AEW Dynamite 11 20 2019

AEW Dynamite Results
November 20, 2019
Indianapolis, Indiana
Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

The commentators start off the show hyping up the card and we get a look at the altered “Dynamite” set which has one huge tron in between the two tunnels, rather than the two screen setup we’ve seen thus far.

“The Mexa King” Rey Fenix (0-0 singles, 5-4 overall) vs. Nick Jackson (0-0 singles, 7-4 overall)

This is not only Nick’s first singles match in AEW but it his first singles match since the 2015 Best of the Super Juniors in New Japan. They are selling Matt’s injuries from the attack last week with him being at home nursing his injuries. This is also Fenix’s first singles match in AEW.

Fenix and Nick trade shoulder blocks to start off and then Fenix lays Jackson out with a dropkick. Fenix hits the ropes but east a Front Kick from Jackson. Jackson goes to the apron and then backflips to the floor as Fenix tries to dropkick him again. Fenix goes for a dive but Jackson moves out of the way.

Jackson and Fenix exchange roundhouse kick attempts on the floor after both going for arm drags as well. They both duck and then roll into the ring and go for dropkicks at the same time and both miss.

Fenix hits a Back Handspring Headbutt followed by a Springboard Flying Headbutt and then hits the Triple Jump Springboard Lucha Armdrag sending Jackson flying to the floor. Fenix sets up for a dive but Jackson quickly rolls in and hits an Enziguri.

Fenix rolls to the floor and Jackson goes for a Double Spring Somersault Plancha but Fenix moves and Jackson lands on the floor. Fenix catches Jackson with a Rolling Cutter on the floor! Back in the ring, Fenix goes to the top and hits a Senton Atomico for a nearfall!

Fenix goes for a Brainbuster but Jackson knees him and then hits a Leaping Forearm. Fenix comes back with a knee of his own and then attempts the Rope Walk Punt Kick, but Jackson moves and then hits a Flying Knee. Jackson follows up with a Running Bulldog and then a Shining Wizard for a nearfall of his own.

Nick goes for a Superkick but Fenix blocks it only for Nick to come back with a chop. Both men go for Springboard Armdrags and they end up on opposite sides of the ropes at the corner and Jackson hits an insane Springboard Hurricanrana for a nearfall!

Jackson goes for a Sharpshooter but Fenix kicks him off and then attempts a Shining Wizard but Jackson moves. They kick each other again and then Jackson goes for a Superkick, but Fenix blocks it and hits one of his own! Fenix hits the ropes but eats a Roundhouse Kick and then a Superkick from Jackson! Fenix comes right back with a Superkick of his own and both men are down!

They are really playing up that these guys know each other so well because of how many times the Young Bucks and Lucha Brothers have faced each other. Fenix and Jackson exchange chops and other strikes until Fenix backdrops Jackson to the apron. Jackson hits a Rope-Walk Rana to the floor!

Fenix rolls Jackson back in the ring and goes for a Springboard Moonsault but Jackson moves and Fenix lands on his feet. Jackson hits a series of kicks and then bounces off the ropes right into a Rolling Cutter for another nearfall from Fenix!

Fenix attempts a DVD but Jackson blocks it and lands on the apron. Jackson drags Fenix out to the apron where they exchange strikes again. Jackson hits a Roundhouse Kick followed by a German Suplex onto the apron! Jackson rolls Fenix back into the ring and hits a Slingshot X-Factor!

Jackson rolls backwards to the apron and hits a Slingshot American Destroyer! 1…2…NO Fenix kicks out but Jackson rolls right over into a Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring! Fenix fights the hold off for several seconds before dragging himself to the ropes to break the hold.

Jackson goes for a Tombstone but Fenix counters into a rollup for a nearfall and then leaps to his feet and kills Jackson with a Superkick! Fenix hits a Springboard Spin Kick and then hits a Black Fire Driver (Muscle Buster into a Michinoku Driver) for the pin!

Winner: Fenix via pinfall (Black Fire Driver)

After the match, Jackson offers a handshake to Fenix but he refuses and walks off.

After the match, Jackson offers a handshake to Fenix but he refuses and walks off.

