AEW Dynamite 05 29 2024

AEW Dynamite Results
May 29, 2024
Los Angeles, California (KIA Forum)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

We kick off the show with the arrival of the CEO and new TBS Champion, Mercedes Mone’. The champ makes her way to the ring which is adorned with balloons celebrating her win at Double Or Nothing, while Mone’ grabs a microphone from ringside.

Crowd chants “CEO” before Mercedes greets Los Angeles, telling them to say hello to their CEO and new TBS Champion. She asks if she was worth the wait, that she said money changes everything…and that is exactly what she did at Double Or Nothing. Not only did we celebrate five years of AEW, but we celebrated the in-ring return of the greatest of all time…Mercedes. She’s proud to say that she and Willow tore the house down on Saturday, commending the former champion for taking the fight to her before calling her too nice.

She could’ve told Willow that Kris and Stokely would’ve screwed her, but she hopes that when Nightingale comes back she beats them both up. Now, back to her celebration. She says being the CEO and champion puts a big target on her back, but she was born and ready to do this…only to be interrupted by Skye Blue on the screen, who has a “gift” for the champion. We look back at when Mercedes was attacked during an interview a few weeks back, as Skye calls it some of her best work…but the best is yet to come.

Mone’ demands Skye come out, and Blue obligies…rolling into the ring and blindsiding the champion! She lays Mercedes out, standing over her with the TBS Championship in hand before leaving the ring, retreating up the ramp as Mone’ grabs her title.

We cut backstage, where the Elite have arrived to the building having missed call time…but, in fairness, being more or less in control of the company lets you get away with anything.

Video Package: The highlights of a phenomenal Double Or Nothing this past Sunday!

Back at ringside, we get an advert for the HBO series House of the Dragon before the AEW World Champion makes his way out for the match the show is sponsoring. Swerve walks with confidence down the ramp, accompanied by Prince Nana as he gets ready to face the tall task ahead that is Killswitch…who makes his way to the ring next, sans Patriarchy before this match gets underway!

Non-Title Match: AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland vs. Killswitch

The two circle the mat before Swerve tries to lock up, only for Killswitch to send him over the top rope instead. Strickland gets back in the ring, catching him with a neckbreaker but keeping the hold as he brings Killswitch to the apron. The fight spills all the way to the outside now as Swerve sends Killswitch toward the barricade…only for the beast to turn things around, laying into the champ instead!

Killswitch continues the attack, bringing Swerve around the ringside area with a few strikes before Swerve gets back into the ring…but the beast follows close behind, still firmly in control as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Killswitch has the champion up against the ropes as he continues to wear Strickland down, bringing him back to the middle of the ring purely to continue inflicting pain. A set of strikes gives way to grabbing Swerve by his chin, twisting the champ’s head for more damage as Nana tries to will his charge on. Swerve’s slowly fighting out for a moment, but is taken all the way to the mat as we come back from break!

Swerve finally manages to fight out of the hold, catching Killswitch with a triangle hold before turning things back around on the beast, sending him to the ropes…where he takes Killswitch out with a kick to the back! Crowd cheers on the champ as he literally hits the griddy to mock Killswitch, before taking the beast back down hard for a nearfall.

Swerve brings him back to his feet, looking for Big Pressure…but it’s denied as Killswitch sends the champ to the corner. Strickland fights back but is caught with a headbutt and a chokeslam…but Killswitch only gets a nearfall for his efforts. Killswitch has had about enough of the champ now, setting him up on the apron before heading out for a steel chair. He rears back with the chair, but Nana manages to pull it away from him…giving Swerve the opening to get up, eventually landing a Swerve Stomp from the apron onto Killswitch!

He brings the beast back into the ring, going up top before Killswitch rises up to go after him. Swerve evades, taking to the ropes…only to get caught with another chokeslam, and a standing moonsault on the champ! But he still gets a mere nearfall after all that, as Swerve gets back into it…hitting a House Call on the beast before going up top. Swerve Stomp connects, and the champ gets…another nearfall!

