AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door 2024

AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door Results
June 30, 2024
UBS Arena (Belmont Park in Elmont, New York)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

Forbidden Door Zero Hour Quick Results:
  • Kyle Fletcher def. Serpentico
  • Four Way Tag Match: House of Black def. Private Party, Kyle O’Reilly & Tomohiro Ishii, and Gabe Kidd & Roderick Strong
  • Willow Nightingale & Tam Nakano def. Kris Statlander & Momo Watanabe
  • Owen Hart Cup Foundation Women’s Quarterfinal Match: Mariah May def. Saraya
  • Mistico and The Lucha Bros (Penta El Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix) def. Titan, Yota Tsuji and Hiromu Takahashi

And with that, the Forbidden Door opens for the main card as the show kicks off!

A bevy of pyro greets us at ringside as commentary hype up the pay-per-view before we kick things off with Hechicero making his way to the ring for our opening match. Big “MJF” chant greats the Alchemist before Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s music hits, bringing the crowd to a frenzy over their hometown man. MJF heads to the ring, soaking in the adulation of the crowd before stepping through the ring to get this match underway!

Hechicero vs. MJF

Hechicero tells the crowd to quiet down amidst “MJF” chants, kicking him in the gut to a wave of boos. The luchador hits the ropes for some strikes but gets rolled up for a nearfall by MJF who gets to his feet…and offers a handshake! Hechicero reluctantly accepts…and it’s a ruse as MJF gets a boot to the gut!

MJF hits the ropes, catching Hechicero with a kick before showing off with a strut and Rick Rude nod before sneaking in a thumb to the eye. Hechicero tries his hand at some sneakiness however, using the ref as a shield before sending MJF to the outside. Max manages to turn things around, sending the luchador to the barricade and setting him up on a chair for a running kick that sends him into the front row to a big pop!

MJF brings Hechicero back to the ring, only for the Alchemist to catch his arm on the tope rope. Hechicero goes to work on that arm now, extending it until MJF fights back to his feet. The luchador tries to hang him up on the ropes but gets tripped up instead…only for Hechicero to leap off the ropes for a nearfall!

Hechicero follows up with a hammerlock into a bearhug, which sets up for a Mad Scientist Bomb dropping MJF’s back onto the luchador’s knee…but only gets a nearfall for his efforts! Both men go at it before MJF is sent to the corner, where Hechicero hits a big knee strike before mocking Max with the strut…and flipping the Long Island crowd off to some big heat.

Piledriver attempt gets blocked and countered with a back body drop by MJF, who struggles back to his feet favoring the arm. Hechicero is back up as well but MJF takes him down with a clothesline…and counters the Alchemist for a piledriver to get a nearfall! MJF back up, still favoring that arm as Hechicero hits the ropes to take him down…but a cross arm breaker gets reversed into a Salt of the Earth armbar! Hechicero rolls him to his back for a nearfall to break it up, but goes to work with a whole different stretch to trap Max’s arms!

MJF struggles as he crawls to the ropes, getting his boot on there to break the hold before both men end up taking to the ropes, dropping each other with clotheslines. The ref checks on both men as MJF slowly gets back to his feet once more, as does Hechicero…but the luchador gets nothing but turnbuckle as MJF slams his head into it, before mounting up for some punches and a bite to the head of the Alchemist!

MJF goes up to the top for a nod to Adam Cole with a Panama Sunrise, followed by a big brainbuster to pick up the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: MJF

Video Package: Clearly paid for by The Young Bucks, we look at the “goodness” of The Elite compared to The Acclaimed ahead of their trios match at Forbidden Door!

Back at ringside, The Young Bucks make their way out for our next match before dropping the coin to signal the arrival of Kazuchika Okada to a big pop from the crowd. The Elite enter the ring to a big “Okada” chant from the crowd, something Matthew Jackson acknowledges by mouthing “thank you” to them as Hiroshi Tanahashi makes his way out next to a big reaction from the crowd. “Scissor Ace” makes his way to ringside as The Acclaimed come out next, finally getting to do a rap before they get to the ring as we get underway!

The Young Bucks and Kazuchika Okada vs. The Acclaimed and Hiroshi Tanahashi

We start off with Okada and Caster, but the Rainmaker goes after his old New Japan rival Tanahashi by knocking him off the apron. This prompts the Ace to call for a tag, and we get a staredown quite some time in the making…before Okada tags in Matthew to a wave of boos from the crowd. Tanahashi with a side headlock on Matthew, who fights back to his feet before sending the Ace to the corner…only to get knocked down for his troubles!

Tag made to Bowens as the two go at it, with Bowens hitting a thrust kick before Matthew escapes a Famouser. Bowens catches Matthew with an arm bar before bringing him to the corner for a tag to Caster. Nicholas runs in but gets dropped onto Matthew, and despite Okada’s best efforts they hit a Scissor Me Timbers on both the Bucks!

