AEW Dynamite 07 03 2024

AEW Dynamite Results
July 3, 2024
Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

Renee Paquette welcomes us to the show…its Beach Break! She introduces Daniel Garcia who is challenging Will Ospreay for the International Title tonight. Garcia says its a big night for him. He respects Will and puts it on his mother’s life he will not lose tonight. MJF comes in as says that tonight is all about the main event match. MJF says he wants to be in the corner of Garcia. Daddy Magic says everything that he has done for Danny, he is alright with him…

Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Taz welcome inside the arena. Bryan Danielson’s music hits as he makes his way down to the ring to a sizable ovation from the Chicago crowd.

PAC’s music is up next as he makes his way out and slowly walks to the ring.

Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Semifinals: PAC vs. Bryan Danielson

The bell rings and we begin as the fans are fired up tonight with Holy S— chants. We get a lock up with Bryan taking down PAC. We have another lockup as Bryan takes down PAC again. Both men are up as the fans applaud. We get an AEW chant as both men lock hands for a test of strength. PAC kicks Bryan, but it has no affect. Bryan has PAC’s head locked up, but PAC counters with locking up Bryan’s wrists. Bryan gets out of the hold as Bryan locks up the arm of PAC. PAC tries to use the ropes to break the hold….PAC is out of the hold and then takes down Bryan with a leg sweep. Bryan looks on as PAC stares him down. We get a lets go Bryan and lets go PAC chant. We have another lock up from both men. PAC sends Bryan to the corner. The ref calls for the break, as PAC chops Bryan across the chest. Bryan fires back with chops of his own. Bryan hits the ropes as PAC runs the ropes. Both men take each other down. Bryan is up clutching his neck. Both men exchange blows to the face. Bryan comes back with big uppercuts…PAC then kicks Bryan with a big boot, sending him to the floor. PAC then leaps the ropes and lands on Bryan. PAC then sends Bryan back in the ring. PAC has Bryan locked up as Bryan makes it to the ropes to break the hold as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: PAC sends Bryan through the ropes to the floor. PAC follows and then chops Bryan. He then grabs him and chops him again as he is against the barricade. Bryan is back in the ring. PAC stomps on him. and then applies a boot to the throat. Bryan grabs the ropes to try to make it back up. The ref checks on Bryan to see if he can continue. PAC looks on…as Bryan is up, PAC nails him with a big boot to the face, dropping Bryan to the mat. PAC covers Bryan, but he kicks out at two.

Back from the picture-in-picture: PAC is kicking Bryan with round kicks…Bryan is up and he fights back with blows to the face. Bryan. then runs the ropes, but PAC grabs him from behind and is dropped with a German Suplex. Bryan is up holding his neck. PAC is against the ropes as Bryan kicks him in the chest. As Bryan goes for a sliding drop kick, PAC rolls to the floor…Bryan goes to the floor and kicks PAC. Bryan charges at PAC, but he comes back and drops Bryan with a big thrust kick. PAC is up on the barricade and drops on Bryan…PAC sends him back in the ring and then climbs the ropes and lands hard on Bryan. PAC then picks up Bryan piledrives him. PAC covers Bryan for only a two count…Bryan comes back and applies the LeBell lock on PAC, who gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold.

PAC uses the ropes to get back up as Bryan chops him and then kicks him. Bryan goes to the corner, but PAC comes back with an elbow…Bryan then recovers and kicks PAC who goes down. Bryan is up on the top, but PAC turns around and drops Bryan…both men are up on the top rope. PAC delivers a huge brain buster to Bryan from the top! PAC covers Bryan, but he doesn’t stay down. PAC is up on the top. He comes down with the black arrow, but Bryan moves out of the way…Bryan comes back with a big knee on PAC, but he is down. He crawls and covers PAC, but he kicks out and counters with the brutalizer on Bryan! Brayan then rolls up PAC for only a two count and then locks in the LeBell lock…PAC counters, but Bryan then rolls up PAC to get the pin.

