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AEW Rampage 03 15 2024 & AEW Collision 03 16 2024

  • AEW Rampage Results:
  • Tag Team Match: CHAOS (Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta) (w/Chuck Taylor) defeat The Dark Order (Evil Uno & John Silver) (9:41).
  • Tag Team Match: Mariah May & Toni Storm (w/Luther) defeat Kayla Sparks & LMK (3:05).
  • Singles Match: Konosuke Takeshita (w/Don Callis) defeats Komander (w/Alex Abrahantes) (9:39).
  • Six Man Tag Team Match: The Undisputed Kingdom (Matt Taven, Mike Bennett & Roderick Strong) defeat Action Andretti & Top Flight (Dante Martin & Darius Martin) (11:24).

AEW Collision Results
March 16, 2024
Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario
Results by: Jerome Wilen of Wrestleview.com

Hey its Saturday night – time for fighting on TNT!

We go right to the arena with no pyro, as Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show as we have dual tunnels, so the stage has changed as well.

Bryan Danielson’s music hits as he is out first as we get ready for the first match of the night. Katsuyori Shibata is out next.

Katsuyori Shibata vs. Bryan Danielson

The bell rings as we are underway fast as we get holy s— chants from the fans. Both men lock up as we get a test of strength. Both men break the hold and go back for the test of strength again. Danielson hits the mat as Shibata holds on…Danielson puts a double wrist lock on Shibata and takes him down. Danielson continues to work the left wrist of Shibata. The hold is reversed by Shibata who takes down Danielson as both men attempt to lock up again. Danielson tries kicking Shibata as he backs up. Shibata and Danielson exchange kicks to the hamstring areas. Danielson takes down Shibata and locks him and stomps on Shibata’s legs and then kicks him in the back of the head. Danielson applies a wrist lock on Shibata as Shibata attempts to fight out of it with kicks on Danielson as he drops to his knees. Danielson is back up and drops Shibata and then applies a headlock, but Shibata reverses it, only to have Danielson reverse it and lock up Shibata. Shibata then reverses it and rolls over the top of Danielson for pin as Danielson kicks out at two. We get a shoving match between the two, which turns into an exchange of chops to the chest. Danielson then takes down Shibata to boos from the Ottawa fans. Danielson grabs the left arm of Shibata and takes him down. Shibata is on the apron as Danielson attempts to suplex him, but Shibata reverses it, sending Danielson to the floor as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Danielson is attempting to get back in the ring as the ref counts…Danielson makes it back in the ring only to be met by kicks from Shibata. Shibata stomps on Danielson and then grabs his right arm, twisting it back as he then grabs the wrist and then kicks Danielson who falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring and to the floor. Shibata then runs at Danielson, delivering a boot to the face…Danielson recovers and kicks Shibata…he sets up Shibata on a chair and then runs at him and connects with a big knee to the face and rolls Shibata back in the ring as we are back from the picture in picture break…

Back from PIP: Danielson nails Shibata with drop kicks as Danielson then kics and chops Shibata in the corner…Shibata reverses it and chops Danielson. Shibata nails Danielson with a big running drop kick to the face. Shibata picks up Danielson and slams him down. Shibata covers Danielson who kicks out at two. Danielson is up, only to be taken down by Shibata…both men attempt ankle locks on each, but they each escape the hold. Danielson attempts a discuss elbow on Shibata, only to nailed by Shibata. Both men are down as the ref starts the ten count. Both men are up at five. Danielson and Shibata exchange blows..Shibata picks up Danielson and drops him with a death valley driver…Shibata covers Danielson, but he kicks out at two. We get this is awesome chants…Shibata then drives a number of elbow shots to Danielson’s chest….Danielson is up and then drops Shibata with a big knee and then applies the LeBell lock on Shibata as the he crawls to the ropes, but Danielson grabs the arm to prevent Shibata from getting to the ropes, but Shibata gets his boot on the bottom rope to break the hold. Danielson then kicks Shibata in the chest as he tells to bring it. Danielson then kicks Shibata in the chest. Shibata is up as he lays in kicks to the forehead of Danielson, followed by kicks to the chest. Danielson, sitting on the mat, calls for Shibata to bring it. Shibata gets down and sits as both men slap each other across the chest. Both men are up and continue to slap each other. Danielson then kicks Shibata in the back of the head as he goes down. Danielson goes for a knee, but its blocked by Shibata as he as Danielson in a submission hold, but Danielson is able to get his boot on the rope to break the hold. Both men make pin attempts…Danielson goes for the LeBell lock again, but Shibata reverses it, only to have Danielson reverse it to get the pin. We get a standing ovation from the fans…


Danielson puts his hand out to shake the hand of Shibata. We get a handshake…Danielson raises the hand of Shibatoa. Both men then hug.

