AEW Dynamite 06 19 2024

AEW Dynamite Results
June 19, 2024
Fairfax, Virginia (EagleBank Arena)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

We open the show with MJF making his way to the ring for our opening contest, set to run commercial-free. MJF gets to the ring, prompting Justin Roberts to say his name again to a big pop from the crowd in Fairfax. Out next is RUSH, staring his opponent down as he heads down the ramp. RUSH arrives to the ring, climbing the turnbuckle to a nice reaction from the crowd before the two men go nose-to-nose…and this match gets underway!


They charge at each other for a lock up, with MJF being sent to the ropes…only to hit a strut to stop himself from being tripped up. RUSH responds with a loud chop to the chest of MJF, who answers back in kind. MJF calls for the crowd to will him on before catching RUSH with a thumb to the eye sending him to the corner…but RUSH strikes back with a massive headbutt, sending MJF to the mat!

MJF gets sent back to the ropes as RUSH lays in some punches, whipping him to the other side to take the former World Champion down hard. MJF fights back enough for a nearfall, but RUSH is right back on his feet to drop Max to the canvas with a big right hand. MJF is in the corner now as RUSH lays in some kicks and punches, the crowd riled up as he teases a dropkick…only to flip them off, kick MJF once more, and hit his Tranquilo pose.

MJF is back on his feet as he goes after RUSH, only to get caught in a chinlock. RUSH hits the ropes for a big kick and the cover, but MJF kicks out!

RUSH goes back after MJF, but both men end up on the canvas instead! RUSH finally back on his feet, only to be rolled up by MJF for a nearfall. Moments later, MJF gets RUSH in a guillotine before driving him into the mat with a DDT for another nearfall. Both men back on their feet with RUSH sending MJF to the ropes, countering out of a piledriver before sending him to the corner…but MJF spikes him with a piledriver, struggling for the cover as the ref counts–but RUSH grabs the ref’s hand to stop the count!

MJF goes back after RUSH, who sends him hard into the corner before getting back to his feet…only to charge into a mule kick by MJF! RUSH strikes back with a piledriver of his own for the cover, but MJF manages to kick out once again!

RUSH’s frustration is evident as the action spills to the outside, where RUSH sends Max into three of the barricades. He follows with another barricade strike before laying in some punches on the previously-injured shoulder. RUSH goes back to the ring to break the ref’s count, taunting the camera about MJF being a hero before grabbing a chair. RUSH slides the chair into the ring, forcing the ref to focus on removing that as RUSH grabs a cable…and starts attacking MJF with it!

He starts choking Max out with it before stepping away just as the ref is about to intervene. MJF gets set up on a chair as RUSH steals a fan’s sign, ripping it apart before laying in a boot on the former champ. RUSH backs away, charging toward MJF…who catches him with a step toe hold into the chair! MJF starts fighting back, but RUSH has the advantage as he sends him back into the ring. He looks ready to hit the dropkick in the corner, but MJF counters with a lariat.

RUSH hits the ropes but is caught with a spinebuster by MJF, who sends him into the corner being slammed headfirst against the turnbuckles before Max mounts up for some punches…but RUSH fights back! But it’s not quite enough as MJF catches him with a brainbuster, picking up the pin and the win in the process!

Winner via pinfall: MJF

As MJF starts to celebrate, Cage of Agony appear on the screen alongside Hechicero with a message for MJF…by order of the EVPs, MJF will be facing Hechicero at Forbidden Door!

Recap: Jack Perry defeated Dustin Rhodes last week to advance to the 6-Way Ladder Match at Forbidden Door for the TNT Championship!

We cut backstage, where Renee talks to Orange Cassidy, Kyle O’Reilly, Dante Martin, and Mark Briscoe about the TNT title match and their All-Star 8-Man tag match later tonight. Briscoe cuts an impassioned promo that is briefly interrupted by Jack Perry, before we end things with Cassidy offering Renee a friendship bracelet before we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Will Ospreay makes his way to the ring to a big pop from the crowd…but the crowd is just as eager to see Swerve Strickland as he makes his way out next. With both men in the ring, we get dueling champions for the International and World Champions of AEW alike before Ospreay speaks.