Caster goes back after Matthew as Okada gets a blind tag, and The Elite turn things around before knocking Tanahashi and Bowens off the apron…and Nicholas mocks the crowd with Max’s headphones. Bucks double-team Caster before mocking the crowd some more, with Matthew sending Caster to the corner for a double-team as Nicholas mocks the crowd from ringside once again.

Okada tags in to take control, whipping Caster back in the corner before Nicholas tags in for more damage. Caster fights back with a bite and a cross body, but Okada keeps him from making a tag before tagging Matthew…but Bowens gets the tag just in time to go off on the Bucks! Okada runs in but takes a big right hand from Bowens, only for Matthew to send him to the corner before mocking Sting with a shout before charging at Bowens in the corner.

Bowens escapes, dropping Matthew for a nearfall before The Acclaimed and the Bucks go at it in the ring. Bowens and Matthews fall to the canvas, and a tag to Tanahashi and Okada gives New Japan fans what they’ve been clamoring for as the Ace and Rainmaker go at it…with Tanahashi getting a nearfall when things settle.

Tanahashi catches Okada with a dragon screw, before the Bucks try to get involved again…but Bowens and Caster come in to even things up. Caster hits the Mic Drop on Okada but the Bucks try to stop a High Fly Flow from the Ace. Acclaimed get rid of the Bucks as Tanahashi leaps off for the High Fly Flow…and right onto the knees of Okada!

The Bucks pump up their kicks before hitting the Ace with a double superkick, clearing the ring of The Acclaimed as Okada hits a scoop slam on Tanahashi. Elbow drop by Okada connects, and the Rainmaker is back on his feet to give the people what they want…only to be caught with a small package for a nearfall by the Ace!

Tanahashi clears the Bucks from the ring before taking to the ropes, but Okada stops him hard with a Rainmaker lariat for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: The Young Bucks and Kazuchika Okada

Okada looks to hit another one on Tanahashi post-match but Billy Gunn runs down the ramp for the save! The Elite retreat up the ramp as fans cheer on Tanahashi, with the group leaving the ring to a pop from the Long Island crowd.

Video Package: The home stretch of Bryan Danielson’s full-time wrestling career sees him facing off against Shingo Takagi in the quarterfinals of the Owen Hart Foundation men’s tournament at Forbidden Door!

Back at ringside, Shingo Takagi makes his way to the ring for our next match. Out next is Bryan Danielson, notably NOT using “Final Countdown” and saving Tony Khan a few million dollars in the process…but the American Dragon looks ready all the same, as this Owen Hart Cup match gets underway!

Owen Hart Foundation Tournament: Bryan Danielson vs. Shingo Takagi

Both men stare each other down amidst “Yes” chants before they lock up, with Danielson getting a wristlock that Shingo counters into a hammerlock. Bryan counters out, taking Shingo the mat to focus on his legs. He bends one leg back as he slams to the canvas, but Shingo gets a rope break to stop things.

Back in the center of the ring, we get a test of strength that Shingo starts winning…before Danielson powers back enough to take Shingo down. Danielson looking for a Romero Special, catching Takagi before transitioning to a side headlock on the mat before Shingo fights back to his feet. He sends Bryan to the ropes and takes the American Dragon down with a shoulder tackle to keep wearing him down.

Bryan gets sent to the corner as Shingo continues to lay into him with some hard strikes, before Danielson fights back and sends Takagi to the outside for a dive…but a mishap on the ropes gives Shingo an opening to hit a lifted neckbreaker from the apron!

The doctor runs down to check on Danielson as the ref has no choice but to start the count. Shingo is waiting to see what happens as Danielson slowly makes it back into the ring, only to be taken down to the mat for a nearfall by Shingo, who takes him back down to keep on the attack. Danielson gets back to his feet to fight back, only to be dropped down hard as Shingo calls out to the crowd…only to get caught with a kick to the face by Danielson!

With both men up on their feet once more, they trade blows until Bryan sends Shingo to the corner for a running kick. Danielson climbs the turnbuckle but is intercepted by Takagi, who lays into Bryan until being sent in a bad spot by the American Dragon. Clubbing elbows by Danielson wear down Shingo on the turnbuckle, and Bryan follows up with a back suplex sending both men crashing onto the mat!

A nearfall leads to Danielson making it back to a standing position for some hard kicks to the chest of Shingo, who fights to his feet only to be hit with a palm strike. They go back at it now, until Danielson brings him in for a cross arm breaker into a triangle hold…but Shingo gets on his feet, sending Bryan down hard with a powerslam! Bryan heads to the corner as Takagi hits a lariat, setting him up on the turnbuckle next for a superplex off the top.