The surprise doesn’t stop Strickland from getting back up, connecting with one more House Call that gives the champ the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Swerve Strickland

The champ celebrates briefly before Nana hands him a pair of scissors, which he uses to cut off a lock of Killswitch’s hair before we get a rundown of what’s still to come tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Tony Schiavone relays the announcement from Tony Khan after Skye Blue’s attack on Mercedes Mone’…who will defend her TBS Championship tonight against the very woman who’s attacked her twice now!

Backstage, Jon Moxley talks up tonight’s match against Rocky Romero and his focus on defending the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship wherever he needs to.

Back in the ring, Big Bill welcomes us to TV Time with “The Learning Tree” Chris Jericho, the ring set up for the occasion with a tree model and a flat screen hanging above the ring. This all looks very familiar as Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring, thanking Bill for the welcome as his first student talks about leaves and trees.

Jericho hypes up the Learning Tree University t-shirt before giving himself praise as FTW Champion, though he gives kudos to HOOK and Shibata for the fight they gave him at Double Or Nothing. He says if adversity is ice cream, you always put a cherry on top. He then welcomes his guest, Bryan Keith, who does not want to hear from the crowd as he heads to the ring. Let’s hear it for Bryan!

Jericho asks Keith what made him want to be sucked into the Jericho Vortex and fall under the Learning Tree. Bryan Keith talks about the disrespect he’s seen Jericho being given despite his accomplishments, knowing anyone would be crazy not to jump at the opportunity. The crowd tells Bryan to shut up in so many words, something Jericho addresses as Keith continues to hype up Jericho and running down the crowd.

Jericho gives Keith his due, saying he recognizes he is a bad man. Bill says maybe even a bad apple, and Jericho agrees that a bad apple doesn’t fall far from the Learning Tree. Before we get much more of this, HOOK’s music hits as he runs down the ramp, only to be intercepted by security. Suddenly, we get Samoa Joe’s music…but he stands behind HOOK, whispering something in his ear before the pair retreat up the ramp.

A little bit of a whoopsie here as commentary gets mixed up on what’s next, but we get a video of what happened between Jon Moxley and Konosuke Takeshita at Double Or Nothing, and then…

Video Package: The rise of current NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion, Stephanie Vaquer

Back at ringside, Jon Moxley makes his way to the ring for our next match. Out next is Rocky Romero, looking to earn a shot at the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship as he rushes at Mox with a dropkick, sending him out of the ring just as we get underway!

IWGP World Title Eliminator: Jon Moxley vs. Rocky Romero

Rocky continues the attack on the outside, slamming the champ on the announce table…but Mox fights back, sending Romero back into the ring. Rocky lays into Mox with some strikes before the champ turns it back around, sending Azucar into the corner. Rocky shoves him back before taking Mox down with a stomp, focusing his attack on the injured arm of the champ as he hangs Mox up on the second rope for another stomp.

He pulls the champ back to the ropes, hanging up the injured arm before pulling him in for more damage as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Romero maintains control, wearing down the champ as he continues to target the injured arm…but Mox has had enough, sending Rocky to the corner as we come back from break!

Mox sets Romero up on the top turnbuckle, taking Azucar down to the mat with a superplex. Romero makes his way to the corner, but is met with mounted punches by the champ who takes to the ropes before both men exchange strikes…which finally comes to an end with Mox taking Rocky down with a cutter to the canvas!

Mox back to his feet as Rocky heads to the corner, taking the champ down for a nearfall before transitioning to a cross arm breaker! Mox blocks the grip enough to counter out, hitting Azucar with knees to the head before locking in a bulldog choke…but the hold is not tight enough and Romero escapes, snapping Mox’s arm instead!

