AEW Dynasty 2024

AEW Dynasty Results
April 21, 2023
Chaifetz Arena
 in St. Louis, MO
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

Zero Hour Quick Results:
  • Trent Beretta def. Matt Sydal
  • Orange Cassidy and Katsuyori Shibata def. Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty)
  • AEW World Trios Championships and ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championships Unification Match: Bullet Club Gold (Jay White, Austin Gunn and Colten Gunn) def. The Acclaimed (Max Caster and Anthony Bowens) and Billy Gunn

It’s time to celebrate the lineage of All Elite Wrestling’s brand of professional wrestling…because it’s time for AEW Dynasty!

We open with a video package highlighting the big matches of the night, before the opening pyro brings us inside the arena for our opening match. PAC makes his way to the ring first, ready to challenge for the AEW Continental Championship as Renee talks up the big fight feel and addressing PAC’s comments from earlier tonight, where the challenger promises to show what a true champion looks like!

Out next is the champion himself, with the Young Bucks notably absent due to the rules of Continental Championship matches. Okada makes his way down the ramp, staring down his challenger as he enters the ring before this match gets underway!

AEW Continental Championship Match: Kazuchika Okada (c) defends against PAC

Champion and challenger stare each other down amidst chants of approval from the crowd, before we get a brief lockup…and another staredown leads to another collar and elbow, with PAC getting a standing switch. Okada counters into a drop toe hold, but both men are quickly back to their feet to exchange holds some more. PAC escapes to take the Rainmaker down with a side headlock, but Okada catches him briefly for a nearfall…only for PAC to keep the side headlock cinched in!

Things pick up as Okada finally escapes, but the action spills to the outside just as quickly as PAC and Okada end up on the floor! PAC is back on his feet already, wearing the champ down before sending him into the barricade. The challenger brings Okada back to the ring, catching him with an elbow in the corner before setting him up for an avalanche brainbuster!

Cover by PAC, but the champion manages to kick out!

Okada starts to fight back but is sent back to the corner, where the challenger sets up top…only to get knocked off to the outside with a dropkick by Okada! The champion takes control now, taking the fight right back to PAC as he sends him to the barricade for more damage. Okada brings the challenger back into the ring before hitting a sliding dropkick…and follows with some mocking boots to the head. PAC responds with a set of forearm strikes before taking to the ropes…only for Okada to nail him with a dropkick!

PAC rolls out of the ring, but the Rainmaker isn’t done as he sets his challenger up on the barricade for an elevated DDT to the floor! Okada goes back in the ring as the ref begins the count, but PAC manages to get back in at the count of nine! Okada hits another DDT before going for the cover…but the challenger kicks out just in the nick of time!

Okada grabs the neck of PAC for a hold, but the challenger manages to fight back to his feet before sending the champ over the top rope to the outside…and hits a big springboard moonsault onto the Rainmaker, sending both men to the floor! The ref begins the count as PAC slowly makes it back to his feet, entering the ring at the count of five with Okada stepping in at eight. The two men trade strikes once more, with the challenger getting the upper hand as he sends Okada to the ropes, but the champ turns it around…only to take a flying forearm to the face by PAC!

PAC goes up top, staring down the champion who gets to his feet…only to take a massive missile dropkick from the challenger! Cover by PAC, but Okada barely kicks out once again!

Okada slowly gets to his feet as PAC measures the champion up…but Okada turns it around, eventually hitting a shotgun dropkick that sends his challenger flipping backward into the corner behind him! PAC back on the attack, but the champ catches him with a knee to the neck for a nearfall!

Okada with an elbow to keep the challenger down, riling the crowd up with a tease of his signature pose…only to flip the crowd and camera off! This distraction nearly costs the champion however, as PAC rolls him up for a nearfall!

Crowd letting the champ know how they feel as PAC goes back on the offensive, and Okada is distracted long enough for the challenger to hit a kick and a deadlift German suplex with a bridge…but the Rainmaker manages to kick out once more!

Okada in the corner allows PAC to hit a running boot to the face, dropping the champion to the canvas as PAC climbs up for a Black Arrow…but Okada rolls out of the way at the last second as the challenger crashes down hard!

Okada waits for PAC to get to his feet, allowing him to nail the challenger for a tombstone piledriver and a nearfall! Okada sets up for a Rainmaker lariat but is cradled for a nearfall…and the challenger rolls him up for another! Okada sets up for a backbreaker…but PAC catches him with the Brutalizer!

Okada gouges the challenger’s eyes to break the hold, but PAC reverses a tombstone piledriver with one of his own! PAC goes up top, but Okada grabs the ref to slow his challenger down! PAC stomps away at the champion before going back up top for a Black Arrow…right into the knees of Okada! Rainmaker lariat, and the champion gets the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW Continental Champion: Kazuchika Okada

Okada takes to the stage to briefly celebrate before going to the back, while PAC gets a round of applause and ovation from the crowd.