Will talks about what happened last week, addressing Swerve’s comments by saying he’s very well capable of carrying both titles. He’s held three different titles across five different continents at the same time, and Swerve will find out that he is the best wrestler in the world today. Strickland says he messed up, because Swerve is the best wrestler in the world. Swerve addresses their history and paths and how they will collide in the main event of Forbidden Door. He talks about the success he’s had on his own, suggesting Ospreay will need Don Callis’s help like he did last year against Kenny Omega.

Ospreay rebuts this, saying he doesn’t need Don Callis and he won’t especially won’t need him at Forbidden Door. Will talks about the men he’s faced and defeated, saying while Swerve had a hit row, Ospreay had a hitlist…and he didn’t miss once. Ospreay asks what happens if that killshot Swerve promises misses by even a centimeter…because Will won’t miss. Ospreay then says Swerve should be thankful he doesn’t have to face the pain of a Tiger Driver 91, because if he did he wouldn’t walk out of the arena alive.

Swerve taunts his challenger, saying the champ doesn’t work off ifs…he works off of certainties. He then mocks Ospreay for making his friends, saying he’s abandoned his friends to get to where he is. Strickland continues to run Ospreay down, bringing up his son…which really riles up Ospreay, who tells the champ never to bring up his child again and not to make this personal.

Prince Nana intervenes, saying this isn’t the place or the time before talking up the match at Forbidden Door. He asks whose house this is, but Ospreay steals his mic to say it’s his before dropping the microphone to the mat. Will starts to leave the ring when Swerve tells him when it comes to the AEW World Championship, it’s always personal…so when you go home, send my regards to your son.

A furious Ospreay rushes back into the ring, with both men going nose-to-nose as we cut backstage, where the Don Callis Family are arguing about Ospreay’s comments regarding the group before walking off.

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Zack Sabre Jr. leads the charge on his team making their way to the ring for our next match. Out next are Cassidy, Martin, O’Reilly, and Briscoe who make a beeline for the ring…and this match gets underway quick!

All-Star Eight-Man Tag Team Match: Orange Cassidy, Dante Martin, Kyle O’Reilly and Mark Briscoe vs. Roderick Strong, Kyle Fletcher, Konosuke Takeshita and Zack Sabre Jr.

We start off with chaos in the ring before Cassidy and Fletcher go at it, only for the action to spill to the outside. O’Reilly’s got Strong trapped in a kneebar on the ropes as Fletcher gets sent out by Briscoe, who gets attacked by Konosuke before Cassidy takes him out. Sabre catches Cassidy with a octopus hold until Briscoe intervenes…and with several men on the outside, Dante Martin gets the drop with a big dive as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Things finally settle down as Sabre and O’Reilly go at it. Fletcher and Briscoe tag in, and the ROH Television Champ is sent to the corner by the ROH World Champ for some mounted punches…only for Fletcher to fight back with a clothesline off the ropes as we come back from break!

Cassidy and ZSJ tag in, giving a preview of their match at Forbidden Door as Sabre counters out of teh grasp of Cassidy before Takeshita makes a blind tag to catch Cassidy by surprise! Konosuke heads to the corner for a tag to Fletcher, but Strong makes the tag instead…leading to some arguing until Kyle attacks them with some hard kicks. Strong and O’Reilly back to their feet as they trade strikes, but Strong gets sent down hard as Martin tags in. Sabre rushes into the ring but both he and Strong are taken down by Dante, who evades Takeshita before looking for a cross body…but Fletcher takes the bullet instead!

Takeshita goes after Martin and an assisted powerbomb leads to a nearfall before Dante’s teammates break it up…which just leads to chaos as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The baddies maintain control throughout, trading tags to continue a beatdown on Martin before things turn around leading to a comeback from Martin. Briscoe is looking for a tag from Martin as we come back from break…

…and we get one! Briscoe goes on the offense now, taking out the rest of his opponents as he goes back after Fletcher. Takeshita rushes in, but is taken down as Briscoe hits a Froggy Bow that is followed by an attack from Kyle and Orange!

Chaos ensues once more, leading to Strong saving Fletcher with a lock on O’Reilly. Takeshita makes his way back into the ring as he goes after Cassidy, who counters with a Stundog Millionaire. Martin sends Strong to the outside as Briscoe as Sabre takes down O’Reilly back in the ring. Sabre blocks a Stundog from Cassidy, getting a European clutch on him for a nearfall after an exchange of holds.

Strong gets the tag as he goes after Cassidy, but a save from O’Reilly gives an opening for the Orange Punch as Cassidy gets the pin and the win for his team!

