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AEW Dynamite – Big Business 03 13 2024

AEW Dynamite Results
March 13, 2024
Boston, Massachusetts (TD Garden)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

It is Wednesday, my dudes…and it’s time for some Big Business!

Renee Paquette gives us a quick rundown of what’s to come tonight, before she nearly gets run down by an arriving limo, the door opening…but before we see who’s inside, we cut to ringside, where the commentators give a more detailed rundown on the lineup. The crowd chants “AEW” as Mercedes Moné steps out to the stage!

The newly-minted CEO makes her way down the ramp to a massive pop from the crowd, posing on the apron as the Boston crowd shows their appreciation. Moné enters the ring, a big smile on her face as she enjoys the adulation before getting a microphone from ringside.

Chants of “CEO” ring throughout the TD Garden as Moné calls out to Boston…before declaring she’s home. The crowd chants “Welcome Home” before Mercedes continues, saying her heart is beating out of her chest. She thanks the fans for having her back the past two years, for giving her the courage and strength to be here, and for sticking with her through all of her lows, her highs, her milestones and moments.

Mercedes says they’re going to be making so much magic and so many moments…together. Every one of these fans is the reason Moné is here, so thank you. The crowd shows their love for Mercedes who says she loves them back. If they only knew how much tonight means to her, because of all that wrestling has given her. People like Eddie Guerrero gave her something to believe in. The crowd shows their appreciation for Guerrero as Mercedes continues, talking about a women’s revolution in the industry and getting to main event the first-ever women’s main event of a Pay-Per-View in this very building.

She talks about taking care of her brother and the struggle to chase her dreams, heading to Chaotic Wrestling to pursue a dream of becoming the greatest female wrestler of all time. If she can chase her dream, so can you. So let’s get to business. Mercedes says she is in AEW because she needs to be here, because AEW is the only place where the revolution can be global. She can’t wait to tear it up with the women on the roster, before talking about tonight’s match (referred to as the main event by the CEO) between Willow Nightingale and Riho.

Moné talks about having unfinished business with Willow (referring to their match at NJPW Resurgence last May), before announcing that Mercedes Moné is All Elite. We get the All Elite graphic on the screen as she welcomes the arrival of the CEO.

After a quick video package about things leading into tonight, we go backstage where Renee talks to Samoa Joe about defending his AEW World Championship against Wardlow tonight. Joe says he hasn’t forgotten what happened the last time they got into that ring, promising to retain his title as “Samoa Joe doesn’t lose titles in the Garden.”

Video Package: A more literal Storytime with Adam Cole Bay Bay, who talks about the rise of Wardlow ahead of his challenge for the AEW World Championship!

Back at ringside, Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring first for our AEW World Championship match! Out next is Wardlow as Undisputed Kingdom watch on from the stage before this match gets underway!

AEW World Championship Match: Samoa Joe (c) defends against Wardlow

Wardlow charges at the champ as the bell rings, sending Joe to the outside for a beatdown that sends him to the barricade. Wardlow and Joe end up back in the ring, where the challenger drops the champ with a spinebuster for a nearfall! Wardlow continues wearing down the champ, but Joe catches him by surprise and sends him into the corner!

Joe sets him up on the corner but is sent off by the challenger, before Wardlow gets the drop on the champ as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The two go back and forth throughout, with Wardlow managing to keep the upper hand with some strikes and a set of suplexes for further damage. Wardlow takes the champ down once again, looking mighty proud of himself as he brings the champ back to his feet for a guillotine…before Joe gets to the ropes to break the hold! Wardlow stays on the attack, driving the champ into them before the ref forces him away. Joe gets to his feet but is soon rocked by some more strikes from the challenger as we come back from break!

Joe starts fighting back with some chops before sending Wardlow to the corner, but he gets intercepted by the challenger. Wardlow goes up, but Joe starts to walk away in his typical style…but it turns out to be a ruse as Wardlow gets the drop on him! Both men on their feet again, with the champ starting to mount some more offense as he hits a running senton.