Mox in the corner as Romero charges at him, eventually seeing both men on the top as Romero connects with a big slam and locking the cross arm breaker in once more! Mox struggles, eventually fighting to his feet before stomping at Romero’s head to break the hold. Rocky kicks him away, but is met with a lariat by the champ.

Both men back to their feet as Mox fights Romero back enough for a lariat, followed by a Death Rider that gets Mox the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Jon Moxley

Mox leaves the ring as we cut backstage, where Renee gets a word with Samoa Joe and HOOK. Joe says a lesson was learned tonight, that they do not exists on their enemy’s time…but their enemies will exist on their time. With that, Joe and HOOK walk off as we go to commercial break.

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Back at ringside, Don Callis heads to the ring with a contract ready to be presented to “a potential new member of the Don Callis Family.” He calls the contract more valuable than gold, as the crowd tries to drown him out with their booing. Man, I love LA. Anyway, Callis talks about how he sees himself in Orange Cassidy, who makes his way out to the stage. He walks down the ramp, rolling into the ring as Callis looks ecstatic.

Callis says this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. He asks Orange if he should do this with his hand in his pocket, before calling Cassidy a star wherever he goes. Some say he’s confused with his past choices, but Don wants to help him by presenting him with this contract to join the Don Callis Family.

Callis says he’s filled everything out for Cassidy, who takes the contract from Don’s hands…only to sloooowly rip it in half in front of Callis! Orange grabs the microphone, saying “Hey Don…no.”

Callis grabs the mic back saying no one says no to Don Callis. Stokely Hathaway interrupts the proceedings by running down Cassidy, saying he’s just like Willow Nightingale. He hands the microphone to Kris Statlander, who says on behalf on her best friend she accepts the invitation to the Don Callis Family.

We cut back to the ring, where Trent blindsides Cassidy with a knee strike! Trent continues beating Cassidy down as Kris and Stokely leave to the back…and eventually we see Trent and Callis hug it out, with Don keeping one foot on the barely-stirring Cassidy before leaving the ring after some stomps on Orange. Trent lays in one more for good measure before the pair retreat up the ramp, leaving us with a busted-open Cassidy still in the ring.

We cut backstage, where Renee talks to Daniel Garcia and Daddy Magic. Garcia talks about getting out of the mud, taking his muddy boots and dragging them across red carpets. He sets out to challenge for the International Championship regardless of who comes out of Collision with the title after the match between Will Ospreay and Kyle O’Reilly.

Back at ringside, Mercedes Mone’ makes her way to the ring for our next match. Skye Blue is out next, Mone’ eager to get this match started as she rushes the challenger while the bell rings to get things underway!

TBS Championship: Mercedes Mone’ defends against Skye Blue

Mone’ is still fuming over Skye’s previous attacks as she lays into her with a flurry of offense, getting a nearfall before sending Blue out of the ring. Skye takes a breather as Mercedes catches her on the outside with a Meteora off the apron before sending Skye back in the ring…but only gets a nearfall. Champ takes to the ropes but is cut off by Skye, who hits a draping neckbreaker for a nearfall of her own, as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Skye continues to stay in control as she wears the champ down, first against the ropes and then into the corner for some hard stomps before driving her boot into the throat of Mone’. Mercedes starts to fight back but is taken down by the challenger, who cinches in a chinlock before Mone’ fights to her feet, sending Blue into the corner to break out of the hold. Dropkick by Mone’ keeps Skye down, but not for long as Skye hits a jawjacker for a nearfall…and goes for another to no avail, as we come back from break!

Skye sends Mone’ to the corner, but the champ fights back driving her head into the turnbuckle…and following with a running Meteora for a nearfall, which gets followed up with a backstabber for the same result. Mercedes pulls Skye to the corner before climbing up, but is intercepted with a kick to the face by the challenger. Powerbomb attempt gets reversed as Mone’ hits a hurricanrana, but Blue fights back with a facebuster for a nearfall!

