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AEW Dynamite & Rampage 05 01 2024

AEW Dynamite and Rampage Results
May 1, 2024
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (Canada Life Centre)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

We open from the Jacksonville Jaguars war room where Tony Khan talks about running the show remotely, only to be cut off by the Young Bucks, who talk about their job security as EVPs after attacking Khan last week on Dynamite. They say given a clause in their contracts, they are running the show tonight. With that, they cut to an Elite-centered show opening video package before we go to ringside!

Swerve Strickland makes his way to the ring alongside Prince Nana, immediately addressing what the greedy EVPs did last week on Dynamite. He lets the Elite know what he thinks of their actions before turning his attention to the question of who is facing him at Double Or Nothing. He doesn’t know who it is, the fans don’t know, so whoever it is better present themselves…but make sure they wipe their feet before entering whose house?

The champion is interrupted by the Young Bucks, hyping themselves up as the current tag champions before saying they’re happy to give the champ what he wants after he’s been running his mouth. The challenger is a former champion himself, and he’s at the go position now so they call for his music to hit…and it’s Christian Cage!

The “inspirational” Cage makes his way to the ring alongside his Patriarchy, microphone in hand as he gets ready to speak…but instead, he whacks the champ with the mic before laying in some punches! Swerve fights back, taking down Nick Wayne before a distract from Mother Wayne leads to an attack from Killswitch…allowing Cage to hit his Killswitch on the champ onto the title! Turning his attention to Nana, he and his giant friend set the Prince up for a Wayne’s World from Nick! Cage finally takes the microphone to speak, saying there’s one thing you should know about Cage…he doesn’t forget. He hasn’t forgotten when Swerve broken into his “son” Nick Wayne’s training area and attacked him.

Cage yells at the crowd to be quiet when he’s conducting his business, before addressing the failure of Swerve and Cage to win at the biggest show in professional wrestling history. Cage heard Swerve’s little speech about the path to becoming champion, addressing how the champ’s daughter by saying she’s not gonna want to know Swerve when this is all over…but she will have a father she can be proud of.

Cage runs the crowd down some more, promising to step into Swerve’s house and rip away the AEW World Championship before saying the pain has just begun…and Killswitch rips one of Swerve’s dreads out! Killswitch hands the hair to Cage as he stands over the fallen champion, holding the hair in one hand and the title in the other as his music hits.

Video Package: House of Black accept Copeland’s challenge for the TNT Title, keeping mum on who will actually challenge for the title tonight in Winnipeg!

Adam Copeland makes his way to the ring for our opening match, before the lights go out. We hear from Malakai Black, talking about wanting to watch Copeland suffer tonight before the lights go out again…and when they go back on, we see Buddy Matthews making his way to the ring alone to challenge for the title as this match gets underway!

TNT Championship Cope Open: Adam Copeland defends against Buddy Matthews

After some hesitation, the two men lock up before circling the ring. They lock up again and Copeland gets sent to the ropes, unable to knock Matthews off his feet. Copeland finally takes Buddy down with a side headlock, doing it once again before Matthews eventually kips back to his feet! The two go at it some more, with Buddy being sent out of the ring twice over…and on the second go, Copeland follows up with a big dive onto Matthews as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Copeland takes control as he attacks Matthews on the outside, sending him into the barricade…only for Buddy to turn things around, sending him back into the ring to get back into things! The champ manages to catch him by surprise however, sending Matthews back to the outside as he sends the challenger against the steel steps for added damage. Buddy catches him with a strike, allowing him to get back into the ring as we come back from break!

Copeland gets onto the apron as he gets into the ring, but is intercepted with a DDT sending the champ into the canvas instead! Buddy sends him into the corner for some stomps, wearing Copeland down before following up with a big kick to the back and a rear naked choke sending him to the mat…only for Copeland to fight his way back up, driving Matthews into the corner! Buddy’s still got the hold in tight as Copeland appears to be fading.

The hold finally gets broken as Copeland catches the challenger, dropping him down hard before Matthews rolls away for a breather on the apron. Copeland heads to the corner, looking to set the challenger up for a superplex…but Matthew fights back, before the two collide with headbutts sending both men to the floor outside!