Running lariat off the ropes helps Shingo get a nearfall, as both men struggle to get back up due to the impact. Shingo finally gets to his feet now, mocking the crowd with Bryan’s old “Yes” pose to a chant of “No” instead. Danielson fights out, sending Shingo to the corner…but Takagi gets one over on Bryan instead, hitting Made in Japan for a cover…but Danielson kicks out!

Bryan gets back to his feet, but is too weak to fight back as Shingo continues to lay in the offense on the American Dragon. Shingo catches Danielson with some more clubbing elbows before hitting the ropes…but Bryan takes him to the mat instead, locking in an armbar before transitioning into the LeBell Lock! Shingo manages to escape before bringing Danielson up to his shoulders, but Bryan fights back with a big suplex taking Shingo down.

Bryan gets to the corner, setting up for a Busaiku Knee as he charges at Takagi. The knee connects and Bryan gets the cover…but Shingo manages to kick out this time!

Danielson gets to his feet, promising to kick Shingo’s head in as he stomps away at Takagi before cinching in a triangle hold for some clubbing strikes. Shingo gets to his feet but is taken down by Bryan, who goes for the armbar once more…and Shingo’s out by the looks of it, as the ref calls for the bell!

Winner via submission and advancing: Bryan Danielson

There is a brief staredown as Bryan looks for a handshake from Shingo, before we cut away from ringside.

Video Package: What tangled webs have been weaved (or woven) as we head into this AEW Women’s World Championship between Toni Storm and Mina Shirakawa!

We head back to ringside for our next match, as Mina Shirakawa heads to the ring with Mariah May in the ring to present flowers to both women per tradition. Out next is the champion with a star-spangled entrance as Toni Storm heads to the ring dressed like Lady Liberty before entering the ring. Mariah gives both women their flowers but goes to a neutral corner as we get this match underway!

AEW Women’s Championship Match: Toni Storm defends against Mina Shirakawa

After a slow start we get both women locking up, only to break it up quickly. Mina escapes the champ’s grasp but Toni gets a good right hand in. Storm gets the upper hand but not for long as Mina fights back, taking the champ to the mat before stomping down the knees. Storm gets lifted onto Mina’s shoulders as she drops her down hard, focusing on that knee some more against the ring rope with a figure four!

Mina gets back in the ring to continue the attack, sending the champ to the corner before Toni fights back, setting up for a fisherman suplex for a nearfall. Mina takes to the apron for a breather, but is knocked off by a hip attack from the champ as Toni heads to the outside…only to be sent to the steel steps by Shirakawa, who follows up with a big dive onto Toni and Luther on the outside from the turnbuckle!

Mina brings the champ back in the ring, but is soon caught by surprise as Toni takes her down for a nearfall. Storm heads to the corner but a charge leads to a low dropkick from the challenger, who sets her up on her shoulders only to take Storm down. Figure four leglock gets cinched in by Mina, but the champ fights back turning the pressure around…only for the challenger to turn it right back. Toni finally gets to the ropes for force a break!

Both women are back on their feet now, trading strikes until Mina knocks the champ down hard with a rolling elbow. Mina heads to the turnbuckle but is quickly intercepted by Storm, leading to both going at it on the turnbuckle as Mariah watches on in concern. Diving DDT by Mina, who drops the champ with a lifting DDT for the cover…but the champ kicks out!

Mina goes for a Glamourous Driver but Storm fights out, hitting a release German suplex to turn things around. Mina ends up in the corner, where she gets rocked with a hip attack as the champ makes the cover…with Mina managing to kick out this time!

Champ then gets caught with the Glamourous Collection for a nearfall, before Mina takes Storm down with a Glamourous Driver! Cover by the challenger, but it’s not enough to keep Toni Storm from staying in the match.

Shirakawa sets the champ back to her feet for a roundhouse kick, but Storm counters into a clutch for the nearfall. Toni hits a couple headbutts and a release German suplex, following up with Storm Zero for the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW Women’s World Champion: Toni Storm

Toni celebrates in the ring as Mariah steps in, still unsure whose side to be on in all this. The pair have a chat at the ropes before Storm brings Mina to her feet. Mina shoves Storm away before extending a hand to the champ out of respect…and the champ accepts! They look to Mariah, the crowd chanting “hug it out”…to which Storm and Shirakawa oblige!

There’s a moment between the three that is soon sealed with a kiss, much to the delight of the crowd as the three leave the ring.

Video Package: Following their bout last year, Orange Cassidy looks for respect from Zack Sabre Jr. as they go at it tonight at Forbidden Door!

Back at ringside, Zack Sabre Jr. makes his way to the ring for our next match. Out next is Orange Cassidy, and this match is underway!