Video Package: Mark Briscoe’s issues with the House of Black has escalated the past few weeks, involving Adam Copeland and Eddie Kingston in the process…and it all comes to a head tonight at Dynasty!

Back at ringside, House of Black make their way to the ring for our next match! Their opponents come out next, starting with Eddie Kingston who makes a beeline for the ring before Mark Briscoe steps out next. Eddie keeps an eye on the House as Adam Copeland heads to the stage next, the crowd singing along with his theme as he starts his journey down the ramp. Copeland heads to the ring now, Malakai staring him down all the while before this trios match gets underway!

Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston and Mark Briscoe vs. The House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King and Buddy Matthews)

We start off with Malakai and Briscoe in the ring, the crowd cheering Mark on as the two men circle the ring. “Dem Boys” chant as the men lock up, with Black getting the upper hand…but Briscoe takes him down to the canvas! Arm drag follows up, and Buddy Matthew tags in for a double stomp to the back of Briscoe. Buddy stares his foes down as he goes for an armbar on Briscoe, who fights back before Copeland tags himself in! Double team on Buddy before Copeland sends him to the corner for some mounted punches.

Buddy tries to fight back but is sent face first into the canvas. Copeland goes back to work on Buddy, until a tag is made to Malakai…who stares down the TNT Champion before tagging in Brody King! The big man stares Copeland down, but Kingston tags in as he wants a piece of the hoss himself! We get a series of strikes before Kingston drops down, but is back up as he sends King to his knees for another set of hard strikes.

Brody’s back to his feet now, but is sent to the corner by the NJPW Strong Openweight Champion who shows his brand of strong style with some machine gun chops on the big man…who shoves the champ away before sending him into the opposite corner! Brody follows up with a big cannonball on the seated Kingston!

Tag made to Buddy Matthews who hits a few strikes of his own, followed by a dropkick for a nearfall. Tag to Malakai as the House triple team the champ in the corner, and Malakai takes him down for a nearfall right after. Chinlock gets cinched in on Kingston, who fights to his feet before laying in a chop. This leads to an exchange of strikes between both men…that ends with a snap German suplex by Kingston, sending Malakai down to the canvas!

Tags made to Briscoe and Buddy, who go at it until Mark catches him with a sling blade…but a roundhouse kick from Matthew stops things for a moment, before Briscoe ends up sending him to the outside and hits a dive through the ropes! Briscoe’s on the apron now, with Copeland and Kingston trying to even things up against the House. Buddy gets a chair and tosses it toward Briscoe, who catches it before knocking Buddy off the apron…before setting the chair up ON the apron, running across and leaping off it onto Brody on the floor!

Buddy meets Briscoe on the apron now, only for Matthews to take a big uppercut chop from Briscoe…and is caught with a big slam from Brody to the floor right after! Briscoe’s brought back to the ring as Malakai tags in, wearing Briscoe down before Brody tags in. They keep Mark isolated in the corner as Brody drives a boot into the throat, with Malakai tagging back in to cause further damage with a running back elbow and the cover…but Briscoe kicks out!

Rear chinlock by Malakai now, staring Copeland down as Briscoe tries to fight out…only to end up in the corner as Brody tags in for some stomps. Hammer throw sends him right back to the corner again, but Mark fights back enough to tag in Copeland!

The TNT Champion sends Brody to the corner for some strikes, setting the big man up top for some mounted punches before he bites the forehead of Brody…who sends him down to the canvas! Chaos ensues as Briscoe and Kingston knock the rest of the House off the apron before goign after the big man…but ends up with stereo powerbombs by the House, only for Copeland to drop Brody with a massive superplex!

All six men star to go at it now, but it’s Brody King who stands tall with a massive lariat on Briscoe…only to be met with a Hurriken by Kingston, an Impaler DDT by Copeland, and a Froggy Bow by the returning Briscoe! Cover by Copeland…but Brody kicks out!

Malakai’s in now, and he and Copeland stare each other down until Briscoe takes a swing that leads to all six men going back at it inside the ring. The ring eventually clears out, leaving Copeland with the House ready for a triple attack…only to be taken out with a set of spears from their foes!

Copeland’s back to his feet as the ref is dealing with the chaos still on the outside…and as he goes for a spear, the TNT Champion is caught with black mist to the eyes by Malakai! Cover by Black, and the House of Black get the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: The House of Black

Video Package: Julia Hart is eager to take the joy away from Willow Nightingale, who looks set to take the TBS Championship from her tonight at AEW Dynasty…even with a certain CEO keeping an eye on the winner!