Dr. Britt Baker (3-1 singles, 6-2 overall) vs. Hikaru Shida (2-1 singles, 3-1 overall)

Baker catches Shida in a side headlock to start off and then she runs over her with a shoulder block after getting shoved into the ropes. They exchange armdrags and then sweeps. Shida attempts a Shining Wizard quickly but Baker sidesteps her and stares her down.

Baker goes for a Suplex but Shida blocks it and hits an Elbow Strike only to eat a Fireman’s Carry Takeover. Baker goes for the Lock Jaw, but Shida counters by rolling out of it.


Back from the break, Shida slams Baker into the guardrails on the outside and then grabs a chair and sets it up at ringside. The referee warns her not to use it but then she leaps off it and connects with a big Flying Knee on Baker!

Shida rolls Baker onto the apron and then goes to the top and tries to lift her up into a Superplex, but Baker blocks it and pulls Shida down by the arm slamming it across the top rope. Baker has a busted nose. She connects with a Sling Blade and then a Pump Handle Slam for a nearfall.

Baker goes for a Fisherman’s Buster but Shida blocks it and attempts a Flying Knee. Baker moves and Shida crashes into the corner and then falls out to the apron. Baker hits a Lifting Knee to Shida and then destroyers her with a Hanging Spike DDT for a nearfall!

Baker goes for the Neckbreaker but Shida elbows her repeatedly and connects with another Flying Knee. Shida hits a series of elbows and then hits a Judo Throw followed by a Fireman’s Carry Backbreaker for a close nearfall! Shida kills her with a Shining Wizard but Baker counters her pin attempt into the Lockjaw!

Shida uses her foot to grab the ropes but Baker immediately picks her up and hits a Swinging Neckbreaker for another nearfall. Baker goes for a Superkick but Shida blocks it and pokes her in the eyes. Shida then catches her with an inside cradle for a nearfall.

Shida hits a Falcon Arrow for another nearfall. Shida connects with another Flying Knee and gets the pin!

Winner: Shida via pinfall (Flying Knee)

A vignette airs where a rather large gentlemen is shown walking in a subway station when two young guys bump into him and call him a loser. As the big guy sits down in the subway, a televangelist style video plays on a screen is shown saying that if you join “us” then they can give you strength and power. “There is strength in number,” the guy says. “Stop leaving in chaos and bring a new order into your life. Join us… join the Dark Order.”

Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal
Adam Page vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Joey Janela vs. MJF vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Billy Gunn vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Sonny Kiss vs. Kip Sabian vs. Marko Stunt vs. Jungle Boy

The two wrestlers left at the end of this battle royal will face off next week with the winner earning an AEW diamond ring, for some reason.

Christopher Daniels distracts Pentagon as the bell rings and Pentagon gets dumped over the top to be eliminated right off the bat! Pentagon and Daniels brawl up the ramp. Taylor dives to the floor onto Sabian on the floor but he didn’t go over the top.

Kiss distracts Gunn by twerking but then MJF grabs him and tosses him to the floor to eliminate him! Everyone jumps on Gunn and beats him down but he lays everybody out! Gunn clotheslines Havoc over the top to eliminate him! Stunt jumps on Gunn’s back but gets dumped to the floor, too.

Havoc grabs a staple gun and starts stapling everybody!


During the break, Spears came out with a chair and knocked Janela off the top rope with it eliminating him. Gunn catches fire with right hands for everybody until he gets to Cassidy. Cassidy does his lazy kicks and then gets dumped to the floor by MJF to eliminate him to GIGANTIC heat!

Gunn gets in MJF’s face and even shoves him only to eat a Fameasser for his troubles! MJF sold it like death, too! Gunn tosses MJF over the top but he catches himself. Gunn grabs MJF by the head but Wardlow walks down to distract him. MJF rakes his eyes and then Page hits the Buckshot Lariat on Gunn and eliminates him!

Page catches fire now and lays everyone out with clotheslines. Page eats a Flying Knee from Taylor and then he goes to the apron but Penelope Ford grabs his leg and Sabian dropkicks him off the apron to eliminate him.

Jungle Boy hits an insane Flying Rana over the top eliminating Sabian! Jungle Boy hangs on to the ropes to save himself from elimination but MJF grabs him from behind and slams him to the floor to elimainte him!

After the match, MJF and Page start fighting but referee’s get between them.