Orange Cassidy vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Sabre evades Cassidy long enough to take him down after a waistlock, retreating to the corner as Orange gets to his feet. He mocks Cassidy as the latter goes for a hold, and things get heated in the exchange until Cassidy takes ZSJ to the mat. Sabre goes for a headscissors on the canvas but Orange rolls to the outside instead.

The ref starts the count as Cassidy walks around for a moment, until Zack offers to open the ropes for him…only for Cassidy to roll under the rope. Sabre catches Cassidy with some strong holds, taking him to the mat…but Orange rolls through to counter it!

Cassidy steps out and through to finish the counter, but is taken to the mat with a snapmare by ZSJ for his trouble. Zack opens Cassidy’s pockets, telling him to put his hands in…but takes a pair of hands to the inner thighs instead. Sabre takes control as he sends Orange to the ropes, before a trade of hip toss attempts ends with Cassidy taking ZSJ to the mat for a side headlock. Sabre fights out for a wristlock, before both men trade nearfalls…and Sabre kicks Cassidy to break things up.

Sabre continues the attack in the corner now, laying in an uppercut before setting Cassidy for a Boston crab…only to transition it into a headscissors, turning Orange around for a full body stretch that gets broken up when Cassidy gets to the ropes.

Sabre is back on his feet as he mocks Cassidy with the weak kicks before laying in hard one. Orange tries to get to his feet as Sabre hits a couple more kicks, before Cassidy strikes back with a low dropkick and a dragon screw which sends ZSJ through the ropes to the outside!

Cassidy with a dive on Sabre to follow up, sending Zack back into the ring before going up top. Cross body by Cassidy, but Sabre locks in a cravat…only for Cassidy to catch him with an ankle pick and another dragon screw. Sabre back on his feet as he counters a Stundog Millionaire…but Orange comes back with a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall, heading to the top for a diving DDT on him for a second nearfall!

Both men get to their feet as Sabre dodges an Orange Punch to capture Cassidy’s arm, going after the hand to nearly break his fingers…but Cassidy fights back with a Beach Break for the nearfall instead. Sabre goes back after his arm for this, twisting things around until Cassidy gets a foot on the ropes for the break.

Cassidy has a second wind as he gets to his feet, stomping away at ZSJ before locking in a cloverleaf…but Sabre escapes just in time, only to be dropped to the mat with a Beach Break! Cassidy gets the cover, but Sabre kicks out!

Cassidy gets back to his feet, but Sabre goes after the hand of Cassidy once again. We get a trade of nearfall clutches before Orange gets his hands in his pockets for a clutch that nearly gets the win…only for Sabre to go for a sleeper hold! Cassidy counters out, looking for a mouse trap in…but Sabre captures his arm! Sabre twists up the legs, nearly bending Cassidy into a human pretzel…and Cassidy submits! The ref calls for the bell!

Winner via submission: Zack Sabre Jr.

Sabre hands Cassidy his sunglasses back before leaving the ring.

Video Package: The issues between HOOK and Chris Jericho have evolved into the formation of The Learning Tree’s branches, and the trio of HOOK, Samoa Joe, and Katsuyori Shibata ahead of this trios match at Forbidden Door!

Back at ringside, Samoa Joe heads to the stage for our next match before being joined by Katsuyori Shibata and HOOK before the trio go to the ring. Out next is Jeff Cobb, before Chris Jericho and Big Bill come out for this team to go to the ring before we get underway!

Chris Jericho, Big Bill & Jeff Cobb (w/Bryan Keith) vs. Katsuyori Shibata, Samoa Joe and HOOK

Jericho addresses “please retire” chants by saying he’s their hometown hero before we start things off with Shibata and Big Bill, the latter wearing down the Wrestler before getting a nearfall off a delayed vertical suplex. Tag made to Jericho, who lays in some chops in the corner before Shibata squares up on the Learning Tree…before laying in a series of chops of his own on the Ocho! Snapmare by Shibata, followed by a spine kick and a tag to HOOK.

Jericho sent to the corner, where he goes for a cross body! HOOK and Shibata say “nope” as Jericho crashes to the mat, and HOOK sends him to the ropes after…only for Cobb to tag in. Joe wants some of this action and gets a tag in to “meat” chants from the crowd.

Side headlock leads to Joe being sent to the ropes, but neither man gives way on a shoulder tackle as the crowd continues to show their appreciation for fine cuts of beef. The chants continue as Joe lays in a series of right hands, sending Cobb to the corner for a knee strike. Cobb sent to Joe’s corner now for a series of jabs, only to catch Joe off the ropes for a big uranage before Jeff knocks HOOK and Shibata off the apron.