The ref begins the count as neither man is up until they narrowly make it back in the ring at the count of nine! The two men fight back to their feet before each man takes the other down at the ropes, leading to both getting knocked down with a double cross body! Buddy appears to be hurt here, with a medic coming to the ring to check on the challenger as we go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-in-Picture: Matthews slowly makes it back to his feet as Copeland gets back to his feet as well, and we see that Buddy is good to go just as the two go at it with strikes! Copeland sends Buddy to the corner now, laying in some stomps before taking him down. Buddy once again appears to be worn down, the ref checking in on the challenger as we come back from break…

…only for Copeland to bring him back to his feet in the corner for some mounted punches! Buddy eventually responds with a Liger Bomb from the corner for a nearfall! Matthew heads to the top rope now, but he’s intercepted with a big boot from the champ before Copeland goes back on the attack. Both men are on the top turnbuckle as they go at it, with Copeland blocking another powerbomb attempt and a superplex…before hitting an avalanche Impaler, driving the challenger’s face to the mat! Cover by Copeland…but Matthews kicks out!

Copeland heads to the corner looking for a spear, but is met with a triple knee strike by Matthews who gets a nearfall…only to immediately transition into a crossface! Copeland is struggling as he reaches for the ropes, turning Buddy onto his back for a nearfall to break the hold. We get a time announcement as Copeland heads to the corner again, only for Buddy to intercept and go for a stomp…but he gets speared by the champ, who picks up the pin and the win as a result!

Winner via pinfall and still TNT Champion: Adam Copeland

Copeland celebrates only briefly before attacking Matthews, leaving to grab two chairs from ringside as Buddy gets to his feet…but Copeland drops him with a chair, setting up for a Con-chair-to! A crazed look in the eyes of the champ as he has a chair in hand…but the lights go out! When they come back on, Malakai stands beside him…telling him to go through with the attack! The champ raises the chair again, this time turning his attention to Malakai before the lights go out again…and when they do, both his foes have disappeared!

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring for our next match. Joe does not look like a happy man as Isiah Kassidy is out next before this match gets underway!

Samoa Joe vs. Isiah Kassidy

Crowd’s letting Zay know what Joe’s gonna do to him as both men circle the canvas, with Kassidy backing away to grab Joe’s towel from the corner, mocking Joe who just smirks at him before grabbing Isiah against the corner. Kassidy fights back, going to the ropes…before screaming as Joe flapjacks him to the mat! Joe sends Zay to the corner for some rapid fire punches that sends Kassidy to the outside…but Isaiah gets away to get back in the ring, intercepting the former champ before going for a big dive through the ropes…NOPE!

Joe walks away, forcing Kassidy to crash on the floor before sending him back in the ring. Kassidy back to his feet as Joe hoists him up…only to take a dropkick sending him to the corner by Kassidy! Zay goes for a monkey flip but is intercepted by Joe, who has him set up for a musclebuster before getting the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Samoa Joe

Video Package: Skye Blue calls Willow Nightingale a fraud before challenging her for the TBS Championship!

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Orange Cassidy heads to the ring as we see what happened between Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor on Rampage. Cassidy enters the ring to address things, saying that he was hoping after Saturday the three of them would be best friends again…but that will never happen. Cassidy reveals that after the injuries he sustained on Saturday, Chuck Taylor will never wrestle again.

Cassidy says now he stands alone in the ring, and next time he sees Trent…but Beretta comes out to interrupt, calling Cassidy selfish for making Chuck’s career ending all about him. Cassidy rushes at his former friend as security comes rushing out to intervene, along with Kris Statlander…but Don Callis comes out to a chorus of boos, whispering something to Cassidy before the two make their way to the back.

We go backstage where Renee talks to the Young Bucks, who say they don’t have time for this right now as they’re looking for “an old friend.” They give the camera time to the Scapegoat himself, Jack Perry. Perry addresses what he did last week, saying it was a necessary sacrifice for the company as it enters a new era…under The Elite.