We get a video package taking us back to Dynamite for the debut of Mercedes Mone.’


Back from break, the lights go out. Julia Hart is out first as we get ready our TBS Title Match…the lights go out again as Hart is in the ring with the spot light on her. Hart’s Collision record is 5-0. Trish Adora’s music is out next as she makes her way to the ring.

Open House TBS Championship Match: Julia Hart defends against Trish Adora

The bell rings as we are underway. Hart stares down Adora as both women lock up. Adora locks up the arms of Hart and pulls them back. Adora makes a quick pin attempt, but, the champ kicks out. Adora has Hart locked up as Hart breaks the hold. Hart rolls to the floor. Adora then rolls out and sends Adora into the steel steps as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Hart grabs Adora and rolls her back in the ring. Hart then kicks Adora and sends her to the corner, putting a boot to the throat of Adora. Hart then applies a headlock on Adora with her legs. Hart then nails Adora with big fists to the face as Sling gives me a full commercial break…


Back from the full break, Hart has the Adora in a headlock…Adora breaks out of the hold and drops Hart with a big boot to the face. Adora drops Hart with a shoulder breaker and covers Hart for just a two count. Adora attempts a pump kick, but misses as Hart then leg trips Adora as Adora then counters and drops Hart covering her for just a two count. Hart then attempts to pin Adora who kicks out at two. Hart then drops Adora and kicks her in the face. Hart goes to the top and lands a huge moonsault on Adora and covers her to retain the title! With Hart retaining, Adora is not able to come out later tonight for the Tag Title Wild Card Tournament Match with House of Black vs. The Infantry. This was part of the House Rules for this title match, which was announced at the beginning.


We go backstage to Lexy Nair with Zac Knight and Harley Cameron…Zac says he will give Cool Hand Ang a fight, but not in Canada. Harley then says what a terrible country Canada is…Zac says he will fight Cool Hang Ang on his terms.

Daniel Garcia’s music hits as he comes out. Daddy Magic is on commentary as we look to have an unannounced match tonight. Lee Moriarty’s music hits as he comes out with Shane Taylor.

Daniel Garcia vs. Lee Moriarty

The bell rings as Garcia takes down Lee…Lee then reverses it, but Garcia is up and dances. Garcia chops Lee…Lee charges at Garcia who moves and then sends Lee to the floor with a big shotgun drop kick. Garcia rolls to the floor and sends Lee back in the ring. Shane Tyalor gets in the face of Garcia as Lee then leaps through the ropes sending Garcia into the barricade. Lee hits Garcia with a drop kick. Lee then uses the ropes to choke out Garcia. Lee then picks up Garcia and drops him…Lee then applies a wrist lock on Garcia. Garcia then sends Lee to corner and kicks Lee in the chest. Garcia then grabs the left leg of Lee and twists it. Garcia then drops Lee and makes a pin attempt as Lee kicks out at two. Lee then gets up and drops Garcia with a drop kick, but Garcia is quick to recover…Lee then sends Garcia to the mat and double stomps on him…Garcia then applies a heel hook on Lee as he submits. Daddy Magic goes in the ring to celebrate with Garcia.



Back from the break, we get a video package of Darby Allin vs Jay White showing Allin breaking his foot, that included the break up of the Bang Bang Scissor Gang.

PAC’s music hits as he comes out to the ring. Aaron Solo is already in the ring.

PAC vs. Aaron Solo (Komander is injured and unable to compete)

The bell rings as PAC questions his opponent. Both men lockup as PAC sends Solo to the ropes. Solo then kicks PAC and slams him down as PAC rolls out of the ring. Solo then flies to the outside, landing on PAC. Solo rolls PAC back in the ring, but he quick to recover, sends solo to the corner…we get welcome back chants directed to PAC…PAC then kicks Solo in the head. We get he’s a bastard chants directed toward PAC. PAC then drops Solo with another kick. PAC goes to the top rope. Solo is up and then connects on Solo with a big shotgun drop kicks. Solo is in the corner as PAC charges and Solo and drops him. PAC goes to the top rope and lands on Solo with a big black arrow and puts a submission hold on Solo who submits very quickly.


After the match, PAC grabs a mic and calls out for Tony…he says the bastard is back and that he is looking for trouble. He says this is not what he had in mind. He then tells Tony Khan he is looking for trouble and tells Tony Khan to give him some or he will go looking for it himself.