Tag made to Jericho who gets a few shots in before tagging Cobb back in, but Joe fights back by sweeping him off his feet. Tag made to HOOK now, and he goes after Jericho before looking for a T-Bone suplex on Big Bill! Jericho fights him off, only for HOOK to send Bill out of the ring. Bryan Keith hops onto the apron and this gives Cobb an opening, as he sends HOOK down hard with a scoop slam.

Tag to Jericho who drives his boot into HOOK’s neck, distracting the ref long enough to let Bill and Keith wear him down some more. Jericho back on the attack, waving to Tazz as he goes after the commentator’s son before tagging in Big Bill. Bill with a hard scoop slam on HOOK now, followed by an elbow drop twice over.

Cobb tags in, looking for more punishment as he drops HOOK down twice for a nearfall, only for HOOK to fight back long enough to tag in Shibata. Shibata sends Cobb to the corner, catching Jericho running in before laying in chops and punches on the NJPW World Television Champion. Joe comes in for some licks as he and Shibata drop Cobb in the corner, but a senton from Joe is only good for a nearfall.

Cobb fights back before tagging in Jericho, but a Lionsault gets blocked by the knees of Shibata. Bill goes after Joe on the apron, only for HOOK to get a double ax handle on the Redwood! Keith distracts the ref allowign Jericho to hit a low blow on Shibata, setting up for a Walls of Jericho as the Wrestler struggles to break free.

But break free he does, tagging in HOOK as he and Joe go on the attack! Cobb gets involved pulling HOOK out, as Bill hits a chokeslam on Joe…but Shibata trips him up! Tour of the Islands by Cobb sends Shibata out, but HOOK manages to hit a T-Bone suplex on Cobb! Jericho with a Codebreaker on HOOK, but he only gets a nearfall!

Shibata has Bill neutralized, as does Joe with Cobb on the outside as HOOK goes for Redrum. Jericho fights out, looking to take HOOK out…only for HOOK to nail him with a Judas Effect for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Katsuyori Shibata, Samoa Joe and HOOK

Tazz is thrilled to see his son finally get one over on Jericho, applauding him from the announce table as the trio celebrate their win.

Video Package: After an injury forced Adam Copeland to vacate the TNT Championship, an attempt by The Elite to gift the title to Jack Perry has led to this ladder match to determine a new champion at Forbidden Door!

Back at ringside, each of the six men in the ladder match make their way to the ring before a shot of the title hanging up high gets this match underway!

Ladder Match for the TNT Championship: Mark Briscoe vs. Konosuke Takeshita vs. Jack Perry vs. Dante Martin vs. Lio Rush vs. El Phantasmo

Perry escapes the ring, looking to grab the title before being brought back in as chaos ensues. Takeshita quickly becomes the target of repeated attacks in the corner, and just momentes later we see Dante, Briscoe, Lio, and ELP with ladders in the ring…tossing them at each other before the action spills back outside!

Briscoe gets one over on Rush as Dante takes down ELP. Lio nearly slips on the chair as he goes for a leaping lariat, but Briscoe sends him down with one of his own instead before setting up a table before Rush intercepts. Back in the ring, Perry has a ladder as he goes up for the title…but Lio catches him! Lio goes up this time but to no avail.

Perry sends him out before clearing the ring of the other ladders…and sets the last one up in the corner. He whips Lio toward the corner, but Rush stops himself before sending Jack there instead…and then catches Briscoe with a kick sending a ladder to him as well!

Rush grabs the ladder to make a climb once again, but Phantasmo catches him on his shoulders before sending him into another ladder that was set up in the corner. Dante Martin slides in for an ascenet but ELP offers a similar fate to him…only for Martin to escape!

Dante goes up again as Takeshita tips the ladder…only for Dante to hit a cross body on ELP to evade being dropped entirely. Except that Konsouke catches him with a massive neckbreaker on Dante, only to be cleared out by Mark Briscoe who goes on the attack with the ladder around his head…until the Alpha goes back on the attack!

Konosuke gets sent out as a “Dem Boys” chant breaks out, with Briscoe grabbing a chair from ringside to set up for a massive dive onto Takeshita going through a ladder in the process! The crowd are electric for this as officials check on both men.

Back in the ring, Perry is once again trying to quickly get to the title but is intercepted by Lio once more…only the former Jungle Boy strikes back with a ladder strike keeping Rush at bay. He props up the ladder before slamming Lio into it, climbing the ladder before ELP uses the ladder bridge to intercept him!

A good ol’ purple nurple sends Jack Perry crashing to the mat as Dante goes after ELP on the top of the ladder…but Perry tips the ladder to send them crashing to the outside! Perry looks to do a bit more damage as he gathers some hardware so to speak, setting up a table on the outside before getting to the apron to go after Rush.