Mercedes fights out of a fireman’s carry and hits a knee strike, but takes a thrust kick by Skye who goes for Code Blue…but Mercedes counters, hitting the Mone’ Maker for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and still TBS Champion: Mercedes Mone’

The CEO’s celebration is cut short, however, by the arrival of NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion and CMLL star Stephanie Vaquer. She raises her title in the air, as does Mercedes before we cut backstage.

Renee tries to get an update on Orange Cassidy but is interrupted by Stokely Hathaway. Hathway runs down Willow Nightingale, saying he remembers what Kris Statlander has had to put up with the past few months. He hypes up Kris, pointing out she came back from back to back ACL injuries when others don’t wanna show up for work after getting a cold.

Statlander takes the mic now, talking about how much she’s been expected to help everyone else out lately. She calls herself more than a woman, saying she’s tired of being everyone’s protector and that everyone is now going to need protection from her.

-Commercial Break-

Video Package: A look back at MJF’s return to AEW at Double Or Nothing, followed by a video hyping up MJF’s legacy!

Back at ringside, The Young Bucks make their way out to the ring. Proudly displaying their AEW World Tag Team Championship, the pair make it down the ramp before dropping the coin to signal the arrival of Kazuchika Okada. As the AEW Continental Champion walks down, Jack Perry makes his way out next, The Elite fully united before entering the ring.

They get a microphone, which is handed over to Okada to tell the crowd to shut up. Perry speaks up next, saying The Elite run things before addressing the hand-picked team and being set on fire. Not only did The Elite win Anarchy in the Arena, but Perry got his piece of the Dragon when he pinned Bryan Danielson.

Nicholas talks up the Reebok Pumps that were released, before talking about the unbelievable performance on Sunday. They present a gift to Okada, a brand new Lamborghini. Okada looks on the verge of tears, asking if this is a dream as the crowd chants “You deserve it” at the lead of Nicholas.

Matthew says it’s time to talk business, taking blame for Adam Copeland’s injury since before the match, he claims he told Copeland “good luck, and break a leg.” He says they’re praying for Copeland’s recovery…but they must strip him of the TNT Championship. They have a situation to settle, and announce that Jack Perry is your new TNT Champion!

The “celebration” is cut short as Christopher Daniels makes his way to the ring, announcing that Tony Khan has named him the Interim Executive Vice President, meaning that when he makes an announcement it’s coming straight from Tony Khan himself. He says that if Jack Perry wants to be champion he has to earn it, because this is AEW…where the best wrestle.

Over the next couple weeks there will be qualifying matches for a shot at the title at Forbidden Door, which will be a ladder match! The Elite look to beat down Daniels, but he is backed up by The Acclaimed who stand by him as we cut backstage.

Prince Nana hypes up Swerve Strickland, who addresses getting some revenge on Killswitch tonight before addressing former champions and looking ahead to tonight’s main event.

-Commercial Break-

We cut backstage to RUSH, who calls out MJF before we cut to ringside for our main event!

Jay White is the first one out for this Casino Gauntlet Match, followed by PAC as the match gets underway!

Casino Gauntlet Match for a shot at the AEW World Championship at Forbidden Door

PAC is still furious after Double Or Nothing, going on the attack quickly and sending the Switchblade to the outside for more damage. Jay fights him off long enough to get back in the ring, but is met with a hurricanrana by PAC sending him out of the ring…before taking a big dive onto the Switchblade!

PAC goes up top for a shotgun dropkick, picking up a nearfall before Jay heads to the ropes to escape his wrath…and out next is third entrant, Mistico!

He makes a beeline for the ring, taking White down with ease before PAC catches him with a kick to the midsection. Mistico responds in kind before hitting a rope walk attack sending PAC down to the canvas, fending off White before the two rivals fight it out on the outside…before Mistico gets the drop on both of them with a big cross body, before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Mistico is soon made a non-factor as PAC and Jay end up fighting each other some more, both in and out of the ring. With PAC out of his way, White goes back in the ring to go after Mistico, but the luchador fights back. Jay turns it around with some stomps in the corner before PAC intervenes, laying into the Switchblade and forcing him out of the ring. PAC’s focus continues to be on White as Mistico is forced to watch on as we come back from break!

