AEW Dynamite 05 08 2024

AEW Dynamite Results
May 8, 2024
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (Rogers Place)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

We open backstage, where Adam Copeland is asked about how he’s tackling his TNT Championship match against Brody King. Copeland says he’s not been feeling very well, but he knows he needs to end things with the House of Black…revealing that tonight’s title match will have no disqualifications, promising to give Malakai Black the fight he wants!

The show’s opening and pyro brings us to ringside as Orange Cassidy makes his way to the ring for our opening match of the night. Out next is Trent Beretta, looking to finally settle things with his former Best Friend as this match gets underway!

Orange Cassidy vs. Trent Beretta

The two charge at each other, trading blows before Trent slides out of the ring for safety…only to get dropped with a dive from Cassidy! Cassidy continues the attack, slamming Trent against the barricade and then the ring post…but Trent starts fighting back, taking Cassidy down with a lariat! He follows up with some mounted punches, wearing Orange down as the crowd gets into it with Beretta.

Trent takes Cassidy to the barricade before sending him to the opposite side…but Orange recovers, landing on his feet and putting his hands in his pockets as Beretta approaches. Cassidy evades an attack from Trent before taking him up through the crowd, driving his fist against Beretta’s skull in the stands!

Trent tries to turn things around, setting up for a suplex…but Cassidy reverses it! With Trent against the barricade, Orange goes for a clothesline…only to get sent flying over with a back body drop! Trent climbs onto the barricade but is quickly swept off by Cassidy, who slides into the ring…and goes for a Orange Punch on the returning Beretta! Trent evades it, going for a running knee…and hits at the same time as an Orange Punch, taking both men to the canvas!

As both are trying to recover in the ring, we see Don Callis walking down the ramp to a wave of jeers from the crowd. Callis looks almost bemused by this as he heads to the ring, while we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Callis appears to be watching on from ringside, settling in at commentary as Trent and Cassidy make it back to their feet…only for Beretta to go after his ex-buddy, sending Orange to the outside with a hard strike! Cassidy comes back into the ring but is dropped to the mat with a chop from Beretta, who brings Cassidy back up for some clubbing forearms. Cassidy tries a Beach Break but it gets reversed into a piledriver attempt by Trent, before Orange fights out and hits a kick to his chest while we return from break!

Both men make it to their feet, trading strikes until Orange gets sent to one knee. Trent goes for a suplex but Cassidy reverses, hitting the ropes for a DDT that drops Beretta down hard to the mat! Cassidy sits Trent for a series of kicks that increase in intensity…before swarming Beretta with mounted punches!

Cassidy sets up for an Orange Punch but is caught with a half and half suplex by Trent, who gets back up for a short-arm lariat to take Orange down to the canvas once again. Trent hits a jumping piledriver, but he’s not done as he starts running down Cassidy before bringing him back up for another piledriver!

Trent heads to the corner, mocking a hug request before hitting Cassidy with a knee strike! He tells the ref to ask Orange if he’s done, distracting him long enough to rip off a turnbuckle corner…but the ref catches him, admonishing him while Cassidy sneakily rips the cover off the opposite turnbuckle! Cassidy drives Trent into it, rolling him up for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Orange Cassidy

The ref raises Cassidy’s arm on the outside, but Trent blindsides him! He goes after Orange’s eyes before setting up the steps on the outside, bringing Cassidy over to deliver a piledriver onto the steps! The crowd is livid as Trent continues the attack, driving Cassidy into the lower part of the apron. Cassidy crawls away as Trent grabs another weapon…but Orange has a chair to defend himself as Don rushes over to intervene! Kris Statlander also tries to get involved as officials try to break things up.

Earlier Tonight: The Elite arrive in the parking lot, deciding to steal Tony Khan’s parking spot as he is still working remotely from Jacksonville!

Video Package: Kenny Omega returned last week, reminding everyone he is still an EVP before the new Elite attacked him!

We cut to a promo from Jack Perry after last week’s Dynamite, where he calls Kenny Omega a coward and that AEW and The Elite don’t need him anymore. They’re going to change the world without him, and they know what sacrifices need to be made…and Kenny made his.

-Commercial Break-

We cut to what appears to be a hospital room, where Kenny Omega addresses what went down last week. He was reminded last week that this is just business, realizing that he has business of his own to attend to. Omega says that May 26 marks the fifth anniversary of AEW’s first PPV, Double or Nothing…and announces Anarchy in the Arena with no rules! The Elite will be facing Team AEW, and Omega announces the first two member of Team AEW will be FTR…with the rest to come soon enough. Goodbye, muah, and good night…bang!

