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AEW Rampage 03 01 2024 & AEW Collision 03 02 2024

Below are the quick results courtesy of Wrestleview.com from Friday night’s AEW Rampage that aired on TNT.

  • Claudio Castagnoli defeated CMLL star Rugido.
  • Lance Archer and The Righteous (Vincent and Dutch) defeated Luke Langley, Anaya and Vaught.
  • Riho defeated Trish Adora.
  • All-Star 8-Man Scramble Qualifier: CMLL star Magnus defeated Matt Sydal.
  • Ruby Soho and Angelo Parker have invited AEW Cameras with them on their date tonight, so let’s hope wherever they decided to go, it’s a BIG HIT!

Here are the match results from Collision:

AEW Collision Results
March 2, 2024
Propst Arena at the Von Braun Center
 in Huntsville, Alabama
Results by: Jerome Wilen of Wrestleview.com

Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly welcome us to the show as Saturday night’s alright for fighting! The pyro goes off as the fans are wild!

The lights go out as Buddy Matthews comes out. Buddy is in the ring, but Mark Briscoe comes out of nowhere and takes out Buddy! Mark goes under the ring and grabs a table, but Buddy comes back and nails him from behind. Buddy grabs a chair, but Mark takes it and uses it on Buddy. Mark is in the ring and then uses the chair as a launching pad, into a cannonball on Buddy, on the outside as Buddy crashes through the table. Mark grabs a spike as Buddy is in the ring…Brody King comes down to make the save. Brody grabs Mark, but he kicks Brody and nails Brody in the back with the chair…Malakai Black comes out as Mark takes him out! Mark has a spike and goes towards Black…Buddy then takes out Mark as they fight their way up in the ramp area. Mark sends Buddy off the ramp and onto the floor.. Mark leaps on Buddy. Mark is trying to burn Buddy with pyro! Security then comes and steps in and holds back Mark as the House of Black are on the entrance ramp looking on trying to recover…Mark sets off the pyro as security holds him back..Mark’s music hits as he goes to the ramp to acknowledge the fans!

We get a promo from Swerve Strickland from this past Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite on how Swerve was swerved by Hangman. Swerve says that he won’t forget and as far as Joe, he will do whatever it takes to walk out as the first African-American AEW World Champion.

We go back to the ring for now our first match, which is the All-Star Scramble Qualifying Match…Penta is out first. Bryan Keith is out next. Dante Martin is out last.

All-Star Scramble Qualifying Match: Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Dante Martin vs. Bryan Keith

The bell rings as we get underway. Penta jaws at Danta who laughs…Bryan Keith shoves Penta. Penta takes is glove off as Keith nails Penta and then Dante kicks him. Keith and Dante take out Penta with double thrust kicks. Dante then sends Keith to the floor as Penta comes in and drops Dante. Penta kicks Dante and then follows up with a big thrust kick, sending Dante to the floor. Penta then runs to leap over the ropes, but Keith is in and kicks him in the face, followed by an exploder. Keith covers Penta as he kicks out at two! Penta and Keith exchange chops and then big forearms, followed by chops…Dante takes out both men from the top rope! Keith lands by the commentary table as Penta goes to the other side, but is taken out by Dante…we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Penta recovers and takes out Dante and nails Keith with a huge right hand. Keith recovers and gouges the eyes of Penta and then kicks him in the chest. Keith then turns to Danta and kicks him. Penta then sends Keith in the ring as Dante rolls back in…Penta grabs Dante as we are back…

Back from PIP: All three men exchange chops and thrust kicks…Penta and Keith nail Dante with a big thrust kick…Penta then hits a big Canadian Destroyer on Dante and covers him, but Dante kicks out at two! Penta goes for a spring board on Keith who kicks Penta and then headbutts him in the jaw sending him to the floor. Keith then grabs Dante who rolls up Keith for only a two count…Keith then powerbombs Dante! Keith covers him, but Dante kicks out as we get this is awesome chants! On the apron, Penta and Keith exchange huge chops. Keith tries to pick up Penta, but Keith fights it off. Penta then drops Keith with a fear factor on the apron! Dante then drops Penta to the floor…Keith is down in the ring…Dante leaps off the top rope, landing on Dante and covers Keith for the three count!


We go to a video with Hangman Page that happened after Dynamite. Hangman says he had to do what he had to do…

Mariah May’s music hits as she makes her way out for a next match, with a 20-minute time limit.

