a low blow! The ref sees this and calls for the bell!

Winner via disqualification: Billy Gunn

Bullet Club Gold look to attack Gunn after the match, but The Acclaimed’s music hits as the pair rush down for the save! They clear the ring of their former allies, looking to finish things by sending Jay through the announce table…but the Gunns save their friend, escaping through the crowd!

Earlier Today: The Young Bucks arrive to the building, as do Best Friends and SUUUUUE

Back at ringside, Renee welcomes Willow Nightingale to the stage for a word or two following her win last week on Dynamite. Willow is excited to be in Worcester, recounting how hard she worked in this town, referencing the White Eagle to a big pop. She calls Worcester a home away from home, where she figured out who she is.

She used to wonder if a girl like her belonged in wrestling, and the response from the crowd helps confirm that may very well be true. This applause helped her blossom into the woman we see today, the woman who will be challenging for the TBS Championship at AEW Dynasty. She believes that the fan support will help her become the smiling face of the women’s division in AEW.

Stokely Hathaway talks about Willow having a banger of a match last week, and how hard she’s been working week after week…but is interrupted by the arrival of Mercedes Moné! Mercedes tells Worcester to say hello to their CEO, and that she looks forward to seeing Willow take on Julia at Dynasty. Whoever is champion after Dynasty, Moné gets next…because money changes everything.

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, The Young Bucks make their way to the ring for our next match, a big semifinal match in the tag title tournament! Out next are Best Friends as Trent Beretta and Orange Cassidy look to topple the EVPs to advance as this match gets underway!

AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinal: Young Bucks vs. Best Friends

We start off with Trent and Nicolas, before Orange tags in for a double-team and a nearfall! Tag back to Trent who drops Nicolas for a nearfall of his own. Nicolas fights back, taking advantage of a fumble by Trent to tag int Matthew who starts up the locomotion suplex across the ring…until Trent fights back! Nicolas comes in but takes a standing Meteora from Beretta, who gets hung up when he goes on the attack on the outside! The Bucks follow up by dropping Cassidy onto the apron…and do the same to Trent for good measure!

Matthew takes a headset at commentary to run down Excalibur before calling for the action to go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Bucks maintain control throughout the break, keeping Trent isolated from making a tag to Cassidy before Nicolas mocks the former International Champion. Bucks go back on the attack until Beretta fights back…only to take a double-team from the EVPs, but Trent starts to get back into it as we return!

The Bucks get the turnbuckle pad off before looking to set Trent up…but Beretta escapes and makes a tag to Cassidy! Bucks respond by faking Orange out before Matthew hits a DDT, but Cassidy evades disaster on the exposed turnbuckle! Orange Punch gets blocked and the Bucks are back in control now.

Bucks look for the EVP Trigger, but mock him with his style of kicks first…only for their knees to crash against each other when Cassidy evades! Orange fights back before hitting a diving DDT for a nearfall on Nicolas!

Tag made to Trent, but Nicolas hits him with a German suplex before tagging Matthew in. Trent evades a TK Driver…and with Cassidy’s help they hit a TK Driver on Matthew! Cover, but Nicolas breaks it up! Cassidy taunts Nicolas before he takes a ride with a half and half suplex by Trent…before they give the people what they want!

Only for the Bucks to drop him! Matthew goes to the outside to attack Chuck Taylor…but knows better than to go after Sue! Sue slaps Matthew as Cassidy drops him, and back in the ring Trent gets a nearfall on the returning Matthew. Nicolas gets involved but gets setn right back out, as Sue gives her son Trent a smooch of encouragement!

But Trent gets caught with a catapault into the exposed turnbuckle, followed by a rollup to as the Bucks get the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall and advancing to the final: The Young Bucks

The Bucks regroup on the ramp, escaping to the back as we focus on the Best Friends in the ring. Cassidy helps Trent to his feet as they look to give the people what they want once more…only for Trent to blindside Cassidy with a running knee! Chuck doesn’t know what to make of this as Trent stares Orange down before leaving the ring, blowing right by Chuck and even his own mother in the process before we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Mariah May heads to the ring for our next contest. Out next is Thunder Rosa, and this match to determine a #1 contender to the Women’s World Championship gets underway as the bell rings!

AEW Women’s Title Eliminator: Thunder Rosa vs. Mariah May

Rosa gets the upper hand early on, but May is quickly fighting back as the action spills to the outside…where Rosa counters a powerbomb into a hurricanrana sending Mariah to the floor! Mariah ends up at the barricade just as Rosa launches herself at her! Rosa brings her back to the ring, but only gets a nearfall on Mariah as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Mariah takes control of the match, wearing down the Thunder as we come back from break!

May is still in control here, taking Rosa down for a nearfall before fighting to keep her down…only for Thunder to escape Mayday! Tijuana Bomb connects, giving Rosa the pina nd the win to become the number one contender!

Winner via pinfall and new #1 contender: Thunder Rosa

Rosa leaves the ring, demanding a shot at the champ right now but Storm says nothing as we get confirmation that the match will take place at Dynasty!

Backstage, Penta El Zero Miedo makes his case to challenge Adam Copeland for the TNT Championship next week on Dynamite…a match that is made official!

Back at ringside, Tony Schiavone welcomes us to the contract signing for the AEW World Championship match at Dynasty. Swerve Strickland makes his way to the ring first, followed by the champion Samoa Joe.

Tony welcomes both men and offers the contract to the champion to sign first, while the crowd chants “Whose House? Swerve’s House!” Tony offers the contract to Swerve but Joe tells him to shut up before talking to his number one contender. He offers Swerve some advice, saying he’s working off bad information. Swerve’s rise has been noticed by the champ, and how else can this fairytale end but with the people celebrating with a new champion…and that is bad information, because signing this contract is a bad mistake.

It is a career-defining mistake for Swerve to make, further running him down before telling him to “do the right thing.” Before he signs the contract, Swerve wants Joe to know he’s been waiting for this moment his whole life. Swerve knows he’s had a road full of roadblocks but the feeling of reaching the destination is sweet. He talks about Dynasty and how they’re building just at in AEW, a dynasty, referring to recent signings.

The crowd briefly chant “MJF” to which Swerve just chuckles before saying Joe is the definition of a killer…but so is Swerve. At AEW Dynasty, Swerve will show Joe he is THAT man. He tells Joe to run that fade, before hitting him with a punch and trying to choke him out with a chain!

Joe breaks free, hitting Swerve with a headbutt before laying into the number one contender! He grabs Swerve’s chain and wraps it around his hand, slamming it against Strickland before officials come out to intervene. Joe leaves as a bloody Swerve laughs into the microphone, letting the champ know he loves this s–t…and if that’s all Joe’s got, Swerve is taking the title from him!

He dips the pen in his own blood to sign the contract…but an enraged Joe rushes back into the ring, attacking Strickland and sending him through the table with a uranage! Joe stares his contender down, standing tall with the AEW World Championship held high as the show comes to a close.