Back at ringside, Willow Nightingale comes to the ring as the additional House Rule is revealed that Skye Blue and Kris Statlander are barred from ringside. Out next is Julia Hart, ready to defend the TBS Championship as this match gets underway!

House Rules Match for the TBS Championship (Skye Blue, Kris Statlander barred from ringside): Julia Hart (c) defends against Willow Nightingale

Willow charges at the champion right away, getting the upper hand as she takes Julia to the corner for more damage…until Hart sends her challenger through the ropes to the outside! The fight picks up as Julia sends Willow into the timekeeper’s area, bringing the challenger back inside the ring for more damage until the ref tries to intervene.

She sends Willow to the ropes, taking advantage of the lack of rope breaks in the House Rules to do even further damage to her challenger. Willow tries to fight back but is sent to the corner by the champ, who takes her down hard before getting the cover…but the challenger kicks out!

Julia goes right back to work on the neck, but Willow fights back to her feet before catching the champ with a sleeper hold! Hart fights out of it however, stomping away until Willow catches her by surprise for a nearfall. Julia finds an opening to lock in Hartless…but Willow powers to her feet to bring Julia up! Hart tries to counter, but is caught for a nearfall by the challenger instead!

Willow sends the champ to the corner, only to take a boot to the face by Julia who goes up top for a moonsault…right into the boots of Nightingale! Lariat connects! Willow brings the champ to her feet…and hoists her up for a gutwrench powerbomb for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and new TBS Champion: Willow Nightingale

Kris Statlander and Stokely Hathaway celebrate with the new champion, until the CEO makes her way out. Mercedes Mone’ heads to the ring to confront the new champion, but it doesn’t steal much of Willow’s spotlight as she heads out of the ring to continue celebrating.

Video Package: AEW Double or Nothing returns to the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, where it all comes together!

Video Package: Best friends become bitter rivals as Kyle O’Reilly challenges Roderick Strong for the AEW International Championship tonight at AEW Dynasty!

Back at ringside, Kyle O’Reilly makes his way to the ring for our next match! Out next is Roderick Strong, and this title match gets underway!

AEW International Championship Match: Roderick Strong (c) defends against Kyle O’Reilly

The two go at it right away, with the champion eventually getting the upper hand with a headlock before Kyle fights back to his feet. O’Reilly turns it around, but the champion fights out of a cross arm breaker to get to the ropes. The two trade holds until Kyle gets sent to the corner, where Strong hits a chop and a backbreaker to keep the challenger at bay.

Kyle tries to fight back but to no avail, as Strong gets a nearfall. The action heads to the ropes as Strong sets up on the apron, only for O’Reilly to catch his arm on the top rope instead. Kyle’s in control of things now with a set of kicks, but Strong is back on his feet for a chop. Kyle goes for a running knee…but gets caught by the champion, who responds with another backbreaker!

Roddy takes his old pal to the corner for another set of strikes, setting Kyle up on the turnbuckle…before hitting a backbreaker onto that very turnbuckle itself! Strong with some hard punches to follow up. Roddy backs away, and this gives the challenger a big enough opening to go for a triangle hold…until the champ fights out of it!

Roderick is back in control now as he continues to lay in some strikes, but O’Reilly is back on his feet for a few strikes…only for Strong to catch him with yet another backbreaker, twice over as an exclamation point! Kyle is struggling to use the ropes to get back up…and the champ hoists him up, driving his knees into the lower back before making the cover!


O’Reilly fights out of End of Heartache, going for a set of strikes on the champion before sweeping Strong off his feet to end a combination! Elbow strike by the challenger, who hits an arm breaker and goes for a knee bar…but Strong gets to the ropes, forcing a break! Kyle goes for another arm breaker but Strong catches him with a big slam…and hits the ropes for a set of elbow strikes on the challenger! Kyle catches him on a running knee, hanging his leg up on the top rope before dropping him right down to the canvas!

Knee bar with a leg lace by the challenger…but Strong starts kicking away to break the hold this time, finally escaping the grip as he gets back to his feet. So too does O’Reilly, and they’re wrist to wrist trading blows…until Strong catches his challenger with another backbreaker for a nearfall!

Strong sends O’Reilly to the corner, setting him up for a superplex…which leads to both men getting a nearfall on each other! They finally get back to their feet to exchange strikes once more, neither man giving an inch to the other…utnil Strong gets caught with a knee to the face and a suplex! Another set of strikes ends up with both men down in the middle of the ring as the ref begins a standing ten count!