Lio escapes a powerbomb attempt amidst a “we want real glass” chant from the crowd, but is hurt as we see Briscoe setting up a ladder on the apron. He and Takeshita trade forearms on the floor until Lio dives through the ladder opening to drop the Alpha to the outside. Briscoe sets the ladder back up before climbing up…deciding to launch himself at Perry onto the table on the outside! Dante sees his opportunity and slides back into the ring, but Lio is right there to intervene before both men get to the top for a staredown.

This ends with Takeshita interrupting, sending Martin down with a massive powerbomb before propping a ladder up in the corner. He sends Rush to the ropes but Lio hops back onto the ladder…only for the Alpha to send him through the ladder in the corner with a powerbomb! Takeshita sets the remaining ladder up for a climb, but is intercepted by ELP who drops him off the ladder before getting a knee to the jaw by Takeshita.

ELP fights back with a thrust kick, sending Takeshita to the apron for a CR2…but an elbow strike by Takeshita rocks him instead, and he takes a one-way ticket through the tables with a Blue Thunder Bomb by the Alpha! Takeshita goes back in, climbing up the ladder until Briscoe stops him with a chair to the back. Briscoe goes up, but it’s not to go for the title as he sets the Alpha up for a Jay Driller onto a propped-up ladder in the corner!

Briscoe goes back up the ladder looking to retrieve the title, but Perry comes in to stop him. He sends Mark off before setting up a tall ladder…and then laying in chair shots on Briscoe to keep him down long enough for Perry to climb the ladder! Perry gets up there and takes the TNT Championship!

Winner and new TNT Champion: Jack Perry

Video Package: Mercedes Mone’ looks to win the title she believes is hers, but must defeat a very game Stephanie Vaquer in this Title For Title Match with the TBS Championship and NJPW Strong Women’s Openweight Championship on the line!

Back at ringside, both champions make their way to the ring before the ref confirms with both women that the match is contested under AEW rules…leading to Vaquer getting the jump on Mone’ before this match gets underway!

Title For Title Match: AEW TBS Champion Mercedes Mone’ vs. NJPW Strong Women’s Openweight Champion Stephanie Vaquer

Vaquer lays it in on the CEO before Mercedes fights back, leading to a trade of holds from both women with the CMLL star getting the upper hand…but not for long, as Mone’ takes control. Mercedes rolls away for a breather, but Stephanie gets an opening to take her to the ropes for a rope walk arm drag! Mercedes fights back with some palm strikes before an arm drag and a submission hold that gets broken by Vaquer getting to the ropes.

Vaquer steps out of the ring but is taken out with a dive by Mercedes, who sends her fellow champion back into the ring for a Meteora that gets a nearfall. Stephanie escapes the ring this time, catching Mone’ by surprise until Mercedes fights back from the apron. Vaquer gets back in the ring, catching the TBS Champion in the ropes before sending her right back to the outside…where Stephanie hits a big dive!

Stephanie continues the attack before sending Mercedes back in the ring, wearing her down until Mone’ fights back…only for Vaquer to catch her with a clutch for a nearfall. Mone’ fights back for a nearfall of her own before the CMLL star gets back in control. This doesn’t last long as Mercedes fights back with a vertical suplex, but can’t even get two amigos in before Vaquer counters out for an leg hook that Mone’ struggles to break free from.

Mercedes looks hurt as Stephanie continues the attack, eventually driving Mone’s head repeatedly into the mat for a close nearfall on the TBS Champion. The action ends up in the corner where the two go at it, with Mercedes catching the NJPW Strong Women’s Champion with a dropkick before both women make it back to their feet.

They trade strikes until Mone’ sends Vaquer to the corner, where she hits a diving DDT off the ropes for the cover…but Vaquer kicks out!

Mercedes fights back enough to get a nearfall of her own, before Stephanie blocks a Money Maker to catch the TBS Champion for another nearfall. Double underhook piledriver gets blocked as Mercedes takes to the ropes…but both women take each other out, leaving them on the canvas instead!

Both women make it back to their feet before Vaquer catches Mone’ with a nearfall, only to transition to a crossface…but Mercedes gets her to her back for a nearfall to break the hold! She locks in a crossface of her own as Stephanie struggles to the ropes, eventually catching the TBS Champion with a slam to the mat to a pop from the crowd!

The crowd let Mone’ know how they feel about the Celtics as Vaquer gets caught with a knee to the face by Mercedes, a wave of boos coming through as she goes to the top for a flying nothing as Vaquer gets a boot in her face instead! Vaquer with a dragon screw on Mone’ followed by running double knees in the corner for the cover…but Mone’ kicks out!

The NY crowd turn their attention to the Red Sox with the chants as Mercedes fights back their hate with a crossface on Vaquer, who inches toward the ropes before getting a jackknife cover for a nearfall. She fights out of a Money Maker, but Mercedes hits it on the second try…and locks in a crossface, forcing Vaquer to tap out!

