AEW Dynamite 12 04 2019

AEW Dynamite Results
December 4, 2019
Champaign, Illinois
Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

We go straight to the ring as “Dynamite” opens.

Trios Match
The Young Bucks (7-5) & “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes (2-3) vs. The Inner Circle (Proud-n-Powerful (4-1) & Sammy Guevara [3-4])

The Inner Circle is responsible for injuring both Matt Jackson and Dustin Rhodes in recent weeks. Rhodes and Guevara start the match off. Dustin runs Sammy over with a pair of shoulder blocks and then connects with an armdrag before tagging Nick in.

Dustin lifts Sammy up in the air as Matt lifts Nick in the air for a dropkick/Spinebuster combo. PNP comes in and lay Dustin out but then he clotheslines Sammy followed by a Superkick Party for PNP! The Bucks and Dustin all three connect with a Superkick Party to Sammy, as well!

Matt hits a huge Plancha onto all of The Inner Circle members on the floor! Dustin is wearing Young Bucks inspired gear tonight, too. Nick hits a beautiful Springboard Twisting Senton onto PNP as Dustin hits a Somersault Senton off the apron on Sammy!

Finally, things pair back down as Matt and Sammy pair off in the ring. Matt hits a trio of Bridging Northern Lights Suplex and then Santana runs in and hits a Double Northern Lights Suplex! Ortiz runs in and Matt attempts a triple one but the numbers game is too much.

Inner Circle hits a Triple Buckle Bomb on Matt followed by an assisted Somersault Cannonball from PNP in the corner and then a Swanton Bomb from Guevara off the top for a nearfall.

The Inner Circle work Matt over in their corner, including PNP’s Delayed Vertical Suplex. Sammy even gets in on the action but Matt escapes it and hits a big Superkick! Dustin makes the hot tag as Santana tags in, as well.

Dustin hits a series of clotheslines followed by the Goldust uppercut. Dustin hits a Snap Powerslam on Ortiz and then one for Santana, as well! Sammy eats a Snap Powerslam, as well! Dustin goes to the top and hits a Triple Flying Cross Body onto The Inner Circle!

Dustin hits a Canadian Destroyer on Santana! Ortiz breaks up the pinfall attempt. Dustin sets up for the Unnatural Kick but as the referee stops him, Santana hits him with the slapjack allowing Sammy to hit the 630 Splash! 1…2…NO Dustin kicks out!

Sammy whips Dustin in the corner and goes for a splash but Dustin moves and tags Nick! Nick hits a Leaping Enziguri to Sammy and then a Flying Knee in the corner followed by a Bulldog. Matt Spears Sammy and Nick kicks PNP off the apron. Bucks hit a Moonsault/Frog Splash combo and get another nearfall as Ortiz breaks up the pin.

The Bucks send Ortiz to the floor and Nick attempts a Moonsault to the outside but he moves. Nick kicks Ortiz and then Sammy comes flying out of nowhere with a Shooting Star Press attempt. Nick moves and Sammy lands on his feet and Santana comes flying out of nowhere with a Tope Con Giro onto Nick!

Back in the ring, PNP lift Nick up in the air as Sammy dives off with a Flying Knee right into a Double Powerbomb! 1…2…NO Dustin breaks it up! PNP drag Dustin to the floor and beat on him as Sammy pulls out his cell phone and climbs to the top rope.

Guevara starts live tweeting as he Shooting Star Presses right into a Superkick Party! Dustin grabs Sammy’s phone and shatters Sammy’s dreams with the Unnautral Kick! Dustin and Matt lift PNP up in the air as Nick dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick to those two and right into a Senton onto Sammy as Dustin and Matt Tombstone PNP at the same time! 1…2…3!

Winners: The Young Bucks & Dustin Rhodes via pinfall (Double Tombstone/Senton combo)

Trent Baretta (6-5) w/Orange Cassidy & Chuck Taylor vs. “The Mexa King” Rey Fenix (6-5)

Fenix comes down to the ring without Pentagon. The Best Friends defeated Lucha Brothers last week in tag team action knocking Lucha Brothers down from the No. 1 ranked tag team down to No. 5.

Trent takes Fenix down at the bell and locks him in a front facelock, but Fenix fights to his feet and shoves Trent into the ropes. Trent takes Fenix down with a shoulder block but Fenix nips back up and hits a dropkick.

Trent climbs to the top but Fenix hits him with a leaping uppercut and then goes for a Muscle Buster, but Trent blocks it and goes for the Dude Buster. Fenix blocks it and goes for a Hook Kick but Trent sidesteps as Fenix spins through the ropes and the two stare each other down.