Angelica Risk is already in the ring.

Mariah May vs. Angelica Risk

The bell rings as Mariah kicks Risk in the mid-section. May chops Risk hard in the chest. May then has Risk against the ropes, chocking her out as the ref makes the five count. The hold is broken as May picks up Risk and swings her around, dropping her hard to the mat. May waves and blows a kiss at Nigel who drops to the floor. May picks up Risk and puts a big boot the neck of Risk. The hold is broken just before the five count ends. May then nails Risk with a big shotgun drop kick. May picks up Risk who tries to fight back, but May nails Risk with a big forearm, followed by a huge knee! May picks up Risk and delivers the May Day on Risk and covers her for the win!


After the match, Toni Storm’s music hits as she enters the ring and grabs a mic and calls out Deonna Purrazzo. The Virtuosa’s music hits as Deonna walks to the ring with purpose. Toni tells Deonna is this really what we trained for and starved for. Toni says a new tattoo – a broken arms just to win a match, is it worth it? Toni tells Deonna from the bottom her heart she loves her, loves her ability and her determination. Toni tells Deonna there is only room for one, but it won’t be Deonna…Deonna then tells Toni, she has her head so far up her a–, she will lose…Deonna says she is the best friend and the worst enemy. Deonna tells Toni its going to be really hard for her to wipe her own a– after she breaks both her arms. Toni says goodbye old friend. Toni puts on lipstick and kisses Deonna who then nails Toni as May attacks Deonna from behind. Toni retreats out of the ring….Deonna then drops May with a big pump kick and then piledrives her. Luther comes out as he holds Toni who wants back in the ring to go after Deonna.


Back from the break, the lights go out as the The Gunns and Jay White are out first…The ROH Six-Man Tag Champs wait for The Acclaimed as Max Caster does his usual rap, but is interrupted by Jay White who has the cardboard Juice Robinson. Anthony Bowens then grabs the mic as says that the Bang-Bang Scissor Gang has arrived and then high-fives Billy Gunn.

Alex Reynolds, Evil Uno and John Silver are out next as Dark Order make their way to the ring.

Austin Gunn and The Acclaimed vs. The Dark Order

The bell rings as Austin and Alex start off. Both men lockup as Austin has Alex in a side headlock. Both men avoid each other as they run the ropes. Austin then drops Alex with a big punch. Austin tags in Caster as they double team Alex. Evil Uno is then tagged in. Caster hits Uno and then drops him with a drop kick. Caster then drops Alex with an atomic drop and scoops up Uno and slams him…Austin and Bowens hold Uno as Caster comes off the top, hitting Uno with a scissor me timber. John Silver comes in as Uno recovers to slam Austin as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-in-Picture: Uno works on Austin in the corner as he tags in Alex Reynolds. Alex picks up Austin as John Silver is tagged in. He drops Alex and then covers him for only a two count! Silver kicks Austin in the chest, jaws at him and kicks him again in the chest as Sling gives me a full commercial break…


Back from the full break, Uno is in as Austin fights back, and drops Uno with a big cutter! Both men are down! The ref begins the ten count. Austin tags Bowens as Uno tags Reynolds…Bowens takes out all three members of Dark Order! As Bowens goes to the floor, Uno sends him into the ring post…Silver then is on the outside and is stopped by Billy Gunn. Silver then runs in the ring as they triple Bowens…Sliver then takes out Austin who rolls to the floor. Silver then kicks Bowens as he sends him into Reynolds for a rolling strike…Bowens is up and Caster tags himself as he hits Reynolds with a mic drop to get the win.


After the match, The Bang-Bang Scissor Gang celebrate in the ring.

We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Kris Statlander, Willow Nightingale and Stokley Hathaway. Lexy asks about the match on Zero Hour with Willow and Kris taking on Julia Hart and Skye Blue…Willow says she and Kris will kick Julia and Skye’s a–.