Back at ringside, Tony Schiavone welcomes Serena Deeb to address her match at Double Or Nothing for the AEW Women’s World Championship. Serena talks about her story about coming back into the business, recovering from a series of seizures she suffered that nearly sidelined her career for good. She did everything she could to understand why it happened, only understanding that a lot of times you don’t know what causes seizures.

Serena has had a lot of time to reflect on her career, having a vision of what it would be like to finally become world champion…but the Professor is interrupted by the arrival of Toni Storm.

Toni runs down Serena’s story, saying she is listening to a charity case…but Deeb tells the champ to take this seriously, because she will fight for her life to become champion. Storm says she doesn’t care at all about what Deeb has been through, leading to a staredown between the two before Storm tries to go for a cheap shot…only to be laid out by Serena! Deeb walks off as Luther helps the champion up, lifting her off the stage.

We go backstage looking for a medical update on Orange Cassidy, only for Rocky Romero to step in and say he’s sorry about what’s been going down. He then reveals that Tony Khan has confirmed that a win over Jay tonight means he, Cassidy, and a partner of their choosing can challenge for the Unified Trios Championship. Romero brings up mending fences with Trent but Orange is having none of it, wishing Rocky the best of luck on the match.

Back at ringside, Mariah May makes her way to the ring for our next match. Out next is Harley Cameron alongside Saraya, and this match is underway!

Mariah May vs. Harley Cameron

Mariah goes on the attack early on but is met with a bit of fight from Cameron, who sneaks a nearfall in the process! There is an occasional weird cut away from the ring as Cameron keeps on the attack, but May turns things around sending Harley into the corner before scoring a nearfall of her own! Harley heads to the apron but is pulled by the hair…only to kick May down, sending her to the outside as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Cameron continues the attack on May, bringing her back into the ring as Saraya continues to get into it with fans in the front row. Harley wears Mariah down, but May starts to turn things around as we come back from break!

Both women end up on the mat now, slowly getting back to their feet to trade strikes before May sends Harley to the ropes for a powerbomb and a nearfall! May brings Cameron back to her feet, only to take a jawbreaker…but Mariah responds with a massive headbutt to take her down hard!

May goes up top as Harley gets to her feet…only to take a missile dropkick from Mariah! Harley heads to the corner where May goes for a hip attack…but Saraya pulls her out of harm’s way! May lays her out with a punch before heading back into the ring, where Harley catches her with a small package for the nearfall…but May takes her down hard with the Mayday to get the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Mariah May

Saraya goes on the attack, with Harley joining in before Mina Shirakawa runs down for the save! She embraces Mariah before calling for champagne to celebrate.

We cut backstage where PAC addresses the return of Fenix, before he is interrupted by the Bang Bang Gang. White talks about going after Okada for the Continental Championship, since PAC couldn’t get it done at Dynasty. He jokes about PAC and his buddies hiding the halls before they walk off.

Video Package: Malakai Black runs down Adam Copeland, talking about making the TNT Champion realize the man he really is. Malakai says he has to bring Copeland to the brink of death, so that Adam can live again.

-Commercial Break-

Video Package: AEW started nearly five years ago, and this package highlights the vision of the EVPs, Matthew and Nicholas Jackson!

We cut backstage where the Young Bucks gush over how good that promo package was, before wishing Swerve Strickland all the best as he heads out for our next segment.

The AEW World Champion heads to the ring with a microphone, looking angry as he addresses what went down last week, reminding us that Cage attacked the champ and stole a piece of his hair. Strickland says that when you’re the champ, everyone wants a piece of you figuratively and quite literally sometimes. He runs down the Patriarch before calling him out to the ring.

Cage’s music hits, bringing out the new number one contender and his Patriarchy. Cage runs down Edmonton, talking about how the Oilers will be stomped in a couple hours…and speaking of stomp, that’s what happened to Swerve last week.

People say it was disgusting to see Cage take one of the champ’s dreads, but every week…Cage is interrupted by the crowd, telling them to shut up when he’s conducting his business…every week he’s going to take a piece of the champ until he gets what he wants. Cage says that Swerve has been riding a wave as champion, but that wave will come down at Double Or Nothing.