Winners: Page & MJF


Chris Jericho comes out for what is being described as a “major announcement.” Jericho admits he had a “temper tantrum” last week and says he had to pay for everything because of it. He says it wasn’t conduct that a champion should display and starts to apologize but just can’t bring himself to say the words. He finally gets Hager to say it for him. Hager almost cracks up at one point.

Jericho says that next week he finally get the ‘thank you’ he deserves and says he will have the “Chris Jericho Thanksgiving Thank You Celebration.” SCU’s music interrupts him and they come down to the ring.

Scorpio Sky says that it takes a “paragon of virtue” to apologize when someone does something wrong and Jericho has proven that he is that and more tonight. Sky says that Jericho forgot to mention why he threw a tantrum. He reminds him that Sky pinned him.

A “you got pin” chant breaks out which does not amuse him. Sky says that it was one of the greatest moments of his life. He says that his DM’s blew up after that and even his high school crush “Melanie Parsons” DM’d him and asked him out.

Sky apologizes to Jericho for embarrassing him last week, sarcastically. Jericho says he isn’t embarrassed and Melanie gained a lot of weight since high school. “I like big butts and I cannot lie,” Sky retorts. Jericho says that he thinks it’s “cuter than Baby Yoda” that Sky thinks he beat him fair and square but says he isn’t in his league.

Jericho says he wants to rectify the loss to Sky in a one-on-one match. Daniels says that they need at least a one or two months to train for the match but Jericho gets pissed and walks right into what they wanted, which is a match next week! Kazarian jumps in, “You have to make sure it isn’t for the AEW Title because we know how crazy Jericho gets over that title.” Sky says he doesn’t deserve or want a title shot, which Jericho takes the bait on again and says the title will be on the line!

They shake on it and Sky gets in Jericho’s face. “You may think I don’t have a chance but maybe I’ve been waiting 15 years for an opportunity just like that,” Sky says. “Maybe next week I’m going to beat you for the AEW Championship and turn ‘La Champeon’ into “Le Bitch!”

The Inner Circle hits the ring and beats down SCU. Jericho hits the Judas Effect on Sky as the Inner Circle forces the rest of SCU to watch. Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy – who were bullied by Jericho during the break – hit the ring and get laid out, but Luchasaurus hits the ring and comes face-to-face with Hager!

Hager makes out like we’re about to get a “hoss fight” but backs down and retreats with the rest of the Inner Circle instead.

Luchasaurus (0-1 singles, 0-3 overall) w/Jurassic Express vs. “The Librarian” Peter Avalon (0-3 singles, 0-4 overall) w/Leva Bates

Lucha kicks Peter’s head off at the very beginning and hits the Extinction (Tombstone Pancake) for the pin.

Winner: Luchasaurus via pinfall (Extinction)

Proud-n-Powerful (2-0 tag team, 3-0 overall) vs. Private Party (3-4 tag team, 3-6 overall)

This match has been dedicated by both teams to wrestler Matt Travis who recently died. Both teams were close to Travis.

Ortiz and Kassidy exchange some chain wrestling before we head to a break.


Back from the break, PNP whip Quen into the corner but Quen leaps to the top only to eat a Super Russian Leg Sweep from Ortiz and then a Deadlift German Suplex from Santana for a nearfall before Kassidy breaks it up with a Ghetto Stomp.

Santana hits a Backbreaker on Quen and then holds him over his knee in a kind of modified Bow-and-Arrow submission. Santana hits a series of Rolling Vertical Suplexes capped off with Santana handing Quen off to Ortiz for a Delayed Suplex. Santana comes back in and Ortiz hands Quen over to him as well and they do the hand off yet a third time before Ortiz drops Quen with a Falcon Arrow for a nearfall.

Ortiz starts raking the back of Quen and then locks him in a Boston Crab. Santana tags himself in and kicks Quen in the head before locking him in a Camel Clutch while Ortiz holds onto the Boston Crab at the same time! Santana transitions into a rollup for a nearfall before we go to another break.


PNP are still working Quen over in their corner as we come back from a breakup. Ortiz locks Quen in a Bear Hug but he manages to roll him up and dive to tag in Kassidy! Kassidy hits a Hurricanrana on Ortiz and dropkicks Santana off the apron.