Back at ringside, Chris Jericho heads to the ring for our next bout as he is set to defend the FTW Championship against the man that calls himself The Wrestler. Katsuyori Shibata is out next, and this FTW title match is underway!

FTW Championship Match: Chris Jericho defends against Katsuyori Shibata

The two square off to start this match, before Jericho lays in some chops on Shibata…who responds in kind, only for Jericho to sneak in a nearfall. Jericho smiles and waves at the crowd as he leaves the ring, looking for a weapon under the ring before settling for a FTW branded trashcan lid that he slams against the head of The Wrestler.

Jericho goes back outside the ring, grabbing a black bag…revealing a pile of Winnipeg Jets hockey pucks! This turns out to be a bad idea however, as Shibata suplexes him onto the pucks…and does it again! It seems Shibata is not that interested in using the weapons so much as he kicks away the lid and some of the pucks…and lays in some hard strikes on the Learning Tree! Jericho responds with a chop of his own before the two trade strikes back and forth as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The exchange of strikes is interrupted by a few words from Jericho toward The Wrestler, who responds simply with more strikes to wear the champion down…but Jericho starts fighting back as we return from break!

Jericho catches Shibata with a hockey puck to the head causing the challenger to rush at him…but Jericho takes him down to the mat, looking for a rope break to no avail given the rules. Shibata eventually counters out, locking in the figure four leglock on the Learning Tree…who grabs a hockey puck, throwing it at the Wrestler’s face! Shibata grabs his face in pain, breaking the hold as Jericho goes to the outside for a trash can and kendo stick.

Jericho sets the can up over Shibata before swinging away with the kendo stick…but Shibata gets to his feet, slowly inching up on Jericho with every kendo strike! Jericho ends up in the corner trying to beg off Shibata…who responds with a can-assisted headbutt on the champion! Shibata takes the can off of him before setting it up on Jericho for added damage on a dropkick. Shibata with a cover, but the champ kicks out!

Shibata grabs a kendo stick, handing another to Jericho before taking a seat. The champ follows suit, leading to both men attacking each other with kendo sticks…and the challenger gets the upper hand as he ends up taking Jericho down with a back suplex!

Shibata slides out of the ring, grabbing a table from underneath before setting it up in the corner upon his return. The challenger wears Jericho down before propping him up against the table…but a charging Shibata gets caught with a Codebreaker for the cover! BUT SHIBATA KICKS OUT!

Jericho ends up getting trapped with a rear naked choke before Shibata sends him to the mat…and goes to the table to set it up properly on the canvas itself. Big Bill comes running into the ring now, catching the Wrestler with a big boot before chokeslamming him through the table! Bill leaves the ring as Jericho crawls over for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and still FTW Champion: Chris Jericho

We cut backstage, where Renee talks to Willow and Kris about last week before addressing Skye Blue’s challenge for the TBS Championship…a match made official for later tonight, but a text from the Young Bucks reveals that Kris and Stokely are banned from ringside for that match…and if they interfere, Willow must vacate the title! Stokely demands to know what he did to deserve this (aside from his own actions) as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Claudio Castagnoli makes his way to the ring for our next match as we get a word from him following Collision addressing being the wrestler he has to be. Brian Cage is out next, wasting no time before this match gets underway!

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brian Cage

The two trade strikes amidst “BEEF” chants before Cage takes Claudio down with a body slam and a dropkick. Claudio sent to the ropes, but Claudio fights back and catches Cage in the air for a backbreaker! Cage manages to turn things around with another big slam, but Castagnoli just as quickly catches him for a scoop slam and a shuffling double stomp.

Cage sent to the corner as Claudio mounts up for some punches, but the Machine fights back with some strikes before sending him back into the ring with a big suplex off the ropes as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The fight is firmly in Cage’s control despite an attempt by Claudio to get back into it, only to be sent back to the corner by the Machine who tosses him around with ease. Cage wears Claudio down with a choke hold, taking him to the canvas…but Castagnoli fights back to his feet as we return from break!