Winner via submission and new NJPW Strong Women’s Openweight Champion: Mercedes Mone’

The new double champ celebrates, as if enjoying the hate from the Long Island crowd…until Dr. Britt Baker makes her way out to a huge pop from the crowd! Baker heads to the stage, staring down Mone’ before leaving back through the tunnel.

Video Package: New Japan, AEW, CMLL, STARDOM, and ROH present Wrestle Dynasty on January 5, 2025

Video Package: Jon Moxley and Tetsuya Naito are set to collide once again after a massive IWGP World Heavyweight Championship bout in April, and this time we bear witness to the rematch at Forbidden Door!

Jim Ross is on commentary for this IWGP World Heavyweight Championship bout, as the challenger Tetsuya Naito makes his way to the ring first. Out next is Jon Moxley rocking his New Japan theme, letting the world know the Death Rider is here tonight as he goes through the crowd to head to ringside. We get ring introductions for the challenger and the champion, and this match is underway!

IWGP World Championship Match: Jon Moxley defends against Tetsuya Naito

The two go at it right away with elbow strikes, followed by a series of forearms by Mox sending Naito to the corner. Naito dodges a right hand by the champ before spitting in his face…which riles up Mox as the challenger leaves the ring. Mox leaves the ring as Naito goes back in, mocking Mox by sitting on the chair he brought in…and this leads to Mox laying in a clothesline in the corner before dropping him on the ropes.

Mox continues the damage as he drags Naito to the ring post, attacking the leg from the outside by slamming it against the post. Mox pulls the nearby announce table part, setting his challenger up on it before pummeling away as the ref intervenes. Mox goes back in the ring as Naito gets off the table finally, a smile on his face as the champ eggs him on to come back. Naito gets back in the ring, spitting in Mox’s face once again…only for the champ to lay into him, before getting a single leg crab.

He transitions to an STF before Naito gets a rope break…and Mox responds by driving him hard into the mat with a piledriver for a nearfall! The action heads to the corner now as Mox lays in some mounted punches on the challenger, followed by a backdrop driver for another nearfall. Naito back on his feet as he starts trading palm strikes with Mox, who sends him back to the corner before clawing at the challenger’s back.

Naito fights back until Mox hits a couple headbutts, but is sent off the turnbuckle to the outside by the challenger. Mox gets to the barricade but is sent through to the front row by Naito with a spear before he uses a safety cover to beat up the champ! He brings Mox back to the ring now, looking to keep on the attack as he sends Mox to the corner for a neckbreaker and a nearfall.

Mox fights back now, looking for a Figure Four before Naito escapes to send the champ back to the corner…but a hurricanrana gets countered into a powerbomb! Mox with a cover, but Naito manages to kick out!

The ref checks on Naito before Mox goes to bring him back to his feet…only for Naito to connect with a tornado DDT to keep the champ down. Naito brings the champ back to the corner, dropping Mox down hard before getting back to his feet. Mox blocks a Destino attempt before sending Naito to the corner…and getting a sleeper hold when he comes back! But Naito turns it around with a Destino! Naito goes for a second Destino, but Mox counters into a Paradigm Shift!

Both men slowly get to their feet before slugging it out, with Naito hitting some back elbows until Mox fights back with a big lariat! Death Rider connects as Mox goes for the cover…but Naito manages to kick out again! Mox looks beside himself as he confronts the ref about this, before grabbing a chair from ringside.

Mox sets up a chair as he looks for another Death Rider…but the ref is not having any of it, knowing what’s at stake as he kicks the chair away! He takes the chair away as Naito catches the champ by dropping him to the mat not once but twice…and then hits the Destino, picking up the pin and the win to become the new champion!

Winner via pinfall and new IWGP World Heavyweight Champion: Tetsuya Naito

Naito celebrates as Mox leaves the ring, allowing the new champion his moment in the ring.

Video Package: Will Ospreay and Swerve Strickland are on a collision course of massive proportions with the AEW World Championship on the line at Forbidden Door!

Back at ringside, we get a special Hayabusa-inspired entrance from Will Ospreay as the AEW International Champion makes his way to the ring for our main event. Out next is “Dipset” Jim Jones to introduce the AEW World Champion, as Swerve Strickland is accompanied by him and Prince Nana to the ring. We get ring introductions for the challenger and the champion, before tonight’s main event gets underway!

AEW World Championship Match: Swerve Strickland defends against AEW International Champion Will Ospreay

We get a staredown between both men as the crowd chants “AEW” and we get our first lockup of the match. This ends up on the ropes as the ref calls for a break, and we get a clean break from the champ…only for Ospreay to shove him away, leading to the two trading strikes. Ospreay hits the ropes, eventually trading headscissors with the champ who gets to his feet to hit some hard strikes!