The two make it back up in time for the count of nine as Strong gets caught with a guillotine choke…only to send Kyle onto the ropes to force the break! Kyle responds by hanging Strong’s arm up on the ropes, but Wardlow comes down to get involved! The ref intervenes as Kyle catches the champ for a nearfall, which gets countered into one by the champ!

Kyle goes back to work trying to wear Strong’s arm down for a cross arm breaker, but the champ scrambles toward the ropes to force the break. Kyle stomps away at Roderick until the ref intervenes, and the champ takes advantage…hitting the End of Heartache for the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW International Champion: Roderick Strong

Strong and Wardlow celebrate in the ring as Taven and Bennett step out on stage with Adam Cole in a wheelchair…only for Cole to rise up from the chair, revealing he’s healthy enough to walk! The three head down the ramp to continue the celebration, though we see Cole stare Wardlow down due to the recent failure to win the AEW World Championship.

Video Package: The issues between Chris Jericho and HOOK come to a head tonight on AEW Dynasty, with the FTW Championship on the line!

Back at ringside, “Lionheart” Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring for our next contest! Out next is HOOK, ready to prove a point to the Ocho and defend his FTW Championship as this match gets underway!

FTW Rules Match for the FTW Championship: Hook (c) defends against Chris Jericho

Jericho offers a fist bump out of respect and HOOK reluctantly accepts before they lock up, with HOOK getting an arm wringer on the Ocho right away before taking Jericho down with a side headlock takeover. Jericho fights back with some strikes, sending the champ to the ropes before HOOK fights back with a couple suplexes and sends Jericho to the outside!

But the challenger catches HOOK by surprise, taking the action to the announce table where Jericho mocks Taz before sending HOOK face-first into the table. Jericho pulls another table out from under the ring, continuing to mock the champ’s father…and this gives HOOK an opening to hit a suplex onto the floor! Cover by the champ as the ref leaves the ring for the count…and this gives Jericho enough of a breather to kick out!

HOOK gets a trashcan lid with FTW painted on it, slamming it against the Ocho’s head before leaping off the steps for another shot. HOOK goes for one more, but gets caught with a boot to the gut before Jericho nails him with a DDT onto the lid! Cover by Jericho, but this time it’s the champion who kicks out!

Jericho continues the attack, sending HOOK back into the ring for some more damage before setting up the champ on the apron with the table still set up on the outside…but HOOK catches him with a T-Bone suplex through the table instead! HOOK with the cover…BUT JERICHO KICKS OUT!

The champ brings him back into the ring amidst a “go home Jericho” chant, but the Ocho fights back with a boot to the face. HOOK sent to the corner as Jericho hits a clothesline, setting him up on the turnbuckle for some punches and a hurricanrana for the cover! BUT THE CHAMP KICKS OUT ONCE AGAIN!

Jericho goes to the outside for a trashcan, coming back in only to be sent on a ride with a German suplex by HOOK! The champ grabs the bin this time, setting it up over Jericho before using a nearby kendo stick on the Ocho…and hitting a T-Bone suplex after! Despite all this, the challenger manages to kick out!

HOOK leaves the ring to grab another table, setting it up in the corner as he looks for another suplex…but Jericho fights out of it. They trade blows before Jericho ends up running into a Northern Lights suplex by the champ! HOOK goes back after him, but Jericho responds with a Codebreaker! Jericho starts fighting back once more, and goes for a fist drop off the second rope…but HOOK counters, locking in the Redrum!

Jericho tries to get out, and ends up doing so by sending HOOK through the table! Jericho goes for the cover and a hesitation from the ref after Jericho gets his fet on the ropes allows HOOK to kick out! HOOK tries to fight back but gets caught in the Walls of Jericho…only to fight out enough to catch an inside cradle on the challenger for a nearfall!

HOOK goes for the Redrum again, but Jericho hits a low blow followed by the Judas Effect for the cover…BUT THE CHAMP KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Jericho tells the champ once more that he’s sorry before hitting another Judas Effect and gets the cover…but the champ will not stay down as HOOK kicks out once more!

Jericho yells at HOOK to stay down before leaving the ring, grabbing a baseball bat before coming back in. He tells HOOK not to make him do this, and HOOK responds with a double finger salute…only for Jericho to nail him with the bat for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and new FTW Champion: Chris Jericho

Taz leaves the commentary table to tell Chris to stand down from any further punishment, as Jericho grabs the title to celebrate on the entranceway. Taz checks on his son while officials rush in for assistance.

Video Package: Thunder Rosa wants to win the Women’s World Championship she never lost in a match…but must face a very game “Timeless” Toni Storm for it at AEW Dynasty!

Back at ringside, Thunder Rosa makes her way to the ring for our next match. Out next is “Timeless” Toni Storm, looking ready to teach Rosa a lesson as this match gets underway!

