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AEW Rampage 03 29 2024 & AEW Collision 03 30 2024

  • Here are the quick results for Rampage:
  • Dustin Rhodes defeated The Butcher.
  • Deonna Purrazzo defeated Rose.
  • Mariah May defeated Nikita.
  • AEW International Championship – Eliminator Match: Roderick Strong (c) (w/ Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) defeated “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard.

AEW Collision Results
March 30, 2024
Budweiser Gardens in London, Ontario, Canada
Results by: Jerome Wilen of Wrestleview.com

We go live right to the venue with Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness…Adam Copeland’s music hits as the TNT Champion comes out to big ovation from the London, Ontario crowd!

Ian Riccaboni is also on commentary.

Adam starts out in the ring by saying this is Copeland country and wants to be here every night. We get a big Adam chant from the fans. He says a week and a half ago he finally closed the book on Christian Cage and it is time to start a new chapter and he is here to put he is TNT Championship on the line in the Cope Opens. He says he is here to fight and wants to know who is going to step up…ITS MATT CARDONA! The fans are going crazy! The king of the indies is here! Cardona makes his way to the ring as we get holy s— chants!

Adam Copeland TNT Championship Open Challenge

The bell rings and we are underway! The fans are going bonkers! Both men lock up as Copeland puts Cardona in a headlock. Both men exchange hip tosses as both men know each others moves. Both men walk around the ring and lock up again. Copeland tosses Cardona against the ropes who sends Copeland down as he fires back and drops Cardona who is up. Both men walk around the ring looking at each other as the fans are up on their feet going crazy! Cardona hits Copeland and sends him down to the mat. Cardona uses a big boot on Copeland and has him in the corner. Cardona sends Copeland to the floor. Cardona follows as Cardona drops him to the floor. Copeland grabs Cardona and sends him back in the ring. Both men are on the apron as Cardona rakes the eyes of Copeland sending him to the steel steps and then to the floor. We go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Cardona is on the outside and grabs a sign from a fan and tears it up. Cardona grabs Copeland, sending him into the apron. Copeland is back in the ring as Cardona puts a big boot to the face. Cardona covers Copeland for just a two count. Cardona kicks Copeland as he is down on the mat. Copeland is on the second rope as Cardona kicks him again…Cardona has Copeland in a chin lock, which then goes into a headlock as the re checks on Copeland…

Back from picture in picture, the fans are booing Cardona as Copeland is still down. Cardona has Copeland in a chin lock as the fans are cheering on Copeland who gets to his feet. Copeland recovers and drops Cardona, who gets up as both men collide and drop to the mat. We get this awesome chants from the fans. Both men are up as Cardona kicks Copeland who is up and sweeps the legs from under Cardona as he drops to the mat, hitting his head. Copeland goes to the top, but Cardona is up quick with a forearm shot…Both men are up on the ropes as Copeland sends Cardona the mat…Copeland comes off the top and lands on Cardona…Copeland covers Cardona for just a two count! Both men are down. Copeland picks up Cardona and drops him and covers him, but Cardona kicks out at two! Cardona goes to the outside as Copeland follows. Cardona is back in the ring as Copeland follows…Cardona distracts the ref…Cardona then drops Copeland to the mat head first…Cardona covers Copeland but he kicks out at two! Cardona slaps Copeland in the corner and jaws at Copeland as the fans boo loudly. Cardona then counters a spear from Copeland…Copeland then picks up Cardona and powerbombs him…Copeland covers him as Cardona kicks out at two! Copeland is back up on his feet…Cardona is slowly getting up. Cardona is up as Copeland goes for a spear, but he is caught by Radio Silence! Cardona covers Copeland, who kicks out at two! Cardona is up and Copeland is up. Cardona charges at Copeland who then nails Cardona with a spear and covers Cardona to retain!


The fans are going bonkers! Copeland is on his back in the ring holding the title as Cardona is on the floor holding the back of his head. Copeland is up on the ropes, but the lights go out. The lights come back on and Malakai Black is in the ring as we get holy s— chants. Black stares down Copeland who is ready for a fight. Black has black goo coming out of his mouth. From behind, Buddy Matthews attacks Copeland…REACH FOR THE SKY BOY! Mark Briscoe is out, but HOB is too much…Kingston then comes down to the make the save as the lights go out again. The lights come back on and Black and Matthews are gone. We get Eddie chants…

We go to Lexy Nair with an earlier today interview with FTR as they are considered to win the Tag Title Tournament. Cash Wheeler says they have not been doing their best work lately. The strategy is not to look past The Infantry. Dax Harwood says they have to be the best tag team in AEW…top guys out.