Each man looks for an opening as they go to lock up again, but Swerve gets a boot to the gut of Ospreay…only for Will to send him to the corner for some more strikes. Strickland fights back however, sending his challenger to the corner for some strikes of his own until Ospreay escapes. Swerve sends him to the ropes before being sent out of the ring by Ospreay, who catches the World Champion with a big dive!

Ospreay wears him down on the outside before bringing him back into the ring, throwing him in the corner for some more damage…but the champ catches him in the corner to turn things around, dropping Ospreay down hard. Swerve with a neckbreaker to continue wearing his challenger down before sending him into the ropes for an attack on his neck. Strickland follows with a chop and a chinlock until Will fights back to his feet, getting out of a neckbreaker attempt to send the champ to the ropes.

Strickland catches him with a smack on the jaw, and Ospreay responds with a high kick off the ropes sending him out of the ring. Dive attempt gets intercepted by Swerve, who sends the challenger to the barricade…but Ospreay lands on his feet! Swerve goes back on the attack now, the fight going onto the barricae itself…where Ospreay sends the champ to the floor with a hurricanrana! He sends the champ back into the ring where he goes for the cover, but Strickland kicks out!

Swerve sent to the ropes as Ospreay goes back on the attack, only for the champ to catch him with a backbreaker after a boot to keep the Aerial Assassin grounded. Both men on their feet as Swerve sends Ospreay to the ropes, only for Ospreay to leap at the champ…who quickly counters to a short arm scissors. Will is struggling as he inches toward the ropes to force Strickland to break the hold.

Ospreay uses the ropes to prop himself until Swerve starts kicking away at him, bringing Will back to his feet before they go nose to nose and then start trading strikes. Swerve hits the ropes, where a flurry of offense gets traded between them leading to Ospreay getting a nearfall…and then follows up with a Styles Clash for the cover! But Swerve kicks out again!

We get a peek of Daniel Garcia watching from up in the crowd as both men hit the ropes, each looking to take the other out and both crashing to the mat as a result. They get back up as Swerve sends Ospreay to the ropes for a few kicks, only to be caught on the outside by Ospreay who goes up top. Swerve intercepts and get get a massive slam sending both men crashing to the mat! Strickland crawls over for a cover, but Ospreay kicks out!

The action heads to the apron as they go at it, with Ospreay getting one over on the champ before looking for an Oscutter…but nobody’s there and Will crashes on the hardest part of the ring instead! Swerve goes up top but Ospreay escapes a possible Swerve Stomp on the apron…only to get caught with a Swerve Stomp onto the announce table instead!

Swerve slowly brings Ospreay back into the ring, but only to break the count before sending him into the barricade on the outside. Ospreay gets back into the ring as the champ drops him hard for a cover, but the challenger still has fight in him as he kicks out once again. Swerve goes to the top but is cut off by Ospreay, who climbs up after him…and hits an avalance Oscutter! He hits the ropes for another Oscutter but only gets a nearfall…and the champ softens the blow of a Hidden Blade to stay in this!

Ospreay with some hard kicks before he looks for another Oscutter, but Swerve counters as he looks for the Killshot…only to get rolled up by Ospreay for a nearfall! Ospreay hits an Oscutter, and sets up for what looks like a Tiger Driver…but it’s Storm Zero instead as he goes for the cover! But the champ kicks out!

MJF is watching on backstage as Ospreay goes back after Strickland. He may be setting up for a Tiger Driver but Swerve gets to the ropes to stop it, only to take a headbutt by the challenger! Strickland is down as Ospreay looks for the Tiger Driver…but Swerve counters out for a nearfall, followed by a Hidden Blade!

Swerve Stomp gets evaded as Ospreay goes for the Hidden Blade…accidentally knocking out the ref instead! He ends up taking Swerve down as he goes for the cover, but the ref is still down as Don Callis arrives to give Ospreay a little help in the form of a screwdriver. Nana intervenes, but an angry Ospreay confronts him with the screwdriver in hand.

Cooler heads prevail as Ospreay lets go of Nana, sliding back into the ring…where he gets nailed with a House Call! Another ref comes in to make the count but it’s just a two! Swerve hits the Killshot on Ospreay followed by another House Call…but Ospreay kicks out again!

Ospreay gets to his feet but he is wobbly as all get out, just about falling into the arms of the champion who pats his old friend on the head…before connecting with one more House Call followed by Big Pressure for the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW World Champion: Swerve Strickland

Strickland celebrates the win as officials rush to check on Ospreay. Moments later, Swerve checks on his friend before the ref raises his hand in victory as Kyle Fletcher looks on from outside the ring. Swerve heads outside to celebrate with his pals as Fletcher has a chat with Ospreay. Strickland heads back in the ring to celebrate once more as this year’s Forbidden Door comes creaking to a close.