Winner by pinfall: Bryan Danielson

After the match, Doc Sampson is checking on Bryan Danielson. The commentary team run down the current bracket for the Owen Hart Tournament.

We go backstage with Renee Paquette talking to Willow Nightingale. Willow says that life can be miserable if she didn’t look on the bright side. Willow says that Kris Statlander and Stokley Hathaway mock her. She talks about a friend who has the devil in his bloodstream. She then talks about a little girl who lost the TBS championship and then kick down the door and be a two time Owen Hart Foundation Champion…she says she will go to Wembley and become the women’s world champion.


Back from the break, we have a video package highlighting the TNT Championship Ladder Match at Forbidden Door.

Mark Briscoe is in the ring. He says he is here to represent the baddest tag team – Dem Boys the Briscoes. He says they call him chicken, but he is not scared of S—. He says that Jack Perry must have had some lucky charms to win the TNT Title…he says this week is Shark Week. He then declares himself of Team AEW for Blood and Guts. He says those boys don’t know what violence or blood and guts is. From behind, Mark is attacked by Jack Perry. Kyle O’Reilly hits the ring…Okada the hits the ring and takes out O’Reilly and Briscoe. The EVP’s walk slowly to the ring with loud boos. The EVP’s hit Mark with a big EVP trigger…The music of The Acclaimed hit, as they and Billy Gunn run down, but the EVP’s Okada and Perry escape through the crowd.

We go backstage with Renee Paquette talking to Toni Storm, Mariah May and Luther. May is facing Hikura Shida on Rampage…

Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Semifinals: Kris Statlander vs. Willow Nightingale

The music of Kris Statlander hits as she comes down to the ring with Stokely Hathaway. Willow Nightingale’s music hits as she charges to the ring. Kris runs to the ring as both women fight on the ramp. Willow then pushes Kris as she hits the floor. Willow grabs the head of Kris and slams it on the apron multiple times. Willow then drops Kris with a snap suplex…both women are in the ring as the ref calls for the bell.

Willow slams the head of Kris against the turnbuckle…Kris comes back and jams her thumbs in the eyes of Willow and then drops her with a big elbow as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Kris has Willow in the corner and nails her with big rights. Kris then nails Willow in the back and then chops Willow…Kris sends Willow against the turnbuckle. Kris then sends Willow against the turnbuckle again. Willow recovers and drops Kris, but she gets up and kicks Willow across the head. Willow drops to the mat. Kris covers Willow, but she kicks out at two. Kris has Willow locked up as the ref checks on her…Willow then rolls over on Kris for a pin, but Kris kicks out at two.

Back from picture-in-picture: Willow then kicks Kris with a big boot. Both women are on the apron exchanging blows. Willow holds on to the ropes and Kris tries to suplex her…Willow sends Kris to the floor. Willow, still on the apron drops Kris with a big cannonball…Kris is back in the ring…Willow covers Kris, who kicks out at two. Willow picks up Kris for a powerbomb, but Kris counters and then kicks Willow. Kris covers Willow for only a two count. Kris then delivers a German Suplex on Willow and covers her for only a two count. Both women are on the rope as Willow drops Kris with a big suplex…Willow picks up Kris, but she nails Willow with a big right hand and then hoisters her up and drops her. Kris covers Willow, but she kicks out at two! Stokley Hathaway puts a chain in the corner of the ring. Kris grabs the chain. Stokley distracts the ref, but Willow charges at Stokley as he retreats off the apron…Willow nails Kris from behind who hits the mat and covers her for the pin!

Winner by pinfall: Willow Nightingale

We get an update bracket for the Owen Hart Tournament.

We go backstage with Renee Paquette attempting to talk to Jeff Jarrett who will be in the Owen Hart Tournament. Jeff walks off…Jay Lethal said tonight is about Jeff honoring Owen Hart.