Back in the ring Tony Schiavone calls out Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed to a big ovation. The Trios Tag Champs makes their way to the ring as Max Caster does not rap this go around.

Tony talks first to Billy about the split with Jay White and his sons. Tony talks about White invading Billy’s home as Billy says he is pissed off at Jay White. Billy says he can get passed hitting him the head with a chair, but not getting past coming into his home…Billy says Jay is going to lose next week on Dynamite against him (Billy)…Max Caster says yo, listen…he then says this message goes out to the Austin and Colten…while Billy Gunn is beating down Jay White, if they believe in White there will be no interference, and challenging Austin and Colten to also stay in the back…Anthony Bowens who calls himself the scissor king…he says that he was proven right that Jay White is a coward, calling White and Austin and Colten bullet b—-es and that misses Gunn would have slapped White’s and Austin and Colten’s faces…Bowens puts out a challenge for White and The Gunns vs. The Acclaimed and Billy for a Trios title match.


Back from the break, FTR’s music hits and the former AEW Tag Team Champs come out to a great ovation for our next match that has a 20 minute time limit. We get an FTR chant from the fans. The music for The Infantry is next as they make their way to the ring.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Quarterfinal: FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) vs. The Infantry (Carlie Bravo and Shawn Dean)

The bell rings as we are underway. Cash and Dean lock up…Wheeler says Dean to the mat. Both men lock up again as Wheeler has Dean in an armbar. Wheeler sends Dean to the mat…Dean is up and locks up Wheeler as Bravo is tagged in. Dax enters the ring as Bravo and Dax lock up. Bravo drops Dax with shoulder blocks and then tosses Dax down and then drop kicks him as he gets up. Bravo and Dean send FTR to the mat. Dax is back in the ring and then tags in Wheeler. Cash locks up Dean and sends him to the ropes. Wheeler then chops Dean hard to the chest. Dean goes to the corner and then chops Cash and then scoop him up and slams him down. Dean covers Wheeler who kicks out at two. As Dean leaps up, Wheeler catches him and slams him down….Cash tags in Dax who slaps Bravo after he is tagged in. Dax and Bravo are up on the top rope as Dax sends Bravo down with a big superplex, as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Cash is tagged in. Cash covers Bravo who kicks out at two. Dean is tagged in as Cash sends him to the corner. Cash kicks Dean who is hanging upside down. Cash then nails Deans with a running drop kick…Dean falls down as FTR go for a shatter machine, but Dean gets out of it…Sling TV gives me a full commercial break at this point in the match…


Back from the full break Sling gave me, the action is on the outside as Bravo is back in and leaps over the ropes to be caught by FTR, but Dean then leaps on FTR on the floor…Bravo and Dax are back in the ring both men make pin attempts. Bravo then catches Dax and covers him for just a two count! We get this is awesome chants…Dax then nails Bravo as Cash is up, but he sent to the floor by Dean…Bravo covers Dax for just a two count! Bravo attempts to pick up Dax, but is hit from behind by Cash. Dax delivers a big German Suplex on Bravo as Dax covers him, but Bravo kicks out…Bravo drops Dax with a neckbreaker and covers Dax, but Cash breaks up the pin attempt…Dean is sent to the floor…Dax is sent into the back of the head of Dean..Dax then charges at Dean, but he ducks and he collides with Cash…FTR double teams Bravo and then drop him with a big shatter machine…Dax covers Bravo to get the three count! FTR advances.


After the match, FTR pick up The Infantry to show great sportsmanship.

We go backstage with Lexy Nair bringing in Big Bill and Ricky Starks. Bill says they are not looking past Top Flight as they are the sixteenth seed and he and Starks are the number 1 seed…Ricky says after they beat Top Flight, they will go onto to beat FTR and prove again why they are best tag team AEW has ever seen…


Back from the break, backstage Adam Copeland with Mark Briscoe and Eddie Kingston putting out a challenge to House of Black for Dynasty…Briscoe says they have the wrong three…Kingston says HOB does all sorts of magic and spit out black goo…but after Dynasty, HOB will be spitting out blood and teeth.