Cage hits a thrust kick on Claudio, followed by a tiger feint kick and a discus lariat for the cover…BUT CLAUDIO KICKS OUT!

Claudio sends Cage to the ropes before rushing him to the corner for some uppercuts until the ref intervenes for a clean break. The two trade kicks now before Claudio sends Cage into the ropes with a thrust kick of his own…followed by a tiger feint kick and a discus lariat as a mirror of what Cage did to him! Claudio goes for a cover twice and only gets a nearfall each time…before sending the Machine for a ride on the giant swing!

The swing only stops when Claudio locks in a Sharpshooter on Cage, pulling him to the center of the ring…and Cage taps out!

Winner via submission: Claudio Castagnoli

-Commercial Break-

We cut backstage where Renee talks to Rocky Romero about the situation between Orange Cassidy and Trent Beretta, who are set to face off next week. Rocky says he has to do things on his own now, focusing on chasing singles gold once again before challenging Kyle O’Reilly to a match on Rampage later tonight!

Back at ringside, Mariah May makes her way to the ring for our next match accompanied by Toni Storm and Luther. Out next is Serena Deeb before this match gets underway!

Serena Deeb vs. Mariah May

The two lock up, and Mariah gets the upper hand on Deeb before she turns it around with an arm wringer to send May to the mat. Mariah starts to fight back but is soon caught in a submission hold by Deeb, who breaks it only to charge at May in the corner…but Mariah catches her with a kick to the face! May sets Serena up in the corner before hitting a hurricanrana sending her to the center of the ring before following up with a big kick as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Mariah maintains control of the match throughout, wearing Serena down for a nearfall as she looks to Toni for approval from ringside…and this gives Serena an opening as she takes May to the mat with a dragon screw as we come back!

Serena catches May on the ropes for a neckbreaker before looking for a ripcord back elbow…but May escapes! She doesn’t escape another neckbreaker from Deeb however, and Serena heads to the corner…but Maria catches her by surprise for a nearfall. Mariah fights out of a full nelson, only to be taken down by a German suplex by Deeb for a nearfall.

Mariah fights out of the grasp of Serena now, sending her to the corner for a hip attack for the cover…but Deeb kicks out! May charges for a big kick to the face, but Deeb kicks out once again on the cover!

May hoists Deeb up on her shoulders, but Deeb catches her with a crucifix hold. Deeb gets dropped and caught for a nearfall, but Serena gets one of her own…and then spins Mariah around for a backslide for one more nearfall, only for May to hit a neckbreaker on Serena in response! Deebin the corner as May goes for a handstand hurricanrana…but Deeb fights it off before locking in a single leg crab!

Mariah struggles to the ropes but is dragged back to the center as Deeb drives her knee into the mat! Deeb doesn’t give up, but Storm throws in the towel to force the match to end as the ref calls for the bell!

Winner via submission: Serena Deeb

We get confirmation that Deeb will face Storm at Double Or Nothing for the AEW Women’s World Championship before we cut backstage, where Renee talks to Adam Copeland about what’s been going on before Kyle O’Reilly steps in for a chat before being wished good luck in his match later tonight on Rampage.

Back at ringside, Justin Roberts makes a grand introduction for Kenny Omega as the Cleaner makes his way to the ring to a big pop from his hometown crowd. Kenny gets a microphone as the crowd chants for him, as Kenny says the crowd is making this tough on him. He starts talking about not being good at this sorta thing as the crowd welcomes him home.

Kenny starts talking about what he went through with his diverticulitis, saying the doctors told him he was 24 hours away from being a dead man. He says he talked to the doctor about how quickly he can be patched up to get back on Dynamite…but the doctor told him that if he doesn’t do the surgery he could spend the rest of his life with a ticking time bomb.

Kenny admits that after being given the news of needing surgery, he stopped watching AEW programming because of how scared he was of coming out to announce his retirement. He then says he tuned in for the first time in months to watch Dynasty, watching Swerve Strickland make history along with Will Ospreay and Bryan Danielson put on one of the best matches he’d ever seen. He thought he was happy to watch the show again, but his hands were shaking again…and he wasn’t sure if he was scared.