Our fourth entrant is the new AEW International Champion, sending the LA crowd in an uproar as Will Ospreay runs down the ramp…where he gets into it with Jay White! Switchblade offers a handshake but is met with a flurry of offense from Ospreay, and as Jay tries to escape he gets sent back in the ring by PAC into an Oscutter from the champ!

White leaves the ring as PAC tries to take advantage for a nearfall, and Mistico catches them both with a cross body followed by La Mistica on Ospreay as our fifth entrant is out…and it’s Shota Umino from New Japan! The man known as “Shooter” to some fans heads to the ring, entering the fray and catching Ospreay with a rope hung and Tornado DDT combo for a cover…but Jay White breaks it up!

Jay chops Shota before chopping away at Ospreay, and our sixth entrant is revealed as Claudio Castagnoli heads down the ramp! High boot to Shota as White runs out of the ring, with Claudio giving chase…only to take PAC down with a leaping uppercut! Jay keeps running as Claudio follows, and takes Ospreay out with a lariat before hitting an uppercut on Shota for a nearfall as Jay once again intervenes.

Switchblade lays into Claudio, but is dropped to the canvas for a giant swing by Claudio…which takes us to another picture-in-picture break!

Picture-in-Picture: Claudio gives giant swings for Mistico and Ospreay, as Shota runs in for an attack of his own. Shooter hits a couple good uppercuts but is soon dropped by Castagnoli, who takes Umino on a giant swing as well! PAC takes to the ropes to get back in, but is caught by Claudio…who takes him on a giant swing for good measure! Claudio is so out of the loop that he turns his attention to the ref, who has to remind him he is not a competitor to avoid a giant swing as we come back from break!

Everyone else is out of the ring as our seventh entrant arrives…and it’s Lio Rush to a big pop from the crowd as he heads to the ring, standing off with Claudio. Rush is quick to evade the offense of the bigger man, sending him to the ropes before dropping him to the outside. Shota catches Lio from behind, but Rush turns it around into a dropkick. Shooter with a chop but both men end up crossing ropes before neither goes down from a lariat…but they both go down to a clothesline from Claudio!

Our eighth entrant is out, and it’s Orange Cassidy with his other theme, sporting the look from Double Or Nothing despite being laid out earlier. He takes his shirt off and rushes into the ring, where Claudio catches him for a suplex. Cassidy fights out, hitting a Stundog Millionaire followed by a DDT. Cassidy struggles back to his feet as Ospreay sets up for a Hidden Blade, but is noticed by Orange. They stare each other down, and this gives Jay White an opening as he blindsides Cassidy before taking out Ospreay.

Jay with a cover but Cassidy kicks out, and Switchblade goes back on the attack as our ninth entrant comes out next…and it’s CMLL’s Hechihero! He heads down to the ring, going after Jay and then Claudio. Hechicero drops Ospreay for a cross arm breaker which gets broken up by Cassidy, only for Hechicero to roll him up for a nearfall. Rush goes back on the attack on the outside as Mistico goes in to take Hechicero and Claudio out!

Cassidy gets attacked by PAC now but is caught by Jay White! PAC goes up top but is dropped down by Juice Robinson, as Cassidy goes for the Orange Punch on Switchblade…but here comes Ospreay! Stormbreaker gets reversed for a nearfall, as Cassidy goes for a Orange Punch…but Ospreay evades it for an Oscutter! Cover by Ospreay, and he gets the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and challenging for the AEW World Championship at Forbidden Door: Will Ospreay

The celebration is cut short as Swerve Strickland makes his way down the ramp, heading to the ring to stare down his new challenger. The crowd is electric for this upcoming match, with Ospreay having some words for his fellow champion as Dynamite comes to a close.