Winners via pinfall: Orange Cassidy, Dante Martin, Kyle O’Reilly and Mark Briscoe

The celebration is cut off short by Perry attacking Martin on the ramp, as Sabre and Cassidy have a staredown in the ring.

Video Package: Mercedes Mone’ talks up the upcoming Title For Title match against Stephanie Vaquer at Forbidden Door

Backstage, Don Callis approaches RUSH though it’s unclear precisely why…aside from the possibility of an offer being made.

We head back to ringside as the Young Bucks make their way out for this Tag Title Eliminator Match up next. The Acclaimed make their way to the ramp next, but Caster’s mic is cut off before he can do his rap…and on the screen we find out why, as Okada is seen messing around with the production. This gives the Bucks an opening to attack the Acclaimed, sending them to the ring as this match gets underway!

AEW World Tag Team Championship Eliminator Match: The Young Bucks vs. The Acclaimed

It doesn’t take long for the Acclaimed to turn things back around as Bowens and Nicholas start things off, with Bowens hitting a Scissor Me Timbers for a nearfall. Tags made to Caster and Matthew, but just moments later Caster gets sent to the outside where Nicholas goes on the attack as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The EVPs maintain control throughout the break, bringing Caster back into the ring as they trade off quick tags to keep him worn down and isolated from Bowens before we return from break!

Caster manages to get out of their grasp, making the tag to Bowens who unloads a flurry of offense before hitting Nicholas with a leg lariat…but his leg is hurt from earlier, giving Matthew an opening for a superkick and a nearfall. Bowens is in the corner as Matthew charges at him, only to be caught with an uppercut…but Matthews keeps him trapped on the ropes as he tags in Nicholas to continue the damage.

The Bucks look for an EVP Trigger, but Bowens manages to block it before fighting back…only to be caught with a set of superkicks from the Bucks, who pump up their Reeboks before hitting a double superkick for Matthew to make the cover…but Caster breaks it up!

This doesn’t last long as Caster is sent out of the ring, the Bucks going back to work on Bowens until he sends Matthew into Nicholas. Matthew catches Bowens with a low blow before the Bucks hit an EVP Trigger…and once again, Caster breaks up the pin!

He gets sent to the outside by the Bucks however, as they go after Bowens for a double-team Sliced Bread and the cover…but Bowens kicks out, showing he’s still got some fight left in him!

A frustrated Matthew starts kicking the leg of Bowens before Nicholas hands him a belt…but he gets caught by the ref, who takes the title away from him to get it out of the ring. Nicholas comes rushing at Bowens with the other title, but Anthony ducks as Nicholas hits Matthew instead. Tag made to Caster, who hits the Mic Drop and gets the pin and the win for a future shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championship!

Winners via pinfall: The Acclaimed

Billy Gunn comes to the ring to celebrate with the Acclaimed, as we cut backstage where Samoa Joe and HOOK look to get the jump on the Premier Athletes once again…only to find a note calling them to a 3 on 3 for Collision.

We head back to ringside for the contract signing for our AEW Women’s World Championship match at Forbidden Door. Mariah May is our host for the occasion as Mina Shirakawa and Toni Storm make their way to the ring. May looks for no hard feelings between the champion and challenger here, saying she loves both of them…but Mina tells her to shut up, before running down Toni Storm for being “soft” since winning the title. Mina says everyone says they want Mina, and nobody wants Toni Storm…and at Forbidden Door she will take the title and her girl, Mariah.

Storm threatens Mina for raising her voice to May, accepting the challenge for the PPV before signing the contract. Mina tells Mariah she has to choose between her and the champion, but this gets interrupted by Saraya and Harley Cameron. Saraya says she’s sick of all of this, and she didn’t come alone…revealing Anna Jay who goes on the attack in the ring on Mariah before setting the table up in the corner.

Storm goes for the save, looking for a hip attack…but Saraya pulls Jay out of harm’s way, forcing the champ to go crashing through the table instead! Saraya, Anna, and Harley regroup on the outside as we see Mina and Mariah holding each other close on the stage.

-Commercial Break-

Video Package: Hype for the Owen Hart Cup first-round match between PAC and Claudio Castagnoli later tonight.

We cut to a set of graphics revealing the brackets for the men’s and women’s Owen Hart Cup tournaments.