Kassidy hits an Enziguri on Ortiz and then a Asai Moonsault onto Santana on the floor! Kassidy hits a Slingshot Code Red for a nearfall but Ortiz wasn’t legal. Quen hits a Somersault Plancha onto Santana on the floor. Private Party goes for the Silly Sling but Quen’s back is injured.

Ortiz hits a Powerbomb on Kassidy followed by a Roundhouse Kick from Santana for a nearfall. Santana tags in and kills Kassidy with a Pump Kick followed by a Hanging Cutter from Ortiz for another nearfall.

Santana grabs a slapjack from under the ring as Ortiz distracts the referee but Nick Jackson runs out and takes it away. Kassidy Superkicks Ortiz and then one for Santana. Gin & Juice to Santana for the pin!

Winners: Private Party via pinfall (Gin & Juice)

Sammy Guevara runs out and attacks Nick Jackson but Dustin Rhodes makes the save!

Kenny Omega cuts a promo saying that he lost his way. He says he believes that his loss to PAC at All Out was the catalyst of his downfall and he now gets to avenge that loss next week.


Main Event
“Death Rider” Jon Moxley (2-0-1, 2-1-1 overall) vs. Darby Allin (4-2-1 singles, 4-3-1 overall)

A body bag is carried out to the ring with the letters “M-O-X” on it. Darby Allin rips out of the bag and then skates down to the ring. Allin destroys Moxley with an insane Tope Suicida as he makes his entrance slamming Moxley into the guardrail!

Darby throws Moxley into the crowd and they start brawling among the fans. Moxley attempts to backdrop Allin over the guardrail but Allin lands on his feet and then dives over the railing back onto Moxley!

Moxley slams Allin into a wall and then Fireman’s Carry Slams him back over the guardrail near the ring. Moxley slams Allin into the ring post and then a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex on the floor. This match still hasn’t officially begun.

Moxley finally tosses Allin into the ring and the bell rings. Allin dropkicks a charging Moxley and then goes to the top and dives off but Moxley just shrugs off the Cross Body attempt! Moxley hits a Running Dropkick sending Allin crashing hard into the turnbuckles.

Moxley Hip Tosses Allin clear across the ring and then lays across the turnbuckles as we go to a break.


Moxley has Allin in a Texas Cloverleaf as we come back from break. As Allin fights the hold, Moxley transitions into an STF. Still, Allin is able to scrape and claw his way to the ropes to break the hold. Moxley tosses Allin into the corner and charges at him but Allin rolls over him and then connects with a Flying Cross Body but Allin goes crashing to the floor at the same time!

Moxley tries to Back Suplex Allin onto the apron but Allin lands on his feet and then jumps on Moxley’s back and shoves him into the ring steps. Allin dropkicks Moxley off the apron and then goes to the top again but Moxley climbs up with him.

Moxley attempts to Superplex Allin onto the floor but Allin bites him and then climbs onto his back only for Moxley to knock him off causing Allin to crash off the ropes and then onto the mat. Moxley tosses Allin with a Release Vertical Suplex as Moxley is selling his hand like it got injured in that sequence on the top rope.

Moxley tosses Allin to the floor and then tosses him around until seeing the body bag. Moxley rolls Allin back into the ring but Allin comes flying back with a Tope Suicida! Allin rolls Moxley in the ring and then drags the body bag in with him only to eat a Lariat from Moxley!

Moxley puts Allin in the body bag and zips it up before putting the boots to him. Finally, the referee stops Moxley and unzips Allin to a chorus of boos. Moxley goes for a clothesline but Allin ducks and then hits a Flipping Stunner only to eat a Sidewalk Slam from Moxley.

Moxley goes for the Paradigm Shift but Allin blocks it and shoves Moxley into the ring post and then rolls him up for a nearfall. Allin hits a Code Red and gets another nearfall. Allin climbs up top and goes for the Coffin Drop but Moxley catches him in a Rear Naked Choke in mid-move! Allin rolls backwards into a Jackknife pin for another close nearfall.

Moxley climbs up top but eats a Leaping Kick from Allin. Allin climbs up with Moxley but then eats a Super Paradigm Shift for the pin!

Winner: Moxley via pinfall (Super Paradigm Shift)