Back from the break, Tony Schiavone is in the ring…Tony brings out Wardlow who comes and makes his way to the ring. Warldow grabs a mic and says you know the deal. Wardlow then says he finally got someones attention. He says two years ago he won the face of the Revolution ladder match…he says a year ago he choked out your king. Wardlow says that this year he gets his shot after he chokes out the all-stars in the match…Wardlow says he will slap Hangman Page’s mustache into the third row…he then says he will kick the door of Swerve’s house and says that he will kicks Swerve’ a– and he will Swerve back into his own lane. Wardlow says he tired of hearing the fans chant Joe. Wardlow says Joe is in Wardlow’s spot and that Joe is in Wardlow’s spot. Warldow says that he beat Joe so bad he will force Joe to put on a headset and go back where he belongs. Warldow says he is the face of Revolution and he is the uncrowned king and this is not wrestling, but a war. Chris Jericho’s music then hits as he is out with a mic. Jericho asks Wardlow a question…Chris says he is not fighting Joe, Swerve or Hangman at Revolution…Jericho says he is a great all star…Chris says that he is an eight time world champion and the very first AEW World Heavyweight Champion and that’s Chris Jericho eight and Wardlow zero as Wardlow has not won s—. Jericho says that the match tomorrow night is where he can win and get back to where he needs to be….Jericho then asks Wardlow about being overlooked and maybe the reason people stopped chanting Warldow’s name because he is not that good, calling him Mike. We get a Mike chant…Wardlow then tells Jericho he is right. Warldow says he was very close to the top of the mountain and could smell it and reach it. He says then he shows up at Double or Nothing and took a step down and then more steps down. Wardlow says it pissed him off and he lost his best friend…he said that after sitting at home for three months doing nothing, he picked himself up and reminded everyone who he is…Wardlow…the biggest and baddest SOB…Wardlow tells Jericho he doesn’t care who he is and is stop done eating scraps…Jericho says that he will take the rocket and shove it up is a–…Powerhouse Hobbs then from behind, attacks Jericho and takes him out…Powerhouse then jaws at Wardlow and says tomorrow…

We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Serena Deeb. Lexy asks her about being undefeated…Deeb says no one has really challenged her yet. Deeb says she is the professor of a thousand holds and most would not know the difference between a wrist lock and wrist watch…Deeb puts out a challenge as says she is the boss.

Private Party’s music hits as Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy come out first. The lights go out as Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal come out next.

Private Party vs. Matt Sydal and Christopher Daniels

The bell rings as we are underway. Sydal and Kassidy trash talk as Sydal takes him down. Quen is in as Daniels then comes in as we get all four men in the ring. Sydal tags in Daniels as Kassidy is tagged in as well. We get Fallen Angel chants. Daniels sends Quen to the ropes who then jaws at Daniels. Sydal is tagged in as he and Daniels double team Quen. Sydal drops Quen and covers him for just a two count. Sydal takes in Daniels as Daniels nails Quen from behind as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Quen drops Daniels and he tags in Kassidy who sends Daniels to the floor. Kassidy sends Daniels back in the ring and has him the corner. Private Party double teams Daniels who is down in the corner. Quen puts a boot to the throat of Daniels as the ref counts, but Quen breaks the hold before the five count. Private Party then double team Daniels as Quen runs over and sends Sydal to the floor. Kassidy drops Daniels and puts him in a headlock…

Back from PIP: Daniels tries to fight back…Quen is tagged in as Daniels tags in Sydal, who takes down both Quen and Kassidy. Sydal then hits Quen with an air raid crash and cover him for only a two count. As Sydal charges at Kassidy he ducks and is met with kick by Quen. Private Party double teams Sydal who fights back and tags in Daniels who gets caught in the mid-section by kicks from Private Party…Sydal comes in and takes out both members of Private Party…Sydal comes off the top, but lands on his knee and rolls to the floor…Daniels drops Quen with an Angels Wings, but Jeff Jarrett and his gang come out and distract the ref as Jay Lethal drops Daniels with a lethal combination…Quen covers Daniels to get the win. It looks like Private Party is now aligned with Jeff Jarrett’s gang as it was called on commentary.


We go to a video package hyping up Eddie Kingston vs. Bryan Danielson at Revolution. Kingston will put the Continental Crown Title up against Danielson.


Back from the break, Thunder Rosa’s music hits as she makes her way out to the ring. Her opponent is already in the ring.

Thunder Rosa vs. Cassandra Golden 

The bell rings as Rosa kicks Golden in the mid-section. Rosa then kicks Golden and chops her. Rosa then hits Golden with a big lariat. Golden is up as Rosa chops her hard multiple times in the corner. Rose picks up Golden, but can’t slam her…Rose then sends Golden into the corner with a running drop kick, followed by a second. Rosa then goes to the top rope and double stops on the shoulders of Golden and then puts her in a face lock type move. Golden submits.