AEW Women’s World Championship Match: “Timeless” Toni Storm (c) defends against Thunder Rosa

Rosa and Storm stare each other down before the challenger reveals a different look underneath the mask, and the women go at it…until Storm turns things around, sending Rosa to the corner. The challenger fights back however, taking Storm down for a nearfall.

Storm goes back on the attack after this, laying in some boots and a chop before taking Rosa down…and the challenger responds with a headscissors that sends Storm to the outside! The champ gets assistance from Luther but not for long as Rosa hits both with a torneo from the top rope! Storm back in the ring as Rosa hits a suplex for a nearfall, catching the champ with some hard forearm strikes to the chest! Cover by Rosa, but the champ manages to kick out!

Storm turns things around with a backbreaker, but only gets a nearfall for her efforts…before hitting another backbreaker for good measure. A few stomps from Storm before she sends Rosa up onto the top turnbuckle…but the challenger fights back with some strikes and a headbutt and a big powerbomb to the center of the ring! Except the champ kicks out again!

Rosa goes back up top as Toni turns around…right into a missile dropkick! Samoan drop by Rosa now, and she catches the champ with a crucifix pin for a nearfall. Storm on the bottom rope as Rosa takes to the ropes for a hip attack, before setting up for a Death Valley Driver that sends the champ onto the apron! Rosa brings her back in for the cover…and once again, the champion shows she’s got fight left in her as she kicks out!

Rosa looking for a piledriver but her leg gives out, dropping the challenger to the canvas. She gets back up to send Storm to the corner, but Storm counters out and hits a backstabber followed by a tornado DDT…and a fisherman suplex for good measure! BUT ROSA KICKS OUT THIS TIME!

Rosa fights back, catching the champ on the jaw for a nearfall before climbing up top for a double stomp…but Storm rolls out! Storm counters another attack for a powerbomb of her own for a nearfall! Toni with a liver shot on the challenger now, but Rosa fights back with a right hand before both women trade blows. Enziguri by Rosa, but Storm responds with a German suplex…only for the challenger to hit one of her own!

Mariah hops onto the apron to intervene, but is cut off by Deonna Purrazzo who fights off May and Luther at ringside! Back in the ring, Storm hits a German suplex on a distracted Rosa…followed by the hip attack and Storm Zero! Cover by the champ…BUT ROSA MANAGES TO KICK OUT ONCE AGAIN!

Storm is beside herself as she locks Rosa in the Texas Cloverleaf! Rosa is yelling but refusing to quit as she goes to the ropes…finally getting there to force the break! Rosa counters out of a piledriver and hits the backstabber! Rear naked choke by the challenger, trapping the arm of Storm…but the champion gets under the rope to force a break!

Rosa pulls Storm to the center of the ring as Storm holds onto the apron, forcing the ref to deal with fixing that while Storm hits Rosa down south! Storm Zero by the champ, who gets the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW Women’s World Champion: “Timeless” Toni Storm

Luther comes to the champ’s aid, bringing her up the ramp to celebrate as Rosa lays in the ring wondering what comes next.

Video Package: A massive marquee match is up next between two of the best in this business, as Bryan Danielson takes on Will Ospreay tonight on AEW Dynasty!

Back at ringside, Bryan Danielson makes his way to the ring for what is already being dubbed an “absolute dream match”! Out next is Will Ospreay, and we will see if this match lives up to the tagline as things get underway!

Will Ospreay vs. Bryan Danielson

The crowd is in an uproar as the men circle the ring…and Danielson goes for a LeBelle Lock early, only for Ospreay to escape. Both men are up on the ropes now, and a less than clean break ends the exchange. Crowd chanting heavily for Ospreay as Bryan takes notice, and both men lock up again with Bryan taking Ospreay down with a side headlock. Bryan transitions with a leg lock, but Ospreay escapes to this feet!

We get a test of strength between the two now, with Ospreay starting to overpower the American Dragon…but Danielson responds breaking the grip and taking the Aerial Assassin down! Ospreay escapes the grip of Danielson this time, taking him down before we end with a standoff between the two men.

They lock up again, and Danielson takes Ospreay down with a side headlock, keeping Ospreay down until the Assassin fights back to his feet and sweeps Bryan’s leg out…but Bryan’s back on his feet with some chops, only for Ospreay to flip over him to escape! Danielson going for the LeBelle Lock but Ospreay counters out of it, standing away to a big ovation from the crowd!

Ospreay goes after the ankle of Danielson now, but Bryan makes it back to his feet to flip Ospreay off…and takes a chop from Will in response. Bryan with a chop of his own before going after the face, while the crowd lets Don Callis know what they think of him. Both men back to their feet now, as Bryan takes Ospreay to the canvas with a cravat and a knee to the head…but Ospreay flips out of it, nailing Danielson with a dropkick! He heads to the ropes now, taking Bryan right back down with a headscissors!