Trent charges at Fenix but Fenix head scissors Trent into the turnbuckles. Fenix goes for a 619 but Trent moves and then jumps to the top where he eats a 619 to the feet laying him out for a nearfall.


Back from the break Fenix dives off the top with a Tornillo but Trent catches him with a dropkick in midair. Trent hits a Half-and-Half Suplex sending Fenix to the floor, and then Trent goes for a Sliding Dropkick but Fenix moves out of the way. Fenix tosses Trent into the barricade but Trent comes flying off of it with a Spear!

Trent rolls Fenix back into the ring and hits a Running Elbow followed by a Tornado DDT out of the corner for a nearfall. Trent charges at Fenix in the corner but Fenix rolls out of the way and hits a Monkey Flip. Trent rolls backwards and lifts up for a rana attempt but eats a big Powerbomb for a nearfall from Fenix.

Fenix lifts Trent up to the top rope and goes for the Muscle Buster again but Trent kicks him off only for Fenix to hang Trent up in the ropes. Fenix hits the Rope Walk Punt Kick! Fenix hits the ropes but runs right into a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker for another nearfall.

Trent drags Fenix out to the apron and the two exchange chops until Trent hits a series of forearms. Trent goes for a Piledriver on the apron but Fenix blocks it and then leaps to the top and dives off with a Ghetto Stomp to the back of Trent!

Fenix rolls Trent into the ring and then leaps back to the top and goes for a Splash but lands on the knees of Trent. Trent hits a Flying Knee followed by a Spike Piledriver for another nearfall. Trent goes for another Flying Knee but eats a Rolling Cutter and then a Springboard Spin Kick!

Fenix hits the Black Fire Driver for the pin!

Winner: Fenix via pinfall (Black Fire Driver)

After the match Trent offered a handshake but Fenix smacked him. Trent lost it and jumped on Fenix until he bailed out as Chucky T held Trent back.


Tony Schiavone waits in the ring as Cody Rhodes makes his entrance. Tony asks Cody about MJF and the attack from The Butcher & The Blade last week. Cody points out the scar on his forehead and says that it is a reminder of his failure at “Full Gear.”

Cody says last week felt like another failure after getting another ass kicking. “When I reached my hand out for those that usually help me out I find out that they are all preoccupied with other things,” he says. Cody says that his best friend, MJF, kicked him square in the balls and his wife is running around cutting other women’s hands.

Cody says that Butcher and Blade just had to ask for a match if they wanted one but he definitely understand the “pomp and circumstance” of a wrestling better than anyone. Cody says that they can have a match any place, anytime and anywhere they want, including here tonight. Cody even says they can pick his partner for the match.

Cody says that MJF owes him because he handpicked him when no one else wanted him. He says that people thought he was too short and that he was really “Hood Rich” and not rich. “You are just a bush league NWO version of Chris Jericho,” he says of MJF.

Cody says that he looked past it all and thought he saw a little bit of him in MJF. Cody says that he knew MJF was a bad guy but he was HIS bad guy. Cody offers the keys to his truck, his expensive watch that Tony Khan gave him as a gift, his Louis Vitton shoes and a briefcase full of cash to face him. Cody says MJF just needs to name his price and he will accept.

Alex Marvez is in the back with Joey Janela who says that he accepted Jon Moxley’s challenge because he wants to make a name for himself. Joey says he thinks he’s been put on the backburner despite being the first person to sign an AEW contract. Janela says that Moxley will have to legitimately kill him to beat him tonight.

Moxley walks up, face-palms, and says “kids” before walking off.


Another Dark Order vignette airs. An internet warrior pledges to the Dark Order and says his motive for joining is “revenge” which pleases them. The big guy from the past few weeks pledges, as well. He says his motive for joining is that he just wants friends. Evil Uno gets pissed and sicks Stu Grayson on him. The rest of the minions attack him, as well.

“The Native Beast” Nyla Rose (3-3) vs. “The Librarian” Leva Bates w(1-3) w/Peter Avalon

Footage of Nyla attacking Shanna during a meet and greet with fans last week is shown as Rose makes her entrance.

Nyla kicks Bates immediately and drapes her across the top rope. Rose dives off the top with a Guillotine Knee Drop followed by an attempt at the Beast Bomb, but Avalon cuts her off and tells her to hush. Rose tries to break his finger and Bates hits Rose with a book. Rose shrugs her off and grabs her by the throat. Avalon dives off the top and both eat a Double Chokeslam. Rose hits the Beast Bomb for the pin.

Winner: Rose via pinfall (Beast Bomb)

After the match, Rose hits a Seated Beast Bomb on Bates. Shanna comes out of nowhere with a Flying Cross Body to Rose! Shanna hits a series of chops and forearms followed by a Superman Elbow! Shanna runs right into a big Powerslam!