Back from the break, Tony Schiavone is in the ring. Tony introduces Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. She is welcomed with a big ovation. We get big DMD chants. Britt hugs Tony, as he hands her the mic. The fans chant welcome back. She says she misses everyone. She thought way to long about what she was going to say. She talks about past, present and future…she starts with the past – for the last 10 months were was Britt…the answer was she is injured…she says back in November she was banged up and not mentally good. She said that she had blurred vision and her arm was tingly and could not open a bottle of water She says that she spent a week in the hospital with a transient ischemic attack (TIA) or what is also known as a mini stroke. She then said Tony told her to stay home and take time…She then says now she is cleared and healthy. She then says that she was never more nervous and unsure of herself when she came out at Forbidden Door and that she wondered if anyone would really care. She then said Sunday at Forbidden Door, when she needed AEW and when she needed the fans, she will always be the fans corner and means it from the bottom of her heart…she says we all have the impulse to be elite. Then speaking of Elite, she says she heard there is a new female face of AEW and it must be so rewording for her…CEO those three letters she probably earned those letters for years. Britt then says the CEO has her music piped in and the only three letters that matter in AEW is DMD.

We hear a horn and go to the big screen. The car pulls up as Mercedes Mone’ comes out with both her belts. She met outside the building by The EVP’s who say that she is a CEO they can actually get behind…Balloons are out as the Mone’s double champion celebration begins with Britt still in the ring. Mone’s makes her way down to the ring as Britt looks on from the center of the ring. Mone’ receives a series of boos as she smiles. Mone’ has a mic as we get a big DMD chant. Mone’ says ooops, Britt, did I interrupt something? Mone’ says it is time for Chicago to celebrate their double champion. Mone’ says she made Forbidden Door famous…we a shut the F— up from the fans. Mone’s tells Britt to get a look at what a real star looks like. Britt then says All In. Britt tells Mone’ she was the first female to wrestle at All In and wrestled at All In last year when Mone’ was looking like a broken B— with a broken leg in the stands. Britt challenges Mone’ at All In. Mone tells Britt she needs to get in the back of the line. Britt asks her what line? Mone’s says there is a price to pay when mess with Mercedes Mone.’ Mone’ holds up her titles and then exits the ring.

We go to a video package showing highlights of the World Title Match with Don Callis trying to give Will Ospreay a screwdriver.

Backstage Will Ospreay is with Renee Paquette and Kyle Fletcher. Don Callis comes in as Will asks Renee to leave…Will tells Don he just isn’t the guy wants…Will says that his life has changed and that he owes Don, but that he is done and wants out of the Don Callis Family. Don says he is not in the habit of letting people out of agreements and is happy what Will has done…he says he will let him out of his agreement. Both men hug. Kyle leaves with Don.

Chris Jericho’s learning tree music hits as he makes his way down to the ring. Jericho is in the ring waving at fans. He has a clip board. He says he wasn’t on the show, but he thought he would guest commentate since he has to have his tv time. He then says HOOK stole his move at the pay-per-view. He then says the worst is Taz who is supposed to be biased and acted like a mark. Jericho says that he talked to The EVP’s and if he is going to be at the commentary table, he can’t be around Jericho. He then says he has an executive order that says Taz has to leave the commentary table and leave the arena. Taz is escorted out as Samoa Joe’s music hits.

Katsuyori Shibata’s music is out next…HOOK’s music hits as he is out next.

Cage of Agony’s music is up next…they make their way to the ring.

Samoa Joe, Katuyori Shibata and HOOK vs. Cage of Agony (Brian Cage, Bishop Kaun and Toa Liona)

Joe takes down Toa Liona…Liona tags in Brian Cage as Joe tags in Shibata…Cage drops Shibata with a big shoulder tackle. Shibata recovers, drops Cage…HOOK is tagged in…Bishop Kuan is tagged in…HOOK is sent to the floor as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: HOOK is back in the ring. He picks up Hook and slams him on the mat…HOOK tags in Shibata . He chops Kuan…Shibata charges at Kuan who moves out of the way…the Gates of Agony double team Shibata. Brian Cage is tagged in and kicks Shibata. Liona is tagged in as he kicks Shibata. We get a test of strength as Shibata fights back. Shibata sends Liona over the ropes. HOOK is tagged in and takes down Cage, Kuan and Liona. Liona fights back and nails HOOK…Kuan is tagged in. HOOK tries to fight back, but Liona and Kuan double team him. Shibata comes in, but he caught by Cage who picks him up and drops him! HOOK comes in and DDT’s Cage. HOOK tags in Joe as he drops Liona in the corner. Joe then kicks Cage, sending him to the floor. Shibata hits Liona with a big running drop kick in the corner. All six men are in the ring. Hook has Kuan locked up, Joe has Cage locked up and Shibata has Liona locked up as the heels submit.