Bryan taken to the corner as Ospreay follows up with a set of chops before Danielson fights back with one of his own, dropping him to the canvas! Ospreay to his feet, but is sent back to the ropes for a series of strikes by Danielson…before dropping the American Dragon onto the top rope, and then sending Bryan through the ropes to the outside!

Ospreay pumps the crowd up before catching Danielson with a dive through the ropes, bringing Bryan back in the ring for a springboard attack…that gets countered with a swift kick to the midsection by Danielson! Byran gets an opening and hits a set of kicks before getting a nearfall, and goes for a knee to the lower back to follow up.

Danielson shifts his focus to the legs of Ospreay, locking them up as he hits the Assassin with some forearm strikes before setting him up for a submission hold…but Ospreay gets to the ropes to force the break!

Both men back to their feet as Ospreay goes after Danielson, who responds with a flurry of strikes before Ospreay hits him back with a big corkscrew kick off the ropes! Ospreay catches the American Dragon with a springboard clothesline for a nearfall, before laying in some kicks to the head…before Danielson catches him, hitting a series of his own strikes! Ospreay responds with a flip kick sending Danielson to the outside…and a corkscrew moonsault off the top turnbuckle onto the American Dragon!

Bryan brough back into the ring as Ospreay flies off the top rope to take him down, setting up for a Hidden Blade…but Bryan gets a kick on him! He kicks the elbow before hitting a tiger suplex for a bridge, only to transition to a hammer and elbow…and transitions into Cattle Mutiliation! Ospreay’s arms are trapped in the hold, but Ospreay manages to crawl to the ropes to force a break.

Ospreay sent to the corner now as Danielson hits him with a running kick, setting Ospreay up top for a superplex…but Ospreay lands on his feet! Ospreay turns around, shaking things off before catching Danielson for a nearfall! Ospreay goes up top now, but is hung up by the American Dragon instead! The two fight on the top turnbuckle…but Danielson catches the Assassin with a super tiger suplex!

The ref checks on Ospreay after that move, but Danielson goes for the cover…only for Ospreay to get his foot on the bottom rope!

Danielson goes after the weakened shoulder now with some big kicks, ending with a PK…that Ospreay waves up, sitting back up! Danielson lays in another kick but Ospreay is back up, and a chop from Danielson is met with a massive strike by Ospreay that sends the American Dragon down to the canvas!

Ospreay with a series of kicks until the ref admonishes him, and sets Danielson up for a Tiger Driver on the apron…but to no avail! The fight between them continues until Ospreay catches Danielson with an Oscutter onto the apron! Bryan is on the floor as the ref checks on him…only for Ospreay to nail him with a Hidden Blade off the apron!

Ospreay can’t get Bryan to his feet, so he goes back into the ring as the ref begins the count. Bryan is struggling to his feet, managing to get back in at eight…only for Ospreay to hit him from behind, and gets a powerbomb on him for the cover! BUT DANIELSON MANAGES TO KICK OUT OF IT!

Ospreay with a couple kicks, but an Oscutter gets countered before Ospreay fights off a LeBelle Lock! Bryan with a guillotine that Ospreay fights off…but Danielson hits a La Mistica, a headscissors that transitions into an armbar as he goes for the LeBelle Lock!

Ospreay struggles to get to the ropes, gets his free arm trapped by Danielson! Ospreay fights it off just enough to get a leg on the bottom rope to force a break!

Bryan goes back on him with a series of kicks…but a Busaiku gets countered! Ospreay goes for a powerbomb but it gets reversed into a hurricanrana…BUT OSPREAY KICKS OUT!

We get a series of nearfalls after this, until Bryan gets Ospreay with a Busaiku knee and the cover…BUT OSPREAY KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Danielson gets back to his feet, letting the crowd know it’s time to kick Ospreay’s head in as he grabs the Assassin’s hands before stomping away and goes for the LeBelle Lock…but Ospreay is fighting out of the grip! Bryan with a fishhook on the jaw, but Ospreay breaks out enough to hit some elbow strikes!

Bryan looks like he’s fading…but catches Ospreay with a triangle hold! Ospreay with a powerbomb but the hold’s locked in! Elbow strikes by the American Dragon…but Ospreay counters with a Styles Clash type maneuver driving Danielson face-first into the canvas! Both men fight to their feet with some headbutts and other strikes…and Danielson with a shoulder capture suplex, only for Ospreay to hit a Hidden Blade!