Back at ringside, Kris Statlander heads to the ring for our next match. Out next is Nyla Rose to a big pop from the Fairfax crowd as she makes her way to the ring, and this match is underway in the opening round of the women’s Owen Hart Cup!

Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Cup Tournament Quarterfinals: Nyla Rose vs. Kris Statlander

The two go at it, with neither giving an inch until Statlander gets sent to the corner for a series of stomps from Rose before the ref intervenes from a count of four. Kris gets a chance to fight back but is soon sent to the outside by Rose, who catches Statlander trying to get back in. Nyla climbs the turnbuckle, but is sent to the outside by Kris as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Statlander maintains control as she brings Nyla back into the ring, continuing to wear her down before catching her with a kick for a nearfall. Kris cinches in a chinlock, keeping the Native Beast down as we come back from break!

Rose fights out of the hold, sending Statlander to the corner before hitting a cannonball for a nearfall. Kris gets back to her feet, fighting back hard to get another nearfall over Nyla before heading up top for a 450 splash…only for Rose to roll away, catching a nearfall of her own as a result! Nyla goes up the turnbuckle now, but is intercepted and dropped down. Kris connects with a big boot, using the momentum to hit Nyla with a big tombstone piledriver for the pin and the win to advance!

Winner via pinfall: Kris Statlander

Stokely calls out Willow Nightingale to stay away from Statlander, only for Willow to appear on screen to promise she will get her revenge on Kris before winning the Owen Hart Foundation tournament once again!

Backstage, Private Party is interrupted by the Learning Tree who gives some advice ahead of their match at Collision.

We head back to ringside as Daniel Garcia heads down the ramp for our next match. ROH mainstay Rhett Titus is in the ring already as this match gets underway!

Daniel Garcia vs. Rhett Titus

It’s a pretty quick affair as Garcia is able to wear Titus down with some hard strikes and a triple set of rolling neckbreakers before dropping him with a guillotine into a lifted DDT for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Daniel Garcia

Matt Menard gets attacked at commentary by Cage of Agony, leading to MJF rushing down to the ring for the save against the group and Hechicero! The luchador gets one over on MJF until Will Ospreay makes the save this time, forcing the quartet to regroup on the outside as we get a staredown between between MJF and Ospreay.

MJF leaves the ring as Ospreay helps Garcia up, raising his hand while holding the International Championship for him to see.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, Ospreay is asked about what went down when Cage comes rushing at him, demanding a match for the International Championship at Collision that the champion accepts! With that, we head back to ringside as Claudio makes his way to the ring for our main event! Out next is PAC, with Bryan Danielson on commentary as this first-round match gets underway!

Owen Hart Foundation Cup Tournament Quarterfinals: Claudio Castagnoli vs. PAC

The two go at it, a back and forth that ends with both men on the outside as we head to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Claudio ends up maintaining control of the match as he brings PAC back into the ring, wearing him down with a hold before stomping on him before we come back from break!

PAC manages to turn things around as he sends Claudio to the corner, forcing him to the outside in the process. He hits Castagnoli with a dive before bringing him back into the ring, dropping on him for a close nearfall! PAC starts egging Claudio on now, slapping him around as Castagnoli gets to his feet for an exchange of strikes that ends with an uppercut from Claudio. PAC gets sent to the ropes, but manages to turn things around before going for a shooting star press…but Claudio escapes and gets a nearfall instead!

With PAC still down, Claudio sends him for a giant swing before dropping him to the mat. Claudio takes to the ropes for speed, nailing PAC with a massive clothesline for the cover…but PAC kicks out!

Claudio sets up PAC for a Ricola Bomb, but PAC counters with a crucifix submission before Claudio escapes…locking PAC in a Sharpshooter instead! PAC is struggling to get to the ropes, but Castagnoli transitions into a crossface keeping PAC in the middle of the ring. PAC gets him on his shoulders to break the hold, before getting a nearfall once again…but a backslide ends up with a series of pinfall attempts that come up empty!

It doesn’t take long for them to go back at it again…and PAC is the one who keeps Claudio’s shoulders down long enough for the three count for the win to advance!

Winner via pinfall: PAC

Claudio is nearly beside himself in frustration, storming out of the ring with a brief staredown toward Danielson before heading up the ramp. PAC’s celebration is also brief, staring down the American Dragon as well from the turnbuckle as the show comes to a close following some very quick graphics for Rampage, Collision, and next week’s Dynamite.