When the walls come crashing around him, Strickland will look in the mirror and see the only gold he will have left is his teeth…unless he takes those now. Cage, Killswitch, and Nick Wayne head to the ring until Swerve says he promised he wasn’t coming alone…revealing the Mogul Embassy coming to his aid.

Swerve talks about this being the second time this week someone from the West Coast takes out someone from Toronto, egging Cage on to try and take his gold teeth and his title. Swerve continues to run Cage down until Cage blindsides the champion, leading to a beatdown from Mogul Embassy!

Gates of Agony and Cage set the champ up for a powerbomb as officials rush in to intervene…but they’re driven away from the Embassy! They continue the attack as Cage yells to “finish him off,” with the group clearing off the announce desk and setting up the steps in front of it. Cage runs down Strickland before the Gates of Agony rise up the steps, driving him through the announce table!

We cut backstage, where the Bucks applaud what went down before chatting with Cage about the beginnings of a very fruitful relationship. The Bucks talk about keeping up the energy for our next segment as we cut to commentary talking about what happened, their desk still broken before looking back at the TBS Championship match last week on Rampage.

We cut backstage once again, where Willow confirms she is ready to face the challenge of Mercedes Mone’ at Double Or Nothing…but the question is, is Mercedes ready? The last time they faced off in a wrestling ring, Willow was the victor. She has respect for Mone’ but for all the attention the CEO likes to draw to herself, in terms of wrestling Willow is more than capable!

Back at ringside, Jay White makes his way to the ring for our next match. Out next is Rocky Romero, and this match is underway!

Rocky Romero vs. Jay White

Rocky fends off the early advantage from the Switchblade, taking Jay to the outside briefly before the two end up back in the ring…where White turns things around, grabbing control of the situation as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Jay continues to beat down Azucar, taking him for a ride with a half and half suplex for a nearfall before sending Romero to the corner. Rocky tries to fight back but is taken down to the mat by the Switchblade, keeping a tight waistlock as we come back from break!

Rocky tries to escape the hold but White maintains control with a chinlock. Rocky finally manages to break free, taking the Switchblade to the outside where he drives him into the floor! Jay gets sent back into the ring, rising to his feet just as Rocky catches him with a cross body for a nearfall. Romero escapes a sleeper suplex for another nearfall, but White catches him on the turnbuckle after…only for Azucar to counter out of a Blade Runner for a nearfall!

Rocky keeps at it, taking him down with a Sliced Bread for another close nearfall! Second attempt gets caught with a high angle DDT from Jay…who hits the Blade Runner for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Jay White

Bang Bang Gang attack Romero after the match, until PAC rushes down for the save…or to go after the Gang himself, either/or. The trio escape his wrath as PAC runs them down from the ring.

Video Package: Samoa Joe talks about what it means to be a warrior, including a certain level of fear of not being good enough, the fear of being left wanting…but Joe is NOT the warrior that fears, he is what these men fear in the first place!

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Chris Jericho and Big Bill make their way to the ring for our next match with their opponents in the ring already before this match gets underway!

Chris Jericho & Big Bill vs. Mo Jabari & Harlon Abbott

Jericho and Jabari start off, with Jabari getting a little bit of offense before Jericho takes him down hard! Tag to Abbott and Big Bill gets in it as well, taking him down with a Bossman Slam as Jabari gets back to his feet…only to be nailed to the mat with a chokeslam! Tag made to Jericho, who takes Abbott down with a Judas Effect for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Chris Jericho & Big Bill

Jericho grabs a microphone after the match, saying it’s great to be here in Calgary…Edmonton. He cringes at the “mistake” as the crowd lets him have it. He talks about making mistakes and learning from them, before giving it up for their opponents and to Big Bill for how good he was tonight.

He moves onto last week and the match “getting the best rating on Cagematch” and hoping all the best for HOOK after what went down at Dynasty. Tony Schiavone gets into the ring to announce that HOOK will be back next week on Dynamite, something Jericho tries to feign being happy about as he says they can celebrate together next week.

-Commercial Break-

Back from ringside, Adam Copeland makes his way to the ring for our main event! After the TNT Champion enters the ring, the lights cut out, signaling the arrival of Brody King as he makes his way down the ramp. The lights cut out again, masking the path of King as he reappears in the ring before this match gets underway!