During the break Rose puts the referee through a table with a Beast Bomb and then Beast Bombs Shanna on top of him!


Jericho makes fun of Champagne and all the people that live there right off the bat to get some cheap heat. Jericho claims 12,000 bottles of his new A Little Bit of the Bubbly were sold last week. Jericho says that he was told that he contractually obligated to have one more match in 2019, so in Corpus Christi on the last one of the year he will have one more match.

Jericho says he has the option to face whoever he wants and he put together a “list,” which gets a pop. Jericho tells the fans to leave 2016 and says his list is “The Lexicon of Le Champion.” Jericho says the people on that list are the people he refuses to wrestle: The Young Bucks, Moxley, Hangman Page, DDP, Darby Allin, Allen Jones (isn’t that AJ Styles?), Scorpio Sky, Too Cold Scorpio, Kenny Omega and he lists Moxley several times during that.

Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy come out with Marko Stunt to interrupt Jericho. Jericho says that dinosaurs and “little children” are also on his list of people he won’t face. Luchasaurus says that dinosaurs have been marginalized for 65-million years, so he isn’t surprised that they are on his list. Lucha says that Marko is more man than Jericho will ever be, too.

Jericho points out Jungle Boy and reminds him that he hasn’t won a single match in AEW or said a single word. Jericho calls Jungle Boy a “piece of shit” and says he wouldn’t last 10 minutes with Jericho. Jungle Boy snatches his microphone away and says that he not only knows he would last 10 minutes with him but he would kick his ass, too!

Jurassic Express start fighting with Jericho and Hager! Jericho and Hager leave the ring and Jericho starts throwing another temper tantrum and accepts the match with Jungle Boy.

Kris Statlander (0-2) vs. Hikaru Shida (4-2)

Shida is currently the No. 1-ranked female wrestler in AEW. Statlander and Shida teamed together last week and Statlander challenged her to a match this week.

Statlander takes Shida over with a side headlock takeover and then puts her in a headscissors but Shida reverses it and both women nip to their feet and stare each other down. Shida catches Statlander with a wristlock but Statlander cartwheels through it and then taunts her.

Shida forearms Statlander and they exchange strikes as we head to a break.

Excalibur said that Nyla Rose has been suspended for attacking a referee earlier tonight. During the break Shida attempted to dive off a chair onto Statlander but she caught her and slammed her into the guardrail. In the ring, Statlander hit a Cartwheel Leg Drop for a nearfall.


Statlander lifts Shida up in an Electric Chair from the apron but Shida blocks it and hits an Enziguri knocking Statlander to the floor. Shida dives off the apron with a Flying Knee onto Statlander on the floor.

Shida rolls Statlander into the ring and dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick for a nearfall. Shida attempts a Brainbuster but Statlander blocks it and hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker. Shida counters into the Fujiwara Armbar but Statlander gets to the ropes to break it.

Statlander retreats to the apron but Shida lifts her up and back in the ring with a Superplex for another nearfall. Shida goes for a Flying Knee but Statlander blocks it and then drops back to avoid a lariat followed by an Enziguri. Statlander destroys Shida with a Lariat and then lifts her up for an Electric Chair Drop!

Statlander hits a Scissor Kick for a close nearfall. Statlander goes for a Michinoku Driver but Shida rolls her up for a nearfall and then kills her with a Flying Knee! 1…2…NO Statlander kicks out! Shida attempts a suplex but Statlander blocks it and hits a Roundhouse Kick. Shida responds with a Flying Knee but Statlander comes right back with a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall!

Statlander hits the Big Bang Theory (Cradle Tombstone) for the pin!

Winner: Statlander via pinfall (Big Bang Theory)

After the match Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong walk onto the stage. Brandi says that people loath what they don’t understand because it scares them. She says everyone has been trying to explain why they’ve been doing what they’ve been doing.

Brandi and Kong get in the ring as Statlander and Shida look on confused. Brandi says she and Kong make up the Nightmare Collective and they do the jobs that no one else wants to do. She says that she has no business with Statlander tonight but she’s in her way right now but that also provides them with an opportunity.

Brandi says that families aim to grow and she offers her a spot in the Nightmare Collective. She says they will elevate her and lift her up if she pledges herself to them. Kong gets in Statlander’s face and holds up her knife. A woman in the front row screams that she loves them and wants to pledge to them.

Brandi tells security to let her in the ring and offers up her hair to Kong and Brandi. Kong cuts her hair off as this woman has evidently joined the Nightmare Collective.

“Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels (3-2) vs. “Cero Miedo” Pentagon Jr. (5-6)

It was Pentagon that “injured” Daniels back in October during the tag team tournament. This is Daniels’ first match since that injury and it’s only Pentagon’s second singles match in AEW.

Daniels dives off the top onto Pentagon on the ramp with a Plancha as Pentagon made his entrance! Daniels clotheslines Pentagon and then attempts to Piledrive him on the ramp but Pentagon backdrops him!

Pentagon kicks Daniels in the back of the head and then clotheslines him into the ring. Pentagon whips Daniels into the corner and charges right into a boot. Daniels hits a Spear off the ropes and then lays into him with rights and lefts.

Daniels hits a Back Suplex and follows up by lifting him up to the top rope. Daniels goes up with Pentagon but Pentagon escapes and kicks his legs out from under him and crotches him in the turnbuckles. Pentagon then hits a Hanging Ghetto Stomp as Daniels was hung up the ropes.


Pentagon whips Daniels into the corner and hits a Running Enziguri and then springboards off the ropes right into an STO in midair! Daniels runs over Pentagon with clotheslines and shoulder blocks followed by a T-Bone Suplex.

Daniels hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Daniels goes for a Lariat but Pentagon catches him with a Slingblade for a nearfall. Pentagon goes up top and attempts a Ghetto Stomp but Daniels moves and then runs right into a Backstabber for another nearfall.

Pentagon goes for a Superkick but Daniels rolls him up and then hits a Falling Lariat. Daniels attempts to Superplex Pentagon onto the ramp, but Pentagon blocks it and dives off the top for a Mexican Destroyer. Daniels blocks it and then gets backdropped back into the ring. Pentagon tries to dive from the ramp but eats a dropkick in midair from Daniels.

Daniels goes for a Split Legged Moonsault but slips and hits extremely hard on the ramp. I’m pretty sure that was a botch and not planned. Daniels has a long history of shoulder issues, too. Pentagon covers for Daniels and drags him back in the ring and goes for an uppercut. Daniels blocks it and hits the Angel’s Wings!

Fenix runs in and distracts the referee but Daniels catches Pentagon trying to use his mic stand and hits an STO. Daniels picks the mic stand back up but stops before using it and throws it to the side. As the referee throws the stand to the floor, Pentagon kicks him in the nuts and hits a Fear Factor for the pin.

Winner: Pentagon via pinfall (Fear Factor)

The Butcher and the Blade do a vignette with Allie. She says they were sick and tired of seeing Cody’s face everywhere and they are in his house to cause pain. “We’re here to cut the head off the snake,” she says.

Main Event
“The Bad Boy” Joey Janela (2-4) vs. “The Death Rider” Jon Moxley (3-1-1)

Moxley and Janela chain wrestle for the early stages and exchange headlocks and headlock takeovers. Janela ducks a clothesline from Moxley and connects with a Running Back Elbow. Janela and Moxley exchange some stiff chops until Moxley headbutts him to stagger Janela.

Moxley hits a Corner Clothesline and then tries to clothesline him to the ramp, but Janela moves and Moxley lands on the ramp. Janela hits a Savage Flying Axe Handle onto Moxley on the ramp. Janela tries to whip Moxley into the ring but Moxley reverses it and destroys Janela with a clothesline.


Janela walks into a kick and Release Vertical Suplex from Moxley for a nearfall. Moxley drags Janela back to the ramp and attempts a Butterfly Suplex but Janela lands on his feet in the ring and hits an Enziguri. Janela then hits a Springboard Tornado DDT onto the ramp!

Janela rolls Moxley in the ring and sets up for a high spot but Moxley rolls into the floor and Janela audible’s by hitting a Tope Suicida onto Moxley on the floor! Janela climbs up top and hits a Super Sunset Flip Bomb for a nearfall.

Janela and Moxley exchange strikes again and Moxley nails Janela with Muay Thai knees only to run right into a Spinning Elbow and then a Superkick! Moxley responds with a Lariat out of nowhere! Moxley goes for the Paradigm Shift but Janela blocks it and hits a Crucifix Bomb into the turnbuckles. Moxley rolls to the floor and Janela dives off the top onto Moxley sending him through the Timekeeper’s table!

Back in the ring, Janela hits a Flying Elbow Drop off the top! 1…2…NO Moxley kicks out! Moxley rolls to the apron and Janela climbs to the top, but Moxley crotches Janela and climbs up with him. Moxley hits a Paradigm Shift onto the top turnbuckle and then hits another Paradigm Shift for the pin!

Winner: Moxley via pinfall (Paradigm Shift)

As Moxley celebrates, Jericho and The Inner Circle come out in the crowd like Moxley did last week and taunts him.