Coming back tonight, hearing the call from Justin Roberts and the roar of the crowd made him realize that the reason he was shaking was from having withdrawals. He also realized that in the conversations on who the best in the world is, he is already being forgotten…but he is not ready to give up until he is completely exhausted.

And that leaves him to another piece of business, addressing the Young Bucks. He reminds everyone that he is the third EVP of AEW despite being “fired” from The Elite, meaning a piece of the company belongs to the Best Bout Machine. This draws out Kazuchika Okada, giving us a staredown between two men who have main evented New Japan.

As the two continue to stare each other down, Omega says they’ve had quite the rivalry before…but Okada says he is the Best Bout Machine now as Jack Perry attacks Omega from behind! Perry fends off the incoming security before going after Kenny again, but Kenny fights back with a snap dragon suplex…but he clutches his stomach after.

Omega does his best to fire himself back up however, setting up for a V-Trigger before Okada grabs his foot to intervene…and this gives Perry the opening to jab Omega in the midsection with the chair! The Bucks come rushing down the ramp, telling Perry to stand down as Omega tries to recover.

Kenny uses the arms of the Bucks to get back to his knees…and this gives the Bucks an opening to hit the Best Bout Machine with an EVP Trigger! Okada looks to set up Omega for a Rainmaker but FTR come rushing down to make the save. Medics and official come rushing down to check in on Omega as we officially transition to Rampage!

Omega is aided onto a stretcher as we get a recap of what went down. We cut backstage where The Elite blindside FTR for their intervention, turning their attention to Omega still strapped to the gurney.

Matthew tells Kenny it’s “just business” as they tip the stretcher over, dropping Omega onto the floor before telling the medics to “check on him” before walking off.

We cut to ringside for our opening match, forced to transition from what we just witnessed as Jay White makes his way to the ring alongside Bullet Club Gold. Out next is Dante Martin, and this match is underway!

Jay White vs. Dante Martin

Dante rushes at the Switchblade, taking him to the corner for some forearm strikes before sending him outside for more damage. The action comes back to the ring as White turns things around…only for Dante to catch him by surprise, sending him right back to the outside! Big dive by Dante keeps him in control until the Switchblade gets back into it!

Both men are back in the ring as Dante goes up top…but Jay sends him crashing into the top turnbuckle, and Dante looks hurt as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: White stays in control throughout the break, wearing Dante down before we return!

Jay brings Martin back to his feet, only for Dante to fight back with a dropkick! Jay sends him to the corner but is caught with a kick from the ropes, followed by a cross body that gives Dante a close nearfall! Dante goes back on the attack before getting caught with a uranage as Jay goes for the cover…but Dante kicks out!

Jay brings him back to his feet for a sleeper suplex but Dante fights out of it, hitting a series of strikes before the Switchblade takes him to the ropes. Dante springboards, hitting the Nosedive for the cover…BUT JAY KICKS OUT!

Half and half gets countered into a sleeper suplex by Jay, who hits the Blade Runner for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Jay White

Jay claims to be helping Dante back to his feet, raising Martin’s arm out of respect…only to drop him with a suplex! He escapes the ring as Darius and Andretti go to help Dante out.

We go backstage where Deonna Purrazzo says she’s starting to feel like herself after a shaky couple months in AEW, turning her attention to Thunder Rosa before walking off.

-Commercial Break-

Video Package: RUSH makes a statement following his return to AEW, reminding us who he is as he demands we put respect to his name!

We cut backstage where Big Bill talks about needing the proper guidance, saying Chris Jericho can give him this guidance before asking him one more time. Teach me, Learning Tree! Jericho shows up, waving hello before addressing the FTW Title match on Dynamite earlier tonight…before offering to take Big Bill under the Learning Tree. Big Bill promises he won’t let Jericho down before Jericho thanks the crowd!

Earlier Tonight: Christian Cage is revealed to be challenging Swerve Strickland for the AEW World Championship at Double Or Nothing!

Backstage, Swerve runs down Cage before promising “a little chat” next week on Dynamite, but he won’t be alone.