We go backstage with Bryan Danielson sitting…he says gratitude. He says that he felt grateful full to have fought Shibata…he says that he is grateful to be able to fight Will Ospreay at Dynasty next month….Danielson says that Ospreay can’t walk in his shoes or Shibata’s shoes because they were both told they were never going to be able to wrestle again as they knocked on death’s door…Danielson says that he doesn’t think Ospreay is ready…

Claudio Castagnoli’s music hits as he is out as we have another match that was not announced ahead of time. Lance Archer’s music hits as he comes out next.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Lance Archer

The bell rings as the match begins…Lance gets in the face Claudio. Both men lock up as they both break the hold. Claudio sends Lance to the ropes and tries a shoulder tackle, but Lance doesn’t budge. Lance picks up Claudio and drops him…Claudio is up quick and bodyslams Lance. Both men get into a slug fest as Claudio then attempts a pump kick on Lance…Claudio then charges at Lance as Lance catches Claudio’s foot, but Claudio is able to send Lance to the floor. Claudio runs at Lance and puts him on the apron as Claudio kicks Archer, but Archer is not affected…Lance then drops Claudio as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Claudio recovers and nails Lance who then sends Claudio to the barricade. Lance applies a big knee to the throat of Claudio. Claudio then fights back with forearms on Lance, but its not enough as Lance hits Claudio with big right hands before sending him back in the ring. Lance picks up Claudio and slams him to the mat. Lance then applies a headlock on Claudio as the ref checks on him. Lance then nails Claudio with a big elbow the face and puts Claudio back in a headlock. Lance then grabs the left arm of Claudio as the ref checks on him. Claudio gets back to his feet and tries to fight back with forearms…

Back from PIP: Lance drops Claudio to the mat and covers him as Claudio kicks out at two. Lance jaws at Claudio and hits Claudio with a big sledgehammer blow to the back. Lance then picks up Claudio who reverses it and drops Lance with a big suplex. Lance then drops Claudio with a big lariat! Lance picks up Claudio and grabs his hands. Lance goes to the top and walks the ropes. As Lance comes down, Claudio hits Lance with a big elbow. Lance rolls out to the floor. Claudio follows and nails Lance with a big elbow to the face. Lance goes back in the ring and drops Claudio with a big knee strike and then drops Claudio with a big chokeslam…Claudio covers, who kicks out at two! Claudio picks up Lance and drops him with a death valley driver! Claudio then drives big forearms into the face of Lance. Claudio then drops Lance with a big cutter. Claudio covers Lance who kicks out at two! Claudio then nails Lance with a big European Uppercut off the ropes, sending Lance to the mat…Claudio calls for the swing! Claudio grabs Lance and swings him around, only to have the Righteous come in and attack Claudio…Bryan Danielson comes down to make the save, but it is not enough…Shibata then comes down with a chair, sending Lance, Vincent and Dutch running.

The match ended in a no contest and has been thrown out, per Tony Schiavone. Claudio calls Lance and The Righteous cowards.

We go backstage with Lexy Nair and Cool Hand Ang and Ruby Soho…Cool says that Ottawa is a second home and that he is ready for a fight. Ruby tells Cool to relax. Ruby says to Cool they are baiting him in and if he is looking for a fight, he will have to do it without her and that she is right and he will leave it alone for tonight.


Kyle O’Reilly’s music hits and the Canadian native comes out to a big ovation from the fans. Bryan Keith’s music is up next as The Bounty Hunter comes out, making his way to the ring.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Bryan Keith

The bell rings and we are underway! Both men lockup as Keith puts O’Reilly in a headlock. O’Reilly gets out of the hold, sending Keith to the mat. Both men lockup again as O’Reilly grabs the arm of Keith, who reverses the hold…O’Reilly looks for an armbar, but Keith sends O’Reilly to the mat, sending him to the floor…As O’Reilly is back in the ring, we get a test of strength. Both men then exchange blows to the face. Keith then kicks O’Reilly in the chest who then comes back with a big knee lift on Keith, sending him to the mat. O’Reilly locks up Keith, who reverses it, but then O’Reilly attempts a headlock on Keith, who kicks O’Reilly sending him to the mat…Keith then picks up O’Reilly and drops him with a big DDT and O’Reilly hits the mat hard on the back of head…we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Keith covers O’Reilly, who kicks out at just two! Keith then sends O’Reilly to the floor. Keith then rolls to the outside as O’Reilly is up. Keith kicks O’Reilly in the chest. O’Reilly fights back, but Keith kicks him in the chest, sending him down on his back. Keith picks up O’Reilly and tosses him back in the ring. Keith then kicks O’Reilly in the chest…Keith then sends O’Reilly hard into the corner…Sling gives me a full commercial break.