Ospreay goes for the Oscutter…but takes a Busaiku knee to the jaw from Danielson instead! Ref starts a standing count until Bryan is up before getting to the corner. Ospreay is up in the opposite corner, and it looks liek a fight between the Hidden Elbow and the Busaiku knee is upon us….with the Hidden Blade prevailing!

Tiger Driver by Ospreay, and Danielson looks like either his neck or shoulder is hurt bad. Ref is calling for the medic, but Ospreay charges at him for another Hidden Blade to get the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Will Ospreay

Ospreay is elated as he celebrates in the corner, but his mood changes drastically when he sees the medics checking on Danielson and the extent of the pain Bryan seems to be in. The ref raises Ospreay’s arm in victory, but the Assassin seems fixated on Bryan being attended to by the officials.

Video Package: FTR and the Young Bucks face off for the fourth time in this ladder match at AEW Dynasty, the final of a tournament to crown new AEW World Tag Team Champions!

Back at ringside, the Young Bucks make their way to the ring for our next match. Out next are FTR, and this match gets underway!

Ladder Match for the vacant AEW World Tag Team Championship: Young Bucks vs. FTR

Bucks look for a double superkick, but FTR block it and go on the attack. Bucks turn it around as they look for an EVP Trigger on Dax, but he gets out and their knees collide before Cash gets the drop on them. FTR head out of the ring for a couple ladders, but the Bucks intercept and take advantage.

The EVPs manage to catch Cash, driving him into the barricade with the ladder before bringing one into the ring…but Dax slides in to intercept them. All four men are back in the ring now as they trade blows, but the Bucks prevail after a pair of superkicks to keep FTR down. They turn their attention back to the ladder in the ring, using it to take Wheeler back down before going after Dax this time.

They prop a ladder up against the ropes, but Nicholas gets sent through it instead…and Dax sends Matthew onto the ladder as well! Outside, Cash has a pair of tables that get set up at ringside. FTR go after the ladders now, but Dax is sent face first into the steps before Nicholas catches Wheeler with a kick setting him onto a ladder…and Nicholas hits a senton on him with a little help from Matthew holding the ladder up!

Action comes back to the ring as the Bucks go after Dax now, wearing him down as Nicholas leaves the ring for a chair. He ends up bringing two to the ring, and Dax is busted open as the Bucks trade chair shots on Harwood. They continue the beatdown, turning their attention to Cash before sending him into a ladder propped up in the corner!

Bucks leave the ring to grab the really tall ladder from the outside, as Dax escapes to the announce table…but the Bucks set the ladder up over the apron and table, before sending Dax into the ladder! They try this on Wheeler, but he slides underneath and steps onto it for a moonsault onto the EVPs!

Wheeler’s back on the ladder and he’s got Matthew in his sights…but Nicolas trips him up, trapping him in the ladder before the Bucks deliver an EVP Trigger! Wheeler drops to the floor as Dax goes back in the ring, setting up a ladder…but to no avail as the Bucks stop him. Bucks look to send him through the tables on the outside, but Wheeler stops them and sends them into the ring! Cash fights off the Bucks and nails them both to turn things back in the favor of FTR! Wheeler sets the tall ladder up but is cut off by Matthew…who gets caught by Wheeler, allowing for a doomsday bulldog from Dax!

Dax looks for a bit of revenge as he locks Matthew in the Sharpshooter, and Wheeler sets the ladder up over him to keep him away while climbing up! Nicholas comes into superkick Dax forcing the break, and takes Wheeler off the ladder…only to face the wrath of Harwood! Wheeler takes Matthew to the apron, sending him to the outside and through a table while Nicholas hits a hurricanrana sending Dax through the other one!

Officials check briefly on Dax while Nicholas grabs a ladder, bringing it into the ring as Wheeler goes up the tall one. We have a faceoff that ends with all four men going at it atop two ladders in the middle of the ring. Cash, Nicholas, and Dax all fall off leaving Matthew alone…but not for long as FTR hit Shatter Machine to send him off the ladder!

Nicholas pops back in with a chair however, nailing Cash with it before setting the ladder up in the corner…and sending Cash into the one still in the middle. Nicholas moves that one to the corner now, but he’s intercepted by Dax as Cash climbs the opposite ladder. Dax hits a superplex on Nicholas, followed by a big splash from Wheeler!

Wheeler gets the ladder to make a climb as Dax deals with Matthew, who shoves Dax into the ladder to knock Cash off. Superkick by the Bucks, and Nicholas has Cash set up on the table outside as Dax and Matthew go at it elsewhere. Nicholas hits a 450 splash driving Wheeler through the table, and Dax hits a piledriver driving Matthew onto the ladder!