Back at ringside, Kyle O’Reilly and Rocky Romero each make their way to the ring before our next match gets underway!

Rocky Romero vs Kyle O’Reilly

The two trade holds early on, neither giving an inch as they make it back to their feet…until Kyle takes Rocky down to the mat for a wristlock. Romero fights out and both men are back to their feet, with O’Reilly catching Romero off guard…only for Azucar to drop Kyle with a hurricanrana! Kyle transitions out of it however, going for an ankle lock before Romero sends him to the outside for a tope!

Rocky goes back in the ring for another dive…but is caught with a cross arm breaker by O’Reilly on the floor, forcing the ref to intervene as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Kyle maintains control as he brings Romero back in the ring, but Rocky turns things around with an arm hold of his own wearing O’Reilly down before dropping him to the mat. Romero lays in some hard strikes on Kyle now, going back to the arm as we come back from break!

Both men go back at it now before they end up down on the canvas as the ref begins a standing count…but they are back up before Romero gets sent to the corner. Kyle gets caught with a Sliced Bread by Romero for the cover…but Kyle manages to kick out!

Kyle catches a fallen Romero for a nearfall of his own before both men get back to their feet…before Romero catches the leg of O’Reilly! This leads to a series of nearfalls for both men before Rocky gets a backslide for another one. Rocky locks in a kimura on Kyle, as both men drop to the canvas…but Kyle counters out of the hold, clutching Romero in tight for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Kyle O’Reilly

Backstage, we hear from Saraya and Harley Cameron who were less than impressed with Mariah May before the challenge is made for a match next week!

-Commercial Week-

Backstage once more, and this time it’s Undisputed Kingdom calling out Will Ospreay as Roderick Strong tells him to bring back the Tiger Driver 91 cause he’s gonna need it against the Messiah of the Neckbreaker!

Back at ringside, Skye Blue makes her way to the ring for our main event. Out next is Willow Nightingale, but the two go at it as this match gets underway!

TBS Championship – Manitoba Massacre: Willow Nightingale defends against Skye Blue

The rules (or lack thereof) are noted by commentary as the two women go at it in the crowd, the action slowly making its way to the ringside area once more as Willow drops Skye for a nearfall. Nightingale grabs some plunder from under the ring before stomping at Blue, setting a chair up on the floor…and laying into Skye with a massive forearm! She sets Blue up on the chair before hopping onto the apron…and goes for a senton, only for Skye to evade in the nick of time as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The chaos continues as Skye Blue goes on the attack now, wearing the champion down before taking her inside the ring to drive her boot against the throat in the corner. Skye takes her down to the mat now, continuing the beatdown as she sets up a chair for a suplex…but Willow fights out, slamming her onto the chair instead before sending Skye back the outside. She grabs a couple chairs from outside, bringing them back intot he ring before Skye fights back with a forearm, followed by a thrust kick that takes the champ down hard as we come back from break!

Skye goes for a trashcan lid but gets caught with a Pounce by Willow, who brings Skye into the ring before setting up a chair in the corner for a cannonball…only for Skye to slam the chair at her, dropping her for the cover…but Willow kicks out!

Skye goes to the outside, grabbing a black bag from underneath the ring…and this bag contains a pile of tacks! Willow and Skye are in the corner, jockeying for position until Willow sends Skye into the tacks with an avalanche fisherman’s bomb and the cover…BUT SKYE BLUE MANAGES TO KICK OUT!

Skye grabs a chair looking for Code Blue, but gets slammed by the champion instead…who hits a moonsault off the top rope onto the knees of Skye Blue! Skye rushes to the outside once more, this time pulling out a barbed wire board that she sets upon a table previously set up on the outside. She goes to the apron but is intercepted by Willow, who gets dropped with a gutwrench powerbomb onto the barbed wire by the champion for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and still TBS Champion: Willow Nightingale

With the match over, Kris and Stokely rush to ringside to help their friend out and help her get a chance to celebrate the win, and we get a rundown of what goes down next week as Rampage comes to a close.