Kyle O’Reilly’s music hits as he is out next…already in the ring is JD Drake.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. JD Drake

The bell rings as both men lock up. JD sends Kyle to the corner, but Kyle gets out of the corner as JD chops Kyle and drops him. JD has Kyle locked up, as he gets out of it. JD then hits Kyle with a huge running drop kick…JD covers Kyle for only a two count. JD goes to the ropes for a Vader bomb, but Kyle moves out of the way. Kyle kicks JD in the chest, but it has no affect on Drake, who chops Kyle, but he sweeps the legs and drops Drake to the mat. O’Reilly then hits Drake with a knee lift. O’Reilly kicks Drake in the chest and covers him, but Drake kicks out…O’Reilly then locks in the armbar on Drake as he taps. The Kingdom come in and pick up O’Reilly and raise him.

We go to a video package with Powerhouse Hobbs and Will Ospreay…Hobbs vs. Ospreay this Wednesday on Dynamite with Don Callis on commentary.

The music of Ricky Starks hits next as Big Bill and Starks are out first for our next matchup.

Top Flight’s music is up next as Darius and Dante Martin are out next.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Quarterfinal: Ricky Starks and Big Bill vs. Top Flight (Darius and Dante Martin)

The bell rings as we are underway! Ricky and Darius start things off…Ricky attempts a hip toss, but its blocked by Darius who sends Ricky to the mat. Darius has Ricky in an armbar. Ricky gets out of it as Darius takes down Ricky with an arm drag take down. Dante is tagged as he covers Starks for just a two count…Big Bill is tagged in. Dante chops Bill in the corner who is angry…Bill grabs Dante and then chops him hard in the corner. Bill sends Dante to the ropes…Top Flight double team Bill with a double drop kick sending him to the floor…Ricky is in, but he is met with double drop kick from Top Flight. Starks is send to the floor. Bill is in but is met with a big knee by Dante. Dante runs the ropes, but is tripped up by Starks and Bill kicks Dante with a big boot…we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Starks picks up Dante and slams him to the mat. Starks then has Dante in a headlock with his legs…Starks sends Dante to the corner and tags in Bill. Dante is down on the mat in the corner of the heels. Bill sends Dante to the corner and then nails him as he drops to the mat. Bill then picks up Dante and sends head first to the turnbuckle. Dante rolls to the floor as Bill follows. Bill picks up Dante and sends him back first into the ring post.

Back from picture-in-picture, Bill has Dante on the outside and tosses him back in the ring. Bill is back in the ring as Dante is up in the corner only to be met by Bill who nails him in the corner…Bill charges at Dante, but this time Dante moves out of the way. Both men are down. Bill tags in Starks as Dante tags in Darius who nails Ricky with uppercuts. Darius hits Starks with a back elbow. Bill is tagged in, but met with a drop kick and goes down on the floor. Darius attempts to cover Ricky, who kicks out at two. Starks ducks a clothesline. Darius drops Starks with a DDT and covers him for a three count!


After the match, the ref and Doc Sampson was checking on Ricky Starks, so I don’t know if they called an audible as Stark’s music hit after the match…hope to find out more…the ending seemed abrupt.

We go backstage with Christopher Daniels who challenges Malakai Black for next week’s Rampage.


Back from the break, Thunder Rosa’s music hits, as she makes her way out to the ring. LAdy Frost’s music hits next as she makes her way to the ring.

Thunder Rosa vs. Lady Frost

The bell rings as the match begins. Both women lock up. as Rosa takes down Frost. Rosa has Frost locked up. Rosa covers Frost for only a two count. Rosa then sends Frost to the mat as she gets back up. Rosa then arm whips Frost down on the mat. Rosa drops Frost who attempts to get back up. Rosa then chops Frost in the corner. Frost then connects with a big right on Rosa and drops her…Frost covers Rosa for just a two count. Frost then chops Rosa in the corner. Frost then kicks Rosa in the mid-section. Rosa then fires back and drops Frost and covers her for only a two count, as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Rosa is up on the apron and pulls Rosa to the floor. Frost then sends Rosa into the commentary table and then rolls her back in the ring. Frost continues to work on Rosa and covers her for only a two count. Frost picks up Rosa and sends to the corner. Roda fires back and nails Frost, dropping her to the mat…its at this point in the match, Sling gives me a full commercial break.


Back from the full break, Frost nails Rosa with a big shoulder block in the corner. Rosa fires back with a big back elbow that drops Frost…Rosa is up who runs at Frost and connects with a big running drop kick. Rosa picks up Frost, but Frost hits her with a big heel kick…Frost picks up Rosa and drops her…Frost covers Rosa for just a two count. The fans begin to chant Lady Frost. Rosa recovers and drops Frost with a backstabber, followed by a Tijuana bomb for the win.