All four men are out, but Dax manages to get back into the ring to grab a ladder, setting it up for the right and proper ascension…only for Nicholas to catch him with a sunset powerbomb of sorts off the ladder from the turnbuckle! Nicholas sets the ladder up to go for the climb, but Wheeler intercepts and takes him to the outside. Nicholas is propped up on the table against the barricade as Wheeler goes for a tope through the ropes…but Nicholas gets out of harm’s way, forcing Cash to collide through the table instead!

Back in the ring, we see Dax and Nicholas climbing the ladder and reaching for the titles as they try to fight each other off…and Dax knocks Nicholas off the ladder with a title tot he face! Dax reaches up for the titles…but a masked stranger enters the ring, knocking Dax off the ladder! Security and officials intercept the stranger…revealing Jack Perry! Nicholas makes the climb all the while, grabbing the titles for the win!

Winners and new AEW World Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks

Video Package: Swerve Strickland is ready to claim his destiny at AEW Dynasty, but he’s gotta face a tough man in Samoa Joe for the AEW World Championship!

We come back to ringside, where a Wakandan-style entrance brings in the #1 contender to the AEW World Championship. Prince Nana presents Swerve with a robe belonging to the late founding Embassy member Jimmy Rave as Strickland heads to the ring for our main event. Strickland gets to the ring for a big ovation from the crowd as Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring, a very focused look on the face of the AEW World Champion as we get our ring introductions before this match gets underway!

AEW World Championship Match: Samoa Joe (c) defends against Swerve Strickland

Champion and challenger circle the ring before Joe sends Strickland into the corner, mocking the booing crowd after. Swerve sends the champ into the corner this time, getting a couple strikes in before the two lock up again…and Joe sends a knee into Strickland! Swerve sent to the corner as Joe goes on the attack. Swerve counters before going up top…Joe evades but Strickland lands on his feet, sending Joe to the outside!

Swerve goes for a dive but is caught into a uranage onto the announce table by the champ, who wears the challenger down before taking the padding off the floor on the opposite side…only for Swerve to catch him with a dive over the top rope! Swerve back on the apron, but is caught with a Muscle Buster…but he leaps out of it, only for the champ to drop him onto the exposed floor with a powerslam!

Swerve is brought back into the ring as the champ continues to wear him down. Joe sends the challenger to the corner, but Strickland starts fighting back with some hard right hands…until the champ sweeps the leg out from under him! Joe goes for the cover here, but Strickland manages to kick out!

Joe goes to work on the head of Swerve now, but the challenger fights to his feet before being taken back to the canvas by a confident champion. Back on his feet is Strickland, but Joe beats him down before getting a nearfall. The fight ends up on the outside now as the two men go at it, with Strickland getting the upper hand as Joe gets caught on the ropes…and Swerve pulls his arm against the ring post until the ref intervenes!

Action is back in the ring as Strickland goes after the champ, eventually hitting a German suplex for a cover…but Joe kicks out!

Swerve hits a set of right hands on the champ now, fighting off a Coquina Clutch to score another nearfall in the process! Strickland keeps on top of things here, wearing Joe down for a cross arm breaker…but the champ is fighting back! Triangle hold by the challenger here, but Joe gets up and lifts him for a powerbomb into the corner followed by a Muscle Buster for the cover! BUT STRICKLAND KICKS OUT!

Joe is not pleased at all about this, heading outside to grab the AEW World title…but gets caught with a House Call from the ring! Swerve with a 450 guillotine, and goes back up for a Swerve Stomp for the cover! BUT THE CHAMP KICKS OUT AGAIN!

And he’s back on his feet, gouging the eyes of the challenger as Nana tries to get involved. Swerve grabs the title but Joe evades it, locking in the Coquina Clutch! Swerve looks like he may be fading on the canvas…but no! He fights back to his feet, escaping the hold! He’s got the champ locked up and nearly snaps the arm of Joe! KILLSHOT!

Swerve’s in the corner, asking whose house this is as he connects with a House Call and the cover…BUT JOE KICKS OUT ONCE MORE!

Swerve back to his feet as he climbs up top…only for Joe to intercept him! The two fight at it on the turnbuckle now…and Swerve leaps off the turnbuckle, hitting the champ with a powerbomb! Swerve Stomp from the challenger connects…AND STRICKLAND GETS THE PIN AND THE WIN FOR THE TITLE!

Winner via pinfall and new AEW World Champion: Swerve Strickland

Joe leaves the ring, favoring his shoulder as the new champion is presented with the title as Nana celebrates. Strickland takes the belt, climbing the turnbuckle as confetti shoots out to mark the occasion. Swerve celebrates in the front row as pyro shoots off. The celebration continues as the crowd shows their appreciation for the new champion, and AEW Dynasty closes with the realization that this truly IS Swerve’s house.