TNT Championship Match (No Disqualification): Adam Copeland defends against Brody King

Copeland tries to get the upper hand on King…but is taken down hard to the canvas instead! Copeland goes for a side headlock but is sent to the ropes by Brody, who hammers the champ with strikes before looking for a powerbomb that Copeland escapes from. Brody is on the apron as Adam goes to the ropes, but the champ gets hung up on the rope by King instead as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: King continues to maintain control as he beats down the champion on the outside, sending him into the steps and then the apron to wear the Rated R Superstar down even further before we come back from break!

Copeland gets set up on a chair against the barricade before Brody comes charging at the champ…who narrowly escapes danger, forcing King to collide against the chair and barricade instead! Copeland grabs the chair, taking advantage of the no disqualification stip as he swings away at the challenger. He grabs a second chair, setting it up on the apron before looking for a piledriver…but Brody fights out of it!

The two trade blows until Copeland catches King with a DDT, driving him into the chair on the apron! King falls to the floor as Copeland gets back on his feet. The champ goes after Brody some more before bringing him back into the ring, taking him down for a cover…but Brody kicks out!

Copeland looks like a man possessed as he props a chair up in the corner before going after another weapon to use against Brody King…who rises up for a massive lariat to take the champ down to the mat! We see Brody going after him again but Copeland turns it around as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Copeland’s using the piece of metal he grabbed for added damage on a crossface before King gets to the ropes…and Copeland breaks the hold, not because he needs to but because he goes to the outside for another weapon! He sees Brody getting back up after setting up a table, however, so Copeland climbs on the turnbuckle where the two trade strikes before Copeland gets sent to the floor. King brings him back into the ring, setting up for a suplex through the table…but Copeland fights back as we return from break!

Copeland brings Brody back into the ring, but the two go at it with lariats before taking each other down hard to the canvas! Both men slowly make it back up, trading blows again as they rise to their feet. Copeland hoists King onto his shoulders…only to collapse, allowing Brody to get a nearfall!

Brody sets the champ up for a cannonball in the corner, going for the cover…but the champ kicks out this time!

Brody takes Copeland up for a Ganzo Bomb, but the champ counters with the reverse facebuster on King! Copeland heads to the corner before charging at Brody for a spear…but he gets caught by the challenger, who drops him down to the mat with a piledriver instead! Copeland gets to the apron as Brody gets up…only to be hoisted up again by the champ, who hits a Death Valley Driver sending King onto the apron!

Brody slowly gets back to his feet on the apron as Copeland hits the ropes, nailing the challenger with a spear that sends him through the table on the outside!

Both men are struggling to get back up, eventually getting back in the ring…where Copeland hits King with another spear for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and still TNT Champion: Adam Copeland

There will be no celebration for the champion however, as Brody goes back on the attack right after the match is over! Kyle O’Reilly rushes down for the save, laying in some quick strikes that allows Copeland to get back up before they run Brody out of the ring.

We cut backstage, where Mercedes Mone’ talks about being ready for Double Or Nothing and how she will be in the gym training when she isn’t out and about promoting AEW. She then addresses the time that she feels Willow took from her, saying she had to think about things while she was out of action…but assures that she is ready to take on Willow, and that the champ should enjoy what time she has left with the TBS Championship…because money (Mone’?) changes everything.

We cut elsewhere backstage, where Adam Copeland is given kudos for retaining the TNT Championship before Kyle O’Reilly calls his shot for the title. The match is made official for Collision as the two shake hands.

We now head to ringside, where The Elite address the overrun they have since they have an announcement of their own to make. Okada delivers a message to Kenny Omega, mockingly telling him he hopes Omega gets well soon. Matthew then addresses Tony Khan, saying the President got in their way leading to what happened a couple weeks ago. They gave TK a TK Driver, and an EVP in Kenny Omega got an EVP Trigger.

Nicholas then runs down FTR, saying if it’s Anarchy in the Arena they want, it’s Anarchy in the Arena they’re going to get. He says the Elite run this show, but FTR’s music as they head out to reveal they found a couple guys to help out. Eddie Kingston’s music hits, bringing out the Mad King to a big pop…and then Bryan Danielson’s music hits, really driving the crowd nuts as the American Dragon steps out alongside Team AEW.

The four men rush down the ramp, staring down The Elite. Matthew tells them not to lay one finger on them…and chaos ensues as all eight men go at it! Officials and security rush down to break up the violence as Dynamite comes to a close.