Both men slowly get back to their feet before exchanging strikes, and Wardlow takes to the ropes…only to be dropped with a power slam by the champ for a nearfall! Joe goes back on the attack as we see Wardlow struggling with his knee in the corner…only to go after the champ’s eyes, setting him up on the turnbuckle for a big knee and the cover! But the champ manages to kick out!

Wardlow goes up top for a senton bomb…but Joe rolls out of the way! The champ sends Wardlow to the corner for some punches, but is fought back by the champ who drops the singlet straps…only for Joe to catch him with the Coquina Clutch! Wardlow is fading fast…and he’s out! The ref calls for the bell!

Winner via submission and still AEW World Champion: Samoa Joe

The celebration is cut short by Swerve rushing to the ring to confront the champion, barely stopped by security before Joe ends up making his exit from the ring.

Backstage, Alex Marvez tries to ask Okada why he affiliated with The Elite, but Nicholas tells him to use the Rainmaker’s full name before Matthew talks up how big a deal it is to be Elite. Okada keeps things simple by giving PAC, Penta, and Kingston a warning ahead of their trios match later. He then tells Marvez to tell Matthew happy birthday…no, to sing “Happy Birthday,” which Marvez starts to do as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, The Young Bucks make their way out for our next match. Matthew flips the coin, and the coin drop signals the arrival of Kazuchika Okada as he makes his way out next, money falling from the sky and everything as the Rainmaker joins his friends down the ramp. We get a recap of what’s been happening before Penta El Zero Miedo makes his way out next, followed by old Death Triangle pal PAC making his in-ring return to AEW. Eddie Kingston rounds out the entrances, his titles in tow as he rushes toward the ring so this match can get underway!

Eddie Kingston, PAC and Penta El Zero Miedo vs. The Elite (Kazuchika Okada, Matthew Jackson and Nicholas Jackson)

We start off with Kingston and Okada who stare each other down…before Okada tags in Matthew, who tries to de-escalate things with a fist bump and gets a chop before PAC tags in. Matthew offers a fist bump to him, but PAC hits a spinning kick in response. PAC takes to the ropes, catching the EVP by surprise before nailing a backbreaker…but Matthew fights back before Nicholas tags in.

Penta does as well, but Nicholas catches him with a cutter from out of nowhere, but Penta fights back before tagging PAC back in. The two level Matthew after he comes in, getting the drop to send him out as PAC tags in Kingston…who takes a jawjack from Nicholas before he tags in Okada! Kingston and Okada trade chops before Eddie goes to the ropes…only for the Rainmaker to catch him with a dropkick!

Matthew tags back in and the Bucks get involved as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The Elite take control of the match, keeping Kingston isolated as they trade tags to continue wearing the Continental Crown Champion down. They start taunting Eddie as Penta tries to intervene, but is kept away as The Elite continue beating Eddie down before we come back from break!

Matthew tags in to keep on top of things, but is taken down by Kingston…only for Okada to take PAC off the apron, taunting Eddie from his own corner before Matthew goes back on the attack! Tag made to Nicholas…but Kingston gets the tag to Penta!

Penta goes off on the Bucks, before getting intercepted by Okada! Penta saves himself in the corner and tags in PAC, who gets a dropkick on Okada before hitting a big dive on the Bucks on the outside! Nicholas is sent back in the ring for a stomp by Penta before PAC goes for the cover…only for Okada to break it up!

Okada makes the tag now…but so too does Kingston, who starts sending the Rainmaker back with some chops before getting laid out. PAC catches Okada by surprise before Matthew intervenes…only to take a Destroyer by Penta! Nicholas gets involved but gets dropped on the ropes by Kingston. Eddie looks for a Hurriken on Okada, but the Bucks stop him long enough for a low blow by Okada…who follows that by pulling the champ in with the Rainmaker for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: The Elite (Kazuchika Okada, Matthew Jackson and Nicholas Jackson)

The Elite regroup on the ramp to celebrate as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Video Package: Things have been very tense between former friends Adam Copeland and Christian Cage, and next week they face off in an I Quit Match for the TNT Championship!