Winners by submission: Samoa Joe, Katuyori Shibata and HOOK vs. Cage of Agony

After the match, Jericho enters the ring as Big Bill hits the ring and takes out Joe and Hook with steel chairs. Shibata is down as Bryan Keith is in and puts Shibata’s arm in chair and stomps on it. Jericho then nails HOOK with the FTR Title. Bill picks up HOOK. Keith hands Jericho brass knuckles as Jericho nails HOOK in the head. Keith and Jericho set up a table. Bill picks up HOOK and chokeslams him through the table.


Jeff Jarrett’s music hits as he makes his way out to the ring. The EVP pick is “Hangman” Adam Page, who comes out to new music.

Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Quarterfinals: Jeff Jarrett vs. The EVP’s wild card entry

The bell rings as we are underway. Both men lock up in the center of the ring. Page tosses Jarrett down. Jarrett is up and nails Page in the mouth. Both men lock up and exchange blows. Page sends Jarrett down and then nails Jarrett with big rights. Jarrett sends Page to the ropes, as Page comes back and drops Jarrett with a huge lariat. Page then picks up Jarrett and tosses him with a fall away slam. Jarrett is up on the apron as Page picks him up and powerbombs him on the apron. Page then grabs Jarrett’s head and slams it repeatedly against the steel steps, as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Jarrett is down as Page sits on the apron. Page then walks over to Jarrett and tosses him over the barricade. Page enters back into the ring. Jarrett makes his way back in the ring. Page drops Jarrett with a big right hand. Page then puts a boot on the chest of Jarrett as the ref makes the count, only to have Jarrett kick out at two. Page picks up Jarrett and tosses him against the ropes. Jarrett rolls up Page for a pin attempt, but Page kicks out at two. Both men exchange rights in the center of the ring. Jarrett sends Page down…both men are on the apron. Jarrett nails Page, but Page comes back and bites Jarrett in the forehead. Page then picks up Jarrett, but he counters and drops Page with a stroke on the apron! Both men fall to the floor. The ref begins the ten count. Jarrett makes it back in at eight and Page is in at nine. Jarrett drops Page with a Russian leg sweep…Jarrett nails Page in the jaw as he goes down. Jarrett covers Page who kicks out at one. Page goes for the deadeye, but Jarrett counters. Page then nails Jarrett and drops him with a deadeye. Page looks around as the fans chant Swerve’s house. Page is on the apron. Jarrett staggers, but falls to his feet. Page goes back in the ring as Jarrett shoves him. Jarrett then applies the sharpshooter on Page as the fans go crazy! Page crawls and makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Page sends Jarrett against the ropes and then nails him with a buckshot lariat and then nails him with rights. Page picks up Jarrett and drops him with a deadeye and covers him for the win.

Winner by pinfall: “Hangman” Adam Page

We go backstage to get an update on HOOK. Bryan Keith, Big Bill and Chris Jericho attack HOOK and toss a fireball in his face. HOOK goes down screaming as the trainer checks on him.


Back from the break, Renee Paquette tries to talk with Hangman Page as The EVP’s hug him and tell him that as long as he scratches their back, they will scratch his. They say they lifted the suspension and need a fifth man for Blood and Guts. Page grabs Nick and says he is not their puppet and says he is in the Owen Hart Tournament. He says he doesn’t need them…

The music of MJF hits as he comes out and is on the ramp. Daniel Garcia’s music hits next. Will Ospreay’s music hits next, as he comes out to a big ovation. The fans chant Ospreay!