We go backstage with Renee Paquette with Toni Storm, Luther and Mariah May…Thunder Rosa and Mariah May will have a top contender match for the AEW Women’s Title…Storm then asks May if this is what she has been plotting all along…Toni then says this is great! Toni then kisses May and says to May chin up and she will mouth the words…Luther doesn’t look happy as the segment ends.

We get a run down of this Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite and then Rampage. Friday’s Rampage will be taped after Dynamite. The commentary team then gives us a run down of the current card for Dynasty.

Video package with Will Ospreay airs.


Back from the break, Bryan Danielson’s music hits as Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli come out to a big ovation. Claudio walks the second ropes…Katsuyori Shibata’s music hits next as he makes his way out and heads to the ring.

Up next is Lance Archer as we get a pyro for his entrance. Archer enters the ring as the fans in Ontario seem to like him. The music of The Righteous hits next as Vincent and Dutch make their way out.

The Righteous (Dutch and Vincent) and Lance Archer vs. Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, and Katsuyori Shibata

The bell rings as Archer and Shibata start with slugfest. Shibata charges at Archer who nails him. Shibata then kicks Archer as he drops to the mat. Shibata tries to kick Archer who grabs him by leg, but Shibata gets on the back of Archer, attempting a sleeper. Archer breaks the hold as both men stare each other down. Dutch is tagged in. Shibata then tags in Claudio who wants in the ring. Both men lock up. Dutch powers Claudio to the corner. Dutch kicks Claudio and then picks him up and slams him down. Claudio takes down Dutch with a shoulder tackle and then picks him up and drops him with a big double slam and then a double stomp…Danielson is tagged in. Danielson has Dutch in the corner and then kicks Dutch as the fans chant yes…Dutch recovers quickly and nails Danielson. Dutch picks up Danielson by the hair and nose…Dutch tags in Vincent who works on Danielson, but he recovers and nails Vincent with forearms…Danielson hits the ropes and leaps to the outside on Dutch…Vincent then rolls the floor and sends Danielson into the ring post…we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Vincent and Danielson are back in the ring…Vincent nails Danielson in the corner…Vincent then kicks Danielson in the mid-section. Archer is tagged in and sends Danielson to the opposite corner and nails him with big rights and then big kicks to the chest. Archer tosses Danielson an opposite turnbuckle and tags in Dutch who then brings Danielson back the corner of the heels and tags in Vincent…Dutch and Vincent distract the ref as Archer puts the boot to the throat of Danielson…

Back from picture-in-picture, Dutch is in as he bites Danielson in the forehead. Danielson then fights back and puts the LeBell lock on Dutch, but Archer comes in and breaks the hold. Dutch recovers and has Danielson in the corner and nails him with big rights. Dutch charges at Danielson who ducks…Dutch picks up Archer and slams him down on Danielson…Archer then picks up Dutch and slams him on Danielson. Dutch then picks up Danielson and slams Danielson…Dutch covers Danielson who kicks out at two…Dutch and Danielson are on the ropes. Dutch attempts to pick up Danielson who fights back and headbutts Dutch who drops to the mat. Danielson then nails Dutch with a big shotgun drop kicks as Dutch goes down…Claudio is tagged in…Archer is tagged in as both men exchange blows…in the corner, Claudio nails Archer with big rights…Claudio then drops Archer with a big cutter off the second rope…Claudio calls for the giant swing…Dutch and Vincent stop the move. Shibata is in and nails Vincent and Dutch with running drop kicks…Archer is in, but is double teamed by Shibata and Claudio….Claudio picks up Archer for a giant swing a the fans go nuts! Claudio applies the sharpshooter on Archer, but Dutch comes in a breaks the hold…Shibata is in as he sends Dutch and Vincent to the floor…he turns around and his met with a big kick by Archer…Claudio is in, but he is kicked and chokeslammed by Archer. Vincent the comes in and makes an pin attempt on Claudio who kicks out at two! Archer is sent to the floor…Shibata is in and nails Vincent in the corner with a running drop kick. Shibata covers Vincent who kicks out at two…Shibata applies an armbreaker on Vincent, but Dutch breaks the hold…Danielson and Claudio are sent to the floor…Shibata has Vincent in a sleeper…Archer then is nailed by Claudio on the outside…Shibata then applies the PK on Vincent who then submits.