Back in the ring, Tony Schiavone hypes that match and AEW Dynasty before welcoming Will Ospreay to the ring. Ospreay enters the ring to a big pop from the crowd before shaking hands with Schiavone. Ospreay says he wanted to talk to the beautiful people of Boston, hyping how important this match at Dynasty is to him. He wanted to emulate Bryan Danielson and appreciates that the American Dragon is a fan of his work.

He had a chat with Danielson after his match against Kenny Omega, where everyone talked about the Tiger Driver ’91, and Bryan asked Ospreay if it was worth it…to which Will had replied at the time, it was. Ospreay respects Danielson, but this match means a lot more to him and the people cheering him on. Since he’s arrived in AEW there has been a phrase following him…”restore the feeling,” and Ospreay says he IS the feeling.

With everything this match means, when they step into the ring at Dynasty it’s Bryan’s life or Will’s…and Ospreay doesn’t plan on dying, bruv. This is about proving who the best in this business, and Will plans to prove himself because he is Will Ospreay…and he is on another level! The crowd shows their appreciation for Ospreay as he leaves the ring.

Backstage, Deonna Purrazzo talks about the numbers game Toni Storm and Mariah May look to play, hyping up a tag match for next week. They’d better look out for the shoe, as Purrazzo describes where she’s gonna send it.

Back at ringside, Jay White makes his way tot he ring for our next contest. Darby Allin heads out next, sporting a new look of sorts before this match gets underway!

Darby Allin vs. Jay White

Darby watches stoically from a seated position in the corner, to which Jay mocks him before Darby rises to his feet, revealing he’s still bandaged up from Revolution. The two men lock up as Jay takes him down, keeping a headlock cinched in as he takes him right back to the canvas for more damage. The action eventually makes its way to the corner, where Jay lays in a couple chops before Darby tries to fight back!

Jay escapes to the outside, but Darby heads up top for a dive onto the Switchblade bringing him down hard to the floor. They slowly get back to their feet, before Jay takes control of things by sending Darby on a chair and then sandwiching him against the barricade! The ref admonishes him as White sets up the steel steps, breaking the count by rolling in and out of the ring…and then sending Darby into the steel steps as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Jay brings Darby back into the ring, continuing to wear him down as the action heads to the corner. Darby is up top but is caught by Jay, only to fight him off with a crossbody and a nearfall as we come back from break!

Jay goes right back on the attack however, sending Darby into the ropes before pulling off some of the bandages. Darby fends off two Blade Runner attempts for a sunset flip and the cover…but White kicks out! Darby with a Last Supper but it still only gets a nearfall!

Both men are slow to their feet, until Darby goes for a Coffin Splash off the ropes…only to be dropped to the canvas for a nearfall by the Switchblade!

They start fighting over the top rope, before Darby catches Jay with a Scorpion Death Drop for a nearfall…because Jay gets a boot on the ropes! Jay is on the apron as Darby goes up to for a Coffin Drop…only for the Switchblade to evade, sending Darby onto the apron and to the floor with a thud! Darby barely manages to get back in the ring at the count of nine…only for Jay to nail him with a Blade Runner for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Jay White

Bullet Club Gold briefly celebrate before Jay looks to extend a hand to Darby…but instead it’s a Bullet Club Gold beatdown! They grab a chair from ringside with the intent of shattering Darby’s ankle before he looks to climb Mount Everest…but The Acclaimed run down the ramp, seemingly to stop their Bang Bang Scissor Gang friends!

Dissension (smellness?) int he ring between the six men now, as the AEW World Trios Champions stop the ROH Six-Man Champions. Acclaimed help Darby out of the ring as Billy Gunn takes the bat away from Jay…who grabs a steel chair and levels him with it!

Acclaimed set Darby down to go after Bullet Club Gold…who level the Acclaimed as well! They then bring Darby back in the ring, attacking the ankle before standing tall as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, “Lionheart” Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring for our next match followed by the FTW Champion HOOK. Out next is Gates of Agony, and this tag match gets underway!