We have an overrun tonight as we are 10 minutes to the hour.

AEW International Championship Match: Will Ospreay defends against Daniel Garcia

The bell rings as we are underway. Both men lock up and hit the ropes. We get a clean break. Garcia sends Ospreay against the ropes, who drops Garcia with a shoulder block. Garcia is dropped and goes to the corner. MJF gives him a pep talk in the corner.

Both men run the ropes. Garcia takes down Ospreay, as Garcia has Ospreay in a head scissors…Garcia chops Ospreay and then grabs him and snaps him down. Garcia has Ospreay’s head locked up…Ospreay is in the corner as Garcia nails him with right hands. Ospreay recovers and sends Garcia to the floor. Ospreay leaps over the ropes and lands on Garcia on the floor. We get a brief stare down between Ospreay and MJF…we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Both men are back in the ring…Ospreay picks up Garcia and slams him down. Ospreay kicks Garcia in the head. Garcia is up in the corner as Ospreay punches him in the back. Garcia is down. Ospreay boots a boot on Garcia as the ref counts, with Garcia kicking out at one. Oapreay kicks Garcia again as MJF looks on with concern. Ospreay grabs the face of Garcia and then nails with a big right hand. Ospreay then nails Garcia again…

Back from picture-in-picture: Garcia is up as Ospreay slaps Garcia who drops to one knee…Ospreay hits Garcia again, but it only fires him up! Garcia comes back with big rights and then a kick to the jaw of Ospreay.. Garcia suplexes Ospreay and then DDT’s him. Garcia drops Ospreay with a big neckbreaker. Garcia covers Ospreay, but the champ kicks out at two. Ospreay is up and leaps off the second rope, connecting with a big right hand on Garcia. Ospreay covers Garcia, but he kicks out at two. Ospreay kicks Garcia in the back of the head and then kicks Garcia in the face as he goes down. Ospreay then picks up Garcia and kicks him in the face repeatedly. Ospreay then taunts Garcia asking him to hit him. Garcia then dances and his Ospeary…Garcia runs the ropes as Ospreay catches him and flips on his back and covers him, but Garcia kicks out. Garcia comes back and then nails Ospreay and covers him for a two count.

Garcia grabs Ospreay and covers him, but Ospreay kicks out at two. Ospreay is going for a hidden blade. Garcia is up, but he blocks the hidden blade and has a headlock on Ospreay. Ospreay breaks out of the hold and slams Garcia on the mat…Garcia then picks up Ospreay and slams him hard…Garcia covers Ospreay for a near fall! MJF puts his diamond ring in the corner. Garcia picks it up as both men make pin attempts. Garcia drops Ospreay and still has the ring. He hands the ring to MJF…Ospreay from behind hits the tiger driver and covers Garcia to retain.

Winner and still AEW International Champion: Will Ospreay

After the match Garcia is emotional in the corner. Ospreay talks to him and tells him he is family and that he can do it. MJF enters the ring as Ospreay exits the ring. MJF then says it’s on him and not Garcia and that these people still love him. MJF gets Garcia to his feet…MJF then kicks Garcia between the legs and has the evil look in his eyes. MJF then gets the diamond ring and puts put it on. Daddy Magic comes to try to make the save, but nails him. As Garcia gets to his feet, MJF nails Garica. The fans boo as he tells the fans to shut up. Garcia is bleeding. Security comes down, but MJF takes them out. MJF then nails Garcia repeatedly with big rights. MJF picks up a bloody Garcia and drops him. MJF picks him up again as Daddy Magic is shown bleeding on the floor. MJF has Garcia up on the second rope as the officials try to stop him. MJF drops Garcia on his head from the second rope. Christopher Daniels is shouting at MJF why did he do this…MJF fights off the officials. Will Ospreay runs in from the back as MJF retreats to through the crowd. Fans jaw at MJF as it looks like some of then try to get physical with him. EMT staff put Garcia in a neck brace and stretcher him out of the ring as Ospreay looks concerned…EMT staff stretcher him up the ramp as the show goes off the air.