We go to a video package hyping up Sting’s last match with footage from Wednesday night’s Dynamite. Sting and Darby Allin will put the World Tag Team Titles on the line against the Young Bucks in a Texas Tornado Match.

The commentary team then runs down the card for Sunday’s Revolution.


Back from the break, Hook’s music hits as its time for our main event of the evening. The FTW Champion makes his way out to the ring. Daniel Garcia is out next…Daddy Magic is on commentary. Orange Cassidy’s music hits next as the International Champion and Trent Beretta is out next.

Roderick Stong is out next…Brian Cage’s music hits next as he makes his way out to the ring with Prince Nana. The TNT Champion Christian Cage and Killswitch are out next as they are with Nick and Momma Wayne.

Orange Cassidy, Trent Beretta, Hook and Daniel Garcia vs. Christian Cage, Killswitch Roderick Strong and Brian Cage

The bell rings as Trent and Brian Cage start…both men lock up as Trent then chops Cage who sends Trent to the corner. Trent tags in Garcia as Brian Cage tags in Roderick Strong. Strong and Garcia lock up as Strong locks up the arm of Garcia who rolls out of the move. Both men lock up again as Strong takes down Garcia with an arm lock. Garcia is up as he twists Strong and puts him in a headlock. Strong then takes down Garcia who reverses, but Strong gets out and slaps Garcia in the back of the head. Both men go to the corner as Garcia chops Strong hard. Garcia sends Strong the opposite corner. Brian Cage is in and then Hook is in as they have a short brawl. Garcia sends Cage to the floor. We get all eight men in the ring as we go to picture in picture:

Picture-In-Picture: Cage is now the legal man as he has Garcia in the corner. Cage charges at Garcia who moves out of the way. Garcia gives us a little dance as he grabs Cage. Garcia swings at Christian Cage who ducks, which allows Brian Cage to clothesline Garcia. Killswitch is tagged in as Sling gives me a full commercial break.


Back from the full break, Brian Cage sends Garcia to the corner. Brian Cage nails Garcia and then picks him, but Garcia fights out of it and hits Brian Cage with big rights as Brian then picks up Garcia and drops him with a superplex off the second rope. Strong is tagged in and nails Garcia. Christian Cage is tagged in as then he tags in Strong. Strong works on Garcia the corner and tags in Brian Cage who comes in and stomps on the hand of Garcia. Garcia fights back, but Brian Cage from behind picks up Garcia, but he counters and drops Brian Cage! Strong is tagged in. Garcia tags in Trent who takes out Brian Cage, who tags in the TNT Champion, sending him to the floor. Trent then leaps through the ropes only to be met by Killswitch who picks him up and chokeslams him on the apron…we go to picture in picture again…

Picture-In-Picture: Killswitch is tagged in and sends Trent to the floor. Cassidy goes over to check on Trent, but Christian Cage punches Trent as he is trying to get back up. Trent is back in as Killswitch works on Trent with big blows to the back. The TNT Champ is tagged in as he drops Trent. Christian turns his back and jaws at Garcia. As he turns around Trent nails him, but its not enough.

Back from PIP: Christian drops Trent. Christian Cage goes to the top rope and comes down as Trent moves out of the way. Both men are down. Christian tags in Strong who comes in and cuts of Trent. Strong mocks Cassidy and then kicks Trent. Strong tries a Boston Crab, but Trent fights out and tags in Cassidy who takes out Brian Cage who is in and then drops Killswitch and Strong…Cassidy then drops Brian Cage with a spinning DDT and covers him for only a two count…from behind Killswitch tires to pick up Cassidy, who sends him out of the ring with an Orange Punch…Christian is in…Hook then sends Christian to the floor as Brian Cage then nails Hook…Brian Cage drops Cassidy and covers him, but Hook and Garcia break the tag. Hook and Garcia work on Brian Cage in the corner…on the floor Strong drops Cassidy with a big backbreaker….in the ring Trent has Killswitch in a sleeper, but Killswitch breaks out of it, dropping Trent. Killswitch picks up Trent, who reveres it and covers Killswitch, who kicks out at two….Nick Wayne is up as he nails Trent with a double axe handle as the ref was distracted. Killswitch picks up Trent, chokeslams him and cover him for the win.


After the match, Christian Cage and Killswitch double team Cassidy. The heels take out out the faces…Daddy Magic goes in the ring to try to make the save, but Killswitch picks him up and chokeslams him on the chair…the chaos and brawl continues as the show goes off the air.