HOOK and Chris Jericho vs. Gates of Agony (Bishop Kaun and Toa Liona)

Bishop and HOOK start things off, as Kaun shoves the FTW Champion away. HOOK responds with a flurry of offense before tagging in Jericho for a double suplex before Toa Liona rushes in…only to get taken down by LionHOOK! Gates regroup on the outside before Kaun slides in, only for Lionheart to catch him in the corner…but Kaun fights back, dropping him on the top rope before tagging in Toa!

Toa hits the ropes for speed and sends Jericho flying to the outside! Back in the ring now as Liona brings Lionheart in, attacking him in the corner until Jericho tries to fight back. Kaun tags back in for more damage as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Gates stay in control throughout the break, but Jericho starts fighting back as we come back from break!

Tag made to HOOK as the Gates find themselves at the mercy of LionHOOK, with the FTW Champion hitting a big suplex on Liona sending him out of the ring! Kaun catches him with a knee for a nearfall before Liona comes back into the ring, looking to beat him down…but HOOK locks in Redrum! Liona gets pulled out as HOOK gets the lock back in, wearing him down as Jericho locks in the Liontamer for more damage! Liona tries to intervene but is cut off as Kaun taps out!

Winners via submission: HOOK and Chris Jericho

Backstage, Renee talks to Kyle O’Reilly about the changing landscape of AEW, with Kyle openly wondering if he can still hang with the best of them. He then talks about Bryan Keith, a man he’s been keeping an eye on, looking forward to their match on Collision…when Roderick Strong comes in, saying if Kyle wants to do this on his own, he can do it on his own. Kyle restates this before walking off.

Video Package: A look at Riho and Willow Nightingale ahead of their main event tonight at Big Business!

We cut backstage where Mercedes wishes Riho the best of luck in the main event, before we go to commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, Renee congratulates HOOK and Jericho on the win and asks if HOOK has earned Lionheart’s respect. Jericho says he still needs to learn more, challenging HOOK next week to see what it’s like to stand across the ring from him…which HOOK accepts!

Back at ringside, Willow Nightingale heads to the ring for our main event! Out next is Riho, and this match gets underway!

Riho vs. Willow Nightingale

Riho goes for a waistlock on Nightingale, who uses her power to get out quickly! Riho and Willow get to the corner, but the result is the same as Willow drops the former champion down hard as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Willow continues to maintain control thanks to the power game, continuing to wear Riho down before locking in a bearhug. Riho tries to fight out, only for the former NJPW Women’s Openweight Champion to keep on the attack in the corner as we come back from break!

Riho manages to catch Willow by surprise, dropping her into the ropes for a tiger feint kick! Riho goes up top for a cross body splash and the cover…but Willow kicks out!

Both women back to their feet as Willow gets caught with a hurricanrana by Riho for a nearfall…followed by a Northern Lights suplex for the same result! Riho goes back to the top turnbuckle for a double foot stomp, but Willow evades…and sends her out of the ring with a pounce! Diving senton off the apron…but Riho avoids it in the nick of time! This gives Riho an opening for a double foot stomp off the apron!

She heads back in the ring as the ref begins the count, but Willow gets back to the apron…where she gets caught with a dragon suplex on the apron by Riho! Double foot stomp follows, and Riho covers…but Willow kicks out!

Riho heads to the corner, setting up for a running knee strike that Willow ducks away from! Forearm by Riho turns into another pounce by Willow…but Riho is back up as well! The two fight it out but Willow hits a gutwrench powerbomb for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Willow Nightingale

Willow celebrates before checking on Riho, showing respect before Riho leaves the ring. Willow climbs the turnbuckle to continue the celebration…until the lights cut out. When they come back on, Julia Hart appears on the ramp…and Skye Blue blindsides Willow with a chop block! Hart enters the ring as they start beating Nightingale down, but the arrival of Mercedes Moné puts a stop on things!

Mercedes fights off Skye who rushes at her, before entering the ring to drop the TBS Champion in the middle of the ring. Smile on her face as she stares the champ down…before turning her attention to Willow Nightingale. Willow is happy to see her, raising her hand as a show of respect as the crowd cheers their CEO, while we get one more rundown of what’s happening next week. Mercedes heads to the front row to show her appreciation with some of the Boston fans before Big Business comes to a close.