Back from the full break, Keith has O’Reilly in a headlock. O’Reilly breaks the hold and drops Keith with a low knee to the mid-section. The ref checks on Keith as O’Reilly kicks and slaps Keith, sending him to mat with a spinning leg sweep. O’Reilly then nails Keith with a running forearm chop…O’Reilly locks up the knee of Keith who grabs the bottom rope to break the hold. O’Reilly puts a triangle choke on Keith as O’Reilly attempts a pin, but breaks the hold…Keith comes back and drops O’Reilly. Keith nails O’Reilly with a big kick to the face. Keith covers O’Reilly, but he kicks out at two! Keith then drops him again…Keith covers O’Reilly who kicks out. O’Reilly then sends Keith down…Keith then kicks O’Reilly to the back of neck as both men kicks and punch…O’Reilly then drops Keith with a big lariat and drops Keith with a big brain buster…O’Reilly covers Keith who kicks out, but then O’Reilly applies the armbar on Keith as Keith submits.

After the match, the Undisputed Kingdom comes out and celebrates with O’Reilly. The fans cheer on..

We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Deonna Purrazzo and Thunder Rosa…Deonna says that she trusts Rosa…Purrazzo says if it wasn’t for her butler, she would be the new women’s champion. Rosa says next week they will stop all the jokes and it is TV time…


Back from the break, the lights go out as House of Blacks music hits. Julia Hart is out first as Brody King and Buddy Matthews come out. The music of the Infantry hits next as they are aren’t next.

AEW Tag Team Title Tournament Wild Card Match: House of Black vs. The Infantry

House of Black are quick to send The Infantry to the floor…House of Black take out The Infantry on the floor as the bell has not even been rang yet. King and Matthews are back in the ring waiting for The Infantry to come back in the ring…The ref ask The Infantry if they can continue and they say yes…House of Black takes out Carlie…Buddy then drops Capt. Shawn Dean with a big kick as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Brody King picks up Carlie Bravo and chops him hard. Matthews is tagged in. Matthews grabs the arm of Bravo as Dean wants in. Matthews then kicks Dean, sending him to the floor. Bravo tries to fight back…

Back from PIP: Bravo tries to pin Matthews who kicks out as Bravo makes the tag to Dean. Dean comes in fired up as he kicks Matthews, but Matthews makes the tag to King…Dean fights both men, but Brodie drops Dean with a big lariat! Bravo comes in but King and Matthews send him to the mat…King then picks up Dean and drops him hard to the mat. King covers Dean, but Bravo comes in and breaks the pin attempt. Matthews picks up Bravo, as he sends King to the floor, but Matthews kicks Bravo. King then picks up Bravo and slams him on the announce table…King then picks up Bravo and piledrives him on the table! Bravo is sent back in the ring as Matthews drops Dean…Mark Brisco then comes in with a chair…King goes after Mark…Matthews is down. Dean, who is also down, covers Matthews as The Infantry gets the pin! Mark Briscoe is jawing House of Black from the stands…Malakai Black comes down very upset.


We go to a video package hyping up the I Quit TNT Title Match with Adam Copeland challenging Christian Cage on Wednesday’s Dynamite in Toronto.

Adam Copeland’s music hits as he comes out to a huge ovation! Adam has a box that says SPIKE. There is a chair in the already in the ring. Adam grabs the mic on the chair as the fans are loud! Adam says the last time he performed in Ottawa he wasn’t sure if he would ever again. He says that there are a lot memories in Ottawa. He thanks the fans. He says that he wasn’t sure if he will ever perform in Toronto as the fans boo…Adam says it his hometown and he gets its…Adam looks at the camera and says that Jay is dead and that he has become Christian Cage. He tells Cage that they were best friends before they go into the business…sitting on his deck, sipping scotch, taking about hockey. He then says he fast forwards to now and that Cage was on board coming to AEW to retire with him…Adam says he is not there to take his spotlight and it does matter what anyone thinks or what that goider Nigel McGuinnnes thinks. He says that he got a call from another psychopath when he was on the shelf after the con-chair-to. He says that he created SPIKE as pulls out a big spike calling it a her…he makes a reference that he got a call from Mick Foley’s babyboy. He says that the Spike will take away his life, his pride and make him say two words…I QUIT! He says 40-years after it started in their hometown, it quits…the show goes off the air.